Mana P4y1s10

Mana: And so it was written: Pokiehlember 4th, Year 1, Undine's Day. Beyond flickering gate, the Labyrinth of Phantoms. By your measure, you're directly beneath the Tower of Jinn.
Mana: At your back stands the Salamander Palace.
Theodore finishes off the rest of his lunch, still sort of staring at the pathway down into the Shade proper.
Toth walks down that very same pathway!!
Veracruz is done eating, currently drinking from his canteen when Toth shows up. He is still sitting when he offers it to Toth "Hi there, just missed lunch break"
Theodore: "Oh, hm."
Toth: "Oh I wouldn't worry, I've grabbed something to eat. How goes the journey?"
Aurora nods. "Thanks for lunch, by the way."
Veracruz nods, closing his canteen again and putting it on his belt "Doing nice" he points to his back with a thumb "I just made this place"
Toth: "With the crown?"
Veracruz: "Yessir"
Toth: "Good, good. Explored it any?
Theodore: "Nope."
Alexander: "Lunch came first."
Toth nods. "Fair enough."
Veracruz: "Pretty much" he packs away the trash remains as people start getting done with their food "Wanna tag along?"
Veracruz: "Or were you going to do something else?"
Toth: "Oh, no, I expected to rejoin at about this point."
Toth: "Still have to talk to the Salamander spirit, if nobody particularly minds."
Veracruz: "Oh, oooh! Good, I wanted to be around for that! Coincidence"
Theodore: "Naw, we *definitely* wanna do that."
Toth nods. "Don't let me interrupt if anyone isn't finished, though."
Theodore burshes his hands off and stands up.
Veracruz stands up, putting on his backpack "Nope, you had amazing timing, we're just done"
Theodore: "Anyway it's like, literally right there." Theodore nods his head towards the palace, then walks inside. "Heeeeey, Salsa! The guy's here!"
Toth: "(Salsa?)"
Theodore: "Well just calling her by her race is kinda…" Theodore wobbles his hand.
Veracruz: "It's a cute name"
Toth: "'Kinda' what?"
Aurora nods, getting up herself. "It is pretty cute."
Theodore: "Suppose I just started refering to everyone here as 'human'!"
Toth nods. "Supposing."
Theodore: "It's super unhelpful, and unfriendly."
Veracruz: "You wouldn't know wether he was talking to me or you"
Mana: About halfway into the palace -
Mana: Its flickering sconces, its warm, red marble -
Veracruz: "So, y'know, makes sense to call her a name. I mean, it makes clear who we're talking to"
Toth chuckles and continues inside without further discussion.
Mana: A pack of monsters stand before you, vigiliant, barring the path deeper.
Veracruz follows close behind Toth, he is new to this place!
Mana: Four of those floating fires, and a pair of stone-clad gorillas.
Theodore tilts his head to the side. "When they they get here?"
Aurora: "…I thought we cleared these out?"
[OOC] Theodore: did they^
Veracruz: "Maybe they know how to open doors"
Veracruz: "And wanted a quiet place?"
Theodore: "Hmm maybe they came back in the morning, I don't think we went all the way in."
Alexander: "Might be the ambient mana."
Toth sighs and equips his staff.
Veracruz headscratches "Well, guess we gotta take them down? Or we could try running through"
Toth: "No, no, I need the experience."
Theodore: "So they can come up and hit us while we're talking?"
Veracruz: "There's that, just pondering options"
Toth: "Let's take them on!"
Mana: One of the goliaths roars and beats his chest!
Mana: Battle order: Alexander [F]:0 Heat Spark B [F]:0 Heat Spark D [B]:1 Veracruz [F]:2 Toth [F]:2 Heat Spark A [F]:2 Heat Spark C [B]:2 Theodore [F]:3 Goliath A [F]:6 Goliath B [F]:7
Mana: Status for Goliath A [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Goliath B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Heat Spark A [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Heat Spark B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Heat Spark C [B] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Heat Spark D [B] : [==========]
Mana: Alexander!
Theodore: "Heat sparks first."
Toth: "If we're to kill the Heat Sparks, do it fast. They have AoEs, but they also have a move that increases in power with each dead Heat Spark."
[OOC] Mana: oops did I forget aurora, one sec
Veracruz: "Alright. Take it my fire blade isn't going to help?"
[OOC] Aurora: Gee, thanks
Toth: "Fears Undine."
Alexander punches Heat Spark A. [30D]
Alexander rolled 1d100 and got 77 ( Total: 77 )
[OOC] Mana: There we go, sorry!
Mana: Battle order: Alexander [F]:0 Heat Spark B [F]:0 Heat Spark D [B]:1 Veracruz [F]:2 Toth [F]:2 Heat Spark A [F]:2 Heat Spark C [B]:2 Theodore [F]:3 Aurora [F]:3 Goliath A [F]:6 Goliath B [F]:7
Toth: "The Goliaths also fear Undine."
Alexander rolled d8+90 and got 7 ( Total: 97.0 )
Mana: Hit! It flickers and wavers - [97]!
Veracruz: "Alright" he considers
Mana: Heat Sparks B and D begin casting [Cluster Flame - CT15]!
Mana: Battle order: Veracruz [F]:0 Toth [F]:0 Heat Spark A [F]:0 Heat Spark C [B]:0 Theodore [F]:1 Aurora [F]:1 Goliath A [F]:4 Goliath B [F]:5 Heat Spark B [F]:13 Heat Spark D [B]:14 Alexander [F]:28
Mana: Status for Goliath A [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Goliath B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Heat Spark A [F] : [====== ]
Mana: Status for Heat Spark B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Heat Spark C [B] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Heat Spark D [B] : [==========]
Mana: Veracruz! Mr. Toth!
Toth: "I'm getting ready to destroy Heat Spark B - if someone can attack it in the interrim, it'd be appreciated!" He twirls his staff and Undine mana bubbles around! [CT15]
Toth: "It'll empower my attack!"
Mana: Veracruz!
Theodore: "Alrighty."
Veracruz nods at Toth "I'd rather we weaken them all and destroy them in one fell swoop, but i'll help!" he runs at Heat Spark B, diving beneath it and as he rises he spins around, delivering a slash at it [Attack, 32D]
Veracruz rolled 1d100 and got 22 ( Total: 22 )
Veracruz rolled 1d8+72 and got 5 ( Total: 77 )
Mana: It's a hit! [77]!
Veracruz quickly takes a couple more steps forward before circling around again, rejoining the party formation "Uhn… Did that hit do something?"
Mana: The plume of flame is faintly bissected, smoke hissing away from the cut.
Mana: It… seems as if it did.
Mana: Heat Spark A begins glowing - [Cluster Flame in CT15!]
Mana: Heat Spark C begins swirling and billowing. [Firestorm in CT30!]
Toth: "Sure did!"
Veracruz: "Oh, phew. Okay I wasn't sure if I could actually damage the thing"
Mana: Battle order: Theodore [F]:0 Aurora [F]:0 Goliath A [F]:3 Goliath B [F]:4 Heat Spark B [F]:12 Heat Spark D [B]:13 Toth [F]:14 Heat Spark A [F]:14 Alexander [F]:27 Heat Spark C [B]:29 Veracruz [F]:31
Mana: Status for Goliath A [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Goliath B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Heat Spark A [F] : [====== ]
Mana: Status for Heat Spark B [F] : [======= ]
Mana: Status for Heat Spark C [B] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Heat Spark D [B] : [==========]
Mana: Theodore! Aurora!
Theodore dashes forward, smashing Heat Spark A with his staff! [42D]
Theodore rolled 1d100 and got 39 ( Total: 39 ) for 80
Mana: It's a hit!
Theodore rolled d10+96,75% and got 7 ( Total: 77.25 ) for Chain bonus! +25% until it attacks.
[OOC] Mana: Oh, are you back row?
[OOC] Theodore: yes
Mana: Had you as the opposite, sorry. [77]!
Mana: Aurora!
Aurora points her sword at Heat Spark C, lining it in white light! …It might be a little hard to see that, though. [Corona, 34D]
[OOC] Aurora: (6), -40/-120
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 453/522, MP: 261/426, SoS: 130
Mana: The flame turns white! (6)
Mana: Goliath A bellows at Theodore!
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 83 ( Total: 83 ) for C80 to Defaith (4)
Mana: …To no effect but some raised hairs!
Theodore takes a step back, blinking.
Mana: Goliath B roars and laeps at Toth, laying into him with a heavy fist! [Sneak Attack]
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 61 ( Total: 61 )
Mana rolled 1d12+120 and got 3 ( Total: 123.0 )
Mana: For 123 physical damage!
[OOC] Toth: HP: 370/500, MP: 530/530, SoS: 125
Mana: Heat Spark B swirls, and flame explodes around Aurora!
Mana rolled 1d12+96 and got 10 ( Total: 106.0 )
Mana: For 106 magical Salamander damage!
Mana: Heat Spark D casts [Cluster Flame] on Alexander!
Mana rolled 1d12+96 and got 5 ( Total: 101.0 )
Mana: For 101 magical Salamander damage!
[OOC] Alexander: HP: 399/425, MP: 30/425, SoS: 106 - Wait For It (6)
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 387/522, MP: 261/426, SoS: 130
Mana: Battle order: Toth [F]:0 Heat Spark A [F]:0 Alexander [F]:13 Heat Spark C [B]:15 Veracruz [F]:17 Aurora [F]:20 Heat Spark B [F]:25 Heat Spark D [B]:26 Goliath A [F]:26 Theodore [B]:28 Goliath B [F]:46
Mana: Status for Goliath A [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Goliath B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Heat Spark A [F] : [== ]
Mana: Status for Heat Spark B [F] : [======= ]
Mana: Status for Heat Spark C [B] : [==========] Corona[40](6)
Mana: Status for Heat Spark D [B] : [==========]
Mana: Mr. Toth!
Toth: "And there goes one!" He stops spinning his staff and levels at Heat Spark B- a jet of Undine water (there could be like, Jinn water out there somewhere, shut up) strikes Heat Spark B when it isn't looking! [MB Aqua Surge, 38D]
Mana: Hits the weakness!
Toth rolled 1d12+180,150 and got 4 ( Total: 276.0 ) for magical undine damage
[OOC] Mana: 276!!] - It's defeated! The other flames gutter for a moment before burning higher!
Mana: Heat Spark A casts [Cluster Flame] on Theodore!
Mana rolled 1d12*1.75+96*1.75 and got 3 ( Total: 173.25 )
Mana: Hits the weakness for 173 magical Salamander damage!
Mana: Battle order: Alexander [F]:0 Heat Spark C [B]:2 Veracruz [F]:4 Aurora [F]:7 Heat Spark D [B]:13 Goliath A [F]:13 Heat Spark A [F]:14 Theodore [B]:15 Toth [F]:25 Goliath B [F]:33
Mana: Status for Goliath A [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Goliath B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Heat Spark A [F] : [== ]
Mana: Status for Heat Spark C [B] : [==========] Corona[40](6)
Mana: Status for Heat Spark D [B] : [==========]
Mana: Alexander!
Alexander punches Spark A again! [30D]
Alexander rolled 1d100 and got 25 ( Total: 25 )
Alexander rolled d8+90 and got 4 ( Total: 94.0 )
[OOC] Mana: 94]! It's defeated!
Theodore shimmers briefly as he's hit. [+40MP]
Mana: Heat Spark C calls down a [Firestorm], and sheets of flame go coursing across the battlefield!
Mana: …Stopped by a barrier of light!
Mana rolled 1d10+80 and got 9 ( Total: 89.0 )
Mana: Aurora takes 89 magical Salamander damage. Everyone else takes [0]!
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 338/522, MP: 261/426, SoS: 130
Theodore: "Phew."
Mana: Battle order: Veracruz [F]:0 Aurora [F]:3 Vladislav [F]:5 Heat Spark D [B]:9 Goliath A [F]:9 Theodore [B]:11 Toth [F]:21 Alexander [F]:26 Goliath B [F]:29 Heat Spark C [B]:46
Mana: Status for Goliath A [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Goliath B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Heat Spark C [B] : [==========] Corona[40](5)
Mana: Status for Heat Spark D [B] : [==========]
Mana: Veracruz!
[OOC] Mana: 13] to people with weaknesses and without armor, I suppose, actually!
Veracruz lunges once, twice at Heat Spark D "Come on then, let's see if I can extinguish a candle with a knife" [Attack, 32D]
Veracruz rolled 1d100 and got 86 ( Total: 86 )
Mana: It's a miss!
Mana: Aurora!
Veracruz: "Apparently I can't" he says, backpedalling "Ow, ow, ow"
Aurora slashes at Goliath A, stepping in front of Theodore after. [Shoulder Guard, 44D]
Aurora rolled 1d100 and got 51 ( Total: 51 ) for 90
Mana: It's a hit!
Aurora rolled 1d10+120 and got 2 ( Total: 122.0 ) for 4/5ths defence mod for Theo
[OOC] Mana: 122]!
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 338/522, MP: 231/426, SoS: 130
Mana: Vladislav!
Theodore: :Probably shoulda hit the spark but. Hmm. "
Fuepepe rolled 3d10+100 and got 8, 1, 3 ( Total: 112.0 ) for 20D
Toth has a newtype flash!
Mana: A portal opens up beneath Vladislav and he, and the trio of rabites, go hurtling through the abyss into -
Mana: the Salamander palace, where they land awkwardly on the stones all around. Hits the weakness! [168] [168] [168] [168]!
Vladislav lands on his feet, seemingly flipping to the next page of his book mid freefall before touching down on the ground. "Afternoon, Mr. Toth. I see you found them well enough."
Mana: Battle order: Heat Spark D [B]:0 Goliath A [F]:0 Theodore [B]:2 Toth [F]:12 Vladislav [F]:16 Alexander [F]:17 Goliath B [F]:20 Veracruz [F]:23 Heat Spark C [B]:37 Aurora [F]:38
Theodore opens his mouth, pauses.
Mana: Status for Goliath A [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Goliath B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Heat Spark C [B] : [==========] Corona[40](5)
Mana: Status for Heat Spark D [B] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Rabite A [B] : [== ]
Mana: Status for Rabite B [B] : [== ]
Mana: Status for Rabite C [B] : [== ]
Mana: Status for Rabite D [B] : [== ]
Toth: "Vladislav!" He glances about. "Pets of yours?"
Veracruz looks up as he sees Vlad falling down, then looks at the entree "Did you have to bring more things to the fight?"
Vladislav: "An avenue of travel."
Mana: Heat Spark D begins casting [Cluster Flame]! Goliath A leaps at Vladislav! [Sneak Attack]
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 9 ( Total: 9 )
Mana: Baker's trio.
Mana rolled 1d12+120 and got 1 ( Total: 121.0 )
Mana: Hitting Vladislav for 121 physical damage!
Mana: Battle order: Theodore [B]:0 Toth [F]:10 Heat Spark D [B]:13 Vladislav [F]:14 Alexander [F]:15 Goliath B [F]:18 Veracruz [F]:21 Rabite D [B]:26 Rabite C [B]:31 Heat Spark C [B]:35 Rabite A [B]:35 Aurora [F]:36 Rabite B [B]:37 Goliath A [F]:54
Mana: Status for Goliath A [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Goliath B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Heat Spark C [B] : [==========] Corona[40](5)
Mana: Status for Heat Spark D [B] : [==========]
Vladislav: "And do take that dumbfounded look off your face Theodore. It's not my fault you weren't conscious when we landed on the roof of the Millions hotel."
Mana: Status for Rabite A [B] : [== ]
Mana: Status for Rabite B [B] : [== ]
Mana: Status for Rabite C [B] : [== ]
Mana: Status for Rabite D [B] : [== ]
Mana: Theodore!
Veracruz: "That's how we ended up there, yes, same move"
Toth: "I see."
Toth: "How was the fortress, by the way?"
Veracruz pats his chest "Got this new jacket there, and those knives. Interesting place, but we couldn't qutie find millions
Theodore spins his staff over his head a few times, before slamming it into the ground. "I was more wondering why you didn't soften them up *before* hitting them and dropping in on us, really." [CT20] [4/5th Def Factor]
Mana: Mr. Toth!
Vladislav: "It makes more sense for to to move them -before- they get a chance to chomp on me, Theodore."
[OOC] Vladislav: *me
Theodore: "There's a thing I want to say to you but it translates very poorly so I'm not going to."
Theodore: "Although I suppose they are slow so it… shouldn't matter."
Toth plants his staff into the ground, and Gnome mana begins to gather. [CT 20]
Theodore: "Ah, yeah Toth's got it. Nevermind!"
Peter: Heat Spark D called up an explosive plume of flame beneath Alexander! [Cluster Flame]
Peter‘ rolled 1d12*1.5+96*1.5 and got 8 ( Total: 156.0 )
Peter: For 156 magical Salamander damage!
[OOC] Alexander: HP: 243/425, MP: 30/425, SoS: 106 - Wait For It (4)
Peter: Battle order: Vladislav [F]:0 Alexander [F]:1 Goliath B [F]:4 Theodore [B]:6 Veracruz [F]:7 Rabite D [B]:12 Toth [F]:16 Rabite C [B]:17 Heat Spark C [B]:21 Rabite A [B]:21 Aurora [F]:22 Rabite B [B]:23 Heat Spark D [B]:26 Goliath A [F]:40
Peter: Status for Goliath A [F] : [==========]
Peter: Status for Goliath B [F] : [==========]
Peter: Status for Heat Spark C [B] : [==========] Corona[40](5)
Peter: Status for Heat Spark D [B] : [==========]
Peter: Status for Rabite A [B] : [== ]
Peter: Status for Rabite B [B] : [== ]
Peter: Status for Rabite C [B] : [== ]
Peter: Status for Rabite D [B] : [== ]
Peter: Vladislav!
Alexander reels with the blast. These are getting stronger.
Vladislav begins to flip through his book. [CT 20]
Mana: Alexander!
Alexander hands Theodore a handmade concoction. [Salve, 40D]
Alexander rolled d6+48 and got 3 ( Total: 51.0 ) for +25% to next recovery effect on Theo
Theodore: "Woop!"
Mana: The Goliath leaps forward at Mr. Toth once more!
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 54 ( Total: 54 )
Mana rolled 1d12*1.25+120*1.25 and got 4 ( Total: 155.0 )
Mana: Hitting for 155 physical damage!
Mana: Battle order: Theodore [B]:0 Veracruz [F]:1 Rabite D [B]:6 Toth [F]:10 Rabite C [B]:11 Vladislav [F]:14 Heat Spark C [B]:15 Rabite A [B]:15 Aurora [F]:16 Rabite B [B]:17 Heat Spark D [B]:20 Goliath A [F]:34 Alexander [F]:35 Goliath B [F]:54
Mana: Theodore!
Theodore kicks his staff back up into the air, sending healing lights spiraling throughout the party. [Cure Light] [32D]
Theodore rolled d8+80 and got 5 ( Total: 85 ) for HP
[OOC] Alexander: HP: 328/425, MP: 30/425, SoS: 106 - Wait For It (3)
Mana: Light shines down!
Mana: Veracruz!
Mana: Battle order: Veracruz [F]:0 Rabite D [B]:5 Toth [F]:9 Rabite C [B]:10 Vladislav [F]:13 Heat Spark C [B]:14 Rabite A [B]:14 Aurora [F]:15 Rabite B [B]:16 Heat Spark D [B]:19 Theodore [B]:31 Goliath A [F]:33 Alexander [F]:34 Goliath B [F]:53
Veracruz looks at Theo and Toth getting hurt "Really, now…" he looks at Heat Spark D "Better take those things down fast" he rushes towards it, jumping high [Attack, 32D]
Veracruz rolled 1d100 and got 8 ( Total: 8 ) for 80 CoS
Mana: It’s a hit! Damage reduced vs. back row!
Veracruz spreads his arms wide, spinning as he slashes! He lands, immediately following with a backhand uppercut with the blade [Power Strike]
Veracruz rolled 1d8+72,125 and got 2 ( Total: 92.5 )
[OOC] Mana: 92]!
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 423/522, MP: 231/426, SoS: 130
Mana: Rabite D begins casting [Heal - CT15]!
Mana: Toth!
Toth flicks his staff from the ground, sending a gem from the ground flying towards Heat Spark D! He then sweeps his staff across the battlefield, uncovering the tips of many gems… [MB Gem Burst, 43D]
[OOC] Mana: Gem Burst is T: Row, so, you can't MB it!
[OOC] Toth: oh oops
[OOC] Toth: I thought it was single and then, anyway let me alter
[OOC] Mana: yup yup no prob
Toth sweeps his staff across the battlefield, uncovering gems in the back row of the enemy's formation! They fly up and explode! He sweeps his staff in the other direction, and the tips of embedded gems reveal themselves… [Gem Burst, 33D]
Toth rolled 1d10+100 and got 5 ( Total: 105 )
Mana: Six hits! Sparks are resistant! [52] [52] [105] [105] [105] [105] [105]! Rabites explode!
Peter: Battle order: Vladislav [F]:0 Heat Spark C [B]:1 Aurora [F]:2 Heat Spark D [B]:6 Theodore [B]:18 Veracruz [F]:19 Goliath A [F]:20 Alexander [F]:21 Toth [F]:29 Goliath B [F]:40
Peter: Status for Goliath A [F] : [==========]
Peter: Status for Goliath B [F] : [==========]
Peter: Status for Heat Spark C [B] : [======== ] Corona[40](5)
Peter: Status for Heat Spark D [B] : [==== ]
Peter: Vladislav!
Vladislav begins to chant, a trio of icicles forming above him. With a snap of his fingers they fly towards Heat Spark D. [Ice Needles - 20D]
Vladislav rolled 3d12*1.5+160*1.5 and got 8, 2, 4 ( Total: 261.0 )
Theodore flashes a thumbs up to Mr. Toth.
Toth nods to Theodore.
[OOC] Peter: N… no CT?
[OOC] Vladislav: I charged it earlier!
[OOC] Peter: Right yes my mistake <3
Peter: Defeated in a blink as the shards rip through it - [261]!
Peter: Heat Spark C swirls, the sole remaining - it charges a [Cluster Flame - CT15!]
Peter: Battle order: Aurora [F]:0 Heat Spark C [B]:14 Theodore [B]:16 Veracruz [F]:17 Vladislav [F]:18 Goliath A [F]:18 Alexander [F]:19 Toth [F]:27 Goliath B [F]:38
Peter: Status for Goliath A [F] : [==========]
Peter: Status for Goliath B [F] : [==========]
Peter: Status for Heat Spark C [B] : [======== ] Corona[40](5)
Peter: Aurora!
Aurora just slashes simply at Spark C. [44D]
Aurora rolled 1d100 and got 56 ( Total: 56 ) for 90
Peter: Hits! Damage reduced vs. back row!
Aurora rolled 1d10+120,75 and got 10 ( Total: 97.5 ) for Front to back row
[OOC] Peter: 97]!
Peter: Cluster Flame explodes beneath Aurora!
Peter‘ rolled 1d12*1.75+96*1.75 and got 11 ( Total: 187.25 )
Peter: To the tune of 187 magical Salamander damage!
Theodore: "You okay?"
Peter: Battle order: Theodore [B]:0 Veracruz [F]:1 Vladislav [F]:2 Goliath A [F]:2 Alexander [F]:3 Toth [F]:11 Goliath B [F]:22 Heat Spark C [B]:25 Aurora [F]:28
Peter: Status for Goliath A [F] : [==========]
Peter: Status for Goliath B [F] : [==========]
Peter: Status for Heat Spark C [B] : [=== ] Corona[40](4)
Peter: Theodore!
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 276/522, MP: 231/426, SoS: 130
Aurora: "Uh, mostly."
Theodore: "Alright then, get to ya in a second."
Theodore dashes forward, staff high over his head before slamming it into the heat spark. [42D]
Theodore rolled 1d100 and got 24 ( Total: 24 ) for 80
Peter: Hits!
Peter: Damage reduced across two rows!
Theodore rolled d10+98,75% and got 1 ( Total: 74.25 ) for Chain bonus! +256% to it.
[OOC] Theodore: er, 49 really
[OOC] Peter: 49]! Veracruz!
Peter: Battle order: Veracruz [F]:0 Vladislav [F]:1 Goliath A [F]:1 Alexander [F]:2 Toth [F]:10 Goliath B [F]:21 Heat Spark C [B]:24 Aurora [F]:27 Theodore [B]:41
Peter: Status for Goliath A [F] : [==========]
Peter: Status for Goliath B [F] : [==========]
Peter: Status for Heat Spark C [B] : [= ] Corona[40](4)
Vladislav: "All yours, Veracruz."
Veracruz dashes right behind Theodore. As Theo brings down he staff he jumps up on his shoulders, propelling himself higher, and landing with both feet on the Heat Spark, intent on extinguishing it [Attack, 32D]
Veracruz rolled 1d100 and got 7 ( Total: 7 )
Veracruz rolled 1d8+72,75 and got 8 ( Total: 60.0 )
[OOC] Peter: 60]! It’s defeated!
[OOC] Veracruz: OOps, Chain Bonus
Peter: Vladislav!
[OOC] Veracruz: Should be 80 but okay
Vladislav considers before moving in on Goliath A with the book. [Attack - 31D]
Vladislav rolled 1d100 and got 23 ( Total: 23 )
Vladislav rolled d8+81 and got 1 ( Total: 82.0 )
Theodore: "Been a while since you've done that!"
[OOC] Peter: 82]!
Veracruz: "Needed a good setup!"
Veracruz: "Also this gem i'm using, not really helping with my setup moves but hey, I can heal"
Peter: Goliath A slams its two great hands onto the ground and inhales, its maw flickering. [Fire Breath in CT15]
Theodore: "You know,"
Peter: Battle order: Alexander [F]:0 Toth [F]:8 Goliath A [F]:14 Goliath B [F]:19 Aurora [F]:25 Vladislav [F]:30 Veracruz [F]:30 Theodore [B]:39
Peter: Status for Goliath A [F] : [======== ]
Peter: Status for Goliath B [F] : [==========]
Peter: Alexander!
Theodore: "I really hope that thing with the blades didn't come back. Although bosses don't really respawn…"
Vladislav: "I'm wearing a Pyragite as well. Don't expect any assistance, though. It is solely for mechanical use as I need to unlock gates."
Toth: "In telling us that… are you trying to unlock a gate?"
Theodore: "What flavor?"
Alexander punches Goliath A. [30D]
Alexander rolled 1d100 and got 58 ( Total: 58 )
Peter: It's a hit!
Alexander rolled d8+90 and got 8 ( Total: 98.0 )
Vladislav: "To be perfectly honest I'm aiming for a different school all together."
[OOC] Peter: 98]! Mr. Toth!
Toth assaults Goliath B! [Attack, 43D]
Veracruz: "Ahaha, I'm not sure how I can actively work for that, i'm just interested in this heal I got. Can't let Theo do all the work"
Toth rolled 1d100 and got 36 ( Total: 36 ) for 80
Toth rolled 1d10+80 and got 9 ( Total: 89 )
Theodore gives Cruz a thumbs up from behind his back.
Peter: Hits - [89]! The goliath roars!
Peter: Goliath A exhales a plume of flame over the front row!
Peter‘ rolled 1d10+100 and got 9 ( Total: 109.0 )
Peter: Dealing 109 magical Salamander damage with a sweep of brilliant heat! That’s 163 vs. weakness.
[OOC] Veracruz: HP: 349/450, MP: 195/450, SoS: 112
Peter: Goliath B beats his chest for [CT5], then picks up Mr. Toth and hurls him at Veracruz!
Peter‘ rolled 2d100 and got 64, 26 ( Total: 90 )
Peter` rolled 1d12+120 and got 5 ( Total: 125.0 )
Peter: Dealing 125 physical damage to both!
Peter: Battle order: Aurora [F]:0 Alexander [F]:5 Vladislav [F]:5 Veracruz [F]:5 Theodore [B]:14 Toth [F]:26 Goliath A [F]:30 Goliath B [F]:50
Peter: Status for Goliath A [F] : [====== ]
Peter: Status for Goliath B [F] : [======== ]
Peter: Aurora!
Theodore: "That was kinda like an answer but not really one."
Veracruz turns around, his jacket is on his hand suddenly, he spins, wrapping Toth as he flies in it, cutting on his momentum to ease the blow "Whoa!"
[OOC] Veracruz: HP: 224/450, MP: 195/450, SoS: 112
Toth climbs to his feet. "Jeez…"
Veracruz dusts his jacket and puts it back on "That was crazy"
Theodore: "Dangit I was trying really hard not to spend MP!"
Aurora sheakes her head, Beckoning to Goliath B. [36D]
Aurora rolled 1d100 and got 62 ( Total: 62 ) for 70 for Provoke (4)
Peter: It roars back! Provoke (4)!
Veracruz: "Well, we can either burn those down very fast or split costs, Theo"
Peter: Alexander!
Theodore: "Although s[eaking of opening magic seals, I kinda need my undine and jinn and/or gnome too. Hmm."
Alexander punches Goliath A again. [30D]
Alexander rolled 1d100 and got 17 ( Total: 17 )
Vladislav chuckles at Theodore. "It’s rather annoying, isn't it?"
Peter: It's a hit!
Alexander rolled d8+90 and got 8 ( Total: 98.0 )
Theodore: "How bad are you all hurt anyway?"
[OOC] Peter: 98]!
[OOC] Alexander: HP: 219/425, MP: 30/425, SoS: 106 - Wait For It (1)
Veracruz: "Man, what is even the way someone aligned to gnome acts like?"
Vladislav: "Opposite of me, I would assume."
Theodore: "Uh, like people that aren't Vlad."
Peter: Battle order: Vladislav [F]:0 Veracruz [F]:0 Theodore [B]:9 Toth [F]:21 Goliath A [F]:25 Alexander [F]:30 Aurora [F]:31 Goliath B [F]:45
Peter: Status for Goliath A [F] : [==== ]
Peter: Status for Goliath B [F] : [======== ] Provoke(4)
Peter: Vladislav! Veracruz!
Theodore: "Hah!"
Veracruz: "That sounds like everyone"
Vladislav moves in on Goliath A again! [Attack - 31D]
Vladislav rolled 1d100 and got 70 ( Total: 70 )
Vladislav rolled d8+81 and got 8 ( Total: 89.0 )
Peter: Thwack - [89]! Cruz!
Veracruz immediately runs towards Goliath A, while it is busy fending off Vladislav he runs around it, jumping on it's back "Here we go!" drawing both knives on high and driving them on it's shoulderblades [Attack, 32D]
Veracruz rolled 1d100 and got 16 ( Total: 16 )
Veracruz rolled 1d8+72 and got 5 ( Total: 77 )
[OOC] Peter: 77] - it explodes into bones!
Peter: Battle order: Theodore [B]:0 Toth [F]:12 Goliath A [F]:16 Alexander [F]:21 Vladislav [F]:22 Aurora [F]:22 Veracruz [F]:23 Goliath B [F]:36
Peter: Status for Goliath B [F] : [======== ] Provoke(4)
Peter: Theodore!
Theodore: "Man I wish one of you had a way to boost cures."
Toth: "I can learn a few things to hit harder…"
Theodore takes a deep bretha, spins his staff around a few times before slamming it into the ground. [CT20}
Toth thwacks Goliath B! [Attack, 43D]
Toth rolled 1d100 and got 58 ( Total: 58 ) for 80
Toth rolled 1d10+80 and got 3 ( Total: 83 )
Vladislav: "I'd finish the beast off for you, but I think by the time I was done chanting it'd be a waste."
Theodore: "Well no I."
Theodore: "Am using this free floating mana while I got it either way."
Peter: Hits - [83]!
Peter: Goliath A leaps up into the air for a moment, slamming down, a terrible grin on its face before it rushes in, hammering at Aurora! [Hammer Blow]x2!!!
Peter‘ rolled 2d100 and got 30, 39 ( Total: 69 ) for 80-evasion
Peter` rolled 1d12+120 and got 5 ( Total: 125.0 )
Also rolled 1d12+120 and got 1 [Total: 121.0 (Min), Avg: 1.00]
Total: 246.0, Avg: 3.00
Peter: Hitting for 125 and 121 physical damage!
Theodore: "Those things… have a lot of abilities."
Veracruz: "That they do"
Veracruz: "Aurora?"
Peter: It lets out a puff of breath, exhausted after the effort.
Peter: Battle order: Theodore [B]:0 Alexander [F]:1 Vladislav [F]:2 Aurora [F]:2 Veracruz [F]:3 Goliath B [F]:16 Toth [F]:35 Goliath A [F]:52
Peter: Status for Goliath B [F] : [====== ] Provoke(4)
Peter: Theodore!
Theodore: "She’s still up, barely."
[OOC] Aurora: HP:7 90/522, MP: 231/426, SoS: 130
Theodore: "Hooray for hevay armor."
[OOC] Alexander: I thought Goliath A exploded?
Veracruz: "Yeah… Was worried there for a moment"
Theodore kicks his staff into the air, sending healing spiraling throughout the party. [32D] [Cure Light]
[OOC] Peter: ah, it did
Theodore rolled d8+80 and got 4 ( Total: 84 ) for heals
[OOC] Aurora: Oh wait I'm not actually hurt than, am I?
[OOC] Peter: wait no let me check something
[OOC] Peter: YES YOU'RERIGHT, that definitely didn't happen at -all-, I forgot to uncheck it, oops.
Theodore pauses.
Theodore: "Did something just flicker? I feel like something just flickered. Kinda like a record skipping. Ah, well."
Vladislav: "Don't be alarmed, Theodore. We just crossed into a parallel dimension."
[OOC] Veracruz: HP: 308/450, MP: 195/450, SoS: 112
[OOC] Aurora: HP:7 90/522, MP: 231/426, SoS: 130
Peter: Damage drifts out of the world of known things (Meyta-Shuru) into the world of unknown things (Sura-Shuru.)
Theodore: "Oh, is that what that is?"
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 276/522, MP: 231/426, SoS: 130
Veracruz: "Did you do something, Vlad?"
Peter: Battle order: Alexander [F]:0 Vladislav [F]:1 Aurora [F]:1 Veracruz [F]:2 Goliath B [F]:15 Theodore [B]:31 Toth [F]:34
Peter: Status for Goliath B [F] : [====== ] Provoke(4)
Peter: Alexander!
Alexander kicks the remaining Goliath. [40D]
Alexander rolled 1d100 and got 5 ( Total: 5 )
Alexander rolled d10+120 and got 9 ( Total: 129.0 )
Peter: WHAM! The gorilla clutches its face, staggering back from the blow.
Peter: Battle order: Vladislav [F]:0 Aurora [F]:0 Veracruz [F]:1 Goliath B [F]:14 Theodore [B]:30 Toth [F]:33 Alexander [F]:39
Peter: Status for Goliath B [F] : [=== ] Provoke(4)
Peter: Vladislav! Aurora!
Toth shakes off the odd feeling.
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 360/522, MP: 231/426, SoS: 130
Vladislav moves in and attacks the Goliath again. [Attack - 31D]
Vladislav rolled 1d100 and got 20 ( Total: 20 )
Vladislav rolled d8+81 and got 3 ( Total: 84.0 )
[OOC] Peter: 84]! He's teetering on the brink. Aurora!
Aurora slashes at the last one, hoping to end this. [Attack, 44D]
Aurora rolled 1d100 and got 47 ( Total: 47 ) for 90
Aurora rolled 1d10+120 and got 1 ( Total: 121.0 )
[OOC] Peter: 121]!
Peter: It explodes into bones!
Theodore: "Phew."
Toth: "Sure was crowded for a bit."
Veracruz: "That was a lot of everything, yes"
Alexander: "I should really get some larger attacks."
Xsaieta strolls up, super casual, looking around. Faintly disappointed. "So I… heard… or smelled… monsters gettin' smashed. I kinda… took too long getting here, didn't I? Missed all the fun…"
Veracruz: "Well, we all working towards something in the end, no?"
Toth: "Oi, Xsaieta!"
Vladislav: "It's good practice, at least. Were you heading in or out of here? My entrance was a bit disorienting."
Veracruz looks at Xsaieta "Hey, there you are!"
Theodore: "Okay, when we're done talking to Salsa, I'll teach you the secret to opening Luna seals, Vlad. (Unless you wanted Dryad more)."
Alexander: "We're about to explore a new place in a bit, should be plenty of excitement shortly."
Toth: "The more the merrier now- I'd hate to fight that giant blade beast again without you around."
Veracruz: "And we are heading in"
Vladislav narrows his brow at Theodore. "There's a secret?"
Theodore: "Of course."
Veracruz: "And yeah, I made a new place, so we're going there next"
Veracruz: "Hopefully… It's the place I wanted it to be"
Xsaieta: "Hey! It's good to feel welcomed. Oh hey, Cruz, I got somethin' for ya." Tail flailing rapidly back and forth, he tosses Cruz the [Stolen Kisses - Knives, pwr6, Undine-elemental, Added: Deshell (10)], finally. "…kinda seemed like the sort of thing you might like, you know?"
Veracruz retroactively acquires them after having used them forever "Hey, thanks"
[OOC] Peter: Got 26 AP. Got 700 EXP. Got 140 Lucre.
Alexander: "Speaking of things you're holding onto, Xsai, I have it on good authority that you have an extra Lodestone jewel now. Might I be able to borrow it? Quicksilver is feeling a tad stale at the moment."
[OOC] Toth: HP: 265/500, [TMP: 60] MP: 389/530, SoS: 125
Vladislav: "I would chastise you for not being around lately, but it would seem going guideless into the Luna proved to be the best decision I have made."
Xsaieta gives Alexander a Look for a few moments before nodding, undoing a chain necklace from around his neck and passing it to him - along with the cold iron ring at the end of the chain. "Take good care of the [Compass Rose], yeah?"
Veracruz: "Oh, man, did it ever"
Veracruz: "I need to take you to see the Pure Land someday, Xsai"
Alexander: "I will, thank you," dipping a short bow to the man after he takes it.
Veracruz: "It's the weirdest place ever"
Xsaieta: "…you guys took a hell of a ride, didn't you?"
Vladislav: "I tipped our ship off of the pathways."
Vladislav: "Intentionally, rather. I wanted to see what was down there."
Veracruz: "Yep, so far down we ended up washing over in a different world"
Veracruz: "Even met another of the Service fleets"
Toth: "Pure Hearts -can- go to a whole new world."
Xsaieta stares at Vladislav for a few seconds.
Veracruz: "He surprised the hell out of me too, did not expect that out of him of all people"
Theodore: "He's not lying! He sunk the boat with no warning."
Xsaieta bursts out laughing, really hard, claps him on the shoulder and gives him a huge hug. "Okay, you're legit. I was worried for a while."
Vladislav furrows his brow slightly at being touched. "Once you have calmed down, we have a few things on the agenda. Talking to the spirit and investigating the location Veracruz created. A hot springs visit. Then I need Veracruz to find a new road into the Luna so we can return to the Tree of Life."
Veracruz: "Yeah I can show you the way there, shouldn't be hard
Toth: "Save talking to the city heart for tomorrow, then?"
Vladislav: "The Lower Shade Gate was closed this morning. The Emperor had to send a fair amount of troops down to combat the Scorpion Army and get it shut."
Xsaieta: "Man, can I just say, I love how fast you all move."
Veracruz: "My gem of choice isn't the quicksilver for no reason"
Theodore: "World isn't gunna save itself, y'know."
Xsaieta: "Not so crazy about how fast everyone -else- moves, but."
Vladislav glances at Toth. "I am unsure how much of a detour we will have to take to get back to the Luna. It may be for the best."
Toth nods along. "It's fine, it's fine."
Vladislav: "I was not with the lot of you when you came down here. Lead the way to the spirit."
Toth also leads the way.
Theodore trails after Toth, glancing back towards Vladislav as he walks.
Veracruz looks ahead "Neither was I, though I don't think it's easy to get lost here"
Veracruz follows after Toth "How was it last time you came here? You mentioned a blade thing"
Toth: "Oh… yes."
Toth: "A large beast of steel fought us on a bridge. We had to hurt it more and more in certain time intervals, lest we be seared by encroaching flames."
Theodore: "Anyway the secret to being in tune with your luna nature… is kinda like how you were acting in the luna. You sorta do what you want! But the trick to it, is that you gotta be doing what you think is best for everyone - even if they don't realize it's best."
Xsaieta: "We also smashed it into bits, so…"
Toth: "It was a fight that I, sadly, wasn't up at the end of, haha."
Peter: The long stone bridge -
Peter: Over darkness, with flames flickering on either side.
Peter: The archways.
Peter: And at the end, the altar of flame.
Xsaieta gestures vaguely at Theodore. "And this is why we're bros."
Toth points to the archways, and their numbers: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500.
Veracruz looks at the bridge "That is the bridge you mentioned?"
Toth: "Sure is."
Veracruz looks at the numbers
Xsaieta: "I think I just had a nightmare about this place. Like, right now."
Xsaieta: "Right here."
Theodore cups his hands over his mouth, "Saaaaalsa!"
Veracruz: "This definitely looks intimidating"
Xsaieta: "(I'll be okay.)"
Toth: "Pfft. Xsai was the last one up."
Veracruz wraps an arm around Xasai's shoulder
Toth: "And finished it off."
Vladislav: "Sooooo…. like if I cast Evil Gate on this spirit we're about to find?"
Toth: "He just wants you to hug him."
Veracruz: "Nice! That's definitely what you do"
Vladislav glances at Theodore curiously.
Toth puts a hand on Vladislav's shoulder. "I don't think it'd be well received."
Theodore: "Well, then you're probably being a dick, and that's more in line with your Jinn nature."
Veracruz: "Vlad you are not going to make friends by attacking them"
Theodore: "Unless you think we're gunna hurt Salsa, in which case you're insane."
Veracruz: "Only Xsai, I guess"
Theodore: "And it's important to not confuse insane with luna nature."
Toth crosses the bridge!
Veracruz follows Toth after the bridge
Peter: As you approach, a spirit emerges from the plume of flame - Salamander, serpentine, carrying a baton.
Vladislav groans following the others across the bridge.
Theodore waves excitedly, before gesturing to Toth.
Xsaieta bows his head, takes off an imaginary hat. He'd sheathe his weapon, but he never got the chance to take it out, earlier. :(
Veracruz waves to the spirit as well, given it apparently can't understand them, but
Toth: "Alright, let's see, how does this work…"
Peter: There's a stirring in the air - faintly musical - and the spirit closes its eyes.
Toth inhales…
Vladislav: "They communicate through song or something of the sort, if the books hold true. Whether it can be done without an instrument though I cannot say."
Veracruz: "That might be the power of his gem
Theodore: "Just say 'Hello!', dude."
Toth: "Hello!"
Peter: Something in the air shifts. Something in the medium -
[OOC] Peter: Song of the Spirits
Peter: "And… hello!" The spirit says.
Veracruz: "O-oh, I see. It kind of changes the environ so we can talk. Hi there"
Toth: "Aha!"
Toth: "Hello there!"
Aurora: "That is pretty neat."
Toth: "I'm Mr. Toth."
Veracruz: "(This is going to get akward if we keep echoing hi for a while)"
Vladislav stares at the spirit silently.
Theodore: "I'm Theodore!"
Toth: "(Introduce yourself!)"
Veracruz: "Veracruz"
Aurora: "Aurora, from the Order of Solar Knights."
Peter: "Huh. There's a ton of you, aren't there?"
Alexander: "Yes. I am Alexander."
Veracruz: "Quite a few, we tend to travel in small groups, until something happens, and suddenly there's everyone"
Theodore: "Something like nine total, yeah. Although just seven here."
Vladislav sighs. "… Vladislav. When was the last time you spoke to one of our kind, Spirit?"
Theodore: "Or well, ten? I guess we count Millions?"
Veracruz: "Nah, don't count Millions"
Toth: "We don't really travelw ith her."
Theodore: "…And whoever the services have…. hmmm…."
Xsaieta goes '!', visibly, and grins. "My name is Xsaieta. It's an honour to finally be able to introduce myself."
Peter: "Lookin' for a history lesson, right?"
Toth: "Be more selfish, Theodor."
Veracruz: "(Isn't that Millions?)"
Theodore: "Oh!"
Vladislav: "I am, at least."
Theodore: "No no, before that,"
Toth: "It'd be appreciated, among other things, yes."
Theodore smacks Vladislav upside the head lightly, "Do you have a name you prefer going by?"
Vladislav: "You have lived longer than I, despite us being among the undyin-" He stops midsentence offering a scowl to Theodore.
Veracruz chuckles Vlad
Peter: "Nope. Names are for you guys."
Peter: "I'm Salamander, and Salamander is I. I meet another spirit - you wouldn't be able to tell us apart."
Peter: "Do we want ice cream? Yeah, we do. There you go."
Toth: "Both of you say yes, yeah."
Toth: "Fair enough."
Theodore: "Hmm okay. Do you mind if we call you Salsa so we don't confuse you with other salamanders? It's hard being human and not usin' names."
Veracruz: "Hrm… I guess that makes some sense."
Peter: "Not listenin' to a word I say, are you…?"
Peter: "Knock yourself out."
Theodore: "I was sayin' it at the same time!"
Xsaieta can't help a little chuckle.
Veracruz: "I don't think there'd be any difference between this one here Salamander and another, Theo"
Toth: "He's going to call you Salsa pretty much unless you tell him no, really."
Veracruz shakes his head, alongside Xsai's chuckling
Vladislav: "If this one changed location you would be unable to discern the difference."
Veracruz: "(It is actually very funny this entire act)"
Theodore: "I duno about that, Cruz. But anyway."
Peter: "Hmph! So anyway. Where can I start…"
Peter: "…You aren't minstrels, are you…?"
Veracruz: "We never heard of minstrels before"
Xsaieta: "Nope!"
Vladislav: "Does it look like we have an instrument?"
Toth: "I can sort of play the piano…"
Theodore: "Not that I know of."
Vladislav: "We are here for information. We cannot make contracts."
Veracruz looks at Vlad "Contract?"
Toth: "That's lawyers, Vlad."
Peter: "Yeah. There's something in the air…"
Peter: "Heheh, used to be, if I wanted something done, I could hand out extreme magical power!"
Peter: "…But just smell what you guys are packing."
Peter: Salamander considers this.
Theodore tilts his head to the side.
Peter: "…I'd have to bring my A-game, wanted to match that."
Veracruz: "Well, we're always happy to help with a problem, regadless"
Xsaieta: "Huh, that's not normal?" He jangles his bracelet a bit. "I mean, really, like Cruz said, you just gotta ask."
Peter: "So…"
Peter: "We're in Titania, right?"
Theodore: "Like the blade guy that was tryin' to eat ya!"
Theodore: "Yeah."
Vladislav: "And so the relationship between minstrel and spirit is born, yes. They were servants of the spirits, who chose to dedicate their lives to doing what they could not in exchange for a portion of their power Veracruz."
Theodore: "Still not sure *how* I got here, but that's where they say we are."
Veracruz: "Ah, I see"
Veracruz: "And yeah, this is Titania"
Peter: Salamander looks left, then right.
Peter: "I want you guys to name all eight spirits. All of you. Talk at once. Go."
Peter: "Go!"
Theodore: "Undine."
Theodore: "Salamander."
Toth: "Wisp!"
Theodore: "Gnome."
Xsaieta: "Luna!"
Theodore: "Shade."
Veracruz: "Salamander, Undine, Shade, Dryad, Luna"
Toth: "Gnom- er Jinn1"
Veracruz: "Gnome and Jinn"
Theodore: "(Not Aura~)"
Vladislav: "Aura."
Theodore: "No you -"
Theodore: "No!"
Veracruz: "Who?"
Vladislav: "Yes."
Xsaieta: "They're high, ignore them."
Veracruz: "Wait, what is going on here"
Toth: "Don't ignore them, they're funny."
Theodore: "She said eight, not 8.5 and confusing."
Xsaieta gives the Salamander a sheepish, apologetic look.
Theodore: "See, they don't even know what Aura is."
Veracruz: "I don't"
Toth: "You have no eyebrows."
Theodore: "I'm *supposed* to have eyebrows, they got lost in the hole!"
Xsaieta: "Well, nobody's perfect."
Aurora: "I think he's aware of that."
Veracruz: "You would look weird with eyebrows, Theo"
Vladislav chews at his lip. "If not Aura, are you referring to the one that was lost to Winter and Undine was forced to play their part?"
Veracruz: "Vlad"
Theodore: "Vlad did you forget how to count?"
Veracruz: "Salamander, Undone, Shade, Dryad, Luna, Gnome, Jinn and Wisp"
Veracruz: "Are eight"
Veracruz: "Anything other is nine"
Theodore: "We hit eight! Jinn/Gnome, Salamander/Undine, Wisp/Shade, Luna/Dryad."
Theodore: "Dryad being the one no one mentioned until now yeah."
Peter: "Naw, naw, I'm satisfied."
Theodore: "Oh wait no Cruz did.'
Veracruz: "I mean look, I know you're trying to flaunt your hidden knowledge but you're missing at math"
Veracruz: "Yes I did!"
Peter: "So, a palace is generally a sort of concord between humans and spirits, right?"
[OOC] Toth: #shotsfired
Veracruz: "Okay"
Toth: "Sure."
Vladislav crosses his arms. "Is it?"
Peter: "They tap into the lines of magic flowing through the land. But…"
Theodore: "Well, back home they are. Here, they'd got them all hidden away and unused… except the Dryad one." Theo makes a face.
Xsaieta: "You're gonna share with the class once we're done here, Cruz. Put on your little… Shade… teacher… hat." He turns back to the Spirit. "Honestly in this day and age most people forgot the palaces existed, or where they were. We just sort of… stumbled on this one, even."
Xsaieta: "It was all buried, and stuff!" Ear droop.
Veracruz: "Yeah, we found you by accident"
Peter: "Mmhm."
Peter: "Titania's a forged city."
Veracruz: "Forged? As in- False?"
Xsaieta: "!"
Toth: "If you forge a sword, it doesn't mean the sword doesn't exist. Let's hear more."
[OOC] Toth: *or isn't real
Xsaieta: "…that would explain a lot, actually. In either sense or definition of the term."
Veracruz: "Well, but if you forge a document, it means it's false"
Peter: "Cast and clad of mortal metal, born of the passions I'm king and queen of."
Veracruz: "Ah, I see"
Veracruz: "So it was that vresion of the verb"
Peter: "It reached back into the past and made it as it wished."
Peter: "It reached forward into the future and made that as it wished."
Peter: "Isn't that kinda beautiful…? Hard for me to begrudge it."
Vladislav: "And yet now it's about to fall apart."
Theodore puts a hand to his chin.
Vladislav: "Such a trait is hardly befitting of beauty."
Veracruz: "Hrm… That is… An interesting concept…" that was mostly to himself
Theodore: "How'd they do it?"
Veracruz: "Permanence is not paramount for beauty, Vlad"
Vladislav: "Beauty however is known to decay with time."
Veracruz: "Simply perfection or as close as it gets"
Xsaieta: "Well… yes and no. I mean, I've got this blacksmith friend, right? Generally, she's only happy if she makes something aesthetically pleasing and durable. But, I mean, everything breaks eventually, I'm not gonna hold a grudge."
Peter: "Yeah. So, what do I want…"
Peter: "Gotta translate into people terms. I mean, I say, I wanna see this place burn instead of rot, you'll think-"
Peter: "Well, you are…"
Peter: "…Consumable…"
Veracruz: "I'll think, you want to see it end gloriously instead of in ignominy?"
Toth: "Well, us specifically, we're infinite."
Toth: "But in general people do expire."
Peter: "Not end gloriously, but…" Salamander considers.
Vladislav: "Sage Joch had similar goals. These disasters exist to stall the rotting of winter."
Veracruz: "But yeah, I guess us in particular aside, even then i'm not sure, people are are not perennial, just temporarily"
Xsaieta: "Ain't nothin' what isn't, sister. Aside from possibly us." He grins, ferally, for a split second, before it goes somewhere a lot more genteel.
Theodore: "… That."
Peter: "Sage Joch, huh?"
Theodore: "Reminds me of the other weird thing I almost forgot about."
Toth: "Heard of 'im?"
Vladislav: "Kind of an asshole, you know him yeah?"
Veracruz: "Well, 'gloriously' is not precisely the right word? But something different the how it is going to"
Theodore: "Was that him?"
Peter: "He's known to the spirit world."
Peter: "So he came here, too…"
Toth: "He's still around, kind of."
Xsaieta: "Wait, what?"
Theodore: "Like, as we were eatin' lunch a bit ago. There was some SUPER WEIRD stuff going around. Resonating thughts and stuff."
Toth sniffs, and suddenly brings up his arms, crossing them, like he's caught off guard. "(Oh, right, I hadn't mentioned.)"
Theodore: "Kind of foreboding."
Peter: "So, Titania, Titania, Titania…"
Toth: "He's not dead, but he's not exactly alive… he's pretty tied into the whole… 'story' of everything now though."
Peter: "If every world has a mana tree…"
Xsaieta: "Wacky."
Peter: "Titania is its world's seed."
Peter: "Buried deep within the earth. Festering. Pulling more and more into itself."
Peter: "Growing, but refusing to crack its shell."
Peter: "Forged and wrought by fire and by will."
Peter: "A fount of unbelievable, incredible mana, chained and tethered…"
Peter: "And mortal-fashioned."
Xsaieta: "…by who? The Emperor?"
Peter: "By the Emperor."
Vladislav: "You know Irwin, then?"
Peter: "This subterranean kingdom belongs to him."
Veracruz: "Hrm… Wait… So if i'm to understand this right… Titania is like… It's meant to be the beginning of a whole new world, but it's refusing to actually begin? Hrm…"
Veracruz: "I see. I thought the Emperor was involved in that, yeah. Every time something weird is going on his name's involved"
Toth thinks on this.
Xsaieta: "….huh."
Vladislav: "The Emperor is a title, many have held it."
Veracruz: "That is more than obvious, Vlad. Do you know his name?"
Vladislav: "I already said it. Irwin."
Veracruz: "Clearly you do and I presume it is Irwin"
Veracruz: "Yep"
Veracruz: "Kind of an underwhelming name for an emperor, I have to say"
Peter: "This many pure hearts…"
Peter: Salamander laughs.
Toth: "Irwin… on reflection, why would it be anything grander?"
Toth: "Anyway."
Theodore peers at the Salamander.
Vladislav: "Is this many in one place that uncommon?"
Veracruz: "We're a lot yeah" he turns to Toth "Well, if you're going to have a title like emperor… I mean hell, Alexander has a better name"
Peter: "Very. Usually five or six, tops."
Toth: "Alexander -is- a pretty great name."
Peter: "The world knows it's gone bad, I think."
Peter: "Like when you cut open a sac and teeth and hair spill out. Only this time…"
Peter: "It's hearts."
Veracruz: "Oh, well, we're normally not ALL together like this"
Alexander: "Maybe my father wished a grander name upon me than his brother."
Vladislav: "The fact that this many exist at all, Veracruz."
Theodore blinks.
Toth: "(What kind of sacks are you cutting…)"
Xsaieta: "Oooh. Lovely."
Veracruz: "(The sort of sacks with monster parts you sell to a poacher?)"
Toth: "Anyway, if I can ask something."
Peter: "Shoot."
Toth: "If Titania is sort of a seed of this world… what's at the center, the seed, of Titania?"
Veracruz: "Might it be there is even one?"
Toth: "So it says in Joch's prophecy. Figured I'd ask."
Peter: "Damned if I know."
Peter: "You could accuse the Emperor of being it…"
Toth wrinkles his brow and sways around a bit.
Toth: "Ehh… I suppose."
Peter: "Usually a seed grows. But he made this one."
Xsaieta: "…that one's kinda obvious, isn't it? The City Heart."
Vladislav chews at his lip considering something.
Veracruz: "Hrm… I guess if anyone else he might know"
Peter: "The City Heart, huh?"
Veracruz: "I don't know, Xsai, I was about to ask her if she kne wether it was a spirit in the City Heart or not"
Veracruz: "I mean, Goblins happen when sprits are angry and they are kinda beating the City Heart"
Theodore: "There's a big machine down in the salamander district, that powers the city."
Xsaieta: "Big contraption that's just… always been here. Powering everything. Whole city rises and sets around it, literally."
Veracruz: "But that would mean that's not what it is"
Theodore: "Apparently, goblins are trying to breka it open to rescue someone inside…?"
Xsaieta: "And it almost certainly has a Spirit trapped inside?"
Veracruz: "But yeah, pretty much"
Peter: "…Yeah, that'd do it."
Toth: "The prophecy says, 'This world, Titania, is forged upon a sin. Crafted of a falsified patchwork.' Among other things, but…that's probably a good place to start. "
Xsaieta: "I've been wanting to throw myself in, see if I can have a chat with whatever's in there before I burn to ash."
Veracruz: "Hrm… If that's the seed of this Titania"
Peter: "One of my brothers and sisters trapped in there…"
Peter: "Heheheheheh."
Peter: "What can I offer ya to get you to break it?"
Toth: "'Twisted, buried deep underneath the ground, it grows as a seed that seeks to consume all dreams and reality.'"
Veracruz: "Uhn… A way not to undo the entire city when it happens"
Veracruz: "I mean, really, we DO want to free it, but, at the same time, we kind of don't want a premature end to everyone to who depends on it"
Alexander: "I'd feel pretty bad about breaking it open after we stopped the goblins from doing the same."
Toth shrugs at Alexander. "Pure heart privilege."
Veracruz: "So if you know an alternate way to power the city or a way for us to discover one, yeah, that'd be the price"
Theodore looks the Salamander over.
Veracruz: "Zero sum"
Vladislav: "Can you open a gate?"
Theodore: "You can make diamonds via intense heat, right?"
Xsaieta: "We're tryin' to finesse this -without- killing everyone who ain't us, you know?"
Peter: "Jewelry, right?"
Theodore: "Yup."
Toth: "We still do hold affection for those within Titania, yes." Pause. "Well, some of us, that is."
Peter: "Eesh. Lemme see if I can make myself care about mortals. Gimme a minute."
Vladislav: "No need to force yourself. We understand your desires."
Peter: Salamander reaches into its heart and mucks around there a little.
Theodore raises a lost eyebrow.
Veracruz: "We do, yeah. And hey, we are saying we are going to do it, eventually. You help'd just make it go faster"
Peter: "Okay, can you leave Titania?"
Veracruz blinks, and raises both eyebrows
Theodore: "Yes."
Veracruz: "I do believe we can"
Peter: Salamander strains. "Can… regular people… leave Titania?"
Veracruz: "I've gone to one place in particular but can't really figure how to go to others"
Vladislav: "No."
Theodore: "I… hm."
Xsaieta: "Not… yet."
Xsaieta: "That we know of."
Theodore: "Actually, yes."
Vladislav: "We need to open Salamander Gate."
Toth: "They… probably can, given they have places to go."
Veracruz: "Hrm… Are you sure, Vlad? I mean- The Services left their world, titanians can definitely leave theirs"
Veracruz: "Yeah, what Toth said"
Peter: "I don't mean, rrgh, in theory."
Toth: "People can come -into- titania, at least."
Peter: "I mean, literally, walk right outside."
Xsaieta: "Ain't no rule we can't break, though. Also you might mean, like, this world, in general, and not just 'the walls of the city', so I'm tryin' to leave my options open."
Veracruz: "There is a closed doorway"
Vladislav: "They cannot. The gate is closed."
Veracruz: "Soon as we open it yes, they can"
Veracruz: "Right this instant, no"
Xsaieta: "But uh there's a bunch of closed gates right now."
Peter: "Roads. Okay. Yes, I'm aware that there's - that there's goddamn world-road confusion-" Salamander's sweating.
Veracruz: "(We are working on it)"
Toth: "Oh, right, we also sort of found Vush weak spot, I think."
Peter: It clutches at its arm. "You should… break open… passage… outside of Titania, so that ordinary people can travel among it, which should release the…"
Theodore: "I saw a town or two outside Titania, and worst comes to worst Cruz can bust a hole through the wall."
Peter: Salamander exhales a plume of breath (and fire) off to one side.
Toth wrinkles his brow. "Are you oka-"
Peter: "Sheesh that hurt."
Toth chuckles.
Peter: "Alright. Yeah, smash a few walls, let mana flow."
Peter: "Titania wants to be small."
Peter: "Don't let it. Put the hurt on."
Veracruz: "Okay"
Veracruz: "Sounds like the original plan"
Peter: "Explosive decompression. It's a damn good plan."
Veracruz looks at Theo "Not QUITE yet, I don't think? I think that particular wall's a bit too think? I need to train a bit more 'fore I can"
Theodore: "Dude."
Veracruz: "Maybe, I never went to that wall"
Theodore: "Check your special skills from the salamander seal again."
Veracruz: "Taking the safe route here"
Theodore: "You can totally do it."
Xsaieta: "This is where Vlad's gonna give a bunch of reasons why doin' that would discombobulate the whosits and defranigulate the balance of a bunch of Shade words we don't know, so it's a bad idea, so…"
Veracruz: "I know what you're talking about!"
Xsaieta: "…let's get that out of the way while you can tell him he's full of crap, yeah?"
Theodore grins.
Vladislav: "Not at all. I want to open the gate since I have accumulated enough key points to execute my plan."
Theodore: "Vlad. You wanted you Luna seal broken right?"
Theodore: "This'll do it, I reckon. Especially since the Emperor told you not to."
Veracruz: "Going there and breaking open the gate sounds like the perfect choice, yeah"
Xsaieta: "Oh. In that case, awesome." He grins. "See, you're legit."
Peter: "Yeah."
Vladislav: "As for what it is, you can find out tomorrow yeah?"
Peter: "So anyway, jewelry. Locks and gates."
Peter: "Somebody once stole magic from the spirits and buried it in our earth."
Peter: "Somebody once stole the spirit of the spirits, and gave it to every soul."
Peter: "…Don't know how the locks got there."
Peter: "I can crack open a Salamander lock easy, though."
Theodore: "Man, now I feel bad for asking for jewelry form you."
Toth: "Do you really?"
Veracruz: "Well, probably because not everyone has the spirit of every spirit"
Peter: Salamander smiles. "Gettin' magic from spirits is traditional. I don't care about the form."
Toth: "How about a Salamander lock… on something that's already unlocked on Undine?"
Theodore: "Ah, right on."
Peter: "Can't do that."
Peter: "But…"
Vladislav chews at his lip. "Care for a demonstration, then?"
Vladislav: "I want to see how it works first hand."
Peter: "Step right on up for magic power, right?"
Toth steps on up, he loves power.
Vladislav steps up as well.
Peter: "Sorry Toth, back right on down. Last time I stepped on Undine's toes she ate Winter."
Toth: "I'm not sure that's a bad thing?"
Veracruz looks at his pyrargite "I'm… Not really going to use this much… Hrm…" he steps up, actually
Alexander steps up as well.
Peter: Salamander rolls up its sleeves. "So, let me think about how I wanna do this…"
Veracruz: "Don't actually heal much, but it'd be useful in any rate"
Toth hops back anyway.
Xsaieta: "It's okay, Mr. Toth. If we had any more power, everything would just get all jealous." He grins, viciously.
Toth: "Yeah, they do need it more than us."
Toth pats Xsaieta on the shoulder.
Peter: "I am Salamander. I am the warmth of a kiss and the burn in the veins."
Theodore: "Goddess knows I could use a new peice of jewelry."
Peter: "When daylight breaks through rock."
Vladislav: "I traded my old one at the vault of gems."
Peter: "When spring melts winter."
Peter: "When chains are broken, when the weak kill the strong,"
Peter: "And in the end, when you're alone-"
Peter: "Humans, I walk beside you."
Peter: "O Pure of Heart, blaze with the purity of fire."
Theodore: "And you got a cheap one back!"
Peter: "Whatever barricades keep you from my magic, smash them."
Veracruz grins "(Smashing barricades is what I do best)"
Peter: Salamander slams two hands together, and a flicker sizzles in Alexander - and Vladislav - and Veracruz.
Peter: When all seems lost, Salamander will be with you. [Gates forced open.]
Veracruz fist-pumps and strikes a pose!
Veracruz: "Alright! Change of plans for this gem, going to hold on to it slightly longer"
Xsaieta grins.
Peter: "Speakin of… fancy tricks with jewelry."
Peter: "How's magic gonna work in the new world?"
Toth: "Well… as you get stronger… you just sort of learn it?"
Toth: "In multiples of eight…?"
Toth shrugs. "You're talking too far into the future here."
Veracruz: "That sounds like a little bit too much? Maybe five"
Vladislav bows in return. "While we're here, do you know if it's dangerous to use jewerly in manaless lands."
Theodore: "Uh, basically there a specific chunk of abilities that are burned into the gemstones."
Toth: "Well we're talking over a range of like, 100."
Veracruz: "But yeah it's definitely just a matter of wanting it and then working hard to earn it"
Vladislav: "It was burning up."
Theodore: "And each stone has a handful of 'em."
Veracruz: "Taht is a very vast range, Toth"
Veracruz: "I don't like that number"
Theodore: "And when you're wearing the jewelry piece, you can use 'em as much as you want."
Peter: "So, like now?"
Peter: "Well, I was thinking."
Peter: "…Was kinda nice to own some magic."
Theodore: "Well, the new world's more or less the same as the old world, isn't it…?"
Peter: "So, if you give me dominion over one of the stones…"
Peter: Salamander grins. "I'll make some improvements for ya."
Theodore: "Oh! You mean, doing something… new?"
Veracruz: "O-oh?"
Peter: "Give it a little tune-up."
Veracruz headscratches
Peter: "A new trick here and there."
Vladislav: "I have no attachments to this gem if you wanted to try."
Peter: "Pyrargite, right?"
Vladislav nods.
Vladislav: "I think everyone would be more at ease if we tried it on a bargain bin gem first."
Peter: "The magic to fight the battle against death…"
Peter: "To ward against any foe…"
Theodore shakes his wrist. "Mine does have some personal history attached to it yeah."
Veracruz: "That might be true, I do hold my dear Quicksilver close to my heart, it is almost my soul"
Peter: "To refuse any curse. Yeah."
Toth: "(Let's see how it works, yeah.)" He fingers the Milliennium Price.
Peter: "Salamander, king of Pyrargite. Sound good?"
Vladislav: "It is yours to decide."
Toth: "Ahh. That's what you mean."
Veracruz: "Oh, I see"
Veracruz: "Hrm… Ahaha, all the passion in the world, to fend away every harm"
Xsaieta: "Pyrargite's gotta have passion."
Veracruz: "Sounds like the best place to put your passion"
Theodore: "Oh! Wait, you mean like, you're now the guardian spirit of Pyrargite?"
Veracruz: "That is what it wants us to decide, yeah"
Theodore pauses, "That wouldn't interfer with the Undine spells inside it, right?"
Xsaieta: "Don't think Salamander wants Undine to eat Winter again or something even more drastic, so that's probably fine."
Peter: "Nope."
Theodore gives the salamander a thumbs up. "Go for it then!"
Peter: Salamander picks up the piece and considers. "Ironic, really."
Peter: It tosses it up in the air and swats it back to Vladislav with its baton.
Peter: "I made a few tuneups. Wait a minute for things to percolate through."
Theodore: "How do you figure it's ironic?"
Xsaieta: "That'd be Lodestone…"
Vladislav catches it with a nod. "Guess I'll see what it did."
Theodore rollls his sleeve up a bit, to check out the gemstone inside of his bracelet as they wait.
[OOC] Peter:
Theodore: "Dangit! I have regrets now."
Veracruz: "T-that's"
Veracruz: "Surprisingly amazing"
Veracruz: "Guess i'll take some weight off of Theo's back now"
Theodore: "Hauuugh." Theodore kicks at the ground pathetically, briefly.
Peter: "Heheh. I try my best."
Peter: "Don't try to steal it back, now!"
Toth chuckles.
Toth: "Good show."
Peter: "Just call my name and be there."
Peter: "Sheesh, to think you got so far without me."
Peter: "And to think how far you'll go with me!"
Xsaieta: "Well…"
Theodore makes a face.
Veracruz: "Well i'm. Only going to do it a little"
Xsaieta: "…you were with us in spirit, yeah?"
Veracruz: "Alright"
Xsaieta winks at Salamander.
Theodore: "Bluh bluh bluh okay I'm done."
Peter: Salamander smirks at Theodore. "Serves you right!"
Alexander: "This is certainly interesting." He pats Theo on the shoulder. "We all make difficult life choices. Sometimes they're poor ones."
Theodore: "Yeah, see if I save you fomr a giant, dual weidling monster trying to eat you again!"
Toth: "(He will, he's a big softie.)"
Alexander: "(I know.)"
Peter: "Hey, I appreciate it."
Veracruz: "Well, we're definitely going to hold on for a fair bit more now, that much is certain"
Peter: "But you know."
Peter: "Spirit. Got an opposite."
Toth smiles at Alexander.
Theodore: "Well that's still not anything in it for *me*." Theodore folds his arms over his chest.
Veracruz …
Veracruz: "Good one, Xsai"
Vladislav: "Piss off Undine and open the Salamander lock anyways. S'not like you've invested anything in it."
Theodore: "Man it's already open, if we could do take backs it'd be this entire thing right here."
Veracruz: "Vlad I don't think that it'd be a problem between Theo and Undine"
Veracruz: "But between Salamander and Undine"
Veracruz: "Not sure if we want 'em fighting"
Xsaieta grins at Cruz, winks at him too.
Vladislav shrugs. "Things have to get lively somehow."
Toth: "I'm sure that'll happen by just opening the gate."
Aurora: "More than lively, in that case."
Xsaieta: "Someone ate his special motivation breakfast this morning."
Toth: "Anyway, how'd you get holed up in here?"
Peter: Salamander shrugs. "Palace's fault, I guess."
Peter: "Spirits tend to show up at their altars."
Peter: "This is just… a tricky one to leave."
Theodore reaches over and grabs one of Veracruz's daggers, then walks over to the brazier and digs around a bit before pulling a chuck of coal out.
Veracruz goes ! then- "Oh, good you didn't pick the Stolen Kisses"
Peter: It's hot, of course.
Toth watches Theodore.
Xsaieta watches Theodore, curiously.
Aurora: "Theodore, what are you doing?"
Theodore spins around, then prods the coal into the salamander. "What *was* that thing the other day, anyway? It seemed like it specifically had it out for you, and wasn't just randomly hungry."
Peter: Salamander picks it up and chews on it. "Well, I don't really know."
Xsaieta has learned not to ask, when Theo's doing something Luna. He PROBABLY knows what he's doing.
Peter: "I mean, beasts are usually fine with spirits, right?"
Theodore: "Right, s'why it's weird."
Xsaieta: "Kinda the impression I'd got, yeah."
Peter: "Yeah, that one was… straight out, out to get me."
Peter: "You enjoying the gorillas, by the way? I love those guys."
Toth: "Enjoying in the sense of 'I enjoy when they are dead.'"
Theodore: "They do a lot more things than I was expecting."
Peter: "Hard workin' stiffs, that's what they are."
Peter: "So, hm, what can I tell you about a big brass monster…"
Peter: "Well, I mean, the visuals?"
Peter: "Says fiend."
Peter: "But nobody's been hucking fiends around lately."
Toth: "That's what… -you- think."
Theodore: "I think one of the apocolypses is supposed to deal with a fiend creating machine or something…? Hm."
Toth: "Anyway, 'fiends' are an upcoming apocolypse, so don't get eaten when we're not around."
Peter: "Yeah."
Peter: "Well, try to find the other spirits."
Peter: "…They're gonna all be clamoring for gems of their own, now."
Theodore: "Of course!"
Veracruz: "No doubt"
Veracruz: "Just gotta make sure we don't make Theo sadder"
Theodore holds his hand out.
Vladislav: "Sounds like tomorrow we're going to the City Heart, then."
Peter: Salamander smiles. "Hmm, yeah. Find a way to throw him a bone or somethin'."
Veracruz: "Yeah… Hrm… I'm"
Veracruz: "Ah" he shrugs
Theodore: "Pyra's basically all I do, these's guys would be totally up the creek without me."
Veracruz: "That is true, Theo, although maybe you could get some use out of Cassiterite if we meet up Dryad"
Veracruz: "I'm certain you'd enjoy the longevity options, and so would we all"
Toth: "Well, be seeing you around. I'm sure I'll show up again when I have some random history question to ask."
Peter: Salamander looks left, then right.
Peter: "…Alright, gimme the gem back, I'll see what I can do."
Theodore leans over, grabs the gem back from Vladislav, then hands it to the Salamander.
Vladislav hands it over to Theodore nodding.
Peter: After tossing it about for a bit, Salamander tosses it back - then spits out a diamond -
Peter: "Don't let Undine say I never did anything for her, okay?"
Theodore: "I won't!"
Peter: Salamander, satisfied, vanishes into the air.
Xsaieta raises an eyebrow and perks an ear up.
Veracruz grins "Well, that was… Quite interesting"
Theodore slides Cruz's knife back into its sheath, tosses Vlad the peice of imperial jewelry, and rolls the diamond around in his fingers a few times. "Take care! We'll see if we cna figure what was up wiht the fiends, too!"
Toth eats his final Candy.
Veracruz: "Yep! It was already in the agenda!"
Xsaieta: "So… huh. Wonder how that fiend got past the locked door. Guess I'd been assuming it was locked up here too waiting for us."
Veracruz turns around, he draws his Stingbreakers, spinning them a while "Well, then. Guess now that we know more, we know our original plan is more or less right" he sheathes them, then turns to Xsai "The door was locked?"
Theodore: "It just kinda claws its way in through the air, I'd imagine…" Theodore leans his head towards Vladislav, "Teleportation."
Veracruz: "Theo just kinda pushed it open right now"
Vladislav: "You've seen me do similar tricks. It's not unfeasible."
Theodore: "It was behind a magic lock yeah."
Xsaieta: "Haha, yeah. Feels like we've spent months goin' back and forth on 'hey should we just smash some doors down'."
Theodore: "Er, the door I mean."
Veracruz: "Well, what i'm saying is that now that you've unlocked it"
Theodore: "You know, with the orbs."
Veracruz: "Wait no"
Veracruz: "Psh"
Veracruz: "I got lost in time!"
Veracruz: "Right"
Veracruz: "Maybe it did like Vlad and just appeared here"
Toth: "In any case…" He turns to leave.
Veracruz heads on out "Yep" he nods to Toth
Theodore: "Probably yeah."
Veracruz: "Next stop, the new place"
Toth: "Oh, and Veracruz."
Vladislav shakes his head following after Toth. "We still have Veracruz's place to investigate. Then the hot springs and the Pure Land."
Toth: "You must lead."
Veracruz: "Sounds like the plan"
Veracruz headscratches at Toth "Sure!" he steps on ahead. It's not like the place is far, the entrance is right across from the door
Theodore: "Very conviently placed yeah."
Peter: Right on the other side - the Phantom Labyrinth.
Peter: A shimmering, hazy doorway leads out onto grass, underneath a bright, blue sky.
Veracruz: "It's the best place, yes. If the place is what I tried to create, it couldn't be a better place to be"
Veracruz steps through the doorway carefully, until he can get a clear view of the sky "Underneath the earth, sky"
Xsaieta ruffles Veracruz' hair. "Yeah, I've gotta say, I'm kinda lookin' forward to this one."
Vladislav: "Queer environment given how we're close to the Shade."
Toth: "But not that far from Luna."
Xsaieta: "You know what they say about Pure Hearts and new worlds."
Aurora: "I'm not going to complain about some sunlight."
Veracruz: "Well, I did try to make a place that was entirely unlike everything we have at the most base level"
Veracruz: "I'm eager to get my fangs on the beasts of this place, if there is even any to begin with"
Vladislav grins at Xsaieta. "I haven't seen a sproutling for a while now. Is their job in the story done, perhaps?"
Veracruz: "Well, we got Xsai to do that job"
Toth: "Didn't they say they disappear when the world gets full?"
Toth: "And here we are."
Vladislav: "They do. But there were many and we have not created that many places."
Vladislav: "Speaking from a one to one ratio there should be some still."
Peter: The grass crunches underneath your feet. There's a barer strip - flattened, well-trodden - leading up towards a building of note -
Toth: "Pure Hearts are a pretty big deal."
Peter: A wide, squat chateau, roofed with a blue dome.
Xsaieta: "I bet they'll turn up when we least expect it."
Veracruz looks up at the structure "Nice castle…"
Xsaieta plays with the grass with his bare feet.
Veracruz takes in a deep breath "Well, let's go say hi" he starts walking up there
Toth nods approvingly, walking up to the front door.
Vladislav: "Let's hope they let us in. This wasn't the sort of gate breaking I had in mind."
Peter: There's a vast topiary garden before it - a pleasant courtyard, to one side, with a parasol'd little table, white chairs surrounding it.
Peter: A fountain burbles gently, blood-red.
Toth pauses.
Vladislav: "One of these is not like the other."
Toth: "Odds on that being punch?"
Veracruz looks at the fountain "Uhn, that is weird"
Veracruz: "Don't, the piping might just be rusted"
Vladislav: "You're welcome to taste test."
Toth: "That'd be a lot of rust."
Theodore sticks his finger into the water, sticks his finger in his mouth.
Peter: The water shifts for a moment, then clears up, pumping crystal-clear.
Vladislav: "I'm going to laugh if this ends up being a haunted house on the inside and the door slams behind us."
Peter: Theodore gets there before that, though -
Peter: It's disgusting, but it doesn't taste like blood.
Aurora: "…That's weirder."
Theodore: "Not punch! Also not blood or rust."
Veracruz: "I told you that's what rust in the pipes mean"
Veracruz: "Oh?"
Veracruz: "Uhn, how to very odd, then"
Theodore: "Pretty gross on the hole, but not like, iron-y gross."
Alexander: "I don't think that water was the colour of rust, though."
Veracruz: "Guess there's quite the personage here, then, let's be on our guard"
Toth: "Well, it's clear now, taste it again."
Theodore sticks a finger from the other hand in, then sticks thta finger in his mouth.
Peter: It's clear and refreshing!
Xsaieta: "Maybe it's just incredibly nasty-tasting red food colouring. Props on being the one ballsy enough to go someplace weird and idyllic and taste the water first thing, that takes a special kind of guy." He stretches out - still deliberately walking on the grass whenever he can.
Theodore: "Yup, that's some water."
Theodore leans down, scoops a couple handfuls into his mouth.
Veracruz chuckles
Toth chuckles too.
Veracruz: "That's what being in this party means, Xsai"
Vladislav: "I'll pass on the water. Even if it's beneficial we've proven that recovery effects like tihs only work once a day."
Xsaieta: "I was also gonna suggest maybe you had something really gross on that finger and forgot about it, but, eh, whatever."
Toth continues across the way.
Theodore: "I could use some MP anyway, so I mean. Probably not a full refresher anyway."
Veracruz shakes his head at Xsai "Well, then, let's keep going. It is impolite to just randomly taste-test someone else's fountain without even saying hi"
Peter: At the door:
Peter: It opens for you, Mr. Toth. You're greeted by a faceless man in a red suit - the only feature on his head are his lips, which smile -
Peter: "I'm Mordomo. Welcome to the Phantom Labyrinth."
Peter: "Pardon appearances. Care to come in?"
Veracruz just, takes a half step back
Vladislav: "That's why we're here, yeah."
Toth: "Sure, thank you."
Veracruz: "Of course"
Xsaieta grins and gives him a wave, seeming totally unfazed. Although, can he even see the grin and wave? Does it matter? "Thank you kindly!"
Theodore: "Nice place!"
Peter: "Of course. We try our best, after all."
Alexander nods to the man as he steps into the place.
Vladislav: "So, you got a shade spirit decorating the place or something?"
Peter: "Just so you know-" He leans, conspiratorily, in towards Theodore -
Peter: And then stops himself, as Vladislav brings it up.
Peter: "Not as such. This is, however, a realm of illusion."
Veracruz: "Indeed, uhn- It is the very first time we come here-" he halts as the butler halts
Veracruz: "Oh?
Peter: "All things here are exactly as they seem to be."
Theodore pats the man on the shoulder as he's interrupted by Vlad, makes a 'he's this way with everyone' face.
Peter: "Do you know when the next festival is…?"
Toth: "A week?"
Toth: "I admit, I guessed."
Theodore: "Nope, I've never been here before!
Vladislav: "Depends what festival we're talking about."
Peter: He chats idly as he leads you in - through a huge antechamber - no staircases, simply hallways - down into the west wing, into a high-roofed sitting room, the ceiling muralled beautifully.
Peter: "Out there, I mean."
Peter: He seats you along a long, curved table, drawing out seats for each of you in turn.
Theodore: "Oh, in Titania?"
Vladislav: "I don't think Titania celebrates festivals during Viglum."
Vladislav: "Rather droll place."
Toth sits.
Veracruz: "I don't remember any festivals, no"
Peter: Mordomo seems a little downcast.
Veracruz: "Is there some importance?"
Peter: "No, I merely like them."
Vladislav: "When was the last time you went to one?" For once Vlad snaps his book shut as he takes a seat.
Xsaieta: "Man, who doesn't like festivals? There ought to be more of them, honestly."
Peter: "They had them here, in the Labyrinth, once. But the world moved on."
Veracruz: "That's sad. Maybe we could figure out when a festival happens next"
Veracruz: "There's ought to be one approaching at some point"
Toth: "Could hold one, too."
Peter: "So there ought to be."
Toth: "The Comeback Festival."
Peter: "My countenance is horrific at the best of times, however."
Peter: "Perhaps I could go masked."
Veracruz: "There's that, but that'd take a fair bit of work Toth"
Peter: "You're adventurers, yes?"
Toth: "A fair bit of work is what I'm best at… delegating." He grins.
Peter: "Do you know the significance of this place?"
Veracruz: "One could say that"
Alexander: "More-or-less."
Vladislav: "Care to enlighten us?"
Toth: "I admit that I do not."
Veracruz: "Not really, i'd love to learn"
Aurora: "Knights are usually adventurers, around here."
Vladislav: "We have travelled from a fair ways away. This region is foreign to us."
Xsaieta: "Could you tell us?" He flops into a chair, more elegantly than might be suggested by the word 'flop'.
Peter: "This is the original capitol of Titania, once the seat of its power."
Peter: "Now, it, and I, are merely a remnant."
Theodore: "Wooooah!"
Vladislav deadpans for a moment.
Vladislav: "Who was the last Emperor you served under?"
Peter: "Irwin, in his youth."
Veracruz: "Well, then"
Veracruz: "Well then"
Veracruz: "Ahaha"
Vladislav: "So… this place existed until recently."
Toth: "(Now that we know his name, people start using it.)"
Peter: "Is he well? He was such a kind soul."
Veracruz: "One cannot say he is a kind soul anymore"
Alexander looks to the others. He hasn't seen him in some time.
Toth: "He's around and still Emperor."
Aurora: "It always comes back to him, doesn't it?"
Veracruz: "Yeah, that's… About all that can be said"
Peter: "Sheltered as I am, I suppose I'll keep saying it."
Peter: "At least for now."
Veracruz: "It does, Aurora. Seems like he's always in the center of every problem we run into…"
Veracruz: "Er-"
Alexander: "Unfortunate, I suppose, that he named himself the Jinn Emperor then. Kindness does not go hand-in-hand with that."
Xsaieta does a 'you get it!' hand-gesture at Mr. Toth.
Vladislav: "If this was part of the court, I can only imagine it was seperated from Titania intentionally."
Peter: "So it was."
Peter: "If you've unsealed it…"
Peter: "Are you angels?"
Vladislav: "Yes."
Veracruz: "It's possible he's just thorn it off. Wonder how it was I got it back here? It was not my intent, or perhaps it was"
Peter: "You're welcome here, all the same."
Theodore: "Mmm I wouldn't say he isn't kind…. he's definitely not *compassionate* though."
Toth: "(You -did- use a crown…)"
Veracruz: "(Yes, I did)"
Vladislav: "You chose to stay here, even knowing what future awaited you?"
Theodore: "Wait wait wait hold up.'
Peter: The center of the room is a stone garden, carefully raked.
Theodore spins aorund at Vlad, stares at him intently form his starred eye.
Theodore: "'Yes'?"
Vladislav: "Grown ups are talking, Theodore."
Veracruz: "Well, 'kind of', Theo"
Theodore: "No you are *definitely* going to explain that one."
Veracruz: "Like, as far as he understands"
Veracruz: "Oh come on, Theo, you were right there when we learned what the angels are"
Toth listens intently.
Veracruz: "Like, we're not because we're not the bad guys, but still, that's about the difference between an angel and a pure heart"
Xsaieta leans forward.
Theodore: "Man I don't think *you* remember what actually happened, Cruz."
Toth: "Veracruz, you explain it."
Vladislav: "Angels and the Pure of Heart are one and the same from what I can gather." He idly waves his book in front of Theodore. [Names of Angels]
Xsaieta: "If it makes you feel any better, Cruz… I'm sure we're the bad guys to someone."
Veracruz: "Well, I can't account the Services for knowing the truth, I can only believe it to be"
Toth: "So, anyway…"
Theodore snatches the book, and flips through it quietly.
Toth: "Is the Emperor an angel?" he asks of Mordomo.
Peter: "He is not."
Peter: "He is a mortal, who dreamt of what angels could do."
Veracruz: "But as what Vlad said, Angels are pure hearts, yes. In particular it was the name given to pure heart tyrants who used their power for devious ends. Or at the very least that was the term that the Services used in their world"
Vladislav: "How was this place seperated from Titania?"
Vladislav: "If not with an angels assistance?"
Peter: "I do not know."
Peter: "As he told me, he would simply will it gone."
Peter: "But I do not know if it was quite so simple."
Veracruz: "Hrm… I think it's something to do with how he can do all he can to begin with"
Veracruz: "And the reason Titania is as it is"
Peter: "Yes."
Peter: "This place was a sort of toy garden for him."
Peter: "He made it, in his youth, as a place to grow."
Xsaieta: "Guy wants to be a Pure Heart somethin' fierce, doesn't he."
Veracruz: "Sounds like it"
Peter: "To dream of wings…"
Peter: "There are stories, you know."
Peter: "Of Orpheus, and Icarus, and Prometheus…"
Peter: "…Of scorpions, and of frogs."
Vladislav smirks quietly to himself. That seems to have gotten Theodore to simmer down at least.
Peter: Mordomo bows his head, for a moment.
Peter: "This Labyrinth is a place for learning how to kill stories."
Veracruz: "Oh?"
Veracruz furrows his eyebrows
Theodore glances up from the book at those words.
Toth 's eyes gleam.
Veracruz: "Ah… Great" he looks at Mordomo "And how does that works?"
Vladislav: "Still operational with some effort, I hope?"
Peter: "Well…"
Peter: "…All the machinery here works."
Peter: "…But the Emperor was not, at any point, successful."
Xsaieta eyeglints.
Peter: "I suppose he moved onto another method."
Toth: "Gotta start somewhere."
Peter: "Yes."
Toth: "Which sounds like our next step, too."
Peter: "Would you like to try it out? What's your favoriet fairy tale?"
Vladislav: "I am not so sure he was even now. He would not be so fearful of trying to destroy every copy of the prophecy were he able to kill it."
Toth: "Let's see…"
Vladislav: "Toth, try to kill the prophecy."
Toth: "Alright, sure." He produces the copy of Sage Joch's prophecy.
Peter: Mordomo flips through it.
Peter: "…Complicated."
Toth: "But is it doable?"
Peter: "We're out of practice."
Toth: "You want to start with 'The Three Little Pigs?'"
Toth: "(Does that count as a fairy tale?)"
Peter: "We could do that! And it does."
Peter: "But i'd be willing to try the prophecy."
Peter: "We'll just be a bit rusty, after all."
Peter: Mordomo gets up. "Come this way?"
Toth stands, pushes his chair under, and follows.
Theodore follows along with the crowd, still leaving through the llist of angels.
Vladislav follows after the Butler.
Xsaieta gets up, pushes the chair back, trundles off after Mr. Toth. "(The three little pigs? Really?)"
Peter: "So… the thesis of this Prophecy, as I have it…"
Toth: "(I'd feel bad if I killed Goldilocks, I think.)"
Peter: "Is an Icarus-type story, yes?"
Toth: "(Even though the bears do that for me.)"
Vladislav: "To some degree, yes."
Peter: "The Emperor of this tale is trying to commit a great evil, and so he will be punished for it, and the order will be restored."
Peter: He leads you down through a hall.
Veracruz follows after, of course, because the player is embroiled in a huge meta discussion and did not pay attention to this channel
Peter: "That's how I would interpret it, at least…"
Peter: "…So cruel to my Irwin, hm!"
Theodore: "Joch is kind of a jerk. That is basically his big floppy hat."
Veracruz: "Yep"
Vladislav: "I take it Sage Joch had not yet come to the court in Irwin's youth?"
Peter: "No, he had not."
Peter: "Erinee, and the Deathjester, and Irwin, and I… and the sage of Dryad, I suppose…"
Veracruz: "Well, sounds like Erinee's bigger than I thought. No surprise on Deathjester"
Peter: Mordomo opens the door at the end of the hall, opening out onto a huge, flowered garden, in a greenhouse.
Alexander: "Erinee is older than I, yes."
Theodore: "Well, she did say she knew the Emperor before he became the Emperor of Jinn."
Peter: Light streams in. There's a pleasant, floral seat to it.
Vladislav chews at his lip at the mention of the Sage of Dryad.
Peter: On a tiny pedestal, at the side, there's a bell - he rings it three times.
Peter: "Xsaieta, would you care to play the Emperor?"
Toth looks at the butler.
Theodore glances between the butlet and Xsaieta a few times.
Theodore tries really hard not to laugh.
Xsaieta tilts his head to the side, then narrows his eyes. "…I'll certainly do my best."
Veracruz blinks, then looks at Xsaieta
Veracruz: "Yep, i'm certain you will"
Peter: "Ms. Aurora, I'd like you to play the part of Disaster."
Peter: "Alexander, take a deep breathe and adopt the countenance of Winter."
Peter: "The rest of you may intercede as the Pure of Heart, as you wish."
Aurora: "…Eh? How do I do that?"
Peter: Mordomo shrugs, broadly, hands open.
Theodore: "Well, don't let Xsaieta kill you."
Theodore: "And smack him around a bit."
Toth: "And try to beat him up."
Xsaieta: "Be beautiful. Be dashing. Be terrifying. Threaten me!"
Veracruz: "Well, then"
Peter: "This is a toy. Play around with it. Our Goddess will be here soon."
Toth: "Role Play!"
Veracruz: "That'll be interesting"
Alexander takes a deep breath, and when his eyes open again, they have lost any trace of warmth.
Peter: "Ah, splendid."
Theodore double takes in Alexander's direction, takes a nervous step back.
Theodore: "That's uh."
Veracruz tosses his knives up, grabs them back again, assuming his fighting stance
Theodore points at Xsaieta and Aurora. "D… do something about that."
Peter: Through a door on the opposite side, enters -
Peter: As the lights darken -
Peter: As the flowers blow away -
Veracruz looks at Theo "(Psst, he's an assassin, remember? I'm sure that's a thing he knows how to do)"
Xsaieta lets out a windy shout, and drives his blade into the ground, point-first, and jumps atop it, perching precariously on the handguard.
Peter: The Goddess of Mana, or someone playing her part. Her lips are painted red, her eyes gently shadowed. She sweeps in, trailing a long robe.
Theodore: "Like, seriously, first one of you to do do something about it gets a pure -" Theodore stops, spins around.
Theodore stares at the woman.
[OOC] Peter: Sorry, -red +blue, my mistake
Peter: She annnounces: "I am Mana, and things are possibly only through me."
Peter: "Those who make things, see them shattered."
Peter: "Those who long for things find pain in their hearts."
Peter: "And this is a story about that:"
Peter: In the beginning, there is Titania.
Peter: It is beautiful. Its people live in peace.
Xsaieta draws another weapon, and another, and another. Where is he getting them from? Are they stage props? He lays them out - seven of them, pointy ends out, like a paling protecting the tower-blade.
Peter: All four corners of the world are brought into its sway.
Peter: The Goddess walks up to the Emperor, brushes her hand across her shoulder.
Toth: "Hm."
Peter: "You. What is it you dream of?"
Theodore: "Freedom."
Xsaieta: "…I dream of a world at peace from disaster and winter."
Peter: She smiles to Disaster, her most beloved.
Theodore: "(You guys aren't interjecting enough to be pure hearts!)"
Peter: She smiles to winter, her favorite son.
Peter: "At what cost?"
Toth: "(All you've said is one word, and nothing has happened!)"
Veracruz: "(Hold on)"
Alexander nods slightly in return.
Xsaieta: "A world which man might comprehend. A fair world, where service is rewarded with Paradise."
Theodore: "(Listen, she caught me off guard. The Goddess is…)" Theodore trails off.
Veracruz: "What Paradise? A Paradise unreal, unlike our very nature?"
Xsaieta: "And to create such a world, any cost would be acceptable. I will do… what I must. It is for this reason, this mercy, that I name myself the Jinn Emperor."
Veracruz threateningly points at Xsaieta with one of his knives "You create no world for man if any price is what you are willing to pay!"
Peter: The Goddess laughs in the Emperor's face, running over to Disaster, taking her hand.
Peter: "This is so!"
Xsaieta: "Our nature is unfair, flawed, corrupt! Nobody asked us our opinions about living in a world consigned to the flames."
Xsaieta: "And so I see that it is possible, to have something better, and I reach towards it with both hands, and am transformed by my loss."
Theodore: "Wait why is Winter her…"
Veracruz: "We live in this world, we are of this world! We are the only ones who can, because we are the ones who enjoy it, as a people. Make a world you call perfect and watch the very people you care for set it aflame, as it is the world their nature is is for!"
Alexander: "Flames? Nay, it is frost which creeps upon your world."
Toth: "(It's not like you to not finish your sentences, Theodore.)"
Theodore frowns.
Xsaieta: "Between the fire of disaster and the frost of winter, someone must stand sentinel and guard mankind."
Peter: The Goddess, standing behind Disaster, smiles at Winter.
Peter: "Why not then, the Pure of Heart…?"
Veracruz looks at Alexander "We are transient, not perennial, but I will not let this seed rot before it has blossomed!"
Aurora stands with her back straight, a hand on the hilt of her sword, ready to draw at a moment's notice. "And that someone will fall. If not right away, then eventually. Everything falls."
Peter: The Goddess points Aurora towards one of the towers.
Peter: "This is Salamander."
Peter: "Destroy it."
Peter: "Why, o Emperor, did you make a kettle that burns?"
Toth draws his musket, and aims it at Disaster.
Xsaieta glares, balefully, at the Pure Hearts. "They lift not their hands. They defend death. They are the inheritors of nonexistence. Their minds change like the winds- should we smash the city? Should we not smash the city?"
Xsaieta: "Only man can be trusted with the safety of man."
Vladislav steps between Salamander and Disaster. "And as the Pure of Heart we intercede, taking our place as the sentinel to both man and spirit alike."
Peter: "You seek constancy, then?"
Theodore closes the book in his hands slowly.
Peter: "The Pure of Heart are more human than you."
Toth draws his staff with his other, and points it at Winter.
Veracruz calmly walks between Disaster and Salamander "Man is not the only beign in this world"
Toth: "Sure does get tiring after an eternity doing this."
Veracruz: "This world is for us all, for all of us, and we all must live for it"
Aurora nods to the Goddess, stepping towards the Tower of Salamander, sword drawn. "Out of my way."
Veracruz: "Man, spirit, goddess, winter" he readies himself in a defensive stance, standing in front of Alexander and blocking his path
Theodore looks in Aurora's direction, then glances towards Xsaieta questioningly.
Veracruz: "All part of this mess"
Peter: "Then, Veracruz."
Veracruz: "And I'm not against knocking sense on a brother with some blunt force"
Xsaieta: "That, then, is the cost that must be paid. To see my world of peace, I must become alike my nemesis." He draws another panoply of weapons, and looses them towards the dirt- blocking entrance to Salamander, here, there, there.
Peter: The Goddess nods to the tower, at the center of things.
Peter: "I offer this world to you, if you can take it."
Toth: "And so, what if I did…" He sweeps his musket sideways, to aim at the Goddess.
Peter: The Goddess smiles in return.
Alexander walks, slowly, towards Veracruz. There is a cold grace to the movements, slow, but inevitable.
Alexander: "Man is no barrier to the end. Nor angels."
Toth grins, grips his second hand on the musket (pocketing his staff), and fires.
Xsaieta: "Even if someday, the city falls- they can say that for a time, mankind was protected, and knew peace-" -he stops, breaking character for a split second to stare at Mr. Toth, and then rolls with it.
Alexander: "You are but a disaster yourselves."
Peter: The Goddess shouts, eyes burning, and falls to her knees.
Peter: "Disaster, touch what you can, and avenge me."
Veracruz blinks, staring at Toth
Peter: "Winter, embrace what you can, and remember me."
Toth: "But even their lives are finite?"
Vladislav catches wind of Toth and grins, taking a step towards the Emperor. "Emperor, long have I awaited this chance. In my hand I hold an artifact that rivals the tree of mana in power. With it, I hold the quill to both write history and my role in this story."
Vladislav: "Such power shall be placed within the gates of paradise whose doors will remain forever closed to the people of Titania. Fight me for the quill and our conclusion to the fall of mana will be written in both our bloods alike."
Alexander reaches for Veracruz, and with fluid, swift movements, Cruz goes flying through the air, out of his way.
Peter: In Titania, mana is dead.
Alexander marches onwards, towards Titania, towards the Emperor.
Xsaieta draws a weapon, and another, and another - turning, embattled, atop his tower.
Veracruz flies, that's true, but grins. This is perhaps a little too much for an act but, he draws both of his knives while midair, and tosses them, at Alexander and Aurora's feet, not in front of them, to pierce and keep them in place
Aurora shakes her head at their folly, and sweeps her sword at the weapons in front of Salamander with Vlad and Vera out of her way, hacking at them.
Theodore pauses, shakes his head forefully, then rushes forward to knock the quill from Vlad's hands!
Alexander barely breaks stride as one hand flashes, catching the dagger.
Xsaieta: One weapon was a bomb, and it explodes with gleeful pyrotechnics, much smoke and sparks and bright light, disorienting Disaster.
Veracruz is quick to return, running back to stand in the path of disaster and winter "What do you watch, Emperor?"
Veracruz: "As we struggle and delay the inevitable, as man does"
Veracruz looks behind him "What is there behind you?"
Veracruz: "Have the people you wished to protect grown?"
Veracruz: "Or have your palings strangled them too?"
Xsaieta: "I must watch in all directions, at all times, at once. It is not a thing man can do, and so I find myself stepping further and further away… but I see them smiling. In the Districts, I see them smiling. In Paradise, I see them smiling."
Xsaieta: "It is far from a perfect solution, but…"
Veracruz: "Skies above…"
Veracruz: "You're not alone"
Xsaieta: "…isn't this what you, too, have decided you wish to protect?"
Veracruz: "So stop"
Toth steps back a second, looking at the entire stage.
Aurora shields her eyes and kneels down briefly, pulling out the dagger… and grins, hurling it at Salamander's tower. "Thanks for the gift."
Veracruz suddenly turns around, walking up to Xsaieta, with a swift movement he grabs his hand, draws him close, turns him around "I can come back, you don't. Watch there, i'll watch here, alright" he moves quickly- Intercepting Aurora's dagger with his right arm
Vladislav calls up a gust of wind, blowing away the smoke that filled the room. "Titania is hollow. A false city that cannot grow. The fall of mana is nigh. Fiends have appeared with disaster to consume what remains of the spirits while the hand of man traps what little they have left for their own devices."
Xsaieta: "I give you my blessing: Go and act in my name. And yet I know, some day, I will feel the steel of your dagger in my back." He shrugs, affecting incalculable age. What choice does he have?
Veracruz: "Don't be dumb, don't kill your people to save them. And you won't"
Theodore glances around him - and if anyone's paying attention as Theodore raises a hand into the air you cna see it shaking slightly as mote of healing light bging to swirl first around his hand, then the Goddess.
Xsaieta: "I've tried… everything within the reach of man's mind."
Toth: "Interesting."
Veracruz: "Nope, you haven't. Not until the end is here"
Xsaieta: "Don't you see me here, embattled to the point where I'd give the Angels my imprimatur?"
Xsaieta: "If I stopped fighting, for even a moment - if I closed my eyes, for even a moment - I would no longer be who I am."
Veracruz: "You've only tried what your tired mind believes" he smiles at Theo "Not all that your clear mind can do"
Peter: The Mana Goddess brushs herself up, climbs up to her feet.
Peter: She, shakily, walks over to Theodore, and presses a kiss against his brow.
Xsaieta: "You don't understand the intricacies of the system. The consequence of moving just a single piece of the elaborate machine that is Titania."
Theodore closes his eyes for a moment, before taking one of the Goddess' hands in his own.
Peter: "You made it out of people, o Emperor."
Peter: "And people move."
Aurora takes the moment where Veracruz looks away from her, to smash him in the face with a gauntleted punch. "(Sorry.)"
Theodore: "(They need a way through.)"
Veracruz takes the punch- okay that was a good punch, she is factually strong. But he yields no ground, as he should be
Peter: Your mouth is really sore though, Cruz!
Alexander: "Intricate strategies? All for naught, in the end. Everything wastes away in time." With that, he steps on the hilt of one of the swords, Undine, and drives into the ground up to the hilt.
Toth turns to Theodore and the Goddess. "And now, Mana?"
Toth: "How does it fare?"
Veracruz: "Not only… Do people move" he takes a deep breath "(is okay)" he keeps his eyes on her "People change, people shift, the machie nthat exists now is not the one before"
Peter: "Undine freezes."
Xsaieta: "Then I will gift them metal armour, locked at the joints, and as it is a symbol of service they will wear it with pride. I will make a timepiece, to regulate the stars. Every thing which my grasp can reach-!"
Xsaieta: "-and if my edifice does not last for an eternity-"
Theodore: "(They *need* a way through. Even if everything ends -)"
Xsaieta: "-then it will last for one more day!"
Veracruz sets one of his knives ablaze, setting it beside Undine
Xsaieta: "And one more day after that!"
Peter: "Veracruz, what use are your weapons without disaster?"
Peter: "Without disaster, who can you turn them against?"
Veracruz: "Why would I turn them against someone?"
Theodore: "That's…"
Theodore: "That's the point."
Toth: "Your weapons can be turned against cheese."
Peter: "Boring."
Peter: "I'll leave such things for Winter to feast on."
Veracruz: "A blade can cut, a knife pierce. Need not cloth cut, in beams for a bolt space"
Toth: "Shush." He picks up Wisp district, and stabs the Goddess with it, -again-.
Veracruz: "Ahaha. Boring, only, because you've got bad taste"
Toth: "Swiss is delicious."
Peter: Wisp breaks in her chest.
Peter: Gurgling, she manages -
Peter: "…And this dance continues, O Emperor."
Veracruz: "(Really, Toth?)"
Alexander steps on the flaming dagger, burying it too in the ground, snuffing it out, before swiftly turning and moving towards Toth.
Peter: "Pinned between my lovers, squabbled over by my sons…"
Peter: "Your dreams are unmade."
Veracruz: "Come on, Goddess"
Veracruz: "You are asking for this"
Toth: "(I'm figuring things out!)"
Xsaieta: "Day… after day… after day. I will make more. I've an entire tower of dreamers, after all."
Veracruz: "You know you want a huge drama"
Xsaieta: "Furiously weaving me their dreams."
Toth levels his staff against Winter.
Peter: She smiles.
Peter: "I certainly do!"
Theodore rubs at his face with his free hand.
Peter: …
Vladislav crosses his arms and stares at Theodore.
Peter: And that is the Tale of Titania.
Peter: The actress climbs up, taking her wounds off, tossing them into the flowers.
Toth applauds!
Peter: Mordomo walks up to you, appraising the lot of you.
Veracruz: "Oh, good, I thought that had ACTUALLY done something, geez"
Peter: "Ah…"
Peter: "Well… that's how it works."
Vladislav: "An endless cycle. Chains that will not break. The fall of mana. A story that needs to be killed, yes."
Theodore slowly lets go of the woman. He's shaking ever so slightly.
Veracruz: "Sorry that was a huge mess, Mordomo"
Xsaieta collapses, exhausted.
Peter: "You did well, I think."
Veracruz crosses his arms
Veracruz: "You know, Vlad"
Peter: "But you started with a very difficult story to start with."
Peter: "For my actress, as well!"
Peter: (She blushes.)
Veracruz: "She did pretty well!"
Toth: "I'm a bit sorry for that, yeah. Now everything else will seem like a step back."
Veracruz: "She got foisted an awful role too"
Aurora lets out a sigh, holding out a hand to Veracruz. "I honestly had no idea what I should have been doing, really."
Veracruz: "Also Aurora, ow, i knew you were strong just didn't know how much"
Xsaieta catches his breath, with some difficulty- looks up, grinning. "Wouldn't have chosen any other thing… haaa… you did great! I couldn't have gotten in character if you hadn't been staring daggers at me…"
Vladislav offers a brief glance to Veracruz. It lingers for a moment until he starts to talk about something else. He glances way uninterested.
Veracruz looks at Vlad "The fault of this story is because the goddess is a big drama queen is what I meant to say"
Veracruz: "Or so it seems"
Xsaieta: "…haaa, I feel bad for the Emperor."
Aurora: "That's because I'm usually protecting you guys instead of smiting monsters."
Veracruz: "Really, the Emperor" he picks up Xsaieta "Is just like, playing right into his role of being an eternal prologer of conflict"
Alexander: "However, that does keep Winter at bay."
Xsaieta: "Aurora, I have never before been happier I'm not a monster." He clambers to his feet, arm around Cruz's shoulders. "…well, like."
Xsaieta: "Think about it."
Vladislav: "Alexander."
Vladislav: "Have you ever tried to Master Hunter the Tree of Mana or the Mana Goddess?"
Toth: "If you haven't you're about to!"
Theodore spins around, giving Vlad a wild look for just a moment.
Aurora: "Or how about that Seed we just heard about?"
Toth: "Vlad gets the first, I get the second."
Veracruz: "What is the purpose of keeping Winter at bay? It's just the end, everything reaches an end. We don't live inthe end, it's meaningless anything after that, we gotta make surure everything that's inbetween is worthwhile"
Toth is right, he does think about that now.
Xsaieta: "Aurora and Theo could probably stay standing against a monster for days, but they wouldn't be able to -kill- it."
Vladislav: "I am glad you understand our interests, Mr. Toth."
Veracruz: "No I'm very sure, Xsai, that Theo wouldn't last more than a couple of minutes. Not with how much those spells cost"
Alexander: "There…hmmmm."
Toth: "We do have an understanding."
Xsaieta: "Well- for the sake of rhetoric."
Veracruz: "But I get your point, yes"
Alexander: "Which Tree do you want?"
Veracruz: "Titania's i'm certain"
Aurora: "Well, if we had you feeding us mana all the while, Xsai…"
Toth: "'Of Mana," comma 'Tree.' "
Alexander: "Oh. Good luck finding that one."
Xsaieta: "The Emperor's in the same boat - he can't actually kill Winter, or Disaster. Just… hold the disease off, give people one more day to enjoy their lives before the end."
Xsaieta: "And… I mean… if you can't feel some kind of sympathy for that…"
Veracruz: "But think about it proper, Xsai"
Alexander: "The Services have one, though."
Vladislav: "Here?"
Veracruz: "Is he really giving people one more day to enjoy their lives?"
Alexander: "Our local chapter, yes."
Xsaieta: "…if Titania's a seed, there probably isn't a tree."
Theodore rubs at his face with both hands.
Alexander: "Also numerous ones out in the far Luna."
Veracruz: "As I said myself, is he not strangling his people with his palings, choking their life as he tries to protect them?"
Toth: "…wait you should also tell us where their HQ is while you're at it. Wait, how can you even do this?"
Vladislav: "The range of your power is a bit frightening."
Aurora: "…It is."
Alexander: "And the Goddess is everywhere."
Veracruz raises his left hand at Toth "IT's called Quicksilver"
Alexander: "You should know that."
Toth: "Well… can you put a 'The' in front of Mana Goddess?"
Alexander: "However, she's a bit more present in a very distant world."
Toth: "Someone I can have a cup of tea and a sitdown with?"
Toth: "
Toth: "Aha!"
Theodore sizes up Toth wearily.
Veracruz: "Toth I think the point is that she isn't a… A single entiety, but an all-pervading force. We might be able to contact her more properly at some focal point"
Vladislav: "It is not a surprise. Ours has all but abandoned mana."
Toth: "Focal point also works."
Alexander: "It does sound like we need to make the Tree grow if we want one."
Vladislav: "Rather than try and navigate the far points of the Luna however, I think the tree of interest is the one our Services have. Where is their HQ?"
Xsaieta: "And… I dunno, Cruz. I saw kids smiling and laughing in Salamander every day. I mean, I also saw people bein' jerks, being pushed down by the travel restrictions and pushing right back down on others."
Xsaieta: "It's just… the alternative right now is shrugging and giving up, until we give him a better one."
Alexander: "Hmmm. Where could I find our local chapter of the Services…?"
Toth: "So, you were saying something about the Goddess…"
Veracruz: "Well, nobody said you can't feel sympathy for your foes, yeah"
Toth: "…Theodore?" He looks at the man.
Alexander: "Are you sure you want an answer to that, Vlad? That would mean they have access again."
Theodore: "I don't think I like where this story is going."
Vladislav: "Yes."
Vladislav: "I am aware of the risks."
Veracruz: "Also Theodore was wondering why she called Winter her favored son"
Alexander: "The answer is that 'no they don't have access yet'."
Toth: "Who is she?"
Alexander: "But if you really want we might be able to find them in Luna somewhere."
Peter: The actress raises a finger. "Well, Disaster and Winter are both the whims of the Goddess."
Peter: "I was ad libbing, but she's quite fond of both of them, so I've read."
Peter: "Otherwise, why would worlds always lean towards one, or the other?"
Theodore opens his mouth, closes it. Rubs a finger against his forehead.
Veracruz: "Ahaha, yeah I figured as much"
Alexander: "Disaster livens things up, and Winter is when she gets bored, most likely."
Veracruz: "Might be that they're not her children but, perhaps, equals, eh?"
Theodore: "We're her children."
Peter: "Lovers, children, comrades… they've been depicted as all of those…"
Peter: "Hm, I should have picked one and stuck to it, I guess."
Theodore: "You can't *kill* her."
Vladislav: "More importantly… how is this related to killing a story."
Veracruz: "Nah, it's okay, we're all dealing with things we don't know much if anything about"
Toth: "Fucked if I know."
Toth: "I thought, maybe, I'd get some insight on how to head all this off…"
Toth: "…maybe I did, maybe I didn't?"
Peter: Mordomo responds: "Yes, that's the heart of it."
Xsaieta scratches behind an ear. "I mean… you'd have to stop wanting anything at all."
Theodore shakes his head.
Peter: "If stories naturally push in certain ways…"
Peter: "Then by living through the story, and feeling its push, you can try to find a cheat, if you would."
Peter: "That was the theory."
Peter: "Another way of ending it. A loophole."
Veracruz: "More or less"
Veracruz: "This is looking for inspiration"
Alexander: "Please don't try to kill the Goddess, Toth. I'm pretty sure it won't end well."
Toth: "If it makes you feel better, Theo, I don't think killing the Mana Goddess will end this all cleanly, so."
Toth nods to Alexander.
Toth: "Still…"
Veracruz: "Hrm…"
Vladislav: "All I gathered from this story is that if you don't want your world to crumble or be ridden in disaster…"
Peter: Mordomo smiles a huge, lushly-lipped smile. "Irwin never tried that trick, you know."
Theodore: "Thank you, Alex."
Vladislav: "Titania must become like the Pure Land and have a Tree of Life instead."
Toth: "Well I'm sure he got busy or something."
Veracruz sighs
Alexander: "That sounds rather boring, though."
Peter: "Master Veracruz."
Veracruz: "He did have the coutenance of a man from the Pure Land"
Toth: "Is the Pure Land really that bad?"
Veracruz looks at Mordomo "Yes?"
Peter: "If you care to retire, I could send servants to the tearoom for you."
Vladislav glances back at Toth. "I did not mind it, but I can see how a colorless land where monsters do not bother you could bore some."
Veracruz: "I'd… Appreciate that. I've been spent all day and I am not used to actually getting hit"
Vladislav: "That is something I forgot to mention. The monsters were not hostile to the manaless citizens. They only became aggressive when we came in contact with them."
Vladislav: "And only to us."
Veracruz: "Vlad"
Theodore: "And only moved when we did."
Toth: "Did you have rabite feed in your pockets or something?"
Veracruz: "You forgot to mention that she DID say that they only attacked travellers"
Veracruz: "Like if we stayed forever sitting down in the town they wouldn't attack"
Vladislav: "That's another word to those foreign to their world."
Vladislav: "They all likely had mana residue."
Vladislav: "A footprint, as you will."
Peter: Mordomo nods to the actress - "Show him to the tearoom when he's done, if you'd please."
Peter: "Of course!"
Veracruz: "Those rabites were pretty content with just growling at us before we went off somewhere. My belief is that they are simply a counter-force to anything that would create a story, after all one of the parts of the tale of a hero is the travel"
Xsaieta pats Cruz on the shoulder again before he departs.
Veracruz takes a deep breath "I'm… Going to take a quick break, though? My energy reserves are quite low and i'm burned, quite literally, and not used to it"
Xsaieta: "…hm, yeah. A land without stories or desire… I don't think the Emperor would have been willing to accept that."
Veracruz: "If you will leave me behind to leave a message where you're going and i'll find ya" he goes to take a rest, yes
Toth: "Is there even liquor, or cute ladi-… people?"
Vladislav: "Their shape isn't the same. It's hard to explain."
Veracruz looks back as he goes away "Aurora was about to make out with a cute lady there" he then vanishes
Theodore: "Well, they were /okay/."
Toth rubs his hands together, sensing profit.
Toth: "!"
Toth: "Can't be all bad, then."
Vladislav: "They aren't interested in you, Toth."
Aurora: "There was a village, yeah. It's where we got all of this boring white equipment."
Toth: "You just frown all the time, Vlad."
Peter: Mordomo strokes his chin. "Will you be trying another story, by the way?"
Vladislav: "Hrm. I'm not sure if it would hold much point."
Theodore tosses the book in his hand to Mordomo.
Toth: "Probably not at the moment, but definitely at some point. THat's the overarching story, it'd be nice if we figured out some of the lesser ones."
Vladislav: "But the book is a decent starting point."
Toth: "We -are- still fighting Disaster."
Mana: "A story about angels?"
Vladislav: "Fitting, isn't it?"
Mana: "These are… interesting. The whim of the Goddess is a little weaker in angel-stories, don't you find?"
Vladislav: "Angels can create their own stories, the Goddesses influence is bound to be less."
Toth shrugs. "I suppose, since we're talking about Angels.
Theodore: "THat's the point, I think."
Xsaieta: "Well, that's… because angels are allowed to have their own opinions and make their own stories."
Theodore stops for a second, blinks.
Mana: "We mere humans don't have our own opinions?"
Theodore lets out a breath and looks a bit more relaxed.
Theodore: "Mortals have a huge influence on angels."
Vladislav: "Not that can be heard from the Goddess."
Vladislav: "And so angels hear them in her stead."
Theodore: "…Most angels."
Xsaieta: "You do, but from the world's point of view, they don't matter. Which is bullshit."
Mana: "I'd be a little aghast at that… but I can't, of course." He laughs, a little.
Mana: "Vladislav, who's your favorite angel? I'm trying to pick a story."
Toth pulls up a chair and sits down, rubbing his forehead.
Toth: "(This whole 'story' business gets tiring.)"
Mana: Mordomo bows to Mr. Toth. "Ah, my apologies. Feel free to depart for now if you tire of the machinery."
Vladislav: "I've read my favorite ones too much. Pick one that meets your fancy."
Vladislav: "Many of us have already heard of Stings and Kills. A newer entry would keep our audience more interested."
Toth: "No, no- thank you though. I must see this to its end."
Mana: "The story of the black-haired maiden, then?"
Vladislav: "Make it so."
Xsaieta cat sits on the ground next to Mr. Toth, idly playing with the grass.
Toth reflexively pats Xsaieta.
Mana: "It's the Malachite-story, as I know it. A great hero betrays her people to war against both sides, ending a conflict by sheer force of arms."
Mana: "This is a story of how violence and power, wielded by a great soul, are good and virtuous things, bringing peace and harmony to the land."
Mana: Mordomo presses a finger to his brow - which, really, is almost all his face, smooth and shining - "Any objections with that interpretation?"
Vladislav: "I had much the same."
Xsaieta gives Mordomo an incredulous look. He'd be the -last- person to take issue with that…
Toth: "You've got my attention."
Mana: "There are five parts to this story, I think."
Mana: "The Black-Haired Maiden, the General of the West, her commander-"
Mana: "And the Spirit of the West, who the General is beholden to."
Mana: "The East, as well, has its general, and he is driven by his nation's spirit."
Mana: Mordomo thinks.
Mana: "Theodore, would you care to play the part of the Black-Haired… Knight, I suppose?"
Theodore: "Probably the part I'm best suited for, yeah."
Aurora blinks, then softly giggles, hiding it behind her gauntleted hand.
Theodore: "Man, I could make a great lady."
Mana: "Certainly."
Mana: "Mr. Toth, I'd like you to play the part of the Commander of the West."
Mana: "Xsaieta, the west's spirit."
Toth: "Alright." He stands.
Mana: "As for the east…"
Vladislav: "I have read this story before. I'll be evaluating your performance."
Mana: "Sitting this one out then, Master Vladislav?"
Toth: "(Well, I'm screwed.)"
Vladislav: "I need a fresh interpretation."
Mana: "Certainly."
Xsaieta gave Theo a Look and an eyebrow-wriggle, clambers to his feet, and drifts westwards.
Theodore: "I hear someone mumble part of it *in a pub* one night, so be prepared to be dazzled Vlad."
Mana: "Alexander, command the East. I'll call an actress to drive you?"
Mana: Mordomo paces over to the bell and pauses over it.
Alexander nods.
Mana: After a moment's wait, he rings it, and soon an actress arrives -
Mana: The Spirit of the East, a young woman, made up to look much older, wrapped in a kimono. She has a slight resemblance to the Lunar Bride, wrapped in floral print. Awfully curvy, too. She walks up to Alexander, smiling.
Alexander smiles slightly in return, dipping a bow for her.
Mana: "Tell me about your heart. Tell me why I brought you to power. For our glory? For our survival? So that we may thrive and flourish?"
Mana: She bows in return. Her Imperial manner is perfect.
Aurora settles down to watch along with Vlad.
Alexander: "Why, all three, of course. But glory stands at the fore."
Mana: "As long as you hold victory, my heart races for you." The spirit walks to the middle of the room, and drags a long, ragged river down it.
Mana: "Across this river is the West."
Mana: "The people there are much like us. I have kin there."
Mana: "But they are not of our clan."
Mana: "They insult us in many ways. Their land flourishes, while ours rots. In time, our positions may be reversed."
Mana: "But in this moment, if you wish to share our bed, you must take from them."
Mana: "I love you."
Mana: "Please return."
Alexander: "As you wish, my lady." Bowing once more, he strides over to the river.
Mana: Beyond is the west, their land ripe for the taking!
Alexander crosses the river, bearing down on the West!
Xsaieta is a snarling beast; hair untied and flying about, a sword cutting through the air with ferocity and precision. It stops, the point resting against the general's forehead, the spirit's eyes full of fire, his voice burning with passion.
Xsaieta: "Look to the east, my warrior: they come to take what is rightfully ours. Look to the east, my warrior: take up your sword, and protect your home!"
Toth claps a meaty, firm hand onto the Black-Haired Knight's shoulder. "East comes to rape our lands and pillage our women. Because theirs is flat. Go provide them with the only gift they deserve: death!"
Xsaieta: "They speak our language: so that they can infiltrate our people. They look as we do: so that we might, wrongly, think them kin." He whirls, surrounding the Commander, the Black-haired Maiden. Knight. Whatever. "Our hopes, our very existence, ride with you. In the clamour of your blades rings our victory-song!"
Mana: Where Alexander steps, the West burns with golden smoke.
Theodore glances back at Toth for a moment, then nods and strides towards the river banks.
Mana: It wraps about him, working into his hair and his clothes, armoring him anew and shining.
Alexander continues forwards with powerful steps, a blade held in one hand (it…looks like the 'Undine' blade? When did he grab that?)
Mana: It would be indelicate for the Spirit of the East to show joy at this. But, gently hinted at in her features, she's joyous.
Mana: Halfway between the city and the river, Theodore and Alexander meet.
Toth waves a 'West Kingdom' flag.
Theodore stoicly draws his staff and holds it defensively betweem himself and Alexander, while holding a hand behind him to stop Toth from approaching.
Alexander: "Out of my way, lest you be cast down, knight!"
Mana: Even standing still, the west burns at Alexander's feet.
Theodore: "Leave now, and end this unjust war!"
Toth: "He's burning the begonias! Kill him, and return the favor, tenfold!"
Alexander: "Any war my Lady deems righteous is just!"
Alexander strikes a fighting pose, one leg forward, the other back, with the sword held straight out in front in both hands.
Theodore: "The lands west of the river belong not to you!" Theodore takes his staff in both hands, then shoves it forward in a thrust to unbalance and push Alexander back.
Alexander parries it poorly, staggering, before standing tall again and retorting, "they will now!"
Theodore: "Away with you!" Theodore presses on, driving Alexander back towards the river.
Mana: With each blow-
Mana: The East hurts, a little.
Alexander struggles valiantly, at times pushing the knight back slightly, but only slightly, before being forced back again.
Theodore: "Begone! Back to your beloved Spirit and sons! Tread not upon the lands of the West any longer!"
Mana: A little bit of fire.
Mana: And a little bit of gold wraps about the Knight.
Mana: It's heavy.
Alexander: "No! I must see my lady's will done!" And yet, he takes another step back, towards the river.
Theodore: "You will not see aught should you perish here! Begone, I say!"
Soon enough, he takes yet another step, and the East's commander steps into the river.
Mana: And the gold begins to flake away from him, filling the river, and washing away.
Theodore continues to drive Alexander back, until he stands in the center of the river. He then stops.
Mana: The Spirit of the East walks up to Alexander - "You fought well."
Mana: "Is there anything I can give you?"
Alexander loses ground much more quickly now, each step backwards larger than the one before. And then he is at the Eastern shore.
Mana: She runs a hand down Alexander's back. She's sweetly perfumed.
Theodore turns around, bowing once in Toth and Xsaieta's direction as Alexander concers with the spirit.
Toth: "Keep at it! His death is nigh!"
Alexander: "I wish I could have brought you back something more, milady. All I can ask is for a respite. The knight fights like they are possessed."
Alexander bows to the knight. "You have fought well."
Theodore rightes himself, then turns around as if he had not heard Toth. But he stands vigilant, watching the East.
Xsaieta leaps through the air - shining streamers of the colours of the West, the colour of the sunset, trailing behind him.
Theodore: "Thank you. Go, and be at peace."
Toth: "Why do you wait! On his back heel, he relents! The spirit of the West demands victory"
Mana: "Come." The spirit says.
Alexander nods before standing beside his lady, his Spirit, resting his hands atop the sword.
Mana: "Come and rest with me."
Mana: "I'll prepare you three killing spears, which kill whoever they kiss."
Theodore continues to watch the East vigilantly, continue to pretend as if he had not heard Toth.
Alexander nods, following the Spirit.
Mana: In the City of the East -
Toth growls, summoning his halberd. "Keep vigil over the river, then."
Mana: the Spirit pulls Alexander to her breast, laying with him as, idly, over him, she fashions, part by part, a killing spear.
Mana: It's going to take her some time. Killing spears are difficult things!
Toth: "I will ride to claim glory for myself!"
Theodore turns around, shaking his head at Toth.
Toth mounts a great red steed and tramples across the land!
Xsaieta stabs at the sky with his blade - it shines - and he slowly lets the blade descend under the horizon, a symbol of their land's victory over all things.
Theodore holds his staff in front of him defensively, watching as Toth approaches the river.
Toth: "Stand aside, Dark-Haired Knight! The East licks its wounds, biding its time until it can strike us again!"
Theodore moves not an inch.
Toth: "I command, Dark-Haired Knight!" The sound of hundreds of pounding hooves in the distance. "The West army rides soon, and no soul in the East shall stop them!"
Theodore shakes his head 'no'.
The cavalry arrives, a line of warriors thousandfold rampaging toward the river, and the general rides with them.
Toth spurrs his horse on, picking up speed. "Then my path of glory will ride through you!"
Theodore: "Peace has been negotiated," Theodore straightens himself up and tightens his grip on his staff. "I apologize if word has not reached you."
Mana: And the west burns-
Mana: And the east burns-
Mana: And the Dark-Haired Knight is armored in gold, invincible.
Mana: Soon, not even the killing spears can scratch him!
Mana: And that is the Tale of the East and the West.
Mana: Mordomo claps, gently. "That's the traditional telling, as I recall it."
Mana: "Sorry to run you all through that if you didn't learn anything from it."
Theodore: "…Man, how does it do that, with the…" Theodore gestures vaguely towards the gold, and the illusion of horses.
Mana: "This whole place is illusory, Master Theodore."
Mana: "Adding a bit more doesn't take much."
Vladislav claps as well before taking the book back from Mordomo and slipping it into his satchel.
Toth is standing in the room. "I should really get a halberd. And a mount. (One of those mossy behemoths?)"
Alexander: "Ah, yes, that makes sense."
Theodore: "Crazy."
Xsaieta: "Man, remind me to…"
Aurora applauds as well. "That was pretty good."
Xsaieta: "…I dunno. I gotta get something -nice- for Cruz for finding this place."
Theodore spins towards Aurora and takes a bow.
Mana: "I suppose…"
Mana: "If you wanted to defeat that story, you'd need to undermine the Knight somehow."
Mana: "However, the whole situation is constructed just to lionize her, and to render her invincible, isn't it?"
Mana: "She is an Angel, after all. Expect nothing less."
Toth: "Well…"
Toth: "You could just say, 'hey go surrender,' but she'd probably not go for it."
Toth: "That's the power of a pure heart."
Theodore scratches at the back of his head. "I'm not sure I'd really want to kill *that* story specifically,"
Xsaieta: "You'd have to convince her that her story was over before it was really over."
Toth slowly turns to look at Xsaieta.
Theodore: "But if you were gunna do it, you'd have to send in help to the west, while their general still had the gold and the maiden didn't.
Xsaieta looks innocent!!
Toth: "Would that work?"
Mana: Mordomo clasps his hands, nodding to Theodore. "Well, what stories should be killed is up to you."
Well, as innocent as Xsaieta can ever look. He's got many skills, but that's not -particularly- one of them. Outside of very specific contexts involving rich sheets and heavy incense and- well, that doesn't really apply here, does it? "…I… it's the only way I can think of. You'd pretty much have to be a pure heart yourself to do it, though."
Mana: "This is a merely a toybox to play with such things."
Toth: "Would it only work on Pure Hearts, do you think?"
Xsaieta: "In the context of the narrative… as it's written… you couldn't. But if you had the power to pierce the narrative from the outside…"
Xsaieta: "…which explains why the Emperor wasn't ever able to get anywhere with this, I imagine."
Mana: "We could run it through quickly, if you'd like, and cast someone as a Pure Heart."
Toth: "Yeah, yeah, let's do this."
Alexander: "I think I am done for now."
Toth: "Vlad, you're good at being a Pure heart, get up."
Toth: "Aurora, take Alexander's place."
Toth: "Places, everyone!"
Theodore frowns at Toth.
Vladislav: "Hmph. I see you haven't had your fun yet."
Mana: "The tearoom's on the left, Master Alex."
Toth: "I didn't say he was good at being people, Theo."
Theodore: "Need proof of concept…?"
Vladislav: "I apologize, but I have to refuse."
Alexander nods to Mordomo, but-
Theodore: "It just seems like a bad story to undermine! I like it as is."
Vladislav: "Doing Pure Hearty things requires a specific source of energy which I have been saving up. Using it to change a story like this feels like a waste."
Toth: "You're not gonna use any, this is just toying about."
Toth: "We go through the story and then you turn the chessboard around and we see what happens."
Vladislav: "You truly want to act that out again?"
Toth: "Not -all- of it, can we just hit the highlights?"
Mana: Mordomo nods. "We can."
Vladislav: "If the others have no objections."
Mana: "I suppose the beats of the story would be…"
Aurora: "Huh? But Alexander did a good job there."
Vladislav: "Theodore seems content with the story as is."
Toth: "Okay, so… The Three Pigs?"
Vladislav: "If you insist."
Xsaieta facepalms.
Theodore: "I could probably live with killing the story of the three pigs."
Vladislav: "I will take on the role of the fifth element."
Mana: Mordomo smiles. "How a room full of angels squabbles."
Alexander just sighs, and now accepts Mordomo's offer, heading off to the left. It's not like he can't find them after this.
Toth: "I'll be the wolf, I need three pigs- Xsaieta, Theodore, Auror- er, I don't mean pigs like, y'know…"
Vladislav: "Nice catch of the tongue, Toth."
Xsaieta delicately leans forward, and arflrfsnrths right into Mr. Toth's ear.
Toth grufehalfs in return. Waht?
Xsaieta: "Just, you know."
Xsaieta: "Auditioning."
Vladislav: "If our narrator would please begin?"
Mana: "So the story of the three pigs…"
Mana: "It's a story of disaster and prudence. Preparation allows one to weather any storm, whereas the indolent are embarassed."
Theodore: "I just want to go on record as having laughed at Toth nominating himself as wofl over Xsia."
Mana: "That's our interpretation?"
Toth: "Okay, okay, we're swapping-" He transposes himself and Xsaieta.
Toth: "Xsai, wolf it up."
Aurora: "Do we really need to do this? And yes, I agree with you, Theodore."
Theodore: "Man I don't even care. But yeah that's right, Mordomo."
Mana: "Wonderful." He nods to the actress who played the Spirit, who laughs, gently, and announces:
Xsaieta shifts gears; plants his foot in the ground and lets out a roar! It's close enough to a kiai, he can do this.
Mana: "Once upon a time, in the woods, there were three pigs, who, knowing of a wolf in the area, knew they would have to construct shelter. Like that, yes?"
Toth: "Right."
Mana: Straw, and sticks, and mud, and bricks!
Toth claps his hands three times, and a house of straw pops up from the ground, and a house of sticks, and a house of bricks.
Theodore heads into the house of sticks!
Toth heads into the straw house.
Aurora nods to Toth, standing in front of the house of bricks. If anyone's going to get it, it'll be the knight who protects the party. A thoughtful pause, a tap against the side, and the sunburst of the Order of Solar Knights appears on the door.
Xsaieta tromp, tromp, tromps up to the house of straw, and you could swear the ground shakes when he walks - and he roars, and the wind itself kicks up, dissonantly echoing him - okay, maybe he's getting a little too into this. "LITTLE PIG, LITTLE PIG. LET ME COME IN."
Toth: "Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin!" And he pulls down the skin beneath an eye and sticks his tongue out.
Xsaieta: "THEN…. I'LL SMASH IT!"
Xsaieta rears back, and takes a deep breath - inhales a small cloud - and blows the house down!
Mana: Bam.
Mana: It is gone.
Toth: "!!!"
Theodore peers out his window, blinks.
Aurora: "…That's a set of lungs."
Xsaieta: "Yeah, bet you weren't prepared for Disaster."
Toth scampers over to the stick house. "Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey let me in okay? Okay." He picks up one side of the house and crawls in.
Theodore unlocks the door and opens it just long enough for Toth to slip inside!
Theodore then slams the door shuit and locks it, ignoring tToth lifting the building up.
Xsaieta: "'cause, just watch this shit:" He tromps over to the house of sticks, doubletime, hot on Toth's heels, getting there a second after Toth slips inside, and this time he inhales two clouds, and snorts it out in a monstrous gust, and then laughs, a big deep belly laugh!
Toth tumbles! "He didn't even ask that time!"
Of course, the laugh just gives both of them time to escape. Wolves aren't known for their cunning plans.
Toth scampers over to the brick house. "Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey let me in okay? Okay." He can't pick up the bricks though, so he's clawing at the door.
Theodore: "What a jeeeerk!" Theodore flees toward's Aurora's house! "Help!"
Aurora shakes her head, opening the door quickly to let them in. "Don't get too comfortable, though."
Xsaieta: "Disaster doesn't ask first! You're just mindin' your own business and then, oh, whoop, your world gets blown down! That's how this works!" He runs towards the house of bricks, precisely fast enough to constantly instill fear of carnivory in his prey, precisely slow enough not to catch them.
Xsaieta takes the deepest breath ever, and inhales three little clouds, and: "GRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!"
Mana: Bricks, though.
Vladislav watches silently with a stoic face.
Aurora waits patiently, tapping her foot, arms crossed over her chainmail.
Vladislav pauses before entering the stage, offering a graceful bow to the Wolf. "O' majestic wolf, with lungs as fierce as your roar. I have come to help with this troublesome door. Long have I watched over this tale and its unfortunate end. So much work to be put in with no reward to be penned. I am a messenger of the Mana Goddess and pull us away from natural selection."
Theodore jumps inside the house!
Vladislav: "Do not be alarmed by this sudden affection. All is to ensure that you do not grow thin. Explosives, so even you may have a happy end. A gift from the Goddess to turn the tide. Her involvement will give you solace and pride."
Xsaieta: The wolf bows, ridiculously, elegantly. "I'm her favourite, right!?" Big dumb grin on his face.
Vladislav: "Use them as you do see fit. They are yours to control and yours to permit."
Mana: Dynamite.
Mana: That's the privilege of a pure heart!
Xsaieta takes the pyrotechnics, with ridiculous exaggerated affectation, and tiptoes dramatically around the house, setting one here, one there, one there. "Bet you weren't expecting this!" And then he lights the fuse! (And then he roars like he's blowing the house down again, because it is a ritual, and must be observed.)
Theodore quakes in his boots!!!
Mana: The fuses sizzle…
Toth ducks and covers!
Aurora shakes her head and stands firm, braced.
Mana: And the bombs blam and kablam and blow the house up!
Theodore: "Ohhhhh nooooooooo!"
Toth: "How could this have happened!"
Aurora …and marches out of the wreckage, punching Xsai in the stomach. "That's for wrecking my house!"
Vladislav: "And so I depart from this tale, my work has been done. Feast up O' Wolf, you'll have your fun." He bows exiting stage left.
Aurora knocks him to the ground and sits on him. "Now apologize and rebuild it."
Toth: "!"
Xsaieta: "Wh- what no that's not at all how it works! I get to eat you all now!"
Theodore: "I don't know, I kind of like not being eaten and I *think* she like hitting people!"
Toth: "What an amazing turn of events!"
Aurora: "The problem is you were expecting a pig, and you got a knight instead."
Vladislav: "And so the future refused to change. The lifeforce known as Xsaieta refused to grow happy in this world."
Xsaieta: "That's the power of a Pure Heart…"
Mana: Mordomo nods. "…I guess we'll call that the story of the Pig Knight."
Toth: "So… at that point…"
Vladislav: "A Pure Heart can change things in the world, but the world will always try to make ammends."
Vladislav: "A constant battle."
Toth: "Did the story of The Three Little Pigs end, and it's now always been the Pig Knight?"
Toth: "Or do they both exist?"
Mana: "They both exist. We can play with one or the other - I'll have the actresses ready to fill any parts necessary."
Toth: "Hrm…" He seems disappointed.
Mana: "But what that means is, if you're in one story…"
Theodore: "That was silly."
Mana: "We've proven, in a way, it's possible to leap to another."
Theodore: "…Huh!"
Vladislav: "That was already established."
Vladislav: "Sage Joch has been to many worlds and many stories. I doubt this was his last."
Mana: "Well, it's just a toybox, after all."
Xsaieta is still being pinned to the ground, and wriggle-flails helplessly.
Mana: "Ah! I mean… the course can be changed, in this fashion."
Aurora laughs softly, getting off of Xsai and offering him a hand up. "I really should have gone after Vlad first, though…"
Mana: "The Three Little Pigs is a story about prudence triumphing over disaster. The Pig Knight is about strength triumphing over disaster assisted by fate, but at great cost."
Mana: "Or at least, as I interpret it."
Vladislav: "Aurora, we are visiting the Pure Land. In the interests of not making your friend jealous I have to ask that you stop straddling Xsaieta."
Toth: "That's… fair."
Xsaieta grins and accepts the hand, bowing to Aurora gracefully- and then snickers uncontrollably into a sleeve.
Theodore makes a face in Vladislav's direction.
Vladislav: "Yes, Theodore?"
Xsaieta: "…heh. It's funny… the Pig Knight is a lot like the story the Emperor wishes he could bring into play."
Vladislav: "You have a mouth, it would be prudent to use it at times."
Theodore just shakes his head. "Nothin'."
Aurora glances at Vlad and Theo, raising an eyebrow.
Vladislav: "Now that we are done with our fun and games however, that story reminded me of something. Have any of you been to Salamander recently?"
Toth: "Not I."
Aurora shakes her head. "No."
Xsaieta: "Other than that we kinda came from there…"
Theodore: "Not since I talked the gangs into not killing each other. Or, well, actually since…. Ibex…" Theodore rubs an arm aqkardly.
Vladislav: "Sezaya Yesketi has worked quickly. Not only has she converted all the gangs of Salamander to her cause… but the domestic army stationed under Ibex's care as well."
Xsaieta: "…yeesh. I thought people were actin' funny."
Theodore: "…Dammit, I didn't want them to take my advise *and* toss their chips in with Yesketi. She's looking for trouble, augh."
Vladislav: "Given her goals against the Emperor, I am afraid our kettle district is going to go from boiling to spilling in the future."
[OOC] Theodore: -damn +dang
Toth: "Yeah, well…"
Toth: "Let's go open the Salamander gate next, I'm sure that'll…"
Toth weakly laughs.
Toth: "Ahh, I'm going to get some tea."
Vladislav: "Let in an army?"
Toth: "Ohh you're still worried about that army thing, are you?"
Aurora: "Get both sides killed?"
Toth: "We'll just have to go to a story involving somehow us beating an army."
Toth: "Go AF a cannon or something."
Vladislav: "Not at all. I think Yesketi wants the door open as well. With Vush out of the way that is quite the mass of people to convert."
Xsaieta makes a 'backy forthy backy forthy' gesture with his hands and flops backward into the grass and wriggles like a kitten. It's the only rational response.
Vladislav: "I want the door open, but at the same time I don't want to help her."
Toth: "So go kill her?"
Theodore: "My least favorite part of Titania…"
Vladislav: "I kill beasts, not people, Mr. Toth. Dryad District will be given back to the people."
Toth: "Who's talking about Dryad?"
Theodore: "Is definitely the part where everything is six times easier if it involves killing someone." Theodore sighs.
Vladislav: "I killed Snake and Lion and removed them from power. I have no intentions to kill Yesketi."
Xsaieta: "So… uh."
Xsaieta: "…who's this Yesketi person, exactly?"
Toth: "Right, right, yes, whatever. Tell me the one about how you won't kill the Emperor."
Theodore: "Someone claiming to be a Priestess of the Goddess."
Theodore: "She gave us guns, and taught me how to tlak in blue."
Vladislav: "Someone who claims she was sent by the Mana Goddess and has been distributing weapons beyond any power we've seen before."
Toth: "Is it a bad thing if she gets followers?"
Theodore: "But, she's also kind of trying to start a war so…."
Aurora: "Which you haven't really done at all, Theodore."
Vladislav: "She's essentially trying to form a wolf army to blow down the Emperor's castle."
Xsaieta: "That doesn't sound super zesty, no."
Theodore: "I haven't started any wars!" A little defensively to Aurora.
Toth: "None of you seem to know what you want. You don't want her to expand but you don't want her dead. You want to open up Salamander but you don't want a war."
Toth: "Start cutting knots, people. That's the privilege of a pure heart."
Toth heads off to the tea room.
Vladislav: "I said I didn't want her dead. I am more than willing to detain her."
[OOC] Toth: HP: 345/500, MP: 389/530, SoS: 125
Theodore: "(…It's not that we don't know what we want, in so far as we don't always want the same things…)"
Mana: Your hair stands on end, for a moment, Vladislav.
Mana: …Like somebody just walked across your grave.
Xsaieta gets up, follows after Mr. Toth. He's been hankering for some tea for a WHILE now.
Vladislav pauses for a moment. Then he rushes to the door and kicks it open looking outside. A grassy plain should be easy to spot someone in.
Theodore: "- What?"
Mana: Nobody's out there.
Vladislav chews at his lip. "Someone was listening to this conversation."
Theodore: "Joch?"
Vladislav: "Could be one of Yesketi's. I'd consider the assassin tailing me from the Tower of Jinn since she's been snooping around my business lately… But I opened a portal with those Rabites to make sure she couldn't follow my trail."
Theodore: "How would she even know this place exists yet?"
Theodore: "…Do you think she might be another pure heart?"
Aurora: "Maybe you're imagining things?"
Vladislav: "She's been finding out information faster than the Dye Painters. Something isn't right about her."
Theodore rests his hands behind his head, thinking.
Vladislav: "Thoughts, Theodore?"
Theodore: "Well I mean, that makes the most sense doesn't it?"
Vladislav: "Perhaps the rumours are true."
Vladislav: "Word has been going around that she has a connection to dragons."
Theodore: "We're all wild cards here, sent to shake up the statusqou. Millions and you are a little more brazen about it, but…"
Theodore: "Dragons? What kind of Priestess would consort with dragaons?"
Vladislav: "The kind that plans to raze a nation in the name of the Goddess."
Theodore frowns.
Vladislav: "There's similar stories in the book, of course. If an Angel has done it before it could happen again."
Theodore: "Yeah I… suppose we actually are all here, sent by the Goddess…"
Vladislav: "Can you truly say that with such certainty? We lack an assigned purpose and I am sure you are aware how actions happened in that play."
Theodore: "Not having a purpose is kind of the point, I think. We're here to make things that wouldn't normally happen, happen."
Vladislav: "Or perhaps that is what it means to become rogue? If the Services have a Mana Tree of their own, they may have more relation to the Goddess than we first thought."
Theodore: "Everything was a grid lock until the day we all spoke with the Sproutlings, right?"
Theodore: "And then after that, everythings just been kinda, well, nuts?"
Vladislav: "The fact that so many of us popped out of the woodworks at exactly the same time is disconcerting. One after another or spread out certainly…"
Theodore lets out a breath as he dropps his hands to his sides.
Theodore: "What would you sets the odds at of being able to resolve everything between the various angels without things coming to blows?"
Mana: Oh, Vlad, by the way, what elements are you weak to right now?
Vladislav: (Shade, Dryad)
Vladislav picks up his quill from where it was left on the floor in the first play. He scribbles a note on a piece of paper before handing it to Theodore. "That is my answer. It will not be written."
Mana: Thanks! <3
Vladislav: "Not in the story proper, at least."
Theodore raises an eyebrow, taking the slip of paper. He then pulls his coat up around his hand and eyes before reading it.
Theodore: "…Yeah I don't doubt that." He doesn't exactly sound thrilled.
Mana: He's correct, of course. It isn't written.
Theodore: "… Yeah." Theodore frowns, before eating the slip of paper.
Theodore: "Anyway, tea? I can't tell if we're lost in thought, or tensed and braced for impact."
Aurora: "…Tea sounds good right about now."
Vladislav: "… I will join you." He sighs awkwardly.
Theodore: "I'll take that as you were the latter. In which case, best not to be left without me and Aurora, yeah?" Theodore smiles.
Theodore shakes his head, then nods towards the actress to lean them to the room, while taking Aurora and Vladislav both by the arm.
Mana: The actress smiles. I wonder if you'll see her again later?
Mana: And so it was written.

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