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TheTale: Day One - Morning. Dr. Alimeus Orovexi, (as he goes by in this particular corner of the world) is wearing his angular mask, the inside of his white coat-sleeves shining with gold.
TheTale: He casually buries himself in a carried book as you pass through the gate into the Palace Quarter.
Zen is, right now, just following Eris and party. He haven't been here yet.
Linlea makes her way towards the Palace Quarter before nodding to herself. She glances to her side. "Say, doc. I've been meaning to ask. Why the mask?"
Eris‘ does mostly remember the way there, and has no issue leading a group around, it’s true.
Maria is leading the way, or at least directing Eris if she's starting to go the wrong way.
Eris: "Hm. Right, maybe you want to take the lead…? I'm not sure if I'm making some sort of social fauxpass if I'm leading you around."
Maria: "I can always pass you off as my retinue, but it might be best for the moment if I'm in the lead."
TheTale: "Just a touch of theatre, really." The doctor says, with a gentle smile to Linlea.
Eris: "Ah, well, we've already had an audience with… the entire court, really. They know us. But. One can never be sure of how to… properly act around new nobles."
Linlea grins back letting the others lead. She keeps her usual position in the back of the group. "Kinda reminds me of Lun-a-ura honestly."
Eris: "I wouldn't want to embarass you on accident!"
Maria: "It can be a quagmire, I'll admit."
Charlotte: "Much better to have a local to guide us through the unusual (to us) customs, too."
Eris: "At the moment, anyway."
TheTale: It's a little bit more… lively, in the quarter, though. Vigilant marble fiends with folded eagle-wings and lion manes - a new design, even to Maria's eyes - sit perched in front of pillars, watching over those who head underneath archways, who board the gondolas.
TheTale: It doesn't even nod in assent as you take yours.
Maria: "Those fiends must be new," she says, pointing them out. "I haven't seen them before."
Eris: "Exciting." Eris peers around. "Seems as though the locals have decide to resume not paying the caravan much mind."
Linlea chews at her lip before speaking up again. "Just, y'know. Keep an eye out for yourself, doc. I kind of cheated and glanced at what's to come out here and until a foreigner is tried I'm not exactly feeling safe given the nature of your investigation."
Zen looks at the fiends as they board "I wonder, are those for decoration or security?"
Maria: "I'd presume the latter."
Eris: "Security I imagine. What sort of lunatic creates a living fiend for decoration…?"
Zen looks at Alimeus, then looks at Eris "Nobles, probably. But… This is worrysome"
Charlotte: "There's all kinds of lunatics, but I'd agree on security."
TheTale: "They don't try the living here, I hear." The doctor says, as he lifts his coat, stepping into the gondola. And then, once all are aboard, the gondolier starts to push the boat gently forward, cutting a path along the top of the ice.
Eris‘ shakes her head.
Linlea blinks. "Huh. Really? This place is SO weird."
Zen: "Fiends are mostly, uhn… I don’t think mechanical is the right word but it has the proper feel?"
Charlotte: "Artificial, maybe?"
Eris: "Hmm. I think it makes a certain sort of sense, Linlea. Everyone dies, your crimes dictate how long you need before your turn at the fountain comes…?"
Maria: "That's probably a good word, since the d'Eglys' Institute does create them."
Linlea blinks before scratching at her head. She smiles. "Yeah! That makes sense actually. Speaking of fiends though, what's the big difference between our fiends and these fiends anyways?"
Eris: "No compelling reason to kill them, for one."
Eris: "Servitude to humans, for another."
Linlea: "If they're out doing everything that's doing the exact opposite than before, though. If anything people are going to get LESS powerful since they're relying on them!"
Linlea sighs. "This place really is the worst."
Maria frowns. "I wish you wouldn't keep saying that."
TheTale: "Fiends are created to serve purposes. I suspect that the institute feels that this place had enough killing."
Linlea gives an apologetic smile towards Maria. "Sorry! I'm sure it's still better than Sycorax or whatever it's called, though~!"
Eris‘ pats Linlea on the head. "I imagine being dead for lengthy periods of time hinders that more than anything else. But who cares how strong a bunch of NPCs are anyway…?"
Eris: "Really, the weaker they are, the better for us in the long run." Eris smiles slightly.
Zen stares at Eris
Zen: "You’re sounding like Yesker"
Zen: "stop that"
Linlea tilts her head. "… who?"
Zen: "You're… Yet to meet him"
Maria: "The guy who woke us up."
Eris: "Maybe it's Yesker that sounds like me…?"
Linlea considers the statement before nodding. "Oh! You mean the person who broke you out and the guards were looking for the lot of you? Maybe we shouldn't talk about that in the palace district!"
Maria: "Probably not."
Zen: "True"
Eris: "Certainly not in sentences with exclimation marks accenting them, dead." Eris gives Linlea's head a bit of a squeeze.
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[OOC] Zen: No dead work too
[OOC] Zen: If she keeps doing that
Linlea winces before pulling away from her and pulling up her hood. "Geeze. Why are you so touchy?"
Charlotte: "Because that was a rather worrying set of words you said there?"
Eris: "Because it makes you uncomfortable, and it amused me when you are." Eris gives Linlea a positively delightful and good natured smile.
Linlea glances to the others in a dead pan. "See what I have to deal with, here?"
Maria: "Hmph."
Eris: "Anywho!"
TheTale: Eventually, the ice grows thinner, and the red-hot prow of the gondola slices through to the waterway, and the Palace of Life's lush gardens surround you as the gondolier heads deeper and deeper inside. He brings it to a small dock near the Chamber of Celestial Light, where the court meets at this hour.
Eris: "Oh, boo, the thread got locked. Seems like most everyone's eating breakfast now or something too." Eris climbs out of the gondola.
Maria thanks the man, before leading the others toward the Chamber.
Zen just watches the ice bring cut as they move for a while, until they stop. He steps out, looking around, then follows Maria
Linlea hops off of the gondola. "Do they even know we're coming? I hope we aren't going to cause any trou- … thread?"
Eris‘ hands Linlea’s PDA back to her, Encountr still open.
Eris: "Probably not, I can't imagine they were expecting us to be done by morning."
Linlea reads over her PDA before frowning. "You really should see if Jack has one of these laying around. You're posting as me!"
Eris: "It was a lot easier than creating a new account."
Linlea: "… back to the expecting thing, though. We escape roped back I doubt they even got word about this. Unless they have some sort of long range communication network too?"
Linlea glances at Maria and Zen.
Zen: "Sadly, they don't"
Eris: "Oh, that's a good question. DO they have radio?"
Charlotte: "Well, it also means it probably can't hurt to be the bearer of good news."
Zen: "Unless you mean carrier birds or… Did those long range divination spells i heard about turn out to be more than rumor? I'll never know"
TheTale: In through bronze double-doors - the Chamber of Celestial Light. The cloudy morning pours in through the tremendous vaulted ceiling, caught and reflected by the many-angled glass.
TheTale: It bathes the little islands of cushions and tables in dancing spotlights. Strikingly bright, certainly, but not harsh.
Eris‘ ponders how she’s ask the monsters if they have radio, without having to explain what radio is if they don't… then shakes her head clear, stands up a little straight and looks more serious as the enter the Chamber.
TheTale: There's a little murmur of surprise among the court as the party arrives - the Queen nods, pats her table, summon you. "Our knights errant, returning early, it seems."
Eris: "With mission successfully accomplished, at that. Felt it best to give a prompt update. The enemy has lost one battle whale and however many ground troops, and we've resecured the fortress."
Zen allows the rest of the party to do the debriefing, he remains silent for now
Linlea nods to the court. She doesn't have anything to add to that. Eris pretty much summed it up.
TheTale: The Queen smiles. "Sit, sit. Have you eaten, this morning?"
Zen sits down, after Maria
Linlea considers mentioning the rations this morning left a bit to be desired but thinks better of it. She sits down.
Maria: "We had a light breakfast on the Narthelius before the assault, your majesty, but I'm sure we've worked up quite the appetite during the battle," she says, dropping a small curtsey before taking a seat.
Eris: "Just some basic rations on the boat." Eris gives a small cutsy before sitting.
Charlotte curtsies to the queen before taking a seat. "Thank you, your highness."
TheTale: "Quite welcome." She has something brought - pear slices cut so thin as to be transparent, soaked in brandy, sharing a plate with lengths of carefully-cut honeycomb.
TheTale: "So the Denmarche, then, is ours. Though a great many dreams have been broken in the expanse from one side of it to the other."
Zen looks at the food, he holds back any reaction. "It was… An interesting battle, although somewhat one-sided"
Eris: "It did seem like the sort of location that changes hands with some frequency, but it is back in yours now, yes."
Linlea: "Honestly once their whale went down everything just fell apart."
Maria has some of the offered food, making sure Charlotte has some as well. [Status: +1 Luck to Charlotte]
Eris‘ eyes the food briefly, then shrugs slightly and plops a few slices of pair and honeycomb peices into her mouth.
Linlea slowly bites away at a pear slice. It’s not much but she's going to savor it. "So I guess the real question is what your game plan is from here on out?"
Charlotte lightly snacks on the delicacies; they're delightful. "Things tend to go downhill for the enemy once you eliminate their leader or biggest weapon, it's true."
TheTale: "We'll need to send supply trains through the Manalands, I suppose. It'd be too risky to pull the Narthelius back."
Eris‘ nods towards the Queen in agreement.
TheTale: "Until we can truly dig in, its the closest thing to a defense platform there." The Queen traces her fork through some remnant sauce.
Zen nods "It is a formidable one, though"
TheTale: "So it is."
TheTale: "And it’s said, of course, that Sycorax is unwalled, with neither moat nor battlement."
TheTale: "…Beyond the vast stretch of desert between us and them, now."
Zen: "I wouldn't be too confident on that"
Zen: "Monsters need no walls other than their own bodies, if you saw some of them"
Eris: "Hmm. Ah, like the giant? I wonder if he'll be returning today."
Linlea finishes off her pear before shaking her head. "I'm not really sure how to bring this up so I'm just going to say it. We're looking to get access to your cities birth records."
Zen: "(I expect fights to get just tougher from here on out…)" that was mostly to himself. The dessert is good after all
TheTale: "That's a curious request."
Eris: "Our, ah, Doctor was looking into the plague that seems to be going around…" Eris gestures towards Alimeus
Linlea: "He's pretty good." She adds. "They might be able to slow it down or something. It's giving you a lot of trouble, yeah?"
TheTale: The doctors nods, dipping his head.
TheTale: "It's a scourge." The queen admits. "And I suppose there are no sensitive matters within. It's stored, like all matters of life and death, at the Court of Wishes."
TheTale: "Our one remaining bureaucracy, I suppose."
TheTale: She gestures for a pen and paper, and dashes out a quick promissory note explaining that the bearer is to be granted records access.
Linlea smiles at the doctor with a 'see that was easy' look.
Eris‘ nods. "We would, of course, be willing to continue to help out with anything the Court might have need of Knights Errant for, as well."
TheTale: She considers.
TheTale: "The Prince has vanished upon us. Considering what happened the last time he vanished, I am rather anxious to have him returned to us."
Eris: "I imagine there is a picture of him somewhere, so as to give us a better idea of who to keep an eye open for?"
TheTale: "Ah - so there is, in fact."
Linlea: "What happened the last time he vanished?"
TheTale: "The war started." The Queen says, cooly.
Eris: "…Quite the trouble maker…?"
Charlotte: "That’s… ominous."
Zen closes his eyes, taps the side of his head for a moment, nods. He looks at Eris, they can look into that, right?
TheTale: "It seems that he is," she says, toEris.
Eris‘ smiles. "Well. Boys will be boys, I suppose. I imagine we’re free to restock our supplies before setting out in search of him, yes?"
TheTale: "Naturally."
[OOC] TheTale: Resupply.
Linlea: "Have any clues at all on where to start the search?"
TheTale: "If I had, I would not be leaving it to foreigners."
Linlea chuckles darkly. "I figured as much."
Linlea: "I think it's safe to say he's outside the city."
Eris: "The picture should suffice then, I'm sure." Eris stands up, apparently ready to get back to it now that details have been sorted out.
Linlea: "Probably manalands or further, yeah? I can't imagine you would have not searched any regions before that."
TheTale: She smiles weakly. "…Perhaps."
TheTale: "Still, there's been no trace."
Charlotte: "We'll definitely have to keep an eye out."
Linlea: "Want to check out the fountain with the doc before we go? I'm kinda interested if he'll make any immediate discoveries before we part ways."
TheTale: "Ah, no."
TheTale: "The records are at the Court."
Eris: "Picture, then drop the Doctor off, then head out once again, yes." Eris nods to Linlea, before turning and cutseying to the Queen.
TheTale: "The fountain, I'm sure you understand, is restricted to all but a few."
Linlea: "… how embarassing."
Maria: "Thank you for the meal, your highness, and for allowing the Doctor to research at the Court. We'll do our best to locate the Prince."
Linlea: "Yup. We're going to head off. Not that we don't enjoy the company but we value our prudence in getting things done y'know?"
Zen: "(Honestly this palace's topography is a little confusing)"
TheTale: "Naturally. The days are only so long, after all."
TheTale: "Farewell."
Eris‘ departs as swiftly as is polite.
Zen follows after Eris!
Linlea follows after Eris.
Charlotte curtsies again to the Queen and to the Court before they head out.
Maria curtsies to the Queen before leaving, then starts leading the party toward the Court of Wishes.
Eris: "Your manners are absolutely dreadful, Linlea." Eris said once they’re out of earshot, whilst pulling the PDA out of wherever Linlea stores it again. She's going to use it to take a picture of the (presumably) painting of the Prince for reference.
Zen looks as Eris does whatever is she doing
TheTale: A messenger servant takes the party to it, in fact -
TheTale: In one of the halls, a painting of the Queen and the Prince.
Eris: "Not bad." Snap.
Linlea chews at her lip. She doesn't really respond to the criticism. "… did anyone else get the feeling they haven't really looked for the prince? If he's the focal point for the war what would even happen if he came back?"
Maria: "…we can talk about that later."
TheTale: It's tall and narrow, an unusual shape - the Queen standing stately and regal, though without her distinctive chain-and-locket. The first you've seen of her outside her mourning whites.
Eris: "Thank the Goddess you kept *that* one to yourself until we were out." Eris laughs a bit.
Charlotte: "No kidding."
TheTale: The Prince comes up to about half her height. He has a big-eyed, deer in headlights look, and an unfortunate haircut on his dusty blonde hair.
Linlea: "And you all just dodged the question!"
Maria: "I'll tell you later."
Zen: "Because this is not the place to talk about this?"
TheTale: One of his hands is being held by someone just out of the painting's frame.
Zen: "We'll take once we're out of the palace"
Maria: "Probably best to wait until after visiting the Court, as well."
TheTale: There's another figure standing behind him in the painting, too. But it's unclear - they aren't depicted in it. Just… scenery.
TheTale: (A middle-aged man?)
Eris: "I really appeciate the attention to detail paid to this painting. Whomever did it was fabulous."
Zen scratches his chin, commiting the prince to memory "There is certainly a lot of detail in what is in it, and what is not in it"
Zen: "Shall we get going, then?"
Charlotte: "Makes you kind of want to find out what other artwork he or she's done."
Eris‘ nods, as she begins typing away at the PDA screen with a finger. "Mmhm. Lead the way, Maria? … Miss Maria? How *ought* we be addressing you in the Court’s presense?"
Maria thinks for a bit. "Probably Lady Maria?"
Eris: "Duly noted, Lady." She sounds mildly amused.
Maria smiles a bit at Eris' amusement.
Linlea chuckles. "You couldn't pay me enough. Maria is Maria."
Maria: "That's okay. They'll just think of you as a rude foreigner anyway."
Zen shakes his head, it's time go anyway
Eris: "They wouldn't be wrong."
Charlotte: "It's impolite to be so casual with the Lady… Not that they don't think that already."
Maria leads them towards the Court.
Linlea: "So long as they know I get things done it doesn't matter." She smiles back cheekily.
Maria: "I don't mind outside of here, or even in, so don't worry about it."
Charlotte: "True, I'm certain if you did, you would have brought it up yourself much sooner."
Eris: "Well. No, there's definitely some merit to keeping up apperances, dear. Don't let my aggressive negotiation tactics fool you into thinking there's not."
Maria: "I'm surprised the Queen didn't mention any thing about myself being there, or even Zen, since it was just the three of you last time."
TheTale: The Court of Wishes - there's a long, long flight of stairs, out away from the warmth of the Palace's waters. The walkway there is exposed to the wind - packs of nobles heading there for the morning are wrapped in thick fur-coats, the feathers of their masks ruffling in the wind.
Zen furrows his eyebrows "She seemed entirely non-chalant about everything"
TheTale: Rising as an island apart from the palace, the Court is circular, coliseum-arched.
Maria: "But I suppose with the King still dead, she might not keep track of who all else has died or not."
Eris: "Zen certainly looks like your typical riff-raff mercenary. As for our Lady… mayhaps she's not familiar with all her ward's children?"
Linlea glances back at Eris. "I haven't had anyone tell me to get off their property yet."
Maria: "I don't stand to inherit, so probably not. I've made some court appearances, but not that many."
Eris: "That's because you are with me. And not particularly offensive, just sort of cutely dull." Eris smiles.
Eris: "Are the masks normal attire, Lady Maria?"
Maria: "It's currently in vogue."
Eris: "I see."
TheTale: The Court of Wishes.
TheTale: There are two groups of people here, really -
TheTale: Nobles heading up to the observation deck to observe the case about to start,
TheTale: And clerks carrying stacks of papers, flitting about like messenger-birds.
Charlotte furrows her brow. "Should we see the Doctor settled, see what one of thse cases for ourselves, and then see if he found anything out in that time?"
TheTale: "Make way, make way!" "Send this down to the thirty-second line!" "Look this up for me, it's a case on the docket-" "Get this to the prisoner!"
Maria: "We can ask about the case at the desk."
Eris: "Hmm? I was planning on heading back out of the city and leaving him to his own devices… do you have an interest in how they handle trials?"
Zen: "Hrm…"
Linlea raises a finger. "A foreigner is supposed to be tried soon though. Aren't you curious?"
Zen: "It might be interesting in case one of us has to attend but… I was of a mind with Eris"
Eris: "Where did you heard about that?"
Charlotte: "I'll admit some curiosity, I'm not certain if it's a criminal case, or something to do with the revival order."
Linlea: "You need to get better at using the PDA." A grin.
Maria makes her was towards a desk to talk to a clerk about getting the Doctor access to the Records.
Eris‘ raises an eyebrow. "Well. I’m sure Sophia would have mentioned something if it was one of ours… so I suppose if you're really curious as to why a service has gotten arrested, we could check it out."
Linlea: "It won't take that long to see who it is at least. We don't have to stay for the entire trial."
Charlotte nods. "I would have thought you'd be all over seeing one of the Services in trouble."
TheTale: The front-of-house, to Maria: "Ah, to the records?" She sighs. "The queen scarce pays attention to us until she has need of something."
TheTale: "Well, well, as soon as there's a free hand I'll send him along."
Eris: "You'll note I said we could stay rather than insisting we begin our search immediately."
Maria shrugs in a 'what-can-you-do?' way. "That's how it is. Thank you for your help. What's the case about, by the way?"
Charlotte chuckles softly. "Fair enough."
Maria: "I'd say it's busier than normal, but it's always busy."
TheTale: "It's… well, I don't follow them like the gawkers."
TheTale: "A deep historical one. A knight. The family's backing it quite fiercely, but…"
TheTale: "A dredge from the lower thousands has poor chances."
Maria: "True."
Maria: "Thanks again, let Dr. Orovexi know when you're ready for him."
Zen: "Sounds like a spiky fruit"
TheTale: "You can head up if you'd like. They get rather boring after the first ten thousand, I'm sure you understand."
Eris: "Enjoy the records, Doctor." Eris then nods to the clerk, and… lets Maria lead the way. There's seems to be a very particular flow of traffic here.
Maria: "Of course. Good day, Doctor. I hope you find what you're looking for." She turns to the others. "Do you want to check out the case?"
Linlea: "Talk to you later, Doc. Hope you find something!"
Eris: "Their little hearts *do* seem ever so intent on it. Might as well!"
Maria starts leading them up to the courtroom then to spectate.
Linlea: "Where exactly were we planning to go to look for the prince anyways? I kind of want to check out the manalands at some point."
TheTale: Suspended on a circular platform over the vault of wishes is the courtroom itself, held by three chains.
Charlotte curtsies to the doctor before moving with the others. "At this rate, anywhere's as good of a place to start looking as any other."
Eris: "Well, there's not exactly a lot of places 'not in Prospero' could be, dear."
TheTale: (You can see the fiends carrying coffins to and fro within its lower depths, if you squint.)
Zen: "If he was originally the cause of war, and presuming he haven't changed his M.O. over time, it's likely he went in that direction, yes, Linlea"
Zen: "For good or for ill"
TheTale: There are two lawyers standing opposite one another - a harried looking man, dressed in a somewhat-too-big for him court of office, styled like the rest of the clerks -
Linlea nods to Eris and Zen. "I know that. I'm just saying, if we're going on foot the entire way this time it's on the way and I want to check it out!"
TheTale: And a monster-woman, feline, dressed in very little at all, shackled to the platform.
Linlea: "Plus if we get into any trouble we can get resupplied at the fort we just took maybe!"
Eris: "I was agreeing with you."
Zen sighs as he looks at the catgirl. He had heard of her
TheTale: Coat of office, sorry.
TheTale: (I misspoke.)
Eris‘ glances around. Standing room only…? I suppose there’s not actually very much to do in the city, is there? "Huh. The accused?" She asks, with a nod towards the woman.
Maria: "No. She's the Prosecutor."
TheTale: And yeah, standing room only, for now.
TheTale: It looks like people come and go as the day goes on, though. Maybe spots will clear up after this case? But then, I mean, I wouldn't stay around for it either.
TheTale: Watching over the court is the avatar of anonymous justice - the tremendous sculptural marionette, the grim, skeletal gargoyle that is the Megajudge, three storeys tall.
TheTale: It has the look of real bone, but there's never been a human that large - its arms are spread, lashed to the inner walls of the court.
Eris: "You… keep your Prosecutors in chains?" Eris looks as if she's not *entirely* sure how to process that, but is leaning towards amused.
Zen: "Why do they do this…"
Eris: "And the Judge… Quite the spectacle your court is."
Zen: "It always baffled me"
Maria: "She's a prisoner of war. Better tearing apart the defendant's story than sitting all day in prison, I guess?"
Zen: "Yes, Megajudge is… Something"
Charlotte: "This is certainly… theatrical looking."
Maria: "Megajudge just…is."
Eris: "Aha. … Monsters let themselves be taken prisoner? Seems like it would be much easier to simply kill oneself and revive… not in prison."
Maria: "I don't know how the monster revival thing works, so I couldn't say."
Maria: "I've heard she has little porcelain cat dolls or the like to revive from if necessary, however."
Zen: "It… Takes a long while to come back, I hear. There's quite a few odd rumors about her"
TheTale: There they are on her desk, in fact, holding down her papers.
Eris: "How bizzare. Are you certain we've entered a court house and not some sort of theatre?"
Maria: "It's probably a bit of both, to be honest. It's a courthouse."
TheTale: The court's going over the facts of the case: That, in ages past, in the first monster war, the brave knight Lotrin Banne-D'Eglys was in charge of the north wing during the ill-fated Battle of Glacier Lake. Though that battle lives on in ignomious defeat…
TheTale: Research on the part of his descendents have brought up records and reports from the front that he displayed exceptional skill and valor, and fought until the last.
Zen: "(Are you serious? He's from that clusterfuck?)"
TheTale: The defense: "The family sent forward a prepared statement, actually. Being a knight of uncanny virtue and skill, as attested to by the other soldiers of that era…"
TheTale: "He is thus cut of a class and cloth uncommon in this day and age, and exactly the sort which ought see the light of day anew, so as to lead the…"
TheTale: "…Well, eheh, you get the point."
Eris: "(Wait. You hold court cases… for events… that ended lifetimes ago?)" Eris gives Maria a bewildered look.
Zen: "(He's not being tried for a crime, Eris. His descendants are arguing to have him brought back to life)"
Maria: "This isn't the first time they've tried to get him revived."
TheTale: Kline scoffs a little. "Glacier Lake's full of cold cases, isn't it? Let's hear these war stories, then."
TheTale: "Not forgeries this time, I trust?"
Eris: "(Ah! Skipping ahead of the line. What a waste of time. No small wonder your country is stagnating into Winter.)"
TheTale: The defense shakes his head. "Hah, well, sorry to have wasted your time on that. No, these journals are full and period. As much as the Court can, we've affirmed them to be genuine articles."
Linlea jabs Eris in the side. "(Hush.)"
Zen crosses his arms "(Tsk… And much newer cases were brought back already…)"
TheTale: He continues: "They've managed to find three reports - a letter home, a battle report, and a soldier's journal - that affirm their story of Banne-D'Eglys's last stand."
Eris‘ rolls her eyes in Linlea’s direction and reutnr s her attention to the PDA.
TheTale: "Spare me having to read them." Kline says. The defense obliges:
Zen: "(As a note, try not to die, alright?"
Zen: "(You can see the mess this is)"
Eris: "(I hadn't planned on it, but this is certainly strengthening my convinction to avoid it all the more, yes.)"
Charlotte: "(No kidding, this looks like a nightmare.)"
TheTale: "The unit was down to forty when the monsters came down the hill. And so Banne-D'Eglys declared that he would take up sword and not move from his position, cutting apart any who came across him, faltering never. And so he ordered the retreat."
TheTale: Kline clicks her tongue. "That much wasn't in question. A lot has been said of that retreat."
Linlea: "(… honestly I was never really that worried about death being a pure heart and all. Not that it HAPPENED but… I should probably just stop thinking about it.)"
Charlotte: "(There's no waking up in a bed here the next day, so… there's a reason we have revival items on hand.)"
Zen: "(I wonder how long the line actually is those days)"
TheTale: "Now, these three reports… Affirm that, true to his word, the Banne-D'Eglys did not move from his position. Sword in hand, he slew more than thirteen attackers before falling. And then, as the Run of the Fell came, the observers were forced back."
TheTale: "However, the commander's sword has a distinctive pitting in it. And when the Run's carcass was unearthed…"
Maria: "(The King's around #1000 on the list…)"
TheTale: "The family Banne D'Eglys was capable of matching a scar upon his belly to that of the sword."
Eris: "(…I wonder if that's this world's version of being in the dog house…)"
Linlea: "(Is there a limit to how many people can be revived in the fountain or a time in which they need to be in the fountain before coming back that justifies these lengthy procedures? Because otherwise they could just be tossing people in instead of arguing about it…)"
TheTale: "Though it's taken many years for this to come to light, I must agree with the family that the knight-commander's tale is one of courage and valor."
Zen: "(I think the fountain runs on a resource with a limited number of uses per unit of time)"
Maria: "(I don't know exactly how it works, either, but I think Zen has the right of it.)"
Zen: "Something like, four or five people a day or something. I don't know the numbers but along that method)"
TheTale: Kline waves a finger. "Pardon me, but… how exactly did the good commander die?"
TheTale: "Hm?" The defense is a little surprised. "Well, I mean… overcome by hordes of monsters. Anyone would die from that, wouldn't they?"
TheTale: "No. Specifically."
TheTale: "It's not accounted for. Claws or fangs, or the fires of the Run, given that scar he left."
TheTale: Kline taps her nose. "Given that this tale of valor, the one that makes him oh-so-desering to be spared… is of his death, then I would say…"
TheTale: "Yes, his death is of some importance."
TheTale: "Megajudge, I'd like to request an exhuming. #6992."
Zen crosses his arms "(The manner of weapon that killed him matters little… Matters only he and his unit died because the king couldn't see a war even after it smacked him in the nose)"
Charlotte: "(That's… pretty far down the line then.)"
TheTale: There's a hissing noise from the judge, and the fingers of its left arm extend.
Zen: "(Why are they even discussing this, that was the most comical tactical and strategic blunder in recent history…)"
TheTale: Kline picks up one of her cat-dolls and leans back across her desk, eyeing it while she waits.
TheTale: The defense takes a moment to flip through his papers.
Eris: "(Well… our Lady did say it's half theatre…?)"
TheTale: "You're guessing, aren't you?" The defense asks.
TheTale: "Hm? Maybe. But, if you start with a certain assumption…"
Linlea: "(… they're seriously doing an autopsy this long after he died?)"
TheTale: Fiend-spiders spring into action, skittering down into the depths of the Vault. The coffin is handed to them, and they shake a little - and the relatives of the deceased draw an anxious breath as they almost drop it - before carrying it back up.
Eris‘ shakes her head.
TheTale: The frost-coated coffin is placed in the center of the court. Kline walks towards it - reaches the limit of her chains, sighs, and the spiders shuffle it a bit closer to her.
TheTale: From the audience: "Don’t let that monster touch her!"
Charlotte: "(Half-theatre, indeed.)"
TheTale: "Us monsters have touched him plenty. There's scarce more one more can do." She opens the coffin.
TheTale: Kline raises her voice: "On my viewing of the great hero…"
Eris: "(Oh, oh, that sounds like an 'oh snap' sort of retort, although I have no idea how you'd exclaime something like that in context. Ah, well.)" Eris looks a little amused again.
TheTale: "Two things strike me immediately."
TheTale: "First, his left leg is broken in six places, and - if you look carefully, if I feel here-" She gestures to the defense to approach.
TheTale: "Was mended by being braced by three straight iron rods."
TheTale: "Unless he underwent some hasty surgery beforehand, when it came time for the lord commander's last stand… he quite literally could not bend his knee."
TheTale: "And the relevance, er, is…?" The defense asks.
TheTale: "Is it really spectacular courage if he had no alternative? And yet, if I were to look closer…"
TheTale: "…I'd say the most fatal thing on this body would be his crushed windpipe. Though, I'm sure I could leave it to a more formal investigation later…"
TheTale: "…But I'm fairly certain those marks on his neck strongly suggest a period of imprisonment beforehand, or death by hanging."
TheTale: "Which is to say," She crosses her arms. "Our brave, brave knight was commanding while essentially invalid, stood and fight because it was the sole option remaining to him…"
TheTale: "…And nevertheless, managed to be taken captive and later killed, which I am sure could not be achieved by any method short of surrender."
Charlotte: "(…And that, I think, is called the defence shooting themselves in the foot.)"
Eris: "Heh."
TheTale: …There are a few minor matters, after that, but the case is effectively settled.
TheTale: People are leaving already.
TheTale: "Kline, you said that… you examined the case from a certain assumption, no? What was it?"
Linlea glances at Eris. "(… kind of sad. It wasn't his fault that he had a broken leg. Or wanted to live.)"
TheTale: Kline rolls the doll around in her fingers.
Eris‘ shrugs slightly. "(Sure, but if you’re trying to paint someone as a war hero who went down swinging…)"
Maria: "(Sadly it's not very 'valorous' to surrender during your last stand.)"
Linlea: "(What if he was a good commander before that? Why should someone be judged by their final moments?)"
Linlea: "(There's no point in fighting a battle you know you can't win. It's better to run away and fight another day.)"
TheTale: "What else? Every last life belongs in the trash heap together."
Eris: "(Don't look at me, I'm not the one that brought it up as an arguing point, dear.)"
TheTale: Megajudge pronounces.
Linlea crosses her arms. "(I'm not going to stomp my foot and start yelling at Kline from the audience. Just sayin' there's been a few no win situations I've been in before and running away let me keep on helping people.)"
TheTale: A bridgeway is extended. The defense attorney departs.
Eris‘ glances back at Linlea. "(Oh? Has the case stuck a chord with you in particular…? You seem rather worked up at some random person we’ve never met not being allowed to cut in line for resurrection.)" Eris smiles, a little predatorily.
Maria: "(I suppose that's our cue to leave. Where to next?)" she asks, before leading them towards the exit amongst the milling crowd.
Linlea grits her teeth clearly irritated but doesn't answer.
Eris‘ holds out a hand to Maria with a finger raised, still looking at Linlea.
Zen: "(She didn’t pass judgement on him at all, though. She just had to spin a sufficient argument to not let him cut in like)"
Eris: "Oho~ Did our little Linlea run off and leave a friend to die…?" Said a bit more sing-songy than normal.
Maria: "That's a mean thing to tease her about, Eris."
Linlea snatches back her PDA before scowling. "You really are heartless. Are you sure you aren't a service?"
Eris: "Oh come on, it's not like you have any friends that stay dead!"
Linlea: "You KNOW how many places are lost to winter. You even rode with us for a bit. People who don't get out may as well be dead. Same goes for here in nine more days."
Linlea: "It's our job to remember those people. Not for their last moments either. But who they were."
Linlea makes her way towards the gondola again.
TheTale: A cold wind howls.

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