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Mana: And so it was written: Pokiehlember 5th, Year 1, Dryad's Day.
Mana: There are basically two ways to meet with Admiral Verris Millions, commander of, you know, Fort Millions.
Mana: You can fight your way up through the terrifying gauntlet of monsters and automatons that is Revolver Kingdom, staring her down from across her throne room, lit by the lights of the city as her ultimate weapon slowly, slowly roars to a charge -
Mana: Or you can knock on the door of the suite she's staying at, at her hotel.
Mana: Today, I think, we're going with the latter.
Wilhelmine: Agreed.
Mana: She shouts after the knock: "Uh, one second, lemme just-"
Mana: …There's a few minutes, but she answers, dressed in her pajamas, with a tiger-fur bathrobe slung on over it.
Mana: "Wil, right?"
Wilhelmine: "Correct. I hope I'm not interrupting anything."
Wilhelmine looks worse for wear, not having rested after her excursion to the Shade Temple. The hot springs haven't been available, either.
Mana: "Eh, whatever. C'mon in, have a seat. Vene's out getting groceries." She heads in, flops down on the couch. It's a chic, tiny suite - kitchenette, glass coffee table.
Wilhelmine nods and takes a chair, placing the Poison Pill on the table.
Mana: "Serving you alright?"
Wilhelmine: "I hope you don't mind a visit. I'm not in need of anything except respite after my morning so far.
Wilhelmine: "It certainly is. I couldn't have made a finer purchase."
Wilhelmine: "Did it serve you well?"
Mana: "Eh, for a little bit. Rider's a pain, so I decided to retire it from the collection."
Wilhelmine: "Not after getting a few unlocks, I suppose?"
Mana: She nods. "Impossible Road's the big one."
Mana: "I mean, for how I roll, it's hard to do without it. Sometimes you just need to be able to show up."
Wilhelmine: "It seems to be a popular choice, yes."
Mana: "Well…"
Mana: "You wanna show up at the end of a dungeon… trash some fools…"
Mana: "You don't want to sit around in that dungeon all day waiting for it."
Mana: "That'd be a pain."
Mana: "Instead, you know, you go through it a few days in advance, get the shortcut, and then show up later when the, you know-"
Mana: "Aforementioned fools-"
Mana: "Are clearing it."
Wilhelmine chuckles a bit. "How'd you come to unlock Shade on that gem in the first place?"
Wilhelmine: "I would have pegged you as Wisp, myself."
Mana: Millions crosses her arms - is she a little embarassed at it? - "Wouldn't know it from looking at me, right?"
Mana: "I spent a few years as a fiend on a distant shore from here. Threw myself in the machine. Had to know how they thought."
Mana: "Wasn't worth it. Sprang back."
Wilhelmine: "As sparks are wont to do."
Mana: "Mmhm."
Mana: "My monster of the sky days are over, I think."
Wilhelmine leans back and inspects Millions. "Hmm. Salamander's obvious, too. Dryad, too, in a sense."
Mana: She nods. "Battle plans, huh?"
Wilhelmine: "Against you? Like any planning would matter."
Mana: "You feel it too, huh?"
Wilhelmine: "What, does that surprise you?"
Mana: "Hell, surprised me."
Wilhelmine: "Everything about you screams big, big numbers. Hence the name, 'Millions.'"
Wilhelmine: "Huh. I thought it was deliberate."
Mana: She stops, shaking a hand. "No, we were - totally talking past eachother for a moment."
Mana: "Like, we assumed… planning didn't matter…"
Mana: "…For two different reasons."
Mana: "You first."
Wilhelmine: "If I wanted to get rid of you - if, don't get jumpy now - I have a time limit of several days. The rate at which I'd be able to find and defeat enemies to acquire EXP and AP anything resembling a blip on your radar, keeping in mind additional cost and time restraints, like sleeping or a daily bath house visit - it'd be numerically impossible."
Wilhelmine: "Unless I was, for instance, an Iron-forged, or so I gather, but I don't quite think I'd like to be turned into one, nor do I think I would be able to gain access to one in time."
Mana: "Well, hate to tell you, but there's actually a big disadvantage I'm playing at, here."
Mana: "I mean, I'm fearsome, I know how to fight, I got skill up to here-"
Mana: "…But…"
Mana: "You've caught the ceremonies, right?"
Mana: "We're level-synced."
Mana: "I got you guys some bonus AP once and decided against it ever since. Not to my advantage, lemme tell you."
Wilhelmine: "Mm. I didn't know you were present for those, too."
Mana: She waves her hand. "I Tivo em."
Wilhelmine: "I didn't think any record but a text transcript was available."
Wilhelmine: "You know. 'And so it was written,' and all that." She pauses and looks over at Mana. " - and no, that doesn't count, so don't cut out early."
Mana: "Deep, hungry Shade, huh?"
Wilhelmine smiles quietly. "Apparently I'll be able to travel along Impossible Roads myself."
Mana: "You're welcome."
Mana: "So, Wil." Millions looks out her window for a moment, pauses.
Mana: "What the hell have we gotten ourselves into, here?"
Wilhelmine: "A spring-loaded trap. Haven't you been reading?"
Wilhelmine tosses Millions her pole. "And, since that thing is supposed to be analagous to the real problem - cryptic Jinn spirit hint and all that - I'm guessing that the nature of the trap changes depending on how we approach it."
Mana: She catches it - it snaps into a hatchet-shape.
Mana: "In a way you can't go back on, I guess."
Wilhelmine: "Liquid at its current temperature, but solid when the boiler cools off."
Wilhelmine: "What's your take on what we've gotten ourselves into?"
Mana: "So, the real enemy's the Emperor, right?"
Mana: "This whole thing, everything here… the whole history of the world, flows back to him."
Mana: "So when you knock him off, what's left?"
Wilhelmine: "The next strongest in line, if you believe what he says about the rules of this world."
Wilhelmine: "Which, I suppose, would put his killer at the top."
Wilhelmine: "Unless there's some Jinn family inheritance thing going on, if you believe the guys that run the spinners - "
Mana: "I can't sort out a damn from that geneology."
Mana: "Your Alex has the best claim on it, probably."
Mana: "But, you know, instead of being scared of him, he's buddying right up…"
Wilhelmine: "Well, to be fair, Alex is one of the less ambitious people I know."
Mana: "Guess so."
Wilhelmine: "Or, the trap's a dead man's switch."
Mana: "Like… as soon as the Emperor's gone…"
Mana: "-Got any clue about that new era that all the spirits are yammering about?"
Wilhelmine: "The oven's been preheated to three-hundred and fifty degrees, boil mixture for at least a week, makes up to nine servings. Serve when cooled."
Wilhelmine: " - I'm not being cryptic, I think I'm just hungry. But no, I don't think I'll know anything about that new era until it begins."
Mana: "I think I've got some leftover quesadilas in the fridge, could heat a pair up for us."
Wilhelmine: "Ah. More like glass-blowing than it is cooking."
Wilhelmine: "Ah, that sounds fine. Get them before Vene comes back, I suppose." She stands to do so.
Wilhelmine: " - although isn't it quesadilla, two 'l's?"
Mana: "Venetia likes to cook." Millions says. It isn't that hard to find em - they're just wrapped in metal-foil, still on the plates.
Mana: "And, yeah, I guess?"
Wilhelmine takes them out and puts them in … an appropriate heating apparatus. Whatever, the details aren't important. "One 'l' is a hard 'l', like 'licorice' or 'lemon' or 'linguistics.' Two, at least in the language the word comes from, is a 'y' sound, like 'yours' or 'yes.' But not for Millions, and it's only in the case of words that originate from that language."
Mana: "Huh. Well, there you go. Quesadilla."
Wilhelmine: "Not that Titania's narrative knows anything about Spanish."
Wilhelmine glances around the kitchen area. Knowing Millions and her pride, there's something engraved with her name around.
Wilhelmine: Or a portrait. Or some sort of … brand.
Mana: The knives, naturally.
Wilhelmine rubs her thumb over the engraving. … then realizes she's low on MP.
Wilhelmine chuckles at herself. "You want any of these, while I'm at it?"
Mana: "Uh, yeah." Millions says. "Put one on for me."
Wilhelmine: "Did you ever visit Gato Grottoes? Not - here, not even recently, especially. On some distant shore, I mean."
Mana: "Long ago, maybe."
Wilhelmine: "Same language. At least the 'Gato' part."
Mana: "Huh. What's it mean?"
Wilhelmine: "Cat."
Mana: "Not too many cats there, though."
Wilhelmine: "Wasn't there an entire nunnery of them?"
Wilhelmine: "No wonder they called you 'Chumpy.'"
Wilhelmine: "… Unless I have a case of mistaken identity."
Mana: She smiles. "Naw, you got it."
Wilhelmine takes a bite of her quesadilla. Deep, hungry Shade indeed.
Mana: "The original hero of the old school."
Mana: "…I mean, I used to be."
Wilhelmine: "No wonder you have so much kP. People handed you AFs left and right, you never got to actually spend yours."
Mana: "You get pretty good at smashing monsters, though."
Wilhelmine: "Except Tropicallo."
Wilhelmine: "100% damage reduction and all that."
Mana: "Heheh, you just here to wax nostalgic?"
Mana: "…Not that I mind."
Wilhelmine: "Like I said, it's been a high-stress morning, and the bath-house is … currently occupied."
Wilhelmine: "So, yes, pretty much."
Mana: She shrugs. "Yesketi's shaking in her boots, you know."
Wilhelmine: "Oh?"
Mana: "She's all - Winter's gonna hit, and we're all gonna get caught in it, this time."
Mana: "Well - I mean, we roll with three, usually."
Mana: "Cept this time around, the third guy wouldn't go near the place."
Wilhelmine: "Mm. I think Vlad and the others would know more about that."
Mana: "Guess so."
Mana: "I think…"
Wilhelmine: "So … a permanent winter. A world frozen in the emperor's idea of beauty that neither the Goddess nor her angels can re-ignite."
Mana: "Yeah. But if that's what he's going for, what the hell is his game?"
Mana: "I mean, for… frozen in the ideal of beauty… he's sure letting it go down the tubes."
Wilhelmine: "And angels come to fix it."
Wilhelmine: "Drawn to the bait, the trap sets off."
Mana: She smiles.
Mana: "…You think we're in an angel-killer?"
Wilhelmine: "It's a possibility."
Mana: "Yeah, it is."
Mana: "So…" She takes a bite of quesadilla.
Mana: "…Here's the thing."
Mana: "I, Verris Millions, can't bail on this world."
Mana: "I mean, Yesketi'll call me an idiot…"
Mana: "…But if it goes to Winter, I'm going down with it."
Mana: "This is my blazing, brilliant red last stand."
Wilhelmine: "Suppose we, somehow, actually manage to avert that possibility entirely. No winter, no emperor, no nothing. What'll you do then?"
Mana: "Ideally? Turn Titania into my personal vacation resort, claim it for the Moon Kingdom. They gave me an army, may as well pay em back."
Mana: "Barring that? You know, whatever."
Wilhelmine: "Ah, 'your' resort? What of the rest of us?"
Mana: She shrugs. "That's what the " barring that " is for."
Wilhelmine: "Fair enough."
Mana: "Anyway."
Mana: "I better start charging Revolver Kingdom."
Mana: "I mean, a direct shot to the Emperor's tower can't hurt, right?"
Wilhelmine: "Are you going to time it for the Eclipse tonight?"
Mana: "No, uh."
Mana: "I'm gonna be worrying about surviving it, honestly."
Wilhelmine: "Huh. That's surprising."
Mana: "Well, I mean."
Mana: "I got my team to look after, right?"
Mana: "And they're all Luna-colored, every single one of em."
Wilhelmine: "And, perhaps more importantly, not angels."
Mana: "…Yeah."
Wilhelmine: "… I don't know if there's anything I can do."
Wilhelmine: "You'll figure it out."
Mana: "Yup."
Mana: "Anyway, make yourself at home. Haven't scrubbed the bath in ages, but you're welcome to clean up if you need it."
Wilhelmine: "Appreciated. What time will the fortress finish charging?"
Mana: "Tomorrow sundown, probably."
Mana: "Come face me at the height of my fortress if you think you can stop me!"
Mana: "…Or, you know, something like that."
Wilhelmine: "Or just admire the fireworks."
Mana: "Gonna be damn impressive, let me tell you."
Wilhelmine waves her off. "Do take care."
Mana: "Oh, yeah -"
Mana: "You ever been to that place down in the Shade, like, the Emperor's old palace, or whatever?"
Wilhelmine: "Possibly."
Mana: "Right, the Phantom Labyrinth."
Mana: "I guess if you're looking for Imperial history, that's where you go."
Mana: "If your to-do list is running thin, put that one back on it."
Wilhelmine: "Good to know."
Mana: She leans back. "Anyway, make yourself at home."
Wilhelmine: "Thank you."
Mana: "Uh, you got a spare Pyra on you, by the way?"
Mana: "…Just for tonight."
Wilhelmine: "Have any collateral?"
Mana: "The biggest, baddest Lodestone you ever saw?"
Wilhelmine holds up the Disaster Crescent for Millions. "Deal."
Wilhelmine: "… Though it's also Luna-weak."
Mana: "Don't worry about it."
Wilhelmine: "Oh. Wait, that's - nevermind, Eclipse is Dryad."
Mana: "Cause it's the Moon that's being covered up, right?"
Mana: "I guess that's the logic."
Wilhelmine: "Yeah."
Mana: She reaches up her sleeve and pulls away the [World First - Lodestone. W: Shade, Jinn, Undine. R: Wisp, Gnome, Salamander - Smite, Wrecking Strike, Beatdown, Lucky, Deathblow. AF Attack: Chainsaw With Your Name On It. (2KP, When Your Attack Inflicts >=200% Damage.)]
Mana: "Gonna need that sucker back, but… you know."
Wilhelmine: "Of course. Pleasure knowing I can help."
Wilhelmine places her hand out to exchange the two.
Mana: A plain bracelet of cold iron.
Mana: Millions scoops up the Crescent. "I'll hit your place tomorrow morning to return it?"
Wilhelmine: "Depends on where I end up. … But odds are you won't have trouble finding wherever that is."
Mana: "Yup."
Wilhelmine: "Huh. Is this weaponized AF or something?"
Mana: "Not the best way to do it, but I got the KP to burn."
Mana: "Sometimes you just need to atomize something, right?"
Wilhelmine: "True."
Wilhelmine: "Anyway. Go start charging."
Mana: "…Yeah. I'll leave a note."
Mana: She writes a note for Lt. Venetia, doesn't let Wil see it, and slips out the door.
Mana: Anyway, the bath is nice. Or the quesadilla is nice. One of those.
[OOC] Mana: There's your HP/MP refill for the day.
Mana: And so it was written.

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