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Mana: And so it was written: Pokiehlember 5th, Year 1, Dryad's Day.
Mana: The day's light pours in through the great crack in Salamander.
Vladislav has made his way out of the cafe brooding to himself from his recent encounter. Was that a threat? Almost certainly. Regardless he had other affairs to attend to and makes his way towards Fort Millions.
Mana: There's an easy route there, now, really - one can simply slip out the Salamander gate and circle around to the huge fort from the outside.
Mana: Soon enough, Scarlet Square rises around you - brilliantly clean and gleaming, its fountain shining in the morning light.
Vladislav smirks to himself at his creativity. Amusing that one encounters less monsters outside Titania than in. He makes his way through the Scarlet Square looking for anyone that looks even sort of important from the Scorpion Army.
Mana: There's an officer about, having coffee on a cafe's sidewalk patio.
Vladislav puts his book away and strolls up to the officer stopping just short of the table. "Hey. Millions head out yet?"
Mana: "No, she's still around. Official capacity or informal?"
Vladislav: "Here to ask a favour. I'd prefer to talk in person but it can be over comms if it's more feasible."
Mana: The officer considers this for a moment, taking a sip from his cup. "…Yeah, ask for her at the front desk of the hotel, she's probably still in."
Mana: "Too big a favor she might send you through the Kingdom, though."
Vladislav: "I won't need to call it in until tonight, so I'll have time."
Vladislav grins in response and heads further down the street towards the hotel.
Mana: The hotel is the picture of luxury - huge picture windows, lush carpets, chandeliers. The desk clerk has a broad smile and pink-dyed hair: "How may I help you this morning, sir?"
Vladislav has been in here before at least. When he crashed on to the roof with some enemies into the pool. He waves to the clerk with an expression about as friendly as Vladislav can muster. "I'm here to see Millions. She hasn't left yet, right?"
Mana: "No, she's still in. May I ask who's calling?"
Vladislav: "Vladislav. I don't believe we've talked much so perhaps a Pure of Heart might be a better moniker."
Mana: She hits the intercom - "Ms. Millions, there's a -" "Whatever. Send him up."
Mana: She smiles like a saint. "Room 801 on the Eighth."
Vladislav: "Ah. Before I even asked." He nods and heads to the elevator.
Mana: On the eighth floor - well, there's only one room there, one walnut-wood door at the far side of a short antechamber.
Vladislav doesn't even bother knocking, trying the door first.
Mana: Yup, it's unlocked.
Vladislav steps into the room proper taking in what he can only expect to be a luxury suite.
Mana: The suite - kitchenette, one hell of a lavish bathroom with the biggest tub you've ever seen - and a small sitting room. From the bedroom around the corner, you can hear Millions' voice:
Mana: "Naw, you sleep in, I'll field this one. Put some bacon on or somethin'. You know."
Mana: Soon enough, Millions, having just pulled on a fuzzy bath-robe, shuffles into sight, bleary-eyed.
Mana: "Pure Heart stuff, right? Fuck."
Mana: "You sure do go on and use the whole damn day here, don't you?"
Mana: "Fuck."
Vladislav: "Seems like your night was as interesting as ours, just for other reasons."
Mana: "Yeah, laugh it up. Eaten yet?" She shuffles into the kitchen, starts rooting through the fridge.
Vladislav: "I suppose it would be more practical than standing in your doorway."
Vladislav steps into the room proper looking to take a seat.
Mana: Yeah, there's a little kitchen table there. Sun comes in through the window in the morning.
Vladislav: "They're pretty active in the morning. Busted open the Salamander gate while you were still sleeping."
Mana: Millions manages to find the bacon, cuts the package open with a steak knife. "Yeah. O brave new world and all."
Mana: "You gonna start fillin' the map out or whatever?"
Vladislav: "I doubt it. It's not within the scope of the narrative as none of the threats involve events outside of Titania."
Mana: "There if you need it, I guess."
Vladislav: "What's your take on Yesketi anyways? Salamander's become a pretty different place the last time I was there."
Mana: She hunts for a frying pan, checking three cupboards before she finds the one with the pans in.
Mana: "Yesketi's deal…"
Mana: "Well, we did the last few together, more or less."
Vladislav: "Come again?"
Mana: "Well, we're angels, right? We've been flocking together."
Mana: "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't."
Vladislav: "I was more asking for clarification on the scope of 'the last few together' but that answered the question."
Mana: "This time we get -" she hurls a few slabs of bacon, thick-cut, onto the frying pan, leaves it to sizzle. "-Like, eight new arrivals. And hey, there you go."
Mana: "This place is weird as all hell, lemme tell ya."
Mana: "You want something to drink? We got orange, grapefruit, spring."
Vladislav: "Grapefruit is fine." He chews at his lip for a moment before shaking his head. "You of the opinion that Joch planned for all this to happen? With the increasing numbers of angels, rather."
Vladislav: "I don't believe in coincidences."
Mana: Millions cracks a wild grin, leaning back against the counter, one hand against her hip. "Seems like he wanted to push something way the hell off course drastically."
Mana: "A prophecy like that, it's kinda… desperate, right?"
Mana: "Weirder still, thing seems to be comin' true. Ain't seen any fiends, of course, but I mean, like, mostly."
Mana: "Speaking of which, you ever wanna piss Yesketi off, like, a lot?"
Vladislav: "I expect a fiend engine of sorts to emerge in the coming days."
Vladislav: "As for Yesketi, I've already done that."
Mana: "Three words: Mother of dragons. -Never- get tired of the look on her face, believe you me."
Vladislav: "I've become a popular snack for grudge dragons as of late."
Mana: "Hey, not like it'd stick, anyway."
Mana: "So, if you're local. What's this place's deal, anyway?"
Vladislav: "That's a question the Emperor could better explain than I."
Vladislav: "As I neither understand his ambitions nor his motivations on creating such an upside down city."
Mana: Millions pours Vlad a glass, sets it down on the table, and flicks him in the skull. "Yeah, that's a fuckin' lie and you know it."
Mana: "What's your theory?"
Vladislav: "As to why the Titania was created in such a fashion? This place exists so Paradise can exist, I would assume. I don't see the draw to it personally."
Vladislav: "What else could the Jinn family be attempting to accomplish over so many generations?"
Mana: "What's that whole Paradise thing, anyway?"
Vladislav: "It is a way for the mortal to become immortal in a sense. An eternal dream like world."
Mana: "…How eternal?"
Vladislav: "Until I destroy it, presumably."
Vladislav: "It's a better way to sleep eternally than winter, at least. Those outside the city live a boring life."
Mana: She forks some bacon out onto a plate, brings it over. Puts some more on the pan.
Mana: "Any reason you're blowing it up, or just…"
Mana: She waves a hand. "Dryad thing?"
Vladislav: "You can call it that if you'd like. Probably would be easier to understand."
Mana: "Try me, asshole."
Vladislav grins in response. "Would you believe me if I said it was a petty grudge?"
Mana: "Well, yeah, but you're tellin' me the story."
Vladislav shrugs in return. "It's not terribly complicated. That's all there is to it, really. I came here to ask a favour."
Mana: "How… did you get… the grudge. C'mon."
Vladislav: "He abandoned Dryad district and left us to the beasts. Had Joch removed from the narrative. God only knows where the Dryad Sage is now. There's a number of reasons."
Mana: "Yeah, fair enough." She piles another plate full of bacon.
Mana: "Hold on a second, I'll be right back."
Vladislav chews at a piece of bacon offering a nod in return.
Mana: And yeah, she's right back, after dropping it off - ( "Yeah, you can sleep in, we'll be a bit. Pure Heart stuff. You know." "Hey, that's weirdly sweet for you." "Yeah, there you go." )
Mana: "So you were saying. Favor?"
Vladislav: "Yeah. I need to borrow some weaponry from the Scorpion Army tonight."
Vladislav: "Of the heavy scale variety."
Mana: "For?"
Vladislav: "I need a giant cannon."
Mana: "Some sorta… giant revolver, you're thinkin'."
Mana: "And you need it for?"
Vladislav: "More of the Puffin variety."
Vladislav: "I need to go to the moon tonight."
Mana: "Oh, yeah. I can get you there."
Vladislav: "I'd say now, but sadly Titania's moon isn't visible until night time."
Vladislav: "You have the equipment at the fort, then?"
Mana: "Yeah."
Mana: "You don't like favors hangin', right?"
Vladislav: "State your price. I have until night free at the moment."
Mana: She folds her arms, picks at a few pieces of bacon right out of the pan.
Mana: "Gimme a minute to think on it."
Vladislav: "Knock yourself out."
Mana: She's quiet, for a while, leaning back against the counter.
Mana: "Yeah, yeah, so I've been doin' this one by the seat of my pants."
Vladislav narrows his brow slightly waiting for her to continue.
Mana: "Actually, you know what?"
Mana: "Take out the Ironclad press."
Mana: "They're a fucking -pain- to deal with."
Mana: "You take Ironclads away from the Emperor, I get you to the moon. Contained, clean, tidy."
Vladislav chuckles lightly. "A daunting task, given that we just busted open the Salamander Gate against Jinn Tower's good will."
Mana: "Yeah, but if you want the Emperor taken out, it's on your plangenda anyway, right?"
Mana: "Well within the universe of shit you can get done in a day."
Vladislav: "After I had put in so much time and effort to gain enough trust to pull off a Vault of Gems heist too. No matter, I'll see to it."
Mana: "Yeah, have fun."
Mana: "You know the gimmick, right?"
Vladislav: "I'm sure you can share some information. It's kind of the main thing stopping your current progression so you're bound to know more about it than me."
Mana: "Minus one-hundred percent incoming as an inherent."
Mana: "Absolute bullshit, that's what they are."
Vladislav: "Destroying their means to create Ironclad isn't going to change the fact that you have to weed out their existing army, of course. But given the spread of the disease and their current 'cure' it would at least halt their ever growing ranks."
Mana: "Well, if I can keep churnin' out golems, and they've only got so many Ironclad, we'll get em eventually, you know?"
Mana: "Like, you -know- you and me could take out the whole tower in a day if we felt like, Ironclad or no."
Mana: "Just want to make sure the Emperor can't take my little fort out while I'm doin' that."
Vladislav: "Ah, yeah. I borrowed one of your golems the other day. Hope you don't mind I planned to tinker with it and have it absorb the information in Exmillia for me."
Vladislav: "And by borrow I mean beat it up when it attacked me and then took it with me."
Mana: "Hey, you win a fight, what you loot's your own prerogative."
Mana: She grins. "Just so you know, I ever take you guys out? Gonna be rollin' in jewelry."
Vladislav: "I doubt Calaverite is really your style, but I'll keep that in mind."
Mana: "Hey, I got officers, kid."
Vladislav: "I suppose I do seem like a kid when we compare our historical presence narratively. I can't say I disagree with most of your plans, but I think some of the others would take issue with you actually succeeding at the end."
Mana: "Well…"
Mana: "We can hammer out the shape of the world order later."
Vladislav: "Yesketi and yourself have differing goals at that point as well, yeah?"
Mana: "Well, they ain't exclusive, or anything."
Mana: "We just get on eachother's nerves."
Vladislav: "I gathere as much. She already made an offer with some of them to take you out if they wanted."
Mana: "Yeah, she's bluffing."
Mana: "Man to man, I'd hand her her own ass every time."
Vladislav: "With how hard you hit? I can't imagine the dragons pose much of a threat."
Vladislav: "Been wondering, is there just eleven of us or do you know of a twelfth?"
Mana: "Just eleven."
Mana: "The third of our trio fucked off somewhere."
Vladislav: "Twelve and Thirteen are both numbers that hold much more significance, so I've been waiting for another."
Vladislav: "Especially since the Services ship is supposed to have one accompany them."
Mana: Millions smiles viciously.
Mana: "Naw, the ship we've got?"
Mana: "Angel-less."
Vladislav frowns. "Pardon?"
Mana: "You think they'd be backed this far into the corner if they had somebody with em?"
Mana: "They're outgunned. You saw the Justification scrape at my feet to get hers back, right?"
Vladislav: "I was busy with the court at the time."
Mana: "Oh. Yeah. Sorry. Anyway."
Mana: "Here's how you check a Service ship for their Pure Heart."
Mana: "You kidnap one of their monsters."
Mana: "Whoever comes to get it back from you is the best they can spare."
Mana: "Easy trick."
Vladislav: "I was wondering what your ploy was with that."
Mana: "They're -rolling- in lucre, so it works on that level, too."
Vladislav: "The stories never depicted you to be cunning. You come up with that yourself?" His grin grows pretty wide in response.
Mana: "Huh? I'm cunning as fuck."
Vladislav: "So I see."
Mana: "Anyway, that's about all the company I'm entertainin' in here."
Mana: "Bring your crew up to the top of Revolver Kingdom sometime, we'll jam."
Vladislav: "I didn't plan to stay much longer anyways. Where's your cannon being stored for tonight?"
Mana: "I'll get it set up on a roof somewhere."
Mana: "I'll get you an escort once you pass the gate."
Vladislav: "Convenient. I'd prefer not to have to try and fight my way through and end up crashing a bunch of your golems on to the roof of your hotel."
Mana: "It's great, place is a meatgrinder."
Mana: "You should get a dungeon like that."
Vladislav: "I already have an ancient library under my control. It has its own benefits." He takes a few slices of bacon and shoves them into his mouth before getting out of his chair. He offers a wave and a muffled "Later."
Mana: "Mm-hm." She says.
Mana: Walks you to the door.
Vladislav awkwardly waits for the elevator to come back up before stepping in. He never was good at closing a scene.
Mana: And so it was written.

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