Mana P5y1s16

Mana: Eventually, after a long time…
Mana: (Viglum tolls, somewhere deep in your bones.)
Mana: You come to a huge glass dome, with a walkway over it - iron-ribbed, a splendid view of Titania.
Mana: Its lights shining.
Mana: The tower of Jinn is directly beneath you - its lights turning slowly, slowly, barely perceptible.
Mana: The peak of the Revolver Kingdom is shining too.
Theodore: "So, so… what happened? Also - woah."
Mana: In all directions, the landscape of the world stretches out.
Xsaieta whistles.
Mana: "My kingdom lost." The sage says.
Mana: The rolling oceans - even the barest lights of the Moon Kingdom, in the far east, shining and golden.
Theodore blinks in surprise.
Theodore: "How'd that work itself out…?"
Aurora: "That's… some view there."
Mana: The distant deserts of the south…
Mana: The ice-rimmed peaks of the north, shining and bizarre, crystalline.
Mana: The forests of the west.
Vladislav takes in the view smiling to himself.
Mana: "All you survey, is it?"
Mana: "The Emperor said he brought the moon here simply for this view."
Xsaieta: "…does seem his style."
Theodore: "It is a really good view."
Theodore: "Can't quite see my village from here… but it's not like it's terribly big."
Mana: "Once, you could see the Andan Ocean from here."
Mana: "Not now, though. We've moved too far away."
Theodore: "That's the… ocean on the other side of the moon kingdom, right?"
Mana: "Yes."
Aurora: "When was the last time the Emperor came up here for this view, though?"
Theodore: "Though uh - so were you implying that the Emperor knows how to cast Eclipse too, by the way, or…?
Mana: "Well, someone cast it. I don't know who."
Theodore: "Just that it was aimed at the Moon Kingdom?"
Mana: "It was."
Theodore: "That's… interesting."
Theodore: "…What did you do before the war, if you don't mind me asking?"
Mana: "I plotted the paths of the stars, studied the forces that joined them."
Mana: "The royal family was funding a project to voyage up to the heavens, to surpass even the lunar staircase."
Mana: "To reach -everything-."
Mana: "My studies were critical."
Mana: "But…"
Theodore: "Sounds like it."
Mana: "…It seems we should have been building arms and armor."
Mana: "You." He says, to Vladislav.
Mana: "Will I get to see my revenge, tonight?"
Theodore smiles faintly at the old man.
Vladislav stares at him. "You are asking if I plan to kill that man?"
Mana: "I am asking if you plan to crush Titania."
Vladislav chuckles to himself. "I'm not sure if crush is the correct term."
Mana: "Well…"
Mana: "To see the light of the Eclipse again."
Mana: "Maybe that's enough."
Theodore pauses, giving Vladislav a slightly apprehensive look. "…*Is* he on your list?"
Mana: The center of the observatory awaits you, Vladislav.
Vladislav: "Is that going to be a problem, Theodore?"
Theodore: "Uhh… kind of, yeah."
Vladislav: "Rest assured, I do not intend to target the emperor tonight."
Theodore: "Like I know we all have mixed opinions on him for various reasons… but Titania is gunna fall appart in the worst sort of way if he just up and vanishes."
Theodore: "Alright."
Vladislav steps forward glancing at the observatorium. "Still, I'm not sure if this is adequate. How am I to charge the spell if we are not in combat?"
Mana: "Ah, so…"
Mana: "You need a monster, is that what you're saying?"
Vladislav: "I do."
Vladislav: "What I intend to accomplish cannot be done so with a mere chant."
Mana: "I'll have to provide, then."
Mana: The sage walks to the other side of the walkway.
Theodore: "If you promised not to go all out, Xsai might let you smack him around a bit I bet."
Theodore: "…Though actual monsters work too!"
Vladislav: "As for you, were you a former Sage?"
Mana: "So I was."
Theodore: "Huh."
Xsaieta grins. "I was gonna say, if you wanted to wrassle around, I'm game, but I figure, probably better to not be standing in the way of- oh, huh."
Mana: "Of a distant land, of course…" He reaches into a gate, lifts it up, prepares to empty it. "But a sage nonetheless."
Theodore: "Did you know Joch?"
Mana: "No. Only by his publications."
Vladislav: "Ah, an Evil Gate."
Vladislav: "I am familiar with the technique."
Mana: "Handy, isn't it?"
Mana: Anyway, three monsters fell out.
Mana: Two floating cubes engraved with symbols, tilting in mid-air. The third is female, a woman, dressed in a toga, her skin too luminous to have any features.
Mana: We're too sneaky to have a dicebot, so just make some rolls up. Xsaieta, you may crit once.
Theodore: "The monsters up here… are really bizzare."
Xsaieta: "Well, yeah! What would you expect?"
Mana: Battle order: Broken Heart [F]:0 Xsaieta [F]:1 Vladislav [F]:3 Theodore [B]:3 Sealed Box A [F]:4 Sealed Box B [F]:5 Aurora [F]:7
Mana: Status for Sealed Box A [F] : [==========
Mana: Status for Sealed Box B [F] : [==========
Mana: Status for Broken Heart [F] : [==========
Xsaieta: "Ahh, here we go!" He winds up, swings for the Broken Heart. [Sucker Punch D50]
Mana: The apparition raises her hand. [Chain Lightning in CT15]. "How… strange."
Mana: And, yes, Xsaieta goes for the hit!
Xsaieta rolled 1d100 and got 78 ( Total: 78 ) for 5/85
Aurora‘ draws her sword. "So where are these monsters from?"
Xsaieta rolled d12+199 and got 11 ( Total: 210 )
Mana: Slice! [210]!
Mana: "Does it matter?" The sage asks.
Theodore: "The cubes kinda look like something from the palace, at least."
Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [F]:0 Theodore [B]:0 Sealed Box A [F]:1 Sealed Box B [F]:2 Aurora [F]:4 Broken Heart [F]:12 Xsaieta [F]:48
Mana: Status for Sealed Box A [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Sealed Box B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Broken Heart [F] : [======= ]
Mana: Vladislav! Theodore!
Aurora: "Just curious."
Vladislav moves in with his book, swinging at the Broken Heart. [Attack - 31D]
Vladislav rolled 1d100 and got 72 ( Total: 72 )
Vladislav rolled d8+81 and got 7 ( Total: 88.0 )
Theodore follows after Vladislav, striking the Broken Heart with his staff. [42D]
Theodore rolled 1d100 and got 86 ( Total: 86 ) for 80
Vladislav: "Four should be sufficient. Hold them off until then."
[OOC] Mana: 88]!
Theodore: "I mostly just wanted some more MP to heal whatever she’s about to do."
Mana: The Sealed Boxes begin charging [Luster - CT15]
Aurora: "…Ah, so that's how you plan to do it, right."
Mana: Battle order: Aurora [F]:0 Broken Heart [F]:8 Sealed Box A [F]:12 Sealed Box B [F]:13 Vladislav [F]:27 Theodore [B]:38 Xsaieta [F]:44
Mana: Status for Sealed Box A [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Sealed Box B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Broken Heart [F] : [====== ]
Mana: Aurora!
Aurora‘ points her sword at the Broken Heart, lining her in light! [Corona, -60/180 for (6)
[OOC] Aurora: 34D
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 465/692, MP: 276/536, SoS: 173
Mana: The light shines!
Mana: The Broken Heart fires off arcs of lightning towards Aurora and Vladislav!
Mana rolled d8+132 and got 3 ( Total: 135.0 )
Mana: For 135 magical Jinn damage!
Mana: Reduced to 0 by Corona against Vlad!
Vladislav chuckles to himself, brushing off the blow.
Mana: Sparks of [Luster] burst into Vladislav!
Mana rolled 1d12+144 and got 11 ( Total: 155.0 )
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 448/692, MP: 276/536, SoS: 173
Mana: Hitting twice for 155 magical Luna damage!
Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [F]:0 Broken Heart [F]:6 Aurora [F]:7 Theodore [B]:11 Xsaieta [F]:17 Sealed Box A [F]:19 Sealed Box B [F]:20
Mana: Status for Sealed Box A [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Sealed Box B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Broken Heart [F] : [====== ] Corona[60](5)
Mana: Vladislav!
Vladislav moves in on the Broken Heart again swinging his book. "Two." [Attack - 31D]
Vladislav rolled 1d100 and got 93 ( Total: 93 )
Vladislav: "Thankfully it still counts as a nonspell action."
Theodore: "For… oh, staccato."
Vladislav: "Correct."
Vladislav: "Some medical assistance would be appreciated, by the way."
Mana: The Broken Heart hovers up into the air, crossing her arms. "Here I’m just an ordinary monster…?"
Mana: "Being out of context feels so odd." [Ray Bombardment in CT25]
Mana: Battle order: Aurora [F]:0 Theodore [B]:4 Xsaieta [F]:10 Sealed Box A [F]:12 Sealed Box B [F]:13 Vladislav [F]:24 Broken Heart [F]:24
Mana: Status for Sealed Box A [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Sealed Box B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Broken Heart [F] : [====== ] Corona[60](6)
Mana: Aurora!
Vladislav glances to his side. "Do any of you recognize her?"
Xsaieta: "Oh, is this spoilers for something? Moon magic is so weird."
Theodore: "'here'? Are you… not from Fa'diel?"
Mana: "Oh, I am. I'm an actress." She explains, in mid-spell.
Aurora‘ shakes her head, before waving Sealed Box A towards herself. "Not that I know of." [Beckon, 36D]
Mana: "If we meet again, I’ll say hello."
Aurora‘ rolled 1d100 and got 8 ( Total: 8 ) for 70 for Provoke (4)
Mana: It swivels!
Mana: Battle order: Theodore [B]:0 Xsaieta [F]:6 Sealed Box A [F]:8 Sealed Box B [F]:9 Vladislav [F]:20 Broken Heart [F]:20 Aurora [F]:32
Mana: Status for Sealed Box A [F] : [==========] Provoke(4)
Mana: Status for Sealed Box B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Broken Heart [F] : [====== ] Corona[60](6)
Mana: Theodore!
Theodore: "Huh, well, okay."
Theodore: "How much by the way, Vlad?"
[OOC] Vladislav: HP: 248/558, [TMP: 75] MP: 482/642, SoS: 139
Mana: "…Right! I knew you seemed familiar. I’m from the Phantom Labyrinth."
Vladislav: "The… what, now?"
Theodore: "Oooooh!"
Theodore: "Yeah, you were way better looking down there."
Mana: "Different jobs require different costumes, right?"
Aurora‘ tilts her head. "I think I’m missing something here."
Theodore spins his staff around as water begins to pool under his feet. [CT15]
Mana: "Hehehehe, even though it's the end of the world, I'm trying to blow you all up."
Theodore: "Make sense."
Mana: "Is this what it feels like to be a hero?"
Mana: Battle order: Xsaieta [F]:0 Sealed Box A [F]:2 Sealed Box B [F]:3 Theodore [B]:9 Vladislav [F]:14 Broken Heart [F]:14 Aurora [F]:26
Mana: Status for Sealed Box A [F] : [==========] Provoke(4)
Mana: Status for Sealed Box B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Broken Heart [F] : [====== ] Corona[60](5)
Mana: Xsaieta!
Theodore: "Oh. Aurora, rememeber when we were messing with the Emperor's uh…. fate measuring device thing?"
Theodore: "She was the lady pretending to be the Mana Goddess."
Xsaieta: "Huh. …y'all are really bad at dealing damage." He bows gracefully to the Broken Heart - "Let's dance once more, then, shall we?" [Attack D50]
Aurora: "…Oh, right."
Xsaieta rolled 1d100 and got 1 ( Total: 1 ) for 5/85
Mana: It's a critical strike!
Xsaieta rolled d12+150,200% and got 10 ( Total: 320.0 )
Theodore: "Me and Aurora? Definitely. Vlad's faffin' on purpose though."
Mana: She spins backwards from the blow. "Hmm, I guess stopping a weapon of mass destruction's harder than it looks…"
Mana: the Sealed Boxes begin charging a second volley of [Lusters] - one for Aurora, one for Vlad.
Xsaieta: "It's always worth the effort, just to say you tried." A vicious grin.
Mana: Battle order: Theodore [B]:0 Vladislav [F]:5 Broken Heart [F]:5 Sealed Box A [F]:8 Sealed Box B [F]:9 Aurora [F]:17 Xsaieta [F]:41
Mana: Status for Sealed Box A [F] : [==========] Provoke(4)
Mana: Status for Sealed Box B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Broken Heart [F] : [== ] Corona[60](5)
Mana: Theodore, now!
Theodore: "Gunna invoke Salamander, okay? Okay. Salsa! I know we're a long way from home, but keeping Vlad conscious is important! Well, not really important, but it's… going to get us lots of free stuff, so, I mean, close enough? Man this invocation is really lazy, why did you let me know that was okay."
Theodore gestures towards Vladislav as the water under his feet turns red, then shoots up around the other man. [Liquid Fire] [27D]
Mana: Salamander orbits the world.
Theodore rolled 3d10+240 and got 4, 3, 4 ( Total: 251.0 ) for -25% to next hit
Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [F]:0 Broken Heart [F]:0 Sealed Box A [F]:3 Sealed Box B [F]:4 Aurora [F]:12 Theodore [B]:22 Xsaieta [F]:36
Mana: Status for Sealed Box A [F] : [==========] Provoke(4)
Mana: Status for Sealed Box B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Broken Heart [F] : [== ] Corona[60](5)
Mana: Vladislav!
Xsaieta giggles.
Xsaieta: "You're adorable, Theodore."
Theodore: "I try!"
Vladislav moves in again on the broken heart with his book. "If you want to be lazy, at least be efficient about it. That was a lot of unneeded words." [Attack - 31D]
Vladislav rolled 1d100 and got 52 ( Total: 52 )
Vladislav rolled d8+81 and got 4 ( Total: 85.0 )
Aurora‘ can’t help her own giggle. "He is."
Mana: the Broken Heart drifts back. "Ray Bombardment… fire!"
Theodore: "Well, I don't want to be rude." Theodore smiles.
Mana: She fans her hand through the air, firing a spray of lasers.
Mana: They pierce through the party, shining through the glass to explode in the ocean below, sending up jets of water one by one, halfway between the empire and the kingdom.
Theodore: "Woooah!"
Mana rolled 1d12+198 and got 12 ( Total: 210.0 )
Mana: 210 magical Wisp damage to the party! Reduced by 60 by Corona. Vlad takes at -25%, but I don't know his Wisp property offhand.
Theodore: "That was *kind of awesome* aside from the sharp stinging."
Mana: One of the boxes fires a burst of golden light at Aurora, the other at Vlad.
Mana rolled 1d12+144 and got 1 ( Total: 145.0 )
Mana: Dealing 145 magical Luna damage to each!
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 88/692, MP: 276/536, SoS: 173
Mana: Battle order: Aurora [F]:0 Theodore [B]:10 Broken Heart [F]:13 Vladislav [F]:19 Xsaieta [F]:24 Sealed Box A [F]:25 Sealed Box B [F]:26
Mana: Status for Sealed Box A [F] : [==========] Provoke(4)
Mana: Status for Sealed Box B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Broken Heart [F] : [] Corona[60](5)
Mana: Aurora!
Mana: The sage strokes his beard.
Theodore: "…Oh, were you more hurt than I thought you were going in? Sorry!"
Mana: "My apologies. If they're in my gate, by definition, they're things I didn't want to fight."
Theodore: "I am usually way better at paying attention to you."
Aurora‘ slashes at the Broken Heart, her sword shining. "I’m okay with you no longer doing anymore Wisp damage." [Rousing Strike, 44D]
Aurora‘ rolled 1d100 and got 81 ( Total: 81 ) for 90
Aurora` rolled 1d10+120 and got 9 ( Total: 129.0 )
[OOC] Mana: 129]! She dissipates.
Mana: "If only I could see it, the light of the eclipse…" [Kill]
[OOC] Aurora: [SHP: 60] HP: 88/692, MP: 236/536, SoS: 173
Mana: Battle order: Theodore [B]:0 Vladislav [F]:9 Xsaieta [F]:14 Sealed Box A [F]:15 Sealed Box B [F]:16 Aurora [F]:34
Mana: Status for Sealed Box A [F] : [==========] Provoke(4)
Mana: Status for Sealed Box B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Theodore!
Aurora: "I wasn’t expecting a current Wisp weakness to come up."
Theodore: "Aha, yeah weak to wisp would explain it."
Theodore begins charging up a pool of water below his feet. [CT15]
Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [F]:0 Xsaieta [F]:5 Theodore [B]:6 Sealed Box A [F]:6 Sealed Box B [F]:7 Aurora [F]:25
Mana: Vlad!
Vladislav moves in with his book again on Sealed Box B. [Attack - 31D]
Vladislav rolled 1d100 and got 23 ( Total: 23 )
Vladislav rolled d8+81 and got 2 ( Total: 83.0 )
Mana: It twists and unfolds, revealing its core. [83] [Activate!]
Mana: Battle order: Xsaieta [F]:0 Theodore [B]:1 Sealed Box A [F]:1 Sealed Box B [F]:2 Aurora [F]:20 Vladislav [F]:26
Mana: Status for Sealed Box A [F] : [==========] Provoke(4)
Mana: Status for Sealed Box B [F] : [========= ]
Theodore glances towards the Sage. "Remember what that means?"
Mana: Xsaieta!
Mana: "They hit and heal just a little bit harder once they've been struck."
Theodore: "Aha. … Guess it's an anti-wide area attack defense."
Aurora: "So… Gang up on B and don't hit A for now."
Theodore: "Sounds like a plan."
Xsaieta: "Good thing I grab one thing in my claws and don't let it go until it's cold and dead, right?" He bares his fangs wickedly, and slices at B! [Attack]
Xsaieta rolled 1d100 and got 22 ( Total: 22 ) for 5/85
Mana: Slice!
Xsaieta rolled d12+150 and got 5 ( Total: 155 )
[OOC] Mana: 155]!
Mana: Theodore, now!
Theodore gestures towards Aurora, as a pillar of red water shoots up around her. [Liquid Fire] [27D]
Theodore rolled 3d10+240 and got 5, 3, 8 ( Total: 256.0 ) for -25% to next hit, also I forgot I -3D people that I cure now too
Mana: The Sealed Boxes fire off another volley of golden light!
[OOC] Aurora: [SHP: 60] HP: 344/692, MP: 236/536, SoS: 173
Mana rolled 1d12+144 and got 6 ( Total: 150.0 )
Also rolled 1d12+144*1.25 and got 8 [Total: 188.0 (High), Avg: 8.00]
Aurora: "That's better, thanks."
Total: 338.0, Avg: 7.00
Mana: For 150 magical damage to Aurora, and 188 magical damage to Vladislav! Both Luna, of course.
Vladislav: "Do the lot of you have medicine?"
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 342/692, MP: 236/536, SoS: 173
Vladislav: "Theodore seems to be neglecting me for his crush. I'm rather hurt."
Mana: Battle order: Aurora [F]:0 Vladislav [F]:9 Theodore [B]:11 Sealed Box A [F]:18 Sealed Box B [F]:19 Xsaieta [F]:33
Mana: Status for Sealed Box A [F] : [==========] Provoke(3)
Mana: Status for Sealed Box B [F] : [========= ]
Vladislav: "Literally of course."
Mana: Aurora!
Xsaieta: "Aw, I'm pretty sure there's enough of Theo to go around~."
Vladislav: "No. Statistically speaking there is not."
Vladislav: The two boxes can work together and down me. "
Xsaieta: "This is a metaphor for something."
Vladislav: "Aurora, I hate to ask this of you, but please spread my Naga Oil over me."
Aurora‘ points her sword at Sealed Box B, lining it in light. [Corona, 34D, -60/180 for (6)]
Aurora: "I think this will work better in the long run."
Vladislav: "… that leaves Theodore, then."
Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [F]:0 Theodore [B]:2 Sealed Box A [F]:9 Sealed Box B [F]:10 Xsaieta [F]:24 Aurora [F]:25
Mana: Status for Sealed Box A [F] : [==========] Provoke(3)
Mana: Status for Sealed Box B [F] : [========= ] Corona[60](6)
Xsaieta: "Aurora."
Mana: Vladislav!
Xsaieta: "…can I just say, I like your panache."
Vladislav takes a step back before focusing as he begins his chant. Words appear in a fancy font over his shoulder, the image of forestry to accompany them. They are inscribed as such. [Prince Hawk, Prince Elk - CT 30 Eclipse]
Mana: Continue.
Aurora: "Acceptable."
Mana: Battle order: Theodore [B]:0 Sealed Box A [F]:7 Sealed Box B [F]:8 Xsaieta [F]:22 Aurora [F]:23 Vladislav [F]:28
Mana: Status for Sealed Box A [F] : [==========] Provoke(3)
Mana: Status for Sealed Box B [F] : [========= ] Corona[60](6)
Mana: Theodore!
Vladislav: "The oil, Theodore?"
Vladislav: "I believe all of us have one from Prince Snake."
Theodore: "Yeah, sure. And also, Aurora is bother cuter and was worse off at the time of the spell. I was breaking out the big guns, at least!"
Theodore says, as he slides closer to Vladislav and begins to rifle though his pockets.
Theodore produces said Naga Oil moments later, glances between Xsaieta and Vladislav for a moment as he slowly cracks open the lid.
Mana: Oil him up.
Xsaieta looks, more or less, like this - :3
Theodore dumps half the contents of the vial into one of his hands, then the other directly on Vladislav’s neck. He then gets to work, rubbing the oil in, along Vlad's neck and arms. [Naga Oil] [32D]
[OOC] Vladislav: +200 HP, Veil(2)
Vladislav nods in thanks to Theodore before he raises his hand. Text weaves through the air behind him. Bolded, the words stand out openly in the room. [Millions, The Scorpion Army and its equipment.]
Theodore: "Man,"
Theodore: "You were really gunna borrow her cannon to come up here and shoot her?"
Vladislav: "Yes."
Aurora: "That… probably wouldn't have ended well."
Aurora: "Not that this will, but."
Theodore: "I'm not really sure wether to laugh or to shake my head!"
Mana: …Elsewhere:
Theodore: "Also that list is way smaller than I expected."
Aurora: "It might not be finished?"
Vladislav: "It most certainly is not."
Theodore: "Oh."
Mana: Far, far below, in a chamber of the Revolver Kingdom…
Xsaieta: "God, you have balls, hahah."
Mana: Millions stands with Lt. Venetia. "Stand still, okay? [Shell]. [Cure Water]." "Millions, it's not like you to be so worried." "Hey, don't talk about me, now. I mean, I had to lend out my favorite piece for this, so, so… you better be thankful."
Mana: "Eesh, you sound so…" "Okay, just… just be quiet, okay? I have to time this right."
Mana: And Millions looks up towards the heavens and shouts in defiance. [War Cry].
Mana: …Anyway.
Mana: the Sealed Boxes begin charging [Luster]!
Mana: Battle order: Xsaieta [F]:0 Sealed Box A [F]:0 Aurora [F]:1 Sealed Box B [F]:1 Vladislav [F]:6 Theodore [B]:10
Mana: Status for Sealed Box A [F] : [==========] Provoke(3)
Mana: Status for Sealed Box B [F] : [========= ] Corona[60](6)
Mana: Xsaieta!
Vladislav 's eye twitches at the luster before he snaps his fingers. Text burns into existance, matching the hatred in his eyes. [Seye, Her Dragons]
Theodore: "Oh man, we're going all in."
Theodore: "Tomorrow is gunna be *exciting* around you."
Vladislav: "You have -no- idea."
Theodore: "…Though I suppose she, at least, started it with the dragon… thing… in the bathhouse."
Xsaieta: "Man, I wanna dangle you on a string, Vlad." He takes a swing at Box B, chuckling. [Attack D50]
Xsaieta rolled 1d100 and got 13 ( Total: 13 ) for 5/85
Mana: Slice!
[OOC] Xsaieta: p.s. did you forget to apply my damage from my last attack? I think you did
Xsaieta rolled d12+150 and got 3 ( Total: 153 )
[OOC] Mana: Yes I did sorry! One sec lemme scroll up
Mana: …Somewhere far below, Sezaya Yesketi looks out upon her assembled masses. She bows to them, paints a symbol across her forehead, bows low to the ground. None of her followers can see her smile.
Vladislav chuckles in response to Xsaieta's comment as he waves his hand, an entire chapter in Titania's history being drawn as a target, words hovering behind him. [Every Goblin in Titania]
Mana: Battle order: Sealed Box A [F]:0 Aurora [F]:1 Sealed Box B [F]:1 Vladislav [F]:6 Theodore [B]:10 Xsaieta [F]:50
Mana: Status for Sealed Box A [F] : [==========] Provoke(3)
Mana: Status for Sealed Box B [F] : [=== ] Corona[60](6)
Mana: Sealed Box A fires a luster shot at Aurora!
Mana rolled 1d12+144 and got 2 ( Total: 146.0 )
Mana: For 146 magical Luna damage!
Mana: Aurora!
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 246/692, MP: 236/536, SoS: 173
Mana: Battle order: Aurora [F]:0 Sealed Box B [F]:0 Vladislav [F]:5 Theodore [B]:9 Sealed Box A [F]:33 Xsaieta [F]:49
Mana: Status for Sealed Box A [F] : [==========] Provoke(2)
Mana: Status for Sealed Box B [F] : [=== ] Corona[60](6)
Aurora‘ slashes a B before standing in front of Vlad. [Shoulder Guard, 44D]
Aurora` rolled 1d100 and got 24 ( Total: 24 ) for 90
Aurora` rolled 1d10+120 and got 5 ( Total: 125.0 ) for 4/5ths defense factor for Vlad
Vladislav: "No comment about the goblins? I suppose no one cared about them after all."
Aurora: "That was kind of expected, actually."
Mana: Well, the goblins are just running around doing goblin things. They have no capacity to -notice-.
Xsaieta: "Well, I mean, I’d totally do their king, but since when has that ever changed anything?"
Mana: Sealed Box B fires off a luster-shot, but it can't break through Corona!
Xsaieta: "Kinda curious if there's anyone you're not about to goose."
Vladislav takes a step back from the blow, more visibly agitated than he typically lets on. He traces a finger through the air as the words are left drifting in front of him in an inky clutter. [Bernard R. Bright, Jorule]
Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [F]:0 Theodore [B]:4 Sealed Box A [F]:28 Sealed Box B [F]:29 Aurora [F]:39 Xsaieta [F]:44
Mana: Status for Sealed Box A [F] : [==========] Provoke(2)
Mana: Status for Sealed Box B [F] : [= ] Corona[60](6)
Mana: They're your constellation.
Mana: Far, far below, the light of the Pure Land fades…
Theodore: "Huh? Sorry, kinda zoned out."
Mana: At the very edge of the day, at the very edge of the night…
Mana: There's something called the "green flash" , a caged light from some distant reality.
Theodore: "I can't really say much though, I mean, I did kinda kill Frenzy. Can't really be helped that we're at cross purposes from them, but no hard feelings."
Mana: And now, it burns, pervading, spreading across the forests, rising in the Tree of Life.
Mana: Show it to me, Vladislav.
Mana: The light of the Eclipse!
Theodore: "Wait."
Theodore: "Bernard, really?"
Vladislav steps into the center of the observatorium. He glances out into the distance, the eclipse finally coming into place. "Bear witness to the birth of a new world. The final three targets." As darkness washes over the world below all of the names are written in the rift between the Moon and Titania for all to see.
[OOC] Vladislav: Prince Hawk, Prince Elk, Millions, The Scorpion Army and its Equipment, Seye, Her Dragons, Every Goblin in Titania, Bernard R. Bright, Jorule
Vladislav snaps his fingers a final time, three final targets appearing for all to see. [The Seventh Service, The City Heart, Sage Joch] [Eclipse - 16D]
Theodore: "WHAT!"
Aurora: "…oh dear."
Vladislav: "Thank you for the assitance, Theodore."
Vladislav: "Welcome to a new world."
Vladislav rolled 3d6*2.5+330*2.5 and got 6, 2, 5 ( Total: 857.5 ) for Magical Dryad damage
Mana: Lances of green light burst up, one after the other, striking through the earth - explosions bursting up into the sky - shooting through the scorpion kingdom, through the salamander district, through the forests of dryad…
Mana: And yes, in a single brilliant spear through the City Heart.
[OOC] Mana: 857
[OOC] Mana: 857] [857
Theodore closes his eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath.
[OOC] Mana: 857] [857] [857
[OOC] Mana: 857] [857] [857] [857
[OOC] Mana: 857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857
[OOC] Mana: 857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857
[OOC] Mana: 857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857
[OOC] Mana: 857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857
Xsaieta lashes his tail back and forth, staring intently at Vladislav.
[OOC] Mana: 857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857
Aurora: "…I would need a dozen or battles won in a row to survive that."
[OOC] Mana: 857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857
[OOC] Mana: 857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857
[OOC] Mana: 857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857
[OOC] Mana: 857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857] [857
[OOC] Mana: 857] [857] [857] [857
Mana: Something's…
[OOC] Aurora: or more^
Mana: something's wrong.
Theodore: "Hitting the Goblins and the City Heart all at once doesn't even make a lot of sense."
Mana: The green light didn't fade. There's…
Mana: A spear of green light lances upwards and hits the sage through the heart. [1088]
Mana: You can see the sparks throughout the city below.
Mana: Over the countryside.
Mana: -Everywhere-.
Mana: Rising up into the moon.
Mana: Ripping apart the city.
Theodore was in the process of spinning around to punch Vladislav, but he stops when the lance of green rips through the Sage.
Theodore: "Uh."
Mana: There's a horrible, mournful cry.
Theodore: "Did you know he was Joch?"
Vladislav: "Yes."
Theodore: "Fair enough."
Xsaieta: "(No he didn't.)"
Vladislav: "We spoke in prison at the start of the game."
Theodore finishes punching Vladislav directly in the chest.
[OOC] Mana: Citizens of the Empire
[OOC] Mana: Those of the Lunar Kingdom
[OOC] Mana: Those of the Desert Kingdom
[OOC] Mana: All Those with Fins
[OOC] Mana: All Those with Four Legs
[OOC] Mana: Things of the Sky
[OOC] Mana: All
[OOC] Mana: Of
[OOC] Mana: Titania
[OOC] Mana: But You.
[OOC] Mana: 1088]x12,999.
Mana: …Snow…
Mana: begins…
Mana: to fall.
Theodore: "Uh. Wh - What?"
Vladislav smiles to himself.
Mana: The City Heart is cracked, spewing its light up into the night.
Aurora: "…That's a lot more of a list than I thought."
Mana: If you wanted to break it once and for all, now would be the time.
Mana: But then again, I suppose there isn't any rush.
Theodore: "The city heart with no warning, that was worth a punch. I mean, whatever do what you gotta do. But did you just kill a bunch of innocent civilians too?"
Xsaieta: "There's… no way in hell you knew what was going to happen."
Vladislav: "They were not directly my target. They were hurt because of the damage to the city heart."
Vladislav: "Without it, they do not exist."
Theodore: "You don't even feel bad about that, do you?"
Mana: Far below…
Xsaieta: "But, honestly, right now… I'm kinda lookin' for a reason not to run you through, you get my drift..?"
Mana: The Tower of Jinn lifts up into the sky.
Vladislav: "You're welcome to try. I'll simply reincarnate in a few hours."
Xsaieta: "..I mean, I'll be the first to say, I felt the itch to destroy in my bones since I woke up."
[OOC] Mana: Got 150 AP
Vladislav: "You, however…? Do you want to see where you end up when you're eaten by an evil gate? I didn't think so."
Xsaieta: "Brother, I'd beat you to the sunrise every morning."
Aurora: "…All of the Knights. My parents…"
Vladislav: "The city heart is one of the many obstacles in the way to return the world to the spirits."
Vladislav: Consider it an action for the greater good. "
Xsaieta: "…whose greater good? The Spirits? What do we owe them?"
Theodore: "The spirit's greater good. It's important to realize this was decided different than humanity's greater good."
Vladislav: "This entire world is just a play place for the Emperor. It's time for him to grow up."
Xsaieta: "Brother, all you've done is open the door to let Winter blow in."
Vladislav: "No. This is a last ditch effort."
Aurora: "Do we even have enough kP to fix it? Or do we just break it completely and hope they're around in a remade world…?"
Vladislav: "Or did you not notice? Winter was quickly encroaching on this world."
Xsaieta: "It's… chaos. Everything what-might-be, nothing what-is. And nothing left for anybody to care about."
Xsaieta: "That's… winter."
Theodore rubs at his face.
Vladislav: "Time was not flowing properly, our goals had no vision. Everything up until this point today solely existed so I could perform this task. That is a sign of a world about to be eaten by winter."
Vladislav: "If you truly want to save the world you have to break it down and build it again."
Theodore: "Stopping the services, stopping the fiends. That's kinda been my thing."
Theodore: "Did a lot of the latter today, but I mean."
Theodore glances over towards Sage Joch.
Xsaieta: "You… goddess, haha, you really see yourself as the only character that matters, don't you..? Like, even amongst the Pure Hearts."
Vladislav: "It's you who is obvlious, Xsaieta. Or did you not notice winter already struck once today?"
Vladislav: "Rigo is no longer with us."
Xsaieta stiffens his back, looking at Vladislav, stricken. "…how is that possible?"
Vladislav: "As I said before, this universe was about to collapse on itself. Rigo is gone, time is flowing improperly. Our only hope to save it is to break it down and combine our efforts to make something else."
Vladislav: "I apologize for not letting you in on the plan, but there was no way you would let me charge that spell if you knew the full story."
Theodore: "Y'realize of course,"
Xsaieta takes a deep breath, staring sideways at Vladislav. "…no, you're wrong. You could have convinced me."
Xsaieta: "…probably not anyone else, though."
Theodore: "That you're taking a pretty… service-y stance on this, right?"
Vladislav: "I am."
Aurora: "…It makes me wonder what the list will look like a week from now."
Xsaieta: "…speaking of which, they're… probably seeing this as a rolled-out red carpet, huh?"
Theodore smiles slightly at Aurora.
Theodore: "It's probably a good thing you were here with us."
Vladislav: "I've been considering our options over the last few days, and no matter what I thought of their solution was the only one that worked."
Theodore: "It doesn't work though."
Theodore: "It doesn't really matter if everything's different."
Theodore: "Maybe if we were *with* them it would matter…"
Theodore: "But we're not."
Xsaieta: "Well, I mean, it works for them. And for Vladislav."
Theodore: "I thought your deal was that you wanted to return Titania to what it was?"
Vladislav: "Not Titania. The world."
Theodore glances over towards Joch again, curious if he somehow survived the blow.
Theodore: "Just… for curiosities sake:"
Theodore: "Why?"
Mana: No. No he didn't.
Xsaieta: "Not… what it was. What it might be. Honestly, you may as well go find a Mana Tree and lift your leg against it."
Mana: (It's not Joch, either. He didn't get hit by the first salvo!)
Theodore stares at the body a moment, squints, then blinnks as his starred eye glows softy.
Vladislav: "Titania was never a city that would have worked out."
Theodore: "It worked pretty well, though. The emperor was definitely onto something."
Xsaieta: "It was held together with duct tape. In the end, the Goddess always wins." He nods towards the Heart.
Mana: It's streaming golden light. But it's not broken, not yet.
Theodore: "I think, probably… there was nothing necessarily wrong about wanting to return Titania to how it was. The world though… I duno. Was it really bettter…?"
Xsaieta: "…I wonder if you could dream a world… where the Emperor's plan would have succeeded?"
Xsaieta: "Where the things that would have to be true about reality, would be true, and he wouldn't have had to build on such shaky foundations? Heh…"
Xsaieta: "…he is… probably was, braver than any Pure Heart will ever be. It's a lot easier to destroy than it is to create."
Vladislav: "The remaining fiends need to be defeated before the final blow. The city will collapse on itself and the world will be returned to the spirits. As for the 'new' world? It can always adapt into something better. But what we have now is broken."
Theodore sighs.
Vladislav: "Thank you again for the assistance tonight, Theodore."
Xsaieta glances at Theodore.
Vladislav: "I'm sure, deep down even you know of a world that could be better."
Theodore: "I'm not sure if you're trying to provoke or being sincere, but to be honest, I'm not really sure how to feel about this either way."
Vladislav: "You just have to realize it."
Theodore: "It's not even about the world being worse, or better, but I mean…"
Xsaieta gestures, almost imperceptibly, at Vladislav; fingers the pommel of his blade; raises an eyebrow.
Vladislav: "Oh, were you seriously wishing to spar with me? To be perfectly honest none of us have a way down from here without Veracruz."
Vladislav: "In terms of efficiency it is likely the best way."
Theodore: "All those people. They were comfortable there. Safe there. Things could have been better, yeah, but they weren't really *bad*, for the most part. And you just…" Theodore mimes an explosion with his hands, "Without showing any remorse. It'd kind of unnerving?"
[OOC] Theodore: it's^
Xsaieta: "…Jinn and Salamander. Probably the scariest combination?"
Vladislav: "Jinn, Salamander, Shade and Dryad at your service." He bows.
Aurora‘ just shakes her head, still in a bit of shock. "…There will be a reckoning, Vladislav, if those important to me aren’t reborn in the new world."
Theodore: "I'm definitely not gunna stop her if she comes after you, just… as a heads up."
Vladislav: "People are written into our stories as we need them to be. That is the power of KP."
Aurora‘ …nods. "I will keep those words in mind for when we do break the Heart completely."
Theodore glances back at Xsaieta for a moment, then tilts his head back to survey Fa’diel once again.
Vladislav: "Which by the way, I had more than enough of to deliver the finishing blow to the heart with right there."
Aurora: "…But, we need to find the last temples and kill the fiends, you said?"
Vladislav: "Some spirits are unaccounted for. I do not wish to lose them in the new world."
Mana: A gentle snowfall blankets Fa'diel. Some of the lights of the city have blinked out.
Xsaieta lets out a slow breath. "Make… make sure Millions knows that, if we run into her before… I can't imagine she wouldn't think of it but… we're both just weapons that got beaten to the punch."
Aurora: "Tomorrow's going to be… a very interesting day."
Mana: Revolver Kingdom is still glowing.
Mana: The Jinn Tower has lifted up into the sky.
Xsaieta: "I wonder what's holding the tower up..?"
Xsaieta slowly, slowly, lets out a breath.
Mana: It's turning.
Mana: Or, perhaps, the rest of the world is.
Mana: …And so it was written.
Mana: The Imperial Orrery, the Tower of Jinn.
Mana: The Emperor closes his book. He sighs in satisfaction. He wipes the blood away from his robe, from his finger-tips.
Mana: He speaks the words out of ceremony, his voice shaky:
Mana: "Let us all pray for a miracle."
Mana: "Let us all pray for paradise."
Mana: "Let us all pray for the power of the precipice…"
[OOC] Mana:
Theodore: "…Two more things, Vlad."
Theodore: "Was the thanks sincere?"
Vladislav: "It was."
Theodore nods.
Vladislav: "You are my friend after all."
Theodore: "Alright. We're still friends then."
Theodore smiles.
Theodore: "The other thing…"
Vladislav: "Bernard?"
Theodore: "Well, that's weird too so I guess three things."
Theodore: "Seems kinda random to blast him."
Vladislav: "He shirked his duty as a Pure Heart. That sort of person I cannot respect."
Vladislav: "For all we know he's sipping lemonade on an airship right now."
Theodore: "…Still, it seems kinda weird to try and remind a potential enemy he should be doing something, but I cna understand that at least."
Vladislav: "The third?"
Theodore: "The real mystery, then, I suppose… is what the hell was that last name on the list?"
Vladislav: "Sage Joch?"
Theodore 's eye being to glow, brighter than it ever has.
Theodore: "No I mean… Jorule."
Theodore abruptly collapses.
Jorule: "Yeah… I was curious about that too."
Vladislav: "You realize none of this is being written down, right?"
Jorule: "That's what you think. Joch isn't the only writer."
Vladislav: "Lonely Tails is not watching us right now."
Jorule: "Lonely Tails is a hack, but there's more than two."
Vladislav: "Would you have preferred me to write Seth?"
Jorule: "I just want to know why. I'm out there minding my own business, looking for the next place to set up shop with Jack…"
Xsaieta did not even know how deep this shit went.
Jorule: "And then… Blam. 788 dryad damage, outa no where."
Vladislav: "857, actually."
Jorule: "It lost some punch travelling through winter."
Vladislav: "Which by my calculations should still be a KO?"
Vladislav: "Which draws the question as to why you are here."
Jorule: "Well Vladislav, the obvious answer is that you know a lot less than you think you did, my HP pool being one of them."
Jorule: "Mostly I just want to know why you attacked me though. I don't recall ever doing anything to you."
Vladislav: "Your name caught my attention in two places. The Pure Lands and in the Book of Angels."
Jorule glances over at Xsaieta and Aurora, then back at Vladislav.
Xsaieta: "He wanted to piss off the edge of the world and see what happened, basically."
Vladislav: "It stood out as being… different from the others and as such through attacking you I would gain the answer to the age long question."
Vladislav: "How has time flowed in the universe?"
Jorule: "Forward, always."
Jorule: "You dumbass."
Jorule makes a fist, and a black energy engulfs it while purple lightning courses through it.
Vladislav: "I understand that."
Vladislav: "But your name in this book. It covers Oberon and a world before that. So now in the present, what have you accomplished?"
Vladislav: "To that end I pissed off the edge of the universe."
Jorule: "Figured out how winter works. Figured out how to move through it. Figured out how to blend into new worlds."
Jorule: "Figured out how to get out before winter swallows 'em. That's important."
Vladislav: "That much was obvious. Anyone appearing in the book has appeared in multiple worlds. For them to not know how to move between them would be foolhearty."
Vladislav: "So I ask the age long secret. How does one avoid winter?"
Jorule: "I'd tell you more,"
Jorule: "But you did kinda attack me for no reason."
Vladislav: "The reason was to draw out a world hopper and get an answer. That is reason enough."
Aurora: "If you want to hit him back, be my guest."
Jorule: "And as it turns out, I'm still just a little bit petty. And know how to break the rules better than you do. By the way: boss stats." Jorule grins, as his fist flys forward into Vladislav, completely engulting him in dark fire.
Jorule rolled 1d100 and got 97 ( Total: 97 ) for 100
Vladislav: "You seem to have missed."
Jorule rolled 5d12+1200,150% and got 2, 10, 4, 10, 12 ( Total: 1857.0 )
Jorule: "It's magic. It doesn't miss."
Vladislav: "I suppose this is the part where I feign KO then?"
Mana: The night is falling apart, either way.
Jorule: "No, it's the part where you die, and then wake up in your bed. Hurry up and do the math.."
Vladislav: "I'm just going to hit you again next week until you give me an answer, you know."
Jorule: "Christ no wonder Jack said to say out of it. M-A-T-H. Whatever you got, minus one eight five seven. I'll give you a hint: it's below zero. Process it already."
[OOC] Jorule: stay^
Xsaieta can't help smiling out of the corner of his mouth, showing a fang.
Vladislav bows, fading away into the darkness. "I'll see you next week, then. If the world lasts that long."
Jorule: "Your friend is really annoying."
Xsaieta: "…I was tempted to do that, but it would have made things really, really awkward later."
Jorule says, to Xsaieta and Aurora.
Aurora: "We know."
Jorule: "Anyway I'm pretty sure that was all him so… I don't need to kill you too?"
Xsaieta: "On the bright side, I guess this means we've seen you and Theodore in the same place. Although he passed out, which is kinda suspicious."
Aurora: "I'm not sure how else we're going to get back down, though."
Xsaieta: "I don't suppose you know what his deal is?"
Theodore grogily: "huh…?"
Jorule shrugs. "Not really, I just got here. And I'm leaving, promised Jack."
Jorule: "Can speed things along for you if you want though." Jorule nods to Aurora.
Xsaieta: "I'm fine, personally. Nice to meet you."
Aurora‘ glances at Xsaieta. "We probably don’t want to waste time trying to get back down tomorrow."
Xsaieta: "I, uh. I'm probably gonna only get one shot at this ever so I'm gonna go for it. Worst case scenario, I figured out what I'd do if I ever fell down that one place in the Shade where you can keep falling forever." A disturbing smile.
Mana: The snow is gently falling.
Mana: Xsaieta.
Xsaieta salutes Aurora, Jorule, bends down to ruffle Theodore a little bit before drawing his sword, jumping up through the roof of the Observatorium, trailing luna-gold star-sparks, smashing the glass dome with a single stroke, and falling towards Titania - towards the City Heart.
Theodore: "…Not really sure what's going on but I'm with Aurora…?" He blinnks as Xsaieta takes off.
Mana: Falling, falling, falling…
Mana: …He's gone.
Aurora: "…I'll take a trip back to wake up in the morning, please. As painless as you can…?"
Jorule: "Can do."
Jorule snaps his fingers, and everything falls apart. You'll wake up in the morning.

Mana: Falling, falling, falling…
Mana: Into the brilliant, pearlescent light, past the shattered glass - it's quite the leap! -
Mana: The light burns into every sense, pervades the consciousness.
Mana: Until!
Mana: Until!
Xsaieta drops the sword as soon as he's falling; he'll get it back tomorrow morning. He doesn't want the Heart to get any wrong ideas. He laughs, as he dives/falls/soars, terminal-velocity wind tearing at his kaleidoscopic robes.
Mana: Thump-thump-thump.
Mana: Everything is dark, except through some slats of light directly in front of you. There's a weight on your shoulders.
Mana: Not a heavy weight, like a…
Mana: …you just fell into a closet, and so all the clothes on hangers are sort of awkwardly resting on you… weight.
Xsaieta closed his eyes against the brightness, then opened them again when the light shone through anyway- he smiles, delightedly.
Mana: And you're sort of… clumsily standing on shoeboxes, and on a few old stuffed toys?
Mana: You're absolutely in somebody's closet, is what I'm saying.
Xsaieta takes care not to trample anything as he fumbles for the door handle- laughing to himself at some private joke.
Xsaieta finds the catch, slides it open, clears his throat politely. "Hello?"
Mana: The closet door is one of those sliding oens that comes loose from its tracks at the slightest provocation, like it just did, just now, as you proceed forth into someone's bedroom - a teenage girl's, in fact, who's sitting at her desk, at a laptop. There's a snow-white owl sitting on the windowsill, which looks out onto a gigantic lawn - rolling, green, perfectly trimmed, hedges here and there.
Mana: She turns, lifting one of her headphones - "Haha, okay, what the hell?"
Mana: There's a poster on her wall that is -absolutely- depicting the Goblin King.
Xsaieta perches on the threshhold, trying to be polite. Having had no expectations whatsoever, he can't really be astonished. "Just… popping in from Fa'diel to say hi. Things got a little strange, there, you see..?"
Mana: She turns, smiles. "Okay, have a seat, tell me more."
Mana: There are little shelves along her walls, full of tiny paper mache figurines.
Mana: Some are little goblins. There's Frenzy!
Xsaieta glances over the figurines, distracted- smiles. "True to life." He catte-sits somewhere not -entirely- unusual, but a bit strange and definitely not a chair - maybe a sturdy end table? "Well, I'm Xsaieta. I would have come to say hello earlier, but-"
Mana: "Okay, so, if I'm the -chosen one-, you tell me right now, okay?"
Xsaieta: "-well, that doesn't matter too much now." A pause, and he tilts his head to the side, ear swiveling. "I don't know. Are you the Mana Goddess?"
Mana: "I mean, I'm up for the whole Vision of Whatever deal, but, c'mon, let's go-"
Mana: "Well, like, before today I was -pretty sure- I was not the Mana Goddess, but a guy with animal ears, a tail, and a huge sword just showed up in my closet…"
Mana: "…Which forces you to, uh, recalibrate, a little, right?"
Mana: "So like:"
Mana: "One, like in Legend of Mana?"
Mana: "And two, how would I know?"
Xsaieta scratches behind an ear, tail flicking from side to side. "I think just 'Mana', actually, but I'm sure I'm missing some context."
Xsaieta: "I could be completely wrong, for that matter. They say a Pure Heart can go to a whole new world. Maybe that's what happened?"
Mana: "Uh, yeah, that's like… absolutely Legend of Mana."
Mana: "The sproutlings say that."
Xsaieta: "Right! Anyways, things… might be a little strange soon. Tomorrow… ish… or within a few days… in Fa'Diel. Time might run completely different here? Have any sproutlings come to talk to you yet?"
Mana: She frowns. "No, uh, you're… you're contact point one, here."
Mana: There's a shout from downstairs, muffled by her bedroom door: "SARAH, DINNER!"
Mana: She walks up to the door, raises a finger to ask for silence, opens it a bit and shouts back: "I'LL GET IT LATER, MOM!"
Mana: Her tone is irritated. She closes the door, sits back down.
Xsaieta: "Hm. Okay. Well, I mean-" -he hushes himself, conspiratorially. "-the short version is, the world is… actively in the process of ending, okay? Well- changing."
Mana: "Do you mean like, -this- world, or some other world that happens to share the name of a world from a video game?"
Xsaieta: "The latter. Um, I hope."
Xsaieta: "It's… a story, right?"
Mana: "Huh. Well, I mean…" She smiles weakly, trying to offer sympathy without having a clue.
Mana: "…That… sucks? I mean."
Mana: "You can crash here, I guess…?"
Xsaieta: "The narrative was getting a little rocky and things were slowing down, and so my- friend, I guess- decided to speed things up. Anyways, there's this… city, there. Called Titania, and in the middle of Titania is the City Heart, and I was… pretty sure the Mana Goddess was stuck inside."
Xsaieta: "So… I jumped in. and… somehow ended up here..?"
Mana: "Ah, uh."
Xsaieta: "The City Heart is what's keeping the world together, right now- it's… honestly it'd take a really long time to explain."
Mana: "Yeah, that's… pretty weird."
Mana: "So, uh, how do you know if somebody's the mana goddess?"
Xsaieta: "But it's going to get broken soon, and I wanted to… to let the Mana Goddess know. Except…" He shrugs, languidly, ears quirking. "…haha, I've honestly got no idea. Ever know someone named Lonely Tails?"
Mana: "Er… no, I don't."
Mana: "I'm Sarah Aurich though, nice to meet you."
Mana: "You weird cat boy you."
Xsaieta grins. "The name's Yima Xsaieta, and it's a pleasure…" He tilts his head to the side at the name, curiously, smiles. "Um, one more thing. Where's… this? What's it called?" He gestures with his face out the window.
Mana: "This is Yellowcreek, out in the good ol' heartland. I mean."
Mana: "It's a suburb, nobody has any kids, I have to get driven an hour out just to go to school…"
Mana: "…People go here to retire, right? They aren't supposed to take their kids with them."
Xsaieta: "…sounds pretty lonely."
Mana: "I'm kinda hoping to go to Con-strukt in June, but mom's not really impressed with the whole idea…"
Xsaieta pauses for a second… "It'll definitely be worth it. Seeing… everything that's out there to see."
Xsaieta: "I mean, I grew up in the Luna, and even I had no idea what was out there… what was possible."
Xsaieta: "Never give up, Sarah." He smiles, again, twitches an ear, looks out the window, curiously.
Mana: The snowy owl is standing on a tree just out the window, watching Xsaieta from its perch.
Mana: "Well, I mean. I wasn't planning on it."
Mana: "Still, I mean, if I'm a goddess or something-"
Mana: "-Are you like, my ticket out of here?"
Mana: "I know… I know this story, you know."
Xsaieta side-eyes the owl, glancing back to Sarah, ears perked. "Would you like me to be?"
Mana: "I was hoping for David Bowie, but… yeah."
Mana: "You're… not too far from that, Yima."
Xsaieta: "I mean- even if you're not the Goddess. That doesn't matter to me." He stand-hops off the end table(?), extending a hand. "Just 'Xsaieta'. My friends call me 'Xsai', it's… one of those last-name-first things."
Mana: "Oh." She looks a little embarassed. "Yeah."
Xsaieta grins. "No worries."
Mana: She takes his hand, and -blushes-.
Mana: "Okay, so, gate in the closet, or…?"
Xsaieta grins more. She's cute when she blushes! "I think that's… traditionally how it works, isn't it?"
Mana: "Just don't root around in there too much, okay?"
Mana: She releases his hand, walks up to her closet, flings the door open.
Mana: It… looks like a perfectly ordinary closet.
Xsaieta: "I was tryin' to be careful, yeah." He turns- and an ear goes flat. "-well, that's odd."
Mana: "D…epending on your definition of odd, I guess."
Xsaieta: "Mine is almost certainly different from the usual, yeah." He geeeently leans forward, pokes at the back of the closet.
Mana: Yup, good ol closet wall.
Mana: "Is there… a magic spell, maybe?"
Xsaieta pauses, carefully tiptoe-hops in on whatever sturdier thing he'd been standing on. "Maybe… I mean, the door was closed when I woke up here…"
Mana: "So, do you want me to close it on you?"
Xsaieta: "That or hop in with me with the caveat that we'll both feel incredibly silly if it doesn't work." His face is that of a perfect gentleman!
Mana: She sort of climbs into the closet along with Xsaieta, and gingerly closes the doors, leaving them in the darkness.
Mana: "Reaaaaaally hoping I don't get walked in on, here."
Xsaieta stifles a giggle, a hand on her shoulder to steady her- reaching in his mind for magic, for the Luna, for the feeling of his heart in his throat, and the wind in his hair.
Mana: Yeah, you could slip back.
Mana: But there's something holding -her- here, and it's damn strong.
Xsaieta squeezes her shoulder, gently. "(…ahh. There's someone here, on this side… someone important to you?)"
Mana: "N…not really…"
Xsaieta: "(Hmm… something, then. Something you need to finish..?)"
Mana: She shakes her head, leaning a bit closer.
Mana: "No, seriously, get me away from this boring town, okay?"
Xsaieta grits his teeth and braces against the side of the closet with his free arm, holding on to her with the other- pulling the thread that keeps her tied to this reality, tugging it. Where does it lead, and how can he smash it, if that's truly her desire?!
Mana: Pearlescent light consumes Xsaieta.
Mana: …But the City Heart…
Mana: is still intact.
[OOC] Mana:
Xsaieta: "(Think of a world… where anything is possible. Think of a world where spirits dance. Think of a world where…)"
Mana: (Don't tell me truth hurts, little girl, because it hurts like hell…)

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