Mana P6y1s03

Mana: And so it was written: Pokiehlember 7th, Year 1, Jinn's Day.
Mana: In the Dryad district, the water is clear and shining like rippled glass, blowing softly in the icy wind that stirs this morning.
Mana: A sparkle of snowflakes races over the lakeshore, twisting in the currents of the breeze.
Mana: Caught off-guard, the leaves are still on the trees, white-flecked, still green.
Vladislav jolts upright from his bed, rubbing at his forehead with an irritated expression. "… right. That's what happened."
Vladislav hops off of his bed and starts to gather his things before making his way out of the tree.
Mana: The dawn light shines beautifully on the water.
Vladislav walks along the makeshift bridge as he shakes his head.
Mana: The village is quiet.
Mana: There's no one here.
Vladislav chews at his lip as he makes his way into the town proper. "The damage certainly exceeded my expectations. Not having the dye painters around would prove troublesome, but I doubt there's much for the to gather information on."
Mana: There is one issue, however:
Mana: There's no one to operate the lift over the wall out of Dryad.
Mana: How are you slipping out?
Vladislav glances the area frowning to himself.
Theodore: "They're all dead, Vladislav."
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Vladislav: "Thank you for stating the obvious, Theodore. How did you even get over here?"
Vladislav: "Your home point is in Undine. There's no way for you to scale that wall."
Theodore: "Speak for yourself, some of us keep in shape."
Theodore: "And no it's not obvious. The scope, at least. All of them are gone."
Theodore: "From everywhere."
Theodore: "What the hell, man?"
Vladislav: "The Pure Land still has its residency, as do other worlds."
Theodore: "Are you sure? Because I don't think you were aiming to kill everyone in Titania, but you sitll wound up doing it."
Vladislav: "Theodore, do you know why I made the list appear in the sky in flashy fonts? It was so that my targets were cleanly in sight to this world. That misdeed falls on one and one alone."
Theodore: "Who?"
Vladislav: "Who else do you think is capable of casting a world level spell such as Eclipse, Theodore?"
Theodore: "And have it hit harder than you after you powered it up? No one is really coming to mind. That seems outside of the scope of temple fiends."
Vladislav: "I'm afraid we don't have much time left, practically speaking."
Theodore: "So it would probably help to concisely answer questions rather than dodging aorund them, yeah."
Vladislav: "If you think the current situation is bad, you don't want to see what will happen if that drill collides with the Tree of Life."
Vladislav: "Wasn't it obvious…? The Emperor killed everyone and is aiming all of his power straight into the Tree of Life at the moment. I give it 3 days at the most before the boundary between our two worlds caves in."
Theodore scratches at the back of his neck. "Most signs have pointed to him being clever, not powerful. … Killing everyone doesn't seem like the former, either."
Vladislav: Next time we get over this wall I suggest you look at the Tower of Jinn closer. "
Theodore: "Why would he do that, though?"
Vladislav: "That's a question I don't have an answer to."
Theodore sighs.
Vladislav: "Regardless, I believe you solved my most immediate problem quite nicely. Please brace yourself." Without any hesitation he opens his book and begins to chant. [CT 30]
Theodore: "Are you seriously telling me you can't just climb up the ropes attached to the pullies?"
Vladislav: "Nope. You have roughly 12 CT to defend now."
Theodore: "Just aim it at a rabite you lunatic!" [Definitely Defending Though]
Theodore: "OR USE MAGIC LORE!"
Vladislav: "If such a thing was an option I woudn't still be on this side of the gate, Theodore." He snaps his fingers and the ground beneath them gives way dropping them on the other side of the gate. [Opened Door]
Vladislav rolled 3d10+150 and got 10, 1, 6 ( Total: 167.0 )
Theodore: "Oh my Goddess you are the dumbest, laziest genius I have ever meet!"
Mana: Space distorts.
Mana: The world is quiet. Theodore falls down to the tune of 167 magical Shade damage, right on the other side of the gate.
Mana: Above the Jinn quarter, the Tower is soaring, twisting gently in the sky, like a combination lock slowly, slowly being solved.
Vladislav offers a hand to Theodore to pick him up. He gestures with his spare to the tower. "As you can see…"
Theodore pulls himself up with one hand, then reaches into Vladislav's coat and takes one of his canided before eating it. "The black omen is shining nicely today, yeah. It just… doesn't make a whole lot of sense."
Theodore: "How does killing everyone under your rule make the world a better place for them? What does… what'd you say he was doign with the tower?"
Vladislav: "He plans to drill it into the ground, cross the boundary between this world and the one below the Luna and then collide with the Tree of Life, an energy source of pure concentrated mana."
Vladislav: "Why else would he be moving it downwards?"
Theodore: "Man, I don't know. Why would someone trying to save the world being trying to destroy the source of life?"
Vladislav: "You're welcome to ask him when the time comes. If that tree is removed however, all stories will be unwritten."
Theodore: "Is there any particular reason we're not storming the tower right now, then?"
Vladislav: For one, it took off into the Sky. The only way to get up there is a cannon. Which I might add was targetted by my Eclipse along with every engineer that could repair it at their disposal. "
Theodore: "Nope."
Theodore: "All we need is Cruz. He's been there before."
Vladislav: "I suppose this is true."
Theodore: "Or Millions. I think she's got the same ability."
Theodore: "…Duno if she's been to the tower though."
Theodore: "…Cruz is probably on better terms with you anyway."
Vladislav: "Regardless of our terms, I believe it would be in our best interests to see what they plan to do from here on out."
Vladislav: "Yesketi is on the way to Millions Fort. Convenient, yes?"
Theodore: "Who, Millions and Yesketi?"
Theodore: "Guess so."
Vladislav pats Theodore on the shoulder before he starts to make his way into the Undine district.
Theodore pauses for a second, laughs to himself at something quietly, then follows Vladislav into Undine proper.
Mana: The streets are quiet.
Theodore: "He missed the sunjammers, by the by."
Mana: A brisk wind blows in off the harbor - ships rise and fall with the ebb of the water.
Theodore: "They took off this morning though."
Theodore: "Seeing as how…" He gestures vaguely at the empty streets and buildings as they pass by. "You know."
Mana: You know.
Vladislav: "Were they not native?"
Vladislav: "If so, that's likely why."
Theodore: "No, Drifters. Most of Undine was foreigners though, and as far as I cna tell everyone else got hit."
Vladislav: "For example if I specified my target as all residents of Titania, I'm not entirely sure if it would hit you."
Theodore: "Not super sure sleeping in a hamock for seven days would counter either, yeah."
Vladislav nods, continuing through the district.
Mana: Standing statues. Silent houses. Where to?
Vladislav is making his way towards Salamander.
Mana: Through the pipes, the heat and light of the Salamander District still burn. Banners flap meaninglessly in the wind.
Mana: The heart, wounded, shines still.
Theodore punches Vladislav in the arm again as the heart comes into view, then starts climbing down.
Vladislav: "I wonder if the temple was finished in time…?"
Theodore: "What do you mean?"
Vladislav: "Yesketi's temple."
Vladislav: "It was being built in this district."
Theodore: "I'd hazard a guess it's not up anymore, even if it was."
Mana: Well…
Mana: I mean, it's half-finished.
Vladislav: "It's as good a place as any to check first, regardless. If I was in an empty city, that's a good start."
Vladislav: "For finding Yesketi, that is."
Mana: Up one stone pillar, a tremendous spiralling dragon is carved - up the other, well, there's sheets and scaffolding.
Theodore: "You could talk about tieing her up again, that always seems to catch her attention in a hurry."
Mana: There's a hint of incense on the wind, as you approach it.
Vladislav: "Are you trying to say you want a dragon when there's the two of us?"
Theodore shrugs a little. "Probably no dragon. Seems like it'd be… I don't know, kinda pointless, now?"
Wilhelmine strolls in and clears her throat. "Three. Funny seeing you here. Are we after the same quarry?"
Theodore: "No one for her to show off too, no one for you to lock her away from."
Theodore tilts his head back towards Wilhelmine.
Vladislav: "Given the number of available quarry left here in Titania, odds are likely."
Vladislav: "More so when you filter to this district."
Wilhelmine: "Your mantis-wife."
Theodore: "Though if we're really going to walk in talking about her in term of quarry maybe there will be a dragon…….."
Vladislav: "That would be the one."
Mana: Just inside…
Vladislav: "I only targetted Yesketi and her dragons to be fair. Her followers was the Emperor."
Mana: Sezaya Yesketi stands, wrapped in a long white shroud, her hair beneath a turban. She lights a brazier with a torch, casting the temple hall in billowing flame.
Theodore: "Hey."
Mana: "Hey. Morning, you three."
Wilhelmine: "Ah yes. To clarify - I was there when he cast the other Eclipse. There's no need to suspect Vladislav for killing everyone."
Theodore: "No there was a *ton* of reason to suspect it, but, yeah."
Vladislav: "Did he mention… why he did it?"
Wilhelmine: "Oh, reason, sure. He'd be suspect number one if I didn't know better."
Wilhelmine: "Not explicitly, but I can hazard a guess."
Wilhelmine: "The Emperor has a fiercely compassionate heart. He hates suffering. His paradise - was to be a place with no cruelty. That was his goal - his paradise, only a means."
Vladislav: "My first guess is that the city heart can no longer sustain everyone in Titania with the damage done so he had to make sacrifices. But that reasoning is thrown out the window when you factor in that he's trying to drill into the Tree of Life."
Wilhelmine: "And, with the city heart gone, his paradise is no longer possible. So he seeks other means."
Wilhelmine: "Are you familiar with the tale of Omelas?"
Vladislav: "I am. Although I doubt Theodore is."
Theodore shakes his head.
Mana: Yesketi walk up to the trio. "Share it with me."
Mana: "…I'm getting awfully burnt on not keeping up with pop culture."
Wilhelmine: "The super-short version is: Omelas was a utopia. Travelers passing through saw prosperity and kindness on the surface. A fine place to raise a family. A fine place to start a business."
Wilhelmine: "But there is not kindness without cost - one person deep under Omelas suffers. Without her sacrifice, this paradise falls."
Wilhelmine: "This, the Emperor believes."
Theodore: "Mm."
Wilhelmine: "… I believe Xsaieta might have met Titania's sufferer."
Wilhelmine: "It is the Emperor's belief that this world dictates that good and evil are in perfect balance."
Theodore: "A…ha."
Wilhelmine: "That his greatest crime is also his greatest act of kindness."
Wilhelmine: "So that Titania - and Fa'Diel - will never know suffering again."
Theodore: "Oblivion feels like such a short sighted answer."
Vladislav: "Disappointing, isn't it?"
Mana: Yesketi shrugs. "I have to agree."
Mana: "You'd think he'd be going for something more."
Wilhelmine smiles, and lightly swings the Spring-Loaded's hilt between her fingers. "Well, he is but a child."
Wilhelmine: "Stuck in a state of arrested development. Mistaking symbols of power for the power itself."
Theodore: "I mean, it'd be one thing if everyone was constantly sufffering, but… they weren't? This place was weird, but it was still okay in its own ways."
Mana: "Anyway." Yesketi looks up at the roof.
Mana: "This hasn't been one of my best plays, but… uh… anyway, I'm making my takeoff procedures."
Mana: "Better luck next time, right?"
Wilhelmine: "May I have something before you leave?"
Theodore: "I'd generally say right back atcha, but uh, considering what your were gunna do here… naw."
Mana: She folds her hands behind her back.
Mana: "Well, I was just thinking I'd do Evil Emperor a lot better than the guy you had in place."
Mana: "He lasted… six days?"
Mana: "…Pretty pathetic."
Theodore: "I never read him as 'evil'."
Wilhelmine: "He wasn't - heh."
Wilhelmine chuckles. "Why do you think I was trying to save him? From - well, suspect number one?"
Mana: "Well, like, morality aside."
Mana: "I'd do a pretty okay job of marshalling legions of monsters against you."
Mana: "Just… you know, started on it… a little bit… late."
Wilhelmine: "Not really."
Theodore: "Well, take care, I suppose, but still not wishin' ya luck."
Wilhelmine: "You were nothing more than an arrogant annoyance, your stories suck, and you won't be missed."
Theodore: "Geeze, tell her how you really feel."
Mana: She exhales a puff of breath, and she's quiet, for a moment.
Wilhelmine: "I came here to take her name so she might actually contribute something to this world."
Wilhelmine: "Either that, or convince her to stay and make something proper of herself."
Mana: "Hmph. What for?"
Theodore: "How would taking her name do that?"
Wilhelmine: "With the right knowledge, a name is a useful weapon as any other."
Wilhelmine: "Millions certainly used the power of names in her incarnation in Oberon. Didn't she?"
Wilhelmine: "Although my methods are a little more direct."
Mana: She cracks a smile.
Theodore: "I don't… know?" Theodore gives Yesketi a briefly confused look.
Mana: "No, I…"
Mana: "…I guess I get it."
Wilhelmine: "… If we manage to salvage something of this, I'll give it back to you."
Mana: "Still, I mean, my name? It's what I carry with me. I mean, no matter what I'm doing, after all this time…"
Wilhelmine: "Or, well, it'll find its way to you again regardless."
Mana: "…That's a funny if! I mean-" She turns to look at the leaping flame.
Mana: "-Millions, she's going down with the ship, right?"
Wilhelmine: "Correct."
Vladislav: "You have spoken to her?"
Mana: "So I mean, we're just going to keep bumping into eachother and dancing in all this stardust, I guess, and I mean-"
Mana: "-we talk-"
Mana: "I'd be the first to admit, I'm bad at this. I mean, I've got all the power and all the-"
Mana: "…But, uh, even if I'm just throwing around the ruins of what came before me, I'm still me, and I'm stuck with you, and you're stuck with me. I mean."
Mana: "Not always."
Mana: She turns back.
Mana: "But you know."
Theodore: "I feel like I missed something, somewhere."
Mana: "So I mean, my name? S-E-Y-E, plus whatever else happens to get thrown in with-"
Mana: She deflates, a little.
Mana: "Uh."
Mana: "…Don't worry about it."
Wilhelmine: "Go read the logs, Theo."
Wilhelmine: "… Either way, it was a request, not a demand."
Theodore: "Vlad sorta killed Joch and all his manuscripts were supposed to have been destroyed so…"
Wilhelmine: "And a bit of a jab in case I never see you again."
Wilhelmine shrugs. "Really came here for these two."
Mana: "Yeah."
Mana: "…Anyway, greener horizons for me. Scrap and build yourself!"
Mana: "…That's what the stars do, I think. Collapse and form, collapse and form, until…"
Mana: "…Until something sticks."
Wilhelmine: "You sound like the Goddess."
Mana: "Well, it's not a bad example, right?"
Wilhelmine: "Well, the 'collapsing' is our collective fault, not hers. So."
Mana: "So…" She tugs at her hair, a little.
Wilhelmine sticks the Spring-Loaded at Vlad - in sword form, hilt-first, as if handing it off to him. "Anyway. Did you need a relic and some kP to borrow?"
Theodore lets out a breath, offers Yesketi a soft smile.
Vladislav glances at the Spring-Loaded with a look of disgust before going back to his book. He doesn't take it.
Theodore: "You seem kinda off your game here, at the end of the world. Maybe try and remember how much it sucks in the next world, yeah?"
Wilhelmine: "Quite literally handing you prime AF material."
Mana: "Eh…" She turns away, a little. "I kind of awoke on the wrong side of bed, and awoke since then."
Vladislav: "I am not sure if I wish to go through with my previous plan anymore."
Vladislav: "Regarding the KP, that is."
Wilhelmine: "Mm?"
Theodore: "Having friends and doing good's really not so bad. Can be fun, even. And you generally get to be a lot cuter when you're not trying to end everything." He pauses, glancing over at Wilhelmine and Vladislav for a moment, before shaking his head. "But anyway, take care, if you're cutting loose now. Not… entirely sure what we're doing."
Vladislav: "Preserving the Tree of Life takes priority. If I need it for that…"
Vladislav trails off, shrugging.
Wilhelmine: "That was my thought. Couldn't hurt, right?"
Vladislav: "I suppose I can hold on to it."
Wilhelmine: "It probably won't help - not directly. People keep fighting over the power the Mana Tree gives. But to us Pure Hearts … it's really a symbol. A banner. A reminder. And just that."
Wilhelmine: "In these dire times, I think that's exactly what we all need."
Theodore: "Wait hold up, when was anyone fighting for the Mana Tree? That's like, ancient history stuff."
Wilhelmine: "Exactly.
Wilhelmine: "
Wilhelmine: "In Titania, it might not have been over the tree - but where do you think our Jewelry came from?"
Wilhelmine: "The first, known as the Eyes of Flame, were made in a mage's lab in the hollowed-out trunk of the Mana Tree. And men came to think that they needed to possess Jewels to possess power."
Wilhelmine: "But, like the tree itself, they are just a symbol."
Mana: "…Spirits sure seem eager to get it back, don't they, though…?"
Theodore: "I'd honestly never heard of thta before. Also, I thought the Mana Tree withered away…? It usually didn't last long past the ancient wars, did it? Or was …. huhh."
Wilhelmine: "I almost made a deal with one. But I reneg├ęd. I almost made the same mistake I was preaching against."
Wilhelmine: "Pure Hearts already have the power to go to a whole new world. We don't need pacts with the spirits."
Vladislav: "I would rather the power be with the spirits than the jewelry, personally."
Mana: "They're at least predictable, right…?"
Theodore: "Why do you figure?"
Wilhelmine: "As would I. But that is something I wish to do without needing a pact to do so. It is of our own generosity, out of kindness - not obligation or bartering."
Wilhelmine: "That is what I wish to show the Emperor. A new world, where kindness is without cost, without taking his path of oblivion."
Mana: "Eesh, somebody's getting speechy."
Mana: "Er…"
Mana: "…Not that I'm innocent of that, or anything."
Wilhelmine: "There is a reason I usually travel alone."
Mana: "Yeah, I'll bet!"
Wilhelmine: "I'm a walking exposition factory."
Theodore scratches behind his head.
Mana: "Uh, so…"
Wilhelmine: "Do you still want to leave, Yesketi?"
Mana: She steps towards the center of the room.
Mana: "…Yeah, I mean…"
Mana: She leaves something unsaid.
Mana: "Yeah. See you next-"
Mana: "I mean, if there's room. You know how it is."
Wilhelmine: "They're so complicated, aren't they?"
Theodore waves.
Mana: Sezaya Yesketi stands, feet askance, pointing one finger up to the heavens.
Mana: She dissolves into a single flash of light, shooting off. Ka-fwang!
Wilhelmine: "… Saved me the trouble of banishing her myself."
Theodore: "Are you like, a robot?"
Theodore tilts his head at Wilhelmine.
Wilhelmine: "I was a puppet once."
Wilhelmine: "Wood and strings and all."
Theodore considers, then nods. "Anyway."
Vladislav: "Right, then."
Wilhelmine: "… So it sounds like we're in agreement on what we want for this world?"
Theodore: "Well, you two might be, at least."
Vladislav: "You and I, at least."
Vladislav nods to Theodore.
Wilhelmine smiles at Theodore. "If you ever need a history lesson…"
Theodore: "Don't think history really matters when everyone is gone."
Theodore: "…Though, I guess, not everyone was, huh? I don't think the sunjammers were world hopper so… maybe… some other people are still out there, too."
Wilhelmine: "And yet, people leave and return, and old history rears its ugly head again each time."
Wilhelmine: "This isn't the first time someone named Irwin has had the inclination to destroy the world."
Wilhelmine: "Jack isn't exactly a Pure Heart, either. Nor are Joch or Pokiehl."
Wilhelmine: "And certainly, certainly, not the spirits."
Theodore: "…I don't know who half those people are."
Theodore: "Wait,"
Theodore: "Pokiehl… as in, the month?"
Wilhelmine: "As in the poet."
Theodore gives Wilhelmine a strange look.
Wilhelmine: "A staple of Fa'diel's past, but not a Pure Heart. And one of my inspirations, I'll admit."
Theodore: "I'd… imagine most people in the world aren't pure hearts, yeah."
Wilhelmine chuckles knowingly. "I'm sure Seth would know all about it."
Theodore: "…Anyway, why do you think the spirits are a better choice than jewelry?"
Wilhelmine: "To me, it isn't important that the spirits take back their power - it's just convenient that they want it back. It is important that it shifts from our Jewelry, though."
Theodore frowns. "Why?"
Wilhelmine: "Man was, long ago, capable of casting magic without it."
Theodore: "Uh… as I understand it, only those with the spirits's blessing were able to do so. Not… just anyone."
Wilhelmine: "Hmm? Where'd you get that idea?"
Wilhelmine: "Think even longer back. Ancient, ancient days."
Theodore shrugs slightly. "That's how they always told the stories back home."
Wilhelmine: "I think that was also correct, at some point in time. But still - the feeling like you need something external. That wasn't always the case."
Theodore: "Ministrels negotiating with spirits, performing tasks for them in exchange for power. The rare hero that was granted a boon for assisting a spirit in some other way. Not much if any people acting like monsters."
Wilhelmine nods. "I do know what you mean. But I'm talking much further back."
Theodore: "I couldn't say I've ever heard anyone say that beside you. Not that I'm calling you a liar, just." He gestures, vaguely.
Theodore: "…Unless we're talking about the Goddess? But I don't think she really counts."
Wilhelmine: "This kind of old magic - this took deep self-discovery and introspection. The desire to know one's self fully. The desire that, when jewelry came about, man grew afraid to feel."
Wilhelmine: "We kind of are? It is the same desire that she feels. The need to create, then destroy, and create again. But there was a time when magic was not granted - it was discovered from within."
Theodore rocks his head back and forth.
Wilhelmine: "That is the era I wish this world would return to."
Theodore: "I see."
Wilhelmine: "Ah - you were not around when we defeated the incarnation of Winter, I believe. But he alluded to such magic."
Wilhelmine: "'A spell that anyone can cast.'"
Theodore tilts his head slightly.
Wilhelmine: "You do not have to agree. But does it at least make sense?"
Theodore: "I can see why it might appeal to someone that spends a lot of time thinking alone, at least."
Theodore smiles slightly.
Wilhelmine: "And … it's an era absent of the power struggles and wars and - for a catch-all term, transactions - that the Emperor abhors."
Wilhelmine: "Where the game isn't zero-sum. Why fight for something you already have?"
Theodore: "Well… yeah. You fight for things you don't have. Magic being a thinking man's ability wouldn't really change that. Duno about where you come from, but most wars back home didn't stem from the desire to having more magic than someone else. That's more a means to an end." "
Theodore glances out and towards the tower in the sky, sighs a little.
Mana: Regardless of what you may have to say about it, it twists ever on.
Wilhelmine: "With that magic, though, what else would you need?"
Wilhelmine: "'Remember me. Need me. I can provide you with everything. I am love. Find me, and walk beside me.'"
Theodore: "Land, resources, ideology, love…"
Wilhelmine: "The words of the Goddess herself."
Theodore laughs,
Theodore: "She's really bad at it, though."
Wilhelmine: "Is she?"
Theodore gestures with both hands around them.
Theodore: "Do you really need to ask, after what happened last night…?"
Wilhelmine: "I think we're at fault for the mess we're in."
Wilhelmine: "The Emperor's actions caused this. What part does the Goddess play?"
Theodore: "You seemed to be implying she was capable of taking care of people, of providing a world where people had want of nothing. This, obviously, was not the case."
Wilhelmine: "She is capable. Help was offered, but refused. Jewelry - and this cataclysmic eclipse - is the sin of man's pride, the notion that we can take matters in our own hands."
Wilhelmine: "And that pride begets hubris."
Wilhelmine: "There exists kindness without cost. I am sure of it."
Wilhelmine: "We merely need to take hold of it."
Theodore glances back towards Wilhelmine.
Theodore: "Juuust you two, yeah." He smiles slightly, again.
Wilhelmine: "And what about you?"
Theodore: "On the whole, I think we see the world in pretty different ways. I like jewelry though. I like that being able to have the power to help someone else, or make a difference, is as easy as picking something up."
Wilhelmine: "But, by definition, someone else lacks that power. Someone's a victim in need of saving. Jewelry's only useful if there are problems, and … there … will be problems."
Theodore: "Probably don't just go away, as long as people exist."
Theodore pauses for a second, glances back towards the tower. "…was *that* your game?"
Wilhelmine: "The emperor really hates problems, so … he made people not exist."
Wilhelmine: "I think you get it."
Wilhelmine: "And that's the notion that his philosophy is founded on. Which is why I seek an alternate route where, as I've said, things aren't quite as zero-sum."
Wilhelmine: "I think, at this point, I'd just be repeating myself."
Theodore: "Well. I like solving problems." Theodore laughs, then shakes his head. "So I'm gunna go find Cruz and get to it. C'mon."
Wilhelmine: "Cruz?"
Wilhelmine: "Oh, for the impossible - right."
Theodore grins. "He's got a way into the tower, yeah."
Wilhelmine: "Well, if you don't mind it being a one-way trip, I can take you, as well."
Wilhelmine: "I do have business elsewhere on the ground, though."
Theodore: "That was really more of like… a segue. You say something like that, walk around a bit, wait a little, people show up. Things get done. You know."
Mana: And so it was written.

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