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Peter: Day Two - Evening.
Peter: The Pure of Heart.
Peter: (It's… a little crowded here, but the groups aren't really mingling…?)
Eris: (They're probably sleeping, they got here before us.)
[OOC] Linlea: We got here before them actually.
Peter: You've both had a pretty big day.
[OOC] Linlea: We escape roped last session where they did it near the end of this timeslot
Zen still wants to go over to the other group to talk, maybe he already did and nobody here noticed. But he's both too wounded and too tired to be too social right now
Eris‘ crashes into the ground as they land regardless, before sitting up and stretching her arms. "Hello, Alice."
Maria: "We’ve had a rough day."
Charlotte: "…Very."
Zen will certainly be on the couch very soon, how did he take off his armor that fast? "I think it's visible, yeah…"
Eris: "So out of curiosity have you been here before, or was it just Alimeus on his lonesome?"
Linlea buries her head on to the bar counter. She's making groaning noises from time to time.
Peter: "Yesker and I got here like, barely before you did." Alice says, refilling Zen's tea.
Peter: "And we got our asses handed to us, which, I mean…"
Peter: "Is why I look like this, yeah?"
Zen nods to Alice, then takes another sip slowly
Eris: "I had been wondering, it didn't really seem to fit with the… image the stories about you give off."
Linlea glances up slowly. "… D2 made you a girl?" Yup. She said it.
Eris: "But, alright. Only Alimeus was here before, then."
Peter: "No, having to migrate into Sezaya's crappy flouncy corpse made me a girl."
Peter: "I mean, when I play a girl, I do it right."
Zen: "Alice you punch him please. If you can punch him through a wall, that's good. Even better if you can punch him clear through a whole building"
Zen blinks "Uhn? Did you two trade bodies to avoid D2's grasp?"
Zen: "That's… Interesting"
Zen stares at his tea in deep concentration
Eris‘ brings a hand to her mouth and giggles into it.
Peter: "I mean, no rezzes incoming, reaper coming for us…"
Peter: "We sprang back to life our way."
Peter: "Ugggh, Yesker totally got the better end of the deal…"
Zen: "I don’t know, I think you look better"
Eris: "Was she like, optimized for healing or something…? Our combat meido works fine."
Zen: "But… You did the thing that monsters do, which I didn't think you'd be able to do, but you did"
Zen: "Hrm…"
Peter: "That's the privilege of a pure heart."
Peter: "I mean, I said in the book that we knew both migration and the water of life work for us, right?"
Eris: "Yeah."
Peter: "You read that, right?"
Linlea glances at Alice before nodding. "My condolences."
Zen: "Way you wrote made it sound like it was either one or the other, and it'd define… Wether you were human or monster"
Peter: Alice fiddles with the straps on Mirushuga. "I'm makin' it work."
Maria just mouths, "book?" before shaking her head and not asking.
Zen sighs, and continues drinking his tea
Maria: Of course she read it, not matter what anyone asks.
Eris: "Uhh…"
Zen: "So, are we done for today or are we still going to look for a way to clean up the doctor's mess?"
Eris: "Weird dimensional hopper, thing."
Eris‘ stands up, leans over the counter, pulls out a copy of the book of red and tosses it towards Maria.
Linlea glances at Zen. "I was wanting to talk to Orom at least. Just… give me a minute." She rubs her forehead. "I’m in a lot of pain."
Maria nods to Eris before flipping through it.
Eris: "So."
Zen nods at Linlea "I know what you're feeling"
Eris: "I don't suppose Alimeus actually mentioned to anyone that he's been to this world before and is the reason D2 exists, right?" A glance towards Alice.
Charlotte: "I definitely want to see the doctor, yes."
TheTale: "Ha ha, fuck no he didn't."
Linlea: "If he's been here before… why do you think he was so interested in the birth records?"
Linlea: "What did he need it for?"
Linlea: "Really need it for, I mean."
Eris: "Probably to figure out where his advise lead to disaster."
Eris: "Possibly to actually learn more about the foutain. Still seems in character, even if he's one of the causes of the situation being messed up."
Maria: "And because the fountain probably wasn't here before."
Zen: "Remember the prince took the princess's heart after he left, he probalby has no idea how it works or why"
Zen: "And is probably not even aware of what it is"
Eris: "Anyway we're going to go grill him about that while catching up with the caravan unless anything dumb has happened." A pause.
Eris: "Also, thank you very much for keeping the caravan safe from D2 while we've been investigating."
Linlea nods. "Yeah. I was a bit on edge myself with the whole 'D2 is going to go after someone from the caravan' threat."
Linlea: "But… it looks like we made it through the day without incident?"
TheTale: "Yeah, I handled it."
TheTale: "I mean, we're on the same team, right?"
Zen smiles, thinks, puts on a sassy grin "Yeah, you make a mess and we clean it up"
Linlea: "In here? Definitely."
Eris‘ flicks Linlea on the forehead. "I thought we were supposed to be nice?"
TheTale: "Heheh. Wanna see me play evil empress next time?"
Zen: "Not really"
Linlea scratches the back of her head. "Nah. I’m good. You going after MMOB was enough counterplay for me."
Eris‘ pauses. Real long pause. Errupts into laughter after a minute.
Charlotte shakes her head. "I’ll pass."
TheTale: "C'mon Zen. You, me, and a chain hangin' over a vat full of acid."
Zen: "Tempting, I'll tell you that"
Zen: "If you promise no collateral, maybe"
Eris: "No, no, no. Think about it. Strings & Kills vs WhatsHerDragons vs Jorule vs Vladislav vs Jack. I'd watch that movie."
Linlea glances at Eris before shaking her head silently.
TheTale: "Mann, how'm I gonna be an arc villain with no collateral?"
Maria: "That sounds unpleasant."
TheTale: "But yeah yeah, I'll work on it."
TheTale: "Steal jewels or somethin'."
TheTale: "Ya damn bleeding hearts."
Maria: "Well, for the surrounding country anyway."
Zen: "Eh… Nothing's easy, Alice"
TheTale: "Pfft, whatever. I've done lots of easy things."
Eris: "On that note."
Eris: "Resupply, Alice? We're committed to Team Fuck D2."
TheTale: "I can barely keep you suckers tea cup's full! But yeah, I'll see what I can do."
[OOC] TheTale: HP/MP/LP refilled.
Maria: "Thank you!"
TheTale: She finishes bandaging Maria's leg. "Probably doesn't help too much, but get the doc to take a look at it, and…"
Maria: "Yeah, we will. Probably before we start interrogating him."
TheTale: "Probably."
Eris: "Thanks. I don't imagine we're going to get jumped before we sleep, but you never know."
Eris: "Zen, you coming with us to the Doctor or are you going to stay here and lick your wounds?"
Charlotte: "Well, we do have a carrot to dangle in front of him, too."
TheTale: Alice nods a veteran's nod to Eris.
TheTale: She's been there.
Zen: "I;m going" he stands up, half-puts on his armor, not putting on the arm parts
Zen: "I'll let you talk, though, it'll be a while before this headache goes away"
Linlea gets up before stretching. "That is some POTENT tea. I mean, holy crap."
Linlea: "What's in that?"
Eris: "That's fine. I love running my mouth."
Charlotte sets down her own and gets up to stretch… wincing when she stretches a bit too much. "Thank you for the courtesy."
Maria: "It's certainly refreshing. I could get used to it from my usual brand."
TheTale: Alice gives Charlotte a little pat on the shoulder. "Yeah, yeah, I'll courtesy you all over the place later."
TheTale: "Go save the world."
Charlotte: "Yes, that's the plan. Sometimes you just need a refresher first."
Linlea nods before heading out of the building.
TheTale: Dr. Alimeus Orovexi waits for you in his wagon. The smell of alchemy. His little fiend-rat, watching over you from above.
TheTale: "You're hurt," he says. "Lie down."
Linlea: "The hounds chewed up our maid pretty bad. Can you fix it?"
Maria graciously allows Charlotte to go first.
TheTale: "I can fix it."
Zen looks up at the rat "Hadn't noticed the little one before" :
Charlotte nods and lays down without any more prompting. "Thank you."
TheTale: "They're useful. For fetching things. I can't reach as far as I once could, you see."
TheTale: Orom cuts the fabric around the leg open. He disinfects - it stings, and reeks. He cleans the wound. He treats it. Powerfully. And as he does:
TheTale: "Yes, I've been to this world before."
TheTale: "It was very different then."
TheTale: "It seems 'D2' remembers me."
Linlea: "… so did you like, know we visited the top of the mana tree or something?"
Linlea: "We didn't even ask yet."
Eris: "So we heard. Sounds like she's not a fan of you and your advise."
Charlotte grimaces, listening to the conversation to keep her mind off of the pain.
TheTale: He pauses to dilute a solution. "I'm pure of heart. The ebb and flow of the world's waters brings most the world's news to me."
TheTale: "Especially things that you and yours do."
Zen: "We're very loud about what we do, yes"
TheTale: "She. Yes. The world, when I visited it, was essentially peaceful."
TheTale: "There were two, however. Pure of heart. A brother and sister."
TheTale: "I couldn't stay, of course. It's in our nature to draw disaster to us, isn't it? I saw nothing I needed to fix."
TheTale: "But those two, perhaps they could be stewards, perhaps they could watch over things, perhaps their sparks had shone for… some reason, some purpose, that I had ought prepare them for…"
TheTale: He laughs.
TheTale: "Foolish, of course. But perhaps you would have done the same?"
Linlea: "When exactly did you come here?"
Linlea: "I thought you were from Oberon?"
TheTale: "There's been much, much time since Oberon, you know."
TheTale: He lays a bandage, wet with some medicine or another, over Charlotte's leg, wrapping it tightly.
Linlea nods. "I was just curious mostly since I've heard you've been busy!"
Linlea: "Also the fact that a world can be created and have that sort of history in a timeframe that doesn't seem all that big to me still kind of blows my mind?"
TheTale: "Well, it's bigger on the inside, isn't it…?"
Eris: "You're not supposed to stare into the abyss, Lin."
Linlea grins sheepishly. "Sorry."
TheTale: "It wasn't my first world after Oberon. But I think it's the first you've seen of me since- I matched wits, I suppose you could say, with the red one a few times, still dreaming of making things right, but…"
TheTale: "I hadn't expected this one to be so snarled. Not this land."
Eris‘ smiles a little. "I’ll admit, the issues at hand seem a bit more… meta," a glance towards Maria, "than they tend to be."
Zen: "Than they need to be"
Zen: "It's aggravating"
TheTale: "Not really."
TheTale: "The issue at hand is simple."
TheTale: "In my youth, I taught two students to wield the power granted to them. I left them, thinking my presence would only invite disaster, and told them to watch over the world."
TheTale: "…In my absence, it was reshaped from its idyllic perfection to become a monument to sorrow."
TheTale: "I can only dream of how I could have prevented this."
Linlea: "So, if we want to fix this should we be rounding up the two students? Somethings telling me just steamrolling D2 isn't going to actually fix everything."
Eris‘ rolls a shrug. "Can’t prevent everything. Can fix a lot of things, however."
Zen: "We need to first take out the active cause of the problem, D2, then fix the problem, the schism"
Zen: "I thought that was quite clear"
TheTale: "D2 should be snuffed out, spark and all."
Eris‘ glances at Orom, head tilted down slightly so that she can make eye contact with him over the rim of her sunglasses.
Eris: "Don’t suppose you're volunteering to help with that…?"
Charlotte: "Wait, how do you snuff out a spark?"
Eris: "I know how~!"
TheTale: "I shall carry you into the very depths of hell to accomplish this. You have my word."
Linlea: "… I don't really feel comfortable using an angel killing weapon. Or making deals with the services."
Zen: "That's a necessity, though"
Linlea: "That sort of thing existing at all just… gives shivers down my spine."
Zen: "Sometimes problems can also be solutions, I guess"
Eris: "The services aren't any worse than then angels, if we're being honest."
Zen: "Personally, it gives me hope, Linlea"
Linlea shakes her head. "Something like that always has the potential to be misused."
Eris: "It's a good thing I'm very responsible!"
TheTale: "If I'm about to do harm, I believe you can put on your big girl pants and put up with the Services for a week."
Zen: "Indeed, but don't we all misuse our power all the time?"
TheTale: He finishes the treatment of Charlotte, helps her gently to her feet.
Zen: "Gotta give other people an even field, I say"
Eris‘ pauses, giggles into a hand very loudly.
Linlea glances at Orom before laughing. "Okay. That burn singed a bit. Point taken, doc."
[OOC] TheTale: Max HP Restored
TheTale: "Maria, if you would?"
TheTale: "We are a strange lot, we are."
TheTale: "But useful. Very useful."
Maria nods, before getting onto the bed.
Charlotte stretches and flexes her limbs, glad to be whole. "Much better, thank you, Doctor."
TheTale: He goes through the motions. The disinfectant stings.
Eris: "Did you find anything interesting at the court?"
TheTale: "Nothing that’s new to you, I fear. Sacrifice Prince is the only survivor, losses to the plague seem to correlate to age without connection to frequency of resurrection…"
TheTale: "But we understand the sickness."
TheTale: "We understand the Prince."
Eris: "So… basically, kill D2, engage hippy mode…?"
Zen: "Sounds like a good plan, I like it"
Linlea: "How do we get UNDER the mana tree to the roots, though? I didn't see a pathway going down and I doubt we're getting shovels."
TheTale: "I'm… certain there are ways."
TheTale: "I, ah, doesn't it usually open up, when you're about to bring the battle to the demon king, or… whatever…?"
Eris: "I'll rip it open if need be."
TheTale: "I'm glad I can rely on your strength."
Zen: "We could avail ourselves to copious amounts of demolition charges if all else fails"
Linlea: "Isn't that a bad idea, though? To just rush in like that? There's so many things we haven't resolved yet."
Eris: "Such as…?"
Linlea: "And no offense but we barely made it to the top of that tree."
Zen: "That and I am certain that there are monsters willing to aid"
Charlotte: "Well, tihs plague for starters, which we have information on…"
Zen nods at Linlea "Yeah, we almost did not have the power to match up to her toys, meeting her head on?"
Zen: "That'd be… Difficult"
TheTale: "Then, you require strength."
Eris: "That sounds like a thing killing people or cowing them into submission isn't going to solve, and somewhat out of the scope of our problem solving prowess
Linlea: "Also we haven't even talked to Seye once since coming here. It's best to make sure we have all the heads thinking on this one!"
Eris‘ rolls her eyes.
Zen: "No, more than anything we need her weaknesses, or something that is fairly effective against her. Just raw strength might no be quite enough. I guess it’s roughly the same thing in the end, though?"
TheTale: "A weakness…?"
Zen: "Yes"
Zen: "Something exploitable"
Eris: "Also we wouldn't be going straight for D2's core, as you may recall."
Eris: "There are still three more pillars that need finding and destroying, first."
Linlea shakes her head. She looks insulted. "Real heroes don't need weaknesses. We fight our best and save the world with our pure hearts!"
Zen nods at Linlea "You're right"
Linlea glances at Eris. "Any idea how to find those, though?"
TheTale: Orom finishes his work. [Max HP Restored.]
Zen: "Heroes that actually save the world instead of accidentally destroying it, though, use their head"
Eris: "We can work towards other things along the way to the pillars as the come up, but it seems likely stopping the war, the main non-D2 issues-is going to be difficult as sin with D2 still in play."
TheTale: "D2's body…"
TheTale: "It's still out in the world, isn't it?"
Charlotte: "Most likely."
Eris: "The Pillars? Yes."
TheTale: "No."
Maria gets back on her feet, then curtseys to the doctor. "Thank you kindly. You do good work."
Zen headscratches "Pillars?"
TheTale: "The Princess."
Zen: "Did I miss something while I wasn't with this team?"
Eris: "Wait, huh?"
Zen: "Ah… That's a detail I hadn't realized… But of course"
Zen: "It was one of the two that flipped the coin"
Maria: "That explains the 'she'…"
Zen: "The Fool, did she call herself?"
Zen: "And the coin became D2"
Eris: "Wait wait wait back up a tick,"
Zen: "Hrm… This makes sense, also makes it weird"
Eris: "You're saying we have to destroy the monster Princess?"
Eris: "Who is D2?"
Linlea glances at Eris. "That's why I was kind of hoping we could get both of them together and resolve it another way, yeah."
TheTale: "Of course. However, I don't know how close the relation is between the thing left of the princess…"
TheTale: "And D2 is."
Eris: "Oh, oh. Ohhhh. Aaahahahaha."
Eris: "Oh, the carebears are going to love that."
Zen: "It would be perfect if we could make the princess stop throwing a fit"
Charlotte: "Oh dear."
TheTale: "Carebears love everyone and everything, don't they?"
TheTale: "I wouldn't worry about it."
Zen: "Although, there is probably something like splitting yourself in two going on here"
Eris‘ laughs out loud at Alimeus.
Zen: "And they’re, like, parts of the same thing but really that thing either?"
TheTale: "I think it's something like that."
Zen crosses his arms
Zen: "Wait a bit"
TheTale: "Perhaps she's the weakness you're looking for."
Zen: "Princess' heart is split from her body. Monsters and humans were split from the same being. D2 is split form the princess"
Zen: "Uhn… The theme here, is restoring things to their whole state"
Zen: "And well, the monster team got the theme right too"
Eris: "Hahah… whew."
Eris‘ pushes her sunglasses up and rubs at her eyes a bit.
Zen: "Offing D2 isn’t precisely the right solution. We need to get D2 back in the princess, same with her heart. I don't count on her having a… Change of heart… But in that way, she should be able to own up to her mstakes"
Linlea: "What would happen if we took the princess to D2 though?"
Eris: "I'm not entirely convinced humpty dumpty can completely be put back together again even so, but I suppose we'll see."
Zen: "I think that's what we need to find out"
Eris: "Hell."
TheTale: "By the way, give me a little bit of advance notice before our final assault."
TheTale: "Once in my life, I shall do harm."
TheTale: "I won't be finalizing my spellbook until then."
Eris: "If they were so distraught over things when the world was at peace that *this* is what was resulted… and the good Doctor is willing the pull the trigger… She may have very well been broken before things went bad, Zen."
Eris‘ nods towards Alimeus. "So noted."
Zen crosses his arms "Well"
Eris: "Oh my Goddess this makes the ’this isn't even my final form' thing so much dumber, and funnier."
Zen: "Wether she is broken beyond recovery or not"
Zen: "Either way D2 and the Princess need to be made whole again"
Eris‘ starts giggling to herself again.
Zen: "Wether so I can convince her to play nice with her brother"
TheTale: "I’m glad you can find humor in the situation."
Zen: "Or so we can take her down for good"
Eris: "It's dreadfully funny, I can't help it."
Eris: "What a world you grew up in, Maria." Eris shakes her head after collecting herself.
Charlotte: "Well, it's not her fault it's broken."
Zen: "It's a good world"
Maria shrugs. "I like it well enough, but you're right, it could be better."
Zen: "I'd like to see it in good condition when we're done"
Zen: "I like it"
Maria: "And we can fix it."
Eris: "Certainly, but Zen doesn't even act like he's from here, ergo." Vague hand gesture.
Zen sighs, looks up
Zen: "It's your fault"
Zen: "It's your damn fault"
Zen: "And I hate you for it"
Eris: "Don't blame me for your own failings, dear." Eris smiles wide.
Zen: "More than you can rightfully imagine"
Zen: "But anyway"
Eris: "Anywho!"
Eris: "Do you have further research plans for the marrow, Alimeus?"
Charlotte: "Oh, Doctor. Apparently the plague's caused by the humans missing half their genetic code."
Eris‘ nods, point/snaps towards Charlotte.
TheTale: "Yes. It’s the telomeres, actually. They're impossibly short."
TheTale: "Monsters, I believe, make up for it by regenerating from other forms of matter, using information from other organisms."
TheTale: "Humans are left to rot."
Zen: "Say doctor"
Zen: "Have you considered the possibility of a monster inhabiting a human's body"
Zen: "And wether or not both would still exist within the same body?"
TheTale: "It depends. Does the monster's soul truly subjugate the body that it occupies?"
TheTale: "I'm told that there's a negotiation of sorts…"
Zen: "That's a good question"
TheTale: "…Of course, why would a monster occupy a body that's doomed to degeneration?"
Zen: "Well, in a way, monster bodies are the missing half of human bodies"
Zen: "If what D2 said holds true"
Eris‘ grabs Linlea’s PDA and begins tapping at the screen.
Zen: "I was wondering if they could bring themselves to completion like that"
TheTale: "Bring themselves to completion…?" The doctor raises an eyebrow.
Zen: "Kind of like… That certain myth about people being split in half by the gods and eternally seeking their fated pair. Since that is pretty much what D2 did"
Zen: "Yes, once a monster and a human become one, presumably the monster's capacity to regenerate itself from the host could combine the monster and human halves, ending the human accelerated decay"
Zen: "If both consciousnesses then inhabit the same body, it might be a little awkward, but we have a complete body that should more or less not die with ease"
TheTale: "But when a monster migrates, it discards its previous form, and death sets in. There's some sort of imprint and altering on the new shape…"
TheTale: "…But it wouldn't repair the DNA. Or at least, I don't suspect it would."
Zen: "Hrm… True"
TheTale: "Furthermore, a gigantic amount of humans right now are simply dead."
Maria: "I don't think he split people in into two, Zen. Half the people became monsters, half became 'human'."
Zen: "That's true, although I wonder how the fountain of life works, does it simply brings their souls back or do something else?"
Zen: "Hrm… Oh, did I misunderstand?"
Maria: "Maybe. I'm not sure I'm right, either."
Zen: "Though I do know the missing DNA was also D2's doing, she admitted to it"
Zen: "And she uses that in order to create, well, what was it envoys? What name she used? But things she can control, by filling in the missing spots with what she uses to control them"
TheTale: "Familiars."
Linlea listens to the two talk as she glances towards Eris. "What are you posting about?"
Zen: "Familiars, yeah"
Eris: "Asking the monsters how migration works, exactly."
Eris: "I imagine they'd have a better idea than us guessing would."
Linlea: "Does there exist a monster that hasn't died before…?"
Linlea: "The humans certainly weren't so fortunate."
Eris: "Small children still in grade school, I imagine."
Eris: "Maria hadn't died until very recently despite being an apprentise princess knight of some sort, no?"
Linlea: "That kind of contradicts 'And only the prince was left' when he made the fountain, no?"
Maria: "I'm still pretty young, too. Children don't really leave the city much."
Zen: "Untrue, Linlea, it does not"
Eris: "You're thinking too hard. Be part of the story, don't analyze it."
Zen: "Peple of the time may have been dead, but they could have had children after coming back to life"
Maria: "Well, the fountain didn't exist, right? Maybe I died before but don't remember it because the past was rewritten. There's stories like that?"
Zen looks at Orom "People HAVE been born since the fountain, right?"
Linlea glances at Zen before nodding. "That is a scenario that would explain it, at least."
Eris‘ ruffles Maria’s hand. "Sounds like you're starting to grasp how stupid all of this is."
[OOC] Eris: -hand +hair
Maria glares at Eris. "I'd complain about how long it took me to do my hair, but the tree already ruined it."
TheTale: "The fountain of life…"
Zen: "I'd compliment your hair's durability if it survived that ordeal intact, honestly"
TheTale: "An absurdity cast back into the beginning of time, an escape clause that only brought on more of D2's 'eternal punishment.' An unsurprisingly stupid action."
Eris: "You're also going to bed shortly anyway. And you look cute with it slightly messy anyway!"
Maria: "Getting mauled by toys was sadly too much for it."
Charlotte: "I think that's too much for anyone, really."
Zen rubs his forehead
TheTale: "Will that be all?"
Eris: "Mmhm."
Eris: "I've got one more stop to make for the night before calling it a day."
Maria: "Thank you for you assistance."
Linlea: "You need anything from us before we go, doc? Any special requests?"
TheTale: "I already consider myself lucky for getting off with a warning."
TheTale: "Take good care out there."
Linlea glances at Eris. "Not checking with the rest of the caravan before the embassy?"
Eris: "Alimeus is here, Alice is keeping an eye out. We'll check in when we're done for the night."
Eris‘ pats the Doctor on the shoulder as she strolls out of his tent.
Eris: "Unless there’s a pressing need to check in immediately of course…?"
TheTale: Should be okay.
Linlea shakes her head. "If something happened to one of them I'm sure one of them would have mentioned it."
Eris‘ purposfully and confidently makes her way to the Service’s base of opperations!
Maria helps show the way.
Linlea: "So. Are we going to find out the reason you and that service girl at the banquet kind of nodded at one another when we go in here?"
TheTale: The Embassy of the Foreign Service.
Eris: "She probably thought I was cute? I was just being friendly and ackowledging that we were aware of the services now."
Charlotte: "And now to deal with the devil themselves."
Eris: "Perhaps she was doing the same."
Eris: "Please, they aren't devils."
Eris‘ pushes the buzzer, waves towards the camera.
Maria: "It’s true, the Institute makes them instead."
TheTale: You're let in.
TheTale: The pink-haired Millevich, in black fur coat, meets you just inside the mirror-and-gold-colored front office. She smiles.
TheTale: "We have things to discuss, then?"
Zen looks around, he haven't been here himself
Eris: "Quite!"
Eris: "Feel free to say misleading things that confuse my friends by the way, I think it's adorable when they're slightly paranoid and nervous."
TheTale: Zen: Stately and modern, the front face of the Foreign Service is a quiet bureau from out-of-time. A quiet fountain, a little potted plant.
TheTale: She leads you through a door, into an elevator.
Eris‘ follows closely behind her.
Linlea frowns at Eris.
TheTale: To:
Eris` smiles towards Linlea.
TheTale: A walkway, in a tremendous chasm lined with winter-pods.
TheTale: Small and fledgling, a tree of Mana, in small garden.
TheTale: Millevich has a seat in an iron bench by it. She tosses some birdseed to some pigeons.
Linlea gestures at the birdseed. "So… do you feed the doves since you can do that thing still or…?"
Zen: "Those are pidgeons"
Eris` tilts her head slightly. "Are you their angel, by the by, an agent, or simply a representative…?"
Linlea: "I’m not a bird expert!"
TheTale: "Simply a representative."
Eris: "So noted."
Eris: "So, to get right to the point…"
Charlotte: "Well, at least that Mana Tree won't have dolls attacking us."
Eris: "I'd like to requsition one of your angel slayers."
TheTale: "One of the templar?"
Linlea: "I suppose trying to butter them up first wouldn't really work."
Zen: "Well, sincerity wins the day sometimes"
Zen: "I'm sure what's going on here is in their interest as well"
Zen lets Eris do the convincing here, though
Eris: "I only really want the weapon itself, that way we wouldn't have to put one of your agents in harms way. Though I suppose those assigned to the weapons might grow attached to them, wouldn't they…?"
TheTale: "An angel-slaying… weapon, " she specifies. "Then, what you're thinking of, is…"
TheTale: "You've learned of the Lotus-Eater Cannon?"
Eris: "That's the… handgun the woman with the business suit weilds, yes?"
TheTale: "Oh, no, it's larger than that. Goodness."
Zen: "(That might make it a little harder to use)"
TheTale: "My gun," she pats her pocket. "Is for protection."
Eris: "Ah. No I hadn't heard a thing of immobile ones." Eris smiles. "I think I need something with a bit more finesse, however, especially as we are… not currently entirely certainly it'll be needed."
TheTale: "The slaying of angels is not a matter in which finesse is available."
TheTale: "If we could miniaturize it, we'd be behaving much differently. No offense."
Linlea: "Basically what you're saying is that there's going to be collateral damage when fired, right?"
Eris‘ laughs. "Well, I can’t exactly carry your entire ship around with me in case D2 needs to be put down, can I…?" It sounds more like an actual question than a statement.
Linlea: "So unless you were planning on being a martyr I don't think it's really an option, Eris!"
Eris‘ puts a finger on Linlea’s lips.
TheTale: "It's a two-person gun emplacement."
Linlea scrunches up her face before puffing out her cheeks. She goes silent.
TheTale: "Carry. Unpack. Point. End a story."
Zen: "Oh, carriable weapons aren't that big of a problem"
TheTale: "We've developed it, but have chosen not to deploy it…" She smiles.
Eris: "Ah, so more like an RPG than a… mounted canon."
TheTale: "An RPG is a good analogy."
Linlea: "With how long you've been here there's no way you don't understand what's going on with D2. Why do you still not deploy the weapon?"
Linlea: "Or have you just been twiddling your thumbs at the embassy this whole time?"
Eris: "Yes, that would work I believe. Though I admit I was somewhat hoping for a blade of winter." Eris laughs briefly.
Zen: "Maybe they'd rather let this world's people deal with their own problems"
TheTale: "A blade of winter isn't far-off either."
TheTale: "Don't stand behind the target, let's say."
Eris‘ nods.
TheTale: "And no, we do not understand ’what's going on with D2'."
Eris: "Don't take the peanut gallery too seriously, I don't think they're capable of fully grasping how much your people have to put on the line to deal with these sorts of things, anyway."
Linlea: "I'm just saying you should be explaining WHY you want the weapon, Eris!"
Eris: "But long story short, two angels birthed this world, one of them went slightly crazy, and that's why the world is so messed up and trying to kill everyone. There may be a peaceful solution to the problem, but there's good odds we're going to need to kill one of the two angels."
Eris: "Which is an issue for your… colonization efforts, I imagine."
Zen: "Essentially, as she said"
TheTale: "It is."
TheTale: "Our people suffered greatly in the voyage."
Eris: "It's also blocking out exit off of this world, so its in both of our interests that the problem is revolved."
[OOC] Eris: our^
Linlea: "Did they not get the memo about this world blowing up in eight more days in a war of fire and ice? They should be looking for a better place to go, like us!"
TheTale: "…Pardon?"
TheTale: "That sounds like… a fairly reliable prophecy."
Zen: "That… Is D2's final plan"
Eris: "I cannot imagine Crimson gave their angel a heads up, given he's nearly as predigous against them as some of you are."
TheTale: "We were boarded during our voyage."
Zen: "Effectively what we're trying to stop"
TheTale: "Our angel was captured."
Eris: "Wait."
Eris: "What?!"
Zen furrows his eyebrows
TheTale: "This world, and its fountain of life, remain our only hope."
TheTale: "Our systems are badly damaged. Our ships were never designed for a second voyage, but, even in an emergency, doing so would be impossible for us."
Linlea: "Who was your angel? Just for the record."
TheTale: "Serena Atlas. A lancer. One of the best."
TheTale: "As such… for any existence that might remain for us, living in this world, that might allow us to rekindle our lost citizens…"
TheTale: "We are prepared to supply you."
Linlea: "Honestly it's probably for the best that she was taken. We can't spend KP here because of D2."
Linlea: "So you wouldn't have been able to either."
TheTale: Millevich smiles weakly.
Eris: "Linlea."
TheTale: "Maybe the best for us."
Eris: "In what world do you think someone capture Serena other than D2?"
TheTale: "Not the best for her."
TheTale: "No, it wasn't D2."
TheTale: "She was lost before we made our descent."
Eris: "Do you recall any details about your attackers? Vague musical theme, perha - oh?"
Linlea sticks out her tongue at Eris.
TheTale: "An Imperial ship. A fiendish battering ram, drawn along a string of light."
TheTale: "Blades of pure force. It was all we could do to flee."
Eris‘ scrunches up her face.
Eris: "Imperial… as in… that far off empire oft descriped in world lore, but never visited? Or…"
TheTale: "As, I suppose…"
TheTale: "…The final evolutionary form of angels."
Eris` pauses…
Zen crosses his arms
Zen: "When they’ve gone past being people into being places?"
Zen: "I mean, that's what i'm hearing"
Eris: "…Like Lonely Tales…? A writer…?" Eris is sort of mumbling to herself, but loudly.
TheTale: "Beings of pure spark, eternally propagating across the universe, drawing mana from all the worlds and sending them back to…"
TheTale: "…Well, we can only imagine."
Eris‘ frowns.
TheTale: "We believed them to be mythical."
TheTale: "The only trace is the signals sent by ships that encountered them. We can draw a circle on our star-maps-"
TheTale: "And trajectories that went within them go dark."
Zen takes a deep breath
Zen: "I’ve the feeling that in a handful of years we will be having to deal with that"
TheTale: "Yes."
Eris: "Well."
TheTale: "But we only need to survive eight days, yes?"
Eris‘ sighs. "I’m sorry for your loss, then."
Zen: "But on that note, at least we know that right now, D2 doesn't have a captive pure heart with them"
Linlea: "That totally went over my head, sorry. Are you saying an angel is fueling their own world from others or something…?"
TheTale: "Well…" she smiles. "Nine."
Eris: "I'll do what we can to protect you in her place."
TheTale: "Thank you."
Eris: "Worst comes to worst? You can probably try and follow the caravan out."
TheTale: "We would… be leaving many behind."
Eris: "You've got eight days to prepare, in either case."
Linlea: "Better start building buggies, then!"
Linlea: "We'll be the biggest caravan a story ever saw."
TheTale: "I imagine you'll benefit from atelier access, yes?"
Eris: "Atelier…? That's some sort of french word for workshop or something, I think?"
Linlea: "It's a place to do alchemy!"
TheTale: "Yes, our workshops. We'd be happy to supply you with medicine and supplies, in addition to loading you with the weapon."
Linlea: "Joch had one at his house."
Eris: "Ah. Yes, that would be deeply helpful since I" m not certain we'll be able to resupply with the court again. "
TheTale: "Burnt a few bridges, have you?" She smiles. "Come with me."
Zen: "By my estimation they will be all cinders by the time this world's no longer at risk of ending…"
TheTale: "That's the nature of the pure of heart, isn't it?"
Zen: "And that makes me so sad, yes"
TheTale: To the Atelier. Open, brushed metal canisters, with cubic-foot gaps in them, from floor to ceiling otherwise.
Linlea: "Technically we haven't burnt any bridges YET."
Eris: "Well not so much burning bridges…"
Eris: "As the other angels in play will be deeply cross if we give the court what they paid us to find."
TheTale: Millevich nods and taps at a computer.
Eris: "Considered doing it anyway, but I'm in a good mood." She shrug a bit.
TheTale: "Alright. You're approved."
Linlea: "Until we find evidence to suggest we NEED the prince to stop D2 we can hold off on the job."
TheTale: "For the D2 Extermination Scheme, and for the future of the Services, and so that our lost countrymen might be returned to us…"
TheTale: "We are officially authorizing you."
Eris: "Thank you kindly. Charlotte if you'd be so kind as to place our order…?"
TheTale: "God bless."
[OOC] TheTale: Approved to the total of 25 Budget.
Linlea gives a small salute.
[OOC] TheTale: Approved for the 'Lotus Eater Cannon', 0B, 1 only.
Zen nods "Thank you"
Charlotte nods. "Of course."
Eris‘ leans in closer to Linlea. "(See, that wasn’t so hard.)"
TheTale: She assembles it out of parts - a six-meter long, lean rifle of icy metal, with glass running down the barrel. In the back of its housing, in glass orb, a facsimile-tree, flowering, connected to the trigger.
Linlea: "(I heard stories, sorry!)"
TheTale: The parts are granted to her by the Ateliers - she gets one from one, another from another.
Eris: "Huh. Is that part of a mana tree?"
Maria: "Wow. That certainly looks impressive."
TheTale: "A synthetic. It can't support a world, but…"
TheTale: She aims it at the far wall, setting its four kick-legs.
TheTale: She points to Charlotte and Maria. "Come here. I'm going to show you how to fire it."
Maria: "Okay." She walks over.
Charlotte: "As you wish."
TheTale: She takes Charlotte, standing her behind the gun, taking one of her hands and setting one along the side of the housing, the other on the glass orb. Cold to the touch. "Back position." She explains.
TheTale: She takes Maria, kneeling her beside it, setting her arms upon it, letting her feel the weight, feel the barrel shift in her hands. One hand on the trigger, the other to point it. "Front position." She explains.
Maria nods.
TheTale: To Charlotte: "Concentrate." [60D]
Charlotte nods, closing her eyes and doing so…
TheTale: A blue flame fills the orb, shining in its leaves and its stem, a heat undulating threatening to shake it apart.
TheTale: "As soon as you do this, count. If you don't release it after ten, the gun will separate. Catastrophically."
[OOC] TheTale: Within 10D…
TheTale: To Maria: "Now. Aim and fire." [60D]
Maria takes aim at the practice target, then pulls the trigger.
TheTale: The flame within the orb swirls and vanishes. A sheaf of light runs along the gun.
TheTale: Nothing happens.
TheTale: "Perfect."
Eris: "Hmmhm."
TheTale: "Without a volunteer, of course, we cannot prove its efficacy."
TheTale: "But the theory is sound."
Eris: "Of course."
TheTale: She packs the gun up, separating it into parts, and hands it over.
Eris: "Out of mild curiosity.
Eris: "What's the difference between this, and the handgun and sword models? Just power levels, or is it more a… personal touch sort of thing?"
TheTale: "This is the only way to achieve absolute and utter annihilation of the Spark."
TheTale: "Other weapons are stopgaps."
TheTale: "The weapon can't be aimed by the one driving it, since the drive factor requires perfect concentration…"
TheTale: "So a sword model is impossible - you can't think and swing at the same time."
Eris: "Oh, huh."
TheTale: "Any further matters?"
Eris: "I think Linlea has a really dumb question she wants to ask but might not be able to bring herself to."
Eris: "But other than that, I don't think so."
TheTale: "Oh?" Millevich smiles sweetly.
Linlea shoots Eris a look.
Maria attaches her part of the cannon to the sling holding her axe.
Linlea shakes her head. "Not unless you have a way of finding those pillars of D2 we need to hunt down."
Eris‘ holds her hands up defensively towads Linlea.
TheTale: "No, we don’t."
TheTale: "D2… simply, we lack the tools to operate on its level."
TheTale: "As such, we place our hopes in you."
Linlea: "We'll try our best. To save this world!"
Zen: "We're actually going to do it, don't worry"
Eris: "I'll do my best to not let you down. I imagine it's a bit horrofying trusting foreign angels to save you." Eris smiles.
Linlea fist bumps into the air. It looks a bit lame honestly but she seems cheerful enough.
Zen: "I like this world too"
TheTale: "You know what it was like convincing the angels to come with us?"
Zen: "Was it too hard?"
Eris: "I can't imagine it was *that* difficult, why would they want to be left behind?"
TheTale: "Why would they ever believe that it would end?"
TheTale: "They were gods."
Eris: "…unless they didn't believe in Wint - ha!"
TheTale: "Their palaces of ice, their paradises of chocolate and sex. To trespass upon their fantasy kingdoms and tell them…"
TheTale: "That they can't continue on like this, that they have to come with us, to live together, to work together, to compromise…"
TheTale: "With only wits and handguns."
Zen: "Why wouldn't they want to help their people when they were fleeing, for whatever reason?"
Zen: "I guess it's a good thing they stayed behind"
TheTale: "Who's 'their people'?"
Linlea doesn't seem quite as cheerful now with this topic brought up. "… don't need to tell me about that one. I've been fleeing from world to world for a while now."
Zen: "Whoever lives with them, all of those in the lands they live in"
Eris: "Ah, yes. Fair point."
TheTale: "Most of them created the humans they lived amongst."
Zen: "All of their of their world, that's what their people are, that's who your people are"
TheTale: "Their own stories, exactly as they desired it."
TheTale: "We, to them, were the foreigners."
TheTale: "Dolls that had forgotten ourselves."
Zen: "What does being foreigners matter? You're still their people- Hell, you were their children"
Zen: "I suppose it does me no good to get angry at people who are around no longer"
Eris: "'Purity doesn't necessarily denote benevolance.'."
Zen: "But this is why I hate pure hearts"
TheTale: "Those we could convince came with us."
TheTale: "Those we could not, well, I supposed they had their dream-kingdoms until the very end."
Zen: "You're right, Eris"
Zen: "It's for their best they stayed behind"
TheTale: "But that was long ago, and now, there are few that remember them."
Zen: "Hopefully you can find a peaceful place to live here, after we solve this whole mess"
Zen: "Well, as peaceful as peace gets at least"
TheTale: "Of course. Our hopes are invested in you."
Zen: "We won't let you down"
Zen looks at Eris "On that note, do we have any clues on where those pillars may be at?"
Zen: "Other than, perhaps, the dance cards?"
Eris: "I haven't a damn clue, other than " somewhere out of the way ". Things like that are always hidden in places that require you to look for them."
Linlea glances at Zen. "I guess if we go around helping everyone we'll come across something eventually, right?"
Zen nods at Linlea "That is the general plan"
TheTale: "Not our sort of strategy, but I suppose it finds you well enough."
TheTale: "You've gathered all the supplies you need? I can show you out."
Eris: "Mmhm."
[OOC] TheTale: Oh, and no revival items except the shots, of course.
TheTale: Millevich leads you out of the embassy.
Zen: "Indeed, thank you so much"
TheTale: Godspeed. Or something like that.
Eris‘ heads back to the caravan now that they’re supplied up with goods and information.
TheTale: Yeah.
TheTale: The night is young.
Eris: I Like Information
[OOC] Peter: In Which the Doctor Fesses Up - Complete
Eris: +10 XP?!
Peter: Yup!
Eris: yeeeah
[OOC] Peter: …
Peter: Pokiehl shuffles through the cards.
Peter: As is his nature, he throws most of them away.
Peter: "Alright then, alright then, let's see which of these are actually useful!"
Eris: Wait,
Eris: What are you doing here?
Peter: "Disambiguating, my lovely friend! Hold on."
Peter: "Not these, not these, not these…"
Peter: "Finale ~ A Stranger Roll Out."
Peter: "That's the caravan departing, probably. Can rush that one up as soon as things are safe for them!"
Peter: "The Last Ride of the Svengelion… has that name even been mentioned yet…?"
whisper whisper*
whisper whisper*
Peter: "Oh, that's how you get to the final dungeon?"
Peter: "…What a stretch."
Peter: "The Machine That Feeds Itself…"
Peter: "I suppose that refers to the war itself, doesn't it?"
Peter: "For the Defense and the Future… ah…"
Peter: "The heartfelt wish of the Court and the Palace."
Peter: "You're Going To Have to Decide…"
Peter: Pokiehl laughs.
Peter: "We know what happens to the indecisive in this universe, don't we?"
Peter: "Those Who've Seen the Ocean… that does sound rather vague."
Peter: "And then, all that mess in the Mana Tree, and the Grand Finale…"
Peter: Pokiehl pauses on the last card.
Peter: "Hm…"
Peter: "…Well, this one's up to you."
[OOC] Peter:

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