Class: Samurai
Total XP: 12 abilities (4/26)
Feelin' Good?: Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.




HP: 503 / 550
MP: 550 / 550
Luck: 7 / 7


All your currently equipped and usable abilities and their effects go here for easier reference, with pre-calculated delays and damage and anything else you might need to know quickly. Cost is for stuff like MP or CTs
Action Name Cost Delay CoS Target Keywords Effect
Attack 50 80 T: Single Technique, Deals 1d10 + POW*ATK damage. d10 + 108
Item 40 100 T: Single Support Consume one item and gain its effects.
Change Row 20 100 T: Self Move the character into the row they are not currently in.
Wait 15 100
Defend 30 100 Support, Stance Gain a 4/5 defense factor until your next turn.
Setting Tinder Technique, Fire Weapon damage, +20 Critical with next action d10 + 108
Sorcery Bombs CT 15 60 MP 35 100 T: Single Spell, Fire Deals 18 x MAG + d12 magical fire damage. CoS of 30 to strike an additional target with your next action. d12 + 162
Blaze From Hell CT 15 60 MP 35 100 T: Single Spell, Fire Deals 18 x MAG + d12 magical fire damage. +20% potency with your next action. d12 + 162
Stoking Fires Technique, Fire Weapon damage, -10 Delay with next action d10 + 108
Moth Dance 60 MP 70 Technique, Earth x1.2 Weapon Damage, 30 Critical d10 + 129
Good Medicine Returns CT 20 60 MP 30 100 Support, Wind, Recovery Heals 18 x WIL + d12 HP. Keep going on a 1-30 results check. Can't heal the same target twice in a row on a keep-going. d12 + 162
Ghost Shots CT 20 60 MP 30 100 T: Special Spell, Wind Deals 15 x MAG + d10 magical wind damage to all enemies whose current delay is between 0 and 15 when this spell finishes casting. If Ghost Shots only hits a single target, you gain an additional use of Razor Gale. If Ghost Shots fails to hit even one target, you instead gain an additional use of Razor Glare immediately and recover 60 MP. d10 + 135 (RG: 108)
Slipstream 60 MP 40 100 T: Single Support, Water, Enhancement Heals 12 x WIL + d8 HP to the target. The target gains a condition that reduces incoming damage CoSes 20 (2) d8 + 108
Contemplate</span> CT 20 30 MP 20 100 T: Self Support, Sky Grants 12 x WIL + d8 TMP. Regain the use of a single Quick ability you've already used this battle.</span> d8 + 108
Storm of Arrows CT 30 80 MP 25 100 T: Single Spell, Sky Deals 24 x MAG + d12 magical sky damage. Anytime an ally attacks the target of Storm of Arrows while it is charging, lower your current delay by -5. d12 + 216

next up: a bunch more Water abilities! OR the stupid baking clay wombo combo. or tanky stuff, which might overlap w/ "more water abilities".


Reaction Name Trigger Cost Target Keywords Effect



Now Is Not The Time To Contemplate Morals - d12 + 90 magical damage when an ally strikes an enemy, or d12 + 162 if you pay 60 MP! <span style+ "background-color: #ffffff;">Gain 72 TMP, and shift into any Form you wish immediately.</span>
Atonement - Leap in and take an attack for an ally!
Both Had Written 'Fire' - (Before Acting) <span style+ "background-color: #ffffff;">If you use a Fire ability on your turn, rather than applying a bonus to your next action, grant the bonus to all of your allies instead.</span>
<span style+ "color: #a1a1a1;">Razor Gale - (After Acting) Deals 12 x MAG magical wind damage to a single enemy which you did not target with your last action. </span>


Weapon Power Dice Delay Properties
Pacifist's Staff 12 d10 50D Charges 40 T.MP after every hit on which no MP was spent.
Armor Properties
Pacifist's Robe Grants 80 T.MP at the start of each battle.


Mystic - Fiends (Luna)

He doesn't talk much about how he came by this knowledge, but once, when malfunctioning fiends were running amok in the city, he singlehandedly walked into the fray singing a melody, and when he was done, they'd all fallen asleep.

<span style+ "background-color: #ffffff;">Sc</span><span style+ "background-color: #ffffff;">: You have a connection with the other-worldly and the supernatural - when you meet an otherworldly entity, you get a sense of it desires and its motivation, and can generally communicate in some fashion. You perceive the extraordinary. You and those with you have unusual resistance to evil magic and spiritual influence, though this may at some times require your active protection. When you take this skill, you can choose a specific connection for it, such as "The Dead" or "Nature" - if you do, this skill extends, to some degree, to even natural members of that class - animals shy away, and you can sense certain things even from the restful dead, for example.</span>
<span style+ "background-color: #ffffff;">Sp</span><span style+ "background-color: #ffffff;">: You can spend one luck to create a seal - after performing suitable ceremony or actions, you can prevent a magical being from escaping its current location. This seal can only be broken by an Ace, and it can't be broken by the entity you just trapped.</span>
<span style+ "background-color: #ffffff;">Rf</span><span style+ "background-color: #ffffff;">: When your connection communicates a desire or an injustice to you, you resolve it, and it creates a moment of peace, you can restore one luck to an ally.</span>

Medicine (Jinn)

The only skill he brought to the monastery. Fortunately, they were in need of a doctor.

<span style+ "background-color: #ffffff;">Sc</span><span style+ "background-color: #ffffff;">: You can diagnose and treat most injuries, and tend to carry supplies and tools to handle most smaller problems. You can perform surgery, especially if others are willing to do exactly what you say, and you have a clean environment. You carry a certain social respect as a healer, doctor, or a medic. You may use modern techniques, folk healing, or magic-assisted medicine to accomplish this, depending on your approach.</span>
<span style+ "background-color: #ffffff;">Sp</span><span style+ "background-color: #ffffff;">: You can spend one luck to perform a miraculous surgery, treating someone as if you were in a fully equipped hospital in any situation simply by making do. This typically isn't magical - you have to be resourceful - but whatever cobbled together approach you try tends to work.</span>
<span style+ "background-color: #ffffff;">Sp</span><span style+ "background-color: #ffffff;">: Once, you can spend one luck to play God, performing an incredible feat of healing that keeps someone alive stable even when, by all rights, they should be long gone. Typically, this allows them to sleep but do little else, though they may occasionally be capable of sitting up, speaking a little, or eating. It may be possible to restore them completely, but this ability makes no promises about this. Refresh this when the first beneficiary of this ability passes away.</span>
<span style+ "background-color: #ffffff;">Rf</span><span style+ "background-color: #ffffff;">: Once per expedition, if you take a moment to give badly needed medical care to someone, outside of the scope of your mission, you can restore one luck to an ally.</span>



Tall, with long hair tied with a brightly-coloured cord and usually tossed carelessly over his shoulder. Warm, kind brown eyes behind them that smile at foes as much as friends - sometimes obscured by the ceremonial white blindfold of the order of medics he more or less founded within the Farshore monks, sometimes hiding behind little brass glasses that perch on his nose and never seem to fall off. He's usually wearing a white martial artist's robe with black trim, and pants tucked into black leather boots; the sash of his robe is riotously brightly-coloured, with beads and feathers dangling down from it. (He's got a similarly-decorated earring; both seem to have sentimental value.) There's a place where you could tie a scabbard, but it's empty.

He's got a plain staff, and a bag of medical supplies usually tied to it. He knows how to use it in a fight, his style largely one which uses the enemy's own force against them.


Every so often, in the City, or at the front-lines, there'll be a group of healers and doctors walking through, tending wounds and comforting the afflicted, regardless of whether the wounded is human, or monster.

They wear all white, and carry staves for self-defense. (You don't want to attack one of them. Trust me. You'll have a bad time.) They wear blindfolds wrapped over their eyes - they're actually made out of some kind of cloth that's perfectly see-through from one side, but perfectly opaque from the other, and breathable. Nobody knows where they get it - it's a symbolic thing, that they're blind to the nature of those whom they treat.

One day, a doctor arrived at the gates of the monastery at Farshore. He wasn't asked many questions. Just given a home, and allowed to treat the afflicted. By the end of the year, the blindfolded crews followed the red wake of every battle.

He's become known about town - a lot of the monks keep to themselves, don't get involved with affairs, other than to act as agents of mercy. Shinzou takes it further than that - preaching pacifism, breaking up fights. Sometimes knocking some sense into people and patching them up afterwards, giving them a bowl of rich soup and a pot of tea and talking things over.

Everyone's got a story to tell.

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