Tom Bookofred


So we're all here, huh?
I'm trying to make everybody play nice this time, and if you're reading this, this includes you
I mean, I know that means a lot coming from me, so…
Fuck, I'm rambling. Okay, cut the tape, I'm gonna try this again.


Light's on. Okay, okay. So. First up, welcome to Prospero.
Second, you can't die. I mean… not like
"Oh, whoopee, I'm a Pure Heart, I can't die!"
I mean… seriously, don't fucking get offed here.
It sucks balls.

Okay, and third thing - nobody here dies.
…I mean, they get offed, but…
In Prospero, they have something called the 'Fount of Wishes'.
They drag people home, store them in the Court, and eventually…
everyone's number comes up, and they revive you.
Helps if you've got a good lawyer.
Anyway, we can come back like that, too.

Meanwhile, the monsters can do something called
Their soul can travel from their dead body into like..
…A bird…
…Or a chair…
…Or a corpse…
…And turn that into a new body for themselves.
We can come back like that too.

What we can't do is come back the old way.
Or go to a whole new world.
Or remake, and destroy, as freely as we choose.
And I'm getting shit all for kP.
The reason is something called "D2".
I think it's some kind of… defense system, or something.
It sure as fuck isn't a person.
I think of it like 'a giant stone tropicallo with arms and hands instead of vines and I don't know where the fuck its head is'.


I know we're all gonna be doing our own thing, and I respect that.
But let's put this on the ground floor, here:
Let's nuke the shit out of D2 as soon as fucking possible.
He's harshing your style,
He's harshing my style,
And he's an asshole.
Capiche? Capiche.

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