Mana P3y1s15

Mana: And so it was written: Pokiehlember 3rd, Year 1, Luna's Day. So there's this iron case that Xsaieta bought, right?
Xsaieta: Right.
Mana: Right.
Xsaieta totally waited until after saying goodbye to Mr. Toth, and before going to sleep, before going to some sort of vaguely secluded place to open it. Precautions!
Mana: Precautions! Probably just your room at Anya's.
Mana: It creaks.
Mana: Inside:
Mana: It's lined with blue velvet.
Mana: There's a tiny slip of paper. Curled. Only a few words on it. Handwriting's bad.
Mana: Unfurl it, why don't you?
Xsaieta was all ready to lift it up and flail it around and smack it against things, because… that's how you open treasure chests, right? But it turns out that wasn't necessary, and he carefully reaches out and unfurls the furled-thing.
Mana: "IOU ONE (1) GODDESS - J"
Mana: Well, that explains that!
Xsaieta starts laughing hysterically!
Mana: And so it was written!

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