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Shiba sets another kettle of tea to brew, and tilts her head, trying to count who should be coming to visit about now.
Dog‘ is up from their nap!! They come trotting out, right, tail wagging.
Dog: "Hi Shiba! Is anyone else around?"
Zen is returning to the Pure Of Heart, with a lot in his mind. He’s wearing his armor alright but not fully, he haven't dressed the arms so they're dangling on the side like the arms of a coat that hangs only on the shoulder. He heads in through the door, hand on his forehead, looking down.
Shiba: "Not sure. They'll come if they want to."
Dog‘ wags their tail and goes barrelling down to jump around Zen, yip yip yip! "Hi! Hi! Hi!"
Zen blinks, at the dog, he picks up Dog and holds him "Oh, look at this" he keep heading towards a couch as he hugs Dog
Zen blinks "Oh, hey- Hi!"
Shiba: "Hi."
Dog` licks Zen’s face! "Hi! I've just met you and I like you!"
Zen continues to pet Dog "I like you too!" he's smiling a lot!
Zen blinks, looks at Shiba "Ah, you're here. Hello"
Zen: "Good to finally see you all"
Shiba: "P.S. The whole 'waters of the world' thing Orom talked about? Yeah, same deal, I know what's up already."
Zen nods "Advantages of our nature"
Zen: "Good to see you're all still alive and kicking, though"
Zen: "I know you had a tough scrape. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need"
Shiba: "Please. I have an army of statues at home to migrate into."
Zen chuckles "You're lucky"
Zen: "I just got this body here"
Zen looks down, suddenly
Zen: "Just… There's no need to… Involve yourselves with this grade of stuff we're dealing with, by the way"
Zen: "It's not very fun"
Zen continues to pet Dog
Shiba: "If I actually wanted to keep -you- guys from climbing the tree… I'd have offed myself and shown up instantly."
Shiba: "But I try to keep people I either don't trust or who would just get hurt. So."
Dog‘ wags their tail! "This is my world, and I want to help make it right! So I’m going to stay involved. But thank you for worrying!"
Shinzou comes out of nowhere and shoulderhugs Zen! (It'd probably be a full-on hug except Zen's dogged by Dog.)
Zen blinks "W-what"
Zen looks up/behind "Shinzou, hi"
Shinzou ruffles Zen's hair. "Hey. I got your letter!"
Zen smiles "I thought I was going to leave before I got the chance to talk"
Shinzou: "Also, it's important to like Dog. Dog, it's important to like Zen! I'm glad the two of you are getting along."
Zen: "Thankfully we doubled back for some preparation"
Zen: "Who wouldn't get along well with this cute little thing" he hugs Dog some more
Dog‘ doggysmiles and wriggles and tailwags! "Thanks! I’m glad we're friends now!"
Zen: "Hopefully we'll have some time to play around more once this mess is done with, I haven't met a dog this friendly before"
Shinzou: "Certainly." There's something a little wistful about the way he says it, though!
Shiba shrugs. "It's not important to like Shiba."
Dog: "Hey! I like you too, Shiba!"
Shinzou: "Watch out or I'll have to hug ya."
Zen looks at Shiba "It is important to like Shiba too, such a lovely lady"
Zen chuckles
Zen: "Man you guys sure are a very different group from mine"
Shinzou: "Not… surprising, given the circumstances. It sounds like we're all finally on the same page, now… more or less?"
Zen: "Thankfully, it's always better when we're all working together"
Zen: "There's at least that going on for all this mess…"
Shiba eyeglints at a realization, changing the subject entirely. "So, the Services. If your conversation with them is any indication, they've never been my real enemy. I think I've just been terrified of them for the same reasons they're terrified of that empire, except the empire's actively conquering things."
Zen: "Well… The Services… Are very different people"
Zen: "There's a lot of different Services too"
Zen: "Some of them are scary, those ones just need some help"
Shiba waves Zen off dismissively. "Sounded like the ones that were 'scary' got their faces kicked in."
Zen: "Thankfully so"
Dog: "I'm a dog, so I don't really understand, but I'm glad they're not so bad here!"
Shinzou: "They've always struck me as kind and more than a little desperate. Part of why I've always liked them, despite everything."
Shiba: "I've been meaning to fill you in on things, Dog. You want a history lesson?"
Dog: "Well… okay!" Tailwagwagwag.
Shiba: "… Maybe when we don't have visitors. Pretty sure Shinzou knows all of this, at least."
Shinzou looks around. Didn't just Zen loop back?
[OOC] Shiba: hey man I'm not precluding the possibility of others
[OOC] Shiba: visitors, a visitor, w/e
Zen looks up at Shinzou "The other aliens are busy, we've got some preprationsto make"
Zen: "I'm sure we'll be up to more dumb things soon
Dog: "What are you gonna do?"
Zen: "I wish I knew but right now… We're going to find more of D2's familiars"
Shiba: "The pillars?"
Zen: "Yeah"
Shinzou: "If we find any, we'll let you know. If we don't smash them ourselves."
Zen: "I don't actually7 know what they are, actually"
Zen: "I wasn't around when whatever it was happened"
Dog: "Should we look for those too…?"
Zen: "If you can"
Zen: "They're… Part of D2, and unless we can get D2 and the Princess back as a whole, things are unlikely to et better"
Shinzou: "I appreciate your people not… finishing your job right away, by the way. Say thank you to the others, for me."
Zen: "I will"
Zen: "I mean, honestly? I hope you're all around when the end comes, even if… We're separated by the walls of Shade"
Zen: "We're going to need everyone"
Zen: "Especially since i'm not the best at convincing people, as much as I wish otherwise"
Zen: "I want to see her heart mended'
Shinzou: "I figure we'll try to solve the problem the right way, and you guys can act as a contingency plan, yes."
Dog: "We're going to get through to her! Believe in us, okay?!"
Dog: "… and please make sure your people don't do anything hasty too soon!"
Dog: "Sometimes making friends with someone so hurt takes a while."
Shinzou nods, slowly.
Zen: "Hey, look at those tough scales" he taps the armor laying about "They're for protecting people"
Shinzou grins.
Shiba: "Yeah, I'm kind of curious why she should be the one on the receiving end of the cannon. You end up trusting a friend, they tear your heart out, and then the rest of the world decides to off -you- to fix everything?"
Zen looks up
Zen: "The muscles driving this catastrophe are hers, hers is the wedge that keeps the world apart"
Shinzou: "Unfortunate necessity, I believe. But… I… for one… have had well more than enough of the use of weapons in the face of 'unfortunate necessity' with regards to this war."
Zen: "Wether the guilt is hers or not doesn't matters, she is, in the end, the cause"
Zen: "But she is hurt, though the fault still lies with her for taking the actions she took… It is not hers for having this hathred"
Zen: "Which is why I would rather see her find kindness again"
Dog: "It's gonna be tough…"
Dog: "But I believe in her!"
Shiba: "You're doing that thing where you sound like you're arguing but we actually both agree again."
Zen: "I think I am"
Zen: "Real sorry, it happens"
Shinzou ruffles Zen's hair again, a little playfully.
Shinzou: "…anyways, our plans right now look like, head to the monastery and resupply, then head to the Institute of Fiendology. We're on a mission to take out Gardenglad…"
????: "That's the other half of it, then."
Shinzou: "!"
Shinzou: "Luc!"
Lucnephwyr walks in through the front door of the Pure of Heart, carrying a small, brown bag.
Dog‘ wags their tail! "Luuuc!"
Shinzou: "Luc, meet Zen. Zen, meet Luc!"
Zen releases Dog so it can go pet Luc
Dog` jumps out of Zen’s arms, goes and bounds circles around Lucnephwyr instead.
Zen looks at the door "Oh, Luc, hello"
Zen: "Heh, aren't you the fierce one of the team?"
Lucnephwyr gives Dog a one-armed pet and hug!
Shinzou: "You have -no- idea."
Lucnephwyr releases after a few moments, and trundles right up to Zen, sizing him up.
Zen smiles, he's still sitting, kind of half wearing his armor
Dog: "That's Zen! I like him."
Lucnephwyr rolls up the sleeves of his student robes… and flexes!
Zen stands up, stretches out both arms… And flexes with both of them!
Lucnephwyr giggles! "
Lucnephwyr: "Yup, I like him."
Lucnephwyr: "Hi, I'm Lucnephwyr! Cool armor!"
Zen starts giggling
Zen: "I'm Zen, nice guns" he continues to giggle
Zen: "Also thank you, I made it myself"
Shinzou can't help himself and chuckles a little, too.
Shinzou: "This is the guy I mentioned I'd been traveling with for a while, with the armour, yeah."
Lucnephwyr: "Honestly I wonder how many humans are in Sycorax with great costumes like that. And him." He waves to Shinzou.
Zen: "Not a lot, sadly"
Shinzou: "It might just be us. For now! Growth mindset."
Zen sits back down "Got this one off my mother- Or should I say I made it after her"
Lucnephwyr: "Oh?" He plops down on a seat next to Zen. He then starts to dig through the bag. "Toffee? Oh wait, this is the human stuff, hold on-"
Lucnephwyr rummages through his own satchel. "I have some Sycorax-made sweets too, you might have had those less-"
Zen looks as Luc fights with his grocery bags
Lucnephwyr produces a few wrapped candies. "Round drop cherry plop, and the Cocoabo cocoa chicks, and then the fanged lime hard time!"
Zen: "Fanged lime hard time? I like the sound of that"
Zen: "My teeth probably won't, though"
Lucnephwyr: "Lime candy with a bit of a bite!"
Shinzou: "(As you can see, I think it'd be impossible for anyone to fall into despair with this guy around.)"
Dog‘ is, mysteriously, right beside Lucnephwyr, staring at the bag, wagging their tail.
Lucnephwyr reaches in and produces… a dog biscuit!
Dog` barks!
Lucnephwyr toss!
Shinzou would have perked his ears up at the cherry drop, but he doesn’t have ears to perk up. Alas.
Dog‘ runs after the biscuit, tiny feets pounding the floor, leaps up, catches the biscuit!
Zen waits until Luc is tossing biscuits to grab the lime candy, and eats it
Lucnephwyr: "I asked the vendor- ’how do you know the difference between a regular biscuit and a dog biscuit,' but neither humans nor monsters seem to know."
Zen has a voice of a person who's speaking with something in their mouth, but he does "Hrm, i've had dog biscuits before"
Shinzou looks at Zen and facepalms, shaking his head.
Zen: "Pretty good. They just don't make dogs sick, I think"
Lucnephwyr: "Why would you make a biscuit that makes a dog sick, though?"
Lucnephwyr: "That'd be cruel!"
Zen: "Well'"
Lucnephwyr: "Just… make all biscuits edible by dogs and non-dogs."
Shiba: "The difference between human and dog biscuits is that they're made from the same recipe, but they're missing different kinds of ingredients."
Zen: "Sometimes you don't know it makes the dog sick"
Lucnephwyr looks at Shiba, thoughtfully. "Hm."
Zen: "Sometimes something that's super tasty for you is sadly poisonous to someone else"
Dog‘ looks up from gnawing on their biscuit. "Dogs can’t eat all sorts of people food! Even though they smell delicious!"
Lucnephwyr: "…I guess you're all right!"
Zen puts a finger at the very tip of Luc's snout "You could chew on hiryuusou (don't you're too young), but it'd make Shinzou very sick"
Lucnephwyr: "(That's an amazingly hard answer to get, though…)"
Lucnephwyr: "I recognize part of that word!"
Shinzou blushes, faintly, for some unfathomable reason.
Lucnephwyr: "So, like I was saying………"
Lucnephwyr: "The princess is the other half of the puzzle."
Shinzou coughs. And nods.
Lucnephwyr: "The Prince has to atone… and probably… the princess has to forgive."
Lucnephwyr: "Unless she doesn't, then, well…"
Dog: "It's our job to get her to a point where she's willing to forgive!"
Shinzou: "She will."
Lucnephwyr nods and smiles a toothy smile!
Lucnephwyr: "Yup! It's too early to despair!"
Zen: "I'm sure you're all capable of that"
Zen: "That's your greatest power"
Zen chuckles "I'm a little jealous of Shinzou for running with you guys"
Shiba: "Hmm."
Dog: "You can come with us if you want!"
Shiba: "So if we're willing to do this for the princess, should we be willing to do the same for Zeroday?"
Lucnephwyr: "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell… from what I can tell, y'all are way more tough."
Zen: "We are tough, yeah. Feel free to call upon me if you ever need a shield"
Lucnephwyr: "Which is easily your greatest power."
Zen: "Also Dog i'd go, but, you know. Never know what those aliens might do if i'm not along"
Dog: "Yeah, I guess that's true…"
Dog: "It's your job to make sure they give us enough time!"
Shinzou: "Zeroday isn't a person. It's a -thing-. Believe me." He half-closes his eyes. "While it may be possible to artificially induce the spark of life in a fiendish vessel… Gardenglad is far away from the Great Work that would be."
Zen: "That's the heart of teamwork, Dog!"
Dog: "If Zeroday has gotten the spark, I'd forgive it for killing me." Dog wags their tail slowly. "We'll see when we get there, right?"
Shiba taps her forehead twice. "Just making sure. Keeping our moral system internally consistent."
Shinzou: "It's a toxin. A blight. A wound upon the world. …but I do appreciate it, Shiba."
Shiba: "Shades of Jinn in my nature. Less so than before, but still there."
Lucnephwyr giggles a bit, chewing on a macaroon.
Shinzou: "Speaking to the man who escaped to the Jinn Monastery to atone for his past."
Dog: "I went to the gnomish knights!"
Dog: "That's why I'm the Good Dog."
Shinzou actually chuckles, and scritches one of Dog's ears.
Zen chuckles
Zen: "I wish Maria were around, it'd probably be a mess"
Zen: "But she'd wind up liking you guys"
Lucnephwyr: "Oh?"
Lucnephwyr headtilts, his wings flutter a bit, his tail lashes from one side to another.
Shiba snickers at first, then doubles over with laughter over the bartop. "Pffffffthahahahaha no, we'd strangle the shit out of each other."
Shinzou: "She's scary. But I think her heart's in the right place. It'd be good for her to meet monsters like you three."
Shinzou: "…well, maybe you two." He can't help laughing a little, too.
Dog‘ tilts their head. "What’s so funny…?"
Zen: "She's a princess! My partner in guarding the party. She's a little scary, yeah"
Zen: "But I think she's trying a bit too hard to be scary"
Dog: "I used to know a lot of people like that!"
Lucnephwyr: "Well, there's always tomorrow."
Shiba: "I kind of want to have at it with her just so she can get it out of her system."
Zen: "Tomorrow will be… A brand new day"
Zen: "A great day, i'm certain"
Zen: "But we still got a long night ahead of us"
Shinzou is making the most HEROIC attempt not to eyebrow wriggle, you guys.
Lucnephwyr: "Yeah, who decided we needed 'night' and 'viglum!'"
Lucnephwyr: "Though I won't argue against more time to defeat D2…"
Zen: "Don't ask me"
Lucnephwyr: "I'm asking you!"
Lucnephwyr: "You might know!"
Shinzou: "That's a question for Shiba!"
Lucnephwyr: "Shiba!"
Lucnephwyr spins around to face Shiba!!
Shiba: "Oh. What? Aren't they not a thing in Sycorax and Prospero?"
Lucnephwyr giggles a little. "Nah, just- it's been a long day and it isn't over yet! Just exclaiming at that fact."
Zen: "It feels like this day has lasted months, I tell you"
Dog: "Days don't usually last this long!"
Dog: "… then again, I'm usually napping through half of them!"
Peter: Oh, what's that, Zen?
Shiba: "I mean, they used to have more significance. Fiends in the Wisp district would show up, and the citizens would have a big old fiend-slaying party."
Peter: That's the first time anyone has ever made that joke!
Shiba: Happy April 13th, 2009 everybody!!!!!!
Dog: Oh my god are we really talking in narration now is that what we're doing
Shiba: Peter started it.
Lucnephwyr turns back to Zen.
Shinzou makes a disgusted noise and falls backwards dramatically onto the floor.
Shiba yanks the view back to the maid cafe.
Lucnephwyr: "So… the armor! Your mother!"
Zen shakes his head
Zen: "Yeah"
Lucnephwyr: "There's a story there! Do tell, do tell!"
Zen: "Well"
Dog‘ pricks up their ears. They’re listening! Even though they're gnawing on this dog biscuit!
Zen: "My parents are mercenaries, you see. They're part of a group that picks up jobs on both sides of the war, group kind of formed after both of their previous units got mostly destroyed in the field. There's monsters and humans in that group"
Zen: "Myself… Well, my parents found me in a destroyed village, group was hired to do cleanup there…"
Zen: "See, mom has scales just like these, and claws this fierce!"
Shiba: "You know, on Oberon and Titania, humans had all sorts of weird features. Are … Prospero humans like that? Can a human also be a penguin? Or is that what was lost?"
Dog‘ wags their tail! "Your mom sounds cool, Zen!"
Shinzou: "I don’t think there are any humans with luxurious ears or tails, here." He sounds fairly put out by this, really.
Zen: "She's always been a great protector, how many times did she take hits that'd otherwise kill others…"
Zen: "I wanted to be like her but, you know, I couldn't ever look this cool"
Zen: "Not by nature, anyway"
Zen: "So of course I had to find a way! So I looked around and figured out what those scales were made of!"
Dog: "I think you make a great monster!"
Zen: "You see, those scales aren't like yours, Luc!"
Lucnephwyr :O
Zen: "They're made of something else, same thing that makes this" he passes a hand over his hair
Zen: "So I had to find a way to make some for myself, and boy did it take a while"
Zen: "But I figured out a special type of forge to make those, you need to use a lot of different solutions and molding them takes a lot of effort"
Zen: "So I made this armor, to be as cool as she is!"
Lucnephwyr: "That's pretty great!"
Lucnephwyr: "And you're doing well, I'd say, even though I don't know -that- much more about you!"
Zen: "Well, dad got a little jealous, since I picked up mom's style, but he helped me make the forge too"
Lucnephwyr: "But I know I can believe in you."
Zen smiles
Zen: "You know, you're a really nice guy, Luc"
Shiba holds up a finger, almost wanting to talk about card slots and mana-folding, but decides that's a road best left unexplored.
Shiba: Down that path lies madness, and that's how you get Wilhelmine instead.
Zen: "I don't know anything about you but you sound like the sort of guy that makes everyone around you happy"
Lucnephwyr wiggles at the compliment. "Thank you!"
Dog: "I'm really proud of Lucnephwyr all the time!!"
Lucnephwyr: "I try, but even I know that doesn't work on everyone, like some of the more ancient monsters deeper in the Manalands."
Lucnephwyr does not directly say 'Shiba.'
Zen: "You know, some people sound very angry even when they're happy"
Zen: "Takes a while to know when those grumpy cats are happy but if you try hard enough you get to notice"
Shiba: "What doesn't work on who now?"
Shiba rubs her eyes. "Sorry, got lost in thought."
Dog: "I think it works just fine!"
Shinzou: "Luc thinks you
[OOC] Shinzou: bah
Shinzou: "Luc thinks you're not taken in by his little adorable dragon charm."
Lucnephwyr: "I didn't say that!" he says, coyly.
Shiba: "Oh. Yeah. I'm really not one for pretenses."
Lucnephwyr: "It's not a pretense for me though! It's just… earnest!"
Lucnephwyr: "And well-wishing!"
Lucnephwyr: "And wishing well enough!"
Lucnephwyr: "Or at least I like to think it is."
Eris‘ kicks open the door to the Pure of Heart, Maria in her arms in a princess-carry for some reason. Stands there dramatically for a few moments.
Lucnephwyr: "I don’t know if I'm a good enough judge of myself."
Lucnephwyr turns to look at the DRAMATIC ENTRANCE~!
Shinzou glances up.
Dog‘ looks up from their dog biscuit, wags their tail. Sniff sniff.
Zen winces, looks back "Maria i’m so sorry"
Shinzou opens mouth, pauses, closes mouth, pauses. "I'm sorry, are we interrupting something?"
Maria: "It wasn't my idea."
Lucnephwyr: "Hi! Come in!"
Eris: "It's okay, Zen's not sorry anyway."
Maria: "True."
Zen: "Linlea's going to be furious when she learns of this"
Shinzou: "Neither am I."
Eris‘ walks inside.
Shiba: "Love hotel’s next door."
Lucnephwyr flutters his wings, excited!
Shiba: "I know, the hearts are confusing."
Maria: "No, actually I think it's a block down."
Eris: "The entrance is through the back, Naga!"
Lucnephwyr isn't sure what to make of this current discussion so he just shelves it in the back of his mind for now.
Shinzou actually cracks up at Shiba and is helpless for a few seconds.
Maria nudges Eris to put her down now.
Dog‘ tilts their head. "Well, anyway, hi!"
Zen chuckles
Zen: "Those are Eris and Maria, my friends"
Eris` gentley sets Maria down on top of one of the tables.
Shinzou waves to them good-naturedly. "Long time no see. Glad you’re all still well."
Maria: "I take it you're the 'other party'."
Lucnephwyr: "Thaaaaaaat's us!"
Zen: "They're the other ones"
Dog: "Hi! Hi!" Dog wags their tail and hops up to go greet them by circling around them and yipping, because: "I'm a Dog!"
Lucnephwyr smiles a toothy smile!
Shinzou: "Well, not that long, I suppose. (Ugh not this again.)"
Maria: "So this is where you mysteriously disappeared to, Shinzou."
Shiba grins, snake-fangs clearly gleaming out from underneath her robe's hood.
Maria rolls her eyes. "Of course they're monsters."
Lucnephwyr: "Pleased to meet you! I'm Lucnephwyr! Can I offer you a bite of a ra-bite cream puff?"
Zen: "Of course, variety is necessary in life"
Dog‘ props their paws up on the table, tail wagging. "Yup!"
Lucnephwyr: "Or a pixie stick, guaranteed at least 5% pixie dust?"
Eris: "I’ll take one!"
Maria: "I…think I'll pass, but thank you."
Lucnephwyr trundles over to Eris and offers up the monster confectionaries in clawed hands!
Eris‘ rolls a shrug, rips it open, dumps in mouth. Chew chew chew.
Zen: "Take the cream puff, it’s pretty good"
The cream puff -looks- like a rabite… but it's probably not actual rabite.
Eris‘ will eat one of those too. Yolo.
Lucnephwyr: "Thank you both- all three of you, and… two more?"
Lucnephwyr: "Thank you for your continued efforts."
Eris: "Hmm? Oh, Charlotte and Lin?"
Shinzou: "Yup."
Eris: "Well, we’ve got places to go ourselves."
Shiba: "Yeah. You're not all bad."
Lucnephwyr: "Oh, well all do."
[OOC] Lucnephwyr: *we all
Lucnephwyr: "Probably a good thing we're trying to tackle this from two ends, at least."
Lucnephwyr: "It'll do the most good."
Shiba eyes Maria, still grinning. "You should really look into those waters that Orom was talking about."
Zen: "It's not her style, Shiba"
Shinzou: "Splitting up any more than this would probably end poorly, or I'd almost suggest it at this point."
Maria: "I don't remember him mentioning waters."
Zen: "As you can see"
Eris: "Maria is a kind, sweet, innocent girl free from the corruptions of the white space. You leave her alone you!"
Maria: "Oh, more of this 'meta' stuff you keep talking about?"
Eris: "Mmhm."
Maria: "Okay."
Dog: "It's really confusing, and I don't really like it, either."
Dog: "Let's be friends who don't do that stuff!"
Lucnephwyr: "I'm a fan of that!"
Zen: "I'm all for that"
Maria: "Um…sure."
Shiba slumps over on the countertop, dejected.
Shinzou attempts to pet Zen, Dog, and Luc at the same time and fails. Gives Shiba a sympathetic glance.
Zen: "I'm counting on you people to handle the stuff that doesn't deals with that, by the way"
Zen: "You can leave me to handle the other stuff"
Dog‘ wags their tail! "Okay!"
Zen looks at Shiba "Believe me, i’d trade places with you if I could"
Shiba: "Who's handling which stuff?"
Lucnephwyr: "Well… to be honest the 'meta' -is- interesting…"
Zen makes a pensieve noise
Lucnephwyr: "Buuuuuuut it's not how I'd like to change this world. I'm too attached to it."
Zen: "Don't worry, Shiba this was just me venting frustations"
Shinzou: "Change the world, -then- go scales deep in the secret science."
Eris: "Don't worry, Luc!"
Shinzou: "Much better that way."
Eris: "That's what the cannon is for." Eris smiles
Lucnephwyr: "No I believe the cannon is for the opposite of that???"
Shinzou looks straight at Eris and is clearly trying extremely hard not to giggle.
Dog: "What's the cannon for??" Yip???
Shiba: "Ah. Yeah. Tell 'em about your plan."
Zen sighs
Zen: "Well, go ahead Eris'
Eris: "Hm? Oh."
Eris: "The cannon is for killing angels. Changing things from the inside and all that."
Dog: "What's an angel?"
Maria: "Well, D2 for one."
Zen: "You and me, Maria and Luc, Eris and Shiba, D2 as well"
Zen: "Something in the nature of us all"
Shiba: "This is getting into meta territory, just FYI."
Eris‘ motions vaguely. "Imagine a play. Angels would be the leader actors."
Lucnephwyr shakes his head. "That’s still working outside of the world, in the meta. It's the understanding of sparks and angels. It's not a story as lived by its occupants."
Zen: "That's all you need to know"
Eris: "Tsk tsk tsk."
Shiba nods in agreement with Luc. "Yup."
Dog: "But I thought we were supposed to be 'pure hearts'? Now we're angels too? Wowie, that's too many labels in front of my name!"
Zen: "It doesn't hurts innocents, so that's good enough for you"
Eris: "The Prince ripped the heart out of the Princess."
Eris: "The Princesss Went Mad."
Eris: "The Princess In Her Madness Attempted To Destroy The World."
Eris: "Wandering Stranger Slew The Princess, And The World Was Saved."
Eris: "It still works. Especially since some of you are natives~"
Lucnephwyr: "Nope."
Lucnephwyr: "It's not clean."
Shiba: "Ending sucks, send it back to the editor."
Lucnephwyr: "I agree that it's an outcome that may come to pass."
Dog: "We're going to rescue the princess and let her forgive the prince!"
Eris‘ plops another cream rabbite into her mouth.
Zen sighs, he suddenly seems very irritated "That’s plan A, Dog"
Eris: "Some people like tragedy!"
Shinzou: "I think it's reasonable to have a backup plan."
Zen: "I cannot forgive people who like tragedy, though"
Shinzou: "But let's do everything in our power to prevent that from being necessary, okay?"
Shinzou reaches out, pats Luc on the shoulder.
Eris‘ shifty eyes between Zen and Shinzou a few times.
Lucnephwyr puts a hand on Shinzou’s.
Lucnephwyr: "I already trust them too, on some level, else I wouldn't be here having this conversation."
Zen: "Don't worry, i'll keep those maniacs under control until we can set them loose"
Shinzou: "They're good people. And I already know beyond a doubt that we can trust them."
Shiba: "What's your take on this, Maria?"
Dog: "They smell trustworthy!"
Shinzou looks right at Eris and nods, seriously, in gratitude.
Eris: "Please, like you could control us if we didn't let you." Eris leans forward across the table, smiling at Zen predatorily.
Dog: "Still…"
Dog: "I want to make sure we have a happy ending!"
Shiba: "Okay, Stings And Kills Junior."
Zen grins at Eris "What if I told you you're wrong?"
Maria: "I agree with Eris, pretty much."
Lucnephwyr: "It's exactly the devil-may-care that stops me, though. Or angel-may-care."
Maria: "Oh, well, there's two of us, and one of you, Zen."
Eris: "Hee."
Shinzou: "I think Eris just wants to get stories written about her and all her travelling companions in the breathless tabloids of the universe."
Zen: "Yes, and it takes two to use the weapon"
Dog: "I'll write her a story!"
Eris: "Oh heavens no."
Zen: "I just need to worry about one"
Dog: "… even though I don't have hands!"
Eris: "They're going to make movies about me, Shiba!"
Zen: "And for just a few minutes"
[OOC] Eris: er shincou
Zen: "Don't you trust those monsters, Maria?"
[OOC] Eris: S NAME fuck typing
Shinzou: "Hmph. Still stories."
Lucnephwyr: "Saaaaaaaaaaame difference."
Maria: "I don't trust any monsters."
Shiba: "Screenplay, book, oral tradition, so on and so forth."
Zen crosses his arms
Zen: "I'm going to start talking in circles in a moment now"
Eris: "Oh Goodness, you really think there's no different between tabloid gossip and full length feature films with enormous budgets…? What sad little backwater worlds you must be from…!"
Zen: "In fact this conversation won't go much of anywhere at this rate"
Maria: "On that, I agree."
Dog: "That's okay," Dog wags their tail at Maria.
Shinzou stage-whispers: "(Gosh, give her time. She just met them.)"
Maria: "And talking dogs are still weird, sorry."
Lucnephwyr: "Dog, weird?"
Eris‘ kneels down, scoops up dog.
Maria gives Dog a headrub, though.
Lucnephwyr headtilt, peers at Dog.
Dog` licks Eris’s chin. "Hi!"
Lucnephwyr: "Seems like an ordinary, country Dog."
Eris‘ places dog on the table, picks his front paws up as one might a small dog.
Eris: "Hello! What sorts of stories might you write, then?"
Dog` is manipulated flawlessly! They wag their tail. "I think… I’d write a story where you fight a big crab fiend, and you'd end up smashing it and eating it!"
Eris‘ rocks her head from side to side in consideration, before nodding seriously and clapping dog’s paws together. "I'll allow it!"
Dog‘ barks! "Okay!"
Lucnephwyr: "So what all have you seen in your travels?"
Lucnephwyr: "How different is it all, from here?"
Eris: "Hmm," She lifts dog up, making him walk on his little doggy feet, "Some fiends, some dead monsters, some explosions… the gunwhale was interesting. Towers. That ludicious bone machine that runs the courts! Also the nuclear plant. And the mana tree, of course."
Eris: "Oh, you mean…"
Eris` waves a hand vaguely. "Out there?"
Lucnephwyr nods. "Beyond ’here,' yeah."
Eris: "Hmm, well it varies a lot. Worlds are as different as books, honestly."
Eris: "And the caravan tries to stick to the background as much as possible."
Dog‘ doggywalks patiently. And listens with pricked-up ears!
Lucnephwyr: "I checked out a book from the Foreign Services- haven’t had time to read yet, but… it's still interesting!"
Eris: "Oh? What genre?"
Shiba chuckles at the mention of the Mana Tree. "I would have normally been there to keep watch, but … I was otherwise occupied."
Eris: "They're actually from a pretty interesting world themselves, you know. Though of course I've only ever heard about it second hand."
Maria: "D2 was kinda making a mess while you were gone, unfortunately."
Eris‘ grins at Shiba.
Eris: "Quite. She doesn’t know how to pick up her discarded dolls."
Lucnephwyr: "Uhh…" he produces the book. "'Gilgamesh?'"
Lucnephwyr: "Not a lot of labeling on it besides that."
Shiba: "Hey. Look, I was trying to keep normal people from trying to do the incredibly foolhardy climb up."
Eris: "Yow. Have run crunching on that for a while little dragon man, old foreign epics can be… dense."
Shiba: "That's really just a perimeter-level operation. Not even I'd been in the internals."
Lucnephwyr grins. "I'll have the time, eventually."
Maria: "That's okay, you weren't really missing much. Probably a good thing you stopped others from entering though, especially if D2 has always kinda been there."
Eris‘ lets go of dog, before pulling out a nerf gun and firing at dart at Shiba.
Shiba just lets it hit her with a soft ’pap'.
Dog‘ hops back on all fours again! (They’re trying to avoid looking weird in front of poor Maria.)
Eris: "All sorts of junk just laying around up there!"
Lucnephwyr: "Weird!"
Eris: "It was kind of neat, in a terrible B-grade horror movie sort of way."
Shiba: "Is that a gentle reminder that something should cost more mana now?"
Eris: "Hm? No I just wanted to shoot someone with this."
Eris: "Anywho! I think they should be ready now, so we'll be off. Do enjoy your stay, and try not to kill any Princes' before I have a chance to turn them into mre supplies."
Shiba: "Supplies for what?"
Dog: "I'm protecting the Prince!"
Maria: "True. We're supposed to return the Prince to the Queen."
Eris: "For our maid, mostly."
Maria: "Not going to get another resupply from the Palace until then, probably."
Eris: "The girl goes through herbal tea like you wouldn't believe."
Dog: "You can get herbal tea from lots of places!"
Eris: "Mmhm."
Maria: "But you can't get Cup of Wishes anywhere else."
Eris: "They are, indeed, in very limited supply."
Shiba: "Well, as long as it doesn't take precedence over what we're doing. We're not killing him, for what it's worth."
Shiba: "But it kind of takes a backseat to treating him as a token for a mere mechanical convenience."
Shinzou: "He's still got a part to play in the healing of the wounds in this world. As one might expect. We'll take good care of him."
Eris‘ salutes, then sweeps Maria off her feet before carrying her out of the Pure of Heart. "But of course! Toodles."
Maria: "Well, I mean, you could always take him to the palace, let the Queen know he’s good and you're helping the Caravan protect him, but he Needs to Do Stuff still-Ack!"
Shinzou snickers.
Maria: "Well," she waves a bit. "I don't know if they'd actually let the Prince leave again, so probably not worth a shot. Bye!"
Shinzou: "Stay safe!"
Dog: "Don't kill, and don't be killed!"
Eris‘ stage whispering as they walk down the street, "Good job not killing anyone, dear!"
Shiba: "Also, Maria. Spar sometime?"
Maria just laughs.
Shinzou pokes Zen in the side.
Zen looks at Shinzou
Zen: "Don’t worry, was just kind of trying not to get angry at something right now"
Zen stands up, eyes closed, still a little irritated. He puts a hand on Shinzou's shoulder "Hey, good luck on your own adventures, okay?"
Shinzou messes with Zen's hair gently. "It's fine."
Zen: "I guess it's about time I head out"
Dog: "Good luck, Zen!"
Shinzou: "I just wanted you to know… I'll take care of things, like you asked."
Zen nods "That makes me feel better. I'll be working hard so things end well"
Shinzou: "I'm done running away from things. Let's both meet in the middle, okay?"
Zen: "That's the only way to end those problems going on"
Zen smiles, turns around "It's for me to go now. We'll see eachother again, at some point!" he heads out
Shinzou: "You stay safe, too."
Shiba: "If you ever need someone with a more forceful personality to do the convincing, you know who to call."
Shiba: "I'm pretty sure I can speak their language."
Shinzou: "You just want to get that spar in with Maria."
Shiba: "To establish the pecking order, yeah."
Shinzou chuckles softly.
Shinzou: "…okay, I think that's about it."
Shiba: "Eh. I still owe Dog that history lesson."
Dog‘ wags their tail. "That’s okay, we can go over history another time!"
Shinzou: "Don't let me stop you. Or not, as the case may be."
Shiba: "In short, stories are prisons, the worst angels are the egotistical solipsistic ones, and I'm going to bed."
Dog: "Naps sound good," Dog says. "I'm gonna have a nap too."

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