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Mana: And so it was written: Pokiehlember 4th, Year 1, Undine's Day. The tower of Jinn is on war footing - clerks carrying stacks of papers everywhere. The presses are live, steam billowing out on the second and third floors as volunteers are encased into iron bodies. Assassins you don't recognize play cards on a bench in one hallway, waiting to deliver some report or another.
Mana: Erinee's schedule, however, is clear for you.
Vladislav hides the surprise on his face as he makes his way into the tower. It certainly was a lot more busy than his last visit. He nods to the clerk as he makes his way on to the lift.
Mana: A nod back.
Vladislav waits for the lift to reach his destination before making his way down the hall. He glances around for some nosy assassins first before knocking on the door.
Mana: No one's nosing. Right now. Erinee answers: "Vladislav. Come in."
Vladislav scrunches up his face as he closes the door behind him. "I take it you don't get many visitors if you already knew who it was."
Vladislav: "This place is rather lively since my last visit."
Mana: "I am a witch, after all. Knowing who's knocking is expected."
Vladislav: "I always presumed that was a false moniker. I am a magician yet make no such claims."
Vladislav: "Still working on the same project?"
Mana: She's seated at her desk, three layers of papers floating six-inches separated, splayed in massive fans.
Mana: "More iminent matters seem to have arisen."
Vladislav: "I take it you're aware of the Scorpion Army, then?"
Vladislav: "Or has something else popped up out of thin air?"
Mana: "Yes." She says.
Mana: "We are aware."
Vladislav: "At first glance they don't seem like much of a threat. Millions on the other hand gives them credibility."
Mana: "Friendly bunch, aren't they? But they're heavily armed and fiercely loyal."
Vladislav: "Regardless, I have a request to make of you. I wish to access the Vault of Gems and trade out my Calaverite for a Pyragite you have on hand. I've brought with me one of their T1-Golem models they are mass producing with the intent to attack Titania. Would you perhaps be interested in a trade?"
Mana: "As for Millions…"
Mana: "… Anyway. Yes, we can make the swap."
Mana: "We've been a bit short of Calaverite lately."
Vladislav: "That is good to hear. I would say three of the five Princes of Dryad have been either killed or evicted as well, but the districts affairs are of little concern at the moment so consider it a ramble." He grins slightly.
Mana: "At least there's that, one can say. Been to Salamander lately?"
Vladislav: "Not since Ibex's removal. Last I heard there had been a ceasefire. Is this no longer the case?"
Mana: "It's ceased still. They've all thrown in with that priestess, Sezaya Yesketi."
Mana: "…Even the domestic army."
Vladislav: "Such is the power of words in these troublesome times. I can only expect things to escalate soon."
Mana: "Perhaps. They haven't acted openly yet. Salamander hasn't been quite so quiet for a long time."
Mana: "They say she consorts with dragons. I rather wish they said it louder - her reputation could use a bit of sinking."
Vladislav: "Even so, the Emperor cannot afford to have multiple enemies strike at once. The number of people who harbour a grudge has only been increasing as of late."
Mana: Erinee smiles. "No. So, how to hold them at bay?"
Vladislav: "Was there ever a long term solution? I fail to see the point to Paradise if there was."
Mana: "Titania endures. Knowledge of Paradise is a fringe benefit, I feel."
Vladislav: "Before I bring up another topic, do you have staff on hand that can repair the T1-Golem for me? The mechanics can learn the inner workings of something you're going to get harassed with and I can come out of this with a golem to do some reading for me.
Mana: "If it catches the Emperor's interest, he could repair it himself. He is a… technical mind, in some ways."
Mana: "Other than that, we'd have to contract it out."
Mana: "Most of the tower's marvels are coronation gifts, after all."
Vladislav: "Exmillia is far too vast for me to explore on my own, even with Prince Snake dead. I am sure I don't need to explain my intentions."
Mana: "Certainly not. Leave it with me, then. I'll have it repaired one way or another."
Vladislav nods, setting it down in a corner. "Speaking of the Emperor, this may seem like a silly question. What is his name?"
Mana: "…It does not seem like a silly question at all. What's your suspicion?"
Vladislav: "I am curious of his origins."
Mana: "As a child, he was named Irwin."
Mana: "Now, of course, he's merely the Emperor."
Mana: "You'd do well not to forget that."
Vladislav pulls out a scroll and opens it up, scrunching up his face as he takes a better look as to why something like this would be in a vault. [Record on Lineage of Emperor's]
Mana: It's dense and difficult to scan - starting from the mythic origins of the Emperor and his family's descent from the goddess, all the way to -
Mana: Erinee waves a finger, the scroll lifting from your fingertips, slipping into her stack. She examines it.
Vladislav: "I hope you know I could have easily brought that out after this discussion."
Mana: "You brought it to me to show it to me, of course."
Vladislav: "I cannot imagine you hold a disinterest in something like this, given your position."
Vladislav: "You are likely to notice an inconsistency much better than myself."
Mana: "Naturally. Allow me a moment."
Vladislav: "The fact that it was in a vault rather than with the rest of the books tells me that it was of particular importance to Prince Snake."
Mana: "However…"
Mana: "…"
Mana: "It's a bit more accurate than our copies, but it doesn't differ meaningfully from the official account."
Mana: "THe Jinn Emperor is the 80th in an unbroken line of emperors, each of the elements represented exactly ten times, each of them firstborn of their families."
Mana: "…This one claims that they were all sons. We know that to have been an official fiction on at least three accounts, of course…"
Vladislav: "That's almost disappointing."
Mana: "Not your favorite number?"
Vladislav: "It's far too common for my tastes. I of course recognize the possibility that given your position you would be obligated to save face even if you did find out something new. Should this be the case, feel free to keep any discrepancies in the back of your mind." He grins.
Vladislav: "I have tasked myself with informing you of things after all, not the Emperor."
Mana: "Certainly. One wonders why a Snake would keep this so jealously, after all."
Mana: She slides the scroll away from the rest of the array, pushing it just the slightest bit forward.
Vladislav takes it with one hand before slipping it back into his bag. "He also had a book about angels. I'm still reading through it on my travels."
Mana: "Anything of note?"
Vladislav: "Plenty of stories so far. But without a face to place to the names they are of little use."
Vladislav: "You don't happen to have a Bernard Bright working in the court, do you?"
Mana: "There's no one in Titania by that name."
Vladislav: "I had assumed as much. The odds of this being the world that was travelled to was slim."
Vladislav: "In my travels I have uncovered the Services objective."
Mana: "Care to inform?"
Vladislav: "There are many worlds much like Titania. Their army is seperated into crews, the one we're dealing with being assigned to our world. Their job is to alter the mana in the region and convert our home into a suitable location for their colony. While speculation I can only assume by the time they're done everyone will be inflicted with the sickness and they'll be primed to move in."
Mana: "…A plague of parasites."
Vladislav: "Parasites that you have no means of dealing with."
Mana: "No. Any sign of their recent activities?"
Vladislav: "I cannot say what they have done here since I have just recently returned. I spent the better half of yesterday in another world."
Vladislav: "You are one of few I can say that to and expect to at least give me a grain of credibility."
Vladislav: "For such travel to be possible, Titania is truly falling apart at its seams."
Mana: "One visits the Luna at their own peril, I find."
Mana: "Certainly odd that it's easier to head there than past our gates, isn't it…?" Erinee sighs.
Mana: "Though, I suppose Millions has her own highway out of here, now."
Vladislav: "It would not surprise me if Yesketi has such avenues as well."
Vladislav: "Has the Emperor ever mentioned the Tree of Life to you before?"
Vladislav: "The Mana Tree any scholar knows…"
Mana: "The Tree of Life…"
Mana: "…You made a visit to the Pure Land, I suppose?"
Vladislav: "That is correct. I was informed that Sage Joch travelled through it on his way to Titania. I take it you heard from him?"
Mana: "From another scholar, long passed, in fact."
Mana: "As I know it, it's a mere cosmic curiosity."
Mana: "Some might call it a sort of world of ideals - the purest expression of the laws of reality which bind all worlds."
Vladislav: "A land without mana can be considered pure?"
Vladislav: "What purpose does such a tree serve when there is no mana to give?"
Mana: "Leaves, roots, and photosynthesis, I imagine. Your question is - what purpose can a magic tree serve, other than being a source of mana?"
Vladislav: "The fact that a magic tree exists at all in a land without mana, let alone has a moniker such as the Tree of Life is cause for questions."
Mana: Erinee considers this.
Mana: "Possibly, it's the center of mana. The energy from which the eight elements are derived."
Vladislav 's eyes widen at the remark. "You claim that it is responsible for the mana of all worlds?"
Vladislav: "I planned to visit the tree firsthand tonight. This will certainly be interesting."
Mana: She strokes her chin. "I'm uncertain if I would make that claim."
Mana: "It could also be a sort of… proto-tree. The energy before mana, not yet developed."
Vladislav: "Even if this was the case, records on how a mana tree is born have been lost to time. Researching such a stage could be a moving discover."
Mana: "So it would be. You plan to return?"
Vladislav: "Tonight, yes. There have been stories, but nothing as concrete as this could be."
Vladislav: "Before I forget, it is quite likely the Services came with a Pure Heart of their own. There is one assigned to each crew according to reputable sources."
Mana: "You have a trick for evading gates, I hope. The lower Shade gate has been thoroughly sealed."
Vladislav: "I have employed the services of a fantastic courier."
Vladislav: "When I travelled through it last though I saw much of the Black Guard dead. Do you know the attackers?"
Mana: "Likely the Scorpions. They were stationed there for some time, were they not?"
Vladislav: "They still are, last I checked. I have a hard time imagining they let the gate be sealed."
Mana: "Extraordinary measures were employed."
Vladislav: "Has the court discovered a way to detect those Pure of Heart yet outside of killing them?"
Vladislav: "I am certain there are a few more sparks that will give this story a jolt, given the chance. I would like to place a face to them."
Mana: "A way to detect them…"
Vladislav: "With the possibility of the services having one of their own it becomes a pressing concern."
Mana: Erinee considers. "There's no divining rod."
Mana: "Certainly, however, you can look at commonalities."
Mana: A wry smile - "A sense of importance and of liberty. A passion for ancient stories of Mana and the Goddess. An aloofness towards the common people. Incredible strength and prowess."
Mana: "And fearlessness."
Vladislav: "And have you met any that fit that description outside of Millions?"
Vladislav: "I suppose if you go by that description alone the Emperor fits as well." A chuckle.
Mana: "Most of those things, certainly."
Mana: "…But not fearlessness."
Vladislav: "I suppose if that was a trait Titania would have already fallen to ruin."
Mana: "Indeed. And yet, miraculously, it holds."
Vladislav: "Still, who would have thought he would share a name with a demon in the storybooks."
Mana: "He may have been named for him. The most compassionate of fiends, so the story goes."
Vladislav: "Next you will tell me he has an interest in Gossam."
Mana: "Even the fairies speak Primalum these days, so I'm told."
Vladislav: "I cannot say I have encountered one in my travels yet. Have they forsaken Titania as well?"
Mana: "I don't know whether there are even any in these lands at all."
Vladislav: "What I would do for a wonder such as the Pool of Leires. Instead we are forced to wait and see how things play out."
Mana: "So we are. Nothing is written, after all."
Mana: "…Best of luck. Tomorrow is Dryad's day, you know."
Vladislav: "I apologize for any inconvenience that may cause come nightfall. A permit for the Vault of Gems, if you would?"
Mana: She calls a slip of paper to hand and signs it, handing it over.
Vladislav takes it in turn before offering a small bow. "A pleasure doing business as always. If you can see to that golems repairs I'm sure I can dig up some more interesting tidbits from Exmillia in the future."
Mana: "Of course. Beneficial to both of us, after all."
Vladislav: "So it is." He nods one last time as he opens the door and steps into the hallway. Immediately he glances around for a troublesome assassin.
Mana: None today, it seems.
Vladislav smirks to himself. Dryad's day -was- tomorrow.
Mana: And so it was written.

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