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TheMyth: And so it was written: Pokiehlember 14th, Year 1, Wisp's Day. The sun descends from its apex, and the air is still beautiful and clear.
TheMyth: The stalks of the long grasses of Jinn district bend in waves, and the covered caravans quietly pace through along the circular highway.
Jorule has finally stopped ranting, now that's made his way back to Ring Street. "… Anyway. I think for that harp it might be easier to just get Evelyn and Pietto to make one or something… Also…" He glances up at the sky, "I think we still got a bit before we need to check up with Flip. Something else I want to check on, since I keep getting distracted and forgetting about it."
Evelyn pops up behind Jorule glancing over his shoulder, instruments in tow. "Interested in music are we?" She pauses. "Saw you down the block."
Jorule: "Er. If you don't mind, I mean. Could probably go try and check out what was up with the Eyaz Chambers myself if not, or, uh. Yeah — " Jorule pauses and reaches with a hand behind his back, then blinks when he realizes it's not Hamaris. He luckily does not throw Evelyn over his shoulder, and just lets go and takes a couple of steps away, "You could say that, yeah."
[OOC] Evelyn: Hanes with you yes? You aren't crazy? :P
[OOC] Jorule: Hane is still with him, yeah. :p
Hamaris is, in fact, strolling down the street, in Jorule's right side "Music's cool!"
Evelyn looks a bit confused. "Eyaz… what? Well I can make you an instrument anyways… I think."
Hamaris thinks "Eyaz? You mean the boss?"
Jorule: "I think they say he's the one that built them, yeah. They're supposed to let you gain information about the future/past if you go into one at multiple points of time in your life."
Hamaris: "Cool!"
Evelyn quirks an eyebrow. "Looking for anything in particular?"
Jorule blows the bangs out of his face before running a hand through his hair, thinking. Eventually he answers: "Everything."
Evelyn lets off a dry laugh. "All… righty then. You been there before?"
Jorule shakes a head, "No, haven't had time yet. Stuff just keeps coming up, you know?"
Evelyn shakes her head. "I kinda meant more like… do y'know the way or am I just going to follow you around aimlessly till Festvallen?"
Hamaris: "I like walking around aimlessly, but I think he always knows where he's going!"
Jorule: "Uh, goin' topside, over to Luna. Since the one in Shade's kinda broke now."
Evelyn pauses, unsure if she's being blunt or not. "Umm… can we come with? Not like we have anything better to do y'know…"
Jorule raises an eyebrow at Evelyn, "'We'?"
Evelyn shrugs and points at Hamaris.
Jorule: "Oh. Yeah, if you want that's fine."
Evelyn: "Figured I'd ask before I stalk you yeah?"
Jorule tilts his head slightly, "Why, is following someone who you work with around something people don't normally do? Anyways, yeah, no problems with anyone hanging out."
Hamaris clearly does not understands all this crazy-talk
Evelyn turns to Hamaris. "We're going on an adventure."
Hamaris pumps his first up "Yay!"
Hane: "Do you know where one is in Luna, then?"
Do not mind the steam let off by Lily as it mimics Hamaris
Jorule: "Uh. I think so. Worst comes to worst I'll just go ask Eyaz."
Hane: "True enough."
Jorule nods to the others, then starts walking back on down ring street once more.
TheMyth: It's a brief trip from Jinn to Wisp. The city's still quiet - colorfully dressed workers are having lunch, sitting down next to half-finished temporary constructions. The barricades are going up!
TheMyth: Then Salamander, then the Dark Space. It won't take long.
Primula runs into the group between Wisp and Salamander.
Jorule: "Oh right, Ham you know the quickest way up still, right? Can never remember which way to turn. Also uh… Hey. Primula, I think it was?"
Primula: "Oh, hey! I thought we were all meeting up at Festvallun?"
Primula: "Yes. Jorule, right?"
Hamaris nods "I do! I know that place very well, I live in there!"
Jorule nods, "Yeah, in a bit. Also, yes."
Hamaris leads the way. Veeeeery slowly and carefully
Hane waves to Primula. "That's not until later at night."
Primula: "I suppose I might've been a bit early."
Primula: "Where're you all headed to?"
Hamaris: "To Luna to look at the boss' chamber!"
Jorule nods, walking backwards behind Lily. "Still setting up, I think. And uh… Over to Luna for a bit, yeah."
Primula: "Ah, okay. Mind if I tag along?"
Jorule shakes his head. "Nope, don't mind anyone being around if they wanna be around, most of the time."
Hamaris: "Hum… I want a Mesot…"
Jorule: "… What's a mesot?"
Evelyn: "Mesot…?"
Hamaris: "I don't know!"
Jorule: "Oh. Okay. Well, if I see one."
Evelyn sighs. Could Hamaris walk any slower? It'll be Festvallen by the time they get there.
Hamaris only speeds up when following others at travel speed, because then he isn't paying attention to the terrain. Sadly, he is right now
Jorule shakes his head, turns around, then prods Lily to go faster. Don't have too much time to waste right now!
TheMyth: The gloaming lights of the Dark Space glimmer as one steps into the vast void of the space between the Luna and Aura districts.
Lily speeds up the pace, and picks up Hamaris, who now is moving at faster speed
Hamaris waves to his own house as they make their way up the Moonreading Tower
Pietto is furiously pacing back and forth around the border between the districts.
Jorule gives a nod of acknowledgment to the puppet as he continues to follow the golem.
Evelyn glances at Pietto with a small smirk. "Deciding what to do since the heart wasn't on that mountain?"
Pietto: "Sh'up. I'll find those fellas again. They're from up there, aaan' I'll get 'em one day. Yessir."
Pietto: "Ma'am."
Hamaris: "Then let's go look for them while we look at Eyaz' chamber!"
Pietto stops and points up. "Uh. You headed over there?"
Jorule: "Yeah."
Pietto: "A'right. Yeh. I'll, uh. I'll come along."
Hane waves to Pietto. "Feel free to."
Jorule glances up at the sky for a minute, then counts out something silent on his fingers before shaking his head. "Today's kinda weird. But I guess it's good everyone's running into each other more often now."
Evelyn giggles. "Perhaps it's a sign?"
Jorule: "Could be, yeah. I mean, we did bump into another one today, so."
Pietto: "If it isn't a sign, I could make one."
Pietto taps his head with his hammer. "Eeyup."
Jorule glances back over at Pietto and thinks. "… That is entirely possible, yeah. I think. I mean, haven't seen anyone but me and Hane do it yet, but all of us should be able to, pretty sure."
Evelyn shakes her head. "Riiiiight. Anyways…" She trails off. "You're talking about the gates again?"
Hane shrugs. "I'd guess that all of us can make and use Artifacts."
Jorule: "Uh. Artifacts, actually. But the Gates need to be open to actually do anything with them, so, I guess indirectly."
Jorule nods to Hane.
Evelyn adjusts her hat thinking for a moment. "So this place we're going to… will tell you how to open that gate?"
Jorule: "Assuming that at some point in the future we figure out how to open them all, yeah. Which is pretty likely, but it'll be a lot faster and easier to do it in the first place with knowledge of how to do it."
Pietto: "Uh."
Pietto: "Can't we just get another pair of sunglasses?"
Evelyn cocks her head to Pietto clearly baffled.
Pietto: " — 's'how we opened the first."
Jorule: "That uh. Only worked with Shade Gate. We had to kill a sea monster in Undine, then Ruga's asking us for help with some stuff and… Well, Joch's just screwing with us, but."
Pietto: "Oh.
TheMyth: The Moon Reading Tower reaches high up into the sky, though it reaches Luna District first.
Pietto: "Uh. Wasn' aware how you tried."
Jorule: "Ah. Well. Yeah. They're all kind of different."
Pietto: "Well! Nevermin' then."
Jorule nods, still following behind Lily up the tower. "Also I think there's like some kind of toll bridge or something ahead, but everyone should have two gil to spare." He glances over his shoulder, "I think?"
[OOC] Pietto: Are gil and lucre interchangeable terms?
Evelyn stares at Jorule. "Ummm…. what kind of toll bridge would only charge 2 lucre?"
[OOC] Jorule: no. lol. That was a brain fart. <_<
[OOC] TheMyth: Gil is very archaic. Basically the equivalent of saying "pence".
Jorule shrugs. "Duno, but when we went up last time, it was 1 Lucre per person, per trip. So."
Hane shrugs. "It could add up over time."
TheMyth: The interior of the Moon Reading Tower is magnificent and golden, and strange blue lights float through the air and flicker just under the surface of the strange translucent metal used in the construction.
TheMyth: The tower quietly winds upwards.
Hamaris just randomly hums off-tune as Lily carries him up the tower
Jorule sticks his hands into his pockets as he walks. "Also it gets a little weird up ahead, but I think that's… normal-ish. Anyways. Uh."
Pietto: "For here? Yeh."
Pietto: "Kinna like it, though."
Jorule: "Yeah."
Pietto hums along.
Jorule: "Oh yeah, speaking of weird." Jorule glances back over his shoulder at Primula for a second, "Where'd you learn how to speak Gossam? Not often I run into anyone else that does."
Evelyn stares blankly. "What's Gossam?"
[OOC] Primula: That's a very good question, thanks for asking….I have no idea >_>
Jorule: "The Faries' language."
TheMyth: Eventually, it comes to a landing. An archway leads out onto one of the floating streets of Luna, whereas the staircase itself winds higher up to the right.
Hamaris: "Hum… Where in Luna is this place?"
Jorule continues up the staircase. "Up."
Hamaris then urges Lily on up
Pietto: "Yeh. Where you headed off to, 'xactly?"
Evelyn: "No idea. I haven't been here for a while though so it's nice for tourism."
Jorule: "Eyaz Chamber. And failing to recall where it's at, uh, to go talk to Eyaz himself."
[OOC] TheMyth: Oh, you're heading to the top of the tower?
[OOC] Jorule: Well, the Chamber first, if possible, but. <_<
[OOC] Hamaris: Far as I know only Jorule knows where stuff is
[OOC] Pietto: Pietto's been around both Lun-A-ura a lot, actually.
[OOC] Jorule: I myself do not remember where it is, though. Yarg. So I can't actually give accurate directions. <_<
[OOC] Hamaris: Ham also casually stroess between Luna and Aura
[OOC] Hane: Don't look at me.
[OOC] Kiyami: Everyone looks at Hane
[OOC] Primula: who's playing with the parent's laptop on-and-off
[OOC] TheMyth: The only thing at the top of the tower is the top of the tower!
[OOC] TheMyth: Connection miiight be lost.
Pietto: "All in all, we're lookin' for Eyaz. Right?"
Jorule: "Yeah. Either the Chamber, or the guy. Whichever we get to first, I guess."
Hamaris tries to think if he knows either where the chamber or Eyaz are
TheMyth: Hmm. The Lunatic Temple, perhaps?
Primula: "I picked it up from a book. It's a very pretty language to sing. Why, where'd you learn it from, Jorule?"
TheMyth: That seems to be where all the most secluded of the Lunites spend their time. It's all the way up there in the tallest Anchorage.
Hamaris then points Lily to take them to the tallest Anchorage, and meanwhile, takes a nap
Pietto: "You, uh, look a lil' lost. Kinna figures the boss would be at th'top."
Jorule: "Oh, you know. Was going through some of the wares out in Shade, happened to stumble across some old looking papers. Thought they looked interesting, spent some time reading. Lot of time reading."
Jorule: "Also just picked it out from hearing a few songs, and stuff." He shrugs.
Jorule also gives a glance to Pietto, then shrugs and follows after Ham. "Yeah, that was where he was last time. … I think. I wasn't exactly leading then, and, as noted, this place is kind of weird if you're not used to it."
TheMyth: It's a circuitous trip up to the highest anchorage. One passes briefly by the entrance to a set of house-crowded platforms pressed up against the walls. None of the windows are lit.
TheMyth: Some of the citizens walking the streets stare briefly at the travelers.
Pietto: "Oh, ya been here a'fore."
TheMyth: A guard carrying an enormous crescented halberd, wearing a long-snouted lizard mask, nods gently, yet firmly to them as they pass.
TheMyth: "Move along."
Pietto: "A'right then."
Hane: "Once."
TheMyth: "You are thanked."
Jorule: "Was planin' on it."
TheMyth: A staircase leads up to the Loft Anchorage, pressed up high against the center wall.
Hamaris is napping, Lily laeding up to where the Luantic Temple should be
Jorule shakes his head and lowers his Shades over his eyes as they walk. Lunites are weird.
Evelyn glances at the guard for a moment before heading on her way.
TheMyth: Though his armor is well decorated, it's perfectly functional, and well articulated.
TheMyth: It would be difficult to get anything to skin.
Pietto just keeps climbin'.
TheMyth: The Lunatic Temple is a stepped pyramid, overgrowing with bulbous blue fruit and glowing vines that grow in and out of the pools of water fed by streams running down channels along the walls.
Evelyn mutters to herself. "Doesn't look like too lively a crowd to try and perform for…"
Jorule: "Yeah… Probably not."
TheMyth: Lunites are heading in and out. Aside from a woman with long blonde hair pouring out of her maned lion mask and down across the broad shoulders of her brown robe, no one bothers with a second glance.
Hamaris yawns as he wakes up "That was nice"
TheMyth: That particular woman leans gently against the side of the arch. Her hands are free.
Hamaris then hops out of Lily's arms and heads into the pyramid (or, in case it has staris going up, up it)
Jorule looks around a bit and takes in the scenery for a few moments, then follows after Hamaris. Not like he's going to get too far ahead, after all.
TheMyth: She's watching the approaching crowd very carefully.
Hamaris waves to the woman
[OOC] Aleith|Dinner: Hopefully back soon
TheMyth: The steppedness is too large to walk up. It's more like layers, and you'd need to climb across a lot of fountains.
TheMyth: The doorway seems to be the way in.
Hamaris then definitely takes the doorway in
Pietto tips his hat to the woman. "Howdy."
Jorule lets out a puff of air, makes sure his sunglasses are fully covering his eyes, stuffs his hands into his pockets, and continues to follow behind Ham. Though now he's wondering if they're going to have trouble getting in.
Evelyn follows after Hamaris. "Think they'll let us walk right in?"
Jorule: "Duno. Hopefully."
TheMyth: She speaks with a practiced certainty. She raises a single hand - it's gauntletted. "What makes you think you are allowed in?"
Jorule: "Well, mostly my brain, since it does the thinking and makes my feet do the walking. You?"
Evelyn smirks but stays silent in the back.
Pietto: "Oh! Oh, uh, do pardon us. Uh."
Hamaris: "Nobody said we couldn't enter!"
Pietto nods. "No real indication."
Evelyn: "Actually… I think she just did."
Pietto: "Well, aside from that."
Pietto: "'Cuz she sounds kind of put off, like we didn't see somethin'…"
Hamaris: "No, said asked what made us think we're allowed in"
Jorule: "Well, she should say that, then."
TheMyth: The gauntletted hand remains raised. She hasn't straightened up in the slightest, and the mask covers her face. Not even the faintest glimmer of recognition can be seen in her hidden eyes.
TheMyth: Some lunites have stopped to stare, standing in dense crowds to watch, shoulder-to-shoulder and back to back.
Evelyn shrugs and starts to walk forward again.
Jorule: "Anyways, so long as you're only questioning why we think something, and not actually telling us not to do something, I'm gunna go inside."
Jorule takes a few steps, moving towards the door.
TheMyth: The guard shakes her head. "You said you could think."
Evelyn frowns. "That'd be a no then?"
Jorule: "I can. And usually I don't mind these pointless little circles everyone wants us to run in, but it's getting a little frusturating. So tell us not to go in, or shut up." Jorule keeps walking.
TheMyth: "…Have fun."
Jorule: "Thank you."
Evelyn is walking with Jorule.
Primula shrugs and follows Jorule.
TheMyth: The crowd doesn't disperse. They still seem to be waiting for something.
Hamaris follows Jorule, that was mildly entertaining
Hane shakes her head, following them.
Pietto chuckles a little nervously and walks in backwards with another tip of his hat.
TheMyth: The mask follows Pietto as he enters. It feels like a glare.
Pietto quickly hops to hide behind Lily.
TheMyth: The entrance hallway seems to continue on into darkness.
Jorule gives a good look around once he's inside, but he keeps walking. Albeit a little slower now.
TheMyth: The stone floor has an odd shape to it, curving up and down in strange ways. Almost as if it's floored with giant swirls.
TheMyth: The footsteps of other lunites can be heard in the darkness.
TheMyth: Some are getting closer, some are getting further apart.
Hamaris has no idea what this place is like, but he's looking for the Eyaz Chamber or Eyaz himself
Jorule does his best not to let it bother him. If someone wants to make an even bigger scene, they'll do it regardless now.
TheMyth: In two words: Pitch black.
TheMyth: The only light is that from sunlight breaching the entrance to the temple, and that's a good distance away by now.
TheMyth: There are half-remembered shapes of corridors reaching elsewhere in the darkness.
Hane: "…does anyone have a lantern? Or flashlights built into Lily?"
Hamaris shakes his head vigorously "Nope!"
Pietto: "Don't even think about usin' me fer fire."
TheMyth: There is, eventually, a voice. Slightly familiar. Confident, almost joking.
TheMyth: "Stumbling around in the dark again?"
Pietto: "Eeyup."
Evelyn blinks.
Hamaris: "It's cool!"
TheMyth: "Well then."
Hamaris: "What's your name?"
TheMyth: There seems to be a set of footsteps keeping pace with the group.
TheMyth: "I am called Eyaz."
Pietto: "Nice to meetcha."
Jorule: "Hey. Yeah, it's, uh. Actually with a different group at the moment, which you probably know, but. Yeah. I forgot to ask before, but, could you point me in the direction of one of the working Eyaz Chambers?"
Hane blinks, ears raising up in surprise. "…hello again."
Hamaris: "Hey!"
TheMyth: "The number one's down the next hallway to your left. The number two's down the next hallway to your right."
TheMyth: "They are also, conveniently for you, the last hallways."
Hamaris: "Thanks!"
TheMyth: Eyaz's footsteps calmly stop.
Jorule: "Thanks. Oh, while I'm here: how often do you talk to the other Bosses?"
Hamaris: "Sometimes!"
TheMyth: Jorule bumps into a wall.
TheMyth: "I've learned all I need to know from them."
TheMyth: "They don't really do that much, all considered."
TheMyth: "Even my position is somewhat… vestigial."
Jorule: "No, they don't. But they do a little. And you'd all be a lot more functional if you kept in contact, but, yeah."
TheMyth: "Luna is thriving. The rest can look to their own gardens."
Jorule feels arounds in the darkness for the hallways to the left. "Do you think it would stay thriving if something bad was to happen to another district?"
Pietto: "Uh. Bad to happen?"
Jorule: "Hypothetically."
TheMyth: The wall feels slick, but you can continue left with your arm across it.
TheMyth: "Luna feeds her own children. Even in the worst of cases, we could close off access and live a thousand years."
Pietto: "Uh. Given the trouble a few of yer denizens have been causin', it … erp!"
Pietto trails off.
Jorule: "Somehow I don't think that demon's or monsters would get bored during a long wait. But if you're really not that worried, then the rest of this conversation is probably pointless. Maybe I can talk to your counter point. At any rate, are you guys keeping an eye on any of the big names?"
TheMyth: "Big names?"
TheMyth: Eyaz continues walking, taking a turn to the left.
Jorule: "Shark, Dragon, Bird, Hunter." Jorule shrugs and feels his way around for a door handle.
TheMyth: The door just seems to push open.
Jorule: "Probably more, but Ruga didn't seem to know too much of the details."
TheMyth: "Who said those were threats?" He laughs.
TheMyth: "And such colorful nicknames."
Jorule shrugs. "No one, exactly. Well. I mean theortically, at least. Since Shark did try and burn down the town and all before we popped him."
TheMyth: "Two of them are dead and two are nothing more than trumped up gluttons."
Jorule: "I wouldn't really be that quick to dismiss Crimson."
TheMyth: A firm hand from Eyaz holds the door open. "Everyone in?"
Jorule raises an eyebrow. "Thought it was one at a time? Oh well." Jorule shrugs and slips inside.
TheMyth: "This is the antechamber."
TheMyth: "Crimson is a hulking idiot, which I think you will slowly begin to realize."
Primula heads inside, then.
TheMyth: "Remove him if you wish. You might learn something in the process."
Pietto: "Um. First-timer here. What's … this place again?"
Jorule: "Ogre's arn't exactly bright either, but they're strong enough to give everyone some trouble."
Hamaris nods "Yeah, what Pietto said!"
TheMyth: "Except me, of course."
TheMyth: "Perhaps he's afraid of heights?"
Evelyn stands in the back quietly.
TheMyth: "This leads to a chamber that allows one to connect with one's future self."
Jorule: "Perhaps. Anyways, you know what I'm talking about, at least. Would you mind horribly spilling a few more names? Since I am trying to help you with your problem, I mean."
TheMyth: He opens the door, leading to a small, sunlit garden.
TheMyth: "Oh, you mean, you want to know who everyone else is fretting about?"
TheMyth: There are stone benches, and a small fountain and pool. Fish calmly swim around inside.
Jorule holds an arm up to his eyes for a second, trying to block out the light while his shade covered eyes readjust to the light.
TheMyth: A small bronze door is also on the other side.
Jorule: "I would. Since I tend to fret a lot myself."
TheMyth: Eyaz enters and takes a seat. He's wearing a golden robe and wearing a splendid, bejewelled dragon mask, far more impressive than the one he was wearing when he was at the tower. Twin horns spiral like a ram out from the sides.
Hamaris blinks at the light, and then steps in, and goes watch and bother the fishes
Pietto: "Really? Couldn' tell. Always figured you as the cool cucumber type."
TheMyth: "Well then."
TheMyth: "Crimson's the hunter. Most of the beasts he hunts he invented himself."
TheMyth: "He hasn't really accomplished anything in his life."
Jorule looks over at Pietto, not sure if he was being serious or not, before deciding to just shrug at the puppet.
TheMyth: "The shark was Mr. Giwite, a traditionalist who preferred to have others running his life instead of himself. As he displayed, he was not capable of handling either situation."
Jorule nods.
TheMyth: "The bird is the shattered monk, a feeble-minded babbler who will bend the ear of anyone who listens and repeats the same tired folktales every day."
Evelyn pauses, recalling the name.
TheMyth: "Of course, this means that he and Crimson are great pals."
TheMyth: "And finally, the dragon would, of course, be Rachts Infernis, the great serpent, who is said to visit Oberon and lay it to waste every hundred years."
TheMyth: "Sadly for those who prefer rumors to real astrology, that anniversary was two or seven days ago by all proper calendars."
TheMyth: He shrugs.
Jorule scratches at the back of his head. "That… Monk. Sounds familiar. Can't quite place a name though."
TheMyth: "Those troubled pit-bosses have a chance to speak to the truly capable and they send them running off after phantoms."
TheMyth: Eyaz sighs.
Hamaris: "It's Sage Joch"
Jorule: "… Hah."
TheMyth: "It's not." Eyaz explains.
Hamaris nods to Eyaz
Jorule: "Er?"
Evelyn: "Huh?"
TheMyth: "The bird is, in fact, several birds. Difficult to mistake once you've met him."
Pietto: "Uh. Feeble-minded babbler…"
Evelyn: "The man made of birds?"
Jorule: "Ahah. …"
Pietto: "Guy that said something about my heart in th'mountains, yeh."
TheMyth: "That would be him."
Pietto: "Like I said. Cuckoo case."
Evelyn frowns. "He said I was throwing my life away being a Minstrel."
Jorule lets out a puff of air. "And yes, the whole 'lets not actually tell them anything' bit is getting a little frusturating."
TheMyth: "Well, I'm content to answer all I can."
Jorule blinks and then turns to Evelyn, with an eyebrow raised.
TheMyth: "Though." He motions a gloved hand to the doors to the Eyaz Chamber.
TheMyth: "You could see for yourself."
Jorule: "… Point. I can ask questions later for any blanks that might need filling in."
TheMyth: "Of course. You would prefer to go first?"
TheMyth: "Remember to keep diet afterwards."
Pietto: "Diet?
Jorule slides his hands out of his pockets, before pushing the sunglasses back up to his forehead. "I would. Er, if no one else minds. And yeah." Jorule then slide sover towards the other door.
TheMyth: "You have to keep your body in the same state as it was when you first entered so that the Chamber may make the connection."
TheMyth: "All it does is fold your later visits in on yourself."
TheMyth: A smooth, handled indentation in the door allows one to get a grip upon it.
Jorule does just that, then gives a tug. Once open, he quietly slips inside.
TheMyth: The chamber is small - ten feet by ten feet. The door closes behind Jorule.
TheMyth: It's lit by a single lamp, and a mirror sits in it.
TheMyth: No noise comes in from the outside world. The mirror reflects nothing but cool glare.
Jorule pulls both of the gloves off of his hands and sticks them into his pockets, before running a hand through his hair. Once that's done, he steps into the center of the room and turns to face the mirror.
TheMyth: …Maybe it's not working?
Jorule frowns and looks up at the ceiling. He then closes his eyes and tries to blank out his mind; think of nothing and make it more… open, to other things.
TheMyth: No visions! No nothing! Or-
TheMyth: Jorule's mind briefly explodes with a carnival of mental white light, the suggestion of faint, infinite shapes visible on the very edges of his mind's eye.
TheMyth: It lasts for a moment before it's closed out by reflex.
Jorule's eyes snap open and he stumbles back, until he hits the wall. A hand then goes up and holds onto his head. "The fu… Ugh." He gives his head a shake, then tries something a bit easier - remembering what's going to happen tonight.
TheMyth: Well, you're going to Festivallun! And- blurs of corporeal shape stretch out across the streets, multiplying and multiplying until it becomes a mess of prismatic, perfect white.
TheMyth: A mental shake, and normal thoughts return.
Jorule involinterally shudders with the shake and holds the second hand to his head. "… Okay. One more try, then doing that a third time is officially going to be a dumb idea."
Jorule takes a few deep breaths to gather himself once more, then attempts to remembre how his next conversation with Flip turns out.
TheMyth: And the only vision is white noise.
Pietto: "So … whoss'hee doin' in there?"
TheMyth: "Seeing visions, I presume."
TheMyth: "They're not always interesting."
TheMyth: "Some find they have little to learn."
Evelyn paces about looking upwards. "Wonder what he's lookin for."
TheMyth: "I do not think he knows."
Jorule closes both eyes again. He trys to push through the static, or make it more clear, but after a minute of that not working he'll give up and go to open the door.
TheMyth: There's too much to deal with. The vast majority of the ocean of sound is Jorule's voice, or Flip's, but your friends all have their presences in it, saying every word in their vocabularies, and then the voices of acquaintances, and some you don't even recognize.
TheMyth: Eyaz raises his head to look up at the sky.
TheMyth: "I had much to tell myself."
Pietto: "Come again?"
Hamaris pokes a fish
Evelyn: "Oh?"
Jorule pauses for a second and stops just at the door. His mind then begins to wander… Though this time over to the Marshe, with the Count and Seye.
TheMyth: Voices. Shapes in white and black. Blurs around a dinner table.
TheMyth: It collapses into white soon enough.
TheMyth: The same reflex.
TheMyth: "Well. I did not invent the chamber. However, I was the first to build one."
TheMyth: "I stumbled upon the phenomenon by accident, and learned that, as a later id, I will know how to reconstruct it."
TheMyth: "So I did."
Jorule gives his head another hard shake and pushes open the door. He soon stumbles out, not quite steady on his feet. After somehow making his way to one of the benches he collapses onto it and just holds his hands to his head.
TheMyth: The door creaks open.
TheMyth: "Jorule. I won't ask you to share what you saw." Eyaz says.
TheMyth: "…But others that wish to enter may do so."
Evelyn turns to Jorule collapsed on the bench. "Well? Did you at least find out anything about the gates?"
Hamaris ooh's "Hey!" he runs over to Jorule "How was it?"
Jorule shakes his head slowly. "Don't think it's going to help, even if they do."
Evelyn shrugs. "Pietto you going to try and find your heart?"
Jorule: "I saw… ugh. Actually, maybe it'd be a good idea to let someone else check and see if the same thing happens. Don't try more than two or three times, though."
Pietto taps his mouth for a sec. "Uh. Not on the same subject an' all, but you mentioned a few other guys like that shark or ogre. Any connection with the cuckoo?"
Evelyn blinks. "Did it get worse as time went on or…?"
Pietto: "Or are they all just … guys?"
TheMyth: "The cuckoo?"
Hamaris nods "Yay! Let me try it!" he says, going into the chamber himself
Evelyn: "Man made of birds."
Jorule: "No just… Go check for yourself. It's hard to explain. I need to see if it was just me, or."
TheMyth: "He deals with Crimson."
TheMyth: Hamaris opens the door. It closes shut behind him, revealing a bronze chamber. The mirror does not reflect. The lamp does illuminate.
Hamaris blinks, but he goes over and stands right in front of the mirror, at any rate, looking at it rather curiously
TheMyth: It only gives off a cool glare.
Hamaris thinks… Maybe this isn't how it works… He closes his eyes and tries to think of… Something… Hum… Somebody who isn't here, he merely lets his mind wander
TheMyth: As one tries to look into the future, the near arrives first. Visions of the chamber itself are quite distinct - though seen from all angles, giving it a nigh impossible geometry.
TheMyth: Then, it collapses into shape upon shape, infinite views layered upon eachother to form indiscernable white, matched with a noise like a waterfall.
TheMyth: As a reflex, one's mind shuts the visions out as they become meaningless.
Hamaris blinks and shakes his head, Jorule was right! He just goes out of the room "Whiiiite"
Evelyn: "That was fast."
Jorule nods slightly to Hamaris, then glances back over at the girls and puppet. "One of you try, as well?"
Pietto briskly stands up and walks in.
TheMyth: Door opens. Shuts.
TheMyth: The mirror. A dim-burning oil lamp.
Pietto is dead-set on finding what's pretty important to him. Him finding his real body, or giving up. Where his heart is. And, most of all, where she is. Or will be.
TheMyth: It's-
TheMyth: There's a mental vertigo, a falling sensation that seems to burn a blazing path everywhere you've ever been.
TheMyth: Before, that is.
TheMyth: Then, the memories of the night. Then, west…
TheMyth: And then it becomes indistinct.
TheMyth: …You can still feel it beating.
TheMyth: But… that's the now.
Pietto sits there for a moment, not thinking about anything in particular now. Mental silence to match the physical.
TheMyth: It doesn't feel like a vision of the future, but it's still there. You can still feel the heartbeat, like how it felt, and how hers felt, when you kissed her.
TheMyth: It's very far away, but still a part of you - like a sensation at the tip of your finger, held out.
TheMyth: No visions offer themselves to you.
Pietto shakes his head, and just lets his curiousity follow the blonde woman with the lion's mask waiting outside.
TheMyth: Visions of her are very certain. She seems to be waiting there.
Pietto shudders and stands up to go back to the antechamber.
TheMyth: Eventually, the visions seem to blur, and-
TheMyth: Well, that one's gone. The door opens.
Pietto: "… west. West it is."
Evelyn: "Didn't you arrive at that conclusion a few days ago?"
TheMyth: A satisfied "Hmm." from Eyaz.
Pietto: "Well, did you arrive at th'conclusion you should quit?"
TheMyth: "…She hasn't gone in yet."
Jorule: "… Wait. Something happened for you?"
TheMyth: "Oh. Hmmhmm. I see."
Evelyn shakes her head as the man of birds words echo in the back of her mind. "I'd rather not know what the future has in store for me. I write my own tales!" She grins.
TheMyth: "I apologize." Eyaz makes a quick bow.
Jorule frowns at Evelyn, but his eyes and attention are focused on Pietto, in anticipation of his answer.
Pietto: "… yeh, summat happened. I felt again."
Pietto: "Like. Uh. Not that I don't now, but."
Pietto: "But I didn't actually!"
Pietto: "… so yeah. West it is."
Jorule: "… Augh." Jorule gives his head another shake. His eyes pass over Evelyn as he frowns again for a second, then land on Hane and Primula. "One of you go in. … Please?
Primula steps in, muttering, "like I could resist something like this."
Hane leans against the wall, nodding. "I've got something I'd like to see after her, anyway."
Pietto: "Felt odd at first, but it was clear."
TheMyth: Eyaz speaks to Pietto: "You can still see the vision?"
TheMyth: The door swings gently shut behind Primula.
TheMyth: The mirror reflects nothing but its shining silvered surface.
TheMyth: The dim lamp gently burns, casting the cool stone room in an orange light.
Jorule nods to Hane, "Thanks," then turns to just give Pietto a blank stare.
Pietto: " — uh. Like, I haven't forgotten it by now? Or I can still — "
Primula looks at the mirror, then concentrates on that man in the red-and-black pinstripe suit. What exactly is he up to, anyhow?
TheMyth: He's-
TheMyth: a blur across Oberon. He's visiting one of the quarries. He's heading to Undine.
TheMyth: He speaks to a woman in a top hat working at a stall, and he purchases something in a small tin.
TheMyth: He then heads out into Shade, and -
TheMyth: Images upon images get overlaid upon eachother, and they fade into the mist.
Primula: "…this is both too specific, and not specific enough…" she mutters to herself.
TheMyth: It echoes gently.
Pietto shuffles and rubs the back of his neck. "Had something, but it broke when I started leavin'. Uh. An' a few more things came to mind. Any chance I could go back in after everyone else is through fer now?"
Primula tries to concentrate on where she might find some faeries or spirits.
TheMyth: There's one in the marsh. There's one in Huju's Grove. There's one on that island out on the ocean.
TheMyth: No faeries come to mind.
TheMyth: Eyaz speaks to Pietto. "No, not have you forgotten."
TheMyth: "It's just, one would be stepping out of the folded world upon leaving the chamber."
Primula shrugs, and then heads out of the room.
TheMyth: "I wouldn't think any visiting sensations would be still vivid."
TheMyth: "Welcome back."
Jorule: "Did you see something too?"
TheMyth: The images of spirits persist for a moment as you leave the chamber, but Jorule's question blasts it from your mind.
Primula: "Yeah, something about…spirits…"
Pietto: "Oh. 'n'that case, nah. Not anymore."
Jorule frowns for a moment, then looks really upset for a few more, then returns his face to a neutral position. "I see."
Hane pushes herself off of the wall and heads into the chamber.
Evelyn glances at Primula. "Oh? You're looking for some too? We should go explorin' sometime."
Primula: "Hmmm. Well, I know there's some spirits in the marsh, one in Huju's Grove, and another out on an island in the ocean…"
Primula: "I could've sworn that I could've lead us straight to them until Jorule asked me, though."
TheMyth: Eyaz speaks to Jorule: "Maybe you didn't want yourself to know anything."
TheMyth: He turns to Primula for a moment.
Jorule opens his mouth to reply to Primula, but just spins around wildly to face Eyza. He stares. Hard.
Jorule: "That's … No. No chance."
TheMyth: "Shade's in your blood. Though I rarely think the same way, there is value in a mystery."
TheMyth: The door closes shut behind Hane.
Primula: "No idea on where to find any faeries, though. Guess we need some more…what, artifacts? Guess there's none in the 3 you guys have placed so far."
TheMyth: The room has a mirror in it, on a stand. Well, it looks like it'd be a mirror. It's not reflecting anything but light.
Jorule shake shis head vigirously. "The mystery is crap. I need to know!"
TheMyth: There's also a lamp in the corner. It gives off a pale orange glow.
Hamaris: "Maybe! You didn't want yourself to know anything because you knew that otherwise you'd never discover it by yourself what means that the chamber would not work anyway"
Primula says to Evelyn, "well, I'm looking for them just to see them for myself, since I've never seen one before. Same with Faeries. Why?"
TheMyth: "Artefacts?" Eyaz asks.
Hamaris: "So it just can't work for you because if it DOES works it's because you don't want it to work"
Jorule: "Hamaris. That doesn't even make sense."
Hamaris: "I know!"
Jorule: "Things make sense."
Hane moves in front of the mirror, giving it an odd look before closing her eyes, her thoughts immediately drifting to the thought of finding a way to fly by any means.
TheMyth: Your thoughts briefly echo back to you. Any means?
Evelyn raises an eyebrow at Primula. "Weren't you with us on the mountain? I can call upon the spirits through song to aid us in exchange for… Well. Yeah." She trails off.
Primula: "Well…I don't exactly know how you use your abilities, really, just that you used it. You never mentioned any specifics before now."
TheMyth: "In exchange for…?"
Hane thinks about stories she's heard of heroes flying on the back of a great winged beast, or inside huge contraptions.
Primula: "Oh, and the guy in the red-and-black pinstripe suit travels a lot in Oberon. Something about visiting quarries, then Undine to buy something from a lady wearing a top hat, then he headed off to Shade…maybe he's heading there, or will head there? Dunno." She shrugs.
Pietto starts idly whittling again in silence.
TheMyth: A dragon was entombed in Salamander. A contraption was buried in Jinn. And-
Jorule: "… Top hat? Wears a suit, short black hair?"
TheMyth: There's a familiar sensation…
TheMyth: A pulling sensation…
TheMyth: Like standing on the edge of a precipice.
Primula: "Uh, I think so? I was concentrating more on what he's up to."
TheMyth: Like you have a muscle you can't find that's aching to be flexed.
Jorule gives a short nod, then goes back to looking frusturated.
Primula: "She sold him a small tin."
Primula: "Or will sell him. Or is selling him. Whatever."
Hane wonders about this briefly before her thoughts drift to Sage Joch, and his disciple. Are they different, or the same?
TheMyth: …Hey, what kind of hermit has a disciple, anyway?
Hane lastly wonders about the Jinn Gate. How do (did?) we open it?
TheMyth: It collapses into images upon images, but they seem to be centered upon an aeolian harp - sometimes made of wood, sometimes made of smooth stone - a greenhouse-like building, and Joch's monastery being cleared out.
TheMyth: Of course, it's difficult to pick what exactly happens with any of these out of the white noise.
Hane shakes her head, finding out nothing new, and walks out of the chamber.
Jorule: "Well?"
TheMyth: The door swings shut behind her.
Hane: "I think we could find a dragon in Salamander, and a machine in Jinn, that would allow us to fly."
Hane: "Also, there is no disciple."
Evelyn gets up stretching. "Wait, what?" O.o
Jorule closes his eyes tightly and takes a deep breath. He then punches the seat on the bench near him, before taking another deep breath.
TheMyth: "Patience, child of shade."
TheMyth: "You've learned much already."
Hane: "And the only hints I got for opening the Jinn Gate were what Joch told us to do, Jorule."
Evelyn: "Why would we want to fly… We could fall or something… Sounds d-dangerous!"
Jorule: "This is crap. It shut me out. Why did it shut me out? Everyone else got something. But it shut me out completly."
TheMyth: The images of the mesas fade from Hane's mind.
Hane: "I think the harp is made of both wood and stone somehow."
Primula: "Maybe you were asking it the wrong way, somehow?"
Evelyn smiles at Jorule. "You can always try again if you have your doubts. Doors not going anywhere."
Primula: "Maybe we have a choice? They could probably be made from either."
Hane looks at Evelyn. "Well, if we make the world big enough, it'd be a pain walking everywhere."
Jorule gets back to his feet and is at the door in an instant. Then it's open, and he's inside again.
Jorule: "I'll figure it out."
TheMyth: The words echo inside the chamber.
Evelyn frowns as the door closes. "I didn't mean right this minute… he's barely sat down from last time."
Primula: "He seems a tad…stubbrn."
TheMyth: "Actually." Eyaz says.
TheMyth: "It should work this time. That will confirm it, at least."
Evelyn: "Oh? Know something?"
TheMyth: "Well. It connects the same condition, doesn't it?"
Jorule rolls the sleeve up on his left arm and stares down at the tattos. "If you're screwing with this, you better stop." His palm opens, and he presses it against the mirror and he closes his eyes and starts to clear his mind again. Which will take a bit longer than the first time, but is eventually accomplished.
TheMyth: Crystal-clear.
TheMyth: Nothing intrudes.
Jorule starts with something from one of the others he can work with: Jack.
TheMyth: Well. She's over in her stall most of the time, and visions of her when you aren't around are fairly easy to accomplish.
TheMyth: But when one does approach, it fades into the infinite white sea. It seems pretty, in some inscrutable way.
Jorule tests out a theory, and try to see if he can see visions of Jack when he isn't around, but when at least one of the others are.
[OOC] Jorule: er, scratch that. You're on the level. lol
TheMyth: Those are much the same. Pure Hearts definitely seem to be connected with the sea of white.
Jorule half smirks, half frowns. Okay, that might be a confirmation. Test two: how far: He, again, starts simple. The next day. The next week. Then when her next shipment with better equipment finally arrives.
TheMyth: Anything past one white sea is a white sea in of itself. Viewing the world from a distance, it's much the same. Even the same happens to the rolling grassland, though that is much slower.
[OOC] Jorule: Er, that was restarting from a non-white sea, actually. Going form a point that works until a point where it falls apart.
TheMyth: The white sea appears only minutes into the future.
TheMyth: It quickly encompasses the universe.
Jorule frowns. Maybe it's too connected to us. He lets out a sharp breath and shrugs his shoulders. Next, next… Crimson. Right now. Tonight.
TheMyth: A blur of red fading into white. Well, that's constant, at least.
Jorule ponders for a half seconds, then jumps back a few paces. Jack. The Mobster.
TheMyth: They meet. The man in dreadlocks buys something.
TheMyth: It's a small tin.
Jorule nods to himself, then tries to keep this scene and what follows clear for as long as possible.
TheMyth: This is ridiculous!
TheMyth: Everything follows! They meet again later, or one kills the other, or they explode into flowers, or turn into birds and fly away, or…
Jorule shakes his head. Right, tangled up with us. He pauses and clears his mind back out for a moment.
TheMyth: Closed from the mind's eye.
Jorule then flashes his mind open all at once, with only the vaguest of direction. Not what, not where. Nothing that's going to lead quickly into the sea of everything. Who. The other players in the game. Who are they?
TheMyth: They are indistinct in their form, and are, in of themselves, much like the sea.
TheMyth: But.
TheMyth: They are distinct from eachother.
TheMyth: There are eleven.
TheMyth: One of them is you.
Jorule quirks an eyebrow and pushes past himself; if he focuses to much it's going to spin out on control. He searches first for names, then for faces to go with them.
TheMyth: Nameless! Faceless. Infinite consonants, infinite vowels, infinite shapes.
Jorule pulls his mind back away from the sea, to the point where it was just starting to form and he could see himself. He grunt and pours all of his focuses into seeing the shapes closest to himself.
TheMyth: Closest? Impossible! They wash over each other. But…
TheMyth: One spark is a man, a law-bringer, a king, a law-breaker, a puppet, a puppet-master, a man in the shadows, a blade in the night, a healer, a monster, a demon…
Jorule's eyes snap open. Got it. His mind pulls back for a half second then slams into the puppet, gathering as much information as he can before it spirles out of control.
TheMyth: …He's holding the strings of his master.
TheMyth: There are, of course, ten other sparks.
Jorule latches onto the string with his mind and follows it up.
TheMyth: Hmm. No spark on the other end, just a suggestion of shape in the sea. Viewed from this angle, it's just white-water.
Jorule quickly falls back down, then refocuses on the puppet. HIs mind screams at it for an eternity: A name, a tiole, something.
TheMyth: Infinite noise echoes back.
Jorule screams back at the echo in frusturation, then stops. His mind jumps from the puppet at to the spark that was just a man.
TheMyth: Same spark. An angry man, a wondering man, a betrayed man.
Jorule doesn't focus on that for long, and leaps at the king.
TheMyth: Creates. Rules. Still angry. Still wonders. Still betrayed.
TheMyth: …Abdicates.
Jorule pulls back and opens his mind to the sparks again. It wanders for a split second, then focuses onto the man in shadows.
TheMyth: This one is quite unclear! He stands, supported by the soles of his own feet.
Jorule nods, and quickly shifts over to the blade in the night.
TheMyth: Red cloth nearby. A tolling bell. A thin form, a demon killed.
TheMyth: The image repeats in perfect rank, like a terracotta army.
Jorule quirks an eyebrow and watches as the images stack, curiously. He doens't focus on that curiosity, however, and moves onto the demon.
TheMyth: The king from earlier. Upside-down. He reigns quietly.
Jorule probs at the image. No anger, no betrayl?
TheMyth: The image is very distant.
TheMyth: No shimmer. This is the most distinct image of them all.
Jorule wills himself to shift again, this time to the monster.
TheMyth: Hmph! Every monster you've ever met.
TheMyth: Some you haven't.
Jorule shakes his head. Not helpful. The healer.
TheMyth: All those that come to him are restored. He smiles contentedly.
Jorule nods. And the law-bringer?
TheMyth: The law will not work! Another plan forms like a cloud.
TheMyth: The world is hurt, and law will not heal the injured.
Jorule grins, and follows this to it's natural conclusion, and the last spark: The law-breaker.
TheMyth: This image has an opal-flavor. He places a veil on his bride.
Jorule's mind sort of stops in its tracks at the image of the bride. Who? Why? He shakes his mind back into the loose but focused state; how is this broken?
TheMyth: Huh? She's the white sea.
TheMyth: The image feels wrong, like a joint clicking out of place.
Jorule: "… Use the void…?"
Jorule shakes his head. "No, not the void. The unpredictability. But we… How do we break the laws if we were put here to do that?"
Jorule shakes his mind again and jumps back to the second set of eleven sparks. There's something there. Something else. Movement. How does it move?
TheMyth: The white sea flows like a river.
TheMyth: Mana ebbs and flows, like the tide.
Jorule takes a deep breath, relaxes his mind, then jumps into the river and follows it to where it flows.
TheMyth: Out to relaxing infinity.
Jorule eventually gathers himself after a rest on the everything; a tree branch. A scrap of red cloth. He knows where it ended up. He starts at the first point he knew. He then follows the trail backwards.
TheMyth: Hmm! A star spark, a hunting spark, a curious spark, a wolf spark.
Jorule pauses for a moment; do these four sparks feel familiar? And, more specifically, to any of the first set of eleven sparks.
TheMyth: A sword-axe-spear-gun-bow-blade-knife-fist-claw-fang-sneer-insult-poison-cannon spark!
TheMyth: It feels very familiar.
Jorule suspects a face; he tries to bring the face and the spark together as one.
TheMyth: 50/50 odds, mixed like whiskey and and medicine. An old man or a beast.
Jorule nods. There's a reason. There's always a reason. Know he knows more. He jumps back to before the face and watches the newest set of sparks. He then tries to connect them to the previous spark he had used to find them.
TheMyth: These are shapes of the whiskey spark.
Jorule focuses on the line. What makes it a line?
TheMyth: We will call the law-giving, the law-breaking spark the shoe spark.
TheMyth: Which line?
Jorule focuses more. There was a line that connected the scrap of red cloth to the wiskey spark. What makes that line possible? How does it connect?
TheMyth: Whiskey made it red, whiskey made it cloth.
Jorule 's mind growls at the line; it opens up a hole and allows the white noise to mix into it. Then the concentrates very hard on seeing how the line moves from spark to spark, through the white sea.
TheMyth: Wait. Is there a line between everything?
Jorule nods his head. He knows there is. More effort is dumbed into watching that line.
TheMyth: Infinity has a cruel sense of humor.
TheMyth: Well. There's a line between it and the whiskey spark and the white-sea vanishing cloth, but there's also a line between whiskey spark and all sparks, and cloth to all sparks, and all to all forever.
Jorule sighs a sigh. Not enough. Regretable. He takes several steps back, to the first set of eleven sparks.
TheMyth: Whiskey spark. Shoe spark. Nameless sparks.
TheMyth: One's yours.
Jorule pauses for a second; no. The white noise isn't going to hide this. He gathers all his thoughts into one, then slams them into the thing he had just been trying to find at once. [-1 KP]
TheMyth: Well then, mana asks.
TheMyth: What are you looking for?
Jorule .oO(How does he move to what will be made, before it has been made?)
TheMyth: He's a good liar and every good set of mud includes some tracks.
Jorule .oO( But how can he survive past the point of no return? It rips the life from you — )
Jorule .oO( He can move because he's not truly alive? )
TheMyth: If you go looking for Crimson, you'll find him.
TheMyth: The sea loses its brief coherence.
Jorule pulls back and gaps for a second, sitting in front of the eleven sparks once more. He tries to make them more cohesive. The Wiskey spark. The Shoe Spark. The Nameless spark. Myself. There are seven others.
TheMyth: All the sparks are nameless, really. All of them are faceless. Hunting for the briefest apparitions is a fool's game.
TheMyth: But there are indeed… eight, other than whiskey, and shoe, and you.
TheMyth: You've met all of them!
Jorule shuts his eyes tightly and circles around the spark that his himself. He pulling something out of it, and then it expands and rapids moves into the other sparks. Name. I want the names they will be known by in the present and near future. Names! [-1 KP]
TheMyth: Flip! Primula! Hane! Mackenzie! Hamaris! Evelyn!
TheMyth: …Those in the lobby get a strange sensation…
TheMyth: And Pietto…? Or something else…
TheMyth: And…
TheMyth: Ouch. That last one hurt. That last one hurt a LOT.
TheMyth: -50 HP.
Jorule reels back a bit, then slams it again. That's eight. Not eleven. His mind screams. NAMES!
[OOC] Evelyn: I hope you healed before coming here.
[OOC] TheMyth: Speed?
[OOC] Hane: lol
[OOC] Jorule: Four
[OOC] TheMyth: One moment. Tracker's on other computer.
[OOC] Hamaris: 5
[OOC] TheMyth: …Heheheh. Sure.
TheMyth: Participating sparks, your speed?
[OOC] Primula: Uh, 8?
[OOC] Hane: 11
[OOC] Evelyn: Sure why not. 7. :P
[OOC] NinjaWeazel: 8 <_<
[OOC] NinjaWeazel: beats me I just heard Flips name. lol
[OOC] Hamaris: And yeah, a total 5 with no Slow here
TheMyth: Battle order: Sad-Spark:36 Flip:18 Evelyn:17 Hamaris:9 Jorule:7 Sad-Spark:1(EI).
[OOC] Jorule: HP: 28/144, MP: 78/116, SoS: 36, Limit: 0%
TheMyth: In the beginning…
[OOC] Hane: Uh, you forgot Primula and I?
[OOC] TheMyth: Oh didn't get your speed calls
[OOC] TheMyth: Note that this IS a risk.
[OOC] TheMyth: You can participate… or not.
[OOC] Hane: We both said it up there.
[OOC] TheMyth: Oh right sorry
TheMyth: (d10) 8.
TheMyth: (d10) 7.
TheMyth: Hane, there's a curious feeling in your heart and in your mind's eye.
TheMyth: Um, I don't know how to put this, but…
TheMyth: Um. Tricks?
[OOC] Hane: lol.
Hane spurs on towards that feeling! [Lunge!]
TheMyth: Battle order: Sad-Spark:36 Flip:18 Hane:18 Evelyn:17 Primula:16 Hamaris:9 Jorule:7 Sad-Spark:1(EI).
TheMyth: In the beginning…
TheMyth: Flip?
Flip lends a little strength to the Evelyn-spark. [Candy, +25 HP]
TheMyth: The earth was without form, and void…
TheMyth: Hane?
[OOC] Primula: HP: 55/60, SoS: 15
Hane swings her spark-swords at the strange spark?
[OOC] Evelyn: HP: 61/73, SoS: 18
Hane: @roll 2#1d100
Revvie: Hane rolled 2#1d100 -> [ 1d100=33 ]{33}, [ 1d100=8 ]{8}
TheMyth: Touch? A deep touch?
Hane: @roll (1d10+52)
Revvie: Hane rolled (1d10+52) -> [ 1d10=2 ]{54}
Hane: @roll (1d10+52)*2
Revvie: Hane rolled (1d10+52)*2 -> [ 1d10=8 ]{120}
TheMyth: You felt like you made a connection.
TheMyth: Then, the sad spark created desire, and then desired…
TheMyth: Evelyn?
TheMyth: You feel… like this isn't the chamber, and it never was. Something's going on.
Evelyn's music echoes as darkness begins to shape around her spark. [CT 2 Dark Force, Sad-Spark]
TheMyth: Primula, you're in a strange place. There's something being created in the white ocean.
TheMyth: Of course, you can still see Eyaz with your eyes. He's watching Jorule quietly.
TheMyth: Or, at least, he's watching the door…
TheMyth: Anyway. The ocean is here.
Primula wonders if she can bring up Oberon from the Ocean, and sings softly to herself in Gossam… [Geotrancing Town]
Primula: @roll 1d100
Revvie: Primula rolled 1d100 -> [ 1d100=92 ]{92}
Primula can't quite seem to…
TheMyth: First the spark desired itself, but it was ugly. It called up the land…
TheMyth: Hamaris?
[OOC] Jorule: Evelyn's song.
TheMyth: I'm sorry. Dark Force?
Evelyn 's song ends suddenly, darkness encroaching towards the sad spark at lightning fast speeds.
Evelyn: (1d8+32) 40.
TheMyth: The sad spark has a shade principle: It dims itself to approach the light of others.
TheMyth: You feel like you made a connection.
TheMyth: Hamaris?
Two massive metal arms appear from behind Jorule's spark, and soon, the complete image of Lily has formed itself behind Jorule. It stands there protectively as it prepares something [Init: 1]
[OOC] Hamaris: Aura will rock this place out
TheMyth: …But the land was fallow. The Sad Spark called up the people…
TheMyth: Jorule?
Jorule's thoughts scatter about in confusion for a moment at the clear picture of Lily behind him; when they reform his mind seems cleaer; stronger. He's friends came here to protect him. He'll make sure they're able to. [+125 HP]
TheMyth: …But the people will worthless. Then, the Sad Spark thought very carefully.
TheMyth: Hamaris?
The image of Lily then shoots off two small glassy golden spheres from it's back
[OOC] Hamaris: Golden Bits is a go
TheMyth: The Sad Spark's Aura nature is broken. It is unwilling to change itself, only willing to change others. You're beginning to feel closer.
TheMyth: …Then, the Sad Spark created the Pure Hearts.
TheMyth: (2d10) 9.
[OOC] Hamaris: And turn ends now, so I need to roll damages
TheMyth: 9 KP damage, divide it amongst you.
TheMyth: Don't run out.
TheMyth: (You can fold anytime.)
[OOC] Jorule: … fuck. I'll soak four of those and drop myself down to one.
[OOC] Hamaris: EGADS. I don't HAVE any more. Somebody else cover it >_<
[OOC] Primula: …wow. I have none
[OOC] Flip: oh dear god. I have *2* KP. lol
[OOC] Hamaris: We need three more
[OOC] Hamaris: Who has it?
[OOC] Evelyn: I have 1 KP
[OOC] Hamaris: Two more >_O
[OOC] Hane: I have, uh, 6.
[OOC] Hane: So, uh, 4 I guess now. >.>;;
[OOC] Hamaris: Whoo, phew. Wait, don't let Evelyn or Flip spend the last one of theirs
TheMyth: Wait. That's not right at all.
[OOC] Hamaris: You'll end up with 2 but they'll have a safety net
TheMyth: You're not sure that the images of the Sad Spark have been truthful.
TheMyth: Golden Bits?
Jorule's mind rages, then scream out. . o O ( YOU SPEAK LIES! ANSWER ME WITH THE TRUTH! )
Hamaris: (Hamaris - 1d100) 48
Hamaris: (Hamaris - 1d100) 68
Hamaris: (Hamaris - 1d8+8x1.25) 15
Hamaris: (Hamaris - 1d8+8x1.25) 15
Hamaris: Targets: Sad_Spark Sad_Spark
[OOC] Hamaris: Lily's Temperature is: Warm
Lily's arms hold a bit closer to Jorule, in a rather protective and reassuring stance
TheMyth: You touch the Sad Spark twice. Its Luna nature is broken - it's looking for others to change it instead of learning to understand itself.
TheMyth: You feel like there's a divide between you.
TheMyth: Golden Bits fade into the sea a bit. (3).
TheMyth: Battle order: Sad-Spark:31 Hamaris:15 Primula:15 Flip:14 Hane:14 Evelyn:10 Jorule:8.
TheMyth: Tricks, yes.
Hane just drifts. [Nothing]
TheMyth: In the beginning, the Sad Spark was bored. So what?
TheMyth: (d100) 32.
TheMyth: Primula feels sick. Poison (U).
TheMyth: Hamaris?
One of Lily's hands retracts and the Chain Drill appears. Then, it shoots the drill at the Sad-Spark, trying to see what is it's true core, and to really break it so that the pieces can be mended back again
Hamaris: (Hamaris - 1d100) 30
Hamaris: (Hamaris - 1d8+44x1) 46
[OOC] Hamaris: Lily's Temperature is: Hot
TheMyth: You touch the Sad Spark.
TheMyth: The Sad Spark has a Wisp nature. Its joy comes from that which it can't understand.
TheMyth: I mean, the Sad Spark can create…
TheMyth: (d100) 99.
TheMyth: Evelyn has a feeling of vertigo, but it passes. Primula?
Primula tries to picture Oberon more clearly in her mind, and bring some of it with her into this white ocean. [Geotrancing Town again]
Primula: @roll 1d100
Revvie: Primula rolled 1d100 -> [ 1d100=25 ]{25}
[OOC] TheMyth: One sec.
Jorule pauses for a second, then opens his mind completly again. . o O ( LEAVE THEM ALONE! HARM THEM AND YOU WILL BE UN-MADE! )
Primula continues singing in Gossam, bringing forth a brief, if vague, image of the city into the sea, and asks the spirits that she wants to see inhabit the town once again to help her shine the truth on this sad spark of life.
TheMyth: The Sad Spark has 77/108108108 HP. The Sad Spark has 57/801801801 MP. But what are numbers, really? It doesn't fear anything.
TheMyth: And when it's done creating, it can destroy. Who's going to judge it? They're just images in the sea!
TheMyth: (d100) 18.
TheMyth: Jorule winces suddenly, jerking his head downwards and casting his eye towards the floor of the bronze chamber. What a headache.
TheMyth: Condemned (4).
TheMyth: Flip?
Flip dances, free from any constraints.
Also rolled Flip and got 2) Ochu Dance - T:Single Dance%,MEVA CoS Poison (U)
Flip: @roll 1d100
Revvie: Flip rolled 1d100 -> [ 1d100=72 ]{72}
TheMyth: The Sad Spark has a dryad nature when it needs it, but mostly… it's caged.
[OOC] Flip: sigh. One day I'll be cool again. lol
Jorule body collapses, but his mind is… no, not his mind. His Heart. it's still free. Still Pure. The images hold and this battle continues for awhile longer.
TheMyth: You feel the gap beginning to define itself better.
TheMyth: And it can create, and destroy, and create, and destroy, even in something's mind!
TheMyth: (d100) 23.
TheMyth: Flip is Charmed (4).
TheMyth: Hane?
Hane spins towards it, both of her sparkly blades darting forward.
Hane: @roll 2#1d100
Revvie: Hane rolled 2#1d100 -> [ 1d100=80 ]{80}, [ 1d100=32 ]{32}
TheMyth: You touch the Sad Spark twice, but you can feel the sheer distance between it and you.
Hane: @roll 2#1d10+52
Revvie: Hane rolled 2#1d10+52 -> [ 1d10=4 ]{56}, [ 1d10=9 ]{61}
TheMyth: The fissure twists and shudders.
TheMyth: But… sometimes it gets tired of creating and destroying, okay? That doesn't MEAN anything. It'll think of something later.
TheMyth: (d100) 53.
TheMyth: Evelyn falls Asleep (4).
TheMyth: Evelyn snoozes.
TheMyth: So, the Sad Spark can't be judged by anyone. Especially not you.
TheMyth: (d100) 26.
TheMyth: Jorule is Blinded (4)!
TheMyth: Jorule?
TheMyth: Evelyn, you briefly start paying attention to your surroundings.
TheMyth: It's kind of a nice day, actually.
Jorule gathers his thoughts for a moment, then stops everything in the immediate … here. His spark takes on a shape, not unlike his body. . o O ( NO! Enough of these game,s enough of the lies! You can't hide yourself from me. A NAME! ) [-1 KP]
TheMyth: It's not hard to hide myself from you when you can't see. You're cute, but kind of dumb.
TheMyth: (d10+20) 25.
TheMyth: Jorule suffers 25 physical damage.
TheMyth: No KP expenditure.
TheMyth: Bits?
Jorule blinks. . o O ( … What? How? )
Jorule . o O ( No, we're done here now. Good bye. )
Hamaris: (Hamaris - 1d100) 37
Hamaris: (Hamaris - 1d100) 29
Hamaris: (Hamaris - 1d8+8x1.25) 18.75
Hamaris: (Hamaris - 1d8+8x1.25) 13.75
Hamaris: Targets: Sad_Spark Sad_Spark
[OOC] Hamaris: Lily's Temperature is: Overheat!
Jorule floods his mind with throughts of everything. At once. Then shuts his mind back off; no more visions.
TheMyth: And bronze.
TheMyth: You still have that headache, though…
TheMyth: Hamaris connects with the Sad Spark.
TheMyth: The divide begins to take form. Some kind of… snarling lizard?
Jorule snaps his eyes open again and takes a few very, very deep breaths, before climbing to his feet.
[OOC] Hamaris: We got retreat order!
[OOC] Evelyn: What retreat order? I'm sleeping. x.x
[OOC] TheMyth: As mentioned, you can pull out anytime. :)
Jorule then jruns over to the door and slams it open, falling back into the antechamber. "GET OUT! IT'S A TRAP!"
TheMyth: States of being fade (3).
TheMyth: Tricks?
[OOC] Hamaris: We're pulling out, yes. Jorule just saw what he had to see
TheMyth: Hamaris blinks. Well, that's gone.
Hane drifts back away from it. [Retreat, into an actual Flee]
TheMyth: Hane feels like she needs to sneeze.
Jorule looks up, laying on the floor of the antechamber. He screams out again. "EVERYONE, GET OUT! FALL BACK!"
TheMyth: Evelyn, Flip, Primula - shall we begin?
Hane pinches her nose briefly until the feeling passes, wondering what was that?
TheMyth: It's unhealthy to suppress a sneeze! Well, once is probably okay.
[OOC] Flip: Hm. Evelyn can fold even though she's asleep?
[OOC] TheMyth: She can.
[OOC] TheMyth: She's not REALLY asleep. Just functionally asleep.
[OOC] TheMyth: Um. It's a metaphor. For something.
[OOC] Flip: Probably for the best, then. lets all get the hell out.
Primula stops trying to bring Oberon to the sea, and instead takes the sea out of Oberon, distancing herself from the vision, shaking her head to clear it.
TheMyth: Images of lizards and sparks fade.
Evelyn seems to have fallen asleep in the antechamber. She loses her balance and falls to the side with a thunk waking up in the room. >.>
Jorule: "Evelyn! Primula! LEAVE. NOW! Flip, if you can still hear me, just fall back for now!""
TheMyth: Eyaz looks around.
TheMyth: "Something in the future startle you?"
Flip feels the others fade and offers the lizard a small bow before spinning away and back into his body.
Hamaris had been out there on the antechamber the whole time. However, Lily is smoking, don't touch it unless you plan on getting a severe burn
TheMyth: The fading lizard bows back, like before a duel.
Hamaris: "That was rather scary"
Primula finishes shaking her head, somewhat clearer, somewhat foggier, and then looks at Jorule. "What the the blue blazes was that?!"
Flip: . o O (It's not over. You're right.)
Jorule shuts eye his tight, and one hand clutches at his chest while the other hand goes to his head. "Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. You're all still alive, right?"
Evelyn looks rather scared. "W-what did you do!?"
Hamaris: "I dunno! But hang around and that kind of stuff gets common"
Hane shakes her head, her ears flapping aggitatedly. "…that was… odd."
Primula is torn between standing here and going over to Jorule and shaking him like a leaf in the wind.
Jorule: "Shit. Shit. Shit. Damnit." Jorule slowly opens his eyes and pushes his body up into a sitting position. Don't worry, Primula. His body is shaking itself like a leaf without any other assistance.
[OOC] Primula: Well then
Hamaris goes over to Jorule and hugs him tightly, until he stops shaking, and calms down
Jorule takes a few deep breaths and glances over at the Golem, while giving a shaking nods and mumbles, "Thanks." before turning back to the others. "I…"
Jorule shakes his head, still shaking a little but mostly calm now. "I'm sorry. I didn't… I didn't know it could shove back."
TheMyth: Eyaz… remains silent for now. He doesn't mind the possibility of being forgotten for a minute or so.
Primula: "What exactly was it? You were in there for quite a while. Longer than the rest of us combined, I think."
Hamaris lets go of Jorule because he knows that it's rather awkward for the not-exactly-childish dark knight. But he just stays there in case Jorule needs him again
Evelyn nods. "I want answers."
Jorule: "Too far. Too much. Too early." He shakes his head a few more times, then looks mainly at Hamaris and Hane. "Do not let me go into one of those again anytime soon."
Evelyn: "That… didn't answer anything."
Hamaris nods "Okay"
Hane nods, then walks up to Jorule and embraces him. "What… was that?"
Primula: "Okay, let's start with the question you asked everyone else. What did you see?"
Jorule shuts his eyes, then wraps his arms around Hane as tight as possible.
Evelyn: "And why was Flip there? And not Pietto?"
Jorule: "Okay. I'll… as best I can. Just. Give me a second to find the words."
Jorule: "Spirits be damned, too much. Ugh." Jorule opens his eyes slowly, but keeps clinging to Hane, just resting his head against hers. "Okay."
Jorule: "I think I figured out how the chambers work. In fact, I'm pretty damn sure I have a good handle on them now. I know why you guys saw some things before… Heh. I was silly. You didn't actually see that much. You guys all just forgot to mentioned that the vision collapsed into itself and everything."
Jorule: "I saw the white noise first. Ham saw it too. It's… everything. At once. And also nothing. It's unpredictable. It's caused by us."
Jorule: "There's eleven people in this thing. All eight of use are definitely a part of it, we were in the elven."
Jorule: "I went into one of the minds. Pretty damn sure it was Crimson's. I did some digging. He can't actually get to places that don't exist, he's just where you need or want him to be. So I learned that. Good thing to know."
Jorule: "So, I did some more digging. Trying to figure out who the eight that arn't us are. I only got vague readings, and my mind's kind of jumbled at the moment, so it'll be hard to rememebr fully, but."
Jorule: "The last one. It doesn't what to be found out yet. And it's got our power. A… a lot more power than we do. It resisted. It hurt me. A lot. I Pushed harder and it shoved back in a more forceful way. You guys… I don't know. Maybe you could sense I was in danger, maybe I called you. I'm not sure."
Jorule: "But that last spark, the eleventh one, it found back. And Hard. Snuffed out a large part our of collective power and damn near crush all my life force."
Jorule shakes his head roughly and squeezes Hane tighter. "Too much, too soon. Don't let me go back. Don't let me go back."
Hane squeezes back, nodding. "Don't worry, we've got plenty of other things to worry about besides that."
Jorule: "I know, just… I know me too. Too curious for my own good. I shouldn't have poked that hard after it physically assulted me through there… I… ugh. I'm really, really sorry."
Hane: "We're all fine, relatively speaking, so there's nothing to be sorry about."
Primula: "Although some advance warning'd be nice, next time." She winks at Jorule, to let him know she's kidding.
Evelyn lets off a small sigh. "I'm so lost."
Jorule: "I almost got us all killed! Just… just… I'm sorry. Let me be sorry."
Hamaris: "There's no need to be. I didn't had to go there if I didn't want to. Plus, now we know more stuff, it was rather cool too!"
Evelyn: "So… this Crimson guy you were uncovering, who is he anyways?"
Hane: "We're facing danger everytime we go adventure, it's no different from the rest of the time…."
[OOC] Flip: He's the biggest bad-ass *ever*. lol
Jorule: "I know, but, usually… I think anyways… usually it's not, you know, all my fault and…" He shakes his head. "I can't lat anything bad happen to you seven. Especially you." He squeezes tighter.
Jorule opens his eyes after that and blinks. He then quickly turns to Evelyn. "Uh… big guy. Scruffy. Kind of old, dresses in red. Enormous badass."
Evelyn looks a tad taken aback for a moment before going back to her semi-depressed state. "Oh. Good to know."
Jorule: "Duno who's side he's on. If you run across him, be careful. He'll probably reak of alchol, too."
Evelyn: "Y-yeah. He usually aggressive?"
Hane shakes her head. "I said to quit blaming yourself. Any of us could have done that instead in there."
Jorule: "Well, uh. Vulgar, at least. Incredibly so, actually. Really blunt, too."
Evelyn: "So you'd say… he can't be trusted?"
Jorule shrugs a little while nodding to Hane and looking to Evelyn. "Well… duno. Not sure yet. I wouldn't completely put my faith in him, but don't dismiss him either. Just be careful and use your best judgment."
Evelyn nods, still not entirely sure if she made the right decision. "Alrighty-then. If I see him again I'll be on guard."
Jorule: "Right."
Hane blinks. "Again, Evelyn?"
Evelyn shrugs. "Dunno. Think I might have seen him around before. Not the sort of person you'd forget. Anyways… You have anything to add?" She gestures to Eyaz.
TheMyth: "Want me to lead you back?"
TheMyth: Eyaz nods to Evelyn.
Evelyn: "Out of the building? Yeah."
TheMyth: "Follow me." He gets up. "If everyone's ready?"
Hane reluctantly pulls away from Jorule. "We wouldn't want to miss out on Wisp's festivities now."
Hamaris actually gets Lily to carry Jorule this time. Don't worry, her arms are comfy and aren't that hot, no
Evelyn: "I'll… meet you guys there tonight. I need to run back to my place first."
TheMyth: Eyaz quietly leads the group back through the dark. He stops as soon as the light of the exit is in view.
Jorule sighs, then gets to his feet. He still looks a little uneasy, then reaches out for H— or he could be carried by a robot. He blinks, lets out another sigh, then just sort of hugs his knees and nods.
TheMyth: The sillhouettes of Lunites coming and going can be seen against the orange sky.
Jorule: "Just… I'm going to stay by you for now, okay? … Please?"
Hane walks alongside Lily, nodding. "I won't mind…"
Jorule nods his head again slowly as he pulls his gloves back out of his pockets and replaces them on his hands. "Okay. Oh. Um. Eyaz. I can find you here usually, I think?"
TheMyth: "You can."
TheMyth: "Have you thought about why you only told yourself all this the second time?"
TheMyth: "It may be meaningful."
Jorule: "I didn't know what exactly the noise was at first. After I heard the other three, I got an idea, then figure out how to move beyond it."
TheMyth: "The noise? Such curious visions."
TheMyth: "Take care."
Jorule: "It… yeah. Talk to you later. Thanks. And, uh, bye for now."
TheMyth: "Goodbye."
TheMyth: The lion-masked woman turns her head to watch Jorule as he is carried out.
TheMyth: The crowds murmur amongst themselves, then disperse.
Hane bows to Eyaz as they leave. "Until we meet again."
TheMyth: Eyaz nods.
Jorule shakes his head as the exit, then drops off of Lily. He's got his body mostly under control again. He adamently ignores all the extra people around him for now, then allows himself to be lead away by Ham, Lily and Hane.
Evelyn gives a small wave to the others. "I'll catch up you at Festvallen." Soon after she disapears into the night.
Primula follows the others, along with Pietto.
Hamaris will just stay mostly silent, really, until Jorule finds a place to stay until th time for Festvallum comes, then he'll leave him and Hane there because, really, they kinda need it, even he can see that
TheMyth: Elsewhere.
TheMyth: A demon is, for the first time in a long life, worried.
TheMyth: "We, uh. Need to talk."
TheMyth: And so it was written.

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