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Mana: And so it was written: Pokiehlember 5th, Year 1, Dryad's Day. The Luna shrine at the very top of the world.
Theodore: "So anyway, you said that spell thing or whatever you were planning to do needed until vigilum, right? Still got a bit for that so… might as well go hit up the village, yeah? Maybe see if they know where the imperial palace is so we can tell them about the Princess…"
Vladislav: "First off, it's Viglum. Secondly… I care little for the princess, but if you insist I still have time to kill."
Theodore: "I don't believe that for a second, man."
Theodore: "The not caring bit, I mean."
Theodore: "Your little secret society thing was relaying messages for her."
Xsaieta gestures with one hand: "Nobody loves a pedant." Gestures with the other hand: "It's the two of you."
Theodore: "Huh?"
Vladislav chuckles to himself. "It seems you do pay attention after all." He waves to Xsaieta.
Aurora‘ smiles. "We’re somewhere new and there's time to kill, we might as well explore."
Xsaieta shrugs and continues ambling along with them. "Oh, nothing. Just, the Viglum thing." He grins innocently, waves to Vlad.
Theodore: "I don't get it." Theodore rubs behind his head, shrugs, then starts back down the pathway from the palace towards the village they saw earlier.
Mana: Which, of course, requires the crossing of a sea of darkness, sculled over by rowboat, but we can gloss over that.
Theodore didn't imagine charon would have had anything new to say, yeah.
Xsaieta: "Well, I mean. If he's a pedant, nobody will like him. But I'm pretty sure you'd like him anyways, 'cause…" …he just sort of motions helplessly with his hand for a second. "Anyway."
Mana: Though, it's a content kind of silence.
Mana: The village - twisting towers of silver and gold, strange designs, dusty pathways. Here and there archways lead into the boxy buildings.
Mana: Some of the denizens are obviously automatons, their backs sprouting with wings of gold wire.
Theodore tilts his head at Xsia. "I thought he was like, people, not autotonomos jewelry? Although he is often pretty bad at being a person… hmm…"
Xsaieta gives a friendly wave to the robots, then busts up giggling at Theodore and basically is useless for a few moments.
Aurora: "…Pedant, not pendant."
Theodore: "Huh? OH!"
Theodore: "Okay, that makes WAY more sense."
Xsaieta still giggling.
Theodore: "They sure do build stuff different up here, though."
Mana: They certainly do. Even the moon's gardens are under vaulted, latticed glass.
Xsaieta: "Man, I had to go back and check that it'd… there hadn't been a transcription error or… ahahah." He wipes a tear from his eye, composes himself, nods. "Man, you don't even know. There's upside-down floating islands in giant bathtubs with moonstone pyramids. I've seen 'em."
Mana: There's even an observatory - though, what it's observing with that gigantic lens is unclear.
Theodore: "Upside down? That doesn't sounds very practical."
Theodore: "…Unless you're a bat, I guess!"
Theodore glances around, anything indicating like a bar or a pub or something on the side of a building?
Mana: Yeah, actually. I mean, the sign just says "BAR" . The roof is domed.
Theodore: "People in bars like talking right? Right." Theodore ambles on inside.
Mana: The bar's well-lit but dead - the walls adorned with decorations that look like crop circles. Behind the bar, a white-lit series of refrigerated shelves, behind glass doors, display a variety of liquor in colorful bottles.
Mana: There's faint music playing over a sound system.
Vladislav tilts his head at Theodore as he follows him inside. "I suppose they might. Given how out of place we seem I have little doubt all of the bars inhabitants will have our attention upon our entry."
Mana: The bartender is dressed in a suit, whiling away the hours by writing something on a pen and notepad. Rabbit-earred, too.
Aurora: "At least it's the right time of day to be drinking, for once."
Mana: There's a couple here having a late dinner, but they seem to mostly be paying attention to eachother.
Mana: Four men are playing on the pool-table in the corner, calling proposition bets on nigh every shot.
Vladislav: "This much is true. The only pubs I frequent are the off hours of the drowning wench in which you are lucky to even have the bettle look at you."
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Theodore: "That time we went to the pub in dryad it was normal hours, I think!"
Theodore: "Man, this place is fancy."
Mana: The bartender waves, briefly, to Theodore.
Vladislav: "What in particular is fancy about it?"
Theodore: "All the lights! And the display cases." Theodore nods, then rolls up to the bar, then takes a seat at the counter. "Heya. There anything intesting to do around here? We're kinda visiting but only for the rest of the night."
Mana: "You don't look like pilgrims. You Titanian?"
Vladislav: "He is not."
Vladislav: "I am, though."
Theodore: "Yeah I'm from waaaay further out."
Mana: "Well, we aren't much for tourist traps, I'll have to apologize. I can mix you a drink or two, though."
Mana: "You could visit the gardens, or the observatory, or the canyon to the south."
Mana: "I guess there's the war museum, too…?"
Theodore: "I could go for a drink, I think! Hmhm, I get gardens and observatories and museums, but hwta's cool about canyons?"
Vladislav: "A war museum you say?"
Vladislav: "It's always interesting to see history from another perspective. I suggest we check that out."
Mana: "Sure, I'll mix you something. Canyons…"
Mana: "Well, awe at the majesty of creation, I guess. You go up to the edge of it and you go, whoah, that's a long way down, isn't it?"
Mana: He selects a glass, starts filling it with various things.
Theodore: "Hmm."
Mana: "The war museum's just on the west edge, where the tether was hooked in. It's…"
Mana: "Well, it's not much, but it's a way of remembering."
Theodore: "That could be kinda interesting, yeah."
Theodore: "Oh!"
Theodore: "Where's the royal palace located?"
Xsaieta sidles up to the bar, looks like he's about to order something, seems to decide against it at the very last minute. "Fancy place."
Mana: "Oh, you mean like, for the kingdom?"
Mana: "Way east. We're far away from the homeland, now."
Aurora: "So, a bit of a walk, then?"
Theodore: "Yeah! We kinda know the Princess, so I was thinking we could maybe pop in and let them know how she's doing… but hm."
Mana: "Yeah, you'd…"
Mana: "Well, you'd have to sail across the ocean."
Vladislav: "Sounds like quite the venture, Theodore."
Mana: Mixes, pours, fills a glass for Theodore, something dark and shining with a gleam of starlight on the top layer.
Mana: "Here you go."
Theodore: "I wonder if we could get allt he way across the ocean in an hour or two…?"
Mana: "You'd need one hell of a ship."
Theodore lifts up the glass towards the lighting and peers at it curiously, taking a moment to let the others get a decent look before lowering it again and taking a drink.
Vladislav: "Then again Theodore… the night is endless until we will it otherwise."
Theodore: "You think? I figured if we faffed about too much the sun would eventually come up… But maybe not!"
Mana: It has a deep, bittersweet taste - a sharp, fragrant melancholy.
Theodore: "Tangy!"
Vladislav: "What's the worst that could happen, Theodore? We've travelled to the Pure Lands and come back before the night was over."
Vladislav: "The Moon Kingdom is at least in this world."
Theodore: "Hmmhm I suppose worst comes to worst you just cast your spell from the boat, huh?"
Vladislav: "Correct."
Theodore: "Sure what the heck. Although, you still wanna stop by that meseum first? Also, any of you want somethign before we head out? This drink ain't half bad." Theodore nods tot he bartender, then remembers to slide him over some lucre.
Vladislav: "If he has a drink that restores magical reserves, perhaps."
Vladislav: "Otherwise I have little use for it."
Aurora: "Hm… Do you have anything bottled to take on the road? It'd make for a nice souvenir of visiting."
Mana: "I could slap something in a bottle, sure." He smiles at Aurora.
Mana: "How do your tastes run?"
Theodore: "Not a big fan of savouring the flavor, Vlad?"
Aurora: "Something more sweet or fruity, please."
Vladislav: "Not when there is work to be done."
Theodore: "Fair enough."
Mana: He quickly mixes something together - a pale, frothy, champagne-colored drink - and pours it into a bottle, which he caps. It has the scent of elderflower and vanilla.
Aurora‘ places down some lucre, with extra fro the bottling. "Thank you."
Mana: "I think that should suit you."
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Theodore gestures towards Xsaieta questioningly with his half finished drink.
Xsaieta: "Naw, I’m fine. Enjoyin' yours?"
Vladislav: "Bartender, who do we talk to so we may gain passage across the ocean?"
Theodore: "Yeah I'd rate it a solid seven."
Mana: "Well, I guess you'd need to find a ship, which means you'd need to head back down to the ground, first. I mean…"
Mana: "…If any of us could get home, we'd be there. Clockwork aside, I guess."
Theodore: "…Oh, it's not … on the moon?"
Vladislav shakes his head glancing at Theodore. "Sounds like a job for… Sulleiman."
Mana: "Nope. The Moon used to belong to the moon kingdom, in the far east, but…"
Mana: "It got hauled back to Titania after the war."
Xsaieta: "Wait, you didn't…?"
Theodore: "…Huh! I totally expected the Moon Kingdom to be on the moon, not for the moon to belong to the moon kingdom."
Theodore: "…Also I feel like I should remember that name more than I do."
Mana: "Well, it's nice, but it's not the most hospitable place."
Vladislav: "You shouldn't at all, actually. Only Alexander and I know him."
Mana: "We used to be a great nation. The moon was our holy land."
Mana: "…Well, I guess it still is, in a way."
Vladislav: "He has a large ship in Undine, the Spirit of Flame docked in the far wharves."
Vladislav: "Furthermore he is looking for incentive to leave Titania."
Theodore: "Oh." He says, at both Vlad and the Bartender at once.
Vladislav: "If anyone wanted to sail to the Moon Kingdom that would be the man."
Theodore: "Hey though, if it helps? The Princess seems to be doin' all right, and she's doing her best to prevent another war from breaking out."
Theodore: "And this place is still pretty neat. (Also we got rid of the fiend problem in the luna palace, if that was keeping people away…?)"
Xsaieta gives the bartender a sympathetic smile.
Mana: "The princess is doing well…? Well, that's good to hear."
Mana: "I guess we were all worried."
Theodore nods,
Vladislav: "The museum, then?"
Vladislav: "Or are we simply engaging in small talk?"
Theodore downs the rest of his drink, then slides out of his stool. "I'm good to go."
Xsaieta claps Vladislav on the shoulder. "Some day you'll learn to appreciate the journey and not just the destination. But, yeah, I think we're good?" He bows, elaborately, to the bartender, in lieu of having handed over any lucre at any point.
Aurora‘ stows her bottle in her belt pouch for now. "Off we go, I think."
Vladislav glances over his shoulder at Xsaieta before starting to walk off as soon as he hears that they’re good. "We're leaving, then."
Mana: The war museum's on the west edge. It looks a lot like the other buildings, except the sign atop it simply says "TO THE MEMORY" . Silvery pillars and a huge entrance.
Mana: Inside, the chronicle of the war between the Empire and the Moon Kingdom - maps of its shores, stoic mannequins wearing kingdom's teal-and-gold uniforms. Dioramas bearing figurines of each side's ships, sailing on delicately painted, white-capped blue resin.
Theodore: "Totally not used to everything being so… boxy."
Vladislav: "… boxy?"
Theodore: "The buildings! They've very… box like, for the most part."
Mana: A gigantic mural depicts the Imperial march on the shores of St. Cazei.
Theodore: "Oh wow, geography! Did you know, I haven't seen a single thing implying what the area looks like since I got here? Probably because the emperor compressed everything, but still."
Mana: Oh, I apologize. The landscape of the moon is silver-colored - vast, rolling plains, nigh bare, with stretches of short, blue-colored grass waving in the wind here and there. A strange rural countryside.
Theodore wanders over to get a closer look at some of dioramas - the closest things to maps, which is what he actually ment! But knowing what the outside looks like is nice too.
Vladislav: "Truly? I am sure they are easy enough to find in Exmillia should you wish to look for them."
Peter‘: Eventually, an attendant arrives, wearing a blue dress, her hair pinned up - an automaton, with the wings of gold wire. "Oh, good evening."
Peter`: "Welcome to the Moon’s War Museum."
Theodore: "Well like admittedly I wasn't investing a lot of effort into it, but."
Theodore: "Hiya!"
Peter‘: "Hello." She says, smiling. "If you have any questions about the displays or of the war’s history, feel free to ask me."
Theodore: "Hmm."
Theodore: "This one might be kinda obvious to people familiar with it… but what started the war, anyway?"
Mana: "A declaration of war by the Emperor. The Empire of Titania has, as its stated goal, the desire to bring the extent of the known world under its sway."
Mana: "…Surprisingly direct, isn't it? You'd expect a casus belli."
Theodore: "Gotta give him some credit for being honest about it, I guess."
Mana: "Yes, perhaps."
Mana: "Of the four conquest wars, the Moon Kingdom fought the most bravely."
Theodore: "Huh, there was four?"
Mana: "One in each direction. The desert kingdom of the south, the moon kingdom of the far east, the mountains of the north, the beastlands of the west."
Mana: "Though, the last two are referred to, historically, as the " subjugation of barbarians ", and less as wars themselves."
Theodore glances back at Vladislav. "I didn't know there were beastlands to the west of here. I guess that's where Vush came from?"
Vladislav: "That is correct. Did you not see him running off that way when we busted open the gate?"
Theodore: "Well yeah, but I didn't know that was like… a thing as opposed to a Vush Thing."
Aurora: "I guess it was something like that, then."
Mana: "To the distant west. A poet once wrote that they were forests so thick that reason itself died within them."
Mana: "Such things are difficult to imagine. But trackless, impassable - these things, definitely."
Xsaieta: "I can imagine it."
Theodore: "Weird."
Theodore: "Did things change much after the war
Theodore: ? "
Mana: "Plenty. For one, the moon was dragged to Titania as a spoil of conquest."
Theodore: "Prrrobably woulda been harder to cannon ourselves up here if it was still on the other side of the ocean yeah. But I ment more like… day to day stuff, I guess."
Aurora: "Any other concessions or the like?"
Xsaieta: "Well, Titania's the centre of the world, and all. Probably gets a lot lonelier here on the outskirts than it used to? Less… real."
Peter‘: "And there are certain… mystic ramifications to the world having Titania as its center."
Peter`: "Some would say the shine of life, in the Moon Kingdom, is gone."
Mana: "There’s heavy tribute, as well. And all of the factories have been closed."
Mana: "People such as I are no longer produced."
Mana: "Lonely, I think… is right."
Theodore blinks.
Xsaieta: "Mm, guess that's what happens…"
Theodore: "Oh wow, you're like… *actually* kind of like a golem and not just a metallic-y human?"
Aurora: "Worried about more of you being made as soldiers, I guess?"
Mana: "It's halfway, actually. Both a human and a machine."
Xsaieta: "Probably just didn't fit into his view of what counted as people. Which, I mean, in Titania that's still a pretty big tent, but."
Mana: "This museum is a strange remnant of the way things used to be."
Mana: "Even here, I can feel that we who remember the old world are mattering less and less."
Mana: "Still, we wished to remember."
Xsaieta nods. "I wonder… if there are other museums like this. I didn't even know there was a desert kingdom."
Theodore: "Huhh, I wouldn't have guessed."
Theodore: "It's important to remember the stuff you care about though, yeah."
Mana: "Yes."
Mana: "I think so, too."
Mana: "Thank you for visiting. Feel free to look around as much as you'd like."
Aurora‘ nods. "Maybe we could look for one sometime."
Theodore nods. "Thanks for answering questions!"
Theodore then glances back over his shoulder towards Xsaieta, "It’s probably easy to forget if you're from Titania, since there's not, like… a lot of obvious cultural assimilation from the south as there is from the other three."
Mana: She nods, and sets to dusting one of the display cases.
Xsaieta: "And there really isn't that much from the other three, honestly. I mean… we kinda get the saturday morning cartoons and plastic figurines version of the Moon Kingdom in the first place."
Mana: "You'll note we don't have a gift shop."
Theodore: "But they got like, their little section of town. And there's a decent amount of their food, and the Princess is kinda prominant, also, Vlad's friends… It's more than the others. Pretty sure the icepick men come from up north, and then Vush's gang from the west."
Theodore: "I haven't really noticed anything from down south though."
Xsaieta: "You got a point, yeah. I'm curious, now…"
Theodore: "(Which… is probably why I think Titania is so weird. Hah!)"
Theodore: "Anyway, you see everything you wanted to, Vlad?"
Vladislav: "The exhibit was a bit lackluster, to be honest."
Vladislav: Was there anywhere else you wished to visit? "
Theodore: "Maybe the gardens but it's not super high on my priority list. I figure, though, that the observetory's probably the best place to see the results of your spell from."
Theodore: "So we might as well scoot over there before casting starts." Theodore pauses, then looks back over at the attendent. "…The telescope *is* facing back towards, uh … huh what was the world called again…?"
Mana: "Fa'diel."
Mana: "Well, there's a telescope on top, and a telescope on the bottom."
Theodore: "Yeah, that's it! Thanks."
Theodore offers her a smile, then heads out of the museum and towards the observatory.
Mana: An old man, with a weathered, bushy beard that blends into his hair. He stoops, answers the door with a smile:
Mana: "It -is- the mana holy day, isn't it?"
Theodore: "Get a lot of visiters at the end of the week?"
Mana: "Heheheh… not often."
Mana: "Come for the best view in the world?"
Theodore: "Yeah! Unless the other telescope has something cooler in range."
Theodore: "(…But even then probably wanna see the world after that.)"
Mana: "Come, come with me." He says, leading them downstairs, along a spiralling staircase. It's dark, barely lit, deep into the earth of the moon.
Xsaieta: "Aw heck yeah."
Mana: "It's a long walk, long, long walk, but you have time to spare, don't you…?"
Theodore flashes a thumbs up behind his back to Vladislav, Aurora and Xsaieta as he follows the old man down.
Mana: "This is an observatory. We observe, we wait… you're magicians, yes?"
Theodore: "Yup, on both counts."
Xsaieta nods.
Mana: "Do you have your list?"
Aurora: "I guess you could say that."
Theodore: "Oh man."
Theodore: "This guy totally knows your game Vladislav."
Aurora: "Someone knows what's up, I think."
Mana: "Yes, yes, wonderful. I had my Calaverite, once. Before it was confiscated."
Mana: "Oh, how I dreamed, how I dreamed."
Mana: "Hmm, but others dream the same thing, don't they?"
Vladislav chuckles to himself. "It seems everyone in the world knows at this point."
Mana: "And now I'm in a foreign land… hm-hm-hm."
Xsaieta: "You're not nearly as good at keeping secrets as you think you are." He grins at Vlad good-naturedly.
Mana: "You can feel it, can't you? On the edge of the skin."
Theodore: "Hey, look on the bright side: now you getta see it happen."
Vladislav: "I don't ever recall keeping this a secret."
Mana: He leads down the thin, spiralling steps, deeper into the darkness. He pulls an iron cane off the wall at one point, lights a lantern hanging from it, heads even deeper still.
Theodore: "This place has some SERIOUS ambience, by the by."
Mana: "Ah, makes me feel alive. I almost want to find a woman…"
Mana: "…Not that I have much to offer, hm-hm-hm."
Mana: "Oh, I saw it once. Saw it -once-, but not as I wanted it…"
Mana: …The descent continues…
Mana: …Further, deeper.
Theodore: "Oh? Now I'm curious."
Mana: …And deeper still.

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