Tom D01 End Of Days

[OOC] Peter:
D2: That's right, it's the End of Days.
Ice|Laptop: D2,
Ice|Laptop: please
Ice|Laptop: spaces don't parse in logs
Ice|Laptop: try again~
Shiba: "god DAMMIT we were having a moment"
10[18:52] * D2 sets mode: +b *!*
10[18:52] * Ice|Laptop was kicked by D2 (nah)
Dog: Aroo?
D2: Subterranean space beneath the earth
D2: All you idiots lined up neatly in not-quite alternating white and black pews
D2: More white than black
D2: Display rolls over
D2: 10 -> 9
D2: Now normally I'd let you just natter to yourself over who cares but
15[18:54] <Ice|Sleep> I mean, maybe, but you kind of kickbanned my funtional terminal.
[18:54] #mythologyofmana Cannot send to channel
D2: Let me clear up something right this moment, Shiba
D2: I do not
D2: give a damn
D2: about Winter.
Shiba: Fair 'nuff.
D2: Ha ha really this is you guys: "a bloo bloo, winter"
D2: "A bloo bloo bloo bloo" - the crying noise - "winter, winter"
D2: "wahhhh"
Dog: How are you even mocking us right now?!
D2: I'm pretty sure it's impossible to not mock you.
D2: I've tried. Oh my god, I try really, really hard
D2: But oops, as long as you're involved, it just comes out as this ridiculous, flopping over comedy of errors.
Shinzou: It's called 'breaking the fourth wall', "Dog" . <3
D2: So, what happened today…
Dog: Well I don't like it, Shinzou!
D2: Well, I had this cool thing going in the Waterways…
D2: …But I guess that got scuttled.
D2: I was really hoping to kill off a caravan member - not like, one of the real idiots, but an innocent…?
Lucnephwyr beams.
D2: Right off the bat, too.
D2: …Sigh.
D2: That said, oops, we sure do have a gigantic battleship crashing right through the Manalands at the crack of morning tomorrow!
Dog: If you break the fourth wall, you might see what I am, and I try very hard to be an ordinary dog!
D2: Fortress Naxa won't know what hit it.
Aleithilithos: Hopefully the compass won't lead it astray.
D2: Okay, oh my god, here's a list of people whose stupid character secrets I don't care about:
D2: Dog, Eris, Linlea, Charlotte, Shinzou, Zen, Alice, and Yesker.
15[18:58] <Ice|Sleep> Eris doesn't have any!
[18:58] #mythologyofmana Cannot send to channel
Shiba: Is it 'everyone'?
Shiba: Yeah just about.
Lucnephwyr: Get dunked
Dog: That's good for you, but I'm more concerned about my friends!
Lucnephwyr: The wisp-hungry investor wins again
Dog: This is the worst method of communication.
D2: "…Sure."
Dog: What are you even accomplishing? I mean, really. We had a good thing going.
Shinzou: Oh man so he -does- care about….
D2: "Okay, shut up. And put your quotes on. Whatever."
D2: "This is a scene."
Shinzou: Well, Shiba, for one. That means you're a threat! Use that wisely.
Shinzou: You're not my dad.
Lucnephwyr: "I'm calling quotes as a victory!"
Dog: "Thank you," says the Dog, exasperated.
Shinzou: "Eh, if Luc's doing it, I guess I will too."
Shiba: ǝɯ ǝʞɐɯ
D2: D2 opens a slat in its cathedral, and an arm reaches out, holding sort of like…
Shiba: "ǝɯ ǝʞɐɯ"
Shinzou: "Also, the other doctor. Who are we missing?"
Dog: "Shiba I will bite you! Right on the tailtip!"
D2: A life-sized, limp, plush doll? It's white, with cheap blue hair, dressed in a mourning dress. Sort of an animal, or a woman - hard to tell from the ears, the featureless, yet protruding face.
D2: The arm waggles about.
D2: "This is Huggable D2. Since you want something to talk to so damn bad."
D2: It sort of… gets jerked about as D2 talks.
Dog: "Good!"
D2: D2's pitch goes up a little: "Anyway, uh, where was I. Nine days left."
Shiba: "I bet our burndown chart's terrible."
D2: "Ha ha, actually, it's great:"
D2: Huggable D2 gets flopped about to suggest as if she's responsible for the burndown chart being pulled out:
Lucnephwyr: "We are kinda not running through these cards superfast."
D2: A very optimistic, crashing down line that ends in flames, horror, tiny figures clawing their eyes out, et-cetera.
D2: "So, what's the forecast for tomorrow…"
D2: "..Well, let's crash a battleship into a fortress!"
D2: "Let's make some horrible shit happen with the Caravan while your back's turned."
[19:05] #mythologyofmana Cannot send to channel
D2: "Hm…"
D2: "Oh yeah, and I'd like to get another one of those chrysalises on the board again, too."
D2: "I know, I know, you're like - oh, we won't let you succeed, D2!"
D2: "Bite me."
Dog‘ barkbarkbarks!
Peter: …You can chat a little, after all that, too, if you’d like.
Shiba: "So, uh, was starting the game on the sols - SON OF A WHORE"
Lucnephwyr: "how did he know what I was gonna say…"
15[19:06] <Ice|Sleep> HOW
[19:06] #mythologyofmana Cannot send to channel
Dog‘ barks until D2 is gone. D2 /is/ gone, right?
Peter: This cathedral is… sort of like D2’s space, but I guess it's yours, now.
Peter: Oh, yeah.
10[19:07] * Peter` sets mode: -b *!*
Shinzou: "I mean, you have been fantasising about nomming people all day."
From the distance, a signal.
Doman: -NickServ- Nick D2 is now registered to your account.
Doman: -

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