Mana P4y1s15

Mana: And so it was written: Pokiehlember 4th, Year 1, Undine's Day. Gnome District, beneath the earth.
Mana: The rift torn in its ceiling looks up on a starry sky.
Vladislav cracks his neck. "The hot springs seem to have done the trick."
Theodore rests his hands behind his head. "Mmhm. Looks like it's late enough for pure land time."
Vladislav: "Seeing as Mr. Toth is with us already, I believe we just need to wait for Alexander."
Vladislav: "Then Veracruz can show us on our merry way."
Veracruz headscratches "Where were we heading again? I know we were leaving the Pure Land last, or are we going there already?"
Vladislav: "We're going to the Pure Land."
Toth: "The point of no return holds little meaning to us." He takes a drink.
Veracruz: "Alright! I've been charting a couse for this one for a while"
Vladislav: "The Tree of Life has recently obtained a monster infestation. The area piques my interest."
Toth: "So what's the difference between a Mana Tree and a Tree of Life?"
Alexander: "Clearly, it can't be a Mana Tree if there's no Mana."
Vladislav: "At first glance, it would seem that the Tree of Life is energy in its purest form, unconcentrated or shaped. Think of it like a prototype Mana Tree."
Vladislav: "I cannot say more without seeing it first hand." He sips at his drink barely batting an eye at Alexander. "I believe that's your cue, Veracruz."
Veracruz nods at Vladislav "Yes it is, follow me!" he takes them through a path towards the Undine district, a cliff overlooking the ocean "Look over the cliff, help me find it"
Toth drains his drink and follows Veracruz!
Aurora: "…Find what?"
Theodore: "'it'?"
Vladislav: "The pathway he used to return."
Veracruz: "Just look, you'll know when you see it"
Theodore: "Oh, okay."
Toth squints and looks over the ocean.
Vladislav: "He did not die to the silktails, if you would recall."
Veracruz waits until everyone is looking over, and suddenly shoves everyone down the cliff into the ocean, jumping in himself [Impossible Road]
Mana: A long dive, deep through the ocean-
Mana: Through deep darkness -
Mana: Past the icy fang of the iceberg, that juts deep into the earth below -
Mana: Into a geothermal fissure, brimming with luminous life and teeming with energy -
Mana: Into the Luna -
Mana: …Which…
Mana: …Which lasts a while…
Theodore foottaps in the air as they sink/fall.
Mana: To the powder-white forest of eternal spring, the Pure Land.
Aurora: "It's always the scenic route with you, isn't it?"
Mana: The ground beneath is mossy and moon-blue. The night overhead is deep and black - all the light comes from beneath.
Veracruz walks out of the ocean, shaking off some water "Well, of course! Normally it's the safest path, though"
Mana: The air is thick with the sweet scent of nectar.
Toth clambers up, and for a second he goes breathless.
Vladislav steps out of the water before wringing out his clothes. "You are lucky I took a breath before I hit the water."
Theodore rolls around on the ground a bit when they touch down, then hops up to his feet.
Veracruz: "Well, I take it we're going somewhere in particular? Guys that weren't here before be mindful of your gems overheating"
Toth: "Amazing…"
Toth kneels, feeling the ground.
Mana: It's moist and full of life, the moss crumbling at the finger-tips.
Veracruz chuckles at Vlad "Well, if you tried to control your swim you'd definitely have missed the current, though. That had to be done" "(was also a bit funny)"
Mana: It smells of rain.
Mana: Every tree - no matter the shape of its blossoms, no matter the weight of its branches, the shape of it - cherry trees, oaks, willows, redwoods and elms - has a pale colored trunk, and stark-white leaves.
Vladislav heads along the path, trying to find his way back to the familiar crossroad with the goddess statue.
Veracruz goes along with Vlad "Hrm… This place always trips me up… The lack of Mana looks kind of terrible, at the same time not"
Mana: By a sparkling spring, the statue to the Goddess stands, just by the entrance to the forest.
Mana: The path forks.
Mana: Somewhere to the right, a black monolith juts out above the canopy, recumbent, fallen.
Toth: "Anything I can particularly do about the… overheating…" He seems distracted as he asks, running his hand along a tree, gazing at the nothingness sky.
Theodore pauses in front of the statue, briefly closing his eyes and bringing his hands together in silent prayer/
Mana: Theodore: It's a peaceful moment.
Veracruz shakes his head at Toth "There is no Mana here, so little you can do"
Veracruz looks at Theo, scratching behind his head
Vladislav: "These Goddess Statues serve a purpose, if you didn't know. People leave things here and other travellers pick them up. In turn your items can travel the world. Once upon a time people used it as a means of trade along their journey to the center of the earth."
Vladislav: "Which is why the credit card was here when I found it."
Toth: "Sounds… handy."
Veracruz: "Ah, I see it"
Theodore: "People outside of Titania, or at least where I'm from, pray to the for safe passage as well."
Veracruz: "I don't know how to pray, sadly"
Mana: The left path slopes downwards, nestled in the boughs and surrounded by flowers.
Alexander: "Praying doesn't really require any foreknowledge. Just…speak from the heart."
Vladislav: "Regardless. Mr. Toth you said you wished to go straight to the Tree, yes?"
Theodore gives Veracruz a hard to read look, before shaking his head.
Alexander: "Or think, whichever you are more comfortable with."
Toth: "What?"
Toth: "No!"
Toth: "You said there were Services here."
Theodore: "Black thing in the distance."
Toth: "Also, I'd like to see if my vision was accurate, so."
Vladislav: "The Services headquarters is one way. The village at the foot of the tree at the other." He gestures to the left and right. "Let us make a visit to them first, then. Perhaps after you can also look into gear selection at the village."
Veracruz: "Services are pretty harmless as-is so we can visit them" he points to the dark obelisk in the distance
Theodore: "Eeeh I'd be okay heading straight to their base."
Vladislav makes his way along the path to the Services. "You go through a bit of an awkward process at the entrance. You've been warned."
Vladislav: "Mana stabilization. Or destabilization depending which way you're going in the pressure chamber."
Toth: "I'm fairly certain I'm stable, so I'm not worried."
Mana: The Citadel of the Services - a huge goliath of a ship, all smooth and black, embedded in the land.
Theodore: "More awkward if you weren't you."
Mana: A shut door of black glass, with a hatch on one side.
Mana: A tiny glint of light above it - looks like a camera lens.
Toth pats Theodore comfortingly.
Veracruz waves at the camera
Vladislav makes his way to the terminal and waves to the camera. "How long has it been since our last visit?"
Theodore: "Naw I mean, not a pure heart."
Vladislav: "I'm still trying to get a grasp of the flow of time here."
Toth: "Oh."
Theodore: "A day."
Mana: The camera whirrs to look at them. "Welcome back."
Mana: "A day by our clocks, but the locals would disagree. Shall we get you entry?" The voice is scratchy, from a speaker.
Vladislav: "Make it so."
Theodore: "They don't have clocks to disagree with, I thought?"
Mana: The door slides open. "Step on up."
Toth steps on up.
Mana: To a small antechamber.
Aurora steps in.
Alexander steps in as well. Who knows what kind of trouble they might get into?
Vladislav steps into the chamber. "Is this strictly needed when we don't suffer the mana influxes that others do when outside?"
[OOC] Vladislav: *defluxes
Theodore steps in. "It's kinda attached to the door?"
Mana: The voice responds: "It's more to protect us than to protect you."
Mana: "We don't want our Mana spilling out over the environment."
Mana: "…I suppose the environment doesn't want our Mana spilling out over it, either."
Vladislav: "True enough. You have to ration what you have left inside."
Mana: Once everyone's in, the door closes behind you. A screen reads: "Equalizing Mana Pressures" .
Mana: A whirring noise, and a shimmer in the air.
Toth: 'Mana pressures,' Toth silently mouths.
Veracruz sighs, then nods at Toth
Mana: Then the door opens up - huge walkways stretch across the vast open central space of the ship, and billboards in the distance - and windows! - glow with light.
Toth takes cautious steps forward, and then awestruck steps.
Toth: "It's… even brighter than Wisp."
Theodore: "Yup."
Mana: Leonard Shaw - a man in a suit and sunglasses, meets you on the other side. "Welcome to our citadel."
Vladislav: "Their technology is a marvel when first sighted."
Mana: "I'll be accompanying you today, if you don't mind."
Theodore puts his hands in his coat pockets.
Veracruz: "It so very is- Oh, oh dear I forgot a thing just outside, eergh…"
Toth: "Mr. Toth, pleased to meet you," he extends a hand.
Veracruz: "Sorry for that I need to go pick her up"
Vladislav: "Regardless, that's our tour guide. You'll want to ask him anything you need, Toth."
Mana: "Okay, just head on back and clear the airlock again, if you don't mind."
Mana: "I'll send an eye when you get back to bring you here."
Toth looks back out over the deck. "Where do I even begin…?"
Mana: He strokes his chin. "There's very many of you, aren't there? Are you all from the same planet?"
Veracruz nods, then heads outside, clearing the airlock, he soon enough comes back with a Wilhelmine, a handful of minutes later
Vladislav: "Our planet is overflowing with Pure Hearts. We're at eleven or twelve, if I'm correct."
Mana: Shaw smiles. "I'm a little jealous."
Vladislav: "Not that one would do you much good here."
Wilhelmine shrugs. "One's more than enough."
Mana: "It would do some, though. I'm Leonard Shaw, by the way."
Veracruz nods
Mana: "I'm a Justification, with this Ship's service."
Veracruz: "Not like you guys aren't formidable enough as-is. You guys are kind of scary"
Theodore: "Twelve?"
Mana: "I'll take that as a compliment. Did you… travel back home since our last meeting?"
Toth: "Is all of this Mana-generated?"
Vladislav: "They're unidentified but I am confident they exist." He glances at Theodore.
Vladislav: "We did."
Mana: "Astounding. Death recall?"
Vladislav: "Our home point was set there so we simply ended our lives at Viglum."
Veracruz: "Basically the trick used, yes" he prefers not to point out his trick to travel
Wilhelmine scoffs. "Tell me you aren't planning to repeat that…"
Mana: Shaw nods. "Well, where would you like to go?"
Theodore scatches at the back of his head, counting with his fingers with his other hand. Gets up to eleven before being confused. Shrugs.
Vladislav: "We came here today to visit the Tree of Life. This is just a side stop as one of our friends had some questions."
Toth: "I don't even…" He looks about again, shakes his head.
Toth: "Have any bookstores?"
Mana: "Yes, we do. If you'll follow me…"
Mana: "Though, ones that are open at this hour…"
Toth: "So… the time cycle is the same…"
Vladislav: "Before he gets too excited, do you still accept Lucre into your currency system? Or only digital credit?"
Vladislav: "I do not believe we have bank accounts here."
Mana: "We try to keep our clocks consistent, even if it doesn't match the light outside."
Mana: Shaw walks down the walkway a ways, gets in an elevator, and leads the party down to one of the park districts of the Citadel - sidewalk cafes, gardens, the odd fountain, an art gallery here or there. It's quiet at this hour, and most things are closed.
Mana: But a cafe - "Lettercut" - is still open. Its curved shelves are stocked with books - though some are so low that they're intended to be used as seats or tables, rather than for access.
Mana: Shaw nods to the barista up front - "Just bringing tourists." He says, lifting his sunglasses up to his brow.
Toth is a total tourist, peering into even the closed stores, and he quickly ambles into the cafe, sort of meandering about as he takes it in.
Mana: "There's a catalogue on every table. Find the one you want and ask the front."
Mana: "Best-sellers first, then by genre, with an index by author."
Toth: "S-sure!" He begins to flip through a catalog, scanning the titles, just sort of browsing until something catches his eye. Doesn't have to be genre specific, this is a different culture!
Veracruz chuckles as Toth goes along, he just browses along too. Mayhaps an adventure story, he ever so loves combat renditions. He is very unlikely to get anything, he's mostly just playing company to Toth's search
Mana: Best-sellers: There's a political thriller, a murder mystery set in a rural town, a big plodding fantasy trilogy, a pop-history book on artifact hacking…
Mana: Oh, and there's one about a handsome, brooding man who is also a vampire.
Vladislav: "You'll find books from all sorts of cultures and worlds here."
Toth: "Hello!" Brooding vampires? Sign him up- er I mean, sign Hachi up, Toth is interested in the artifact junk.
Mana: Shaw looks over Toth's shoulder, reads the ID code - "Can we get NF6642?"
Mana: "Sure thing." The barista punches the code into a toaster-oven shaped machine, takes the book out a moment later, and brings it over to Toth's table.
Toth: "I almost feel like I need utensils."
Veracruz: "Ahaha"
Mana: Shaw nods. "My tab, if you don't mind." "Got it."
Toth picks it up, leafs through it. It'd be kind of rude to read the whole thing now…
Veracruz: "Don't spoil yourself!"
Veracruz: "Leave the reading for after we go back, or right before anyway"
Mana: It's a pretty light treatment, focusing more on a few personalities and lauding their breakthroughs (and the leaps in logic they made) than giving too much that's technically useful, but it seems to hint at some of the strange ways that the Service use their so-called artifact technology.
Mana: For a while, the government tried to suppress it, so many of the pioneers were hired on to smoke out their peers, or simply killed.
Mana: The book depicts these people as brave heroes driven by passion and idealism.
Mana: The word "Atelier Field" comes up a lot, often abbreviated as "A.F" .
Toth: "Huh? Oh, yes, right right. Thank you, Mr. Shaw." He stands.
Mana: "Certainly."
Mana: "Do you plan to make this trip again, by the way?"
Vladislav: "Perhaps if we wish to talk to you."
Toth: "Very possibly yes."
Vladislav: "Our business with the rest of this world may conclude tonight."
Mana: "Hmm."
Mana: "I think I'd be able to authorize a kP transfer if you delivered a report about the status of our ship to the one on your planet."
Vladislav: "That can be arranged."
Toth: "Is there…" A strange feeling washes over him. "..something we can do for you?"
Toth: "Aha."
Theodore frowns.
Alexander: "We haven't found the ship again yet, so it might be a bit before we can."
Mana: Shaw lowers his sunglasses again. "Yes, I realize it's a difficult situation for many reasons."
Vladislav: "I am not sure they can actually assist you, but we may run into Nara again."
Vladislav: "Despite not knowing their ships location."
Mana: "I'll hand you the report now, and if you can return with one from theirs, we'll compensate you."
Theodore: "I'm pretty sure we'll bump into Nara again without trying…"
Veracruz nods "Alright, next we run into her we'll do the exchange"
Veracruz: "May end up with someone dead but we'll try not to damage the reports"
Vladislav takes the report. "Fair enough."
Theodore takes the report. Assuming he has it on hand anyways.
Toth also takes the report. Shared key item inventory?
Mana: He produces a small case-shaped device from his pocket, dials a number into it, takes out a floppy-disk after a moment, and hands it to… he holds it out for a moment.
Mana: "…Did you want multiples?"
Veracruz watches over the narrative not know wether Vlad or Theo or Toth have the key item
Veracruz: "No they're just bad at this game"
Theodore: "…Sure."
Toth: "Yes, please."
Veracruz: "Also we tend to split when adventuring so it'd help if our three usual parties had a copy"
Mana: He hands a copy of the report to Veracruz, Mr. Toth, and Vladislav.
Vladislav: "We often split up in our world and don't know the location of the ship. It would make the most sense that any one of us could deliver it."
Veracruz nods
Mana: "Right."
Aurora: "We really need to finish what we started with Nara the other day, don't we?"
Theodore stares at Shaw for a moment, before returning his hands to his pockets.
Toth: "Sooooomething like that."
Mana: Shaw smiles a pained smile. "…Things must be dire indeed for your local branch."
Toth: "I do have a question though."
Mana: "…However, I'm happy enough to know that the outside world knows we're here."
Mana: "And ask away."
Toth: "I've seen monstly human-sized-and-shaped goods, are there only humans aboard or any… dragons, any penguinmen, any long-eared-luxurious-tailed persons…?"
Veracruz: "They don't have enough Mana to support a wide narrative focus like that, Toth"
Toth: "Veracruz, don't be racist."
Veracruz: "They really need to save up on the descriptions here, hence only humans"
Vladislav nods in agreement with Veracruz.
Toth: "That kind of thing takes up Mana, too?"
Toth: "Huuuh."
Veracruz: "Nah, it's more like they gotta stick to just one thing, and humans are pretty bland. Aurora's ladyfriend definitely got shifted to lowest descriptive level when she came in here"
Veracruz: "We're kind of resilient since we're Pure Hearts but otherwise, yeah"
Mana: "I suppose it conserves Mana, but to a degree, it's also what we're used to, culturally."
Mana: "If strange shapes leaked into our populace, we'd be very concerned."
Veracruz nods "Ah, I see"
Mana: "As a Justification, and a member of the Service, I was trained to handle changes like that."
Mana: "But we keep that thing away from the civilians."
Veracruz: "I think it's definitely weird to change, or well it must feel very weird"
Mana: "…For example, we wouldn't want to land on an ocean planet, and have to inform everyone that they now breathe water, and have the colors of coral."
Toth: "Are Apathias and Resignations and Dispassionatas civilians at a lower level? Or is it all military ranklike?"
Aurora: "So different worlds shape people differently, then?"
Veracruz: "I think it's all military rank"
Vladislav leans back, taking a glance at Theodore every now and then to make sure he isn't trying to run off and destroy their mana supply.
Mana: "The Service aren't really a military organization."
Mana: "Think of them more as government vocations, and training for different shell bodies."
Theodore isn't running off to destroy their spaceship. He's been using all this quiet time to silent shove a blade through the back of Vladislav's neck. Oh, wait. That never actually happened. No, he's just standing and waiting with his hands in his pockets.
Toth: "Huh, okay."
Mana: "Right. Most people match the world they're from."
Mana: "As Pure Hearts, you work differently."
Mana: "…Well, not just from. The world they're in. Pardon."
Vladislav: "I was about to say. There are certainly differences and you are all from Romeo if I am not mistaken."
Toth: "The ones back on our world have it pretty rough, then."
Mana: "We maintain a specialized shell body to prevent leakages. I imagine they do the same."
Mana: "…Of course, the shells they operate might end up quite bizarre, from what I've heard of your Titania."
Veracruz: "They… Looks terribly out of place"
Toth: "It's all very interesting, really."
Veracruz: "Mostly like toys made out of office supplies, pretty unearthly"
Mana: "I see."
Mana: "…In a fun way, or in a horror movie way?"
Theodore: "What kind of offices do you go to where there's A) teddy bears laying around and B) teddy bears with razor sharp claws?"
Veracruz: "Mix"
Toth: "Eeh… latter."
Mana: "Horror movie way."
Veracruz: "Well, guess my sense of humor is a little skewed I guess"
Toth: "Lumbering specters, tittering spiders…"
Toth: "Nara's got it together, aside from the bright yellow outfit."
Mana: "If you know her name… then she's a Justification?"
Toth: "Yellow-orange? Honestly the light makes it shift."
Toth: "Yes she is."
Mana: "We're diplomats, so our shells are designed to look like we belong."
Veracruz: "She definitely has the most terrible sense of fashion and is certainly lacking in the skill to look like she belongs. Buuut… That's neither here nor there"
Toth: "Well, lots of people look strange in Titania, I suppose, to a sea of bare humans…"
Toth: "So I'd say she fits in…"
Theodore: "Naw she doesn't look any weirder than half the people in Titania."
Veracruz: "Well, definitely no weirder than the Goblin King, I guess"
Veracruz: "Just ugly- But hey, we're going way off-topic here!"
Toth: "I think the word for him is -flamboyant- er, yes…"
Toth: "The culture and workings are so interesting, though."
Toth: "Well, the story is also tragic…"
Toth: "…which kind of puts it at odds with something something The Goddess something tragedy something prophecy."
Theodore tilts his head towards Toth.
Toth nods to Shaw. "You have a take on the Mana Goddess?"
Mana: "I'm not religious, despite where I work."
Mana: "I suppose the official stance is that she's our patron, and our technology is her gift of creation."
Veracruz: "Hrm… Interesting"
Toth: "Any stance is fine, just trying to get a bearing on a different viewpoint."
Veracruz: "Yeah doesn't take being religious to know some religious mythos? But still, that is pretty interesting"
Mana: "I suppose the more liberal theologians consider the Goddess to be more of a force-of-impetus than something who desires certain ends."
Mana: "Our development of Atelier technology was considered to be a second Tower of Babel, which we proved ourselves to be unworthy of, which led to the destruction of our home planet."
Vladislav: "The Tower of Babel was your doing, then?"
Mana: "Incapable of deciphering the Goddess' plan in a world of discord, the Angels ran wild and created huge monsters, foul poisons, and kingdoms of ice which devoured the world."
Veracruz: "Sounds to me more like a bunch of idiots being careless and disregarding those around them"
Mana: "I think so, too."
Toth: "Pure hearts…"
Mana: "Anyway, yeah, the Tower of Babel story."
Mana: "All the people of the world came together to build a giant edifice which would grant them power to reshape the world."
Mana: "So the Goddess smashed the one true tongue into pieces, so that no one could speak it, and the people could never unite."
Mana: "Still, that was millenia ago. Most stories were understood in a religious or mythic context in that point in time."
Mana: "A devastating flood to one region is said to have devoured the world, for example."
Toth: "I'm assuming it got better."
Veracruz: "That sounds more like a poetization of some true story, truth to be told. Some grasping epic explanation as to why people can't understand eachother or something"
Mana: Shaw nods.
Mana: "However, that planet is lost to us now. We'll never dig it up now."
Veracruz: "Who knows. Enough will can make the impossible true, even if it takes eons and worlds"
Mana: "You're right. I'll be careful with the word " never ", then."
Veracruz: "Just need to remember that desire, and someday it may happen. Of course, wether it may happen within one's lifetime is… Debatable…"
Vladislav: "Was that everything you needed, Mr. Toth? As much as I love to dwell on history I doubt it holds much relevance to our current endeavors."
Veracruz: "(Still wish there was a way to-)"
Toth: "Do Pure Hearts even age…?"
Mana: "They do not."
Veracruz: "Don't I know that"
Toth arches his eyebrows. "Well, that's a new feeling. Sometimes 'immortal' doesn't really hit you all at once."
Vladislav: "How they wake up is how they will always look. So someone short and childish will always be a child while someone in their prime will always be in their prime."
Veracruz: "Man, i'm sorry for you, Vlad"
Vladislav narrows his brow at Veracruz.
Toth looks at Vlad. "Yes, yes, I suppose we should get on with it. I'll figure out a way to have tea here in a less busy timeframe."
Veracruz chuckles
Mana: "Actually, my friend." Shaw lifts his glasses slightly at Vladislav. "That's not quite true."
Mana: "Pure Hearts can change, but they must change themselves."
Mana: "Angels are known to take many forms, you know."
Vladislav: "Through expenditure of kP correct?"
Mana: "I… haven't studied it. I'm just warned against it in my hunting manual, that's all."
Vladislav: "Given that we know this however… how can a Pure Heart have parents?"
Toth: "They have that in the cafes, too?"
Mana: "Sorry, it's classified."
Toth chuckles.
Veracruz: "Same way a Pure Heart can anything else, I presume"
Alexander: "We weren't Pure Hearts until a few days ago, if you recall."
Vladislav: "Can you say that for sure?"
Mana: "You can't, of course."
Mana: "There's no test for it."
Veracruz: "Well, Vlad, just think of it like this"
Theodore: "Sproutlings." Theodore shrugs.
Veracruz: "When we use an Artifact not only the future is made, so is the past"
Toth: "Sproutlings!"
Veracruz: "Likely a Pure Heart with family is akin to that
Vladislav: "For all we know the world could have been created around us and the sproutlings greeted us to this world with a set of memories of the past."
Toth: "Any sproutlings about?"
Vladislav: "We have nothing to disprove it."
Mana: "We've heard of them, but our Pure Hearts generally don't meet such creatures."
Mana: "We think it's regional."
Aurora: "Huh, they're missing out, then."
Veracruz: "Definitely amusing little things"
Theodore scratches at the back of his head.
Mana: "It's a cute name."
Vladislav: "They exist based on areas not existing and mana levels. As more areas are created with AF they disappear as the void is filled."
Vladislav: "It's a strange phenomemom."
Toth: "I'm surprised more aren't around here in the Pure Land…"
Veracruz: "Probably because there is no Mana to begin with"
Mana: "That's not inconsistent. Our world was fully charted long before any Angels appeared."
Veracruz: "I think sproutlings are like placeholders for places"
Mana: "We don't have " voids ". Dealing with them is a big engineering problem."
Toth: "Well, there's blockages of Mana in Titania, so…"
Mana: "I see."
Mana: "We don't have many moves from our position, but I appreciate hearing of things going on elsewhere."
Mana: "Anything we can do to further our knowledge of the universe we live in gives us hope."
Vladislav glances at Toth with a questioning expression. He presses his fingers together like you would a syringe.
Veracruz: "Well, if I discover something new, then, I may well come share"
Toth nods along. "In any case, we must be going. We seem to be holding up the journey group, haha."
Theodore: "Eh, we got all night."
Theodore: "It's only sunset."
Mana: Shaw stands up. "Thanks for having us!" He says, leading the party back out -
Veracruz chuckles "I don't have any particular plans, but Vlad does. Mayhaps we can come back here after that is dealth with and before suicide"
Mana: All the way to the airlock.
Veracruz blinks "… That felt weird saying"
Toth: "Ah, one last thing." He holds up his needle. "This anything special?"
Theodore: "I don't think we really expect to survive the journey to the tree, much less back."
Mana: "It could be, but it's not our kind of special."
Toth: "I like that answer." He pockets it.
Veracruz chuckles
Mana: "Anyway, enjoy your trip to the Pure Land."
Mana: "…Travelling by death recall. You get used to it, I suppose."
Theodore: "Wouldn't want to make a habit of it, really."
Veracruz: "Trying not to, it's annoying, and sincerely painful"
Mana: The airlock opens for you.
Veracruz heads on out "That was pretty interesting"
Toth carefully exists.
[OOC] Toth: exits.
Veracruz: "Whenever I speak to them I feel sadder and sadder about the workings of fate"
[OOC] Veracruz: You certainly exist very carelessly
Theodore heads on out, and once through, rifles through Veracruz' pockets until he finds the disc. "You're going to forget you have this, anyways."
Veracruz: "I definitely am"
Toth: "A careless courier?"
Mana: The Pure Land.
Theodore: "No delivery address."
Vladislav: "Be wary of the Silktails." He makes his way back to the fork and towards the village.
Mana: You mean like, those three silktails, in that clearing, ahead?
Theodore: "So if Millions is ten, and we assume your secret admirer is eleven… Who's twelve?"
Veracruz: "No I actually jot down all my delivery targets as well as inventory on this sheet here" he shows a sheet of laminated paper to Toth, it's listed numbers and words, it's a bit hard to read but it's mostly what he is carrying on himself right now, as well as notes on his various abilities
Toth: "Silktails!"
Mana: They're like pink rabites.
Mana: In fact, they're exactly like pink rabites.
Veracruz: "But I wouldn't want to leave Theo sad"
Veracruz: "(Plus i'm not really ALWAYS around just most of the time)"
Veracruz looks at the Silktails ahead "Those are the things?"
Vladislav: "They're a lot sturdier than a Rabite."
Theodore: "Yup."
Toth: "You all died to these?"
Theodore: "There was like six of them."
Veracruz: "I also think they died on purpose"
Alexander: "They're a lot more vicious than normal Rabites."
Alexander: "Also, no Mana here, so no weaknesses to exploit, either."
Toth: "I'm just saying I would never admit that."
Theodore: "Even if you had no MP?"
Mana: Anyway, they're hopping about.
Mana: One of them is eating a flower.
Mana: The gate to the village Northhill is just beyond them, up a little incline.
Aurora: "Well, we tried to take out as many as we could before dying, basically."
Toth: "So we have to go through them first, right?"
Vladislav: "There was six of them and four of us."
Toth: "To get to the village?"
Veracruz: "Let's"
Vladislav: "We took out three before going down."
Veracruz: "Stop beating around the bush"
Theodore steps forward to trigger the encounter!
Mana: Battle order: Pink Rabite B [F]:0 Vladislav [F]:1 Pink Rabite A [F]:1 Alexander [F]:2 Pink Rabite C [F]:2 Veracruz [F]:3 Toth [B]:4 Theodore [B]:5 Aurora [F]:6
Mana: Status for Pink Rabite A [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Pink Rabite B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Pink Rabite C [F] : [==========]
Alexander: "There was 5 and we only took out 2."
Theodore: "(They move in time with us.)"
Veracruz spins his knives, readying his battle stance
Mana: The Pink Rabite bites Veracruz!
Veracruz: "Hrm… Don't quite think- Wahoa!"
Veracruz: (Mana - 1d100) 91
Mana: But misses!
Mana: Vladislav!
Veracruz jumps to the side "It is REALLY impolite to interrut!"
Vladislav makes his way over to the Silktails before whacking A with his book. "Details, Alexander." [Attack - 31D]
Veracruz: (Vladislav - 1d100) 46
Toth: "Sometimes the devil is in them."
Veracruz: (Vladislav - d8+81) 88
Mana: It's a hit! [88]!
Vladislav makes his way back to the others, kicking a bush. A boxed spell with [??? - Heal] slides out.
Aurora: "Why, because Vladislav actually hit one?"
Mana: Silktail A bites Alexander!
Veracruz: (Mana - 1d100) 26
Theodore: "It has been known to happen on ocassion."
Veracruz: (Mana - d8+90) 91
Mana: Biting him for 91 physical damage!
Mana: Battle order: Alexander [F]:0 Silktail C [F]:0 Veracruz [F]:1 Toth [B]:2 Theodore [B]:3 Aurora [F]:4 Silktail B [F]:28 Silktail A [F]:29 Vladislav [F]:30
Mana: Status for Silktail A [F] : [======== ]
Mana: Status for Silktail B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Silktail C [F] : [==========]
Mana: Alex!
Alexander takes a punch at Silktail A. [30D]
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 39 ( Total: 39 )
Alexander rolled 1d100 and got 40 ( Total: 40 )
Alexander rolled d8+90 and got 4 ( Total: 94.0 )
[OOC] Mana: 94]!
[OOC] Alexander: HP: 409/425, MP: 425/425, SoS: 106 - Wait For It (5)
Mana: Silktail C performs a flying spin attack aimed for Alexander!
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 54 ( Total: 54 ) for C85
Mana rolled d8+112 and got 5 ( Total: 117.0 )
Mana: For 117 physical damage! It's dizzy! [+25% incoming damage]
[OOC] Alexander: HP: 292/425, MP: 425/425, SoS: 106 - Wait For It (5)
Mana: Battle order: Veracruz [F]:0 Toth [B]:1 Theodore [B]:2 Aurora [F]:3 Silktail B [F]:27 Silktail A [F]:28 Alexander [F]:29 Vladislav [F]:29 Silktail C [F]:29
Mana: Status for Silktail A [F] : [======= ]
Mana: Status for Silktail B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Silktail C [F] : [==========] Dizzy(1)
Veracruz looks at his hands, looks at the enemies, tosses both of his knives upwards, drawing a pair of paintbrushes dripping with dark ink. In a single swift motion, as his knives fall, he draws upon them the words "Fierce" and "Raging" while at the same time tossing the brushes upwards and grabbing his knives. He strikes them against eachother, setting them aflame while the paintbrushes
Mana: Veracruz!
Veracruz fall into his backpack [Flame Sheath, 42D]
Mana: Got it! Mr. Toth!
Toth draws his Statesman's Sword and plunges the tip into the ground. [CT 20]
[OOC] Veracruz: [SHP: 75] HP: 450/450, MP: 390/450, SoS: 112 - Fire Oath[36] (U)
Mana: Theodore!
Mana: Battle order: Theodore [B]:0 Aurora [F]:1 Toth [B]:19 Silktail B [F]:25 Silktail A [F]:26 Alexander [F]:27 Vladislav [F]:27 Silktail C [F]:27 Veracruz [F]:40
Theodore spins his staff around once before slamming it into the ground. [CT15]
Mana: Aurora!
Aurora slashes at C while it's dizzy! [Attack, 44D]
Aurora rolled 1d100 and got 34 ( Total: 34 ) for 90
Aurora rolled 1d10+120,125 and got 3 ( Total: 153.75 )
[OOC] Mana: 153]!
Mana: Battle order: Theodore [B]:0 Toth [B]:4 Silktail B [F]:10 Silktail A [F]:11 Alexander [F]:12 Vladislav [F]:12 Silktail C [F]:12 Veracruz [F]:25 Aurora [F]:30
Mana: Status for Silktail A [F] : [======= ]
Mana: Status for Silktail B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Silktail C [F] : [======= ] Dizzy(1)
Mana: Theodore!
Theodore gestures towards Alexander - a stream of water shoots up from beneather him and wraps around him. [Cure Water] [27D]
Theodore rolled d10+100 and got 9 ( Total: 109.0 ) for next attack deals =25% damage to you
Mana: Mr. Toth!
[OOC] Alexander: HP: 401/425, MP: 425/425, SoS: 106 - Wait For It (5),Cure Water (-)
Toth draws his sword from the ground, and gems burst forth, smashing into and exploding on the Silktails! [Gem Burst, 33D]
Mana: Three hits!
Toth rolled 1d10+150 and got 8 ( Total: 158.0 ) for magical gnome damage, any enemy that takes a melee weapon/aimed action until toths' next turn takes 90 gnome damage
Gems glitter on the surface of the ground.
[OOC] Mana: 158] [158] [158]!
Mana: Silktail C hits Vladislav with a Spin Attack!
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 85 ( Total: 85 ) for C85
Mana: B, I mean. B.
[OOC] Aurora: Is that melee? Because I think that just triggered the gems
Mana rolled d8+112 and got 8 ( Total: 120.0 ) for I mean, they look identical, so it's easy to mix them up
[OOC] Mana: it did yes
Mana: For 120 physical damage!
Mana: Gems burst up from the blue moss!
Vladislav scowls taking a step back.
[OOC] Mana: 90]!
Mana: Er, 112, actually.
Mana: (On the gem burst.)
[OOC] Toth: how dare you
[OOC] Mana: Oh, sorry. Go for it!
[OOC] Toth: actually I'm not sure what's going on
Mana: Silktail B hit Vladislav with a Spin Attack, triggering Gem Burst. And then it took bonus damage, because it was dizzy at the time.
[OOC] Alexander: the 90 got +25% due to Spin Attack's recoil effect
[OOC] Veracruz: They Advance, +25%
[OOC] Toth: ahh
[OOC] Toth: okay
[OOC] Toth: yeah good okay I like it
Mana: Silktail A bites Vladislav!
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 29 ( Total: 29 )
Mana rolled d8+90 and got 6 ( Total: 96.0 )
Mana: For 96 physical damage!
Vladislav: "Truly?"
Theodore: "You *did* leave all that litter around where they hang out."
Mana: Battle order: Alexander [F]:0 Vladislav [F]:0 Silktail C [F]:0 Veracruz [F]:13 Theodore [B]:15 Aurora [F]:18 Toth [B]:25 Silktail B [F]:28 Silktail A [F]:29
Mana: Status for Silktail A [F] : [== ]
Mana: Status for Silktail B [F] : [===== ] Dizzy(1)
Mana: Status for Silktail C [F] : [==== ] Dizzy(1)
Mana: Alexander!
[OOC] Toth: gem burst on A too
[OOC] Mana: 90]! Alex!
Alexander winds up with an axe kick to Silktail C! [Slam Attack, 45D]
Alexander rolled 1d100 and got 1 ( Total: 1 )
Mana: Wham - it's a hit!
Alexander rolled d10+150,125% and got 2 ( Total: 190.0 )
Mana: Vladislav!
Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [F]:0 Silktail C [F]:0 Veracruz [F]:13 Theodore [B]:15 Aurora [F]:18 Toth [B]:25 Silktail B [F]:28 Silktail A [F]:29 Alexander [F]:45
Mana: Status for Silktail A [F] : [== ]
Mana: Status for Silktail B [F] : [===== ] Dizzy(1)
Mana: Status for Silktail C [F] : [= ] Dizzy(1)
[OOC] Alexander: HP: 401/425, MP: 395/425, SoS: 106 - Wait For It (4),Cure Water (-)
Vladislav begins to chant, a circle of blue circling around him. [CT 20]
Mana: Silktail C bites Aurora!
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 64 ( Total: 64 )
Mana rolled d8+90 and got 6 ( Total: 96.0 )
Mana: For 96 physical damage!
[OOC] Vladislav: Errgeageag 15 CT sorry
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 456/522, MP: 426/426, SoS: 130
Mana: Gems strike it for [90], and it explodes with a pop!
Veracruz: "Fact they hurt a lot and are pretty fast aside"
Veracruz: "They're not that hard"
Veracruz: "Given we're… Quite many right now with pretty up-to-date gear"
Toth: "Aside from all the bitings, yes."
Mana: Battle order: Veracruz [F]:0 Vladislav [F]:2 Theodore [B]:2 Aurora [F]:5 Toth [B]:12 Silktail B [F]:15 Silktail A [F]:16 Alexander [F]:32
Mana: Status for Silktail A [F] : [== ]
Mana: Status for Silktail B [F] : [===== ] Dizzy(1)
Mana: Veracruz!
Vladislav: "Leave B to me, Veracruz."
Vladislav: "I want to maximize my returns."
Veracruz nods at Vlad "Alright" he rushes towards Silktail A, delivers a low sweeping kick to send it airborne, just at height with his face, and brings both knives down on it, until he crushes it on the ground [Attack, 32D]
Veracruz rolled 1d100 and got 16 ( Total: 16 )
Veracruz rolled 1d8+72 and got 6 ( Total: 78 )
[OOC] Veracruz: +36 Salamander
Theodore: "I'll help ya out though."
[OOC] Veracruz: Hrm
[OOC] Veracruz: Hold on, let me Power Strike
Toth: "We'll all help you… Vladislav."
Mana: Too late! [78] [36] - it explodes!
Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [F]:0 Theodore [B]:0 Aurora [F]:3 Toth [B]:10 Silktail B [F]:13 Alexander [F]:30 Veracruz [F]:30
Mana: Status for Silktail B [F] : [===== ] Dizzy(1)
Mana: Theodore!
Mana: Vladislav!
Theodore dashes forward, popping the silktail into the air with his staff! [42D]
Vladislav: "Perhaps at a later time, Toth. For the purposes of this exercise I am using my robes temp reserves to cast a free drain spell which in turn will fully heal me from the two hits I took. Theodore, Chain bonus."
Theodore rolled 1d100 and got 2 ( Total: 2 ) for 80
Theodore rolled d10+96 and got 9 ( Total: 105 ) for chain bonus! hit it for +25%
Toth: "Oh, well, why didn't you say so."
Toth: "I was merely being silly."
Mana: Vladislav!
Vladislav then moves in with a spell, siphoning the Silktails energy. [Steal Light in the Eyes - 20D]
Vladislav rolled 3d10*1.75+100*1.75 and got 10, 3, 3 ( Total: 203.0 )
[OOC] Mana: 157] [+157 HP!
[OOC] Mana: Got 825 EXP. Got 165 Lucre. Got 6 AP.
Vladislav: "Excellent. The encounter served its purpose. With this level I can slot in an additional spell for the tree. Did you wish to check out the stall in the village for gear, Mr. Toth?"
Mana: The path over the sparkling river up to Northhill is clear.
Toth: "Yes, I'd like to pick up a staff, at the least."
Veracruz: "What're you planning on ding, Vlad?"
Vladislav glances at Veracruz. "My intentions were stated clearly. We're going to the Tree of Life."
Aurora: "And… that's just enough to let me learn Shoulder Guard, so I can switch to my new piece of Jewellery."
Veracruz: "Ah well, I guess i'll see when we get there"
Vladislav makes his way towards the village proper.
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 490/556, MP: 448/448, SoS: 139
Theodore: "Accessorizing is always fun."
Mana: Northhill. A quiet village, its houses carved out of enormous tree stumps.
Mana: Just outside the low stone fence that surrounds it, there's several broad circles of gravestones, stretching out from the village in all directions.
Mana: A little dog runs through the streets, and its owner follows casually after, heading down to the markets.
Toth: "Quiet."
Theodore: "Mostly."
Vladislav: "It's a small village."
Vladislav: "Don't be alarmed by their appearances."
Aurora tucks the Panda Amulet away before pulling out the Love in Solitaire and slipping the bangles on her left arm.
Mana: Underneath a little cloth canopy, a furred man with a long, canine snout - Zeifert, for those who remember him! - waves to you.
Veracruz takes a moment to take in the scenery
Mana: Little vegetable gardens, here and there.
Vladislav pauses. "Hrm. Nevermind, actually. It was going into the mana environment that caused that on the ship."
Mana: You can see some chickens kept in a yard that way, too!
Toth: "They'd have to be -pretty- weird."
Veracruz waves "Yes, Vlad"
Vladislav: "We had an escort accompany us." He explains.
Veracruz: "Hrm… Quiet little place… It'd be great to spend a day here"
Theodore waves back at the old guy.
Mana: He's whittling something with a weathered knife.
Toth waves at the person as he continues on.
Theodore: "No but seriously, who's number twelve, Vlad?"
Toth: "That's been bothering you, hasn't it?"
Vladislav makes his way to the small shop he bought his book from.
Theodore: "It does."
Vladislav: "If Yesketi and Millions are not with the Services, I am running under the assumption that we are still dealing with a mystery player."
Mana: There's a little weapon shop, with a wooden sword sign hanging outside on one of the old branches.
Vladislav: "As each ship is assigned a Pure Heart."
Theodore: "Oh."
Theodore: "Yeah okay, you just phrased it a little misleadingly. That works though."
Mana: A variety of simple, workmanlike things are display. [You can buy T2 weapons and armor here for 985 lucre apiece.]
Veracruz idily looks at the wares
Toth picks up a staff. "Quiet and simple."
Mana: "That'll be 985."
Toth hands over 985 Lucre.
Mana: The shopkeep takes it. "Watch out for monsters if you go on long walks."
Toth: "'s what the staff is for, yeah."
Toth packs it away, however.
Theodore: "Oh! While we're here, lemme see the card again Vlad."
Mana: "Mmhm. Take care now."
Vladislav: "As you can see, all their wares are white."
Mana: "Oh, you want to try that again?" He gets out the cardreader.
Vladislav hands the credit card to Theodore. "Three chances."
Theodore: "Yeah! I mean, we're here. Be silly not to try."
Vladislav: "That's all you've got."
Theodore: "Anyone got a sequence of four lucky numbers?" Theodore asks as he takes the card in hand.
Toth: "Try 0001."
Theodore swipes the card, enters the number.
Veracruz: "Oh, speaking of which. How much for chocolate?"
[OOC] Mana: Declined.
Vladislav: "Four zeroes. Zero has many meanings in the sciences as it cannot be measured. Similar to the Pure of Heart."
Veracruz: "And fairy walnuts if you have them"
Toth: "Had to try."
Veracruz: "(Am I at the right store for that?)"
Veracruz: "(Sorry if i'm not, new here)"
Theodore punches in 0000! "Well okay I can do 8008 another time."
Mana: "Oh, no, try across the path a little."
[OOC] Mana: Declined.
Vladislav: "They don't stock Fairy Walnuts here."
Vladislav: "Mana doesn't exist."
Veracruz nods "I'll be right there, folks" he nods at Vlad and goes over to the other stall. He wants to at least buy choclate, then!
Vladislav: "Their HP restoratives are cheaper than Titania's though."
Theodore: "Okay. Lets go with… seven seven seven seven." Theodore nods to himself as he enters the sequence.
[OOC] Mana: Declined.
Theodore hands the card back to Vladislav.
Mana: The little store across the way - Candy is 25 lucre. Cups of Wishes are 100.
Vladislav pockets the card again. "Better luck next time, Theodore."
Mana: Chocolate is 250.
Vladislav: "As you can see, Candy is half price and Chocolate 100 lucre cheaper. If you have any intention to buy restoratives in the near future I suggest doing so here."
Veracruz looks at it. He gets a chocolate, two cups of wishes and four candies, puts down 550 lucre :D
Vladislav: "It will save you money."
Toth: "I should have waited, yes."
Toth: "Ah well, I'll return someday."
[OOC] Mana: Accounts are settled.
Aurora will pick up 4 Candies and a Cup of Wishes there, putting down 200 lucre.
Toth: "Oh, why the hell not."
Veracruz: "Look I want to have some way of keeping you guys up when Theo ain't enough and my resources are dry"
Toth buys 9 candies and a Cup of wishes.
Veracruz: "I suspect we might need it very soon"
Toth: "So, which direction to the tree?"
Veracruz: "I'll leave that to Vlad, he's been here before"
Vladislav: "Towards the other end of town. You can see it in the distance if you look hard enough."
Veracruz: "I, sadly, had to cut my journey short"
Vladislav nods to the others making sure they are done before heading off.
Mana: Past the far gate of the town…
Mana: …You can, indeed, see the tree in the horizon.
Vladislav: "Seems like quite the walk."
Toth: "Seems quite non-beleagured from here."
Vladislav: "Not going to say hello to your friend before you die again, Aurora?"
Theodore: "I thought you were in a hurry."
Vladislav: "I am. I was mostly teasing."
Vladislav steps out of town and starts to make his way towards the tree.
Aurora: "I didn't want to make you guys wait, no. I don't think she'd be expecting me to here the very next night, anyway."
Toth chuckles and follows.
Veracruz shakes his ehad every so sligghtly, and goes along
Theodore sighs, following along.
Mana: A ways down the path…
Mana: There's an old cottage, overgrown with kudzu.
Mana: The girl from yesterday - Mirikelesia Nine - is returning with a full basket. She waves to the party.
Vladislav offers a nod in return. "Evening."
Theodore punches Vladislav in the arm. Then waves.
Toth: "Hello there."
Vladislav slowly turns his head scowling at Theodore.
Mana: She wears a long white robe, with long antlers - strangely tall, her skin marble-white.
Veracruz waves at Mirikelesia, someone he remembers!
Aurora smiles, waving back.
Mana: "Hello! You guys are… making for the Tree, right?"
Theodore: "Yup."
Vladislav: "That would be correct."
Vladislav: "Given that the elder warned of a monster infestation I'm not sure we'll be wanting a guide this time."
Veracruz: "Don't want to get you mixed up in our inevitable troubles"
Mana: "Yeah." She looks Aurora in the eye, before averting her gaze out into the woods.
Mana: "You guys… come back if you die, right?"
Vladislav: "Yeah."
Theodore: "We did last time."
Toth: "Not a scratch on us."
Mana: She smiles softly. "That's magicians for you, I guess!"
Alexander: "And with a good night's rest."
Toth: "That's the power of a pure heart."
Aurora nods. "We'll be fine, but thank you for the concern."
Mana: "Hm…"
Mana: "You should come back, after you're done!"
Toth: "(Assuming we don't lose…) Sure."
Mana: She looks down, then back up at the city, and, overall, not at you. A deep breath.
Mana: "Okay."
Mana: "…Um, good luck!"
Theodore: "Yup. See you later."
Mana: She heads back to the village.
Theodore resumes walking.
Vladislav never really stopped walking.
Veracruz chuckles "You too, in whatever you are tasked with. Until soon after" he waves and continus after Theo
Aurora waves again. "See you later!"
Theodore isn't a rude ass motherfucker, Vlad. Although he's not being espeically pleasent at the moment either.
Vladislav: "It occurs to me…"
Vladislav: "I have hung around you far too long Theodore if I can sense frustration without eyebrow facial cues."
Theodore: "I reckon someone hitting you works wonders for that, yeah."
Toth: "You two going to be okay over there?"
Mana: The long, winding trail…
Veracruz: "That's how they make out, don't worry"
Mana: …Eventually comes to an eerie spot, where the canopy is gently parted.
Mana: It's a huge clearing. The ground is bare of moss.
Veracruz looks upwards at… Well, it's defintely a reversed form of a sunbeam but something kin to that "Uhn… I wonder"
Veracruz: "Something might pop up just now"
Toth: "Something's cleared the area here, yeah."
Theodore: "Cruz…"
Vladislav: "I hope for our sake that doesn't happen. The tree is still a fair ways away."
Veracruz: "Yes?"
Theodore: "If you think that's what making out is like… you should probably hang out with Xsia more." A pause. "Or less."
Toth: "I doubt the Pure Land will make it -that- easy for us…"
Mana: There's a slither of thorned vines behind and in front of you as both trails are sealed off.
Veracruz: "No i'd definitely think making out involved blood if I hanged out with him more. I was just trying to make a joke, anyway"
Mana: The ground begins to rumble.
Vladislav: "Sealed arena clearing."
Toth: "Oh boy."
Vladislav: "Clever."
Veracruz nods to himself "This is definitely an arena, yeah"
Mana: A huge, scythed claw cuts its way up through the earth, and a gigantic, mantis-bladed ant, standing on its hind legs, roars its way up to the surface.
Theodore: "Huh."
Toth: "An ant… mantis?!"
Theodore: "Haven't seen one of those in forever."
Mana: The ground rumbles…
Veracruz: "That actually looks silly"
Veracruz: "I won't deny"
Mana: And another huge, scythed claw cuts its way to the surface.
Mana: A second one joins its kin, nodding seriously, and they brandish their blades!
Vladislav: "Didn't that cause a giant hole in the ground, Theodore?"
Alexander: "The claws don't look silly, though."
Theodore: "I thought you weren't familiar with my region?"
Mana: Battle order: Mantis Ant A [F]:0 Mantis Ant B [F]:0 Vladislav [B]:1 Veracruz [F]:2 Alexander [F]:4 Theodore [B]:5 Aurora [F]:7 Toth [F]:8
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant A [F] : [====================]
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant B [F] : [====================]
Vladislav strokes his chin before opening his book.
Theodore: "Although that's what they *do* so maybe you just know about the beast,"
Mana: Mantis Ant A rushes forward, slashing into Alexander with his scythed arms!
Theodore: "'made a big hole' isn't terribly specific come to think of it."
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 5 ( Total: 5 ) for C100-Evasion
Mana rolled 1d12+225 and got 12 ( Total: 237.0 )
Mana: Mantis Ant B picks up Theodore and bites on him!
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 69 ( Total: 69 ) for C70
Veracruz: "Skies above, that looked not just nasty, way worse"
Mana rolled 1d12*0.75+225*0.75 and got 10 ( Total: 176.25 )
Alexander stumbles from the wicked blow.
[OOC] Alexander: HP: 239/425, MP: 395/425, SoS: 106 - Wait For It (6)
Theodore: "Alright so - WOAH JEEZE!"
Mana: Inflicting 176 physical damage and Poison (4) He hurls him to the ground - Theodore's delayed! [+15D]
Toth: "Oh -that's- rude."
Vladislav: "Hence why I required your assistance, Mr. Toth."
Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [B]:0 Veracruz [F]:1 Alexander [F]:3 Aurora [F]:6 Toth [F]:7 Theodore [B]:19 Mantis Ant A [F]:29 Mantis Ant B [F]:34
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant A [F] : [====================]
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant B [F] : [====================]
Mana: Vladislav!
Theodore: "Anyway, *THIS* is why you were learning restore heart, Cruz!"
Vladislav moves in and whacks A with his book from the back row. "An analysis please, Alexander." [Attack - 31D]
Vladislav rolled 1d100 and got 83 ( Total: 83 )
[OOC] Vladislav: Nope
Mana: Mantis Ant B crouches low, hissing venom spittle here and there.
Mana: Veracruz!
Mana: Battle order: Veracruz [F]:0 Alexander [F]:2 Aurora [F]:5 Toth [F]:6 Theodore [B]:18 Mantis Ant A [F]:28 Vladislav [B]:30 Mantis Ant B [F]:33
Veracruz looks at Alexander, then at Theo, nods and starts charging up his spell [Restore Heart, CT15] "Yep, useful for this reason!"
Mana: Alexander!
Alexander takes a careful look at Mantis Ant A. [Analyze, 20D]
Veracruz: "I'll leave you to care for Alex, I got you"
Mana: Mantis Ant [Pure], Level 12 Tough Mini-Boss Insect. HP1568/1568, MP00/00. A terrifying insect with bladed arms, famed as the first trial of many great heroes. Slays trespassers with no remorse in a [Rapid Assault].
Mana: Battle order: Aurora [F]:0 Toth [F]:1 Veracruz [F]:10 Theodore [B]:13 Alexander [F]:17 Mantis Ant A [F]:23 Vladislav [B]:25 Mantis Ant B [F]:28
Mana: Aurora!
Toth: "Let's see if we can't at least get one down."
Alexander: "Big, bad insects that attack quickly. No magical energy."
Vladislav: "Their lack of properties is frustrating."
Alexander: "That's the Pure Land for you, apparently."
Aurora draws her sword, [Beckon]ing at Mantis Ant A. [36D]
Aurora rolled 1d100 and got 61 ( Total: 61 ) for 70 for Provoke (4)
Mana: Mantis Ant A stares at Aurora - Provoke (4)! Mr. Toth!
Toth points his sword at Mantis Ant A and tries to channel Undine mana… [CT 15]
Mana: Veracruz!
Veracruz closes his eyes as his knives glow reaches it's max. He strikes them against eachother and a sphere of white energy appears. He opens his eyes and spins around, batting the sphere at Theodore "Restore Heart!" [Restore Heart, 27D]
[OOC] Veracruz: [SHP: 75] HP: 475/475, MP: 355/475, SoS: 118
Mana: Battle order: Theodore [B]:0 Toth [F]:3 Alexander [F]:4 Mantis Ant A [F]:10 Vladislav [B]:12 Mantis Ant B [F]:15 Aurora [F]:23 Veracruz [F]:24
Mana: Theodore!
Theodore spins his staff around before slamming it into the ground. [CT20] [4/5th Def Factor]
Mana: Now, Mr. Toth!
Toth slashes in front of himself as a sphere of Undine energy gathers- it flies toward Mantis Ant A, stirking it and putting a plume underneath it… [Rip Tide, 28D]
Veracruz rolled 1d10+90 and got 6 ( Total: 96 )
Toth rolled 1d8+120 and got 4 ( Total: 124 ) for magical Undine damage, 30 undine damage each time for rip tide
[OOC] Toth: anytime it's targeted by one of us
Mana: Your gem's warm to the touch as the sucking plume of mud catches its leg for [124] damage! It struggles to cut itself free - Riptide!
Toth: "I see what you all mean about the jewelry…"
Mana: Battle order: Alexander [F]:0 Mantis Ant A [F]:6 Vladislav [B]:8 Mantis Ant B [F]:11 Theodore [B]:16 Aurora [F]:19 Veracruz [F]:20 Toth [F]:27
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant A [F] : [=================== ] Provoke(4) Riptide[30](U)
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant B [F] : [====================]
Mana: Alexander!
Alexander sets up another censer among the party, lighting the long wick before stepping away from it. [100-Year Tactic, goes off in 100D, 20D for Alex]
[OOC] Alexander: HP: 239/425, MP: 290/425, SoS: 106 - Wait For It (4)
Theodore: "Ah, yeah. We'll probably want that."
Mana: the Ant slashes into Aurora!
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 92 ( Total: 92 ) for C100-Evasion
Veracruz: "Sounds like a desirable thing, yes"
Mana rolled 1d12+225 and got 4 ( Total: 229.0 )
Mana: For 229 physical damage!
Theodore: "…How does a swing that wide hit?"
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 291/556, MP: 448/448, SoS: 139
Veracruz: "It covers a lot of terrain"
Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [B]:0 Mantis Ant B [F]:3 Theodore [B]:8 Aurora [F]:11 Alexander [F]:12 Veracruz [F]:12 Toth [F]:19 Mantis Ant A [F]:28 Contract [L]:92
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant A [F] : [=================== ] Provoke(3) Riptide[30](U)
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant B [F] : [====================]
Mana: Vladislav!
Vladislav begins to chant! [CT 20]
Mana: The other Ant jumps back and delivers a tremendous spinning slice, and a sliver of its blade peels off, flying through the air like a boomerang! [Flying Sickle]
Mana: It cuts through the front row!
Mana rolled 4d100 and got 14, 48, 4, 86 ( Total: 152 ) for 80-Evasion apiece, Aurora Alexander Veracruz Toth
Theodore: "Well," Theodore mumbles to Vladislav, "Good thing you stepped back, huh?"
Mana rolled 1d12+225 and got 2 ( Total: 227.0 )
Mana: Er, 227, I mean.
Veracruz blinks, as the blade flies past he's midair, the blade catches only his jacket that he's divested, although he still has a nasty cut "WHOA!"
[OOC] Aurora: HP:7 94/556, MP: 448/448, SoS: 139 - Deprotect (8)
Toth ducks.
Vladislav: "Not that it'll do much good. Both sides of the arena are sealed."
[OOC] Alexander: HP:4 12/425, MP: 290/425, SoS: 106 - Wait For It (4),Deprotect (8)
[OOC] Veracruz: HP: 323/475, MP: 355/475, SoS: 118
Mana: Battle order: Theodore [B]:0 Aurora [F]:3 Alexander [F]:4 Veracruz [F]:4 Toth [F]:11 Vladislav [B]:12 Mantis Ant A [F]:20 Mantis Ant B [F]:35 Contract [L]:84
Mana: Theodore!
Vladislav: "If you want me to get us out of here, speak the word."
Vladislav: "But tonight is at its close."
Theodore kicks his staff into the air, sending healing sparkles throughout the party. "Yeah I definitely can't kepe up with that yet." [Cure Light] [32D]
Alexander: "It was a scouting mission anyway."
Theodore rolled d8+80 and got 3 ( Total: 83 ) for lol
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 177/556, MP: 448/448, SoS: 139 - Deprotect (8)
Veracruz: "We can keep trying see if we can take one down? I don't think we've much time to do aught else"
Mana: Aurora!
Mana: Battle order: Aurora [F]:0 Alexander [F]:1 Veracruz [F]:1 Toth [F]:8 Vladislav [B]:9 Mantis Ant A [F]:17 Theodore [B]:29 Mantis Ant B [F]:32 Contract [L]:81
[OOC] Veracruz: HP: 406/475, MP: 355/475, SoS: 118 - Deprotect (8)
Theodore: "Anyway it's a good thing you preemptively rezed yourself, Alex, is all I'm saying."
Aurora …braces herself. [Steelguard, 44D]
Alexander: "I do try to be prepared."
Mana: Battle order: Alexander [F]:0 Veracruz [F]:0 Toth [F]:7 Vladislav [B]:8 Mantis Ant A [F]:16 Theodore [B]:28 Mantis Ant B [F]:31 Aurora [F]:43 Contract [L]:80
Mana: Alexander! Veracruz!
Alexander punches Mantis Ant A. [30D]
Alexander rolled 1d100 and got 73 ( Total: 73 )
Mana: Hit!
Veracruz continues to charge his heal! [CT 15]
Alexander rolled d8+90 and got 2 ( Total: 92 )
Mana: It stumbles in the mud, hissing as it yields ground. [92]!
Mana: And [30]!
Mana: Battle order: Toth [F]:0 Vladislav [B]:1 Veracruz [F]:8 Mantis Ant A [F]:9 Theodore [B]:21 Alexander [F]:23 Mantis Ant B [F]:24 Aurora [F]:36 Contract [L]:73
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant A [F] : [================= ] Provoke(3) Riptide[30](U)
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant B [F] : [====================]
Mana: Mr. Toth!
Toth strikes at Mantis Ant A! [Attack, 43D]
Toth rolled 1d100 and got 1 ( Total: 1 ) for 90
Toth rolled 1d10+120 and got 6 ( Total: 126 ) for +30 riptide
[OOC] Mana: 126] [30]!
Mana: Vladislav!
Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [B]:0 Veracruz [F]:7 Mantis Ant A [F]:8 Theodore [B]:20 Alexander [F]:22 Mantis Ant B [F]:23 Aurora [F]:35 Toth [F]:42 Contract [L]:72
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant A [F] : [=============== ] Provoke(3) Riptide[30](U)
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant B [F] : [====================]
Mana: Vladislav!
Vladislav gestures as multiple shards of ice rain down from the sky into Mantis Ant A. [Ice Needles - 20D]
Vladislav rolled 3d12+160 and got 12, 5, 10 ( Total: 187.0 ) for +Riptide?
[OOC] Mana: 187] [30]!
Mana: Battle order: Veracruz [F]:0 Mantis Ant A [F]:1 Vladislav [B]:13 Theodore [B]:13 Alexander [F]:15 Mantis Ant B [F]:16 Aurora [F]:28 Toth [F]:35 Contract [L]:65
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant A [F] : [============ ] Provoke(3) Riptide[30](U)
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant B [F] : [====================]
Mana: Veracruz, now!
Mana: The ant hisses at Vladislav as green blood pours out from its wounds.
[OOC] Veracruz: Quick HP call? Tempted to hit Theo but someone else may need more"
[OOC] Vladislav: HP: 448/448, MP: 496/502, SoS: 112
[OOC] Toth: HP: 525/525, MP: 269/558, SoS: 131
[OOC] Alexander: Theo or Aurora, don't worry about me >_>
[OOC] Alexander: I'll still die in one hit if you heal me
[OOC] Veracruz: Trying to decide between those two, yes!
[OOC] Theodore: HP: 502/502, MP: 487/502, SoS: 125
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 177/556, MP: 448/448, SoS: 139 - Deprotect (8)
Veracruz finishes charging! "Let's try to get one of those down, Restore Heart!" he direct this one at Aurora
Veracruz rolled 1d10+90 and got 8 ( Total: 98 ) for [27D]
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 275/556, MP: 448/448, SoS: 139 - Deprotect (8)
[OOC] Veracruz: HP: 406/475, MP: 295/475, SoS: 118 - Deprotect (8)
Mana: The Ant slashes into Aurora over and over - the first two blows get parried, but the third -
Mana rolled 1d12*1.25+225*1.25 and got 9 ( Total: 292.5 )
Mana: Hits home for a patently unfair 292 physical damage!
Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [B]:0 Theodore [B]:0 Alexander [F]:2 Mantis Ant B [F]:3 Veracruz [F]:14 Aurora [F]:15 Mantis Ant A [F]:18 Toth [F]:22 Contract [L]:52
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant A [F] : [============ ] Provoke(2) Riptide[30](U)
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant B [F] : [====================]
Mana: Vladislav! Theodore!
[OOC] Toth: shenanigans!
[OOC] Aurora: HP:7 118/556, MP: 448/448, SoS: 139 - Deprotect (7)
Theodore clasps his hands together, one of the glowing blue and the other glowing red. [CT15]
Mana: Vlad!
Vladislav chants, dropping a boxed spell into the field. "Preventive measures. If we eat another one of these we're done for." [Boxed Spell: Flying Sickle -> ??? - 20D]
Mana: Alexander!
Alexander strikes at Mantis Ant A with a wicked roundhouse kick! [Slam Attack, 45D]
Alexander rolled 1d100 and got 65 ( Total: 65 )
Mana: Wham! It's a hit!
Alexander rolled d10+150 and got 2 ( Total: 152.0 )
[OOC] Mana: 152] [30]!
[OOC] Alexander: HP:7 95/425, MP: 260/425, SoS: 106 - Wait For It (2),Deprotect (6)
Mana: Mantis Ant B picks up Mr. Toth and bites into him!
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 63 ( Total: 63 ) for C70
[OOC] Toth: shenanigans!!!
[OOC] Mana: are you calling shenanigans because I'm forgetting something, or~
[OOC] Toth: no I'm being a whiny bitch
Mana rolled 1d12+225 and got 8 ( Total: 233.0 ) for Just checking
[OOC] Toth: also all I had to do was up-arrow enter
Mana: Hitting Mr. Toth for 233 physical damage and Poison (4)! It tosses him to the ground - [+15D]!
Toth: "Yeowch! That burns…!"
Mana: Battle order: Veracruz [F]:0 Theodore [B]:1 Aurora [F]:1 Mantis Ant A [F]:4 Vladislav [B]:6 Toth [F]:8 Mantis Ant B [F]:24 Alexander [F]:33 Contract [L]:38
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant A [F] : [========== ] Provoke(2) Riptide[30](U)
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant B [F] : [====================]
Mana: Veracruz!
Veracruz readies up once again, blades paralel to eachother, glowing white [CT15]
Mana: Battle order: Theodore [B]:0 Aurora [F]:0 Mantis Ant A [F]:3 Vladislav [B]:5 Toth [F]:7 Veracruz [F]:14 Mantis Ant B [F]:23 Alexander [F]:32 Contract [L]:37
Mana: Theodore!
Mana: Aurora!
Mana: Oops Forgot to Send Mr. Toth To Next Week: Theodore [B]:0 Aurora [F]:0 Mantis Ant A [F]:3 Vladislav [B]:5 Veracruz [F]:14 Toth [F]:22 Mantis Ant B [F]:23 Alexander [F]:32 Contract [L]:37
Theodore: "O Great and Wonderous Salsa, Spirit of Salamder! Heed my cry for help, that I may yet protect my friends! Liquid Fire!" theodore gestures towards Aurora, and red water sweeped up fomr the ground to envelope her. [27D]
Theodore rolled d10+160 and got 1 ( Total: 161 ) for -25% to the next attack.
Theodore: "…Liquid Fire doesn't really sound like a healing spell though…"
Vladislav: "Not really."
Theodore scratches behind his head, shrugs.
Veracruz: "Well"
Aurora: "…No, it doesn't."
Veracruz: "There's a healing alchoolic drink they sell at festivals"
Veracruz: "Pretty potent"
Veracruz: "So it kinda fits the theme?"
Aurora keeps on bracing herself, though. [Steelguard, 44D]
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 279/556, MP: 448/448, SoS: 139 - Deprotect (6),-25% from next (U)
Mana: Like a falling star, Salamander descends with a crash onto the battlefield. [+161HP!]
Toth: "So you -can- sort of summon the spirits here…"
Vladislav: "I was curious myself."
Mana: The spirit dusts itself off, circling about Theodore's head. Red flowers bloom at his feet, spreading across the meadow.
Theodore: "Well, why wouldn't I be able to?" Theodore waves with a finger to the Salamander as it circles.
Veracruz: "Given there is no Mana in this land"
Mana: The Mantis Ant rears up to launch a [Flying Sickle] - Boxed Spell bursts open!
Toth: "Pure Land, it does funky things."
Theodore: "I brought my own MP!"
Vladislav rolled 1d100 and got 90 ( Total: 90 ) for Disappear 80 CoS
Toth: "But it's okay."
Mana: Mantis Ant A is sucked into another dimension - Disappear hits!
[OOC] Vladislav: It's 80 CoS
Mana: Oh wait I read it backwards.
[OOC] Vladislav: Your attack goes off
Mana rolled 2d100 and got 80, 43 ( Total: 123 ) for 80 to hit Theodore Vladislav
Mana rolled 1d12+225 and got 11 ( Total: 236.0 )
[OOC] Veracruz: Oh god back row
Mana: Dealing 236 physical damage to the both of you and Deprotect (8)!
Theodore: "Ow."
Veracruz looks as the thing arcs all the way back "Theo i'm tagging you with this one"
[OOC] Theodore: ranged?
[OOC] Mana: Yup!
[OOC] Aurora: Uh, A's provoked, isn't it?
Mana: You're right!! So, uh, I guess dealing 236*1.25 damage to… just Aurora… because it used a scythe attack… that nevertheless popped open the box…
Mana: Because it said "Flying Sickle" while doing it.
Mana: Actually, just 236, because of Liquid Fire.
[OOC] Aurora: Yep.
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 156/556, MP: 448/448, SoS: 139 - Deprotect (6)
Mana: …
Mana: Anyway…
Theodore: "Clever!"
Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [B]:0 Veracruz [F]:9 Toth [F]:17 Mantis Ant B [F]:18 Theodore [B]:22 Alexander [F]:27 Contract [L]:32 Mantis Ant A [F]:38 Aurora [F]:39
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant A [F] : [========== ] Provoke(2) Riptide[30](U)
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant B [F] : [====================]
Theodore: "Don't know if it'll be able to make its voice do that again though."
Mana: Vlad!
Vladislav frowns before dropping another box down. [Flying Sickle -> ??? - 20D]
Mana: Veracruz!
Mana: Oh, and it took [30], because it got targeted by Disappear.
Theodore: "Do you mark them as ??? so we can all laugh the one time a box pops open and isn't dissapear?"
Vladislav: "Yes."
Vladislav: "It will lull them into a false sense of security."
Theodore nods.
Veracruz directs the sphere at Aurora "Go now, Restore Heart!" [Restore Heart, 27D]
Veracruz rolled 1d10+90 and got 1 ( Total: 91 )
Mana: Mr. Toth!
Toth slashes at Mantis Ant A! [Attack, 43D]
Toth rolled 1d100 and got 21 ( Total: 21 ) for 90
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 247/556, MP: 448/448, SoS: 139 - Deprotect (6)
Toth rolled 1d10+120 and got 4 ( Total: 124 ) for +30 riptide
[OOC] Mana: 124] [30]!
Mana: Mantis Ant B delivers a [Flying Sickle] to the front row!
Mana: Boxed Spell bursts open!
Vladislav rolled 1d100 and got 25 ( Total: 25 ) for 80 CoS Disappear
Vladislav rolled 3d12+120 and got 1, 2, 7 ( Total: 130.0 )
Mana: It vanishes with a pop - [130]!
Theodore: "You savin' your MP for something, Toth?"
Toth: "Well…"
Toth: "I -could- bring out the big one."
Toth: "But I also would like to -not- pop my jewelry."
Theodore shakes his wrist a bit. "It's just warm!"
Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [B]:0 Theodore [B]:2 Alexander [F]:7 Contract [L]:12 Veracruz [F]:16 Mantis Ant A [F]:18 Aurora [F]:19 Mantis Ant B [F]:38 Toth [F]:40
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant A [F] : [======== ] Provoke(2) Riptide[30](U)
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant B [F] : [================== ]
Mana: Vladislav!
Aurora: "Isn't that magic innate to you and not the jewellery, anyway?"
Toth: "That was my original understanding."
Veracruz: "Heavens please, just- Take it down already"
Toth: "So I'm more or less confused as to why the jewelry is reacting."
[OOC] Toth: HP: 250/525, MP: 269/558, SoS: 131 - Poison (3)
Vladislav begins to chant, a blue aura surrounding him. [CT 20]
Mana: Battle order: Theodore [B]:0 Alexander [F]:5 Contract [L]:10 Veracruz [F]:14 Mantis Ant A [F]:16 Aurora [F]:17 Vladislav [B]:18 Mantis Ant B [F]:36 Toth [F]:38
Mana: Theodore!
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 247/556, MP: 448/448, SoS: 139 - Deprotect (6)
Theodore lets out a breath and begins casting another spell! [CT15]
Alexander throws out a couple of stakes, one left, one right, which land in the middle of the clearing with a wire stretched between them. [Ambush Line, 20D]
[OOC] Alexander: HP:7 95/425, MP: 215/425, SoS: 106 - Wait For It (1),Deprotect (5)
Mana: 100-Year Tactic activates!
Theodore: "I'm surprised you didn't drop."
Alexander rolled d12+96 and got 9 ( Total: 105.0 )
The censer bursts open, a rejuvenating mist healing hte party for 105 HP!
Alexander: "As am I."
[OOC] Veracruz: HP: 475/475, MP: 235/475, SoS: 118 - Deprotect (7)
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 352/556, MP: 448/448, SoS: 139 - Deprotect (6)
Theodore: "Probably should set up another though."
Aurora: "I think that goes for all of us."
[OOC] Toth: HP: 355/525, MP: 269/558, SoS: 131 - Poison (3)
Mana: Battle order: Veracruz [F]:0 Theodore [B]:1 Mantis Ant A [F]:2 Aurora [F]:3 Vladislav [B]:4 Alexander [F]:11 Mantis Ant B [F]:22 Toth [F]:24
Vladislav: "I think it'd be worthwhile to do so, yes."
Mana: Veracruz!
Alexander: "Honestly, I was already planning to."
Theodore: "Cool."
Veracruz ponders a little bit as the spell waits, then hurls it at Aurora "Need you up, ma'am. Restore Heart!" [Restore Heart, 27D]
Veracruz rolled 1d10+90 and got 8 ( Total: 98 )
[OOC] Veracruz: HP: 475/475, MP: 175/475, SoS: 118 - Deprotect (6)
Mana: Theodore!
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 450/556, MP: 448/448, SoS: 139 - Deprotect (6)
Theodore *had* been staring at Aurora pretty intently, but glances at Cruz for a second before shrugging and gesturing towards Alexander. Water burst up form the ground and surround him a moment later. [27D] [Cure Water]
Theodore rolled d10+100 and got 5 ( Total: 105 ) for 25% to the next hit
Mana: Salamander looks at Theodore for a moment and departs off into the sky.
[OOC] Alexander: HP: 305/425, MP: 215/425, SoS: 106 - Wait For It (1),Deprotect (5),Cure Water (-)
Theodore: "I'll probably call you back for the next one!"
Mana: the Ant sends a terrifying [Flying Sickle] slicing through the front row!
Mana rolled 4d100 and got 35, 39, 40, 89 ( Total: 203 ) for Aurora Alexander Toth Veracruz
Mana rolled 1d12+225 and got 8 ( Total: 233.0 )
Mana: Hitting for 233 physical damage and Deprotect (8) - that's 291 to deprotected but not Cure Water'd.
Veracruz stares intently at the sickle, backflips landing on it for just a split-second before jumping up again, dodging "Alright!"
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 346/556, MP: 448/448, SoS: 139 - Deprotect (6)
Theodore: "That was kind of impressive."
[OOC] Toth: HP: 142/525, MP: 269/558, SoS: 131 - Poison (3),Deprotect (8)
Mana: Battle order: Aurora [F]:0 Vladislav [B]:1 Alexander [F]:8 Mantis Ant B [F]:19 Toth [F]:21 Veracruz [F]:24 Theodore [B]:25 Mantis Ant A [F]:39
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant A [F] : [======== ] Provoke(1) Riptide[30](U)
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant B [F] : [================== ]
Mana: Aurora!
Aurora jabs a few feints at Mantis Ant B, trying to draw its attention! [Beckon, 36D]
Aurora rolled 1d100 and got 41 ( Total: 41 ) for 70 for Provoke (4)
Vladislav: "Toth. I think this battle would be much more sustainable if we gibbed one now and slowed our roll after. Thoughts?"
Toth: "Agreed."
Mana: It turns its attention!
Toth: "Though I'm amused to hear -you- use, 'slowed our roll.'"
Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [B]:0 Alexander [F]:7 Mantis Ant B [F]:18 Toth [F]:20 Veracruz [F]:23 Theodore [B]:24 Aurora [F]:35 Mantis Ant A [F]:38
Mana: Vladislav!
Theodore squints at Mantis A. "Can you really call it gibbing when it's at around half and we've been at this for over a hudrand STCs?"
Vladislav: "I blame any bad habits I pick up on the lot of you." He gestures as shards of ice rain down on mantis A. [Ice Needles - 20D]
Vladislav rolled 3d12+160 and got 10, 1, 7 ( Total: 178.0 )
[OOC] Mana: 178] [30]!
Theodore: "It's okay, you pretend to be me, I'll pretend to be you."
Veracruz: "We do want to gib it, not saying we will do it anytime near fast"
Aurora: "…STCs?"
Mana: Battle order: Alexander [F]:0 Mantis Ant B [F]:11 Vladislav [B]:13 Toth [F]:13 Veracruz [F]:16 Theodore [B]:17 Aurora [F]:28 Mantis Ant A [F]:31
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant A [F] : [===== ] Provoke(1) Riptide[30](U)
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant B [F] : [================== ] Provoke(4)
Mana: Alexander!
Alexander sets up another censer. [100-Year Tactic, goes off in 100D, 20D for Alex]
Veracruz: "Was giong to ask that"
[OOC] Alexander: HP:7 72/425, MP: 110/425, SoS: 106 - Wait For It (0),Deprotect (7)
Theodore: "Spell tick counts! You know."
Theodore: "It's a measure of time they use to explain how long you need to spend casting a spell."
Vladislav: "Making up terms is another privledge of a Pure Heart, after all."
Mana: Mantis Ant B slashes into Aurora!
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 64 ( Total: 64 )
Theodore: "It's a real term!"
Aurora: "Oh, I see. Not that I have any CTs yet."
Mana rolled 1d12*1.25+225*1.25 and got 8 ( Total: 291.25 )
Toth: "Did you know… that pure hearts can create whole new words?"
Mana: For 291 physical damage!
[OOC] Aurora: HP:7 85/556, MP: 448/448, SoS: 139 - Deprotect (6)
Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [B]:0 Toth [F]:0 Veracruz [F]:3 Theodore [B]:4 Alexander [F]:7 Aurora [F]:15 Mantis Ant A [F]:18 Mantis Ant B [F]:28 Contract [L]:87
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant A [F] : [===== ] Provoke(1) Riptide[30](U)
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant B [F] : [================== ] Provoke(3)
Vladislav: "I think your sproutling was drunk and slurred the last bit, Mr. Toth."
Mana: Vlad! Mr. Toth!
Aurora: "Yes, Toth. I think all of us do by now."
Vladislav begins to chant again, static hovering around him. [CT 15]
Veracruz: "Theo, important question. I got two more heals in me, want me to focus that on someone? I also got a really big hit after I charged it with my spells, my blades are calling for action, but it could use a couple more charges"
Mana: Mr. Toth!
Theodore: "Give Aurora a bite to eat. But don't be weird about it. Probably one of the chocolates."
Veracruz: "Alright"
Theodore: "Or, well."
Theodore: "Actually if she's planning on guarding a spell probably works."
Aurora: "I was going to, yes."
Toth grins at Vlad and Aurora, plants his feet, holds his sword up in a heroic pose, and Salamander energy begins to gather. [CT 15]
[OOC] Alexander: oh right uh B gets hit by Ambush Line
Alexander rolled d10+80 and got 4 ( Total: 84.0 ) for Delayed by 10
[OOC] Mana: 84]!
Mana: Battle order: Veracruz [F]:0 Theodore [B]:1 Alexander [F]:4 Vladislav [B]:12 Toth [F]:12 Aurora [F]:12 Mantis Ant A [F]:15 Mantis Ant B [F]:35 Contract [L]:84
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant A [F] : [===== ] Provoke(1) Riptide[30](U)
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant B [F] : [================= ] Provoke(3)
Mana: Veracruz!
Veracruz nods at Theo, and starts charging up yet another spell [CT15]
Mana: Theodore!
Theodore clasps his hands together, one glwoing blue and the other red. [CT15]
Mana: Alexander!
Alexander stomps the ground towards the Mantis Ants, and a shockwave of light rishes up and smashes into them! [Main Gun, 40D]
Alexander rolled 2d100 and got 2, 66 ( Total: 68 )
Alexander rolled d10+240 and got 10 ( Total: 250.0 ) for Wisp
Mana: Explodes through for [250] [250]!
Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [B]:0 Toth [F]:0 Aurora [F]:0 Veracruz [F]:3 Mantis Ant A [F]:3 Theodore [B]:4 Mantis Ant B [F]:23 Alexander [F]:32 Contract [L]:72
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant A [F] : [== ] Provoke(1) Riptide[30](U)
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant B [F] : [============== ] Provoke(3)
Mana: Vladislav! Mr. Toth!
Mana: Aurora!
Vladislav gestures to Toth. "After you."
Toth fires three bolts of fire at Mantis Ant A! [MB Firebolt, 28D]
Mana: It slams into them one after the other! Hit!
Toth rolled 1d12+270,125 and got 11 ( Total: 351.25 ) for staccato, OH YEAH YOU THOUGHT I WAS JUST PISSING AWAY TURNS ATTACKING DIDN'T YOU
[OOC] Mana: 351]! It explodes!
Mana: The Mantis Ant begins bleeding streaks of light, falling to his knees…
Mana: And detonates in a halo of glowing paticles!
Veracruz: "Alright one down!"
Vladislav shrugs before snapping his fingers at Mantis B instead, a vortex appearing behind them. [Disappear - 20D]
Vladislav rolled 1d100 and got 5 ( Total: 5 )
Vladislav rolled 3d12+120 and got 12, 1, 6 ( Total: 139.0 )
Mana: It blinks out of sight [139]! Aurora!
[OOC] Toth: peter add on another 10D to me
Aurora continues to [Steelguard] herself! [44D]
Veracruz takes a deep breath and tosses the white sphere at Aurora! [Restore Heart, 27D]
Veracruz rolled 1d10+90 and got 3 ( Total: 93 )
Mana: Battle order: Veracruz [F]:0 Theodore [B]:1 Vladislav [B]:17 Mantis Ant B [F]:20 Alexander [F]:29 Toth [F]:35 Aurora [F]:41 Contract [L]:69
Mana: Veracruz!
[OOC] Veracruz: pre-empted you
Mana: Theodore!
[OOC] Veracruz: HP: 475/475, MP: 115/475, SoS: 118 - Deprotect (5)
[OOC] Alexander: HP:7 72/425, MP: 20/425, SoS: 106 - Deprotect (6)
[OOC] Toth: HP: 114/525, MP: 189/558, SoS: 131 - Poison (2),Deprotect (7)
[OOC] Veracruz: Hrm… Dammit if I knew Toth was about to implode there
[OOC] Veracruz: Given Aurora has Provoke running, so
Theodore: "O Great and… you know, how formal do I really need to be to invoke Sasla? You figure it works if I just go " Hey Salsa, help me out! " or " This amazing spell brought to you in part by Salamander "?" Theodore tilts his head to the side while gesturing towards Aurora, red water bursting up from under her and enveloping her. [Liquid Fire] [27D]
Theodore rolled d10+160 and got 3 ( Total: 163.0 ) for -25% to next hit
Mana: Salamander falls to the battlefield anew, ripping a groove through the earth. "Hey, go big or go home, right?" [+163 HP]
[OOC] Reinhart: HP: 248/556, MP: 448/448, SoS: 139 - Deprotect (4)
Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [B]:0 Mantis Ant B [F]:3 Veracruz [F]:10 Theodore [B]:11 Alexander [F]:12 Toth [F]:18 Aurora [F]:24 Contract [L]:52
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant B [F] : [============ ] Provoke(3)
Mana: Vladislav!
Vladislav moves in and whacks the Mantis with his book. Just because. [Attack - 31D]
Vladislav rolled 1d100 and got 17 ( Total: 17 )
Vladislav rolled d8*.75+81*.75 and got 7 ( Total: 66.0 )
[OOC] Mana: 66]!
Theodore: "You go in for all that silly pomp and circumstance stuff?"
Mana: "Clear-ly. I'm a spirit, after all!"
Theodore: "Some are more laid back! But I'll keep it in mind."
Mana: Mantis Ant B sends a [Flying Sickle] carving through the front row!
Mana rolled 4d100 and got 7, 23, 8, 41 ( Total: 79 ) for 80 apiece, Alex Cruz Toth Aurora
Mana rolled 1d12+225 and got 4 ( Total: 229.0 )
[OOC] Alexander: HP:4 0/425, MP: 20/425, SoS: 106
Theodore: "Sorry Toth, but you'll be up in fourty nine STC at the latest!"
Alexander drops.
Mana: Hitting for 229 physical damage, or 286 physical damage vs. Deprotect!
Toth: "I'm so.. comforted…"
Veracruz tumbles over as it not just slices him but throws him down
[OOC] Toth: HP: 0/525, MP: 189/558, SoS: 131
[OOC] Veracruz: HP: 189/475, MP: 115/475, SoS: 118 - Deprotect (5)
Vladislav stares at Theodore for a minute. "Just… stop."
Mana: Battle order: Veracruz [F]:0 Theodore [B]:1 Alexander [F]:2 Toth [F]:8 Aurora [F]:14 Vladislav [B]:21 Mantis Ant B [F]:33 Contract [L]:42
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant B [F] : [============ ] Provoke(2)
[OOC] Reinhart: HP:7 129/556, MP: 448/448, SoS: 139 - Deprotect (4)
Theodore: "What?"
Mana: Vracruz!
Veracruz continues to take deep breaths "Okay, wanted to get this one more spell off. I won't get a moment to recover before the thing is at it again. Theo you going to heal Aurora, right?"
Veracruz nods to himself, and starts charging up his spell again [CT15] "Well, there goes nothing. You can keep her up regardless"
Theodore: "She's not as fun at parties as you are, but she's a lot cuter and also taking all the hits for me, so. Yeah."
Mana: Theodore!
Reinhart: "You had almost certainly better appreciate that, yes."
Veracruz stares at Aurora
Veracruz just stares at her
Theodore: "Your voice sounds a little weird. You okay?" [CT15]
Aurora: "Huh? I don't know what you're talking about."
Theodore: "Oh! Yeah it's back. *Much* better."
Mana: Battle order: Aurora [F]:0 Veracruz [F]:1 Theodore [B]:2 Vladislav [B]:7 Mantis Ant B [F]:19 Alexander [F]:28 Contract [L]:28 Toth [F]:34
Mana: Aurora!
Aurora maintains her defensive posture. [Steelguard, 44D]
[OOC] Aurora: HP:7 129/556, MP: 448/448, SoS: 139 - Deprotect (3)
Mana: Cruz!
Veracruz then instead of tossing the light sphere somewhere smashes it between his blades "This one is for myself, final charge goes, Restore Heart!" [Restore Heart, 27D]
Veracruz rolled 1d10+90 and got 8 ( Total: 98 )
[OOC] Veracruz: HP: 287/475, MP: 115/475, SoS: 118 - Deprotect (4)
Mana: Theodore!
Theodore gestures towards Aurora, clear water bursting up from below to envelope her. [Cure Water] [27D]
[OOC] Veracruz: HP: 287/475, MP: 55/475, SoS: 118 - Deprotect (4)
[OOC] Veracruz: *ahem*
Theodore rolled d10+100 and got 5 ( Total: 105 ) for 025% to next hit
Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [B]:0 Mantis Ant B [F]:12 Alexander [F]:21 Veracruz [F]:21 Contract [L]:21 Theodore [B]:22 Toth [F]:27 Aurora [F]:37
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant B [F] : [============ ] Provoke(2)
Mana: Vladislav!
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 234/556, MP: 448/448, SoS: 139 - Deprotect (7)
Vladislav begins to chant, red energy circling around him. "Salamander, come over here for a second, yeah?" [CT 15]
Mana: Salamander whirls around Vladislav, and his left arm is bathed in flames. "I've been -waiting- for this."
Mana: Mantis Ant B picks up Aurora and bites deeply into her, shaking her this way and that!
Theodore: "Oh! You're not Salsa. She's right, you are hard to tell apart."
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 62 ( Total: 62 ) for C70
Mana rolled 1d12+225 and got 10 ( Total: 235.0 )
Mana: For 235 physical damage, Poison (4), and +15D as she's hurled back to the ground!
Aurora winces as she picks herself up off the ground. "…Ow."
Theodore: "Man."
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 152/556, MP: 448/448, SoS: 139 - Deprotect (7),Poison (4)
Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [B]:0 Alexander [F]:6 Veracruz [F]:6 Contract [L]:6 Theodore [B]:7 Toth [F]:12 Mantis Ant B [F]:32 Aurora [F]:37
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant B [F] : [============ ] Provoke(1)
Mana: Vladislav!
Theodore: "What do you figure the odds are that the Mantris knew Cruz just zeroed out and couldn't quick heal and poison clear at once?"
Vladislav: "Time for a home run." Vladislav grins as he swings his left arm back and then pitches Salamander into the Mantis Ant. It ricochets off of it and straight into Veracruz. [Fireball - 20D | Vlad is now W: Undine! Gigabrave(3) to Veracruz]
Vladislav rolled 3d12*1.25+120*1.25 and got 1, 4, 9 ( Total: 167.5 )
Mana: Salamander grins madly as she rips through the Ant for [167] damage - it's [Fire Punch!]
Mana: A circle of flames bursts around Cruz - it's Gigabrave (3)!
Alexander rolled d12+96 and got 12 ( Total: 108.0 )
This new censer opens up, spilling forth more rejuvenating energy across the party for 108 HP. Toth and Alexander gain Brave (4) and Protect (4)!
Toth kip ups from the ground!
Mana: Alexander! Veracruz!
Veracruz takes a deep breath, spins his knives around as they glow brighter and brigther a deep white "Here it goes" he grins as he's set by a burning aura. He runs right ahead and past the Mantis Ant, he delivers a pass-by slash leaving a trail of white light, he flips to the side and repeats it again, and again, and again and one last time, forming the image of a five-pointed star.
Veracruz He jumps upwards, both knives at the ready- Suddenly he tosses them both down, they hit the ground with a clink [Mystic Invasion, 32D]
Veracruz rolled 1d100 and got 7 ( Total: 7 )
Mana: It's a hit!
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 260/556, MP: 448/448, SoS: 139 - Deprotect (7),Poison (4)
Mana: The trails of light shudder…
Veracruz vanishes, suddenly a surge of light from within the beast and the sound of crashing glass as he reappears [Power Strike]
Veracruz rolled 1d8+150,200 and got 1 ( Total: 302.0 )
[OOC] Veracruz: Oops, +152 so +4 damage to that
[OOC] Mana: 306!!
Toth: "Hey! Great hit!"
Alexander kicks the Mantis Ant! [40D]
Alexander rolled 1d100 and got 28 ( Total: 28 )
Mana: It's a hit!
Veracruz returns to position, blades still singing from the strike "Hah! Love it!"
Alexander rolled d10+120,125% and got 1 ( Total: 151.25 )
[OOC] Alexander: HP: 108/425, MP: 20/425, SoS: 106 - Brave (3),Protect (3)
[OOC] Mana: 151]!
Mana: Battle order: Theodore [B]:0 Toth [F]:5 Vladislav [B]:13 Mantis Ant B [F]:25 Aurora [F]:30 Veracruz [F]:31 Alexander [F]:39
Mana: Status for Mantis Ant B [F] : [==== ] Provoke(1)
Mana: Theodore!
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 260/556, MP: 448/448, SoS: 139 - Deprotect (7),Poison (4)
Theodore lets out a breath and holds a hand out towards Aurora. [CT10]
Mana: Mr. Toth!
Theodore: "Good thing that poison hit pushed you back too."
Toth aims his sword at the Mantis Ant- it glows with Salamander mana! [CT 15]
Mana: Theodore, now!
Theodore snaps his fingers, and the imagne of a large medicine bottle appears above Aurora's head. IT hangs for a moment, then gentle bonks down on her. And the poison is gone! [Spell Medicine] [22D]
Mana: Vladislav!
Vladislav moves in and whacks the Mantis Ant with his book. [Attack - 31D]
Vladislav rolled 1d100 and got 51 ( Total: 51 )
Vladislav rolled d8+81 and got 1 ( Total: 82.0 )
Aurora: "Yes, it is kind of handy in a way that it did…"
[OOC] Mana: 82]!
Mana: Mr. Toth!
Vladislav: "I was going to make a comment about doing you a favor, Mr. Toth. Then I considered my options and decided to mention it after I hit."
Toth: "It's appreciated."
Toth releases the salamander mana, three bolts of fire hurling into Mantis Ant B! [MB Firebolt, 38D]
Toth rolled 1d12+270 and got 5 ( Total: 275 )
[OOC] Mana: 275]!
Mana: It falls to one knee and explodes!
Mana: Way to go!!!
Theodore: "Well. That was exciting."
Veracruz takes deep braeths as he goes down to his knees
Veracruz: "Okay…"
Alexander takes a deep breath.
Toth is fistpumping through the sparkles!
Vladislav: "Only six more of these arena's before we reach the Tree of Life. Good job everyone."
Veracruz: "So we kind of not doing much more else fightwise today other than, maybe, fall over dead, I hope?"
Aurora: "…Six more?"
Vladislav: "No. I'm just screwing with you." He grins. "It's still a fair ways away though."
Veracruz: "Please not to be doing that, Vlad"
Veracruz: "Really, now"
[OOC] Mana: Got 2400 EXP. Got 480 Lucre. Got 30 AP.
Toth: "Vlad…"
Theodore: "I. Wouldn't be surprised though."
Toth removes his earrings.
Toth: "Would you like to wear these?"
[OOC] Toth: It's the Longedfor.
Mana: The vine barricades on either side of the arena recede.
Vladislav glances at Toth. "I wouldn't object."
Vladislav: "I'm already weak to most elements due to using Tuning with all my spells."
Toth shrugs.
[OOC] Alexander: [SHP: 75] HP: 133/450, MP: 45/450, SoS: 112 - Wait For It (6)
Vladislav: "I'd offer you something in return, but I already gave my Pyragite to Theodore."
Theodore: "Haha, Mr. Toth with Pyragite."
Alexander: "Are there any particular types of Gems you'd prefer, Mr. Toth?"
Vladislav: "Point taken." He chuckles taking the earrings from Toth.
Toth: "Lodestone. Calaverite."
Toth: "Maybe Casserite?"
Toth: "Anything without the myriad weaknesses of the Longedfor."
Aurora: "…Why do I get the feeling I'm going to be hoarding all of the Malachites by default?"
Alexander: "Shame, all I have is a Quicksilver."
Toth equips the Millenium Price.
Vladislav: "My Calaverite has little use to you. Just a simple Undine and Gnome spell."
Theodore: "Well, I could use some of them, Aurora."
Vladislav: "You have both elements."
Veracruz laughs, does a few quick punches. He tosses his Cassiterite to Toth "Want one with that big trick that powers off the spells I cast? Also some healing. Got the tricks I wanted out of it"
Veracruz: "Sadly not Mystic Invasion, much as I just loved that one last use of it. But i'm back to my good old Quicksilver now"
Toth: "To be fair, I didn't learn Aqua Surge off of the Longedfor."
Toth catches Cruz's Cass.
It's the Rosenghost
Toth: "I think I could do something with Mystic Invasion." He grins.
Mana: That black-wire collar that the Queen of the Dead gave you, with a piece of cassiterite in it.
Toth slips it on.
Vladislav pushes his way through the arena and out the other side. "Let us be on our way, then."
Veracruz nods at Vlad "Let's move"
Vladislav: "If we're lucky we might even reach the tree before we're harassed again."
Toth: "Off we go." He limps along.
[OOC] Toth: HP: 109/525, MP: 109/558, SoS: 131
Theodore: "I'd heal you back up now, but…"
Aurora: "I'm not sure how long we'd last if we do get attacked."
[OOC] Theodore: HP: 502/502, [TMP: 75] MP: 127/502, SoS: 125
Aurora: "…And I'm not sure I want to waste the candies."
Vladislav: "I'm kind of hoping we get attacked by something huge."
Vladislav: "I have an Evil Gate with Yesketi's name on it."
Vladislav chuckles. "Salamander district would be in for a surprise."
Theodore: "Yeah I'm *definitwly* not wasintg walnuts."
Toth: "You're practically salivating."
Mana: The trail onwards seems to wind without end.
Aurora blinks. "…That's mean. That's a lot of potential collateral damage, you realize?"
Theodore: "(Maybe one of the bone incense though.)"
Vladislav: "I'd love to find something huge. If she sics another dragon on me I'll just drop it into the field and we'd wave our imaginary dicks in front of each other on whose monster was bigger."
[OOC] Veracruz: [SHP: 75] HP: 395/475, MP: 55/475, SoS: 118
Toth: "Maybe 'salivating' wasn't the word…"
Theodore opens his mouth, glances at Vladislav, closes his mouth.
Aurora: "…I have no words."
Veracruz just stares at Vlad
Veracruz: "I see that…"
Alexander: "Sometimes, it is better to say nothing."
Veracruz: "You appear to like her in some manner"
Veracruz: "In, perhaps, a figure of speech for the word 'like'"
Theodore stares at Vlad. "Gnome. GNOME?!?!"
Toth: "She is Luna-cute."
Vladislav laughs at Theodore. "I guess I took the wrong approach, huh?"
Alexander: "I'm pretty sure that he's just returning the grudge-favour."
Theodore: "How is that Gnome!"
Veracruz: "I'm not sure what that was"
Theodore: "That threat has so much collateral damage I don't even."
Veracruz: "What is the 'absolutely careless about everything' spirit? Because that was it, downright that"
Theodore: "Like, maybe if the grudge dragon was at one of us instead of you and you were getting excessive revenge for a friend…"
Vladislav: "You speak as if you know Gnome? Have you met one in Titania?"
Theodore: "Ya'll do stuff weird here if that was gnome, hahaha."
Theodore: "Nope."
Veracruz: "I'm- Wait, for real? That-"
Veracruz: "How- Theo i'm cofnused as well"
Mana: The trail opens up.
Mana: There's a lake ahead. The tree sits on it.
Veracruz looks at the tree on the lake
Mana: Vast lilypads and huge roots form a path forward over glittering water.
Theodore: "Anyway you gotta be a little more noble for luna, dude."
Mana: Its branches are vast and clogged with lichen.
Veracruz: "And on the note of confused, this certainly looks awfully close to what description i've heard of the Tree of Mana"
Theodore: "Not that you got the gem anymore, but like, as a reference."
Aurora: "Except there's no Mana here, Veracruz."
Veracruz: "Yes, that is part of my point"
Theodore approaches, poking the water with his staff to test the depth.
Toth goes ahead and wades right in, towards the tree.
Vladislav: "Given our venture here getting wet again isn't really an issue."
Mana: It's only about waist-deep.
Vladislav follows after Toth.
Aurora: "I think we're supposed to hop from the lilypads and roots to it?"
Toth: "We survived Mantis attacks, I'm not about to sweat a little water."
Veracruz jumps on a lilypad "Come on, Toth, take the atmosphere" he'll follow on the dry area
Theodore: "Well I mean if it's deep I'd feel a little bad not giving Aurora some forwarnign with that armor."
Toth: "Yeah…"
Toth hops up after Veracruz. You know that hop. The videogame hop.
Aurora will follow Veracruz on the dry path. Because, yes, armour.
Mana: The approach to the tree is long.
Mana: It gets colder, as you approach.
Theodore kneels down to take a sip of water! Then follows the others.
Alexander will hop along roots and lily pads for now.
Mana: It's sparkling and cool, Theodore.
Mana: +5 MP!
Theodore somehow feels like 5 is more of a let down than none! But he shakes that feeling away quickly, feeling grateful for anything he receives.
Mana: There are spots where thin plates of ice drift on a cool wind here and there, shining brilliantly in the light from the white moss.
Mana: Even here, there's life - a bit of snow falls away from a bloom of rosy lilies as you walk past the nook in the root where they grow.
Veracruz: "How interesting, everything's growing colder"
Theodore: "That is kinda weird…"
Veracruz: "This place…"
Veracruz: "It's… I must be wrong"
Veracruz: "But it is as if"
Veracruz: "Winter has already come for this place. And they took it and embraced it, and built life on it"
Veracruz: "What remains of a story in the memories of those who read it"
Theodore scratches behind his head.
Aurora tilts her head. "That… almost sounds plausible."
Mana: The thick moss from overhead reaches even this far down, and it parts easily to progress, crisp with frost and dew.
Toth: "It fits with the prophecy."
Mana: The moss underfoot glimmers with blue and flecks of red.
Mana: A hollow in the tree comes into sight, up ahead.
Veracruz crosses his arms for a moment, thinking, nothing comes up. He continues heading on up "Did you just want to see here, Vlad?"
Toth: "If we should meet a person, do not be surprised if they are the Winter Emperor."
Vladislav blinks a few times before shaking his head. He snaps out of a daze. "… sorry. What was that, Veracruz?"
Veracruz: "I was wondering if you simply wanted to see the tree"
Mana: A tortoise-shell pattern, the wavering reflection of the light, reflects warmly on each of your faces as you push closer and closer to the entryway.
Veracruz: "I'm… Curious, something looks definitely uncommon here"
Mana: Ivy hangs, too, its flowers blooming like cerulean lotuses.
Mana: Teeming with motes of light, the entrance to the Tree of Life is ahead.
Vladislav makes his way to the entrance with a scrunched up face.
Theodore: "Ooh, this is gunna be silly."
Theodore: "Yeah you'll *hate* it Vlad."
Veracruz: "This will, invariably, be extremely silly" he is still heading on ahead
Theodore smiles, mobing to head in.
Toth enters.
Mana: Inside…
Mana: A mossy flower-garden, bisected into three by a smoothly flowing river, which flows like a spring from deep within the root structure.
Mana: Etched into the inner bark, a staircase leads up the hollow.
Veracruz just whistles "I wonder what is this place, in reality"
Toth: "This isn't real?"
Toth calls out. "Hello?"
Mana: It echoes.
Theodore: "It's pretty."
Vladislav makes his way up the stairs. "Quiet, too."
Veracruz: "More like, I know it's a tree I just- Think it's more"
Mana: It seems for a moment like there was a rustling in the greenery overhead…
Toth follows Vlad.
Mana: …But it might have just been the wind.
Theodore reaches into Vladislav's pocket and takes his braclet back.
Aurora follows up the stairs. "Yes…"
Veracruz continues headong on upwards "This"
Mana: This flower garden is a balcony - its branches twisted outwards to form a canopy like a flower design.
Veracruz: "Is kind of creepy actually"
Mana: There's a low table on the floor, with three mats surrounding it, on the moss.
Toth: "Yes… there's far too much mana about."
Theodore: "Hey whoever's house we're intruding upon: first, sorry! We're just curious and the door was open. Second, Vladislav doesn't bite."
Vladislav: "Nobody is home. We would have been harassed by now if they were."
Aurora: "…Xsaiseta probably would if you asked him to, though. And if he was here."
Theodore: "Naw, they're probably scared."
Toth: "We -did- just sort of lumber on in."
Theodore: "I mean, we're probably really scary to people from here."
Toth sits on one of the mats.
Vladislav makes his way over to the table to see if anything is on it.
Veracruz looks at the table and the mats, approaching closer "I don't think it's a house so much as a camp"
Mana: A small tablecloth.
Mana: The wind howls. A shadow passes over the moon.
Vladislav chews at his lip before raising his hand. "Salamander! Can you tell me anything about this place?"
Toth: "Now, what was it you said about this place?"
Toth: "People can choose whether they want to live with or without Mana?"
Veracruz: "More or less what we've been told"
Vladislav: "That is correct."
Toth: "Hmm…"
Toth goes to stand on the balcony and look around.
Theodore: "I can't imagine she'd pop up without you casting a spell."
Vladislav: "Suboptimal."
Veracruz: "Uhn, take it I could weather a spell if you need to summon her that badly"
Mana: There's footsteps, on the stairs leading up here.
Mana: One by one.
Vladislav: "Not needed. We may have company."
Toth follows them.
Veracruz turns around to face the stair "Ah, seems like the residents?"
[OOC] Toth: or like, do we hear it
[OOC] Mana: You hear!
Theodore calls out towards the door. "We're still up here! Also don't mean any harm."
[OOC] Vladislav: We hear it they're coming up to us
[OOC] Toth: ah okay
[OOC] Mana: Sorry :3
Toth turns to look, adjusting his pocket rose.
[OOC] Theodore: er, stairs. Not door.
Mana: "You have company?" She laughs - a woman, dark-skinned, dressed in brilliant colors, her dark, curly hair wrapped in cloth.
Mana: She has ears like some sort of animal, golden-furred, though it's hard to tell from which one.
Veracruz: "Well, yes, as they say, two's company"
Mana: "Well, I guess you do, in a way."
Theodore: "We kinda let ourselves in,"
Veracruz: "Sorry for intruding"
Mana: "It's alright. Have a seat."
Mana: And she sits, crosslegged, by the table.
Toth sits.
Veracruz: "Uhn… You're colorful" he sits, respectly
Theodore plops down on the window sill. Table's a bit crowded.
Mana: She laughs. "I believe the polite term is " of color ", you."
Veracruz: "No I mean your clothes"
Theodore: "I think he ment the robes, actually."
Vladislav: "He means your clothes aren't white."
Theodore: "It's all white back in the village," Theodore says, gesturing towards most fo their armor.
Veracruz: "Quite unusual for a local, guess you're a traveller too?"
Mana: "Well, was a joke, really."
Mana: "Yeah, I'm a traveller."
Veracruz: "N-not like we can say much, we're all pretty color-" he looks at the team "Kind of colorful" he scratches behind his back
Mana: "I meet people in this place often, but…"
Veracruz: "Right, yeah, my sense of humor needs some calibration right no"
Mana: "Hmm, kind of weird to use it to talk to other Pure Hearts."
[OOC] Veracruz: *right now
Veracruz: "Ah, so you're a Pure Heart too. Figured"
Mana: "Where are you from?"
Toth: "Wouldn't it be strange to -not- talk to a Pure Heart, way out here?"
Veracruz: "Titania, and you?"
Toth: "Titania."
Theodore: "Uhh, they're from Titania. I guess I am now, too."
Veracruz: "Oh, i'm Veracruz, by the way. And yeah he's from elsewhere but he's been hanging around Titania too"
Mana: "The Time of Dreams, actually."
Vladislav: "Pardon?"
Mana: "When all things, be they secret or known things, were like water which flowed through the fingertips."
Theodore: "Woah, how'd you get all the way out here?"
Veracruz: "Hrm… That sounds like a rather long time ago"
Mana: "Quicksilver Shade, baby."
Mana: "Why use anything less?"
Veracruz grins "Isn't that trick amazing?"
Theodore: "…Yeah, that would do it."
Aurora kneels down, a bit off to the side. "Isn't that what we did?"
Veracruz: "It's quickly become one of my favorites"
Mana: She grins widely at Veracruz. "I know, right?"
Mana: "So I mean… this place…"
Mana: "…It's a place free from the whim of the Goddess."
Vladislav: "I figured as much."
Veracruz: "Hrm… I see. So the Goddess holds no sway here, that much I figured already"
Theodore: "Dang, you just missed a perfect opportunity to talk in blue."
Mana: "Well, it's not that she holds no sway. he just…"
Veracruz: "But that is basically everything we know. We were curiously exploring the place, maybe you have some more wisdom to share about this place?"
Mana: "She, sorry."
Mana: "…She keeps her hands off."
Mana: "I like to think of it as a respect thing."
Veracruz: "Ahh"
Toth: "Respect to… what?"
Theodore: "Oh right, I'm Theodore, by the by."
Veracruz: "I guess to people who want to live without her?"
Mana: "Yeah."
Vladislav: "Many worlds fall apart when they start to lose their mana flow. This one seems quite stable. Is this how those worlds will turn out after?"
Mana: "When worlds above fall apart…"
Mana: "They freeze, but the mana in them isn't lost."
Veracruz: "Uhn… Much as I don't quite agree with her choice of storytelling I guess I can respect what she does here"
Veracruz: "Hrm…"
Mana: "I guess from your point of view… the stories, the passions, and the identities in them…"
Mana: "They go other places, and play other parts."
Mana: "The Luna is full of almost-worlds, in the process of forming, spun of dreams and stardust…"
Mana: "That will collapse and whirl away, before a single day ever rises on them."
Theodore: "Like dinostar?"
Veracruz: "Ooh, so it's like, a world nursery, kinda?"
Veracruz: "Dinowhat?"
Vladislav glances at Theodore. "Dinostar?"
Mana: "Yes!"
Mana: "And you may yet see traces of that, elsewhere."
Theodore: "That is kind of crazy."
Veracruz: "Makes me wish to sail around a bit more, see what else I can find of interest, before it evaporates away"
Mana: "Yes. There's much to see."
Toth: "Mmm…"
Aurora: "Aurora, from the Order of Solar Knights. Though if Luna's like that… it sounds like you'd have more things to see by the time you went out and came back."
Toth: "Still not quite finished with Titania, though."
Veracruz: "We definitely are not done with Titania, yeah"
Mana: She smiles. "I'll introduce myself once all of you are done with yours, I think."
Toth: "Mr. Toth."
Alexander: "Alexander."
Veracruz: "Kinda hoping the place won't freeze over, or if it does, at least that it's story has played until well over it's end"
Veracruz: "If… Things work the way I think they do"
Mana: "Even in winter…"
Vladislav: "Vladislav."
Theodore gives Aurora a smile of thanks for actually catching on.
Mana: "People continue living their lives, stretching onwards to the end of time."
Veracruz: "Oh… Hrm"
Mana: "But in another sense, their identity spins out as dust, to be seen elsewhere."
Veracruz: "But then- Hrm"
Mana: She bows softly.
Mana: "My name is Lonely Tails. It's a pleasure to meet you."
Vladislav silently flips to a certain page in his book.
Veracruz: "So to say, in winter, people's lives continue as normal, yet their lives also go live on elseworld?"
Theodore: "Did you finish up with Hope, by the way?"
Theodore: "We saw it for sale earlier."
Veracruz: "Also hey, the one from the stories. Nice to meet you"
Toth stops and has a really odd realization.
Toth: "Ah…hm… 'Hope,' huh?"
Vladislav: "Ah, yes. That story."
Mana: She shakes her head.
Mana: "That one was… Stings and Kills, isn't it?"
Theodore: "Oh wait. Sorry, I mixed you and stings and kills up."
Mana: "Is she still dressing as a man?"
Theodore: "How embarassing."
Vladislav: "Close enough to one."
Veracruz: "No I think she's a pirate now"
Toth nods to Theodore. "Mind elaborating?"
Theodore: "Wait, when did we run into Stings and Kills?"
Vladislav: "She's settled in on Titania if you want to go say hello."
Veracruz: "If- She is why I think she is"
Veracruz: "Isn't Millions Stings and Kills?"
Toth: "Millions, perhaps."
Veracruz: "I was pretty certain she was"
Theodore: "Uh, angel mythology, Toth. They're mentioned a lot in the stories about the gems."
Mana: "Hmm…"
Veracruz: "Scorpion Army and all that"
Mana: "Scorpions are her thing, after all."
Theodore: "Oooooh."
Toth: "I meant on the Hope story."
Theodore: "Oh!"
Theodore: "I forget which one, Lodestone I think?"
Mana: "No, I'll stay out of her way. We haven't seen eachother in ages, after all."
Theodore: "They figured out a way to trap all the great sins in a box."
Toth: "Yes, it's Lodestone, but I… can't recall it directly."
Theodore: "But Hope got stuck inside,"
Theodore: "And then Stings and Kills kill evyerone to get the box and opened it up to get Hope back."
Veracruz: "It's probably her. She's giving us quite a bit of trouble. Well, no need to bother her about you, though"
Theodore: "And I was laughing earlier because Hope being a gem made the story make more sense!"
Vladislav: "It was the gem for sale in Shade district earlier."
Toth: "I was there, yes."
Toth: "And now I'm more interested than ever, but anyway…"
Mana: "Hope for sale…?"
Theodore: "Yup!"
Veracruz: "Yeah, for about ten thousand lucre"
Toth: "Everything has a price."
Vladislav: "10,000 Lucre."
Mana: "That's a damn lot."
Vladislav: "Was tempted to pull a stings and kills and take it myself."
Mana: "The real hope is inside you, all along, right?"
Mana: "That's…"
Toth: "Right but I could use some outside Hope to help, you know, fight things."
Mana: She frowns, stopping. "…Guess you could do that, yeah."
Theodore: "On the other hand,"
Theodore: "He totally gave us a discount."
Toth: "That man runs a respectable business, Vlad."
Theodore pats Vlad on the shoulder.
Veracruz: "Well, that is probably the proper moral of that story, Tails- Uhn, you mind if I call you by just one of your names? I feel akward calling two"
Mana: "Anything's fine!"
Veracruz: "Anyway- When Millions is involved generally she is screwing up a story with a proper moral into a 'Yup, this is just me being a jerk to everything around me' story"
Veracruz: "So don't pay her too much mind, it is definitely just her being a jerk"
Theodore: "Oh! Ohohohohohoh!"
Theodore: "Man. Like."
Mana: "Yes, Theodore."
Mana: "Even that!"
Theodore: "Since your a celebrity and all, there's something I always wondered. and you might know the answer!"
Mana: "Oh, ask away."
Theodore: "The story about the four people that first curvived through winter, and one of them put the Goddess in a box and sold her (kind of a weird story really…)… who was that about? I've never been able to find any copy of it that used their names."
Theodore: "(It's always bugged me.)
Theodore: "
Mana: "Stings-and-Kills, Senolla Yenolla, Wiseman, and…"
Mana: "…Well, her name's Jack."
Vladislav: "Jack, huh?"
Veracruz: "Uhn, that other one"
Veracruz: "I'm fairly certain she's in Titania as well"
Toth chuckles. "Ever so interesting."
Vladislav: "It is my belief that Senolla Yenolla tried to kill me today."
Veracruz: "Man, why is it always the problematic ones that come visit? Couldn't it have been a helpful one?"
Mana: "With a dragon?"
Mana: "She tends to use dragons."
Vladislav: "A grudge dragon."
Veracruz: "Huge ass grudge dragon"
Mana: "That's her."
Mana: "Would you like some tea?"
Toth: "Vlad, why, why'd you have to piss her off."
Veracruz: "I'd love some if it isn't much trouble"
Aurora: "I think some tea would be lovely, please."
Toth: "I'd love some tea, Ms. Tails, thank you."
Veracruz: "I'm fairly certain it's his fate, Toth"
Alexander: "Tea would be nice, thank you."
Vladislav offers a helpless shrug in return. "Who's wiseman, then?"
Vladislav: "The other three are in Titania, want to say he'd be too."
Theodore: "I'm good for tea."
Toth: "Who could Jack-" Long pause. "…be."
Vladislav: "I'm going to do a spittake on this tea if you say Sage Joch, though."
Veracruz: "Hrm… It might be Sage Joch"
Veracruz: "I've the feeling he's wormed his way into more than one story"
Theodore: "Joch definintely isn't an Angel."
Mana: Lonely Tails smiles.
Mana: "Oh, c'mon. It's Dr. Orom."
Mana: "Your spark knows that, right?"
Veracruz: "He's weird though"
Theodore: "Listen,"
Vladislav: "…"
Theodore: "if you phrase it like that,"
Toth: "Spark?"
Alexander: "Spark?"
Theodore: "Things are going to get REALLY WEIRD."
Veracruz: "Oh" he scratches his head "I don't know much about Orom"
Theodore: "Just, as a warning."
Vladislav: "We…" He frowns.
Theodore: "I'll willing to go full luna on this, but I mean."
Veracruz: "Wait up, Theo, now YOU are getting confusing"
Toth produces his hip flask.
Mana: "Hmm…"
Vladislav: "We haven't been able to communicate like… that?" Vlad scrunches up his face.
Toth: "Oh no."
Mana: "I think I'll say…"
Mana: "If it's here, it's okay."
Toth: "I can handle one of you two speaking in half-sentences."
Mana: She pours a cup of tea for everyone.
Toth: "Both of you? No."
Toth: "No, no, no."
Theodore: "In that case.'
Theodore: "I was guessing Orom."
Toth: "But you couldn't guess the credit card number."
Vladislav: "He's tied to fiend engines, right?"
Veracruz: "Here's to hoping we don't have the full cast on Titania but I just know we do"
Theodore: "You said S&K usually dressed like a guy, right? Ever gone by Crimson? Bit flask, half wiskey, half potion? Totally self absorbed, likes killing things. (It's seems so obvious now)."
Mana: "Sure did."
Mana: "But…"
Theodore: "Listen this stuff is *easy* Toth. A four digit number with no context? That's hard."
Veracruz: "Ahh… Hrm…"
Mana: "…Don't go ignoring the world you live in, just because the light is pouring in, okay?"
Mana: "Be kind to Theodore."
Mana: "…And Vladislav."
Theodore: "Who do I look like, that asshole Seth?"
Theodore: "I'm here to help people, not solve pointless mysteries."
Veracruz: "Could well be that S&K is Vush but, hrm"
Toth: "Hmmph."
Veracruz chuckles "You're nothing like him at all"
Mana: "I'm glad for that."
Theodore: "*Here* I'm way more interested in dumb bullshit though. I mean, I'm even swearing now!"
Veracruz: "Neither is Vlad anywhere like Eve either but- Bah"
Veracruz: "Still"
Vladislav: "You've… lost me."
Toth: "And that's three."
Theodore: "It's okay I know."
Toth: "Alex, Aurora, you two have anything?
Theodore: "And that's what's important."
Vladislav: "Stop talking in riddles."
Veracruz: "Of course we're going ot care for Titania. Anything we gather is but a tool to help Titania, in my view, at least"
Theodore .oO(Hey. Hey Vlad. Hey hey hey hey Vlad. GUESS WHAT'S GOING ON.)
Veracruz: "If we know what our foes are like, well, we can predict their moves, no?"
Mana: "Yes." Lonely Tails says.
Aurora: "Anything like what?"
Veracruz: "Don't worry, Aurora"
Theodore .oO(Yes you can do it you dumbass. And I'm broadcasting wide now, just to mess with Toth. And Xsia.) "
Veracruz: "You don't. I mean-"
Theodore .oO(Don't even question that I'm responding to things you didn't say.)
Mana: Lonely Tails sips her tea.
Toth sighs.
Mana: "I'm almost beginning to regret this."
Alexander: "I'm….just not going to bother."
Veracruz scratches his head "
Theodore: "I did warn you!"
Veracruz: "Yeah he"
Mana: "Almost!"
Alexander: "If I want to say something to you, I'll just find you myself."
Veracruz: "Is just having too much fun, don't worry"
Toth: "So, is this a place where people can choose to live with or withoutMana or not?"
Theodore: "it's okay though, they don't really get it."
Theodore: "And I'll be back to normal once we leave, so."
Vladislav: "Theodore I'm going to have to ask you to stop before I Evil Gate the Tree of Life and we all reload back at the Goddess Statue."
Theodore: "Dude you'd never finish the spell and things would get so dumb time would stop."
Mana: "Things getting so dumb time stops is a very real and present danger."
Aurora: "…Please don't break the world this time, Theodore."
Veracruz: "Toth, as she mentioned before, this is a place where the Goddess respects the will of those who wish to live without Mana"
Theodore .oO(… Yeah okay. Sorry!)
Toth: "Not here, I mean- the tree itself."
Veracruz: "So, like, they can come here do that if they wish, I guess"
Theodore swings his head towards Aurora. "That wasn't his fault."
Theodore: "It was already collapsing under its own weight."
Veracruz: "Hrm… Yeah this tree is… Very different"
Theodore: "It was just really good timing."
Toth: "Any…ceremony regarding the tree or somesuch?"
Aurora: "Sure it wasn't."
Theodore: "If anything we could blame your spark just as much, if not more!"
Mana: "Hm…"
Mana: "There's some ceremony, but I think… for you, it's not really the choice you need to make, don't you think?"
Mana: "You're a creature of Mana, and can't live apart from it."
Mana: "Winter and disaster are in your blood as much as the Goddess'."
Toth: "I'm not interested in it for me, no no."
Veracruz: "I'm well aware. Although-"
Veracruz: "Yeah, there are some people… The Services"
Toth: "Just trying to glean how the universe works."
Aurora sighs and just shakes her head.
Toth: "'Glean' being the operative word, I suppose."
Veracruz: "They're a problem in Titania but- They're also in a terrible situation. I mean, you wouldn't let a starving beast eat you out of pity, but you still feel bad for it"
Veracruz: "And that's kind of the case"
Mana: Lonely Tails nods.
Veracruz: "Anything that could help their case, that'd help me greatly, really. Or at least set my mind at ease. I think they too are creatures of Mana but you know, in case you know something?"
Mana: "So you're wondering… is there a happy ending for them?"
Aurora: "That is a pretty good metaphor for it, yes."
Toth: "There…"
Toth: "I feel like, as Pure Hearts, there should always be some sort of way."
Veracruz: "Rather. How can I ensure a happy end for them"
Mana: "I agree, Mr. Toth."
Theodore: "Naw."
Aurora: "Without letting them take over and reshape the world, anyway."
Theodore: "I'm pretty sure because they are, there isn't."
Theodore: "We don't know how compromise."
[OOC] Theodore: how to^
Veracruz: "You, maybe. But there are many forms of compromise"
Theodore: "You are way worse than anyone else."
Mana: "You know…"
Veracruz: "Sometimes… They are not even clear"
Vladislav: "… why are all four of the people who constantly appear in the stories concentrated in Titania now?"
Mana: "There's something that makes it hard to compromise, until someone can smile with a bleeding lip."
Veracruz: "Listen, I just don't want to give up actual hope yet"
Theodore: "Impact!"
Toth: "Probably the same reason there's nine-plus Pure Hearts running around."
Veracruz chuckles "Well, that's something I can do. Hrm…"
Mana: "It sounds like your world has no sense of restraint."
Vladislav: "Not at all."
Theodore: "We are here, right now, having this conversation."
Veracruz: "Well, it's kind of having problems right now and really weird"
Aurora: "A lot of which are the Emperor's fault, it seems…"
Theodore: "Joch's fault."
Veracruz: "Hrm… I couldn't… Quite fault him for his goal just- His execution leaves much to be desired"
Veracruz: "Proooobably Joch is also being a thorn, yeah"
Mana: "You know, if I came up there, I bet things could be solved in a day…"
Mana: "…Well, it's never any fun if another Pure Heart rolls in and tries to fix things, right?"
Theodore: "It can be, with the right crowd."
Theodore: "…Probably not this one though."
Theodore: "Maybe for one or two issues, but not the whole thing."
Veracruz: "Well, if it's a friend of yours doing it, then you got a story to share later"
Veracruz: "Plus, if you're here, no doubt you probably have a lot of other problems to handle too"
Vladislav scowls at Theodore snapping his book shut. "I had some questions but your outburst made me lose my train of thought. Trying to apply logic to -that- is a lost cause."
Veracruz: "And hey, gotta let the newbies get some experience too"
Theodore: "It's not my fault you're easily distracted."
Veracruz: "And, hum… Hey, random question but if I wanted to come by just to have tea some other time and not actually, you know, talk any of this serious stuff, maybe some silence, or some idle chatter, would that be okay?"
Toth: "Okay then, at least can I ask you this?"
Mana: "Yes, of course."
Veracruz: "Hell, i'd at least bring my own tea this time, I know some good blends"
Veracruz: "Thanks"
Mana: "There are better places to have this kind of meeting, but this'll do for now."
Theodore: "(I did get a little carried away though! The implication that I was the same spark as… well, you know. Kind of unsettling, I thought we were different.)"
Toth: "I guess it's not so much ask, but- tell me something I don't know about kP."
Toth: "There seems to be more to it than just AF creation."
Mana: "The same spark can be different people."
Mana: "I think someone told you recently… people can will themselves to change?"
Mana: "That's not an illusion. It really happens."
Mana: "To scrap and rebuild oneself…"
Mana: "That's the privilege of a Pure Heart."
Toth: "Sssssssssssomething like that."
Theodore: "Well, yeah. I just, was under the assumption a spark was something it wasn't."
Mana: "No, it's the simplest possible thing it can be."
Theodore: "I get it now but it's even more weird, haha."
Mana: "The thing so stupid…"
Mana: "You don't even dare say it."
Mana: "So don't say it!"
Theodore: "I was like this close but decided not to, yeah."
Mana: Lonely Tails nods. "Simple as that."
Toth: "Please, don't, for all our sakes."
Toth: "There's been enough of that just ten minutes ago."
Vladislav: "Despite the changes though, the people always seem to hold on to defining traits in the stories though."
[OOC] Vladislav: -though
Mana: "That's right…"
Mana: "A streak of idealism…"
Mana: "A love of destruction…"
Theodore: "I'm always right about everything!"
Mana: "A flirtatious nature…"
Mana: "A humble compassion…"
Mana: "Those are the things we want to see rise in our stories."
Toth idly pours some liquor into his tea and drinks.
Theodore idly considers a few other thoughts, discards them for now for Toth's sake.
Vladislav: "I more meant that despite the many names and appearances, my newest enemy always carries dragons for example."
Mana: "So, something you don't know about kP…"
Mana: "Yes! But then again…"
Mana: "If she didn't carry dragons, how would you know it's her?"
Toth nods. "Please; I apologize for not saying that earlier."
Veracruz: "Now would you please let her talk to Toth?"
Mana: "You did, you did! But it's like I'm trying to teach a class of baby ducks how to baby duck."
Veracruz: "I mean, like, we've been been absorbed in this particular nonsensical tangent for quite a while"
Veracruz: "And Toth has yet to had a chance to do his own part so, settle down you all"
Mana: "kP is humanity's revenge on stories!"
Theodore: "(Psst you're ont helping anymore Cruz!)"
Mana: Lonely Tails lifts her tea to her lips for a moment, then:
Mana: "Stories… want to finish themselves. They pull towards completion, and they pull towards a specific completion."
Mana: "Monsters die. The corrupt yet ambitious fall, their desires thwarted…"
Mana: "You… sort of know how things to go, just a little, right?"
Mana: "The ways people are unreasonable."
Mana: "Their tragic flaws."
Mana: "The pattern's woven in, over and over."
Toth: "Archtypes, cliches, so on."
Mana: "Yes!"
Mana: "And when that pattern completes, like an elastic band snapping free of your fingers…"
Mana: "That energy is released. kP."
Mana: "It makes you feel weird and sad."
Toth recalls finding Sage Joch's 'home.' "That's… about right."
Mana: "There's a moment…"
Mana: "Where you go…"
Mana: "It's impossible for this to end any way but this."
Mana: "Right?"
Toth: "Yeah."
Mana: "That's when you use your kP! Punch the world in the face!"
Mana: "Don't use it when the stakes are low. Stand on the precipice and shout."
Toth: "I… figured that, ever since I heard the one about the general and the East and West armies."
Toth: "But it's nice to know."
Theodore: "(It used to be a bit more obvious, years ago.)"
Veracruz: "(Fair ways clunkier too)"
Toth: "I wondered how it could be done with AFs, but I was thinking too rigidly."
Mana: "It's done…"
Theodore: "…Oh."
Theodore: "Ahahah that."
Mana: "Because then it has foreshadowing…"
Theodore: "Seems so obvious now, doesn't it?"
Mana: "…And it's with something you hold in your hand."
Mana: Lonely Tails looks over at Theodore: "Actually, could you explain that?"
Toth: "If you could. I feel like I'm right there, but…"
Theodore: "Well like - you explain kP as punching the narrative in the face, right? Forcing a change that the story wasn't supposed to have."
Mana: "Yes."
Mana: "…Because…"
Mana: And she has a certain voice.
Mana: "They're just -stories-."
Mana: "What do they have to do with reality?"
Theodore: "And an AF is,,, for all intents and purposes used to create both new pasts and futures? So, if you weaponize an AF, you're just fusing both of these principles. Something in your hands, that makes more sens ein the narrativ,e you cna use to attack the direction of a story."
Vladislav: "And yet here we are. A handful of pure hearts all dying to play a part in the narrative."
Theodore: "That's why the services can fight Pure Hearts with them. They're designed specifically to allow that kind of goofiness."
Mana: "Ah…" Lonely Tails smiles impishly.
Mana: "I couldn't resist either, I suppose."
Veracruz: "Well"
Veracruz: "Sometimes"
Theodore: "I can't really blame you, it's probably our fault."
Veracruz: "Playing our part really is exactly what we want"
Theodore: "Actually it's definitely our fault, we made things get *really weird*."
Toth thinks on this, hands clasped.
Veracruz: "Because you know, there's this wonder about wanting to know where the narrative will lead"
Theodore: "And you had to one up it."
Mana: "Of course I did!"
Theodore: "No regrets though. it was fun as hell."
Veracruz: "And then making sure we edge it just the right way not to be what we don't want to. But still be what it was meant to be"
Veracruz: "You were going crazy for a moment there, Theo, I swear"
Veracruz: "I'm definitely going to need a good night's rest after this"
Theodore: "I'm still crazy, I'm just reeling it in."
Theodore: "Man though."
Theodore: "You fucked up my plan for the end of days."
Theodore: "I can't do this there and have it be nearly as weird anymore."
Theodore: "Ah, well."
Vladislav: "With a story like Titania, though. We have so many Pure Hearts in play that the story is going to jut left and right. The more changes that are made the more Pure Hearts that show up wanting to take part and see how it ends in turn. To make things worse I don't think anyone wants to play the villian as that role is being pinned on the Emperor."
Mana: "Hm…"
Theodore: "I did it one time."
Mana: "So it's just spiralling stranger and stranger, is it?"
Theodore: "It's interesting."
Mana: "Where does that end up?"
Veracruz: "Just going everywhere with no real focus"
Veracruz: "Although that is almost one way to make sure it will continue to spiral endlessly"
Toth: "It becomes a messy story, really…"
Mana: Lonely Tails looks up at the moon.
Toth: "A lot of waiting for no payoff."
Theodore: "Around a giant, revolving head of uh…."
Theodore: "That actor."
Theodore: "You mentioned it before."
Theodore: "I didn't forget! I'm waitin' for it."
Toth: "Dare I say a fast winter."
Veracruz: "Ahaha, yes there is that, Toth"
Toth: "I suppose we've twiddled our thumbs long enough, then."
Mana: "That actor…?"
Theodore: "German name I think. I can't remember how to spell it. Starts with an H."
Vladislav: "Perhaps we should be less conservative in our actions from here on out, Mr. Toth?"
Theodore: "Germanish? Whatever."
Toth: "-I'm- interested in doing so, yet I suspect you're already ahead in a plan."
Mana: "I guess I don't remember. Sorry."
Theodore: "Also point of order taking more drastic actions is probably more likely to have winter roll through quicker, just sayin'."
Toth: "How do you figure?"
Veracruz: "Hrm, not perhaps more drastic actions"
Veracruz: "But less faffing about aimlessly"
Veracruz: "Certainly faffing about with a goal is doable, though"
Theodore: "Things get done quicker, Titania's story's over."
Theodore wiggles his fingers through the air.
Toth: "Isn't that the ultimate endgame, anyway?"
Mana: "Well, do you want to watch over Theodore forever…"
Toth: "You can't fight winter forever?"
Vladislav: "You have to take to mind however, Theodore. Standing around for too long stalls the narrative and loses the interest of the readers."
Mana: "Or do you want the world to be good?"
Vladislav: "You can't fight it forever regardless of the approach."
Toth: "The idea to let part of the world to burn to let the story continue…"
Theodore: "It is, speaking as a Spark. But also speaking as a spark, faffing about is way more liely ot stave off winter… to a degree."
Theodore: "(I'm not saying we *should* faff about more, just. You know.)"
Toth: "…if even in winter, the mana is not lost."
Vladislav: "You know what didn't stave off winter, Theodore?"
Vladislav: "Asking someone a bunch of questions you didn't have the answer to."
Veracruz: "Technically"
Toth: "I'm saying… I'm probably going to open the Salamander gate tomorrow."
Veracruz: "We'd prefer to watch over theodore for as long as possible, without compromising the world"
Toth: "Don't be surprised when it happens."
Veracruz: "You know, get the best of both sides there"
Mana: "How many gates do you have open?"
Theodore: "Man, if we weren't supposed to ask those questions, we wouldn't have gotten there."
Toth: "If nothing else, I'd like to be rid of the 'plague,' so I can say I did -something-."
Veracruz: "None quite yet, we're trying not to allow a random army in at the same time"
Theodore: "It was about to collapse away, as I said earlier."
Toth shrugs at Lonely Tails.
Vladislav: "I'd prefer if you take me. I need to try different ways to get my Luna lock open and going against the law and the best wishes of the Emperor for the good of the people sounds like a way to get it done."
Toth: "Does the opening through Millions Fortress count?"
Mana: "I dunno. Have you left your city yet?"
Toth: "Nope."
Veracruz: "Definitely not yet"
Mana: Lonely Tails clutches her tea in both hands, sipping it.
Veracruz: "Aaalso you are taking me because I know a trick for busting things open"
Mana: "Hm… I'd try it, if you get the chance."
Theodore: "By the way."
Theodore: "I'm calling dibs on dealing with the Goddess."
Aurora: "Doesn't Fort Millions have a way outside?"
Toth: "You can call 'dibs' all you like…"
Theodore: "I will fight you for it."
Veracruz: "I don't think it does, Aurora"
Toth: "But there's no way I'm passing up a meeting opportunity."
Mana: "Oh, Aurora. How's your tea?"
Theodore: "You can meet her! But I mean, you stab her, we're gunna have problems."
Vladislav: "Whichever one of you gets to six kP first, I'll join up with you and offer the remaining four."
Toth: "We'll burn that bridge when we come across it."
Toth: "Already beat you there, Vlad."
Toth: "But what on earth would we need 10 for?"
Toth: "(Then again, I'm not sure how much my stunt is even going to cost.)"
Theodore: "Mana Tree, he wants to cheese it."
Vladislav: "Declaring an artifact the Mana Tree."
Theodore: "Old rules cost you never saw."
Theodore: "Might not still apply, but it probably does."
Toth 's voice flattens. "Oh." He waves a hand. "Not interested."
Aurora: "It's pretty good, thank you."
Veracruz: "It is presumably tied to finding the Goddess"
Vladislav shrugs. "Your loss."
Toth: "Also not interested."
Toth: "I'll probably be moreso after some fires are put out around Titania."
Mana: "I hope you're not too aggravated." She says, with an apologetic bow of her head to Aurora.
Theodore: "I will try not to spaz at whatever you do tomorrow, then!"
Vladislav: "If it's any consolation Theodore I do not intend to harm the Goddess."
Toth: "Or at least after I exit the damned place or someone dies or… whatever."
Theodore: "What're you planning anyway? Me and Vlad got a lot of vague ideas and plans but we're horrible at actually plotting out a course."
Aurora shakes her head before taking a long sip. "No, it's kind of nice to hear them banter back and forth."
Vladislav sips on his drink. "What would happen to the narrative if we didn't return? There are still others present."
Alexander: "They're always like this. The tea is quite good though. I don't think I've had this brand before."
Toth shrugs. "Open the Salamander Gate. If Vush interferes, deal with him. If the Tin Village is summoned to his side, them too."
Veracruz continues sipping his tea "Considerably tired myself as well, guess i'll just stick to hearing them for a while. Just need to be around to take them back"
Theodore: "Considering who's left? It'd probably crash and burn. Hard to go solo."
Mana: "Isn't it funny?"
Mana: "It always seems like you never have to pass more than three trials."
Toth: "There's like… what, 30,000 that follow him?"
Mana: "The great stone hall, the deep black river, and…"
Theodore: "Oh. Yeah I think Theodore's more open to the idea of killing Vush at this point anyways, so I'll be good, Toth."
Toth: "You're Theodore."
Theodore pauses.
Theodore: "Sure."
Veracruz: "Toth don't"
Mana: Lonely Tails nods. "That is you."
Veracruz: "Quite question too much or argue or something"
Toth: "You're right, yes, you're right."
Veracruz: "You'll just make it take longer"
Toth nods to Veracruz.
Theodore: "Trust me I'm keeping most of the really weird shit at bay."
Toth: "Trust granted."
Theodore leans backwards out the window, taking a deep breath.
Vladislav: "More importantly though. The dragon girl. I have an inclination to believe that she can always hear what I am saying. Is there a way around this?"
Vladislav: "She was not even close to the area when I felt a shiver down my spine and the dragon that came an hour later was proof of my suspicions."
Toth: "That is an amazing ability. For a stalker to have. Who loves you."
Aurora: "I'm not sure 'love' is the right word here…"
Theodore: "Yeah we get telepathy and the white space, but their omniscense is a little more…" Theodore sits bakc up, waving a hand in the air vaguely.
Mana: "Just because she's a stalker, doesn't mean they're going to date."
Mana: "Maybe they're just good friends?"
Aurora: "They've barely met."
Toth: "I'm just saying she sent him a present in the form of a big nasty dragon,"
Toth: "And then he's all excited about getting to do the same."
Mana: "How was the AP?"
Theodore: "Vlad's spark is really bad at dealing with Seye, in general."
Theodore: "Hence, grudge dragon."
Vladislav: "Thirty, if I recall."
Mana: "That's pretty good!"
Vladislav: "My actual question though is why can she do that and we can't."
Vladislav: "I plan to remove her from the narrative, but there is much I do not understand."
Theodore: "She can't answer that."
Theodore: "Not in a way that won't end this conversation immediately."
Theodore: "I've been trying to think of a way to say it for a while but nothing is coming."
Theodore: "Suffice to say it's unfair, but also, can't be helped."
Mana: "Omniscience…" Lonely Tails thinks.
Mana: "Well, we usually think there are two ways of… making sense of the world, right?"
Mana: "As a person, and with our Pure Heart. That's two ways."
Mana: "If there's a -third- way…"
Mana: "Then you might explain why someone has strange, unnnatural perception."
Toth: "…I get it."
Toth sips.
Veracruz: "Simpler words. Nothing you can do about it as you are of different natures"
Aurora: "Well, that's just troubling."
Toth: "Oh I'm sure there's… -something- we can do about it."
Toth: "We're Pure Hearts."
Aurora: "Unless she's got, like, a mini-dragon following you and relaying what it sees and hears, or something."
Toth: "But it's an uphill battle."
Toth: "In the dark, and you're not getting the first strike."
Veracruz: "Hrm… Well"
Veracruz: "How to place it"
Veracruz: "If we can hide it from the eyes of the goddess of mana"
Veracruz: "We can hide it from the eyes of such people of strange perception"
Mana: Lonely Tails considers this.
Toth: "Mmmm… her, and probably Joch too. But it is -far- too late for me to parse any of what I said into rational thought."
Toth: "I'm just. Sort of. Going with it."
Vladislav: "To be perfectly frank I would be amazed if this part was written."
Theodore: "It's okay, Vlad doesn't get it either."
Vladislav: "It wouldn't surprise me if we got cut off when we went into the tree."
Theodore: "It's a shame Xsia never showed up, he would."
Veracruz: "Man has been hard at work for a good long while"
Veracruz: "Give him his rest"
Mana: "Oh, by the way."
Mana: "The Pure Land…"
Theodore: "Heck no it's going up. End of days does too."
Aurora: "Yes?"
Mana: "It's sort of like the light, and all other worlds are its shadows."
Mana: "Since you wanted to know."
Mana: "This is a place where the hearts of things are stripped bare, and the world is utterly without illusion."
Veracruz: "Ah… So it's, like, the origin"
Theodore: "I had been catching onto that yeah, haha."
Mana: "A good word."
Mana: "The origin, the source, the… anyway."
Veracruz: "Hrm… Yeah, gathered an inkling of it. Better not to mess with it"
Veracruz: "Though it is a good place to have a meeting peacefully"
Aurora: "And Mana gives everything else it's 'flavour', so to say?"
Mana: Lonely Tails presses a finger to her lips, hiding a smile as she offers Aurora a "shh!"
Toth: "It seems difficult, or at least, burdensome, to get out of if you're not or with Veracruz, though."
Mana: "Well, it's also the moon."
Mana: "Of course getting down from it is hard!"
Mana: "It's the moon!"
Theodore: "Vlad wants to ask about the time line but also doesn't want to ask."
Toth: "Pure Heaaaaaaaaaaaarts." He finishes his cup of tea.
Vladislav narrows his brow at Theodore.
Aurora: "…We're not going to find any canyons that look like letters carved into it here, are we?"
Toth: "That's lower on my list of things to fix with kP though."
Theodore: "He is *deeply* confused about where Titania fits into it. It's sort of a weird outliner."
Vladislav: "The more I hear, the more it seems like its continuity is starting to fall apart at the seams. Much like the city in the narrative."
Theodore: "(I'm of the opinion you don't know, which is why you dodge the question since it ultimately doesn't matter. But he thinks there's more to it considering who we are.)"
Mana: "Titania and Oberon exist in a state of mutually exclusive simultaneous beforeness."
Toth: "Oh, something beyond the… the walls, right?"
Vladislav: "How can it be simultaneous if multiple players from both sides are present?"
Mana: "Well, Oberon existed before Titania, for the obvious reason."
Mana: "Titania existed before Oberon, for the non-obvious reason."
Vladislav: "Oberon existed before because Sage Joch was there."
Vladislav: "What's the other?"
Theodore: "Also because it happened first in real time."
Theodore: "Duh."
Mana: One of Lonely Tails' ears flicks.
Alexander just contents himself with his tea. This conversation is delving way too much into the Secret Sciences.
Mana: "Well… I just like to think of all time as being real."
Toth takes a really deep breath, the one that says, 'alright, this is where I get off.' And then he says, "Ms. Tails, thank you -very- much for your insight and hospitality."
Theodore: "Probably not the best way to phrase that, but." Theodore waves a hand in the air empirically.
Mana: "Of course."
Mana: "I hope I helped more than I harmed, you know."
Toth: "Time will heal the wounds. But mostly with understanding."
Toth: "Do we have to take death back to returning, or can I just hitch a ride, Veracruz?"
Veracruz: "I'm mostly just waiting for you all to be done with so I can take you all back, i'm falling over asleep here"
Mana: "Well, if you want to go…"
Mana: "Giving them one trip up wouldn't hurt."
Mana: "I mean, I could do it, I mean."
Toth gives Cruz a sympathetic look, but I mean… she's pretty cute, yo.
Theodore: "The moment is kinda losing momentum for me. I mean, figuring out what the sparks actually are was *huge* for me. I'm definitely stayin' to interput for Vla though."
Veracruz: "Eh… Guess i'll take Toth with me, then. Thanks for the help, Tails"
Mana: "Hmm…"
Mana: "No, I think it's everyone out of the pool."
Mana: Lonely Tails nods.
Theodore: "It is getting late."
Mana: "There's just one thing I'm going to do, though."
Veracruz: "Okay, easier for me- Oh?"
Vladislav: "Want to show off an amazing attack to send us off?"
Toth: "Obviously… we're going to get a kP."
Mana: "…Okay, there's just TWO things…"
Mana: Lonely Tails frowns with a note of petulance.
Mana: "…Three things."
Toth grins, and does a motion like he's pushing up glasses that aren't there.
Mana: Lonely Tails snaps a finger. [Mysteriously, all Pure Hearts gain a kP.]
[OOC] Mana: Except, I mean, the ones that aren't PCs.
Theodore: "Obviously."
Mana: Lonely Tails looks to her left, whereupon ackpth oh god what are you doing [9999] [9999] stop that AND THEN SUDDENLY THE TREE OF LIFE…
Mana: Lonely Tails nods seriously.
Aurora …blinks.
Theodore: "Aaaand Aurora is cute again. Okay, back to normal."
Mana: "Now then, hm, let me think…"
Veracruz just shakes his head
Mana: "Well, like. I just wanted to give you an out."
Theodore smiles.
Toth: "That -was- amazing."
Mana: "Now, one more."
Veracruz: "Is cool, thanks for that"
Vladislav: "Can you hit Joch one more time?"
Vladislav: "For me?"
Mana: "No." She says.
Mana: "Only once."
Vladislav: "Asshole still hasn't told me what we talked about."
Mana: Demonstration order:Lonely Tails [F]:0 Toth [F]:0 Aurora [F]:10 Veracruz [F]:11 Theodore [B]:12 Alexander [F]:19 Vladislav [B]:24
Theodore looks at Vladislav, a strange light in his starred eye. "(It's time to dial it back now.)"
Toth: "You know…"
Toth: "No hard feelings…"
Mana: She stands up, rolls her shoulders, and speaks, slowly, carefully:
Mana: "They say the sun comes up every morning, and if you listen, oh, so carefully…"
Mana: "The winds that ride on the high tide whistle a melody."
Mana: "And so, the people started to sing."
Mana: "That's how the surf gave birth, I'm told-"
Mana: She holds out one hand, and -
Mana: "[Titania Soul]"
Mana: And so it was written.

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