Mystery Of Mana

Mystery of Mana: So Long Juliet!

On the coast, near the edge of the HEAVENSTOP WALL, sits the heartbreak city, JULIET.
It's been trapped in an eternal winter as long as anyone can remember.
Fearing the power of Mana, the city's most famous - the RAT PACK - have taken all the treasures in the world
and sealed them away,
to keep the power of the heart buried.

Nothing lasts forever!
Out of the thickest ice, something can still sprout!

The ancient criminals of Juliet, the ANGELS appear, to lend their powers to ordinary people.
The vaults will be smashed open!
The world will be remade!
Bring love back to life!
Bring life back to music!
Get across the wall!
And say it with me,


The Format:

There's a treasure - an artifact - associated with each member of the Rat Pack, one for every player.
Get your bearings, understand the power of the angels, dip into the abnormal underworld of Juliet, and start making plans to get them back.
Every treasure contains the power to bring about an amazing change in the world.
Once all the treasures have been freed…
Something fantastic will happen!

To make a character, make an ordinary S:OD character, at level zero. They've never really had to fight (monsters aren't real), and in fact, are just ordinary people going about their day-to-day life in Juliet.
However, they'll be visited by an angel. Do you know what angel that might be? If you don't know what angel might visit you, ask your friends for recommendations, or suggest a new one!
Oh, and make sure to tell me about where they're living, their house, or their apartment.
Juliet's an ordinary city - 90s, 2000s, now - except no one ever really gets anywhere in life, and it's snowing every single day.
And if your backstory's longer than a single sentence, you'll suffer a terrible curse!

(Let me know during chargen if there's a specific member of the Rat Pack you'd like to someday meet.)

When does it play?:

Y'know, whenever?
Or like, Fridays when I'm not running SWN.
Or Sunday evenings.

But also, feel free to hang out in Juliet whenever you feel like.
Just post the logs, OK?

Rules hacks:

Oh, don't worry about traits for now.
THAT SAID, you have some sort of trait-like effects from your character's premise and daily life (which are good for doing ordinary stuff)
And another set of trait-like effects from the angel that blessed you (which are good for donning a costume and mask and doing magic at night in strange places)

Mana has more elements! Whenever something would do an elemental thing, scratch out the element and replace it with a matching one of your choice. Fire might be Salamander or Wisp. Water might be Undine or Shade. Earth might be Dryad or Gnome. Air might be Luna or Aura or Jinn. (Phew!) Take two resistances and two weaknesses!


Aerial Turner - Played by Icecylee
Lantern Sixty-Two - Played by Gravagar
Miyu Haruyama - Played by Reinhart
DJ Helios - Played by Julian
Signet -Played by Katie
Stella-Luna - Played by Mokura
Spike Eight - Played by Hachi
Lara Amber - Played by Doman
Owen Carter - Played by Aleithilithos
Mischa - Played by CelesChere


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