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TheTale: Day One - Afternoon. The Waterways.
Shinzou is out of breath. Moving a bit faster than he strictly needs to be. Now, I'm not saying he's /running from/ anything, but one could rather easily get that impression.
TheTale: Yeah!
TheTale: What's your flimsy disguise?
Shinzou is disguised as… a human! A very flashy human, maybe a monk. White robe, lots of colourful feathers. And, crucially, he smuggled medicine to the aunt of the last guard he had to get past, some time ago. Saved the family from costly resurrection litigation. 'Doctor' is a -very- good disguise.
Shiba has since disposed of the human's body by now. Right? Right. Or, at the very least, may have encountered Shinzou on the way back in.
TheTale: Hmm… Though, actually.
TheTale: Shinzou.
TheTale: (Pardon me.)
TheTale: How much of your flight to the monsters are we glossing over…? I mean, I was gonna leave it a secret…
TheTale: How you managed to get all the way over there…
TheTale: But I mean, hell. We can show them.
Shinzou does like to keep things a little mysterious, to be fair.
Besides, it's not like this would be the first time he's snuck over to the monster lands.
TheTale: No. No it's not.
TheTale: So yeah: The Waterways, the aqueduct-village of the monsters. Don't draw too much attention, now.
TheTale: There's a little bit of a kerfuffle up on the upper-levels, at the eateries, the open-air taverns - Soldiers returning home.
TheTale: Defeated soldiers returning home. They have to move back in with their parents, sometimes! It's awkward!
TheTale: …And yeah, Shiba, the human's body… well, it's stashed where you can get it later, probably.
TheTale: (You did say you were gonna return it to them.)
Shinzou stays politely out of the way. No way to know who might recognise him, for good or for ill, so better to just keep that coin unflipped in his pocket.
Shiba: Her disguises and hiding spots are -far- from flimsy. [Art]
Shinzou isn't even sure where he's going, although, probably in the vague direction of the Spark-kickers by force of fate or force of habit.
Dog‘ is trotting back from Ark Mien with Lucnephwyr, probably. Maybe they should stop and get something to eat?
[OOC] Lucnephwyr: LIKE HUMAN
TheTale: That little place out on the outskirts, by the highway…
TheTale: …Yeah, it’s as good a place as any.
Lucnephwyr happily ambles. He recovered fast from that ordeal, at least, and now it's time to go on the craziest adventure- into the human area but not as an invasion force!
Dog: "Can we get hamburgers? I like hamburgers. Well I like the patties. Can we get hamburger patties?"
TheTale: There's a whole row of motorcycles parked out front of the building. The side facing out towards the Denmarche is scoured by the sand on its wind - the paint and bricks are worn, the foundation buried in dust and tumbleweeds.
TheTale: …Of course, all of the bikes except one are silver-black phantoms, no more real than starstuff.
Lucnephwyr: "Yup! So do I! We can get patties -and- fries!"
TheTale: The neon sign buzzes bright-pink as it switches on for the fading sun. "Spark Kickers" .
TheTale: Shinzou gets there first.
Shiba slithers in last, probably. (I mean, the other two didn't have to double back…)
Shinzou starts slowing down, finally, smiling crookedly without really meaning to, messing with one of the beads on his belt absentmindedly. Been a while. The driving force- pushing between his shoulderblades- it's let up a bit, and he just sort of winds up standing by the door for a few moments, awkwardly.
Dog‘ points at the sign in the distance - nose up, one paw curled, back straight, like a real hunting dog, except they’re tiny and fluffy and probably couldn't even hunt down a mouse. "Do you think they'll give us patties and fries??"
Lucnephwyr: "Uh I think we have to buy them, but I've got enough!"
Dog: "Then let's go, let's go!" Dog bounds off happily towards the building. They end up clipping one of the ghost-bikes narrowly, but they're not corporeal, so it should be fine, right?
TheTale: It ecto-buzzes as you pass through it. Which is okay.
TheTale: …There's Shinzou, though, hesitating at the door.
Dog‘ pulls up, but they’re too late on it and end up bowling right into Shinzou's shins. Yelp!
Lucnephwyr is absentmindedly barreling after Dog, and so he's a half-step behind too- "Oh! Not-a-phantasm!"
Shinzou blinks in surprise as he's bumped into by a dog and then very nearly by Lucnephwyr-
Lucnephwyr: "Oh, sorry! Excuse… us…?" He looks uuuuuup, peers around the feathers. Head cocked. Something isn't right.
Dog: "Sorry! Sorry!" Dog rights themselves and licks at Shinzou's shins apologetically. Sniff sniff?
TheTale: They say..
TheTale: … Anyway, the wind howls. Blowing dust stings your eyes.
Shinzou pauses- not 'a dog'- meets Dog's gaze for a moment that yawns and doesn't take its leave with any haste- and then smiles to both of them. "Indeed I am corporeal." He shakes his head- with all those feathers, with the face paint he's got on…
Shinzou reaches out, opens the door for the two of them.
Shinzou: "It's windy, yes?"
Shiba starts to high-tail it a little faster as the wind picks up. Despite the poor outdoor conditions, she gives a knowing smirk to no one in particular.
Shinzou smells like secrets.
Lucnephwyr: "Yes, it… is." Head tilt the other way. "Thank you!" He enters.
Dog‘ shakes themselves to try and get some of the dust out of their coat. It’s hard to get a good sniff with dust in your nose! Inside they go.
TheTale: The Spark-Kickers.
TheTale: Dwelled in by indistinct ghosts, sipping eternal drinks.
TheTale: Neither monster nor human, they're…
TheTale: …Just set dressing, I guess.
Shinzou follows the two of them in, glances around. Still the same liminal space it's always been. He relaxes.
Shiba: Effectively the same if they weren't actually written as ghosts. Amirite?
TheTale: Well, they're amorphous, phantom-shapes.
Dog‘ sniff sniff sniffs. Ghosts don’t have a smell, probably, which is weird! But it's not as windy in here, so it's /still/ better.
Shinzou: "…new here?" His voice and register are pitched with a nod towards a monster-accent, but it still sounds a bit off.
TheTale: There's noises from machinery in the back room, the whine of a saw. It stops.
TheTale: "Just gonna be a sec."
Dog: "Okay!" Wag-wagging tail.
Lucnephwyr: "Yes, I haven't visited here before." He smiles and then calls out. "Okay!"
Lucnephwyr: "Hmm… I haven't met you before!" he says, turning back to Shinzou.
Lucnephwyr: "I'm Lucnephwyr." He extends a clawed hand.
Dog: "Me either! Hi!" Dog looks up at Shinzou. Wagwagwagwag. "I'm a Dog!"
Shinzou shakes the proferred clawed-hand like it's something he's done a billion times. His hand is… very, very human. "My name is Shinzou." He's only -got- the one pseudonym, after all. "Pleasure to meet both of you."
TheTale: Wiping sweat off his face, Yesker Sen returns from the back room. He sits in front of the bar, leaning back. He's quiet, for now. Watching Shinzou and the two monsters.
Shiba slithers in quietly - this was there they agreed to meet, right? - but doesn't announce her presence other than a quiet wave and a few seconds of pointed attempts of eye contact with Shinzou.
Lucnephwyr grins at the sight of Yesker in his peripheral vision, he's heard of -him-!
Dog: "Hi Shiba!" Luckily, Dog is there to announce her!
Lucnephwyr: "Uh, um… have you been here before? Do we just sit, or is there… a menu or- Shiba!" He swivels, excited.
Shinzou glances Yeskerwards with an easy grin on his face. "Hey. They're on me, arright? Haven't visited before, I've got a tab, y'know?" He meets Shiba's attempted eye-contact like a secret science secret handshake, makes a few mental notes.
Dog‘ sniff sniffs. Wags tail at Yesker.
Dog: "Hi!"
TheTale: "And by transistive property, that means they’re on me." Yesker grins.
Shiba: "Hey. Just take a seat, order whatever. But you're probably not old enough to have anything but water or milk."
Shiba: "(It's just milk. How can you get tipsy off of milk?)"
Lucnephwyr shuffles over to Shiba and has a seat. "Well… okay."
Dog: "Hey! Just because I'm a dog, that doesn't mean I'm a puppy!"
Lucnephwyr: "I gotta have… a burger and fries!"
TheTale: "Sure, kid." And Yesker goes to take the necessary things out of the freezer, cook it himself. They're not gonna be fresh fries.
Dog‘ hops up on one of the stools. It’s an impressive jump for them! They're quite small. "I want a burger patty and fries!"
Shinzou grins delightedly, ambles over to the bar, takes whatever open seat.
TheTale: "Got it. So, how's tricks back home?"
TheTale: "We're havin' a little homecoming tonight, looks like. Your friends doin'?"
Lucnephwyr: "(Is he talking to me? ohmygod is he-) Things are okay! Uhhh Ark Mien is having a funeral, so I mean…yes!"
Shinzou chuckles into his hand as subtly as he can possibly manage.
Dog: "My friends are doing great! Do you want to be my friend? Do /you/ want to be my friend?" To Yesker, and Shinzou, respectively.
Shiba nods, then shrugs at Yestker. "What about the rest of the crew? They're all in Prospero, aren't they? Though we have some business there anyhow."
TheTale: "Hell, sure." He rips open a bag of frozen fries and dumps them out onto a sheet.
Dog‘ ’s wagging tail thumps against the stool. Thumpa thumpa thumpa.
TheTale: "That's what I meant." Yesker nods to Shiba as he hunts for one of those… flipper utensil things. "We've been getting a few express deliveries from em."
Shinzou: "I'm securing you lunch, that's a good start, isn't it?" That -is- how making friends with dogs work, isn't it?
Dog: "I like you! We're friends now!"
Lucnephwyr giggles! Okay, Shinzou -must- be good people.
Shinzou glances at Dog, briefly, then Shiba, briefly, then… Luc. One of these things… well. He'll roll with it.
Lucnephwyr turns to Shiba. "Oh yeah… (is 'the package' secure? Any problems?)" He's whispering across the bar, basically.
TheTale: It looks pretty secure, but who knows.
Shiba: "By the way: Yesker, Dog and Luc. Luc and Dog, Yesker. He's part of the crew I mentioned before."
Shiba gives Luc a flat stare for a few seconds before stonefacedly giving him the 'O.K.' finger sign.
Dog: "Hi Yesker! You are making me food so I love you!"
Lucnephwyr gives a big, scaly wink back. Satisfied, he reclines a bit and exhales a puff of smoke through his nostrils.
TheTale: "Love you too, babe." He rattles it off like a catch-phrase, starts cooking the burgers.
Shinzou has this sort of 'okay, yes, I have made the correct decision' look on his face.
Shinzou also, orders booze, because dear goddess, someone has to. Yesker knows what he likes.
TheTale: Yesker throws him a bottle. "Catch."
Lucnephwyr: "So, you travel much, I take it? We're pretty far out, here!" Addressing Shinzou.
Dog: "We're travelling too!"
Dog: "… you should come with us!"
Shiba -would- but she already had a few shots earlier this morning with Zaqana. "Hell, the bartender's already back from his road trip this morning."
Shinzou catches it. He's done this before. "Not as much as some I've met recently, but yes."
Lucnephwyr: "(Dog! They haven't eaten! They might get -hungry-!)"
Dog: "(That's why we're eating first!)"
Lucnephwyr: "(Oh yeah good call.) Shinzou also wants a burger and fries, please and thank you!"
Shinzou chuckles again, right out loud this time, but, he actually -is- kind of hungry. Hoofing it all the way from the human lands like you're running out of time is hard work.
TheTale: Yesker finishes the burgers, dollops Luc's in burger-things, bun included, scoops the fries out of the oven. Plates it for Luc and Dog, gives it to them.
Lucnephwyr: "Thank you very much!"
TheTale: And then, well, goes to get another bag of fries out of the freezer.
Shiba folds her arms and leans over the bar, tilting her head as she speaks to Shinzou. "So what's the occasion? Got business here? Or just spending some leisure time to make friends?"
TheTale: "So, those with Pure Hearts can go to a whole new world."
Shinzou gives Yesker the briefest of apologetic glances.
Dog: "Budd I like thiff worlb!" Dog speaks through a mouthful of fries.
Shinzou: "What /he/ said, really. Except, you know, instead of 'a whole new world' I just skipped town."
Lucnephwyr takes a big ol' snout-shaped bite out of his burger, condiements all fallin' onto the plate. After some closed-mouth chews, because he has manners, and a swallow-
Lucnephwyr: "Hmm… you know, I've heard that somewhere else before."
Shinzou: "Have you, now?"
Shiba: "I think it's just advertising for some kind of café in Prospero."
Lucnephwyr: "It's said to bring good luck!" he asides to Shinzou.
TheTale: "Yeah?" Yesker flips the hamburger.
Lucnephwyr: "Yeah! And then also something like a small gift is involved, but uhh you don't have to worry about that."
Dog‘ chomp chomp chomp fries. Swallows, looks up. "That sounds like magic!"
Shiba: "Usually a cherry during the winter season."
TheTale: A brief far-off, nostalgic look.
Lucnephwyr: "But apparently that’s a really old saying."
Lucnephwyr: "But people still say it! So…"
Lucnephwyr shrugs and takes another bite.
Dog: "Sometimes old things are good things!"
TheTale: Hamburger for Shinzou, too. The fries are a little undercooked.
Lucnephwyr: "Mm-hmm!"
Dog: "But I'm just a dog, so I'm probably missing the meaning."
Dog‘ wags Dog’s tail apologetically.
Shinzou: "An echo resounding through history, hmm? It's a theory." He digs in, doesn't even care. It's weird, the kind of crappy food you actually wind up missing something fierce.
Shinzou: "Naw, I think you've got it covered."
Shinzou: "Where are you traveling to, anyways?"
Lucnephwyr: "If whfe didfn- mm" Chew, chew, swallow. "If we didn't say old things we'd just say new things over and over, which would end up being old ones as well."
Lucnephwyr: "But I couldn't imagine a world where you only said new things, and only new things, forever, to be interesting for too long?"
Dog: "We made a promise to get a human back to Prospero!"
Dog: "Will you help us?" Genuine, big ol puppy dog eyes.
Shiba: "But yeah, no, it's not magic, I don't think. Magic travel between worlds is often referred to as 'conjury' here, and usually involves summoning people into this world. Like foreign services, ancient and eldritch beings, wyrms, dragons - " a pointed sidelong glance at Yesker " - but the saying refers to something else entirely."
Shinzou: "I mean, eventually you'd slip up and say something someone'd said before, and then-" -he pauses.
Lucnephwyr looks at and Considers Dog. Thinks it over, nods once, trusting in Dog's judgment.
Shinzou looks serious. "I'll do whatever I can. I just… heh. I just came from there, so."
TheTale: There's a tattoo of a coiled dragon, on Yesker's arm.
Dog‘ wags their tail! "Don’t worry! We can follow your lead! So long as we get her back to someone who can… well, get her back to her family!"
Shinzou: "All of you heading up that way?"
Lucnephwyr then turns to consider Shinzou, because that sure was a tone shift. "Oh! Good fortune to us, then!"
Dog: "They can get her back from there, right?"
Lucnephwyr: "Uhm… maybe?"
Lucnephwyr: "I'm not 100% certain on the human process other than it involves water and lots of people in suits."
Shiba: "Did you ever hear the story about how it's good to be Lonely Tails?"
Shinzou: "Hey Yesker I can probably bullshit up an excuse for this kid and this snake lady trompin' around close enough to Prospero to drop off a human right?"
Lucnephwyr: "I haven't, Shiba!"
Dog: "Me either!"
Shiba: "Uh. Basically it's Orpheus and Eurydice, except Lonely Tails breaks all the rules and nothing bad happens anyhow and she pulls the entire underworld back to the land of the living scot-free."
Shiba: "I guess it's not so much a tale anymore when it's reality…"
Lucnephwyr: "Oh! Well!"
Shinzou: "Oh is that what D2 is pissy about?"
TheTale: "You're pretty good at bullshit."
Lucnephwyr: "It can still be a tale, you just file it under non-fiction."
Shiba snickers to herself at Luc's last statement. "Yeah, that's more true than you know."
Lucnephwyr immediately swivels around and looooooooooooooooooks at Shinzou with curious eyes, eyes that are more closely inspecting the man.
Dog: "The war's been going on for so long because everyone can come back! So there's no need to bring everyone back from the underworld here!"
Dog: "Maybe instead it would be a tale about bringing everyone to the underworld?"
Shiba: "I'm saying, that's how the humans do it."
Dog: "Whatever an underworld is."
Lucnephwyr: "What's a D2?" It's a half-question, half-command, half-test.
Shinzou meets Luc's gaze with clear, bright, human eyes. This sort of incredibly obnoxious vague smile on his face.
Shinzou: "Haha, be careful how loud you ask that question, kid."
Shiba: "We met it just earlier. - and right, I meant to get some other folks to explain that better."
Shiba: "And these are those folks! … Some of them, anyhow."
Lucnephwyr fidgets, not really satisfied with that answer. His eyes slightly lid.
Shinzou: "Oh, huh."
Dog‘ dog-smiles to Shinzou, tongue lolling over teeth.
Lucnephwyr chomps on a fry, not unlike a hard boiled detective chomping on a stogie.
Shiba: "Seriously, though, kid. I’m ancient, and … I have no idea how to categorize it other than 'otherworldly, terrifying, eldritch apparently-musical-being."
Shinzou: "You guys met Alice yet? She's got the other crew trying to track it down and beat the tar out of it."
Lucnephwyr: "Well… I was more wondering how he was gonna answer it. WHICH HE DIDN'T."
Dog‘ pants and stares at Shinzou, ears pricked up.
Shiba: "It’s trying to cause the end of the world. Which is why we're gonna track it down and beat the tar out of it, yeah."
Shinzou: "Pretty sure Shiba knows more than me anyways. I just was wondering if, if I mentioned something, your ears would perk up and you'd swivel-stare at me,"
Shinzou: "Which, you did."
Shinzou isn't even sorry.
Dog‘ closes mouth, tilts head. Aroo?
Dog: "Okay, okay, you caught me!"
Lucnephwyr pauses, not unlike a freeze-frame. A beat passes, and he turns back to his burger and fries- puts some of the fries -in- the burger.
Lucnephwyr: "He’s good."
Shinzou grins at Luc, though. It's a good-natured not-even-sorry.
Dog: "I am defeated!" Another doggy-grin, but less staring.
Lucnephwyr bites, chews, swallows.
Lucnephwyr: "Are you a human?"
Shinzou: "Yup."
Dog‘ snuffles at the chips. Nip, snap, swallow. "That’s okay. You'd know Prospero better than all of us, right?"
Lucnephwyr immediate clatter of claws on the bar, kinda half-falls half-rolls behind the stool, scrambling to get some footing.
Lucnephwyr: "I knew it!"
Dog: "It's okay, Luc!"
Dog: "If he does anything mean, I'll bite him. Promise!"
Shinzou buries his chuckling face in his sleeve.
Shinzou: "You need a hand there?"
Lucnephwyr: "There were lots of feathers but they weren't -just so-! And the hand!"
Shinzou asides at Dog: "I might hold you to that promise, by the way."
Shiba slumps onto the bar, dejected at the notion that -she- knows more than the country doctor about this thing. "Y'know what, give me one for the road."
Shinzou is just an ordinary country doctor, after all.
Lucnephwyr politely, and sincerely!, replies to Shinzou's offer. "Oh- I'm okay, don't worry about it."
Dog: "(I make it a policy not to bite humans,)" Dog whispers back, "(but don't you dare scare him, or I'll bust your eardrums!)"
TheTale: Yesker passes her a bottle. He's sitting back, happy to watch.
Shinzou gives Dog his best I'll-do-my-best-but-he's-really-cute-when-he's-scared look, settles back on his stool, takes a drink.
Shiba stashes it somewhere in her robe. It's a little early to chug it now…
Lucnephwyr: "Well, we appreciate your help!"
Lucnephwyr reseats himself on his stool, finishing off his fries.
Shiba: The 'realization' that Shinzou was a human doesn't seem to have fazed her. Was she even listening?
Dog‘ wags their tail at Shinzou, looks over at Shiba. "You should eat something with that, you know!"
Shiba: "Yeah, yeah. Not hungry now, but I’ll have something when I actually bother drinking it."
Lucnephwyr whispers, to Shiba and Dog. "(Did… did you two know?)"
Dog‘ whispers back: "(He looks like a human, and he smells like a human, so…)"
Dog: "(I was gonna tell you when I got a moment!)"
Shiba: "(… It’s a pretty flimsy disguise. Plus, that's not really the sort of thing you point out in Sycorax.)"
Shiba: "(Especially when we're smuggling a corpse.)"
Dog: "(We don't want to be escorting two corpses!)"
Dog: "(That'd get heavy!)"
Lucnephwyr has no cheeks to be flushed when he's embarassed. But you can make do with this- he takes a drink of water, and after a second, steam comes out of his nostrils. If you listen close you might even hear the burble.
Shinzou is trying really, really hard not to laugh, succeeding with visible effort.
Lucnephwyr 's wings also flutter perceptibly- he doesn't use them for much, but now?
Dog‘ ’s tail wags, and they leaaan over to rest their head on Luc's arm. It's okay, buddy!!
Shiba: "Anyhow. How much longer are you planning on staying? Or, uh." She glances around. "Did you already get what you came for?"
Lucnephwyr gives Dog scruff-pets- he gets over the funk and is smiling again.
Shinzou: "I -think- I found what I was here after."
Shiba: "Other Pure Hearts, yeah?"
Dog‘ barks happily! And gnoms up the last of Dog’s chips now his boy's okay.
Dog: "I'm more like a Pure Fluff!"
Shinzou: "One way of putting it-" -and he stares at Dog for a level second before cracking up again.
Shiba: "So, you're Heartless? You're a far ways from where -those- usually come from."
Dog‘ wags their tail as they lick at the plate the chips were on. "No, I’m just a dog!"
Shiba: "That doesn't answer the presence or lack of a heart, though…"
Shinzou: "You're terrible." He smiles.
Lucnephwyr: "Aw, I think he's adorable." More pets.
Dog‘ looks down. "I guess I have one! Luc, do I have a heartbeat?"
Lucnephwyr: "Yup!" He doesn’t bother checking between the pets, he knows!
Dog‘ wags their tail! "Then I have one!"
Shiba: "Damn right I am."
Shiba: "What’s your morning been like, out of curiosity? Other than the trek here."
Shinzou: "Well, first I was dead and stopped being dead. Which, love ya, Yesker. There're two others he pulled out of the vaults- one of 'em seems like he'd get along well around here."
Shinzou: "Then we met up with some others who… sounds like they came here from somewhere -else-. Alice went off about how much she wants to kick D2's ass. Apparently the space aliens had some kind of contract with… someone in Prospero, didn't catch who. Not the monks, at any rate."
Shinzou: "…involved a little too much monster-fighting for my tastes, so…"
Shiba: "Hah! So -that's- where he ran off too. I had a morning nipper here already before he ran off to parts unknown."
Shinzou: "Oh, haha, yeah."
Shiba: "Too much fighting monsters, so you … ran off to Sycorax on the flimsiest of pretenses and looking like that."
Shiba slow-claps.
Shinzou: "Yup."
Dog‘ wags their tail. "It’s not that bad, Shiba!"
Shiba: "Lucky you ran into us, at least."
Dog: "Not all monsters want to fight!"
Dog: "I don't want to fight!"
Shinzou: "I mean, do you see me fighting monsters right now? Naw, I'm eatin' lunch with 'em."
Shinzou: "I'm real good at not fighting monsters."
If he says it enough times, it might come true.
Shiba: "Yeah, I'm just saying, better us than anyone at Yhe Holmat."
Dog: "I'm extra great at not fighting humans!" Now, anyway.
Lucnephwyr: "I… wasn't sure what I was gonna do with a human!"
Lucnephwyr: "But I guess I know now!"
Shinzou: "Hah, I know where not to go unless someone needs a sawbones and doesn't care if they've got claws or not."
Lucnephwyr: "(Not realize it for a while.)" he pouts, quietly.
Lucnephwyr: "But otherwise!"
Shinzou raises an eyebrow at Luc and then scritches him behind an eye-ridge consolingly.
Dog‘ puts a paw on Luc’s arm and wags their tail supportively.
Lucnephwyr leans into the ridgescritch and pats Dog's paw.
Lucnephwyr: "I guess things can work out after all!"
Dog: "But I'm really happy to find a human who doesn't want to fight, either. It's not like we can just get on the undernet and talk to each other. (Paws are really bad at typing…)"
Lucnephwyr: "Which, I guess… also sort of explains Nerswul and… well… (you know.)"
Shinzou smiles. "Meanwhile, I'll try to think of a way to get you guys close enough to Prospero to do what you gotta do. I have some friends at the monastery who might help."
Shinzou: "Hm?"
Dog‘ whines, ears going back on their head.
Dog: "They wanted to be together, but they lost hope, so they died together, sort of. It was all really complicated, and I’m just a dog, so I don't understand exactly how they did it. We got his spirit to pass on, but we've still gotta get her back to her people."
Lucnephwyr: "Yeah I uh… I didn't know… -that-… ever happened!"
Lucnephwyr double-claw grip on his glass of water.
Shiba: "Ah. D2 merged a monster and human pair of lovers together. The human's the person we're transporting."
Shinzou looks away for a moment and takes a drink. "…it's more common than you'd think. More common than anyone with a stake in the war continuining would like to admit."
TheTale: And it always ends in betrayal.
Dog: "We've got forever to figure it out, so I'm sure all the soldiers will get tired and stop fighting eventually."
Dog: "That is…"
Dog: "Unless this D2 mucks it up." Whiiine.
Lucnephwyr quickly snorts out "AH WELL, uh, maybe we should get going if we've finished eating, before it gets too dark!! Ahahahaha…"
Shinzou glances curiously at Luc and finishes his drink and his lunch.
Dog: "Yeah! Let's get going!"
Shiba: "Mm. It'll have been a while since I travelled in a group larger than three."
Dog: "I'm very small, so it's almost like you're travelling with three!"
Lucnephwyr addresses the phantoms. "Bye everyone!" And then- "Mr. Yesker, it was cool mee- nice meeting you!"
Dog: "Thank you for the chips!" Dog barks to Yesker.
Shinzou just goes with a simple "Thank you." There's a lot it could mean.
Shiba: "Thanks for the spirits, too!" She holds her bottle up before stashing it again.

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