Tale Of Mana

I see a spark of life shining —
I see a young minstrel sing —
A beautiful roaring scream
Of joy and passion,
unknown in dreams.


Along the great sea road, far from the fallen empire of Titania, sit the cities of PROSPERO and SYCORAX.

Prospero, a beautiful city of mirror-like waterways, of ivory balconies, of masks and love -
Sycorax, the infamous 'city of monsters', where no two denizens share a shape —

Even in the harshest of winters, the road between them, the 'Via Via', remains open, sheltered by the tremendous boughs of the MANA TREE.

Come, though the night grows cold, and I am sure you have heard stories such as this.
Come, and lend me your ear, and I shall tell you a tale of mana.

The Format:

Prospero and Sycorax, together, form eight lands. And each of these lands has a table of contents.
Think of them as your dance card. If you dance all those songs, you'll see the finale.

That is, if you're wondering what to do, look at a region, check out what's next on its card, and ask the GM how to do that.

These things are fated, so… you won't have to try particularly hard to bring about.
Things on the dance card can happen out of order, sometimes, but no promises.

Each beat of a dance card is worth +10 EXP (global). Finales are worth +30 EXP.

After ten days, or when all the regions are otherwise complete, or when a certain thing happens, the Grand Finale will occur.
Prospero will march against Sycorax,
Sycorax will march against Prospero,
Humanity will perish in fire,
Monsters will perish in ice.
At this point, all will be lost. Even the ground beneath our feet…
…What a tragedy!

World annihilation is worth 150 EXP, if it occurs.






When you feel cool, you can shine in your element. Or, well, one of your elements.
When you shine, you have +30% Potency.
When you S.A or G.A, if you have the opposite element as a shining opponent you're assisting against, you can break the shine!
Breaking a shine is an opportunity for miracles. For a moment, their faith in their ideas is shaken…

When a monster hits you with a punishment effect, they can break your Shine!
What counts as a punishment effect…? Well, I get to decide that. Surprise!
When your Shine is broken… well, your faith might be shaken too.
(Then again, you're a Pure Heart. You can say 'of course it isn't!')
That said, it does create the possibility of enemy miracles!

Oh, and if a society knights you, you can receive a third element.


R1 [Pressure 50 / Budget 25]
The Foreign Service

R2 [Pressure 40 / Budget 20]
Palazza Vita

R3 [Pressure 30 / Budget 20]
Yhe Holmat

R4 [Pressure 20 / Budget 15]
The Court of Wishes
Ark Mien

R5 [Pressure 10 / Budget 12]
The Institute of Fiendology
The Geist Sages

R6 [Pressure 0 / Budget 9]
The Monastery at Farshore
The Circle in Roses Neighborhood Cultural Society

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