Mana P5y1s01

Mana: And so it was written: Pokiehlember 5th, Year 1, Dryad's Day. Dawn breaks in Salamander - faint streams coming in from the maze of pipes overhead, in the breach that leads out towards Fort Millions. Mostly, though, it's just the way the light pours up in the steam, the slow rhythm of machinery coming to life, of furnaces finding their fire. The song of steam through pipes.
Mana: Something feels alive in the light and the morning.
Mana: Like an unscheduled festival day.
Mana: The song of steam in a kettle comes up from downstairs, Xsaieta. Along with the sizzle of frying zucchini.
Xsaieta stretches out in the sudden and unexpected gift of a sunbeam, and smiles.
Xsaieta then twitches his nose, opens his eyes, double-checks to make sure his limbs are all in place, because you never can tell, especially not after spending a night as a corpse with a fiend.
Xsaieta: "(Mm, hope it was good for him.)" He stretches a bit more, reluctantly parting with the sunbeam, shrugs himself into his kaleidoscopic robes, and heads downstairs. "'morning!"
Mana: Nary a mark nor a scar.
Mana: Anya smiles, downstairs, turning away from her cooking. "Didn't catch you coming home last night. Have a good time out there?"
Xsaieta looks thoughtful. "I'm… not… really sure, to be honest." The faint, slightly illicit upturnings of a smile. "Memory's a bit foggy. So, I mean, let's assume yes." Saunter, tailswish: "That smells delicious."
Mana: "Ha, I'd better put more on for you, huh? Do some chopping for me."
Mana: "Things have quieted down here, at least. Not sure I like the soldiers strolling around so much more, though."
Xsaieta does some chopping. Always feels a bit weird to be cutting things up with a knife, rather than a huge sword. Goes a lot faster, though. "Hmm…"
Xsaieta: "…not dressed as nicely, no. But there's less gang wars? Things were getting a bit spicy around here. Not to say they won't spice up again. It's not even midday yet, there's plenty of time for catastrophe."
Mana: "Less gang wars but… not less gangs."
Mana: "They're knocking down the old shoe factory to build something. Looks like it's moving forward damn fast."
Xsaieta raises an eyebrow. "Interesting. Might swing by and take a look, at some point."
Xsaieta: "Salamander does always make sure to keep things interesting." A smile, mysterious. "Stay out of trouble?"
Mana: "Yeah, none's come knocking."
Mana: "You'll have fun with yours, I hope."
Xsaieta: "I always do."
Xsaieta: "If you can't have fun with your trouble, then… something's gone terribly wrong." He steals a piece of un- or under-cooked zucchini, casually.
Mana: And, at some casual rate, breakfast happens.
Mana: From Veracruz' rooftop shack:
Mana: The day comes to life.
Mana: White banners, here and there, dot the city, each marked with three vertical red lines, hanging defiantly from utility poles and upper conduits.
Veracruz had been up it has been a little while already, having just finished preparing his breakfast, as well as packing some more food for the travels of the day. He puts it on his backpack, slings it over his shoulders, stepping outside. He looks at the banners as he goes check the mail
Veracruz makes a face at them, looking around
Veracruz: "Wonder what are those about…"
Mana: Aside from the day's minor deliveries - a machine-part, someone's homework they forgot at home - there's a sheaf of papers, permits and official documentation. An identity.
Mana: Addressed to someone named El-Niji, "Beyond the Wall" .
Veracruz blinks, looking at the identity "Beyond the wall? I think fate knows what we're up to today"
Veracruz carefully puts them on his backpack, looks at the road ahead "Hrm… I should go meet with everyone…" he paths a way to passing by for his lesser deliveries Wisp in his mind, he should pass by Xsaieta to pick him up, the others were going there weren't they? Either there or the jewel-maker in Shade
Mana: The day awaits you.
Mana: …In Dryad…
Mana: The lakewater shines in the morning wind, the song of a flock of bluebirds stirring Vladislav awake.
Vladislav has a scowl the moment he woke up this morning and rolled out of bed. A flood of memories from the night prior immediately ruined his day. He chews at his lip irritated as he finds his coat and belongings.
He wastes no time making his way off of the lake and towards the pulley leading towards Undine.
Mana: There's a trio of lizardmen, armed, swords sheathered, loitering on the edge of Tacaroon, seated around their cart.
Mana: One of them lazily looks up at Vladislav as he passes. Whatever they're waiting for, it isn't you.
Vladislav slows his stride to stare at the Lizardmen. He can't help it, really. The fact that they're still out here either means they're stupid or are still waiting for Prince Lions return.
Mana: A half-lidded eye stares back.
Vladislav: "Morning. You're out and about rather early, hm?"
Mana: "S'a good day for market." One of them says.
Vladislav: "Have you recieved news from Prince Lion yet? Last I saw he was plowing through Tacaroon it was quite a sight to behold."
Mana: "Yup. Glorious day for the new order, s'what he-" "Proclaimed. Word is… proclaimed."
Mana: "Yeah." Says the third, who snickers.
Vladislav: "Who's running the show at the palace for the time being?"
Peter‘: "His glorious Prince Lion. Who else?"
Vladislav: "Despite being at Titania?"
Mana: "Our prince came back just last evenin. You’d think you astronomers could keep better track of the stars what matter."
Mana: "As…astronoma…?"
Mana: "S'a metaphor!"
Vladislav: "Let Frogmith know that I did not see him past the gate of Dryad. Who knows what the Emperor has planned."
Vladislav: "The blackguard took over from there."
Mana: "I'll pass on yer stupid code, Vlad."
Mana: "(Ask em if he's got any cigs!)" "(No, you idiot!)"
Vladislav: "You'd best try the markets for that sort of thing. Stay out of trouble, I don't want to hear complaints from the merchants when I get back about your lot." He pulls out his book and starts to flip to where the bookmark was left. A simple nod as he makes his way towards the pulley and Undine gate.
Mana: Hefted over with a smile. The morning sun reflects brilliantly on the iceberg today.
Mana: On the low docks, the earliest of markets is in session, watched over by the Emperor's Ironclad.
Mana: Some foreign hunters, their armor dashed with Million's shade of red here and there, debate matters in front of a spice-merchant: "Strictly speaking, can you smoke this?"
Mana: "Well, sir, they're really intended in a more culinary capacity…"
Mana: "No, no. Asking my companion. He's an expert."
Mana: The expert waggles his long ears. He waggles his long whiskers.
Mana: "…We certainly can."
Mana: "I'll buy six pounds."
Mana: "…Right you are, sirs."
Vladislav makes his way into Undine proper. He slows down by the hunters with his brow furrowed. "Since when did smoking this early in the morning become popular?"
Theodore: "Like, centuries ago dude."
Mana: "The morning aroma is the most important of the six." Says the expert. "It's the feeling which cascades throughout the day."
Mana: "Since the birth of man, the warmth of a fine smoke has distinguished the killing gentleman from the amateur."
Vladislav: "Ah. There you are. That saves me the trouble of talking to these people to garner your location."
Vladislav: "You remember last night, I trust?"
Theodore: "There was… something about a duck crossing…?" Theodore look uncertain, then nods to Vlad. "Why wouldn't I?"
Mana: "Hm… the smoke of a bedroom, though." "Ah, that's a rare luxury. One produces the finest for that, but if you buy for it, it's…"
Mana: "Hmph! That's exactly right! You're buying for a day that might never come."
Vladislav: "For a minute there I thought the boundaries of the universe had cracked beyond repair. It would seem we are back to first person rather than third. Or fourth… if that's how you consider it."
Theodore tilts his head towards the hunters. "I'd figure it'd always come, for the skilled hunter."
Theodore pauses, glances towards Vladislav.
Theodore: "Honestly, probably best not to think about it too much. Although I have this *really* weird desire to buy a flask now."
Mana: "Heheheh… the hunter is the ultimate prey, after all!" Says the expert, a glint in his eye.
Mana: The other takes a step back.
Vladislav: "If you're done talking to these NPC's I have some morning errands to run."
Mana: "Your dedication to the life of a killing herbivore is… astonishing!"
Theodore shakes his head, placing a hand on Vladislav's forehead as he addresses the Hunters. "You'll have to forgive my friend for being rude, he's incredibly bad at being a person."
Theodore: "Ya'll finding your way around the city just fine?"
Vladislav scrunches up his face showing his displeasure at the remark. He clearly thinks this is a waste of time but decides to just go back to his book.
Mana: "Sure are." Says the one without the whiskers. "You know where the big kills are? There isn't like, a central guild or anything for em…"
Mana: The expert taps his nose. "There's the Dryad princes."
Mana: "Eesh, maybe with a legion."
Theodore: "They actually just got an association up and running over in MIllion's fort, but yeah. Most of it is either like… Dryad, or, waaaay deep in the Shade. They's where they keep the real crazy stuff.
Theodore: "Probably stay out of Salamander unless you wanna tangle with a dragon or twelve, though."
Mana: "Oh, we're with em. We're their scouting run."
Mana: "Dragons, hm?"
Mana: "C…cmon! You know I don't do Salamander!"
Mana: "That's a quarter of our quarry out, my friend." "F…fine."
Theodore: "Mmhm. Priestess down there has an affinity for 'em."
Vladislav: "You do know that telling someone like this not to do something is going to bring them there, right?"
Mana: "No, no, no. We're properly warned."
Theodore: "Oh, really? Whoops! Well, I mean, if they wanna throw down with the dragon, I'm not gunna stop 'em."
Theodore: "It's good to know what to keep an eye out for though!"
Mana: A flap of the ears, a serious nod. The hunter clasps his hands around Theodore's arm in appreciation. "Exactly."
Theodore: "(She totally turned one loose on this joker here yesterday though,)" Theodore gestures towards Vladislav with a thumb. "(That was exciting.)"
Mana: "Have a wonderful day. You'll be a finer killing gentleman than us, I'm sure!"
Mana: "Eheh, really? I can only imagine the peal of the fireworks…"
Theodore gives the men a firm nod. "Take care."
Mana: One of them picks up the bags of spices. The other throws his arm up in the air: "Company, away!"
Mana: They go off to… other matters. A few in nearby crowds turn.
Theodore salutes! Then turns and heads for the path below the statues into the shade.
Theodore: "…Of course I know that, Vladislav."
Theodore: "That was kind of the point. I don't want to fight *all* your girlfriend's dragons at once. Or all the crap in the Shade at once when Nara starts her plans back up."
Vladislav: "Could have fooled me. You seemed rather opposed to letting Salamander's kettle spill over a few days ago."
Vladislav: "Change of heart, perhaps?"
Theodore: "If I told you not to go in there and pick a fight with her, after yesterday, would you listen?" Theodore grins.
Mana: The trip down to the Dancing Pine - cold, but uneventful.
Mana: The coral in that little passage is pretty enough, though.
Mana: Efuree greets you with a gentle swirl of her dress and a smile as you enter, the shutters sliding down.
Mana: "Your piece is complete."
Theodore: "Sweet!"
Vladislav leans up against a wall as Theodore finishes his purchase.
Mana: "Sometimes, a piece suggests its own shape." She opens a drawer and a hiss of steam escapes from it, and she pours water from a flask over the piece before picking it up.
Theodore lets out a low whistle, as seems appropiate.
Mana: Studded with pyrargite, the back of it containing a diamond, the [Oath of Murashi] is a silver-lined black leather glove. It has a twin for symmetry, less adorned - Efuree presents that as well. [R: Salamander. W: Undine. Heal / Protect / Slow. Secret Skill: Lava Spout (From Calaverite).]
Theodore: "Woooah, that's unusual!" Theodore squints as he takes the gloves with one hand and gentle takes the ancestral offering from his wrist. "
Mana: "Unusual in a few ways, yes."
Mana: "I tried it, briefly. It's a joy to wear."
Vladislav: "I suppose Protect would be handy to have, at least."
Theodore nods, handing his bracelet to Vladislav. "Careful with that yeah? It's a heirloom." He then slips the gloves on.
Vladislav slips on the bracelet, nodding to Theodore. "A story behind it?"
Theodore: "Not a terribly interesting story, but yeah. Just sorta… been handed down from parent to kid on thruogh the line for a few generations."
Vladislav: "… you have parents?"
Theodore: "Uhh… yeah?"
Vladislav: "Peculiar. Pay me no mind. I'm paying a visit to Salamander now. You're welcome to tag along."
Theodore: "This is why you don't have a lot of friends, dude."
Theodore: "Though yeah I'm in, doubly so considering that's the most friendly thing I've heard you say to someone that wasn't a painter."
[OOC] Mana: Gem reaction: Slow morphs into Condition Clear. The glove glows hot for a moment.
Vladislav tilts his head with a discerning glance. Either he doesn't care or doesn't understand as he doesn't linger long and starts to walk off.
Theodore stares at the glove.
Theodore: "Lame, I was looking forward to that."
Vladislav: "Perhaps if I cast firebolt on it it'll shift back and forth based on temperature."
Vladislav: "Don't take that seriously. I'm not wasting my magical reserves for you this early in the morning."
Mana: Which route to Salamander, by the way?
Theodore: "Also because I'm ont particularly keen on the idea of you setting my hands on fire!"
Theodore trails after Vladislav, then winds up leading the way back through to Undine, then through the hole in the wall into Salamander.
Mana: There's a patch of hexagonal etching along some of the tunnel heading into Salamander, where the water is warm.
Theodore makes a face. "Suppose it was too much to ask for that they spent the entire day lazying away."
Vladislav: "Of course."
Mana: Into Salamander by the drains. Some kids run off as you come out.
Mana: There's the shine of dawn in the haze of the city.
Mana: White banners bearing Yesketi's mark hang here and there.
Vladislav: "I have to admit, the pace at which she works is a bit frightening."
Theodore: "She *is* one of us."
Theodore: "…For certain definitions of 'us', anyway."
Vladislav: "Yes. Have you seen how effective we are by ourselves?"
Veracruz is down on the streets with Xsaieta, who presumably just joined him. He's buying a bottle of juice, actually "It's good to have some for the travel, you know we're not going to stop anywhere anytime soon" he says to Xsai, then looks as he hears Vlad's and Theo's voice "Uhn? I thought you guys were going to Wisp first? Did I remember wrong?"
Theodore rocks his head back and forth. "Well, I heard duoing works pretty well at least."
Vladislav: "If you make a wild pair, perhaps."
Xsaieta totally met up with Cruz along the way, with a big clap-on-the-shoulder-hug-hair-ruffle. He's just sorta tagging along for now if it doesn't slow Cruz down.
Vladislav: "Have you gathered anything regarding the situation here?" He points to Veracruz. "You do live here, after all."
Theodore glances over at Cruz. "Wisp? I suppose we *could* go wake Aurora and Toth up, but, they usually meet us. It's a little weird going to her place."
Xsaieta: "Yo, guys."
Veracruz: "Aha" he stuffs the juice bottle on Xsaieta's belonging "No, nothing yet. Something suspicious happen, a delivery to someone outside the walls, but that's neither here not there. Those banners sprung overnight, too"
Veracruz: "But, you know, I wasn't here last night"
Xsaieta: "So I hear the gangs in Salamander are building some huge thing where the old shoe factory used to be. Before they tore it down, like, overnight."
Xsaieta: "So, there's that."
Theodore raises an eyebrow at Veracruz.
Xsaieta: "Man, did everyone have a wild nighttime party with a fiend, or somethin'?"
Xsaieta: "Musta been somethin' in the water."
Veracruz: "El-Niji, permits and official documents"
Vladislav nods to Xsaieta. "It's worth checking out at least. We can walk by it seeing as we're here."
Veracruz: "Nnno we just were very, very dumb. Nothing to worry about"
Veracruz: "I'll explain in private later"
Veracruz nods at Vlad "We could check it out, it could have something to do with those" he waves at a flag
Vladislav: "It occurs to me that perhaps removing Ibex so quickly wasn't the best course of action. It let Yesketi set up unopposed."
Vladislav: "Where's this warehouse?"
Veracruz: "It was either that or she'd come out on top of his corpse at the end of the day to the same effect but more collateral"
Theodore: "El… that seems vaguely familiar."
Vladislav: "Mmmn?"
Veracruz: "Hrm… Not for me but does it feels dangerous?"
Theodore: "The name. It just seems familiar."
Veracruz: "Hrm…"
Vladislav: "I was just inquiring if you could discern why."
Theodore: "Vaguely mountain…ish? That doesn't seem helpful. Eh, if I think of it I'll say somethin'."
Xsaieta leads them in the direction of the old shoe factory, while they chatter.
Xsaieta: "Eh, it's… on the way to somewhere."
Veracruz: "Or at the end of some way"
Mana: On the site of the old shoe factory, in the heat of the foundry, its metal facade gleaming in the light of the City Heart, sits the [Temple of the Goddess].
Mana: …Or at least, the first few bits of it. Scaffolding rises around most of it, and tarps cover the unfinished wings.
Veracruz looks at the structure in front of them… "Well, it is certainly not unexpected"
Mana: But the size of it, at the very least, hints at the audacity of what's to come, even though the sculptors are still working on the statues out front.
Vladislav whistles.
Xsaieta: "Well. Didn't have the gangs figured for…"
Veracruz: "We do know his ladyfriend is a priestess of sorts"
Mana: A hair on the back of your neck stands up, Xsaieta.
Veracruz: "I guess she got the upper hand on just about everything"
Mana: There's a musketman in the upper window of the pickleplant, across the street.
Mana: Not eyeing you, specifically. Just… keeping watch.
Vladislav: "You sure you're on our side, Theodore? If your goal is the Goddess…"
Vladislav gestures to the building.
Xsaieta flicks his ear and looks around, then nudges Theo in the side and head-gestures to the musketman. Not… urgently, or anything, just, hey.
Theodore closes his eyes, thne opens them slowly. "My view on the Goddess is a lot different from hers."
Theodore: "She uses her as an excuse for chaos. Admittedly, it works, in Titania, but…"
Vladislav: "Wonder where Yesketi is right now. I think a friendly chat is in order."
Aurora ventures into Salamander, looking for the others; she remembers them having vague plans about doing stuff in Salamander last night.
Theodore glances to Vladislav. "S'why I mentioned the thing to those guys."
Xsaieta: "Eh, we have other priorities first, Vlad. I know you wanna meet your girl, but that's more of a night-time kinda thing, y'get my drift?" Big smile.
Vladislav: "I'm mostly curious as to her opinion regarding the gate for the time being."
Vladislav: "Trying to open it with the entire district in opposition opposed to Vush…"
Veracruz: "I'm not sure you can have a talk with her without blood being involved, Vlad"
Vladislav: "I'm sure you can understand why this would be a problem."
Theodore: "Hmm."
Veracruz: "I'm not very sure she has that much control just yet- This looks like a lot of propaganda"
Theodore: "I can probably keep it civil…?" He doesn't sound one hundrand percent certain.
Theodore: "Uh. No she's definitely got a lot of control." Theodore coughs awkwardly.
Xsaieta: "On a scale of one to winter, I rate you a just-wants-to-make-out-with-a-dragon-priestess."
Xsaieta: "Yo, Aurora." Big wave, big smile.
Veracruz: "Hrm…" he crosses his arms "Let's just hope she's okay with opening the gate, then?"
Vladislav: "What's your suggestion, then?" He gestures to Xsaieta.
Veracruz: "Otherwise we're definitely losing any element of surprise"
Toth: "Here's my suggestion."
Xsaieta: "My suggestion is we go wake up Mr.-"
Xsaieta bigger wave, bigger smile.
Veracruz: "Toth"
Xsaieta: "Hey!"
Veracruz: "Hi"
Toth stands in the middle of the road, his shell armor freshly polished, one hand gripping the white staff he purchased in the Pure Lands, the other resting on the hilt of the Statesmans' sword.
Theodore tilts his head backwards, eyeing the approaching Auroras and Toths.
Vladislav: "Ah. Hello there, Mr. Toth."
Aurora waves back, though smaller. "There you guys are."
Theodore gives Toth an almost upsidedown nod and a wave to Aurora. "Hiya."
Veracruz: "Theo thought it was awkward to go pick you up so he kinda didn't"
Xsaieta glaaaances him over. "Mr. Toth, you are rocking that armour. Just wanted to get that out there before we all started whirlin' around and gettin' all messy."
Theodore pauses, punches Cruz in the arm.
Toth: "We go to open the gate, as decreed by the Emperor, meted out by his elite unit, for the prosperity and overall well-being of Titania."
Veracruz just smiles
Theodore: "When did he decree that gate open?"
Alexander: "Excellent plan."
Toth: "When I willed it so."
Veracruz: "When he made us imperial envoys, really"
Vladislav: "I hope you at least had the sense to get the documents forged by the girl before coming to us with that."
Veracruz: "I mean, he wouldn't do that if he didn't expect us to pull that sort of crazy stuff"
Aurora smiles, just a little. "It might be, when he's done that two days in a row already."
Toth: "Documents? Forged?"
Toth: "Imperial word is as good as the nation it weaves."
Xsaieta does his best Emperor impression, and, let's face it, he won an award for this shit: "That gate… must open." Coughs politely. "There. Let's?"
Vladislav: "Vush works for the court. I do not believe he will be so easily swayed. You are welcome to try."
Alexander: "I never liked him much, anyway."
Toth: "Vush is -controlled- by the court."
Toth: "In any case, don't expect him to last past breakfast specials."
Veracruz: "Well… That has been in the plan for a while…"
Toth: "Come along, now." He turns and starts heading for the Salamander gate.
Theodore: "More to the point he's being held at figurative sword point to keep it closed. This is gunna get messy."
Mana: The Tin Village.
Xsaieta saunters off behind Mr. Toth. "(Before you showed up, Vlad wanted to run all our plans past his crazy girlfriend before we did anything, so, I mean… thanks.)"
Veracruz looks at toth, look as Vlad. Waits until either Toth is a little far or Vlad moves to do something. which ends up going to the Tin Village
Vladislav: "If presented with the threat of violence, I believe he would have more sense to turn tail and run outside the city than be killed by our group."
Theodore: "Yo, Alex. Any different the second time?"
Vladislav: "One provides a small chance of living. Staying to fight us will not."
Alexander: "Sadly, this was the third time."
Veracruz slowly turns to Alex
Veracruz: "Where did you come out of"
Theodore: "Er, yeah that's what I ment. Because, I mean, obviously I've hit two, too."
Veracruz: "Wow, I mistook you for Vlad for a moment, I think"
Vladislav: "What was the third? We escaped barely from Snake."
Vladislav: "Been getting nightly assassins at your manor?"
Alexander: "Assassins, Silktails, last night. Please do keep count."
Xsaieta grins.
Mana: The dragonmark banners fly over the Village. Barbarians stand on the watch-towers, intermingling freely with the white-robed holy gunners.
Mana: There's an electricity in the air - the sound of the morning drums, of cooking meat.
Veracruz furrows his eyebrows
Veracruz: "What"
Veracruz: "This isn't right"
Theodore: "Wait did you not hear about Alex's first time, Vlad?"
Vladislav: "Please refrain from phrasing things like that in present company, Theodore."
Toth: "It's not right, no."
Toth: "It is, in fact, very bad."
Theodore: "Man, you're not supposed to draw attention to the phrasing and ignore it."
Toth: "Worst comes to worst, Titania loses the majority of its military to Yesketi."
Toth: "All of them evaporating and then the Scorpions invading is only slightly better.
Xsaieta would take that grin into an outright gigglefit, but he's stopped short by the banners flying here.
Vladislav gestures to Toth with a grin on his face. "So, feel free to do your proclomation in front of the military."
Toth: "Deputizing the gangs would be a horrible step but probably the best one."
Toth: "Ah well, creating a Militia in a matter of hours should be doable, right?"
Toth walks on up to the gate.
Vladislav: "It wouldn't be the first time you've helped Millions."
Theodore: "The gangs are already united." Theodore rubs behind his head.
Mana: A shaggy, blonde barbarian - you can't tell where his hair ends and his beard begins - looks down at you from the gate.
Mana: "Hey, you. What's your business?"
Toth: "Opening the gate."
Theodore: "Anyway Vlad, if you're working towards a Luna unlock this is… probably a greta time? State it loud, and make sure you're doing it for the good of titania and thta everyone knows it."
Vladislav: "That's far too meta."
Toth: "Get on it, will you?"
Theodore: "How long to you want to be wearing that gem?"
Mana: "See, you know, that -would- happen…"
Mana: "…Cept there's a whole army in the way."
Theodore: "I know there's good buried deep, deep, deep… deep…. down in ya, just let it out for a bit."
Veracruz: "I know. Is there a way we can open the gate without getting through the army?"
Toth: "Aren't you part of the army?"
Mana: "I'm in the way too."
Toth sighs and continues on anyway.
Theodore: "Uh."
Veracruz: "Toth I hope you've been exercising your legs"
Theodore: "Where's Vush? He should probalby be doing most of the shouting and weapon waving."
Veracruz: "Because that might be the best way to do this"
Mana: The guard on the tower looks down at Mr. Toth.
Mana: Then he rings a bell as Toth enters.
Mana: "Open season! Some sucker's trying his luck!"
Veracruz is definitely close to Toth
Vladislav: "As funny as it would be to not follow him…"
Theodore sighs.
Xsaieta grins at the barbarian like a wrathful god and tromps forward by Toth's side. "Yes! Yes! Ring ALL THE BELLS! Let him know an Imperial decree's coming right for his sorry ass."
Theodore follows them in. "It's a group of suckers Go tell Vush."
Veracruz sighs
Vladislav trails after Theodore. "Hunting down a Luna spirit may be a more realistic course of action. I can't fake something I'm not."
Veracruz scoots closer to Toth "(Alright, do you HAVE a plan other than bruteforcing?)"
Mana: It's a run - Xsaieta smashes a barbarian out of the way here, you slip down an alley away from about a dozen of them there -
Toth: "(Yes, but I'd rather not…)"
Theodore: "Why exactly are you tryin' to paint yourself as a villian? Some shocking, hand wringing twist comin' later on rely on it?"
Veracruz looks at Xsaieta "Then it's on!" he just tugs whoever is behind, he breaks into a run "We're heading straight to the gate, don't engage anyone and don't stop at anything"
Mana: But the first real roadblock is when there's two axemen and three somewhat bewildered gun-priests end up standing between you and further in.
Mana: A cooking fire burns, high and leaping, to your right.
Mana: Battle order: Alexander [F]:0 Xsaieta [F]:0 Blessed Gunner A [B]:1 Blessed Gunner B [B]:1 Veracruz [F]:2 Blessed Gunner C [B]:2 Vladislav [B]:3 Aurora [F]:3 Toth [F]:7 Axeblade B [F]:8 Axeblade A [F]:9
Mana: Status for Axeblade A [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Axeblade B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner A [B] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner B [B] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner C [B] : [==========]
Vladislav catches up to the others before shaking his head at Theodore. "I don't recall saying I was a villian. This gate needs to be opened, I would just rather the army sticks around for the Millions issue."
Veracruz: "Grr" he looks around, alley, house? What's the environment like?
Theodore: "I suppose anti-hero would be more apt, yeah."
Alexander takes a look at Blessed Gunner A. [Analyze, 20D]
Theodore: "But even they have their rare unguarded moments of goodness."
Toth: "That -can- be avoided. I know how. The particulars are a little hazy, but I work best by doing, anyway."
Theodore: "You just seem like you're tryin' hard to be a bad boy, s'all."
Toth: "Obviously, some point of the story has to change."
Mana: There's a dense packing of red-colored tents and shacks to your left - the roaring fire to your right. The dirt underfoot is harshly packed, heavily trod upon.
Mana: One of the Axemen turns around, looking at one of the gunners, smiling as if about to deliver orders.
Mana: And then, there's a twist of space, a sudden rush - the axe drops, and then they're gone.
Toth: "Let's move along."
Theodore tilts his head at Toth.
Mana: Well, just the two of them. Sorry!
Theodore: "Your accent is weird."
Toth: "Aha, and something already did?"
Aurora: "…What just happened?"
Vladislav grins. "Well played, Mr. Toth. Erasing something from existance seems a lot more effective than an Evil Gate."
Wilhelmine removes the beard from her disguise, grinning maliciously at the gunner she's caught alone. "Divide and conquer. I don't need to fight an army … if I can take you down one by one."
Mana: Blessed Gunner A ( who is very surprised) - Level 11 Easy Humanoid. HP488/488, MP488/488. Aligned to Salamander and Wisp. An untrained gunman with some healing magic. Wielding holy weapons, they never miss… most of the time.
Toth: "Wilhelmine." He grins.
Wilhelmine: "And you rely on uniforms. Another mistake of yours."
Theodore: "This is just getting silly."
Veracruz: "Wait, what?"
Toth: "How's the saying go… 'Go big or go home?'"
Veracruz: "Well"
Mana: Battle order: Xsaieta [F]:0 Blessed Gunner A [B]:1 Blessed Gunner B [B]:1 Wilhelmine [F]:2 Veracruz [F]:2 Blessed Gunner C [B]:2 Vladislav [B]:3 Aurora [F]:3 Toth [F]:7 Axeblade B [F]:8 Axeblade A [F]:9 Alexander [F]:20
Mana: Status for Axeblade A [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Axeblade B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner A [B] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner B [B] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner C [B] : [==========]
Mana: Xsaieta!
Xsaieta: "I'm not interested in someone else being the only one allowed to boldly play their hand!" He swings the blade around, a whirlwind! He keeps running, right past Axeblade A, swings around for a sucker punch, keeps spinning in slight surprise, and then sidestabs Blessed Gunner A! [Sucker Punch D50] "(No hard feelings!)"
Veracruz: "I was going to do something but it seems like you're interested in the fight so"
Xsaieta rolled 1d100 and got 5 ( Total: 5 ) for 5/85
Alexander: "The gunners, at the least, are aligned with Salamander and Wisp. They also heal."
Mana: It's a critical hit! Covered in the back row!
[OOC] Xsaieta: Wait I thought… the axeblades vanished?
Veracruz: "Still, if more people start showing up, i'll make us a way, we can't stand still for too long"
[OOC] Veracruz: One axeblade (Wil) vanished with one gunner into Pursuit Gate
Wilhelmine rolled 1d100 and got 75 ( Total: 75 ) for d6*1.5+90*1.5 ; speaking of
[OOC] Mana: Naw ONE is still there.
Wilhelmine rolled d6*1.5+90*1.5 and got 4 ( Total: 141.0 ) for speaking of
[OOC] Xsaieta: In… any… case plz redact that to target "whatever Axeblade is still around", I clearly just can't read.
[OOC] Toth: nah it
[OOC] Mana: yes of course.
[OOC] Toth: is all weird
Mana: Slams into Axeblade A for a critical hit, sending him flying into a collapsing tent!
Xsaieta rolled d12+133,200% and got 2 ( Total: 270.0 )
Mana: Wilhelmine hit the weakness a little bit ago for [141] damage!
[OOC] Mana: 270]!
Theodore shifts over a bit to be behind Aurora. "So, what's the plan?"
Mana: Blessed Gunner A fires a shot at Vladislav! Blessed Gunner B, hurtling through a twisting tunnel of tent-cloth and roaring flames, snaps off a shot at Wilhelmine!
Mana rolled 2d100 and got 52, 54 ( Total: 106 ) for C95
Mana rolled 1d12+150 and got 11 ( Total: 161.0 )
Mana: For 161 physical damage to each!
Mana: Battle order: Wilhelmine [F]:0 Veracruz [F]:0 Blessed Gunner C [B]:0 Vladislav [B]:1 Aurora [F]:1 Toth [F]:5 Axeblade A [F]:7 Alexander [F]:18 Xsaieta [F]:48 Blessed Gunner A [B]:51 Blessed Gunner B [B]:51
Mana: Status for Axeblade A [F] : [======= ]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner A [B] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner B [B] : [======= ]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner C [B] : [==========]
Mana: Wilhelmine! Veracruz!
Veracruz shakes his head slightly, he runs right up to the remaining Axeblade "Enough of this, we don't have the time" he swipes with his right knife, a sloppy blow, calling up a parry. He takes the enemy's defensive moment to bring his left knive to bear, bringing it's hilt against the hand holding the axe, hitting directly against the fingers, he quickly takes the moment the enemy's
Veracruz in pain to twist around him and kick him from behind towards the party [Blindside, 39D]
Veracruz rolled 1d100 and got 40 ( Total: 40 ) for 80 CoS
Veracruz rolled 1d8+72 and got 5 ( Total: 77 )
Mana: He stumbles forward, skidding into hot coals! [77]!
Mana: Wil!
Wilhelmine whirls her foot to the back of the gunner's head. [Sneak Attack Kick, 40D]
Wilhelmine rolled 1d100 and got 91 ( Total: 91 ) for 80
Mana: With fear in his eyes, he leaps away, further in!
Mana: Gunner C fires a shot at Vladislav!
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 100 ( Total: 100 )
Mana: The shot hits something else instead of him!
Vladislav side steps this one. "I'm in the back row and haven't even hit them. Am I that high of a priority target?"
Theodore: "She did send a grudge dragon at you."
Theodore: "On that note,"
Veracruz: "Provided the person they work for, yes"
Theodore gestures towards the gunman,
Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [B]:0 Aurora [F]:0 Toth [F]:4 Axeblade A [F]:6 Alexander [F]:17 Veracruz [F]:38 Wilhelmine [F]:39 Xsaieta [F]:47 Blessed Gunner A [B]:50 Blessed Gunner B [B]:50 Blessed Gunner C [B]:51
Mana: Status for Axeblade A [F] : [======= ]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner A [B] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner B [B] : [======= ]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner C [B] : [==========]
Mana: Vladislav! Aurora!
Theodore: "You realize, given that miss, that you do not have the Goddess' blessing in this fight, yes?"
Mana: The gunners are weak to Shade and Undine and resistant to Salamander and Wisp, by the way. Since I forgot to say that.
Vladislav flips open his book and begins to chant. A green aura hovers around him. [CT 15]
Mana: One of the gunners looks at the other. "That's true." "But…"
Mana: "Even if we don't have the blessing to win, this is still our duty!"
Wilhelmine hops back from the gunner. "Tell me. How does it feel to be cut off from your comrades? Do you have what it takes to stand on your own without your figurehead? Without your fellow soldiers?"
Veracruz: "Hey, you know what"
Veracruz: "I can respect that"
Theodore: "Well. You gotta do what you gotta do, I suppose." Theodore rolls a shrug.
Mana: The gunner frantically reloads, leaping away and that. Not answering - or at least, having no answer.
Aurora steps forward, slashing at the Axeblade before stepping in front of Vlad. [Shoulder Guard, 44D]
Aurora rolled 1d100 and got 41 ( Total: 41 ) for 90
Wilhelmine: "Do you have a name?"
[OOC] Veracruz: And don't forget Blindside
Aurora rolled 1d10+120,125 and got 7 ( Total: 158.75 ) for 4/5ths defense factor for Vlad
[OOC] Mana: 158]!
Theodore lets out a breath, spinnign his staff once before slamming it into the ground. [CT15]
Mana: "Felwin! And no matter where I go, I'll defend…"
Mana: The frantic click of bullets.
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 624/624, MP: 452/492, SoS: 156
Mana: Battle order: Toth [F]:0 Axeblade A [F]:2 Vladislav [B]:11 Theodore [B]:11 Alexander [F]:13 Veracruz [F]:34 Wilhelmine [F]:35 Aurora [F]:40 Xsaieta [F]:43 Blessed Gunner A [B]:46 Blessed Gunner B [B]:46 Blessed Gunner C [B]:47
Mana: Status for Axeblade A [F] : [===== ]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner A [B] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner B [B] : [======= ]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner C [B] : [==========]
Mana: Mr. Toth!
Toth draws the Statesman's Sword and lunges for Axeblade A! [Attack, 43D]
Toth rolled 1d100 and got 87 ( Total: 87 ) for 90
Mana: It's a hit!
Wilhelmine: "Defend what?"
Toth rolled 1d10+120 and got 10 ( Total: 130 ) for that's why you use swords
Yamobot: Aurora rolled 130*5/4 -> {162}
[OOC] Toth: blindside only applies once
[OOC] Mana: 130]!
[OOC] Veracruz: Yes
[OOC] Aurora: Oh, it's not one of the better versions
Mana: "I'll defend… the world of the free that Yesketi envisions!"
Mana: The axe-wielding barbarian lays into Veracruz with a chop of his axe.
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 43 ( Total: 43 )
Vladislav: "Your ideals are misplaced."
Mana rolled 1d10+132 and got 7 ( Total: 139.0 )
Mana: 139 physical damage!
Vladislav: "Your target is the Emperor. What importance does this gate even serve to you? I know why the Emperor wanted it shut."
Wilhelmine: "From who?" (( We're still in the gate, Vlad. ))
Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [B]:0 Theodore [B]:0 Alexander [F]:2 Veracruz [F]:23 Wilhelmine [F]:24 Aurora [F]:29 Xsaieta [F]:32 Toth [F]:32 Blessed Gunner A [B]:35 Blessed Gunner B [B]:35 Blessed Gunner C [B]:36 Axeblade A [F]:36
Mana: Status for Axeblade A [F] : [==== ]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner A [B] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner B [B] : [======= ]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner C [B] : [==========]
Mana: Vladislav!
[OOC] Vladislav: Oh.
Veracruz sidesteps suddenly, the axe hits only his jacket, which lays free from his body, pinning it on the ground, a light cut on his back.
[OOC] Veracruz: HP: 461/525, MP: 525/525, SoS: 131
Vladislav gestures towards Axeblade A. Sparkles start to siphon out of him. [Steal Light in the Eyes - 20D]
Vladislav rolled 3d10+150 and got 6, 7, 8 ( Total: 171.0 )
Mana: Dryad-resistant! [85]!
Vladislav: "Hmph."
Mana: Battle order: Theodore [B]:0 Alexander [F]:2 Vladislav [B]:20 Veracruz [F]:23 Wilhelmine [F]:24 Aurora [F]:29 Xsaieta [F]:32 Toth [F]:32 Blessed Gunner A [B]:35 Blessed Gunner B [B]:35 Blessed Gunner C [B]:36 Axeblade A [F]:36
Mana: Status for Axeblade A [F] : [=== ]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner A [B] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner B [B] : [======= ]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner C [B] : [==========]
Mana: Theodore!
Mana: In the gate: "If you're attacking… then it has to be you!"
Veracruz retrieves his jacket as the Axeblade handles Vlad's drain "You're strong, i'll give you that"
Wilhelmine: "Why's the gate an important objective to you?"
Theodore gestures towards Cruz, as a spout of water shoots up fomr the ground around him, lingering on him slightly. [Cure Water] [32D]
Theodore rolled 3d10+150 and got 8, 2, 3 ( Total: 163.0 ) for -25% from the next hit on you
Mana: Battle order: Alexander [F]:0 Vladislav [B]:18 Veracruz [F]:21 Wilhelmine [F]:22 Aurora [F]:27 Xsaieta [F]:30 Theodore [B]:30 Toth [F]:30 Blessed Gunner A [B]:33 Blessed Gunner B [B]:33 Blessed Gunner C [B]:34 Axeblade A [F]:34
Mana: Alexander!
Alexander lashes out at Axeblade A with a kick. [40D]
[OOC] Veracruz: HP: 525/525, MP: 525/525, SoS: 131 - Waterwall (N)
Alexander rolled 1d100 and got 37 ( Total: 37 )
Alexander rolled d10+120,125% and got 6 ( Total: 157.5 ) for Ignition Heart +25%
Mana: There's the sound of something shattering - [157]!
Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [B]:0 Veracruz [F]:3 Wilhelmine [F]:4 Aurora [F]:9 Xsaieta [F]:12 Theodore [B]:12 Toth [F]:12 Blessed Gunner A [B]:15 Blessed Gunner B [B]:15 Blessed Gunner C [B]:16 Axeblade A [F]:16 Alexander [F]:22
Mana: Status for Axeblade A [F] : [= ]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner A [B] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner B [B] : [======= ]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner C [B] : [==========]
Mana: Vlad!
Mana: In the gate, the pursuit swings around a corner, wrapped in fluttering cloth. He drops a bullet, fumbling, and it incinerates as it leaves the perimeter of the space. "Even traded away… I'll fulfill my duty."
Vladislav flips to a new page in his book. As he begins to chant the air around the party begins to twist and distort. "I hope for your friends sake she comes out of there soon." [CT 30]
Mana: Veracruz!
Mana: Battle order: Veracruz [F]:0 Wilhelmine [F]:1 Theodore [B]:4 Aurora [F]:6 Xsaieta [F]:9 Toth [F]:9 Blessed Gunner A [B]:12 Blessed Gunner B [B]:12 Blessed Gunner C [B]:13 Axeblade A [F]:13 Alexander [F]:19 Vladislav [B]:27
Theodore: "Doesn't Open Door seem kinda… counter productive towards getting somewhere specific?"
Vladislav: "Shade weakness."
Theodore: "Aha."
Vladislav: "It resists Dryad so it's all I've got."
Theodore: "Fair enough."
Veracruz rushes towards the Axeblade "Vlaaad!" is all he has the time to shout before he jumps over the axeblade, after drawing drawing him to strike at him. As he flies midair he tosses both of his knives at the man's back [Attack, 32D]
Veracruz rolled 1d100 and got 49 ( Total: 49 ) for 80 CoS
Veracruz rolled 1d8+72 and got 6 ( Total: 78 ) for Physical, Melee
Veracruz tumbles on the ground, rolling "You're not making my job easier" . He rushes towards the Axeblade again, to retrieve his knives
[OOC] Mana: 78]!
Mana: Battle order: Wilhelmine [F]:0 Theodore [B]:3 Aurora [F]:5 Xsaieta [F]:8 Toth [F]:8 Blessed Gunner A [B]:11 Blessed Gunner B [B]:11 Blessed Gunner C [B]:12 Axeblade A [F]:12 Alexander [F]:18 Vladislav [B]:26 Veracruz [F]:31
Mana: Status for Axeblade A [F] : [ ]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner A [B] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner B [B] : [======= ]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner C [B] : [==========]
Mana: Wilhelmine!
Wilhelmine: "Is this your leader's passion talking, or your own?"
Wilhelmine slowly approaches Felwin with a hand outstretched. "I'm going to borrow your name for a bit to find out." [Nametaker, 30D]
Wilhelmine rolled 1d100 and got 8 ( Total: 8 ) for 70
Mana: Got it. Properties fade!
[OOC] Wilhelmine: Ending Pursuit Gate as well.
Mana: Wilhelmine and _ drop onto the field!
Mana: Battle order: Theodore [B]:0 Aurora [F]:2 Xsaieta [F]:5 Toth [F]:5 _ [B]:8 Blessed Gunner A [B]:8 Blessed Gunner C [B]:9 Axeblade A [F]:9 Alexander [F]:15 Vladislav [B]:23 Wilhelmine [F]:27 Veracruz [F]:28
Mana: Status for Axeblade A [F] : [ ]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner A [B] : [==========]
Mana: Status for _ [B] : [======= ]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner C [B] : [==========]
Theodore stakes a step back, looking starlted as they reammerge. "That…"
Veracruz blinks "Wil that is creepy, also hi"
Mana: Theodore!
Theodore: "Wow, you're even more rude than Vlad, Goddess above."
Toth: "What in the world?"
Aurora: "…Agreed."
Vladislav: "…"
Vladislav: "I prefer the term blunt."
Theodore forces himself to shake his head clear, then begins to channel magic again. [CT20] [4/5th Def Mod]
Mana: Aurora!
Mana: Battle order: Aurora [F]:0 Xsaieta [F]:3 Toth [F]:3 _ [B]:6 Blessed Gunner A [B]:6 Blessed Gunner C [B]:7 Axeblade A [F]:7 Alexander [F]:13 Theodore [B]:18 Vladislav [B]:21 Wilhelmine [F]:25 Veracruz [F]:26
Aurora waves a hand [Beckon]ingly to Blessed Gunner A. "It's me you want to try your luck against, not them." [36D]
Aurora rolled 1d100 and got 17 ( Total: 17 ) for 70, Provoke (4) and pull to the front row
Mana: Dragged forward!
Mana: Xsaieta! Mr. Toth!
Xsaieta runs up and gouges Axeblade A with his paintbrush!! [Battle Rain, 53D]
Toth rolled 1d100 and got 24 ( Total: 24 ) for 85/5
Mana: Hits the weakness!
Mana: Streams of blue light flow out - someone picks up [+431 MP!]
Mana: That's the kill.
Xsaieta shakes it all over Wil.
Mana: Battle order: Toth [F]:0 _ [B]:3 Blessed Gunner A [F]:3 Blessed Gunner C [B]:4 Alexander [F]:10 Theodore [B]:15 Vladislav [B]:18 Wilhelmine [F]:22 Veracruz [F]:23 Aurora [F]:33 Xsaieta [F]:53
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner A [F] : [==========] Provoke(4)
Mana: Status for _ [B] : [======= ]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner C [B] : [==========]
Mana: Mr. Toth!
[OOC] Wilhelmine: HP: 417/558, MP: 558/558, SoS: 139
Toth strikes at Blessed Gunner A! [Attack, 43D]
Toth rolled 1d100 and got 83 ( Total: 83 ) for 90
Toth rolled 1d12+120 and got 4 ( Total: 124 ) for that's why you use swords
[OOC] Toth: er
[OOC] Toth: 1d10 but I think you're okay with 4
[OOC] Mana: 124]!
Mana: _, shaking, fires a shot at Wilhelmine!
Peter rolled 1d100 and got 44 ( Total: 44 ) for C95 Peter`: Blessed Gunner A shoots at Aurora! Peter rolled 1d100 and got 45 ( Total: 45 ) for C95
Peter rolled 1d12+150 and got 5 ( Total: 155.0 ) Peter`: Dealing 155 physical damage to the two of them! Peter`: C fires a shot at Wilhelmine, also! Peter rolled 1d100 and got 14 ( Total: 14 )
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 499/624, MP: 452/492, SoS: 156
Peter rolled 1d12+150 and got 11 ( Total: 161.0 ) Peter`: Gunshots cry out. [OOC] Wilhelmine: HP: 141/558, MP: 558/558, SoS: 139 Peter`: Battle order: Alexander [F]:0 Theodore [B]:5 Vladislav [B]:8 Wilhelmine [F]:12 Veracruz [F]:13 Aurora [F]:23 Toth [F]:33 Xsaieta [F]:43 _ [B]:45 Blessed Gunner A [F]:45 Blessed Gunner C [B]:46 Peter`: Status for Blessed Gunner A [F] : [======== ] Provoke(3) Peter`: Status for _ [B] : [======= ] Peter`: Status for Blessed Gunner C [B] : [==========] Peter`: Alexander! Theodore: "Hm, maybe the other one woulda been better... Ah, well." Alexander punches A. [30D] Alexander rolled 1d100 and got 17 ( Total: 17 ) Alexander rolled d8+90 and got 4 ( Total: 94 ) [OOC] Alexander: [SHP: 75] HP: 525/525, MP: 525/525, SoS: 131 - Wait For It (3) [OOC] Mana: 94]! Theodore kicks his staff into the air, sneding light spiraling through the party. [Cure Light] [32D] Veracruz: "Hrm" Theodore rolled 3d8+120 and got 6, 5, 5 ( Total: 136 ) for heals [OOC] Wilhelmine: HP: 277/558, MP: 558/558, SoS: 139 Mana: Vladislav! Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [B]:0 Wilhelmine [F]:4 Veracruz [F]:5 Alexander [F]:12 Aurora [F]:15 Toth [F]:25 Theodore [B]:29 Xsaieta [F]:35 _ [B]:37 Blessed Gunner A [F]:37 Blessed Gunner C [B]:38 Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner A [F] : [====== ] Provoke(3) Mana: Status for _ [B] : [======= ] Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner C [B] : [==========‘`]
Xsaieta purrs at Wilhelmine. "One night and you already mastered my technique? I’m impressed."
Wilhelmine: "Somewhat different."
Vladislav scribbles something into his book with a quill. The page begins to glow and the ground slowly becomes transparent. "Brace yourself. We'd best lose the trail of our pursuers." He visualizes the direction of their destination before snapping the book shut. With a shwoop sound the ground fades away as the party and foes alike engage in a freefall. [Opened Door - 20D, Vlad becomes Neutral to Wisp(1)]
Vladislav rolled 3d10*1.5+150*1.5 and got 9, 2, 9 ( Total: 255.0 )
Xsaieta: "-woah!"
Toth: "Whoa, whoa-!"
Veracruz readies himself, steadying in the air "Yep, that's one of his tricks"
[OOC] Mana: 255] [170] [255]!
Xsaieta: "…I like this!"
Aurora: "Not again…!"
Theodore land son the gorund as if stepping down from a flight of stairs. "That's a lot less wonky when you know to expect it."
Wilhelmine doesn't flinch, very much used to the sensation with all those gates she opens herself.
Veracruz lands softly on both of his feet "Yes"
Mana: With a smash, the battlefield lands onto a training yard, kicking up a cloud of dust.
Mana: Battle order: Wilhelmine [F]:0 Veracruz [F]:1 Alexander [F]:8 Aurora [F]:11 Vladislav [B]:16 Toth [F]:21 Theodore [B]:25 Xsaieta [F]:31 _ [B]:33 Blessed Gunner A [F]:33 Blessed Gunner C [B]:34
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner A [F] : [ ] Provoke(3)
Mana: Status for _ [B] : [==== ]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner C [B] : [======== ]
Mana: Wilhelmine!
Veracruz: "Why do I feel like you have made our work alot harder, Vlad?" he looks at Xsai
Aurora: "…Are we still in Salamander?"
Toth scrambles to his feet and looks around!
Vladislav: "This is closer to our destination. People were following us."
Mana: Still among tents and tin shacks - a fighting yard for bored barbarians.
Vladislav: "Just deeper into the camp. Other side to be precise."
Wilhelmine rears back her fist to strike the almost-finished-off gunner. [Sneak Attack Punch, 30D]
Wilhelmine rolled 1d100 and got 42 ( Total: 42 ) for 80
Mana: It's a hit!
Mana: He hits the dirt - [KO]!
Mana: Battle order: Veracruz [F]:0 Alexander [F]:7 Aurora [F]:10 Vladislav [B]:15 Toth [F]:20 Theodore [B]:24 Wilhelmine [F]:29 Xsaieta [F]:30 _ [B]:32 Blessed Gunner A [F]:32 Blessed Gunner C [B]:33
Mana: Status for _ [B] : [==== ]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner C [B] : [======== ]
Mana: Veracruz!
Veracruz looks at the enemies left in the field, and breaks into a run towards the now-nameless person "Let's finish this faster" he tosses both his knives at him, before barrelling full power into him, taking it into the ground [Blindside, 39D]
Veracruz rolled 1d100 and got 4 ( Total: 4 ) for 80 CoS
Theodore: "Power Strike!"
Mana: It's a hit!
Veracruz tumbles with him on the ground for a moment, then propels him upwards with his feet, jumping up and retrieving his knives from the still-midair opponent [Power Strike]
Veracruz rolled 1d8+72,150 and got 1 ( Total: 109.5 ) for Physical, Melee
Veracruz: "Well aware, Theo!"
[OOC] Mana: 109]! Alexander!
Mana: Battle order: Alexander [F]:0 Aurora [F]:3 Vladislav [B]:8 Toth [F]:13 Theodore [B]:17 Wilhelmine [F]:22 Xsaieta [F]:23 _ [B]:25 Blessed Gunner A [F]:25 Blessed Gunner C [B]:26 Veracruz [F]:32
Mana: Status for _ [B] : [= ]
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner C [B] : [======== ]
Alexander punches the nameless mook in the throat. [30D]
Alexander rolled 1d100 and got 62 ( Total: 62 )
Alexander rolled d8+90,125% and got 5 ( Total: 118.75 ) for IH
[OOC] Mana: 118]! _ hits the floor, taken out!
Mana: Battle order: Aurora [F]:0 Vladislav [B]:5 Toth [F]:10 Theodore [B]:14 Wilhelmine [F]:19 Xsaieta [F]:20 Blessed Gunner C [B]:23 Alexander [F]:27 Veracruz [F]:29
Mana: Status for Blessed Gunner C [B] : [======== ]
Mana: Aurora!
Wilhelmine: "You'll get this back after you'd had time to reflect on what your strength should come from."
Aurora slashes at C before stepping in front of Wilhelmine. [Shoulder Guard, 44D]
Aurora rolled 1d100 and got 55 ( Total: 55 ) for 90
Aurora rolled 1d10+120 and got 2 ( Total: 122 ) for 4/5ths defense factor for Wil
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 624/624, MP: 412/492, SoS: 156
Mana: Slash - [122]! Vladislav!
Vladislav moves in with his book and hits Blessed Gunner C with the spine. [Attack - 31D]
Vladislav rolled 1d100 and got 15 ( Total: 15 )
Vladislav rolled d8*.75+81*.75 and got 5 ( Total: 64.5 )
[OOC] Mana: 64]!
Toth slashes at Blessed Gunner C! [Attack, 43D]
Toth rolled 1d100 and got 54 ( Total: 54 )
Toth rolled 1d10+120 and got 2 ( Total: 122 )
[OOC] Mana: 122] - that's the kill!
Mana: …The dust clears. There's a tangy scent in the air.
Vladislav: "Let's get moving. The training grounds are empty because of the alarm."
Vladislav: "But don't let your guard down."
Xsaieta: "Wil, they don't come back from the dead."
Veracruz doesn't dallies, and continues running towards where he believes the gate is "Exactly"
Xsaieta runs.
Toth takes a second to orient himself… the gate is… that way! He runs!
Theodore: "Right."
Wilhelmine crunches on a few pieces of candy and slowly trods behind Toth. [+80x3]
[OOC] Wilhelmine: HP: 517/558, MP: 558/558, SoS: 139
[OOC] Mana: Got 895 EXP. Got 180 Lucre. Got 9 AP.
Veracruz: "Let's try to avoid any other engagements before we get there, someone gets in the way we navigate around"
Xsaieta: "Unless… hm, nevermind. There we go."
Mana: You arrive at the Outer Salamander Gate.
Toth adjusts his tactics. [Firebolt -> Gravity Slam]
Mana: Vush, tremendous, white-maned, draped in seven pelts, is there.
Mana: "…Come to open the gate, are you?"
Toth: "Yes."
Mana: He smiles.
Veracruz stares at the gate, and doesn't stops running. In fact he starts running faster. He's not going to give Vush a chance, he's going to move around him before something else can happen
[OOC] Vladislav: HP: 514/514, MP: 413/586, SoS: 128
Theodore: "Vush, real quick:"
Toth: "By will of Emperor, by force of Titania, I command you to open the gate."
Mana: "You have something of mi-" Vush turns.
Mana: Hey Veracruz, Running 30!
Theodore: "That curse Erinee put non you. She already cast it, or is it coming after the gate opens from her?"
Wilhelmine: "He's freed from it."
Veracruz rolled 1d100 and got 24 ( Total: 24 ) for 30 CoS, here it goes
Mana: The moment's all yours, Cruz -
Wilhelmine: "Which you're welcome for, by the - "
Mana: Vush wheels around to grab you, skidding in the dust, a wild ferocity in his eyes -
Mana: But for one moment, there's no one between you and the gate.
Mana: (That's all the time you need.)
Veracruz runs past him and towards the gate, right hand glowing with crimson flames "Come to me, power of Salamander, burst open all that stands in the way!" [Breakthrough]
Theodore: "Oh."
Vladislav: "… huh."
Theodore: "…That's not closing again."
Vladislav: "Nope."
Mana: The gate shudders.
Mana: A shockwave runs through it.
Xsaieta grins fiercely and proudly. "That's the privilege of a Pure Heart."
Mana: It explodes open, the huge iron doors slamming into those behind it-
Mana: And those behind it-
Mana: And the seven gates of Salamander burst open, each opening the next-
Toth turns to look at Vlad. "Was that so hard?"
Mana: Until the morning air howls in, fresh with dandelion blossoms.
Mana: Vush laughs and laughs and laughs.
Mana: "There goes my bargaining card!"
Mana: All behind you, there's rows and rows of axe-carrying warriors in beast pelts.
Mana: Vush laughs on. "Stand down! Weapons down."
Vladislav: "To be fair from a tactical perspective hinging everything on a 30 percent chance… It worked out though."
Mana: "You lot." He eyes the Pure of Heart.
Xsaieta takes a deep breath.
Aurora whistles. "That's damn impressive, Veracruz."
Mana: "You have something of mine, don't you?"
Toth: "Sure do."
Mana: "Gonna hand it over?"
Theodore tilts his head.
Veracruz takes a deep breath, still standing in the same position as his body cools down. Then he slowly turns around, looking at Vush "We're always willing to help if you've got a problem, and aren't being a problem instead"
Toth: "That's skipping to the endgame, here."
Toth nods to the army behind him, and the various blessed among them.
Mana: He turns back, looking over his shoulder at Toth with tired eyes.
Toth: "You a follower too?"
Mana: "Oh, I believe.
Mana: …But I'd rather not pray. "
Mana: "The witch… well, she'll be after us. But she'll be busy with a lot, won't she?"
Theodore: "Yeah."
Mana: Vush grins viciously.
Xsaieta: "Imperial edict on our side, so…"
Mana: "Hmph."
Vladislav: "So where are you taking things from here?"
Toth: "It's worth more than some give it credit for."
Mana: "Far, far away, that's where."
Mana: "…You've got something I need, but…"
Veracruz: "What is this thing?"
Xsaieta: "'We'll meet again, someday' is a good way to forestall Winter, after all."
Mana: He looks Wilhelmine over. He looks Mr. Toth over. He taps the pelts on his back.
Mana: "The eighth one of these."
Veracruz: "I see… Then might we meet again"
Mana: "I don't like my chances against you…"
Mana: "But I am the Red-Lamped Beast, who an angel won't dare corner."
Wilhelmine: "Is that so?"
Mana: He looks through you, to his men.
Theodore: "Funny story."
Mana: "That's so!"
Mana: "Company!"
Mana: "I've -had- it with this charade."
Mana: "We ride!"
Toth: "Wait."
Wilhelmine: "Out, or in?"
Mana: And his barbarians… Drop their weapons, one after another.
Veracruz: "Out, i'm certain"
Mana: The holy gunners look on, aghast, as Vush's men stoop to a kneel-
Wilhelmine chuckles.
Mana: Elongating, disappearing beneath their pelts, stepping out in long, purposeful strides.
Toth: "…or not."
Mana: Long of fang, terrible of claw, the thousand wolves of the Red-Lamped Beast -
Theodore: "Vush! Stay out of trouble, alright?"
Mana: Race along with him as he departs the city, as Vush himself laughs, roaring, straining to keep up with them.
Aurora: "…Now that's something."
Wilhelmine tosses off her disguise-pelt, dressed in jeans and a white tank-top underneath.
[OOC] Mana: You have gained a key-point.
Xsaieta lets out a delighted breath, and cheers them on in the dust and the chaos.
Vladislav follows after the stampede making his way outside the city proper.
Veracruz walks calmly after Vlad "want to see outside?" he asks him
Toth walks as well, step-step-thump of his feet and staff.
Xsaieta runs out, not to let Vladislav be the first one of them to set foot outside the city after all of his bellyaching!
Aurora follows the others. "I think all of us do."
Vladislav: "It's not within the scope of this story. I'm curious."
Mana: Outside the city:
Xsaieta: "Ahahaha, Vlad…"
Xsaieta: "Don't take such a limited view on things!"
Veracruz wonders if El-Niji happens to be just out here, it'd make things easier
Mana: There's a shantytown just outside the gates - a village built of scrap and garbage, with thin, dusty roads, and bazaars of strange junk and gadgets.
Wilhelmine could be El-Niji, if you want. That's one way to make it easier, right? [Masking]
[OOC] Wilhelmine: … Just saying it's there, not actually applying it.
Mana: The [Perimeter City].
Mana: A highway stretches out beyond -
Mana: You can see Vush's men heading out for the forests in the distance.
Theodore: "Lemme know if you spot any holes leading to nowhere."
Mana: A crowd's gathered up to gawk at the opened gate.
Mana: A man in tarnished armor, once an Imperial guard, approaches -
Mana: (But that was long ago, and he's hammered the breastplate into its own, patched-together shape now)
Mana: "…Well, I'll be."
Mana: "Good to see you again, Titania."
Mana: "That your whole damn army you just lost?"
Vladislav: "Yup."
Toth: "It seems that way, doesn't it."
Xsaieta: "As if."
Veracruz waves at him "Looks like it, but they were just some mercenaries"
Veracruz: "Hi there"
Toth: "I've a loose end to tie up." He turns around and heads back to what's left of the Tin Village.
Veracruz: "You don't happen to know an El-Niji do you?"
Theodore tilts his head back at Toth as he walks away.
Mana: Toth: …The whole thing's like a ghost town. Even the fires have been left burning.
Mana: The guardsman nods. "Yeah, I know him. I'll introduce ya?"
Wilhelmine: "Titania may have lost one force, but it has plenty of one-man armies left."
Toth sheathes his sword, rests his staff across the back of his shoulders.
Veracruz: "That'd be wonderful, I have a message for him"
Veracruz looks back "As soon as my friend is back"
Xsaieta asides to Wilhelmine. "(You get it!)"
Toth: "Titania… sure is a patchwork of a city."
Mana: "Hahaha, you break that thing open just so the mail can come through?" He reaches out to shake Cruz's hand.
Mana: "Captain Slegh, pleasure to meet ya."
Toth: "I'm not even sure I could call its growth organic- or well, not anymore."
Aurora: "That was just a minor reason for it. I think."
Veracruz shakes his hand "I'mve Veracruz, courier. It's my job to do that"
Mana: He laughs. "Beautiful, beautiful. I'm what's called the law in this lotta castoffs."
Mana: …But, you know, let's look for a moment at the Tin Village.
Veracruz: "Although yeah, it was definitely a secondary objective."
Mana: Where cinders dance in the air. Where fires still burn.
Toth: "It's undergone some growing pains, not helped by the band that is the gates closed."
[OOC] Veracruz: Yes, let us.
Toth: "It grew to its limits, and now it will grow even more, with the world not even as its limit."
Vladislav glances back towards the village, not paying much mind to the conversation with the guard.
Wilhelmine: "A seed, sprouting into the tree it should become."
Toth: "But from the seat of the throne to the wheel of the world, to those deep below who peek and dance behind the curtain…"
Toth: "I think, it's high-time it started to coalesce." He spins his staff about, and raises it with one hand.
Xsaieta followed Toth, and watches with his arms crossed over his chest, curiously.
Toth: "A force not only of a district, a power not just of the throne, those who would guard the homeland and be a shepard to society. Of the spirit and people of Titania itself." [spending KP]
Toth: "Be its sword, its shield, now that it has the limbs to grow."
[OOC] Mana: AF White Staff
Mana: The empty village pulls at it.
Mana: The bonfires bend towards it.
Toth hurls the staff straight up into the sky, and it should be coming down right, about…
Wilhelmine: "I see you had the same i dea I did."
Mana: The staff slips through the pipes far above -
Theodore arcs Toth's staff in the distance with his eyes, then turns back to look at their newfound slum guide and the rest of the people here, gaging their reactions as the AF springs to life snf takes effect.
Mana: And a thousand rain down, punching into the earth, shattering the shacks, pinning tent-cloth to the ground.
Mana: Lines of light flash between the grid they form - flickers of blueprints. Places where stone can go.
Mana: And then there's a rush of air, and a faint phantasm - shapes of people, scaffolding appearing and disappearing, as piles and piles of stone appear, a foundation is carved away, and…
Mana: Less than built in a day, the [Hall of Stone and Tin] is finished, the fortress at the gate of Salamander standing up stock-straight for a moment before slumping down, exhaling a huge plume of dust.
Mana: A guardsman salutes Mr. Toth as he walks past, taking his post back. "Thanks for coverin' for me. Don't tell the commander."
Mana: "Can't believe Vush just up and left. Are we ever undermanned…" He sighs.
Toth: "Your help is appreciated."
Toth: "Well… send word out about joining the milita."
Veracruz crosses his arms "Good idea, Toth. To make up for a broken down gate, an even stronger one, this time one that can be opened" he says that so only Toth can hear. Then he smiles at the guardsman, waving
Mana: "Guess so. Gotta make it up somehow!"
Mana: Captain Slegh, back outside, claps.
Mana: "Guess that's as fine a way to solve it as any. Good to see Titania's militia back in action."
Toth turns to face the outside of Titania. "Thank you. I'm Mr. Toth."
Theodore studies Slegh's face for a moment, then glances back at Vladislav.
Veracruz looks at Slegh "Yep, people gotta look out for eachother"
Wilhelmine: "Xsaieta."
Wilhelmine: "While they're occupied with this … do we have unfinished business to attend to?"
Mana: "So yeah, El-Niji, let's get you to him."
Veracruz nods at him "Alright, hopefully it won't be a problem"
Xsaieta: "Hm. Doesn't seem as if they're occupied any longer. Think things might go better on a second visit if we brought a crowd?"
Mana: Through the Perimeter City to a squat, wooden building.
Theodore follows after Slegh. "Y'saw that thing with the building?"
Mana: A sign over it is named "Storage" .
Mana: "Sure did. Big magic, huh?"
Wilhelmine: "I had my doubts about them before. If you asked me several days ago, I would have said 'no.'"
Vladislav chews at his lip but stays quiet.
Theodore nods. "S'why we don't need Vush anymore, yeah."
Veracruz follows him "Uhn… Interesting" what he is commenting on, he says nothing
Mana: A huge thick cable runs up to the shack, heading out from… somewhere along Titania's wall.
Veracruz looks at the cable "?"
Mana: Looks like they're tapping into the Heart's power.
Mana: Glass tubes are stacked like cordwood inside. There's someone at the front desk, a scaly monster in a hooded robe.
Veracruz: "Interesting setup"
Mana: "Slegh, nice to see you. Tired of waiting?"
Mana: "Not a chance, Bonzo. Here for El-Niji."
Xsaieta: "One of the lessons Wisp teaches you. Always give everyone a chance. Even the Emperor, even a fiend. And, you know, always be prepared to unhinge your jaw and eat them whole, if you have to."
Xsaieta: "Obviously."
Mana: "Is that so? Gonna settle his tab?"
Wilhelmine: "Still, though. We should get you equipped better."
Xsaieta: "At least… that's one of the lessons Wisp taught me. Yours mighta been different."
Mana: Slegh spits. "You know Titania's open, right? Your conduit could get slashed open in a second f'I tell em."
Mana: "Three hundred lucre or nothin'."
Mana: Slegh pays him.
Mana: "Deal, Captain."
Mana: And he walks over to one of the tubes, slides it out on a rack.
Mana: Pries it open with his clumsy claws. There's a hiss of fog.
Veracruz blinks
Wilhelmine: "Wouldn't the Shade version of that same lesson be 'everyone has hidden depths'?"
Theodore: "Not sure unhinging jaws is really a wisp thing, easier to just hit and or shoot someone, but…" Theodore squints at the tube.
Mana: A young man caked in frost steps out. He doesn't open his eyes. "What's going on? Bonz? I'm not…"
Xsaieta scratches behind an ear. "Seems like cheating, but I guess there's a contractual obligation that they mirror each other like that."
Mana: "Don't ask me, kid. Slegh opened you on up."
Mana: "Package." Slegh explains.
Veracruz headscratches, he puts a gentle hand on the man's shoulder "Sir? I've a package to you from Titania"
Toth: "What's, uh…" He waves a hand at the wall of tubes. "What's that all about?"
Mana: "Oh." He says, his fingers barely moving as he reaches out for it. "Br…bring it here."
Veracruz pulls it out of his secure pocket and hands him it
Mana: Bonzo laughs. "We sell winter. You wanna wait? We wait you. You wanna stop waiting?"
Mana: "You gotta pay."
Wilhelmine: "The spirits have this nonduality flow paradox thing going on, I believe. Stepping in the same river twice and all that."
Mana: He feels it. He finds one particular piece - with a specific feel to it - and rubs his fingers across it. Frost falls from his dark skin.
Mana: "M…my papers came through! I can head into Titania!"
Mana: Bonzo shrugs. "Your lucky day, kiddo. Pleasure to store ya."
Theodore: "You…"
Veracruz: "This… Is interesting"
Theodore: "Sell… winter."
Toth: "I'm afraid I still don't understand the why."
Theodore: "And people buy it. On purpose?"
Aurora: "This is where I wonder how long he's been waiting, isn't it?"
Vladislav: "How much is winter?"
Mana: "Ain't like it's free, kiddo." Bonzo explains.
Mana: "One lucre a day."
Mana: "Ain't no cheaper way to live."
Veracruz: "That is also a very, very dangerous thing to sell"
Xsaieta: "Hm. Opposing principles, or two sides to the same coin."
Wilhelmine: "No, that's duality. I said nonduality."
Theodore: "Not sure you could call that living…"
Xsaieta smiles. "That's exactly what I meant."
Mana: Bonzo raises his hands.
Mana: "What, you call this livin' either?"
Veracruz: "It's far more living-y"
Theodore: "Closer to it at least."
Vladislav: "Door is busted open and nobodies inspecting just saying. There's dozens of illegal immigrants in Undine already."
Theodore scratches behind his head.
Veracruz: "Doesn't looks that bad at all, really? What's wrong?"
Vladislav gestures towards Theodore. "Like him."
Veracruz: "Yeah, he just came by through a hole, doesn't even have eyebrows"
Alexander: "He's got papers, though."
Theodore: "I *do* have papers. Real. Offical ones."
Vladislav: "How'd you get those?"
Mana: Bonzo laughs. "Sure, plenty of people comin' in on boats."
Theodore: "Well, I bought them on the black market. Obviously."
Mana: "But the people who ain't got the guts in case the guards come knocking?"
Mana: "Well, they wait till Titania's lettin' em in."
Vladislav: "Don't need guts if you've got some coin. Girl in Undine makes passports if you pay her right."
Alexander: "Forgeries aren't real, Theodore. They just look real."
Toth: "(Service guarantees citizenship.)"
Xsaieta: "Two sides of a single coin. One single thing, masquerading as two."
Toth shakes his head.
Toth: "Anyway…"
Alexander: "Good enough for gov't work, though."
Theodore: "Tell that to Vlad's freebie gate pass!"
Mana: "Yeah, if you've got coin."
Veracruz: "Hrm…"
Mana: "I'm servin' the… lower end of the market."
Vladislav: "Hmm? My permit to avoid inspections was issued by a court official."
Veracruz: "I wonder if there's too many people wanting in"
Toth: "If someone has another point of business, we should probably get on that next, hmm?"
Toth: "We're bustling to the brim with resources and all."
Theodore: "Yeah but it looks crazy fake."
Mana: Slegh looks out the door.
Mana: "Titania's always been…
Mana: …selective. "
Vladislav: "I think it's best we split up and attended our own affairs, Mr. Toth."
Veracruz: "Or, well" he looks at Toth and nods, then lookst at Vlad and who else "You are the ones with plans"
Vladislav: "We can meet up again in the evening."
Mana: El-Niji pulls himself to his feet. "Um… thank you… so much, guys."
Vladislav: "Travelling in such large numbers is… tiresome."
Toth: "Either way is fine."
Theodore: "Dibs on Aurora."
Veracruz looks at El-Niji "Just doing my job. I wish you good luck. First thing you'll see is Salamander district, be careful and don't get mixed in with the religious folks there, they're dangerous"
Mana: …Thanks. "
Mana: Bonzo looks at El-Niji.
Xsaieta catches up with Mr. Toth. "Had a run-in with the Jinn Temple last night. That late-night party with the fiend I mentioned. Wil and I might have better luck with some support."
Mana: "…Don't go movin' around too yet. You've got frost to shake off. I'll put the kettle on."
Mana: Bonzo snorts as he hustles off to his stove.
Aurora smiles softly. "Of course you do."
Veracruz looks at Xsaieta "Jinn temple you said?"
Mana: "Wouldn't have a -lick- of business if you snapped your legs off in front of my shack, that's what."
Veracruz: "Sounds like you could use some reinforcements there. Plus- Whoever has the spirit-talk gem again?"
Wilhelmine: "You're welcome for the recon."
Toth: "That's an idea…"
Vladislav: "Toth can speak to spirits without it."
Wilhelmine: "Two fiends instead of one this time, Toth."
Veracruz: "Ah, good"
Wilhelmine shrugs.
Toth: "Two for the grave, then>"
Theodore: "…Wonder if there's a fiend in every temple?"
Veracruz: "No doubt, Theo"
Vladislav: "Speaking of temples. Alexander, do you have any idea where the Luna Temple is? Or the spirit to be more precise."
Theodore: "(What is he up to…?)"
Theodore: "Man I still want to actually go to the Dryad Temple too."
Xsaieta: "Hell, even I don't know where the Luna Temple is."
Alexander: "Looking for an easy way to burst a lock?"
Vladislav: "You would be correct."
Alexander ponders for a bit. Does he know where one might find a Luna Spirit? [Master Hunter…?]
Vladislav: "I'm not entirely sure defeating a fiend is considered easy, but…"
Theodore: "I keep telling you, you just need to be heroic. It's not even hard."
Alexander: "Hmmm…."
Toth: "Other than temples, anyone else have plans? Really, I could use some breakfast…"
Vladislav narrows his brow at Theodore. "I'm going to give you a minute to picture that."
Wilhelmine: "Ask Toth about how we did it."
Vladislav: "Try really hard."
Alexander sighs.
Alexander: "Of course."
Veracruz: "I could go for some breakfast too, I don't have a plan otherwise, however"
Alexander: "Vlad, the answer's simple."
Vladislav: "The Luna Temple, right?"
Alexander: "Check the moon."
Xsaieta: "Pff. That much was obvious."
Aurora: "That is kind of obvious, isn't it?"
Theodore: "Well I mean, you can picture me being a cold blooded killer willing to destroy en entire city at the drop of a hat. You has heroic dshouldn't be that big of a stretch, either."
Veracruz: "Meaning we'd have to make all the way to the moon?"
Vladislav: "Seems I'll be paying Luna District another visit, then. I promise not to tip the boat over this time."
Wilhelmine: "Can you confirm where we can find the Wisp Temple as well, Alexander?"
Alexander: "Wrong moon, Vlad."
Toth: "Alexander, I lost the keys to a cupboard in my room, could you…?"
Xsaieta: "Honestly I… kind of can't picture that, Theo." He scratches behind an ear.
Veracruz pats Toth
Vladislav: "… I'm not sure we have a cannon powerful enough to reach the moon."
Alexander: "What am I, a walking directory? Do some legwork."
Toth chuckles.
Wilhelmine: "You kind of are."
Xsaieta grins at Alexander.
Aurora: "She has a point."
Alexander sighs.
Theodore tilts his head at Xsia. "I thought you had an active imagination?"
Vladislav strokes at his chin, thinking of all the places he's been to. "We all have to head through Salamander anyways. Let's get some breakfast as we sort this out."
Veracruz: "Alexander"
Veracruz: "That is the curse of the Quicksilver"
Xsaieta: "Oh, don't worry, I can imagine you in all sorts of interesting situations. Just…" He sort of wobbles his hands. "Anyways, breakfast, then the Jinn Temple. We just did recon yesterday night, so it's narratively convenient."
Veracruz nods at Vlad "Good idea, we can discuss better there than… Over here"
Wilhelmine: "Correction: It's the curse of Wisp. You make things simple, you get complacent."
Theodore shakes his head. "Can't believe ya'll set out for adventure without eatin' first."
Alexander: "Wil, you might want to try the Hall of Marble."
Alexander: "Mr. Toth, retrace your steps."
Wilhelmine: "Huh. I was wrong after all. Thanks."
Wilhelmine: "And I ate someone's name. Close enough."
Veracruz: "No I mean Quicksilver, Wil. With those abilities you kind of have to do stuff for others" he looks at Theo "Hey I had breakfast already AND I have dinner and lunch packed as well as some additional travel food"
Mana: You're cleared through the Hall of Stone and Tin quickly enough on the way back in. Just eating at a street eatery in Salamander?
Vladislav: Yup!
Toth finds something a little fried and with egg in it.
Alexander: "Without eating? I had a delicious breakfast before setting out, Theo."
Mana: Wraps or noodles, your pick. (There are no non-wrap, non-noodle bowl options.)
Toth eats something wrapped, then.
Vladislav orders a wrap and takes a seat.
Mana: The infamous priestess, in her turban, takes a seat on the end of the row of stools you take up.
Xsaieta agonises over wraps vs. noodles and eventually steals a coin out of Theo's pocket, it comes up noodles, and he puts it back in Theo's pocket.
Mana: "Guess we should talk, right?"
Theodore: "Well."
Theodore: "That is what civilized folk do instead of throwing dragons at people."
Mana: She smiles. "Can't I do both?"
Theodore offers her a smile, then takes a drink and orders something fruity to drink.
Wilhelmine glances at the priestess over her order of noodles. "Who's she?"
Toth: "Eh?"
Xsaieta: "For settling tension, fighting in person is a lot more satisfying."
Theodore: "Vlad's not-so-secret admirer."
Toth: "I think we're alright, at the moment."
Mana: "Sezaya Yesketi. Pure of Heart. Nice to meet you."
Vladislav: "…"
Toth: "Have a subject in mind?"
Toth looks past her. Any followers, guards, dragons?
Mana: No, but…
Xsaieta is holding back the most incredible, huge, absurd grin at Vladislav's reaction.
Vladislav: "I… might have just lost my appetite."
Veracruz nods at Yesketi "Hey there"
Theodore: "Man she's not even bad looking."
Wilhelmine carries on eating, indifferent.
Mana: …The pressure of her aura seems to suggest otherwise.
Xsaieta: "Come on, this is like going out for dinner."
Toth: "It's an octuple date."
Xsaieta: "Pleasure to finally meet you, by the way."
Vladislav: "You've approached us with a message, so out with it."
Toth: "…or whatever the number nine is."
Vladislav: "That's the only reason I can think you'd come in person."
Mana: "No, no, no."
Mana: "I'm here to let the facade down. Don't get to do that often, you know?"
Aurora is having noodles, herself. "…Octuple is eight, I think."
Toth: "Please, no, please."
Toth: "I am not even done eating."
Vladislav: "Can we finish lunch first?"
Vladislav: "Err breakfast."
Mana: She laughs, a little, to herself. "Huh, what do you think is…"
Mana: "Yeah, sure, go on."
Vladislav takes another bite of his wrap. "Thanks."
Veracruz just chuckles and keeps on eating. He's watching
Mana: She waves at the seller, who… doesn't seem to have noticed her until then.
Mana: "I'll have the thing that you sell."
Toth eats, drinks orange juice.
Xsaieta: "(Noodles or wraps.)" He's a helper!
Xsaieta: "(Say 'omakase' if you want them to choose, I think. Do they do that here? I'm not sure.)"
Mana: She purchases and eats the thing that he sells. (A wrap.)
Mana: "So, what are you guys… even after?"
Mana: "If you don't mind me asking."
Vladislav: "We all have different objectives. It's rather terrifying really since at some point we're going to clash."
Theodore presses his lips together, before taking a drink.
Veracruz: "Sincerely i'm just trying to keep Titania from falling apart, and making sure nobody's suffering for it"
Veracruz: "I'm not sure about the others. Oh, right, I also want to see if I can get the Services to live i npeace her but i'm not sure that is doable"
Mana: "…That's pretty naive."
Theodore: "I'm mostly just trying to keep people from dying, unless they're the sort of person that ought be dying. Protecting, I guess."
Toth: "Well…" He swallows. "Mind providing a frame of reference?" He asks, directly of Yesketi.
Veracruz: "Ideals are naive"
Veracruz: "Actions are not"
Vladislav: "It seems we all share the goal however of stabilizing the mana flow to stop Titania from falling apart and stopping the Services from making this into their new home."
Wilhelmine: "Someone's going to have to suffer. Titania will have to. Otherwise, it'll never grow stronger."
Veracruz: "What I do is try to get the closes to what I want, every day"
Wilhelmine: "That gate certainly suffered."
Mana: "Yeah, I don't wanna live in Serviceland either."
Wilhelmine: "As did the guards we fought on the way."
Veracruz: "Yes. Nothing ever goes perfectly. But we can try to make it go as close to perfect as possible"
Mana: "…Did they even have names?" Yesketi takes a bite.
Wilhelmine: "Did."
Mana: "Some people you care about. Some people you don't."
Wilhelmine: "Felwin will get his back after some time. He'll suffer, and be stronger for it."
Wilhelmine: "Or as you might know him in his current state, _."
Theodore shudders.
Mana: She waves a hand dismissively.
Mana: "You and me, lady, we matter. He's detritus for you to define yourself with."
Mana: "You know that in your heart, right?"
Theodore: "That,"
Theodore tilts his head towards Vladislav, "Is why I'm not with her."
Veracruz: "Definitely wrong"
Vladislav: "… they are NPC's, though."
Veracruz: "Vlad if you would please reduce the Shade levels"
Mana: "Hey, Vlad."
Mana: "What does that stand for?"
Alexander frowns.
Aurora nods with Theo's words. "Just because they're not Pure Hearts, it doesn't mean that they don't matter."
Veracruz: "But that does not means they are meaningless"
Wilhelmine: "I define myself. I don't need anyone else's help to do that with."
Mana: "No, no, no. They aren't help."
Vladislav shrugs. "Ask the Services."
Mana: "They're your -means-. Among whatever else you choose."
Xsaieta: "Well, I mean. Strictly speaking, they matter because they matter to one of us."
Veracruz: "What Xsai said, I guess"
Mana: Yesketi stops, smiling at Xsaieta.
Mana: "…Hm, yes. I guess that's true."
Wilhelmine: "Ironic, isn't it? Your loyal soldier means more to me than he does to you."
Xsaieta: "And someone who matters to, say, Wilhelmine, might not even matter to me. Still wouldn't pop them open to chew on the insides, but that's the power of friendship."
Wilhelmine: "You take meaning. I imbue."
Mana: "Ah…" Yesketi raises a hand to her lips.
Mana: "You're enjoying this!"
Wilhelmine: "Was that ever in question?"
Xsaieta: "I am, literally, all about enjoying this."
Theodore: "Being full of yourself is, I hear, our major defining traits as pure hearts."
Mana: "No, no, no. But I'm glad."
Vladislav: "You're quite popular in the story books, you know. Popular perhaps isn't the term I'm looking for. A frequent occurence."
Mana: "I mean, if you weren't, it'd be a little embarassing, you know?"
Mana: "Anyway. My loyal soldier?"
Mana: "He's a fragment of my song. He's a hair of my head."
Mana: "…I'm not short of footnotes."
Veracruz: "Heh"
Veracruz: "But they are not endless either"
Xsaieta: "Nothing in this world has to matter in order for me to savor the way it feels when I curl up in it like a sunbeam."
Mana: "Mmm, that's true."
Mana: "We'll play with smoke together sometime, I'm sure."
Vladislav: "Not going to lie. I was tempted to drop a killer mantis on you here in Salamander District today. Dragons aren't exactly the best way to say hello."
Wilhelmine: "Tell me. What purpose do your stories serve? What do you want people to think when they read them?"
Xsaieta: "I look forward to it. And… may I say, you've been an inspiration to me on several levels already."
Theodore gives Vlad a look.
Wilhelmine: "… That's a question for all of you just as much as it is for our friend here."
Toth: "(So in love.)"
Toth orders a double.
Xsaieta: "(I know, right?)"
Theodore: "Don't care about stories. I'm just gunna make things better than how I found 'em."
Mana: "I want to keep us, the Pure of Heart, turning the pages together."
Mana: "There's nothing more than that, after all."
Mana: "Squishing what offends me on the way is a side-benefit."
Mana: "Not that I'd ever dream it to be permanent in your case, Vladislav."
Xsaieta to Theodore: "That's a story. I like that story, 's why we're friends."
Vladislav: "Just so we're clear. What's your take on Millions?"
Theodore nods to Xsaieta.
Mana: "I will team up with her against you…"
Mana: "But I will team up with you against her, too."
Mana: "That suffice?"
Toth: "Fair enough."
Veracruz: "see, Theo knows how things work"
Vladislav nods in return. "It does."
Theodore: "I'd say she's been a lot more friendly and welcoming than you have, but… you *were* pretty pleasent the firts time *we* met. What'd Vlad do to piss you off?"
Mana: "He mentioned imprisoning me."
Mana: "You do that? Gloves come off."
Theodore: "But… I just got these!"
Toth blinks.
Vladislav: "I'd imagine it was the fact that I was reading a book of angels with her name in it when we first met too."
Mana: "Let's kill eachother lots, fair and square."
Toth: "What, that was it?"
Mana: "But…"
Xsaieta looks at Toth.
Mana: "Vlad… you know I know a lot more nasty tricks than you, right?"
Veracruz: "The lady has scars, Toth. And I get the feeling they still ache. It's not nice to poke them"
Vladislav: "Ripping the sky open isn't going to help either of us. We'll both have to find a new home as winter freezes the book shut."
Xsaieta makes a gesture with his hands that somehow ineluctably, inescapably refuses to parse as anything other than 'fuzzy handcuffs' and raises an eyebrow, tilting one ear innocently.
Toth sighs and shakes his head. "(Skipping to the endgame, again.)"
Mana: "Mm~hm."
Veracruz: "Hrm… Guys, we're going to give Toth a hangover"
Mana: "Let's not go nuclear, my friend."
Veracruz: "So please"
Wilhelmine: "I hear the female mantis eats the male's head after they mate. Fitting choice of a creature to bring for her."
Vladislav stares at Wilhelmine.
Theodore: "…"
Xsaieta slowly applauds.
Toth: "It's basically truth, now."
Mana: Yesketi applauds.
Aurora …giggles behind a gauntleted hand.
Veracruz looks at Wil "That was beautiful"
Wilhelmine shudders. "See, this is why I don't go out with you all more often. I steal the spotlight."
Xsaieta: "I… I think you win this round, Wil."
Theodore: "Wow."
Veracruz: "No, no, you need to hang out more often. You're the teacher here"
Vladislav: "I am kind of curious how you know everything that's going on with us, though."
Wilhelmine: "Speaking of, that's what I plan for my stories to do. Teach."
Vladislav: "Not that you're going to let on to that trick."
Xsaieta: "Um, that's obvious?"
Mana: "Naturally. It's a secret!"
Mana: Yesketi takes a bite of her wrap.
Mana: "…Anyway, it's time to be a priestess of the goddess again. Ciao!"
Theodore: "Presumably, scouts trailing us. Alternatively, advance copy of the book."
Wilhelmine: "Quicksilver Wisp. It's almost like she's a walking - what was the word?"
Xsaieta smiles reassuringly at Yesketi. "Don't worry, I'll let you tell him if you want to."
Theodore: "(More obscure, tapping the white noise.)"
Wilhelmine: "The thing that Alex does."
Theodore: "…Master Hunter wouldn't let her know what we're saying, just where we are."
Xsaieta leans over and whispers something really quietly into Theodore's ear.
Mana: She stands up, pays for everyone's meal, and heads out with a laugh.
Mana: …The pressure abates.
Vladislav finishes off his wrap not breaking his gaze on Yesketi until she is out of sight.
Vladislav: "… impressive."
Alexander: "If she knows where we are, she knows where to send the spies."
Toth finally stops eating.
Toth: "What the hell was all that about."
Theodore: "Hey! DON'T GIVE THE GODDESS A BAD NAME OUT HERE!" Theodore shouts after her, but isn't gunna chase her dow or anything.
Wilhelmine: "Oh, that's her little club?"
Alexander: "Dragon priestess being inscrutable and intimidating about more knowledgeable about Being A Pure Heart."
[OOC] Alexander: *about being
Theodore then pasues, tilts his head at Xsia. Stares a hole through him for a moment.
Veracruz looks at Toth "Something complex, don't worry too much"
Vladislav: "It's not spies. It's her. Personally."
Xsaieta: "She's the leader of the white-robed gun-toting people; Vlad and her have unresolved sexual tension so thick you could cut it with a knife; she's a Pure Heart."
Toth: "Really? Now I'm just disappointed we -didn't- fight something."
Xsaieta grins at Theodore.
Veracruz: "Don't ask, it could happen and it's early in the morning"
Alexander: "I think the plan is to save that for tonight."
Vladislav: "I'm under the impression that she not only can hear what we talk about, but what we are thinking too."
Theodore blinks a few times as the light in his star eye fades away (when did it start glowing? eh!)
Vladislav: "She mentioned something I haven't talked about."
Xsaieta: "I think I said this before we confronted Vush. Visiting your girlfriend for things beginning with 'f' is for night time."
Theodore: "That being?"
Vladislav: "A warning to something I planned to do."
Alexander: "There's a few thigns that start with 'f'."
Veracruz puts a hand on Theo's head and a hand on Vlad's head
Veracruz: "Stop it you two"
Xsaieta: "Right, and they're all relevant."
Alexander: "Indeed."
Xsaieta: "Also, Vlad, you're way more of an open book than you think you are. Like, don't stop the mysterious and scowly act, it's super cute, but, like, don't think it actually provides any security, either?"
Theodore: "Er, what?" Theodore gives Cruz a look.
Xsaieta: "She's just… been around longer than we have. Probably bored as fuck and jaded, for that matter."
Vladislav: "I don't believe I've ever intentionally been secretive."
Veracruz: "Just continue this talk you're having elsewhere in private, is all i'm asking"
Vladislav: "My plans to eliminate Prince Snake and Lion were clearly stated before execution."
Theodore rolls his eyes at Cruz.
Veracruz: "Just as a friend favor"
Xsaieta: "Right, then don't be surprised when people know what you're planning! Anyways…"
Veracruz then takes a seat again
Xsaieta: "…yeah, let's actually take a deep breath and enjoy our food like we were, you know, planning to."
Wilhelmine drains her bowl of the remaining soup. "(Some more tea, please, as well?)"
Theodore: "Not sure why talking about how the angry, violent pure heart that might try and get in our way knows things she shouldn't know… isn't* a group topic."
Toth: "So…"
Toth: "What are you going to do about that?"
Toth: "Yesketi in particular, that is."
Veracruz nods at Xsai "Yep, and then we're off to the Jinn temple" he looks at Theo, sighs, then looks at Toth
Vladislav: "There's not much we can do unless we want to wage a war in Salamander district every morning."
Wilhelmine: "Do you mean Yesketi or me, Theodore?"
Theodore: "Personally hoping to ignore it as long as possible. Until she forces my hand by doing something…. unpleasent, here."
Toth laughs.
Toth: "Then the conversation is over, isn't it?"
Toth pays, stands.
Veracruz: "She will… Only stand in our way as much as she needs to I think… In a way she isn't much unlike us, the exception being that she does seem almost completely heartless"
Vladislav: "Meet up again and share information tonight, Mr. Toth?"
Toth: "Sure, sure."
Toth: "Or as providence allows."
Veracruz sighs
Veracruz: "Some days I wish I drank"
Veracruz: "But I just wish"
Vladislav: "Yesketi already paid for your meal. Your lucre though." He nods to Toth as he stands up himself.
Xsaieta pets Veracruz between the ears.
Mana: And so it was written.

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