ToM Charlotte

Character Name: Charlotte

Class: Thief
Current XP: 14
Total XP: 374
Feelin' Good?: Ready to serve. Did you have a request for me?




HP: 550 / 550
MP: 550 / 550
Luck: 7 / 7


All your currently equipped and usable abilities and their effects go here for easier reference, with pre-calculated delays and damage and anything else you might need to know quickly. Cost is for stuff like MP or CTs
Action Name Cost Delay CoS Target Keywords Effect
Attack 60D 85 T: Single Technique Deals 1d12 + 135 damage, Critical 5.
Item 40D 100 T: Single Support Consume one item and gain its effects.
Change Row 20D 100 T: Self Move the character into the row they are not currently in.
Wait 15D 100
Defend 30D 100 Support, Stance Gain a 4/5 defense factor until your next turn.
Backstab 60D 85 T: Single Technique, Advantage Deals 1d12 + 175 damage to the last enemy to have acted.
Follow Through 60D 85 T: Single Technique, Advantage Deals 1d12 + 175 damage to an enemy that was struck by the immediate previous action in the battle.
Smackdown 60D 85 T: Single Technique, Advantage Deals 1d12 + 202 damage to an enemy that acts immediately after you, and their next action deals -20% damage.
Scatter Rave 60D 85 T: Group Technique, Advantage Deals 1d12 + 135 damage to all enemies that allies have damaged since your last action.
Shadow 60 MP CT 15, 35D 100 T: Single Spell, Shadow You attach a Shadow to the target - the next time they damage an enemy, the shadow leaps out and attacks their target for 162 + d12 magical shadow damage. If the triggering action dealt more than 160 damage, Shadow gains a +30% damage bonus.
Mire 60 MP 50D 100 T: Single Spell, Shadow, Condition For (4), hits the enemy for 56 magical shadow damage at the end of their turn. If it targets itself or an ally with a Support action, the condition ends and one of the targets takes 189 magical shadow damage.
Biteback 60 MP CT 15, 35D 100 T: Single Spell, Shadow, Condition You attach a Shadow to the enemy - the next time they deal damage, the shadow lashes at the enemy for 162 + d12 magical shadow damage. If the enemy also inflicted a condition, they're Shadowstained (4), taking +30% magical damage.
Recover 60 MP CT 25, 25D 100 T: - Support, Recovery, Rainy Day Creates an Anytime Quick that lets you restore 162 + d12 HP to one target when you activate it.
Countermeasure 80 MP CT 30, 10D 100 T: - Support, Cleanse, Rainy Day Creates an Anytime Quick that lets you cleanse your entire party of a specific condition when you activate it.
Saving Grace 90 MP CT 40, 20D 100 T: - Support, Recovery, Rainy Day Creates an Anytime Quick that lets you restore 72 + d8 HP to the whole party (144 + d8 to SoS targets) when you activate it.
++++++++++++ ++++++ ++++++++++ +++ ++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++


Reaction Name Trigger Cost Target Keywords Effect


Wheels in Wheels: In your third battle and on since your last resupply, you may instantly cast a Rainy Day ability of your choice at the beginning of the battle.
Don't Mind If I Do: Whenever you activate a Rainy Day ability, quicken yourself by -10D.


Umbral Slash - Weapon damage when an ally strikes an enemy, and reduces your own delay by 15!
Shadow Barrier - Leap in and take an attack for an ally!
Cascade - Use after damaging an enemy with a Shadow spell; Choose an ally you haven't cast a Shadow on this battle: They gain one instantly that follows up their next attack for 162 + d12 magical shadow damage.
Phase Two - Activate Phase Two after an enemy dies - your next Rainy Day ability is CT0. If you didn't kill the enemy, double that ability's cost.
Miracle - Activate Miracle after a target is healed. Double the healing to that target.


Weapon Power Dice Delay Properties
Scythe 15 d12 60D Accuracy 5, Critical 5
Armor Properties
Maid Dress Grants 80 T.HP at the start of each battle.


Care (Gnome)

Scope: You're good at keeping groups of people going - through compassion, attention, and hard work. Spirit's always higher when you're around, and people tend to rely on you - both in a crisis, and both day to day. Care helps out whenever you're directly helping out your friends, especially in quieter times, and especially when long periods of hard work and attention are what's needed. It also applies to any effort to restore or increase morale, or to provide aid to the suffering.
Refresh: Once per expedition, when you cook or brew something for someone, restore one luck to an ally.
Refresh: Once per expedition, when you're victorious in battle, restore one luck to an ally.
Refresh: Once per expedition, when your party experiences a loss, restore one luck to an ally.
Refresh: Once per expedition, when you have physical contact with an ally, restore one luck to them. (A pat on the back suffices.)

Tenacity (Shade)

Scope: You're possessed with a never-say-die determination - half physical resilience, half iron-clad will, you shrug off even world-ending adversity that keeps you from your goal. Injuries and sicknesses are ignored. The worst of snowstorms are grounds for a strained smile, at worst. Though you might maintain a facade over it for the most part, when you truly become serious, you have a sort of air and aura that impresses upon those around you that you may well be more force of nature than human, in some way - people like to be with you, not against you.
Special: In some fashion, you survive absolutely any catastrophe. Whenever something bad would normally happen to you, you can instead be taken off-screen - when you return, you're no worse for wear.





For the longest time, I've been a wanderer. I might stay at one place or another for weeks, months, or even years, but I always find some reason or another to move on. I've seen a lot of things, done quite a bit of others, heard so many stories… But wherever I end up, I usually end up going back to my roots in one way or another.

Sometimes that's working as a maid, serving some noble or a family, maybe at a workplace or for the community as a whole. Other times, well… there's almost always something, or someone, wicked that needs to be reaped. Either way, I always finish what I've started.

I've always had an affinity for the shadows, manipulating them to help my allies and soothe their hurts, or skirting among them to strike where the enemy least expects it.

It's not often I return to the same place, but I remember Prospero, or more properly, I remember working at the Pure of Heart for a time, enjoyably so. Serving customers, making food, drink or small talk to lighten their day… Helping the newcomers learn the ropes properly… Even that couldn't hold my attention forever, though. I hope it's been doing well in my absence.

My age? That's not something you should be asking a lady.

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