Mom P20y1s2

TheMyth: And so it was written: Pokiehlember 20th, Jinn's Day. The air is crisp and the brisk sunlight does nothing to warm the day. With every breath, a tiny plume of fog.
Pietto exhales and re-adjusts his hat, looking up at the sun. "Y'said somethin' 'bout a temple, right?"
Jorule: "Uh, not recently? At some point in time though, why?"
TheMyth: The sun shines a brilliant orange far on the eastern horizon.
TheMyth: It's a slow dawn today.
Pietto shrugs. "I haven't seen it! Jus' came t'mind."
Jorule: "Well, there's one for each element so it's not exactly just 'it' anyways, but." Jorule shrugs, then runs a hand through hsi hair. "Where're we going anyways?"
Pietto shrugs again. "Well, like I said earlier this mornin', how about west?"
Pietto: "'Less you got a better suggestion."
Jorule: "Not… really. Not until I think up a better plan or get a new lead, anyways."
Pietto nods! "It's settled, then! West."
TheMyth: Undine, Dryad - the jungle fights off its touch of orange - Jinn.
TheMyth: To the west, the tilted peak of the Mekivvo Labyrinth.
Pietto tilts his hat and barrels on through.
Jorule lets otu a puff of air, then shrugs and trails behind the puppet.
Pietto heads out to the base camp. "Hey! Anyone min' helpin' us get to the other side of th'mountain?"
TheMyth: It's a brisk walk through the wind-ravaged grasslands of Jinn, and between its mesas.
[OOC] TheMyth: Hmm! Let me catch up :3
TheMyth: Unusually, the entrance into the base camp is unguarded. In fact, there's no one at the gates, and many of the stalls in the center market are simply unmanned.
TheMyth: Some people are rooting through some crates behind the counter of one such stall.
TheMyth: Nobody's serving lunch, either.
TheMyth: A shout: "Yeah, I know I mind."
Pietto jumps a little and mutters to himself. "Er — (No need to be rude.)"
Jorule: "Eh. Why do you figure we need help? Casn't be to hard to get around."
TheMyth: Adge - little bat wings, new leather cap, serious, ruddy expression, shouts at the rude bystander - "Hey, don't you have work to do?"
TheMyth: "Not a question." He points a fingerlessly gloved hand. "You do have work to do."
TheMyth: And some miner scurries away.
TheMyth: Adge sighs and walks over to Pietto and Jorule.
TheMyth: "Well. Alright. We don't really do guides."
Pietto turns to Jorule. "Well, if we could go around…"
TheMyth: "Shouldn't be bad today, though."
Pietto: "… then I'da thought of that first!"
Jorule motions going around with one of his figners in the air, then shrugs. "Can't imagine it'll be much of a deal."
Pietto blinks and turns to Adge with a grin. " — well then! Care to help us fellows out?"
TheMyth: "Sheesh. Yeah. Not especially. There was a fire out in estercamps this morning."
Pietto: "Wow. Er, need an extra hand of ours, then?"
TheMyth: He considers this for a moment. "…Well. It's out."
TheMyth: "Robbin' and scarperin's no job for outsiders."
Pietto: " — I was thinkin' with repairs or such." He shrugs. "Guess you're fine, though."
Pietto: "… Oh! An' I was askin' more about directions. Not lookin' for a guide, really."
TheMyth: "Hm…"
TheMyth: "Quickest way is to go up tunnel one and across the Geo Ode."
TheMyth: "Should be… more or less direct."
Pietto nods. "Yeah, I getcha. C'mon, Jorule!" He ambles through tunnel one!
Jorule nods, then continues behind Pietto./
TheMyth: …That lock's been smashed open.
TheMyth: The pathway up into Tunnel One leads upwards, along a fissure in the mountain a ways.
TheMyth: It's airy and exposed - the mountain air blows swiftly across your shoulders.
Jorule: "Well, that was easy,"
Pietto: "More or less direct, yeah."
[OOC] TheMyth: Et one moment.
[OOC] Pietto: did you master all the mage jobs yet
[OOC] TheMyth: they're not particularly hard
TheMyth: It's a short travel to the Geo Ode, which gleams brilliantly, and sharply, far below and above.
TheMyth: The crack in the mountain reveals the brilliant sky to the north and south, and high overhead.
TheMyth: The rickety wooden bridge doesn't sway in the slightest - it's pulled too tautly.
Pietto keeps on moving! No gem or glitter can distract him today!
Jorule hangs back at the start of the bridge, to make sure it can handle Pietto.
TheMyth: It certainly can!
Jorule crosses once Pietto has, then.
TheMyth: There's a burbling and a flowing from the darkness up ahead.
Pietto skids to a halt to check that out.
Jorule: "River, I'd suspect."
TheMyth: A shrouded figure made of strange black gel appears, keenly transparent, carrying a censer that gently spews smoke. It's followed by another, and another, holding up a train, three shadowy monks in ritual procession, all part of one mass at the feet.
Pietto nods. "Izzat what split the place? Not a big blow, but a river erodin' its way through?"
Jorule: "… Possibly not a river."?
Pietto tilts his head and slowly turns around. "What else would that sound b — ook!"
Jorule: "You, uh, wanna loko for a way around rather than try and head … through it?"
Pietto pulls out his hammer and attaches the Wisp Gleam to it!
TheMyth: It hangs gently, sparkling with the light of truth.
TheMyth: Tangentially, there are these two bats.
Pietto: "We could, but heck. This is more fun."
Jorule: "… I can only assume that's a 'no'. … Yup."
Jorule: "Right, then."
Pietto: "… Well, these wouldn't happen to be friendly, right?"
Pietto shrugs. "I mean, it's not likely. But still possible!"
Jorule: "How should I know?"
Jorule scratches at the back of his head, then peers around the corner, as he pulls out a Book fo Secrets and flips through the pages. [Scan]
TheMyth: Looks quite monstrous.
Pietto: "Well, they've got a little ceremony goin' on, looks like, sooo. If we leave 'em be, I guess they'll let us be."
TheMyth: Gel Parade, level 15 amorph. HP157/157 MP60/60. Steals life force from lost travellers using "Black Science". Fears Dryad and Wisp. Absorbs Shade and Luna.
Jorule idley passes the book - which can now only be flipped to one page - over to Pietto.
Pietto: "Huh. Doesn't seem all that tough."
TheMyth: The book's a little warm.
Pietto barrels right on through!
TheMyth: The ink fades fast, and the covers will never open again. So it goes.
Jorule shakes his head, stepping around the corner at a more sedated pace.
TheMyth: Battle order: Wildbat A:18 Wildbat B:16 Pietto:15 Gel Parade:14 Jorule:8
TheMyth: Combat begins!
TheMyth: Wildbat A calls at Jorule, firing a burst of sonic energy!
TheMyth rolled 1d100 and got 21 ( Total: 21 )
TheMyth rolled 1d8 and got 8 ( Total: 8 )
Also rolled 1d100 and got 41 [Total: 41 (Low), Avg: 41.00]
Total: 49, Avg: 24.50
TheMyth: Inflicting 38 physical Jinn damage, and Agility Down (6)!
TheMyth: Wildbat B swoops at Pietto.
TheMyth rolled 1d100 and got 72 ( Total: 72 )
TheMyth rolled 1d8+24 and got 3 ( Total: 27.0 )
Pietto rolled 1d100 and got 61 ( Total: 61 )
TheMyth: Inflicting 27 physical damage. Pietto!
[OOC] TheMyth: TO BE CONTINUED though so
Pietto begins winding his hammer up and leans back!
TheMyth: hang in there!))
[OOC] Pietto: goes off on 7!
[OOC] TheMyth: sorry for the mythterruption
Pietto is gearing up for a golden shockwave! [Goes off on 7.]
TheMyth: Battle order was: Wildbat A:18 Wildbat B:16 Pietto:15 Gel Parade:14 Jorule:8
TheMyth: The front figure in the Gel Parade waves its censer, and a shadowy, distorted image of Luna appears in front of it. [Star Spear] - cascades of brilliant star symbols appear out of thin air and arc into Jorule!
TheMyth rolled 1d100 and got 56 ( Total: 56 )
TheMyth rolled 1d8+68 and got 1 ( Total: 69.0 )
TheMyth: Inflicting 69 magical Luna damage.
TheMyth: Jorule!
Jorule 's mouth twitches slighty, and he swings his right arm, spear appearing in a flash of white light as it slams into the gel.
Jorule rolled 1d100 and got 91 ( Total: 91 )
TheMyth: It blocks with a disc of dark light.
TheMyth: Pietto, now!
Pietto rolled 4d6+144 and got 5, 1, 2, 1 ( Total: 153.0 )
d100: 6 [Total: 6 (Low), Avg: 6.00]
Total: 159.0, Avg: 3.00
Jorule frowns. "Annoying."
[OOC] TheMyth: Aura vs. all?
[OOC] Pietto: Aura vs. all, yes.
TheMyth: Gel Parade absorbs! [+144].
TheMyth: [144] [144] - it chews the bats to shreds, though.
TheMyth: It flows gently forward, traces of it dripping through the slats in the bridge.
TheMyth: It's a new round of combat!
TheMyth: Irc Output:
TheMyth: Battle order: Pietto:17 Jorule:11 Gel Parade:10
[OOC] TheMyth: love it when I make that mistake.
TheMyth: Curse ticks [3]!
TheMyth: Pietto, now!
Pietto teeters back dangerously. "Ugh. Threw somethin' off there."
Pietto bounds at the Gel Parade! "Still no stoppin' this expedition!"
Pietto rolled d100 and got 92 ( Total: 92 )
TheMyth: Hit! Fears Wisp!
Pietto rolled 2d10*1.5+104*1.5 and got 10, 3 ( Total: 175.5 )
TheMyth: [82]! A solid hit!
TheMyth: Jorule!
[OOC] Pietto: Whoa. That's either Protect or a lotta ARM.
[OOC] TheMyth: That's allll ARM.
[OOC] Pietto: holy -
Jorule lets out a puff of air before following up Pietto's attack.
Jorule rolled 1d100 and got 82 ( Total: 82 )
Pietto: " — I guess it IS a lil' tough."
TheMyth: It blocks with a disc of light!
Jorule: "… Argh."
TheMyth: The figures wave their arms, and a strange, murky line traces its way around Jorule - [Black Science]
TheMyth rolled 1d100 and got 82 ( Total: 82 )
TheMyth rolled 2d10+136 and got 9, 4 ( Total: 149.0 )
TheMyth: Striking for 149 magical Shade damage!
TheMyth: [actually no it doesn't that was a miss]
Jorule makes a face, barely hopping back at the last second.
TheMyth: It's a new round of combat! Curse ticks [2]. Agility Down ticks [4]!
TheMyth: Battle order: Pietto:18 Gel Parade:16 Jorule:12
TheMyth: Pietto, go!
Pietto slams the side of his hammer into one of the gels like a croquet mallet!
Pietto rolled 1d100 and got 6 ( Total: 6 )
Pietto rolled 2d10*2.5+104*2.5 and got 5, 9 ( Total: 295.0 )
TheMyth: Critical hit the weakness!
TheMyth: [202]! It's defeated!
Jorule: "… Well then."
Pietto: "Yep."
TheMyth: Got 3228 EXP. Got 1654 Lucre.
Pietto speeds on through again, with the monsters outta the way. "I'm gettin' better at this."
Jorule scrapes a bit of gel goo off the bottom of his shoe while mving after Pietto. "Yes, yes you are."
Flip steals a page from Hamaris and pops up behind everyone. "Better at what?"
Jorule: "Breaking things."
Flip: "Ah, well. He would be. What with being good at making them."
Pietto glances back at Flip and trips mid-run.
Flip winces.
Primula walks up as well. "Hey, I'm back."
Pietto hops right back up! "Well! Yeah, construction, deconstruction. Shapin' and reformin'. 's'what Aura's all about."
Jorule: "Er, back?" Jorule scratches at the back og his head. Was she there before? Oh well.
Flip: "Good morning, Primula."
Pietto: "Hey! Had a good breakfast?"
Primula: "Yep!"
Primula: "What're we doing?"
Flip: "I was about to ask them the same thing."
Jorule shrugs, gesturing with a hand. "Other side."
Flip: "That's what I love about you, Jorule. All the big flowery speeches and clear explanations."
Pietto nods smugly. "A test of our strength! Our grit!"
Pietto: "Because just walking around is boring."
Jorule: "… No, really, that's it."
Flip: "Other side of… what? The tunnel? The bridge? The mountain? The world? There's a whole lot of 'other side's man."
Pietto: "The mountain! We're headed west."
Jorule: "Maybe all of 'em. Only goal in mind was the mountain though."
Pietto: "My, uh. My heart's there."
Flip: "That puts everything into perspective then."
Pietto: "… Oh, that woulda been somethin' to mention from the start, huh."
TheMyth: The bridge leads further along the mountain. Other bridges lead elsewhere - but you can't get there from here.
Flip: "Well I have no idea about the heart thing, but 'other side of the mountain' is pretty plain."
Pietto: "Yep! Now, enough jawin'! Get movin'!"
Pietto scrambles off again!
Flip follows. "Hey hey, I can totally move and jaw at the same time."
Jorule gives a helpless shrug in Flip's directino as he walks along.
Pietto slows down to reply. "Well, y'saw what happened when I turned around. Haven't quite mastered that yet." He speeds up again!
TheMyth: The tunnel leads out towards the far side of the mountain, coming out into the sunlight.
TheMyth: There's a light dusting of snow at this altitude.
TheMyth: A chain is looped into a steel stake driven deep into the rock along the side of the grassy path leading down into endless grassland.
TheMyth: The wind from the west smells of winter.
Jorule pulls his shades down over his eyes - snow makes light that much brighter - then stands near the edge, looking around.
TheMyth: There's the sensation of standing on the edge of a million-foot precipice.
Jorule: "So it's through that?"
Pietto: "I … keep hearin' so or feelin' so, at least, yeh."
Pietto turns back to the mountain. "Huh. I was expectin' that to be more of an ordeal."
Jorule: "He said it'd be easy."
Jorule strolls down the pathway to the grassland.
TheMyth: That grass is surprisingly deep up close.
Flip stays safely on the path away from the grass. He remembers.
Pietto: "An' roughedged."
Jorule pauses for a momeent, just a slight hesitatino, before wading thruogh the tall grass. "Well, c'mon, came all this wya to find it, no sense in stopping just because of a little grass."
Pietto folds his arms and frowns. "Well. Guess we need a way across again."
Flip: "I been in that grass once, man. Once was enough."
Jorule doesn't turn aruond in order to respond. "It's just grass."
Pietto frowns even deeper at Jorule. "Y'don't feel that, though?"
Flip crosses his arms.
Jorule: "Feel what, nothing?"
Pietto: " — Yeah, exactly."
Jorule: "All kinds of it."
Pietto: "Well, hold on now, let's stop all th'nothin'." He lifts his hat and takes his black rabite doll out from under it.
[OOC] Flip: Oh god no you'll kill us all. ;_;
Jorule has been wading into it as he's been talk, probably shouting now, but he turns around and raises an eyebrow at Pietto.
TheMyth: Jorule: You feel short of breath. It's… probably best to head back.
Primula hasn't felt this before, and heads in after Jorule.
Jorule ignores the little voice in his head. No worse than going to the top of a tall mountian yet - "You said it was already out here, though? What is slapping down a bunch of other junk on top of it going to accomplish?"
Primula: "So this is the 'end of the world'?"
TheMyth rolled 2d12 and got 8, 7 ( Total: 15 )
Flip: "Don't go, Primula. I've been out there. Its nothing you want."
TheMyth: Jorule eats 8 ice damage. Primula eats 7 ice damage.
TheMyth: It's like a constriction on the soul, like you've suddenly found yourself hundreds of fathoms below the surface of an ocean.
Primula shivers at that…whatever it was, and does as Flip suggested. "You're right."
Jorule closes his eys, focusing mostly on his breathing and the voices of the others. If he moves, it's going to me that much harder to get back here…
TheMyth: Prim: Heading back? Jorule: Staying out?
Primula heads back to the others.
[OOC] Jorule: For now yes.
Flip: "Swear to spirits Jorule if you drop out there and I have to come drag you back…"
TheMyth rolled d12 and got 3 ( Total: 3 )
TheMyth: Jorule: It's terrifying on every nerve in your body, every muscle has its reflex to kick and scream - but you hold your ground. 3 ice damage.
Pietto holds the doll up by its little tail and points at it. "Y'see these lil' guys around? They're adversaries, more often'n'not. Rivals. Swords and weapons may get dull 'gainst them, but our spirits sharpen, like an axe on a grindin' stone."
Jorule breath in through the nose- hold it - breath out through the moutn - wait - breath in - repeat. "How does that help find this heart of yours?"
TheMyth: The air is flowing. The heart is beating. But. Somehow, still.
TheMyth rolled 2d12 and got 9, 6 ( Total: 15 )
TheMyth: 15 ice damage to Jorule.
Pietto rubs his chin and looks at Jorule. "If we gotta change, if we gotta grow, if we gotta refine ourselves, we haveta do it against respected adversaries. Maybe the lesson is … uh."
Pietto blinks. "That, uh, my heart needs a reeeaaally sharp knife."
Pietto: "Metaphorically speakin'."
Flip: "Or a very fine stone."
Jorule scrunches up his face. "You said it was out here. So …"
Pietto: "Well, I was feelin' it since before Mekivvo came up, y'know?"
Jorule: "And you think putting more things down will bring it closer?"
Pietto: "It sure as hell beats doin' nothin'! There's nothin' out THERE!"
Jorule raises his hands above his head helplessly, before pushing his shades back up to his forehead, and turning around to walk deeping into the grass, eyes to the sky. "Maybe. Maybe not. Do what you think you have to do."
TheMyth rolled 4d12 and got 7, 4, 3, 1 ( Total: 15 )
TheMyth: Jorule takes 15 ice damage.
Pietto shakes his head. "Anyway! Like iron sharpens iron! Conflict is gonna happen! Sparks are gonna fly! And either you cut deeper or you're whittled down to a useless nub!" [-3 KP]
TheMyth: What you're holding isn't just a doll anymore. [AF: Black Rabite Doll]
Flip scowls. And then stomps out into the grass to drag Jorule back by the freaking scruff of the neck. "#$%^@$%^ and if you weren't one of my closest friends I'd leave you out here for being so @#$%! stupid."
Pietto flings it out into the grassland. He watches his one of his most hated (… and respected?) adversaries fall in the distance.
Jorule reaches behind himself and grabs FLips arms when the hands grabs his neck. Jorule's breaths really, really heavy. "Stop. I'm going to watch it. From inside. I'll be fine. Go back if you can't handle it."
Flip: "Like hell."
Jorule: "… urk man let go that kind of hurts and is making breathing that much harder."
Flip: "Look just come back, OK? I finally figured out where I have felt this before. And its nothing good. Now c'mon."
TheMyth: There's a rumbling.
Jorule: "It's the ninth. I'm not scared of it. Pietto let the AF go, already. It'll come to life in a second I'm not -" He has to stop for a seocnd to catch his breath "- 'M more than fine for a few mreo seconds."
TheMyth: And a twisting.
Pietto blinks and holds a finger up. "I, uh. I already threw it out there. If y'didn't notice."
Flip: "It's the same thing the Name Eater used on me! And I'm out here neck-deep in it trying to get you back out. Now let's go!"
TheMyth: Where the doll landed, the earth distorts, and the grass ripples.
Jorule looks down at his feet, and blinks. "— Man just go, I'll be right behind you, but this isn't going to eb good for you."
TheMyth: And it explodes in a corona of flame, dancing like acrobats, sheets of flame flying high into the sky and twisting in the wind.
Flip frowns. And then plants his feet beside Jorule. "Fine. Have it your way."
TheMyth: A wave of flames hollows out a section of the grass here, another raises a mountain - the process has faces, in a sense, eyes in the soaring energy.
TheMyth: Soon, the work takes shape: A valley framed by two tall mountains, a jungle, and a hut, far in the distance, perched on a mountain. A river. And -
TheMyth rolled 1d12 and got 2 ( Total: 2 )
Jorule would hit his forhead against somethign if he could - but he just grabs Flip by the shoulder and pulls him close, trying to protect him with Jorule's own body, befoer squinting into the flames as everythigin changes.
TheMyth rolled 1d12 and got 3 ( Total: 3 )
TheMyth: Hey Flip, hey Jorule, soak 2 and 3 KP damage respectively. Don't run out.
Flip is very quiet, and difficult to pull. "You didn't leave me."
TheMyth: Soon, there are blue flowers underfoot, and the valley lies ahead -
TheMyth: …Before an enormous stone gate drops from the heavens in front of it, barring the path, and locking shut with a deafening THUD.
Jorule: "…"
TheMyth: [Eynos Gate]
Jorule shakes his head ans stands back up straight. "… Well, yeah. But I don't went anynoe else getting hurt when I'm doing something …" He shrugs a little. "I … Thanks, though."
Flip smiles slightly. "Something stupid? Yeah well."
Flip turns and heads back for the path.
Pietto: "Yeah, uh. Generally that's my territory."
Jorule runs both of his hands thruogh his hair, befoer trailing after Flip. "Did you see it, though? IN the energy?"
Flip: "The faces? Yeah."
Pietto nods. "Mm-hmm."
Jorule nods slowly.
Pietto walks up to the gate and peers at the lock.
Jorule shakes himself a bit, then shrugs. "… Anyways, so —"
TheMyth: It's enormous! That keyhole is almost as big as a person!
Jorule: "That … is a really bad lock."
Pietto: "Huh. Or a really good one."
Pietto tries to climb inside!"
Jorule shakes his head, watching Pietto climb through. "Nope, isn't stopping you."
Flip: "He's not got it open yet either."
Jorule: I duno, just, something that big? Would have went with a padlock."
TheMyth: Pietto: Hup!
Pietto kicks around. How's this thing work? A person isn't a key, unless … unless — (( Ahaha, a Key Point, probably? ))
Jorule: "… What're you doing? Just get through, and we can squees past." He glance abck over his shoulder at Flip and his swor,d then Primula. "Uh, probably."
[OOC] TheMyth: ahaha nope wait one moment.
TheMyth: Pietto: It's actually kind of roomy in there. You can get a pretty good look at the tumblers - they're enormous!
TheMyth: Looks like it doesn't lock from the other side.
Pietto: "Y'don't just squeeze through a lock. You open th'door, good an' proper!"
Jorule: "Do you even know what you're doing with the insides of a lock?"
Pietto fiddles around to move the tumblers. "Do I look like I know what I'm doin'?"
Jorule: "No. Move, I'll do it." Jorule pauses for a second, then climbs up into the lock. He's kinda short anyways.
[OOC] TheMyth: YES. YES I DID.
Pietto peeks out the keyhole, realizing how he just phrased that. " — er, I'm Pietto, 'course I do."
Jorule pauses, halfway into the lock. "… Oh."
Pietto: "Ahaha."
Pietto climbs back in and reaches for the tumbler. "Lessee here, then…"
Jorule drops back down onto the ground.
Flip makes himself useful. And flops onto his back in the flowers. Then considers, and picks a flower to tuck behind his ear.
TheMyth: Seems like it slides around okay…
TheMyth: From somewhere in the machinery, a light shines, reflecting off of ancient iron.
TheMyth: Pietto: Roll something appropriate as you work!
Pietto rolled 1d100 and got 78 ( Total: 78 )
TheMyth: Click thunk clicka clicka. Uh, this is harder than you were expecting, especially with the way that one pin is sticking…
TheMyth: A lantern is shone in your face by someone elsewhere in the lock. "Hey. Heyyy. Hey." It's glaring.
Jorule: "… That doesn't *sound* right."
Pietto grunts and fiddles a bit more, growing anxious as time goes on. " — Hey!"
Jorule: "… And that sounds like a person."
TheMyth: "C'mon. You aren't a key. What are you doing in here?"
Jorule stands back up and peaks through the keyhole.
Pietto: "Uh. It … made sense when I climbed in here!"
Pietto hops on out.
TheMyth: Jorule gets a faceful of lantern for his trouble.
TheMyth: "Alright! Happens all the time, I know."
Jorule: "… Aaargh turn down the light." Jorule puts a hand in front of his face.
Flip: "… You're wearing sunglasses, man."
Jorule: "… Not in front of my eyes!"
Flip: "And whose fault is that?"
TheMyth: The lantern is set down on the edge of the keyhole for a moment. There's a few grunts of effort as the lock is reset.
Pietto: "What's with th'gate, anyway?"
TheMyth: Echoing: "What's… with it?"
Jorule: "Yes."
Flip: "It is a pretty big gate."
TheMyth: "Well, keeps people from wandering into paradise without business, right?"
Jorule: "… Paradise?"
Flip: "No offense, but that looks a little short on food and drink and a lot short on women to be paradise."
Jorule nods to himself.
TheMyth: "Ah, you must be on the right side of the gate then!"
Pietto: "… Wait, you're sayin' THIS side of the gate is paradise?"
Flip: "Well there are at least more pretty women."
Flip wiggles his eyebrows at Primula teasingly.
Primula: "Thank you, Flip."
Flip: "No problem."
Flip: "So if this is paradise, what's on the other side?"
TheMyth: "Well, hell, then, right?"
Flip shrugs. "Beats me, I'm shaky on the whole afterlife thing! That's why I was asking."
TheMyth: "Magic. Curses."
TheMyth: "Big dogs with gnashy teeth."
Flip: "Oh. Well. I've dealt with all that before."
Flip frowns at the memory of the tower in Jinn.
Flip: "So how do we get through? And once we go through, how do we come back?"
Pietto: "And, well, if you let us in, no harm done, right? 'Least not to th'purpose of th'gate."
Flip: "I don't think my delicate self could handle lugging around the key that fits there."
TheMyth: "Have you ever seen a key that can't fit here?"
Flip: "Good point."
Jorule: "So…"
Flip shrugs. "Don't look at me, I'm just here to hold the ground down. Which reminds me, these flowers are really comfy."
TheMyth: "Somebody's got to do it."
Jorule gives Pietto a meaningful stare.
Pietto: "Gotta do what now?"
TheMyth: "Well, hold the ground down."
TheMyth: "Hey, great secrets of the underworld #1: If earth isn't held down right, it can fly right up into the sky. First one's free, okay?"
Primula whispers to Pietto, "(did he ever answer whether he could open the gate?)"
Pietto: "(Nope.)"
Primula: "Sir, could you open the gate for us, please? We're just simple explorers looking to see what's beyond."
Pietto: "I … uh, appreciated as that tip is, I wanna see if I'm understandin' this right. This side we're on is paradise, and the purpose of th'gate is to keep the people past there out. So what's wrong with lettin' us through?"
Jorule quietly sighs tohimself, rubbing at his temples.
TheMyth: "Ah, you sure? Maybe it's here to keep people from wandering into hell."
Flip: "Well theoretically could we wander back out again?"
TheMyth: "You could try!"
Flip: "Hm. I suppose I deserved that."
TheMyth: Click.
TheMyth: Thunk.
TheMyth: Thuuuuud.
TheMyth: The gate slowly swings open - that door's several meters thick.
TheMyth: It leads to a small meadow beyond, running alongside a spring running down from the mountain.
Flip: "More specifically, if we go in there, will you let us come back through?"
TheMyth: It sparkles beautifully as it splashes over the rocks.
TheMyth: A wave from the mess of pins and tumblers from one half of the door. "Hell closes at midnight."
Flip sighs. "Maybe here."
Jorule shakes his head. "Right," before wandering foward.
Flip heads in.
TheMyth: Seems nice enough. There's a horn-framed tent a ways down, perched next to a tall oak.
Primula follows them in, nodding in the direction of the wave.
Pietto … tiptoes on in.
TheMyth: Flip: The flowers on the inside are much different. They're..
TheMyth: …completely fake.
Flip … and checks the one behind his ear.
TheMyth: Quite real.
TheMyth: Pietto: The ground is crunching a little weirdly under your feet.
Flip gives a small sigh of relief.
Pietto: "Err. What happens if we, y'know, hypothet'kly speakin', we stay after midnight?"
Flip: "We won;t. We have somewhere else to be anyway."
Flip: "But hypothetically speaking, we probably get locked in hell."
TheMyth: There's a subterranean creak as the ground gives way.
Jorule: "This sounds just like —"
TheMyth: And - for at least a very large subsection of the area beyond the gate - it rips as if made of cloth (which it was) and those standing upon it go falling deep, deep into darkness.
TheMyth: Which, I presume, includes Pietto, Jorule, Flip, and possibly Prim. Any objections?
[OOC] Pietto: None here!
thud* " — like the last time we were standing on a graund surface."
[OOC] Jorule: on a FAKE ground^ and yup that sounds about right.
Flip makes muffled noises of agreement, face-down in the ground.
Pietto pulls himself together and readjusts his head with a 'crack.' "Oogh."
TheMyth: The heroes land… in a net. Which is nice, since directly below it are these very, very sharp ice crystals.
TheMyth: Overhead - very far overhead - is the sky, as seen through a hole in the top of the cave.
Jorule tilts his head to the side, looking first down, then up. "Well. That could have been very unpleasent."
TheMyth: Also overhead are tall, upside-down trees, growing out from the mossy top of the cave. They tend towards the broad, flat sort of foliage structures - huge discs of trees wispily spaced from one another.
TheMyth: A huge elk, its fur colored like the aurora, walks up to the net. (Which, in turn, is held up by four poles, dug into smooth cave floor textured like cracked riverbed.)
TheMyth: It looks down at Flip.
TheMyth: "Price of net:" It intones, in a deep, resonating voice.
TheMyth: "10,000 lucre."
Flip spits out a mouthful of net. "Yeah all things considered I am pretty OK with those things not getting to tickle my insides. And hi!"
TheMyth: "Hello." It nods.
Jorule: "… Aw crap I know where this is going."
Jorule quickly scrambles over to the edge of the net - towards solid ground.
TheMyth: "Wise." The elk turns to the remaining three.
TheMyth: "It's traditional to tip 15%, by the way."
Flip: "10,000 lucre? Man did you ever get a deal. I'd have let you pay at least twice that to save my life."
Pietto blinks, then slowly makes his way down.
Flip rolls gracefully out of the net.
TheMyth: "All the same, welcome to the underground. Are any of you married, or otherwise possessed of dependents?"
Primula crawls off the net as well.
Jorule stands back up and brushes himself off, before turning his - empty - pockets inside out wiht a shrug in the elk's direction. "Well, I guess a few peolpe kinda sorta depend on us, but."
Primula: "Not really?"
TheMyth: THe elk nods.
TheMyth: "Please be aware, underground, you exist in a state beyond concerns of morality, justice, and ethics."
Flip: "Married to my work, if that counts."
TheMyth: "Please, pay heed only to etiquette."
Pietto gulps, knowing his history with that sorta thing. "… this IS hell."
TheMyth: "Incorrect. You are merely beneath the earth."
TheMyth: "However, the underground exists free of the law forbidding dead-from-mingling-with-the-living."
Flip: "What about demons?"
TheMyth: "There are no laws concerning demons here."
TheMyth: "Amusingly, there are also no demons."
Flip: "I'm OK with that."
TheMyth: "As tribute to your first visit, I am providing you with a ticket." The elk adjusts its head such that an antler of its pries a small scrap of paper loose from its boreal mane.
Flip: "And the ticket is good for…?"
Jorule makes a face momentarily, then turns his head in Flip's direction, wiht an eyebrow half raised.
TheMyth: "Read it."
Flip does so.
TheMyth: "1. Rip in half. 2. Bat. 3. You're aboveground."
TheMyth: …Handy. [Bat Ticket]
Flip: "hm. Will one ticket work for all of us?"
TheMyth: "Consider it a get out of jail pricy card. Only. This time, it is free."
TheMyth: "I am not sure. Boefenbriq makes the tickets, but he decides how best to honor them."
Flip: "Ah. Well. Thank you… ah, I never caught your name? I'm Flip."
TheMyth: "I am the Boreal Elk."
Jorule scratches at the back of his head, then snags a ticket.
Pietto does likewise! "Huh. Do they call you that because you're a real bore?"
TheMyth: "No. They do so because that is what I am."
[OOC] Primula: I am not certain there was more than one?
Pietto — claps a hand over his mouth and muffledly adds "I mean, I may be misunderstanding — "
[OOC] TheMyth: There is only one.
[OOC] Pietto: Oooh.
TheMyth: The crystals behind the net gently melt.
TheMyth: "As previously mentioned, a contract to protect you from ice is 10,000 lucre."
TheMyth: "Previously, another party has settled such a matter for you."
TheMyth: "In the future, this will not be so."
Flip: "Wait what? Someone else settled up for us? Do we get to know who?"
TheMyth: "It wasn't discussed. Naturally, I will assume no."
TheMyth: "The matter will be reconsidered for 100,000 lucre."
Flip: "Fair enough. shame, I'd like to thank them."
TheMyth: "I thanked them at the time."
Flip: "Not quite the same thing, but it'll do. I appreciate it."
Jorule: "Uh… huh."
Jorule shakes his head, glances back at Pietto. "Anyways, you were looking for something…?"
TheMyth: The elk looks down at Pietto. "You may wish to visit the Lost."
Pietto: "Right. I, uh. I'll be on my way there, then."
Pietto: "… if you could point me in the right direction! New in town, so I'm a little l … yep, lost."
TheMyth: The elk points in a vaguely northwesterly direction, off into the darkness.
TheMyth: A lone lantern shines. Somewhere. Out there. There are other lights, too.
Pietto nods and starts off that-a-way.
Flip follows along quietly.
TheMyth: There are strange scents in the darkness, distant, exotic and familiar.
TheMyth: Eventually, a shack built over an underground lake, labelled "THE LOST" comes into view.
TheMyth: A rickety boat sits just under it, tethered to one of its supports.
TheMyth: Light streams out from its windows, in which sillhouettes of junk are visible.
Jorule: "Huh."
TheMyth: The door is lightly ajar.
Pietto steps up and creaks it open.
Pietto — knocks, in hidnsight.
TheMyth: The voice of an old man - "I'd recognize that step anywh- come in!"
Pietto swings the door open, almost entirely baffled. " — is it really that easy t'tell?"
TheMyth: Charitably, let's call the inside a junk gallery. There's an unusually large amount of stuffed animals, a shelf full of keys.
TheMyth: The nine-eyed old man looks carefully at Pietto. "…Must've been mistaken."
Jorule slides in behind Pietto, taking a look around.
TheMyth: "What are you looking for, hmm?"
Pietto: "Er. My heart, I guess. … An' the body that goes with it!"
TheMyth: The old man snorts. "That's never been lost."
TheMyth: "You sure you didn't give it away?"
[OOC] Flip: Dang it, I gotta head to bed. Gotta be up early in the morning.
Pietto narrows his eyes and holds up a finger to object — but can't quite bring himself to. "NNNFfffvvvv."
TheMyth: "The heart you got now's familiar…" The eyes narrow. This is a fairly intense experience.
Jorule raises an eyebrown, looking between the old man and Pietto a few times.
Pietto: " — well, if I had to guess whose it was — "
Jorule motions for him to continue.
Pietto: " — there was, what, a switcheroo?"
Pietto: "So I've got hers and she's got mine or summat but what do I know?"
Jorule peers down at Pietto, the expression on his face unreadble. "… You're in a girl's body?"
Pietto: "No!"
Pietto: "Maybe. Heart-wise."
Pietto stomops a foot and folds his arms. "Argh! I dunno."
Jorule: "…Right."
TheMyth: "Hmm. Anything else you've been missing?"
TheMyth: "Spears? Pens?"
TheMyth: "Briefcases full of money?"
Jorule: "Long term memory."
Jorule gives a shrug.
TheMyth: "Ah!"
TheMyth: "History. Parents. Home?"
Jorule: "… Yeah, actually."
Pietto rubs his chin. "No, yes, no."
TheMyth: A cascading wink. "There are such things in here."
Jorule blinks, twice, then takes a closer look around the place.
Pietto smiles slightly. "What if I was missin' an eye?"
TheMyth: "Those I keep."
Pietto: "I see."
TheMyth: "Lucky you."
TheMyth: Jorule: A stuffed bear, an astrolabe, sixteen umbrellas.
Jorule pushes a stuffed bear out of the way, then holds the astrolabe up, curiously, before shaking his head. "It's jsut… stuff."
TheMyth: "That's why people let it go."
TheMyth: "Hmph. Nothing is ever lost without a will to let it be so."
Jorule sets the astrolabe down, then walks out of the building.
TheMyth: The old man smiles knowingly to Pietto. "The intangibles are locked up safe, you see."
Pietto grins painfully. " — another lock! I see."
TheMyth: "Who cares where things end up?"
TheMyth: "History. Parents. Home. Heheh. These things matter."
TheMyth: "So when they end up here… I have to look afer them, hm?"
Pietto: "But from who?"
TheMyth: "Oh, anyone."
TheMyth: "But if you don't know what you're looking for, how do I know it's yours?"
Pietto flatly intones "I'd like t'know where we lost th'original conversation concernin' my heart."
TheMyth: "…The original?"
Pietto folds his arms. "I know what I'm lookin' for! Then you went off and asked about th'material stuff."
TheMyth: "What do you need to know about it, then?"
Pietto chuckles sheepishly. "Well. Whose do I have now? What's familiar about it?"
TheMyth: "Well. Yours. And it's been on this doorstep before."
Pietto: "I don't quite remember that bit."
TheMyth: A snort. "You weren't around for it."
Pietto: "Well then! Who was? Girl, around yay high?"
Pietto holds a hand just-so off the ground.
TheMyth: A nod.
Pietto: "Well then! Let's say I lost a love. Where's she now?"
TheMyth: "I can't say that. And, secondly, on Mt. Meru, cradling this valley."
Pietto: " — saw a hut on top of a mountain comin' in here. Would that be the one?"
TheMyth: "Correct. It's at the end of the underground."
Pietto nods, slightly dazed. "Alright. That's … that'd be all."
TheMyth: "Mostly."
TheMyth: "When all is lost, it'll be here."
TheMyth: "Feel free to look around."
Pietto nods again. "Er. Thank you."
Pietto steps back out.
TheMyth: The many-eyed old man nods.
Jorule gets up from the ground where he'd been leanign against the side of the shack as Pietto leaves.
Pietto holds his head and looks at Jorule. "Well, she's up the mountain. Here. Ish."
Pietto: "After I, y'know, threw the doll out here. Not before."
Jorule raises an eyebrow, then shrugs. "Glad you got an actual answer.
Pietto: "'Bout time."
Jorule: "So, which way?"
Pietto: "End of the underground. Remember that hut when th'place was forming?"
Jorule: "Yeah?"
Pietto: "There."
Jorule: "And … how do we *get* there?"
Pietto: "Walk, I guess."
Jorule: "Lead the wsy."
Pietto does so! West. Almost at the end, here.
Jorule simply follows behind/
[OOC] TheMyth: Hmm…
[OOC] TheMyth: …Do you actually want this scene tonight? :D
[OOC] Pietto: nope it's bedtime!
TheMyth: There's no way of navigating through this darkness.
TheMyth: And so it was written.

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