Mana P3y1s12

Mana: And so it was written: Pokiehlember 3rd, Year 1, Luna's Day. The traveling party stand below the deck of the Moon Empire ship on the strange shores of the Luna, in the middle of its mess hall. Red light pours out through the steel grating underfoot.
Theodore: "Never heard of 'em, so I guess you got one up on us, Miss."
Mana: "We're the Scorpion Army!" - That's what the second in command of the ship, just introduced to you, said. She's dressed in a flamboyant red cape, fastened over her shoulder with a shining golden button. She's smiling.
Mana: "Well!" She says, walking up to Theodore, giving him a punch on the shoulder. "We're new."
Veracruz: "Seems like it"
Theodore: "Ah yeah, that would explain that."
Mana: "Have a seat, we'll serve you some dinner."
Theodore: "Right on."
Theodore plops down next to a table.
Veracruz raises and eyebrow and sits down beside Theo
Mana: She gestures to one of her soldiers, who pulls the cape off of her, unfastening it carefully and folding it up as she sits opposite to you.
Vladislav narrows his brow before shaking his head and taking a seat. "What pray tell is the purpose of this meal? Do you wish to strike a business proposition or are you simply lulling us into a false sense of security?"
Mana: She crosses her arms. "It's dinner time, isn't it?"
Mana: "People get hungry right about now!"
Mana: "That's the purpose."
Theodore: "I am a big fan of eating!"
Vladislav: "Help yourself then." He scowls slightly and starts to flip through his book.
Theodore: "Was planning on it!" Theodore wave dismissively towards Vladislav while giving their host a smile. "Didn't catch your name, Miss."
Mana: Soon enough, soldiers arrive, carrying huge platters of ribs, drenched in deep red sauce.
Mana: "Lieutenant Venetia!" She declares.
Theodore: "Right on. I'm Theodore," He motions to extend a hand, notices the food, then thinks better of it since thye're about to get messy anyway.
Veracruz looks at Theo, looks at Vlad, raises an eyebrow and then isn't sure where to go from there. He will just… Eat normally if a bit cautiously. He doesn't quite likes the entire situation anyway
Mana: Vladislav: Fanciful diagrams of the hypothetical dissections of angels - exploding their body out into its component parts and imagining them as the gears of a clock, the bars of cages, nests of serpents.
Alexander: "Alexander, ma'am. If you're a Lieutenant, then is there a Captain or someone else higher up the chain of command?"
Mana: "Immediately above me, of course, is the great Captain Millions, the invincible, and a Pure Heart in her own right."
Vladislav glances up from his book chewing at his lip. "So you know what that is, then?"
Theodore: "Oh, so she *is* a Pure Heart!" Theodore doesn't seem hesistant to eat the food in the slightest, and digs right in.
Veracruz: "That would explain some things"
Mana: "They're great heroes blessed with powers to save the world. Millions said we'd be running into one or two when we got here."
Mana: "But if there's four of you…" She blinks, looking up from carving a rack of ribs away.
Mana: "…Well, this one's gonna be real simple!"
Theodore: "Oh?"
Veracruz: "Oh? What is?"
Mana: "Well, saving Titania!"
Theodore: "It's been goin' alright so far yeah. When did she talk to the sproutling?"
Mana: "Oh, is that something Pure Hearts do…?"
Mana: "Well, you'd have to ask her!"
Theodore rocks his head form side to side, then nods.
Aurora nods, taking some food for herself as well, eating politely. "All of us did. And there's five of us."
Mana: "Hmm… well, it must've been a while back, since I haven't seen any sprouts or anything aboard our ship."
Vladislav: "I suppose she won't be coming back to the ship soon?"
Theodore: "Makes sense."
Aurora: "I'm not sure any of the other Knights saw the one that visited me come in…"
Veracruz: "Not quite sure anyone else got to see mine either"
Mana: "Well, she told me she was handling some business up in the city tonight."
Mana: "Which is a shame, but - anyway, it's not like we have to worry about her!"
Theodore: "That auction thing, right?"
Vladislav: "I've heard she has quite the inventory. Just where did you acquire all of it?"
Mana: "Right, the auction thing!"
Mana: "I know some of it was picked up locally, but a lot of it is just what our stores were bursting with. There are a lot of opportunities when you sail that far across the Luna, you know."
Mana: "Lots to see."
Veracruz: "Ooh. The luna must be quite the place, the trip doubtlessly rife with danger"
Veracruz: "Did you take this trip for any particular reason?"
Mana: "Well, we are invading Titania, you know!"
Veracruz: "Whatfor?"
Theodore: "Well, not yet I was pretty sure?"
Vladislav: "To save it from the Emperor's regime, I could only fathom. Should that be the case though I do not understand the bad blood between Millons and Yesketi as they would share the same goal."
Mana: "Wait, the Captain's making enemies already?"
Mana: "I mean… other than the default enemies you get when invading a place."
Theodore: "Not making friends at least."
Veracruz: "Well, they seem to dislike eachother but want to achieve the same thing"
Veracruz: "Which, well, is a little worrysome!"
Vladislav: "I take it she does not talk to you of her daily affairs."
Vladislav: "A pity. Communication is one of the most basic signs of trust."
Theodore: "Don't mind him, he's very bad at being nice."
Mana: "The Captain keeps me up to date on each and every one of her - it's just, you know, that hasn't come up yet!"
Mana: "Probably I'll be getting it tonight. Or, you know, tomorrow."
Mana: She pulls a bit of meat off a rib. "When she gets back."
Vladislav: "How long have you been on standby here?"
Mana: "We touched down yesterday."
Theodore: "How'd you guys get permission to come ashore anyway? I thought the people in charge were avoiding an invasion for now."
Mana: "Well, you see…" She puffs her chest out. It's impressive.
Mana: "Captain Millions actually has permission to do anything she wants!"
Theodore: "Oh man!" Theodore pauses. "How'd she manage that?"
Vladislav: "By not caring about existing laws."
Vladislav: "Don't get any ideas."
Theodore: "Man I *already* do whatever I want."
Mana: "Well, that's the power of a Pure Heart, right?"
Mana: "So she got the kingdom to recognize that, and give her a full-bore letter of marque."
Mana: "…I think she even made it into an artifact. The Captain's pretty slick, you know!"
Theodore: "Dang, a full blown privateer! That's pretty cool."
Veracruz: "It is"
Veracruz: "I hope she doesn't causes too much trouble"
Mana: "Well, we're hoping for a quick surrender."
Vladislav: "What's your end goal, then?"
Veracruz: "Uhn… I hope you know how to control collateral, that's all i'll add"
Aurora: "…Somehow I'm not picturing a quick surrender happening."
Mana: "Well, our end goal is the complete annexation of Titania, along with the fulfillment of a hundred-point list of grievances, including, but not limited to, the return of the Lunar Princess, the return to old calendars, the dissolution of all forces domestic and foreign, the liberation of other national capitols, a six billion lucre tribute from the vaults, the stone begging bowl of
Mana: the original Emperor, divestment of all jewelries, and the seizure of state lands in the Jinn district for the opening of a resort. "
Veracruz headscratches
Veracruz: "Well, i'm definitely not going to question them while i'm here"
Vladislav: "Why does the Moon Kingdom want the Lunar Bride back? Wasn't she sent over as a sign of peace?"
Theodore: "They want her back because she's a prisoner, bro."
Theodore: "I really doubt the Emperor is gunna agree to all that though."
Vladislav: "She is a fool if she did not know what she was getting herself into."
Veracruz: "Well, presumably he isn't going to agree to much of anything"
Veracruz: "I figure they're being a little bit excessive too, I mean, you probably don't want to disrupt the districts too much actually? That aside"
Theodore: "Sometimes people to the best thing they can for those that depend on them, even if it's bad for them." Theodore lets out a breath.
Theodore: "Doesn't mean people that care about her wouldn't wanna help her."
Veracruz: "I'm pressure sure the Lunar Bride had her own plan? It did seem so when she asked me to deliver that message. You sure that you're not like, getting in the way of that?"
Mana: Lt. Venetia smiles. "Is there anyone in this city that doesn't have their own plan?"
Mana: "I mean, no offense, but it seems like everyone's just been messing around, up till now."
Theodore raises his hand.
Theodore: "I'm totally makin' it up as I go."
Vladislav: "I can see that, yes." He frowns at Theodore.
Mana: "That's the way! The Scorpion Army is here to defeat evil and conquer all before us. Total revolution! Absolute destiny apocalypse!"
Theodore: "Right the thing is though,"
Veracruz: "You're really going to end up hurting someone that did nothing, though"
Veracruz: "Gotta be really careful with that"
Theodore: "Is that my heart is *pretty set* on not letting any a[ocalypses happen."
Vladislav: "News flash, you're one of them I think."
Theodore: "That's what I was implying yes!"
Mana: "No, I think he meant… you!"
Theodore: "Wait, huh?"
Mana: "The word apocalypse just comes from an old word for " unveiling. "
Mana: "So, it's in the nature of a Pure Heart to open up the world!"
Veracruz: "Yeah, no, we mean apocalypse in the present day obvious meaning of a really big disaster that is probably world-ending"
Vladislav: "Don't use large words, you will confuse him."
Veracruz: "I think you guys might be one of them"
Theodore: "None of those were even big words!"
Mana: "Anyway, it's only disastrous if you're on the losing side, you know!"
Theodore: "That's why I've been winning all my fights!"
Mana: "Exactly! That's what the Captain does, too."
Mana: "So for all of us… there won't be any disaster at all!" Lt. Venetia nods seriously.
Theodore: "What… makes you think we'd help you start a war though? That's what I'm trying to stop!"
Vladislav: "What happens when Pure Hearts collide, I wonder?" He scratches at his cheek in thought. "A situation the Emperor was adamant on preventing."
Veracruz: "Uhn, given all that we can do and all that and how we're all avoiding apocalypses and, how she mentioned, it is only a disaster if you're on the losing side and, y'know, we both technically are not supposed to lose"
Veracruz: "I'm guessing a lot of collateral damage"
Mana: "…So that's exactly why you should be on our side!"
Veracruz: "Hrm… Well"
Mana: "We strike out all the major monster forces, then seize the Tower from below through the Shade."
Mana: "We'll have a lunar Titania by the end of the week."
Veracruz: "We can't really do that, not just like that anyway"
Mana: "Huh, why not? You're Pure Hearts, aren't you?"
Veracruz: "Because if we try that we're very likely going to end up with two of the apocalypses happening anyway"
Veracruz: "Three maybe"
Vladislav: "You plan to strike down the Goblin King on your way through the Shade? Rather ambitious goals."
Vladislav: "I doubt you will make it past the city."
Veracruz: "Hrm, well, if my idea's right. I sure know Salamander's going off on fireworks if they see you attacking Jinn"
Veracruz: "Yeah, Shade's a pretty shady place"
Aurora: "…I think Shady's an understatement. And let's not forget the Angels and the Services…"
Mana: Lt. Venetia scratches behind her ear. "…You're making it sound like it's possible for the Captain to lose a fight."
Veracruz: "Oh, yeah, those"
Veracruz nods at her "Yeah, Pure Hearts can lose a fight"
Veracruz: "Done that a few times. You always get another chance, though"
Vladislav: "Look at it this way… Five Pure hearts got steamrolled by Prince Snake."
Veracruz: "Always gotta be mindful, though, something very bad can happen if you don't win"
Mana: "Well… everybody on this ship knows the risks we take, coming on here."
Mana: "…And since we're all the Captain brought to this fight, we're all she has to lose."
Veracruz: "That might be true, but!"
Veracruz: "Can't quite expect us to help when we have, y'know, everything in Titania to lose if you don't do this all pretty right"
Mana: She tugs on the single curl of her bangs.
Mana: "Well… maybe we can work together on a project-by-project basis."
Veracruz: "Oh, we definitely can!"
Veracruz: "Like, i'm pretty sure you just don't know ALL the problems that can happen. Don't worry though, it does seem like killing things is the solution that ends up being the nescessary one so your skills don't go to waste"
Veracruz: "(Unless you, like, prefer sewing)"
Mana: "Hmph! So anyway…"
Vladislav: "Are you aware of the calamities that are to befall Titania?"
Mana: "Uhh.."
Mana: "Well…"
Mana: "…Us?"
Veracruz: "Vlad did you note them down? I keep forgetting one or the other until we run into it"
Theodore glances over at Veracruz, then smacks him upside the head.
Vladislav: "There are seven. Your efforts will have been for naught unless you help us stop the other six. There will be no vaults to empty and no state to annex."
Mana: Her eyes glint.
Theodore: "Internal strife. Lunar invasion. Otherworld invasion. Fiends. Angels. Uh… "
Mana: "What, are you saying you would've been screwed to handle them unless we showed up?"
Vladislav: "Don't be ridiculous. We are immortal. Doing what we seek in a timely manner however…" He snaps his book shut with a grin.
Veracruz: "Goblins"
Theodore: "Goblins! And then that one other one I always forget.'
Mana: "Okay, so we kill all the goblins, we kill all the services…"
Veracruz: "Services, the services! That was it"
Veracruz: "Well, no. We can't kill all the goblins because that will just make more goblins start existing"
Theodore: "That's the otherworldly invaders>"
Veracruz: "Oh- Dammit I always confuse that"
Veracruz: "I need to write this down"
Veracruz: "Also can't quite kill all the goblins, if we do that the spirits will just make more goblins exist!"
Vladislav: "To stop the goblins you must first quell the spirits anger."
Veracruz: "See, that's the thing about knowing the real problem, sometimes it isn't obvious. There's goblins because there is an angry spirit. If you don't make them calm goblins are going to be endless"
Aurora: "…Was that spirit the one in the Heart of the City?"
Veracruz: "Mind, it's even good right now because the goblin king is a really nice guy and is kind of helping us out, pretty smart"
Veracruz: "I think it is, yeah. Toth's working on something about that"
Mana: "Or…" She gives Vladislav a look. "You kill all the goblins, and then, you know, even when new goblins appear, they won't have organization, or infrastructure, or critical mass, and will basically be inneffective."
Veracruz: "But are you really sure you want goblins forever?"
Veracruz: "That's far, far, FAR more problems that it will ever be worth it, you know"
Veracruz: "Just talk down the spirit and boom, goblins gone forever"
Vladislav grins in response. "Tell Millons that her goals will never see fruitation unless she deals with the rivalling plot threads in this little story. While we may have a conflict of interests later on I think I can speak plainly that both of us do not want to see our efforts go to waste when the angels arrive."
Mana: "Hm… well, passing along messages I can do."
Theodore: "You should… remind her that the bunyn girl doesn't actually want war, too."
Veracruz: "Yeah. Last time I saw the Lunar Bride, which was… Two days ago. She actually gave me a message telling you guys that you need to wait"
Veracruz: "Not sure if you ever got that message"
Mana: "Well…"
Mana: "…she's kinda just a figurehead, you know?"
Mana: "She didn't want to be married off either, and there she is!"
Veracruz: "She's your only inside agent"
Theodore: "Right, but she's a figure head I like."
Veracruz: "Whatever she is, she is in the one place where she can see and hear everything you can't"
Mana: "You know…"
Veracruz: "Can't have a little faith?'
Mana: "…You guys almost like too many people to get anything done."
Veracruz: "Psh, no"
Theodore: "I totally killed a Prince just an hour ago."
Veracruz: "If you don't like a lot of people you only make problems for everyone including yourself"
Theodore: "And have prevented Service and Goblin invasions… multiple times."
Theodore: "And stopped Salamander from tioting."
[OOC] Theodore: rioting^
Aurora: "…Just because we like the Goblin King, doesn't mean we won't stop him from wrecking the City."
Veracruz: "That's right. And hey, I told you, he's actually helping us out, y'know. Makes life easier"
Mana: She waves down one of her soldiers with sauce-covered hands until one brings a pile of wet towels. One gets flung vaguely Theodore-wards.
Mana: "Anyway, we don't really need an inside agent or anything. Absolute force is on our side."
Mana: She grins. "Until we bump into you, of course!"
Theodore licks his fingers before wiping his hands off and giving a nod towards whoever threw it.
Theodore: "What exactly did Titania do to warrent all of this anyway?"
Veracruz managed to eat without dirtying his hands. How? Secrets and sleight of hand "Curious about that too, yeah"
Mana: "Well, the Captain told me that there's something unstable about Titania."
Mana: "…It's probably that Heart, right?"
Vladislav: "The City Heart has a number of problems concerning it, yes."
Theodore: "It can be a little moody when the mood strikes it."
Mana: "As in, the whole place was rigged to blow from the beginning… I think she said."
Theodore tilts his head towards Alexander and Vladislav.
Veracruz: "I don't think so but- I wonder why she said that"
Alexander: "Could be that there's something very dangerous in there. We're still looking into that."
Aurora: "That might be a twisting of the fact that it'd be a bad thing if the Heart did blow?"
Mana: "No, not the Heart. Like, the city, I think… she meant?"
Mana: "She was kinda… Uh, anyway."
Vladislav: "I am starting to get the impression that our time would be better spent another day speaking to Millons herself."
Aurora: "It might be best to just ask her what she means."
Mana: Lt. Venetia finishes cleaning off her hands and punches her fist. "That's right!"
Vladislav: "Do you always treat random travellers to dinner?"
Mana: "Well, it's dinner time, right? That's when people eat dinner!"
Theodore nods.
Mana: "So yeah. Anyway, as long as there's monsters, there's meat. So it's not like we'd ever run low!"
Aurora: "Huh… fair enough."
Vladislav glances at the others. "Was there anything else you wanted to discuss? It has become plain that we are not able to gleam more information off of this one."
Theodore: "Well… was there anything else?" Theodore turns tot he others.
Veracruz: "Not really, I just wanted to see what here was like
Mana: "Well, here you go!"
Mana: "We'll try to send word up to you of any of our battle plans."
Mana: "So you can be far away, or on whatever side appeals. Right?"
Theodore sighs. "I guess so."
Mana: "You carry weapons, right? Don't look so down!"
Mana: "Battle's the most brilliant expression of a Pure Heart."
Mana: "That's what the Captain says, anyway."
Theodore: "Supposed to fight monsters though, not people."
Mana: "Monsters can be people, and people can be monsters! Especially if they eat people."
Vladislav glances up at the others before going back to reading his book. This discussion suddenly got very pointless.
Theodore: "Well, anyway. Thanks for dinner!:
Mana: Lt. Venetia glares at Vladislav, before brightening.
Mana: "You're welcome! I'll have a man show you to the door?"
Theodore: "Sure."
Alexander: "Thank you for your hospitality."
Vladislav: "Spare me the glares, lieutenant. I doubt either of us is going to sting the other just yet."
Mana: "Eh, you're right about that. Winston! Show em to a door."
Mana: One of the soldiers nods, and ushers you to the exit of the ship.
Theodore nods to Venetia, before following the soldier out.
Mana: …The shores of Luna.
Mana: The soldier looks back. "Well, um, take care out there."
Vladislav trails after the others glancing over his shoulder at the soldier. "Something we should be wary of?"
Theodore: "You too!"
Mana: "Oh, no. The el-tee's just on edge."
Aurora nods. "Thank you for the food."
Mana: "And I mean, you're just as powerful as the Captain, right? So it's just…"
Vladislav strokes his chin. "I wonder why…? Thank you for the visit, I can offer that much at least."
Mana: He taps his helmet, gazing out onto the sister Moon, below.
Mana: "Well, we just realized that we're on the battlefield of the gods for real."
Theodore tilts his head to the side.
Theodore: "Naw, I think it's still a little presumptious to be comparing us to the Mana Goddess, y'know?"
Mana: He cracks a smile. "Yeah, I think you're right. But we're on the stage of titans, at least."
Theodore: "Fair enough yeah."
Mana: "Anyway. See you on some battlefield some day. Moon shine on ya."
Mana: The soldier nods and heads back inside.
Aurora: "If you're lucky, we'll even be on the same side."
Vladislav glances back at the others grinning slightly. "Care for a moonlight stroll on the beach. It'd be a shame to end the night here."
Theodore: "Sure."
Theodore: "What uh. Did you mean when you said you thought I might be one of the apocolypses though?"
Mana: A gentle wind and waves of glow from deep below crash upon the rocky, glittering, weed-choked shore of Titania.
Mana: Somewhere in the distance, a steel bird saws its wings through space, sculling gently onwards, lights along its body blinking.
Mana: Not from Titania.
Mana: Not going to Titania, either.
Theodore glance sup at the lights, then just watches it fly for a bit.
Vladislav: "Things might not be as white and black as you think, Theodore. The line of division is often blurred."
Theodore: "That totally wasn't an answer."
Mana: There are islands, in the distance, sheathed in the moonglow.
Vladislav gives a careless shrug in return. "Revel in the sights in front of you then and focus your attention on your steps if you do not wish to reflect on the things at hand."
Vladislav: "It is unexplored territory, after all."
Theodore: "I'm listening! You're just doing that thing where old people and con artists say a lot of words without actually saying anything, though."
Vladislav: "Calling people old certainly isn't an effective measure to win them to your side." He grins in response.
Theodore: "I wasn't calling you old, I was explaining what you're doing!"
Vladislav lets out a long hauuuuuuuuuuugh toned sigh before shaking his head in a disapproving manner. "The calamities are vague at best and our interpretation of them could in fact be misguided. As such certain possibilities exist, up to and including us being one of them. That said however I would not look too deeply into what was said, they were likely forming a poor retort to the accusation that was made."
Theodore: "Oh, psh."
Vladislav chews at his lip as he continues to make his way along the beach. Perhaps get closer to see what is on these islands or if there is any form of transport over the water.
Mana: There's a small fishing village, lights burning gently, further down the beach.
Mana: On a small, stony hill by its edge, there's a hermit, resting by a fire, cooking a fish.
Mana: "…Evening, Titanians."
Vladislav: "What do we call you, I wonder? Lunanarian?"
Theodore: "Not really worried about that, we're here to save it!" Theodore glances over at the hermit. "I'm actually from Titania, but hey!"
Vladislav: "He means to say he isn't from Titania."
Mana: The hermit quirks a mustached lip. "I dunno. …Normal?"
[OOC] Theodore: +not
Mana: "First time coming up to see the moonlight?"
Vladislav: "It would seem words are often hard to come by in this chapter and when they do they are often misaligned." He nods to the Hermit.
Theodore: "Shut up, it always gets fixed in post anyway." Theodore rolls his eyes, then nods to the man. "Yup!"
Mana: "Ah, well. I'm your guide, then."
Mana: "Feel free to take the old sailboat out if you feel like exploring."
Vladislav: "And what exactly do you intend to show us?"
Mana: He gestures vaguely to the stony shore behind him, and a little wooden dock with a small sailboat moored by it, drifting in the wind and the light.
Theodore: "Neat!"
Mana: "Mmhm."
Mana: "If you go down, there's no reason to come back… and if you stay here, there's no reason to go down."
Mana: "So… watch out for that, ah?"
Vladislav makes his way over to the boat, taking a brief moment to glance over his shoulder before continuing. "If you are so eager to play the guide then come with us. I have heard of what happens to those that fall."
Theodore climbs into the boat.
Mana: "No, that's all you need to hear."
Vladislav gestures to the oars and then to Theodore. "It would seem you have just been nominated. Pick our destination wisely."
Theodore glances down at the oar, then at Vladislav. After a moment he walks over to the mast, unfurls the sail, and lets the wind decide!
Mana: The lunar wind catches the sail!
Mana: Once the ship is unmoored, it pulls away, drifting out on a strange tide.
Mana: A school of turtles jet past beneath the hull of the boat.
Mana: Theodore, please roll 1d8, adding the Luna Number (2).
Theodore rolled d8+2 and got 3 ( Total: 5 )
Mana: Light sloughs in through the bottom of the hull, leaking in through flaws in the construction. Jagged reefs like ancient stone blades drift past as the boat glides through Titania's asteroid belt.
Vladislav: "Did you have sights like this back in your world?"
Mana: Roll Pilot 50 for me.
Vladislav: "Titania truly is a wondrous place."
Theodore rolled d100 and got 6 ( Total: 6 ) for oh nooo my tech spec is wingman
Theodore: "Umm… Actually I'd never been to the coast before, so I'm not sure."
Vladislav: "May I ask a question, Theodore? When someone tells you not to do something, what do you do?"
Mana: And on which shores, and by what tide
Mana: can drift a dream so lush and so wide?
Theodore: "Well, I think about the reason why they told me not to do something. And then I compare it against how badly I want to do the thing they're telling me to do. So… it really depends."
Alexander: "Pretty sure most people wouldn't really consider this part of Titania."
Mana: Cornering around an isolated spire of an island, the Dragonbones come into sight - a pagoda-like building, draped with colored lanterns, filled and curtained by waterfalls drifting all the way up from the moon below, bursting into clouds of mist on contact that fill its pools and pour on up, far above.
Alexander: "It may be called the Luna District, but it's practically another world."
Theodore: "Woah, that's pretty."
Mana: Its docks are full of ships - red sailed junks, a giant tortoise with shelters strapped to it, an ironclad -
Mana: small, sleek metal things.
Mana: A great frigate, too, with a figurehead of a fearsome dragon.
Aurora: "Another world, indeed…"
Theodore tilts his head at Alexander, but is still talking towards Vladislav, "Why do you ask? Also, wanna pull in?"
Vladislav: "An excellent answer. I was wondering if you shared my line of thinking. My curiousity of the unknown is great. And greater still is my assurance of the fact that it is close to night. So with that in mind…" He takes one last look at Dragonbone before taking an oar in hand and does his best to direct the boat… down.
Aurora tilts her head. "What are you doing?"
Theodore: "…I'll take that as a no!"
Mana: …Straight down?
Vladislav is doing what you think he's doing yes.
Theodore: "You uh… might wanna hold onto something." Theodore says while grabbing onto the mast, and extending a hand to Aurora.
Alexander is just glad that whatever misadventures the combination of Vlad and Theo entail, he'll still wake up at Jiang Manor tomorrow morning, as he grabs onto the rail beside him.
Mana: The sailboat turns downwards. The light of the sister moon flows across the bow.
Mana: It speeds.
Mana: It falls.
Mana: The planks in the hull rattle. The deep blue glow shines stronger and deeper.
Mana: You shoot past strange kingdoms, isolated isles, foreign seas, through the mirrors of lakes and out the other side-
Mana: Coughing for breaths of air once you leave the water,
Mana: the moon shining purer and stronger, filling the world up to the horizon.
Mana: …
Theodore: "Auck! Woah. That was a thing!"
Vladislav is laughing of all things after they make it to the other side. Briefly at least until he starts to cough up some water. His laughter is softer after, but he's grinning pretty widely.
Theodore doubletakes in Vladislav's direction.
Veracruz IS holding fast to the railing "That… Was amazing. Where ARE we now"
Aurora is definitely holding on tightly to the boat. "…That was a lot of somethings."
Theodore: "When did you learn how to laugh? Hahaha."
Mana: You're still shooting towards… something. The blue light fills the horizon. You break through the barrier - the hull comes to pieces.
Mana: …Somehow, you find yourself in a white forest - all the trees are in deep, fragant bloom.
Mana: The soil shines a deep blue beneath you, though not strong enough to be moonlight.
[OOC] Mana: Pure Land
Vladislav glances at Theodore still grinning. "You'll thank me later." He nearly trips over a piece of the hull before straightening his jacket and making his way into the forest.
Veracruz blinks, shaking his head, sprawled as he ended up he stands up slowly "Whoa… Where is this place…"
Theodore bounces a few feet after hitting the ground when they land, then rolls into a ball before hopping to his feet. "So much for you being the calm, collection and ultra rational one, yeah?"
[OOC] Theodore: collected^
Mana: There's a small shrine to the Goddess by a sparkling spring, at the entrance to the forest. Something black, a thick goliath of a monolith at an angle, juts out of the canopy somewhere along the right fork of the trail.
Mana: The left fork heads gently downwards, surrounded by flowers.
Aurora picks herself up, collecting herself as she looks around, then follows after Vlad. "Oh we will, will we?"
Vladislav: "I was perfectly calm during that entire affair. Did you hear me scream?" He adjusts his collar one more time in a 'you did not just suggest that' fashion. The shrine to the goddess catches his interest immediately. He goes to inspect it for donations.
Theodore: "A lil bit yeah."
Theodore moves towards the shrine as well, but he's not really looking at anything and instead kneels down to pray briefly before it.
Veracruz chuckles, he just goes along, looking at the trees
Mana: The dish has a bit of lucre - the common coins, bills of unknown origin and backer -
Mana: …And some other currencies, too.
Mana: (…A plastic card?)
Mana: Theodore: It's a peaceful moment.
Vladislav picks up the card frowning. Perhaps it could enlighten them as to their location.
Or at least what sort of people visit here.
Mana: "BERNARD N. BRIGHT." With signature. "CREDIT - FIRST BANK OF THE SERVICE." There's some legalese on the back, a signature, a twelve digit number.
Veracruz just looks at the card "What"
Veracruz blinks
Vladislav: "… Bank of the Service?"
Veracruz: "I don't even know what to think"
Theodore lokos up, blinking. "Wait what?"
Veracruz: "But I guess I can begin with 'Services have banks?'"
Vladislav can't help but laugh one more time. "Bernard N. Bright is apparently a Service and he has a bank account at a Service bank."
Vladislav: "Just when I thought this day couldn't get any more ridiculous."
Theodore: "…why would he leave something saying that at a shrine to the Goddess?"
Alexander: "Maybe it's all he had?"
Theodore: "…Well, I guess if he was here he wouldn't need his back back home…?"
Veracruz: "Maybe that thing's the money it had?"
Aurora: "I wonder what denomination that thing's called?"
Vladislav pockets the card, but leaves the rest of the money where it lays. "We will see if I get smitten for such things."
Theodore: "I don't think stealin' her money would make her fall for ya." Theodore stands up.
Vladislav: "I've heard assholes are a fairly attractive option nowadays." A careless shrug as he continues to the entrance of the forest.
Theodore scratches at his chin, then gives Aurora a questioning glances as he trails behind Vladislav.
Mana: Left or right down the trail?
Aurora just shrugs. "
Vladislav heads to the left!
Veracruz just shakes his head slightly
Vladislav: "As amusing as it would be to have us split up and turn this chapter into a horror… I think sticking together is best."
Theodore: "Well… yes."
Alexander drops 10 lucre on the altar, claps his hands together twice, and offers a short prayer for safe travels before following Vlad.
Mana: Down the trail - it snakes to circle a hillock. A rosebush grows to your left, just before a clearing up ahead.
Theodore gives Alexander a mildly surprised look to, but doesn't say anything.
Mana: A woman in a white robe, with long antlers, is feeding a flock of Silktails from a bag of feed.
Mana: (You know what Silktails are, right?)
Mana: (They're the pink versions of rabites.)
Theodore eyes the silktails warily.
Mana: One growls, as it notices you.
Aurora waves politely to the lady. "Good evening."
Veracruz: "Hi"
Mana: "It's morning!" The lady calls back, as if you're joking.
Mana: She waves.
Mana: "You shouldn't come closer. They're awfully territorial."
Theodore: "I noticed, haha."
Vladislav: "I will keep that in mind." He keeps a healthy distance to avoid having his knees chomped at. "You are…?"
Veracruz: "Y-yeah"
Mana: "Mirikelesia Nine. And you?"
Veracruz: "Veracruz"
Vladislav: "Vladislav. One of Nine as well. At least that we've met thus far. There may be a tenth. You are a service?"
Mana: "No, but I've met them!" She giggles.
Theodore: "I'm Theodore!"
Mana: "Their food is awful, but they're adapting well."
Aurora: "Aurora, of the Knights of the Solar Order."
Alexander: "Alexander."
Veracruz: "Oh, they're somewhere here?"
Mana: She points to the black shape jutting out from the forest. "That's their citadel."
Mana: "The Pure Land was hungry when they landed, but it's happier now, so they live well with us."
Mana: She giggles, holding her hand to her face.
Mana: "Well… " with us "… behind locked doors."
Theodore tilts his head to the side.
Vladislav: "Have you heard of Titania?"
Veracruz headscratches
Mana: "Not that we locked them up, or- You're new here?"
Theodore: "Yup."
Vladislav: "Very much so. We don't exactly look like locals, do we?"
Mana: "Well, people can look like anything they like…"
Mana: "…I've heard the name, but I can't tell you anything about it."
Mana: "Is that where you're from?"
Vladislav: "Some of us, at least. Perhaps you can tell us more about where we are, then."
Mana: She bites her knuckle for a moment.
Mana: "Well, it's the Pure Land."
Mana: "You're in the forest. The mountains are to our west, the ocean to the east -"
Mana: "The plains to the south, if you go far enough."
Mana: "If I was going to sum it up, I'd say it's a place where people live in peace without Mana."
Veracruz blinks
Alexander: "…really?"
Veracruz: "That… Is interesting. Pretty different from where we're from"
Vladislav chews at his lip for a moment before his eyes go wide. He immediately tries to cast a spell.
Veracruz: "Is there a particular way how you live without Mana or… Is that simply how you are?"
Mana: Vladislav: Your jewelry feels hot, but it works.
Mana: "It's more of a philosophy than anything else. And I mean, it wouldn't work if we tried to do it anywhere else."
Mana: "I'd ask you to come to our village, but…"
Vladislav frowns. "Magic is dangerous here. Without mana to supplement it the gems will take undue stress there is no telling what the consequences could be from overuse."
Mana: "…If you take another step forward, you're probably going to get slaughtered by Silktails, won't you?"
Mana: She frowns.
Vladislav: "At the very least it seems she speaks true."
Theodore: "Well, I don't know about *slaughtered* but it'd be real rough."
Veracruz: "Likely. We could hold back on using our magic to defend ourselves but that won't actually do it"
Veracruz: "I guess it's the place too, hum…"
Mana: "Oh, you're magicians?"
Vladislav: "Have you met some?"
Veracruz: "W-well. Not quite magicians all of us but we all use magic"
Mana: "Yes, we have a few pass through from now and then."
Mana: She averts her gaze. "They're sort of a lot of fun, ah…"
Mana: "…Anyway."
Theodore tilts his head to the other side.
Aurora: "A lot of fun?"
Vladislav: "I suppose I can't just feed these silktails into a sense of security?"
Mana: "Oh, no. I feed them because they're cute, but they only appear when the Land wants to try and kill someone."
Veracruz: "Oh, I see"
Vladislav: "Ah. So the land doesn't want us here."
Mana: She kneels down and pets one.
Theodore: "Showed up when the services did?"
Veracruz: "Why would the Land want to try and kill someone, though?"
Mana: "It's a way of protecting itself from people who travel a lot."
Veracruz blinks
Veracruz: "T-that's… I'm not sure what to think of that"
Veracruz: "Guess it's got scars"
Alexander: "Guess travelers bring in 'impurities'."
Mana: "No, even locals! If you try moving around too much… monsters!"
Theodore: "…oh!"
Veracruz: "How unusual…"
Vladislav: "It wishes to keep the people in place, it would seem."
Veracruz: "Seems like it"
Mana: "Well, it's easier that way, for a land, isn't it…?"
Theodore: "Or to keep trips interesting!"
Mana: "Mm, maybe!"
Veracruz: "Can't see how much difference it makes for a land? I'd like to ask it, I feel like it could use someone to talk to"
Vladislav: "Is the seventh service in the citadel?"
Mana: "Well, if you wanted to talk to it, you'd need to meet a really nasty monster."
Mana: "Um… I think the citadel only has Services up to six."
Theodore: "(…We can't really even handle four anyways, they *cheat*.)"
Mana: "We could go say hello, if you'd like."
Vladislav dwells on this for a moment before shaking his head. "If there is no way to see your village I may pay the Citadel a visit. No workarounds?"
Mana: "You could try running really, really fast!"
Vladislav: "How about we try that after the citadel." An awkward laugh in return.
Theodore: "Isn't it step based instead of time based, though?"
Mana: She gently lifts her robe a little bit to step over a stream, crossing the clearing to walk up to the party.
Theodore: "…Although I guess you take less steps to cover the same distance when you run…? Hm!"
Veracruz: "It might be that spawns are step based but the moment they see you they just chase you forever"
Mana: She leans in to give Aurora a quick peck on the cheek before turning away, scurrying down the trail, back to the fork, and towards the citadel.
Alexander: "Sometimes, you people scare me. That says someth-."
Theodore: "Oh, are we allowed to just do that?"
Vladislav gives a brief pause at the behavior, but recovers rather quickly. "Out of curiousity… have you heard of Sage Joch?"
Aurora blinks, blushing. "…Ah, what?"
Theodore glances at Aurora.
Mana: "Sage Joch?"
Alexander: "It depends on the local customs, really. It's considered bad form in the higher circles of Titania, at any rate."
Mana: "Oh, yes, he's been through!"
Veracruz goes after, of course
Mana: She stops, turning to Vladislav to answer his question, giving a brief, shy smile in Aurora's direction halfway through.
Mana: The Citadel.
Vladislav: "How long ago, out of curiousity?"
Theodore: "Oh. Is she from a higher circle?"
Mana: "Um, we don't really do time, here."
Mana: "But like… before I started hearing people talk about Titania, if that helps?"
Veracruz: "Hrm… I guess it does"
Mana: The Citadel of the Services.
Aurora hesitantly smiles back, following along, not quite sure what to make of this sudden affection.
Mana: A shut door of black glass. A hatch on the side - an Apathia climbs back in, the hatch closes, steam hisses out around it.
Mana: But Mirikilesia just knocks on the door.
Mana: A camera swivels to look at her, a scratchy voice announces.
Veracruz looks up at the tower,then at Miri
Mana: "Nine. Who's the company?"
Mana: "New landees! They want to say hi. Magicians!"
Mana: "Bring anything to barter?"
Mana: "Nope!"
Veracruz: "Just saying hi"
Aurora: "Barter?"
Vladislav: "I'm actually here to return a lost credit card."
Theodore stops waiting for a reply and turns back to Aurora, "S'when you trade stuff for other stuff, instead of money."
Mana: "Uh… that's valid. Okay, we're opening up, and stand by."
Mana: Mirikilesia looks a little surprised and turns to Aurora - "I mean, they run low on a lot of stuff, so we bring food and other supplies to them. They don't like traveling out in the Pure Land."
Mana: Wisps of color - green on the grass, violet on the flowers - leak out onto the ground as the door to the Citadel opens.
Vladislav: "Because of the monsters, right? But your villagers don't seem to bother them."
Aurora: "I know what it is, Theo."
Mana: "Well, I don't!"
Theodore: "Oh, that just… sounded like a question. My bad!"
Veracruz stares at the wisps of color "Hrm… Don't think it's because of the monsters. Anyway, let's go"
Mana: Mirikilesia leads you inside.
Mana: It's - well, it's the airlock of a spaceship.
Mana: A glass monitor quietly announces: "Waiting for entry…"
Vladislav: "Strange contraption."
Aurora: "Yes…"
Mana: Once everyone's inside, the door shuts.
Mana: "Equalizing mana pressures…"
Mana: There's a whirring noise, and a shimmer in the air, and Mirikilesia…
Theodore glances around curiously.
Veracruz furrows his eyebrows
Veracruz: "Have you ever come in before, Mirikilesia?"
Mana: "Oh, yeah, this is always a pain."
Veracruz sighs deeply
Veracruz: "Okay"
Vladislav pulls out his gem and watches it carefully.
Aurora: "Mana pressures?"
Mana: …Loses her antlers, stands in denim overalls, a little shorter than she was a moment ago, her skin no longer impossibly pale, her figure no longer strangely perfect.
Mana: She coughs.
Mana: "Yeah, I don't really know what they mean."
Theodore blinks a fwe times, making a face.
Mana: She tilts her head at Theodore. "Oh, you look the same…?"
Mana: "Well, that explains the color."
Theodore then moves over to Aurora, rubs his sleeve against a flat part of her armor somewher,e then gazes at his reflection.
Vladislav: "Care to explain the appearance shifts?"
Veracruz scratches the back of his head
Theodore: "Oh, phew!"
Veracruz: "I am very sure that is because she has mana on her now whereas she didn't before"
Mana: "Yes, I think so."
Veracruz: "I am very sure I saw some of this place's mana leak out when they opened the before"
Mana: "Eh, it's a little clumsy, isn't it?"
Mana: The inner door opens, leading out onto the main street of the citadel - crowded with people, neon billboards shining.
Mana: The writing on it… swims. You can't quite make it out.
Veracruz: "also the whole 'mana pressure' thing. You know, positive pressure zone, all that." he directs the ntext bit at Miri "A litlte yeah"
Mana: A man in a suit and sunglasses walks up to you immediately. "Nine. Guests."
Vladislav: "We don't change shape because we're Pure Hearts. If you were curious."
Mana: "I'm a Justification, with the Ship services. Leonard Shaw." He reaches out to shake Vladislav's hand.
Aurora: "Or at least that's probably why."
Veracruz nods to the man
Vladislav extends his hand back nodding.
Mana: "Nice to meet you. You're invulnerables, looks like."
Mana: "Just landfell to Pure Land?"
Vladislav: "Is that what you call Pure Hearts?"
Vladislav: "Just a short while ago, yes. Although I was told time means little to you here."
Theodore: "Uhhh… What's her name knew what a Pure Heart was though."
Mana: "Yes, I know that word too."
Theodore: "So he might mean something different - ah no, okay."
Mana: "Well, we keep our own clocks, though I don't know how well they measure up to yours."
Mana: "So you aren't stuck here, then. Where's your home point? Walk with me."
Veracruz: "Well- There we go. Well, hopefully that will not matter much, as long as I still have the night to sleep when we go back eventually I'll be happy" he offers the ma na handshake as well "I'm Veracruz, by the by"
Mana: He nods, leading you along walkways - shaking Veracruz' hand first -
Theodore: "Not sure!"
Mana: "Alright. Have you met any of our other ships?"
Veracruz goes along with him "Well. Don't know yet, didn't have a chance to discover" he might know where it is but that doesn't means he will tell them right now at all
Veracruz: "I think this is the first one i've met. Though… Friend of mine might have had a bad run-in with a different ship"
Vladislav: "Fascinating. I'm sure you're a busy man so I'll be frank. Firstly I'm not quite ready to go home yet. Secondly, I wish to inquire your intentions regarding a fleet of Services doing work on a world known as Titania. You keep records of this sort of thing, yes?"
Mana: "Back where you're from, Veracruz?"
Theodore: "Uhh… Just Nara and some bear."
Mana: "We have records of the Titania fleet, but we're not in contact."
Veracruz: "Pretty much he was talking about the fleet at home, yeah"
Mana: "As for intentions…" He heads into an elevator, opens it for the rest of you.
Theodore heads on in.
Mana: "We're all doing the Goddess' work, after all. Fleets have full operational freedom on their shores, however."
Veracruz: "They're being kind of problematic? Pretty agressive. If there's a way for everyone to hang around together it'd really make me happy" he walks in
Mana: "Aggressive… hmm."
Mana: "I can look up what story they're using, if you'd like."
Veracruz: "Hrm… That's bad. What is this Goddess's work you mention?"
Aurora nods, walking in. "Just what is the Goddess' work, anyway?"
Veracruz: "That'd be helpful"
Theodore: "Nara is a cheater."
Vladislav: "I doubt he knows someone that low in the hiearchy."
Theodore: "I thought Justifications were kind of a big deal!"
Vladislav: "More so when they belong to a different fleet."
Mana: "Well, we are."
Mana: "But, as I said, we're not in contact. She might have been born or appointed after the initial launch."
Mana: "If so, no records."
Mana: The elevator glides up. Mirikilesia looks a little awkward.
Vladislav: "The fleet was sent out from here though, correct?"
Theodore: "Hmm."
Mana: "No, not from here."
Veracruz: "I figured this was another fleet much like Titania's"
Vladislav: "So this is your operational grounds then."
Mana: "It… is."
Mana: "And it isn't viable."
Aurora: "Viable?"
Vladislav: "No mana to gather."
Aurora: "Why isn't it?"
Mana: It opens out - a hallway, a meeting room.
Mana: "We aren't capable of bringing forth a new world from it."
Vladislav: "Do you lack an artifact or a Pure Heart?"
Mana: "The Pure Land's a base state. Eternal. We can no more transform it than we can the sun."
Vladislav: "So the mana's climate is the issue."
Mana: "We've used half our store of artifacts to no avail, and our Pure Heart…"
Mana: "…Well, he left."
Veracruz: "No, no. I think that a Pure Heart or Artifact is not enoug hwith the land as it is"
Veracruz: "Oh?"
Vladislav: "Who was the Pure Heart assigned to your fleet?"
Veracruz: "Well, if you ever find a land that you can make a new world and, you know, without ruining someone else's world in the process, you can call one of us out to help out"
Veracruz: "But yeah, who was the guy?"
Mana: "Bernard Bright."
Theodore snaps his fingers.
Theodore: "So uh."
Aurora: "…Wasn't that on the card you found, Vladislav?"
Vladislav: "So the credit card I found. Lovely." He shakes his head. "I am going to assume your fleet is stuck here due to your circumstances. You have listed no reason as to why you would want to stay."
Theodore: "How come Miri looks all different after coming inside, anyway?"
Mana: Shaw looks over at at Miri, who looks away.
Mana: "Tuning. We're matching her to the local narrative."
Theodore: "Oh, that's how you knew we were…" He gestures vaguely, then pats Miri on the head gently.
Mana: He gives her a half-hearted "Sorry." She goes - "Yeah, I know."
Veracruz: "Man that is"
Veracruz: "Actually kind of interesting"
Mana: "Sure is. I like it better when it works."
Veracruz: "Now I feel like going to all sorts of places with a native friend and see how they change in different narratives"
Veracruz: "But, uhn- That is a bit off-topic I guess"
Mana: "Well…"
Mana: "If we weren't rationing our mana like crazy, you'd be able to fool around with that in our tuning lab."
Veracruz: "Oh, yeah, I woudn't want to put more stress on you"
Vladislav chews at his lip. "You -are- stuck here, right?"
Mana: "We are."
Mana: "Our fleets are designed to make one way trips."
Vladislav: "So telling the other fleet of your predicament wouldn't help your case."
Aurora: "Is there any way you could leave, then?"
Mana: "When winter hit Romeo, we put together as many as we could and shot them at anything we could track."
Theodore: "…Romeo?"
Mana: "The original world of the services. It wasn't actually called that- you know, before winter hit-"
Vladislav: "A genuine tragedy."
Mana: "But we noticed a lot of the Bard's names on worlds, so we named ours like that, too."
Vladislav: "Our Titania faces an upcoming winter as well."
Aurora: "The Bard? Not a bard's?"
Theodore: "Wait hold up, the bards?"
Mana: "William Shakespeare."
Mana: "Weird, right?"
Theodore pauses, scratches at the back of his head.
Vladislav: "So if the world does have mana… what is the purpose of flying out to the world?"
Mana: "We divided our Pure Hearts among the fleets and stocked them with artifacts. A few flew without, but… well, wish those poor fools luck."
Mana: "When they land, the fleet attempts conversion, trying to convert the world into one that supports us."
Veracruz: "Hrm…"
Mana: "On success, we send out a signal, and then all the fleets can start worrying about traveling to Juliet instead of their current operation."
Veracruz: "Say is it possible to, I don't know… Create an… Addition to the world, like… A scion on it"
Alexander: "Is there a Juliet, yet?"
Veracruz: "To house your people?"
Mana: "To house our people."
Mana: "And no, no Juliet."
Mana: "…I don't know if we'd be sadder or happier if there was."
Veracruz: "Well, i'm going to be sincere"
Vladislav: "Has a Juliet ever been formed?"
Mana: "As far as we know, no operational fleet has yet been successful."
Vladislav: "I am sure I do not need to explain the gravity of converting one world compared to many."
Veracruz: "No world is going to accept getting changed. That doesn't mean we can't try to find a way to help. Like… Make a world inside a world, you know"
Veracruz: "Hrm…"
Mana: "No, Veracruz. We're well aware that it's an act of war, and that means the stories are working against us."
Mana: "That's why we have the tuning labs, of course."
Theodore glances between Leonard and Miri.
Vladislav: "You realize then that by sending us back to our home point we would again be at odds with a fleet that could potentially form your Juliet, correct?"
Veracruz: "Is why I am hoping there is a way to make something for everyone"
Theodore blinks, turns in Veracruz and Vladislav's direction. "Man what is with you two telling people how to better be our enemies today?"
Mana: "Well, you're invulnerables. We couldn't keep you here if we tried, and you'd probably cut a swathe through us, too."
Mana: "…Furthermore, even if fleet Titania succeeds, we wouldn't be able to reach it."
Vladislav: "Due to you already landing."
Vladislav: "I am sure many share such a predicament."
Veracruz: "Hey, hey. All I did was tell some guys that were pretty adamant on killing everything that they solve their problems by killing. And you know that's how I plan on solving their problem"
Theodore: "I think it's more to do with uh… what was his name… Bernard? Leaving."
Mana: "Right. I wish them the best, but it's not in our interest to risk our citadel to aid them."
Alexander: "How many of you are there, roughly, in a fleet?"
Veracruz: "How are you handling here, by the way?"
Vladislav: "Bernard could not form a road for them even if he was here."
Mana: "We launch with four-hundred thousand citizens - about ten percent of us in the Service, the rest civilians."
Mana: "We're… well, we have less than that, now."
Vladislav: "There is no mana to project the artifact."
Theodore rests his hands behind his headd.
Aurora: "…40,000 Services? That's quite the army."
Vladislav: "How does one become an invulnerable and why were there some on Romeo to begin with? Are the different looking services failed tunings?"
Mana: "We don't know. When we first developed artifact technology on Romeo, I suppose an invulnerable would've been the first."
Mana: "From then on, certain people had especial aptitude for creation."
Veracruz: "Hrm… I guess every world has their Pure Hearts"
Mana: "It lifted our society to new heights, but, misused, it led to freakish monstrosities and nightmarish lands."
Mana: "Some of them lived as hedonist tyrants."
Veracruz rubs his forehead
Mana: "…Eventually, it devolved into a war and wasteland, and those few of us who banded together under a single authority first held out in our controlled bastions…"
Mana: "…And as winter approached, we built the fleets."
Mana: "We called them Angels, for a while."
Mana: "…But the term doesn't really apply, I don't think."
Veracruz: "Dear Goddess, may history of a world not be a mirror in another… Because if it is I will, I swear I WILL have to shank half of Titania"
Vladislav: "No?" He holds out his book shaking his head. "I've been reading up on these angels recently."
Theodore: "Fighting war and violence… with violence?" Theodore raises a non-eyebrow. "Well, I guess Xsia would be on board."
Veracruz looks at him again from his short prayer "We've heard about angels, yeah. They're trouble to everyone. Are you reffering to those tyrants?"
Mana: "So we are."
Mana: "The Service was founded to express the will of the Goddess through the people."
Vladislav: "And the will is determined by?"
Mana: "Through its interpreters, of course."
Mana: "We simply divest the power in a constitution and a bureaucracy, as opposed to a single immortal."
Mana: "The desire of the Goddess is the creation of worlds and the fending of Winter."
Vladislav: "A special aptitude for interpretation or a collective opinion?"
Mana: "A collective opinion. We veer on the conservative - we want the world to work like the one we left."
Theodore: "Y'ever run into other Pure Hearts when you land?"
Theodore: "Er - the other fleets, I mean."
Mana: Shaw shrugs. "I'm certain they do."
Vladislav: "I am more interested in the prior question. Those who travelled these roads and returned, rather than initially assigned."
Mana: "We didn't meet any in the Pure Land, at least."
Vladislav: "So you mean to say normal people are managing to cross worlds into the Pure Land?"
Vladislav: "How is that possible?"
Mana: "If we knew, we'd be leaving it. But Nine, here."
Mana: "She's definitely not an invulnerable."
Mana: Nine looks over her shoulder from inspecting a sculpture on a side-table.
Veracruz looks at Vlad, then looks at Nine. Because Vlad knows the answer to the question he himself made
Vladislav: "This world had residents before your arrival, did it not?"
Mana: "Correct." Shaw says.
Vladislav: "I take it you were not included in this collective?"
Mana: Mirikilesia brightens a little. "Oh, I was born here! My dad came from a sky world, though."
Vladislav: "Your appearance outside was what you look like then? Or is that simply the appearance of the locals."
Mana: "Yeah, that's what I usually look like."
Theodore: "Dude that's kind of a weird question to ask a person."
Theodore: "I mean, how could they answer other than 'yeah, of course'."
Mana: Shaw smiles wryly. "Building a theory, are you now?"
Alexander: "This 'local narrative' does neccessitate it, however."
Theodore: "On the other hand,"
Mana: "And since you asked… the Services look bizarre to the locals, because we're not using tuning to control how we look to you."
Theodore: "I suppose your mind could be going in over drive because she said people look however they want…"
Mana: Shaw smiles. "We use tuning to control how you look to us."
Vladislav: "And yet for the tuning you stated that we didn't change."
Vladislav: "So that was a waste of mana, wasn't it?"
Mana: "Ah. No, I mean, operational tuning."
Mana: "This is local tuning. Just maintaining homeostasis in the citadel, not a waste at all."
Mana: "But yes, the Service has trouble dealing with invulnerables out in the field for just that reason, and for others."
Mana: "…And that's why we have the Justifications, who work the opposite way."
Mana: "We're intermediates and angelslayers."
Theodore purses his lips together.
Vladislav: "It would seem we have a common interest, then. Have you ever heard of an angel called Stings and Kills?"
Theodore: "If… you guys are doing the Goddess' will… and angels do the will of the Godddes… more or les sin round about ways… why would you need angelslayers?"
Veracruz wants to hear both answers
Mana: "Yes, but only mythically. Some of our technicians theorize that angels reincarnate, and thus have linked some of our known invulnerables with received mythic figures…"
Mana: "…But we can't say with absolute certainty."
Mana: "We would need angelslayers because the will of the Goddess is creation. When what should be created is of interest to us, two wills towards creation can come into conflict."
Veracruz: "Two people wanna build a house in the same place"
Mana: "If we do not train and prepare to deal with those who live above their worlds, those who live within them would always be nothing more than playthings."
Veracruz: "One of them can't"
Theodore counts on his fingers. "So… you're doing what she wants.. but sometime syou need to do it your way? Alright."
Mana: "And just like we changed poor Miri…"
Mana: "The angels can change us, too. How they want."
Vladislav: "Save for the invulnerables?"
Mana: "Save for them."
Theodore makes a face. "You're alright to doing to other people something you don't want done to you, though?"
Mana: "Yes, because we're still fundamentally striving to create a world for the people who live in it."
Vladislav: "Despite your goals are invulnerables limited to only creation? Can they not take as well as give? Like say what if an invulnerable wished to destroy the world and give it a clean slate, has this been proven possible?"
Veracruz: "Vlad do not have a bad idea please"
Mana: "It has not. Mass destruction only leads towards winter."
Mana: "…There are no clean slates."
Theodore glances voer at Miri, giving her a sympathetic look.
Mana: Miri glances back in Theodore, sharing the look. She eventually walks over to Aurora and sits down in the chair by her, having made up her mind to be a little less bored.
Theodore: "Gunna be honest I'm kinda wantin' to tear this place apart now."
Vladislav: "Should winter reach our Titania, is it too late for us? Can roads still be opened and the world saved?"
Veracruz sighs, taking a deep breath "I have one question I want answered before I leave, I honestly need to leave soon"
Veracruz: "What happens to one world when you change it as you plan to?"
Veracruz: "What happens to those native to it?"
Mana: "The same people are recast in a different story. The keynotes of their existence and the themes of their lives stay as similar as possible, mapping, if needed, to the nature of the changed world."
Veracruz: "And you cannot actually do that to yourselves?"
Mana: "No, we cannot."
Veracruz: "Hrm…"
Mana: "…Furthermore, most worlds we have discovered are anathema to the common person."
Mana: "Power is gained only from strength. Monsters ravage the land."
Mana: "Magic power springs strongest when used for cruelty and all love tends towards tragedy."
Mana: "And no one grows without death."
Mana: "We do not wish to live in a world founded on these rules."
Veracruz stretches "Well…"
Mana: "For this reason, we are the Service:
Mana: Mondo Pro Populo, a world for the people. "
Theodore flex his hand open and closed a few times.
Veracruz: "Don't happen to know of a world's Mana is limited, do you?"
Aurora gives Miri a shy smile, nodding. "Those are hash truths."
[OOC] Aurora: harsh^
Mana: "A world's mana is more like a river than a wellspring. It can't be overdrawn, but the flow can cease."
Veracruz: "Good enough for me. Could someone show me the way out? I truly need to go right now"
Mana: "Easily. Leaving with the rest of your party, or shall I send you on with someone else?"
Vladislav: "See you another time, Veracruz. I believe I want to pay this village a visit before I depart."
Veracruz: "Although, I tell you one thing. If one cannot overdraw, than perhaps one world's Mana can feed two. I'll leave them here, I AM about to fall apart myself so i'd better go"
Mana: Shaw speaks into his watch. "Send a Satell Eye as a guide."
Mana: From a duct in the ceiling, a tiny, buzzing golden orb floats down. It looks at Veracruz, whirrs happily, and leads him down towards the exit of the Citadel.
Theodore turns around, leveling a stare at Miri with his starred eye fixed on her. "Hey, Mirikelesia. Assuming it was up to you… would you rather things stay how they were, with you lookin' like you usually do and all the monsters and all that other crazy stuff… or… me stuck in a place like this, lookin' how you do now?"
Veracruz follows the orb outside
Mana: Mirikilesia gives Shaw a nasty look: "Well, I'd rather live in the Pure Land, of course."
Vladislav: "In regards to an earlier statement, do you mean to say that a world is only reshaped to prevent the coming of winter?"
Mana: Veracruz: The forest is peaceful. Even without mana, it's a breath of fresh air.
Theodore nods to himself, then closes his normal eye and tries to sense out where most of the mana in the citadel is kept.
Vladislav: "But this prevention is not in fact permanent and winter can come again in due time?"
Veracruz takes a deep breath, and goes to the beach. Once there, he looks at the water, closes his water, and jumps in. He believes he know the way back home [Impossible Road]
Mana: Veracruz: You swim through an underground tunnel…
Mana: …For ages…
Mana: …And ages…
Mana: … and ages…
Mana: …But eventually return.
Mana: Theodore: The mana in the Citadel flows through its pipes, but is mostly stored in a botanical garden at the center of the ship, about midway along it.
Theodore nods towards Aurora and Alexander, then starts making his way towards the guardens.
Mana: Shaw raises his hand - "Where are you going?"
Theodore: "Gardens."
Mana: He stands up suddenly.
Vladislav glances over his shoulder frowning. "An answer to the question, please. And I would keep an eye on that one. He seems to hold some sort of irrational affection towards the refugee and is likely planning to do something incredibly stupid."
Mana: "You aren't permitted."
Theodore: "I'm totally permitted."
Mana: He speaks into his watch: "Showtime, track guests heading towards the Gardens."
Mana: …Shaw moves to follow. At a distance.
Alexander: "Theodore, please don't set yourself up against possibly thousands of Services," he asks, as he gets up to follow Theo.
Theodore gives Vlad a briefly apologetic look, rests his hand son the back of his head, but keeps walking. "Well… sense you asked nice."
[OOC] Theodore: since^
Aurora shakes her head, following. "Theodore, I don't think that the saying 'Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted' neccessarily holds true."
Mana: A glass walkway slopes down and wide towards the gardens-
Mana: A tiny slice of heaven, fragrant with lush pink blossoms, the willows drooping low and in bloom.
Mana: There's a great tree at the center of it. Its leaves are dry, almost dead.
Theodore: "Huh. I've actually never heard that saying before, but it kinda sounds like an excuse to be a jerk without consequence yeah."
Vladislav: "You are trying my patience, Theodore. State your intentions clearly I need not babysit you while gathering information."
Vladislav: "I am not one to forgive two slights of communication in the same day."
Mana: There's another Justification standing at the entrance to the garden, dressed in a navy coat and a matching blue cap.
Mana: Cane in one hand, silver pistol in the other. Her hair is black, cut straight and short.
Theodore: "- Hm. Yeah, that's a good point, sorry Vlad. Anyway. I don't really want to hurt them - they seem like godo but misguided people. I just… wanna get rid of some of their mana. So that even if Benard comes back, they can't really do anything meaningful with it."
Mana: The Justification guarding the gates speaks out:
Mana: "…This Mana's for guarding our way of life within these walls, and that alone."
Theodore: "Promise?"
Mana: "Of course."
Aurora: "If that tree's any indication, I don't think they have all that much left."
Mana: "…It's the Pure Land, after all."
Theodore walks up to the guard, holds out his hand with a pinkie extended. "Pinky swear."
Vladislav: "Even if Bernard did come back this world does not have any mana. Their artifacts are useless and they cannot reshape the world."
[OOC] Vladislav: *Benard
Mana: She turns her lip up a little at the silliness of it, but does hook her pinky around Theodore's.
Vladislav: "You have failed to assimilate key points of the discussion and are acting irrationally."
Mana: "Right. We can reshape this place, though. Food. Clothing. Life."
Theodore graps it, then shakes. "You mess with the locals outside though like in here though? I'm coming back to do mean things." Theodore nods seriously while letting go of the pinky.
Alexander: "That sounds like it would be an excessive waste of a precious resource they are slowly running out of, Theodore."
Aurora: "Your threats need more work, I think. I mean, 'mean things', really?"
Mana: "It'd rather be like dumping dye in the ocean, you know."
Theodore: "I think I caught most of it just - they think what they're doing is *right*, man. Even if they people they're doing it to don't want it. And that isn't right."
Theodore: "So… y'know, no chances and all that. Anyway, sorry."
Aurora: "What you need to worry about is the Services in Titania, not here."
Alexander: "It's just not going to work, here. Level your threats on the Services set against Titania."
Theodore: "Well, I'm here right now, not in Titania."
Alexander: "And they are powerless here."
Vladislav: "We can easily fix that."
Theodore: "I've been saying the same thing to Nara anyways, so it's not like this is out of character or new."
Alexander: "Yes, but Nara is actually a threat to existence."
Theodore scratches at the back of his head, opens his mouth, then shakes his head instead after a moment.
Vladislav: "I apologize for the disturbance. I hope you do not think ill of it. He seems to be having a hard time grasping your current situation and capabilities and is too focused on his disagreeance with your ends justify the means approach."
Alexander: "Theo, I know you like to be right about things, but you're basically kicking someone while they're down."
Theodore: "(…Man, I'm pretty sure I could make a path to Titania from where with what they have though. Whatever, they promised.)"
Alexander: "(Not without a Pure Heart. Find him, treaten him or whatever, but…)"
Mana: The guard nods to Vlad.
Mana: "We're trained to handle culture shock. Don't worry."
Vladislav: "Before I depart… how common are invulnerables? I imagine that encountering those that are not under the hiearchy of the fleet could prove problematic. As they too would have a different vision of creation."
Mana: Shaw walks up and shrugs - the woman on guard defers to him - "Well, you're the first we've met out here."
Mana: "…Probably depends, really."
Vladislav: "Is there no operational procedure to deal with such instances?"
Theodore points at the guard's gun.
Mana: "We have procedure."
Vladislav: "But you aren't going to tell me, right? Is the assigned invulnerable to the fleet the seventh service?"
Mana: "No, we aren't going to tell you."
Mana: "It's mostly etiquette and caution, anyway."
Vladislav: "As right now I am running under the assumption that most fleets have one. Which means that Titania will as well."
Theodore: "Man, while he's not under any obligation to help them he probably wouldn't sell out the overall mission buy telling us how thye deal with us in detail anyway."
Vladislav: "I can't imagine it would be terribly difficult if they had a way to readjust our home point. They'd just have to lock us up in a tower or something and throw away the key."
Mana: "Right, that's one of our strategies."
Vladislav: "As without the realignment suicide would easily bring us back the next day."
Mana: "Exactly. And we boot up an AF for the combat engagement, to control the environment and prevent collateral damage."
Mana: "As well as reshaping-in-desperation."
Mana: "Doel here-" Shaw nods to other Justification. "Does all her best fighting in AF."
Vladislav nods to Shaw. "Thank you for your time. Would you care if I mentioned your situation to the Titania fleet?"
Mana: "Nope."
Mana: "Probably will save them a lot of talking."
Vladislav: "Please assign someone to escort us out, then."
Mana: Shaw nods. "I'll do it."
Mana: Doel snaps a salute to him, and he leads you out of the Citadel.
Theodore: "So, how does that thing measure up to a musket anyway," Theodore asks as they walk out.
Mana: "That's the Cyclops pistol. Ulysses' brother. Functions only in AF. Terrifyingly, so I've been told."
Theodore: "Hm. Right on."
Alexander: "Sounds like it's better."
Mana: Shaw nods. "I suspect so, though I've never seen it fired."
Mana: He stops at the threshhold of the airlock - "Take care out there. Thanks for dropping by."
Vladislav: "Thanks."
Vladislav steps into the airlock.
Theodore: "Well, at any rate sorry about the uh… mix up? And thanks for being forthcoming."
Theodore lets out a breath, following after Vladislav.
Mana: Miri steps into the airlock, drawing herself out as the mana is drained from the room, her clothes falling back into robes, her legs lengthening, her knees and hips and chest curving again, her skin falling to marble-pale, her antlers sprouting out.
Vladislav: "Welcome back. Apologies that must have been dreadfully boring."
Mana: "Mm, yeah."
Mana: "They usually send me out to trade with them, so I'm used to it."
Vladislav: "As for the rest of you, if our surroundings ever change while encountering a justification take extreme caution. Their weaponry appears to be incredibly potent under such circumstances."
Vladislav: "Unlike here, in Titania they would be able to use an artifact for such ends."
Vladislav: "We are going to pay the village a visit, if you wouldn't mind."
Mana: "Of course not!" She beams.
Mana: "Best of luck with the Silktails."
Theodore nods.
Vladislav: "We'll try our best to meet you on the other side."
Aurora nods. "Thanks. And you look better out here… Not that you looked bad inside there, but…"
Theodore: "Also give me a break Aurora, I wasn't trying super hard to be threatening. Like I said, they don't really seem like bad people, perse."
Aurora: "Just stuck in a bad spot?"
Theodore: "That they put themselves into… but yeah."
Mana: Mirikilesia smiles slyly at Aurora. "Mm, you too? But it's just the light, I think."
Mana: "Anyway! This way."
Vladislav: "I doubt that their generation is responsible for the destruction of Romeo."
Vladislav: "Would you blame a child for what their grandparents did, Theodore?"
Vladislav: "They are simply trying to survive from their ancestors mistakes."
Theodore: "… It's hard to say, it seemed like come of them could have been around for it, but." He siggs.
Theodore: "If not then… well. There's still better ways they could eb going about it." Theodore lets out a breath.
Theodore: "And yeah you look way better as you normally are, Miri."
Vladislav follows after Mirikilesia instead of plowing off for once.
Mana: "I thought so!" She leads you through the forest to the clearing with the five silktails.
Mana: She walks past them.
Mana: The five silktails growl.
Vladislav pulls out his book. "Alexander, I believe you know what must be done."
Alexander: "This is probably going to be unpleasant, isn't it."
Alexander: "Worst case scenario, I'll see you chaps in the morning."
Theodore: "Wait, five? Eesh."
Vladislav: "Versus four with our friend gone."
Vladislav: "Our intent is to break through, not win."
Theodore makes a face. "Well, I guess."
Aurora: "…Oh boy, here we go."
Vladislav: "Treat this as if we were fighting five Prince Snakes."
Theodore: "I don't think the musket has that many barrels…"
Mana: They growl and fan out.
Vladislav: "Don't worry. I have a plan."
Aurora: "…I don't think I can aggro that many of them."
Mana: Battle order: Silktail A [F]:0 Theodore [B]:2 Silktail C [F]:3 Alexander [B]:4 Silktail B [F]:4 Vladislav [B]:5 Silktail D [B]:5 Silktail E [B]:5 Veracruz [F]:7 Aurora [F]:9
Mana: Status for Silktail A [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Silktail B [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Silktail C [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Silktail D [B] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Silktail E [B] : [==========]
Theodore: "Didn't we almost die lasy time you said that?"
[OOC] Theodore: last^
Aurora: "I think 'almost' is the key word there."
Theodore: "Hmm… well, if you trust it, then alright."
Mana: Silktail A hops towards Vladislav and [Bites] him.
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 30 ( Total: 30 ) for C80
Mana rolled d8*0.75+90*0.75 and got 3 ( Total: 69.75 )
Mana: For 69 physical damage!
Mana: Battle order: Theodore [B]:0 Silktail C [F]:1 Alexander [B]:2 Silktail B [F]:2 Vladislav [B]:3 Silktail D [B]:3 Silktail E [B]:3 Veracruz [F]:5 Aurora [F]:7 Silktail A [F]:28
Mana: Theodore!
Aurora: "So… what's that plan?"
Mana: Battle order: Theodore [B]:0 Silktail C [F]:1 Alexander [B]:2 Silktail B [F]:2 Vladislav [B]:3 Silktail D [B]:3 Silktail E [B]:3 Aurora [F]:7 Silktail A [F]:28
Vladislav: "Break through, obviously. These are nimble and outnumber us. I doubt Theodore can keep up."
Alexander: "I think the plan is for me to take a good hard look at them and tell you in the morning after you all leave me in the dust and I get gnawed on by pink rabites."
Theodore: "I'm gunna go with 'bunny hop' if you can keep the attention of all five of 'em." He nods, then starts backing up slowly. [CT10]
[OOC] Theodore: can't^ rrgh
Mana: Silktail C bites Aurora!
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 13 ( Total: 13 )
Mana rolled d8+90 and got 7 ( Total: 97.0 )
Mana: For 97 physical damage!
Mana: Battle order: Alexander [B]:0 Silktail B [F]:0 Vladislav [B]:1 Silktail D [B]:1 Silktail E [B]:1 Aurora [F]:5 Theodore [B]:8 Silktail A [F]:26 Silktail C [F]:29
Mana: Alexander!
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 357/454, MP: 262/382, SoS: 113
Alexander takes a good, hard look at Silktail A. [Analyze, 20D]
Mana: Silktail [Pure], level 11 Easy Beast. HP532/532. MP532/532. A pink rabite from the Pure Land. It's a little more vicious than an ordinary rabite.
Mana: Silktail B tries a flying spin attack on Aurora!
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 19 ( Total: 19 )
Mana rolled d8+112 and got 7 ( Total: 119.0 )
Mana: Hitting for 119 physical damage. It's dizzy! [Taking +25% damage.]
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 258/454, MP: 262/382, SoS: 113
Mana: Battle order: Vladislav [B]:0 Silktail D [B]:0 Silktail E [B]:0 Aurora [F]:4 Theodore [B]:7 Alexander [B]:19 Silktail A [F]:25 Silktail C [F]:28 Silktail B [F]:29
Mana: Vladislav!
Alexander: "They're…a little tougher and a little meaner, but not impossible if we're prepared. However, we're not."
Alexander: "Nothing really stands out about them."
Vladislav takes a step back before readying himself to charge on through. [CT 10]
Mana: Silktails D and E bite Aurora!
Mana rolled 2d100 and got 39, 72 ( Total: 111 )
Mana rolled d8*0.75+90*0.75 and got 1 ( Total: 68.25 )
d8*0.75+90*0.75: 6 [Total: 72.0 (High), Avg: 6.00]
Theodore winces. "You gunna make it?"
Total: 140.25, Avg: 3.50
Mana: Biting for 68 and 72 physical damage!
Mana: Battle order: Aurora [F]:0 Theodore [B]:3 Vladislav [B]:6 Alexander [B]:15 Silktail A [F]:21 Silktail C [F]:24 Silktail B [F]:25 Silktail D [B]:26 Silktail E [B]:26
Mana: Aurora!
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 158/454, MP: 262/382, SoS: 113
Aurora prepares to break through as well, getting ready to charge headless through. "I… think so." [CT 10]
Mana: Theodore, Vladislav, and Aurora escape!
Theodore: "…Alright, but yell at Vlad if you change your mind and thinhk you won't alright?" Theodore nods, then sweeps Alexander of his feet, holds the older man in his arsm,a dn charges forward at the Silktails! As he gets clos,e then then leaps over their heads and [Escape]s!
Mana: Battle order: Alexander [B]:0 Silktail A [F]:6 Silktail C [F]:9 Silktail B [F]:10 Silktail D [B]:11 Silktail E [B]:11
Mana: Alexander!
Alexander appears to have been swept off his feet???
Mana: No, the fallen only. You can run on your own!
Alexander will be Escaping if that is not the case, however. [CT 10]
Mana: In the meantime, he is nibbled by rabbits.
Mana rolled 2d100 and got 30, 76 ( Total: 106 )
Mana rolled d8+90 and got 4 ( Total: 94.0 )
Mana: Once, for 94 physical damage.
[OOC] Alexander: HP: 322/400, MP: 175/400, SoS: 100
Alexander is only nibbled on, yes.
Theodore: "Man you are a LOT heavier when you're conscious!"
Mana: Deeper into the woods…
Mana: Mirikilesia Nine catches up to you as you enter the village of Northhill.
Vladislav: "Seems we made it in one piece."
Vladislav: "Some more fortunate than others."
Mana: Homes are made in hollowed out trees - walkways and lamps are strung between them, higher up.
Mana: Rows upon rows of nameless graves encircle the village perimeter, overgrown by white bushes.
Aurora frowns at the sight of the graves. "…Have there been many generations living here?"
Mana: "Yeah, we're an old village."
Theodore: "No names though?"
Mana: "No. I mean, the people had them…"
Mana: "We just don't engrave them, most of the time."
Theodore: "Hm. Alright."
Vladislav: "This place doesn't seem well fortified. Are monsters ever a problem?"
Mana: "Nope. Why would monsters appear where people live?"
Vladislav: "Because those who awaken mana bring monsters to them."
Theodore: "They totally come into the city where he's from."
Mana: "Must be awful."
Mana: A long-snouted, long-furred villager looks up at the travellers as they approach, from where he sits on a bench in a sunny spot, reading a book. "Hey, travellers."
Mana: "Pure Hearts, too."
Vladislav: "It's a headache and a half, let me tell you. My home is not only overrun by monsters, but beasts of many forms who took over and rule over the humans residing there."
Theodore waves at the villager, "How'd you guess?"
Mana: "Colorful clothing! It'd drain right out if you weren't."
Vladislav: "But we were told that not a single Pure Heart has arrived in Pure Land since the arrival of the Services. How would you know what they were?"
Aurora: "Stories and tales, maybe?"
Mana: "The black tower hasn't been here that long, anyway."
Theodore: "Ah, right on."
Vladislav: "Our runaway Pure Heart might have been more social than I thought."
Theodore: "Gets boring, being alone."
Mana: "Mmhm." The sitting man nods to Mirkilesia, who introduces him:
Mana: "This is Zeifert. Zeifert, these are Theodore, and Vladislav, and Aurora, and Alexander."
Mana: "Good to meet you. Where you from?"
Vladislav: "A pleasure to meet you. We hail from Titania."
Theodore: "They'
Theodore: re from Titania yeah. "
Vladislav: "Ah, yes. We do. This fellow here is from a city called Potos. I am not familiar with the world."
Theodore: "I'm not from Potos! I just passed through once."
Mana: "Ah, we had somebody from there stay here for a while back."
Mana: "He went way deep into the Pure Land, though. Think he got out alright."
Vladislav: "Someone from Theodore's world was here?"
Theodore: "…Do you know how he got back? I'm not … actually sure how I got here."
Mana: Zeifert shrugs. "Probably. Names recur."
Mana: "You can walk right out, once you're done here."
Mana: "…But it's a story thing."
Mana: "Killing a big monster usually helps."
Theodore: "…Hm. O
Theodore: I'll keep that in mind. "
Mana: Mirikilesia tugs on Aurora's collar. "Hey, can I borrow you for a while? While they're talking to Zeifert, or shopping, or whatever."
Theodore tilts his head back, glancing at the girls.
Mana: "Right." Zeifert smiles knowingly for a moment.
Mana: "But then again, if you're Pure Hearts… well, you can't trust story things, but you've got an easy route back."
Vladislav glances at Mirikilesia. While curious why she's so interested in Aurora he brushes it off and shakes his head. "Do you know the history of this land well?"
Theodore: "To Titania? Yeah. I was more wondering about, uh, where I come from." He says without looking back towards the man.
Aurora blinks, glancing at the three other Pure Hearts, then nodding to Miri. "I don't mind."
Mana: Mirikilesia leads Aurora elsewhere - a nice, quiet place, carved into the hollow of a tree, draped in cloth, lit by candle. I think, at some point, a pitcher of orange juice is uncorked, shared.
Mana: Zeifert rolls his shoulders. "I know it about as well as it can be known."
Vladislav: "Did this land ever have mana?"
Aurora smiles, gladly partakes.
Mana: "No, not ever."
Theodore will give credit to Vladislav's abilit yto keep focused, but Theodore certainly isn't.
Vladislav: "How are you certain? The earth is much older than any of us."
Mana: "Ah, where you come from… but that's not where you've been, lately, is it?"
Mana: "This is the Pure Land. As sure as the sun shines bright, the Pure Land exists without Mana."
Theodore blinks, attention back on the conversation again.
Vladislav: "There was never a Mana Tree?"
Mana: "No, not ever. People come to our great tree for a different reason."
Vladislav: "I am having a hard time fathoming that a world could be made without mana. Mana is required for creation as is a Pure Heart and an artifact. What is your tree and what makes you so sure it wasn't a Mana Tree at one time?"
Mana: "This world wasn't made."
Mana: "It simply is."
Vladislav: "Then what is the reason people visit your tree?"
Mana: "Creation always leads to disaster, and this world… exists without disaster."
Mana: "People visit the tree of life to free themselves from the desire for Mana."
Mana: "Or…"
Mana: Zeifert closes his book.
Mana: "…They visit it to decide that they'll live with mana, all their lives."
Mana: "But to realize that you can make that decision… that's what the Pure Land is about."
Vladislav: "Is this tree nearby?"
Mana: "No, it's closed off now."
Mana: "…It wouldn't be too difficult to come back later, would it?"
Theodore: "Mm, probably not."
Vladislav: "Are the monsters the issue?"
Vladislav: "If so we would want to regroup with more of our friends."
Mana: "Yes, exactly."
Mana: "You need to pass by the route of a great beast to reach the tree, and there aren't any such trails now."
Theodore: "Hmm… yeah I don't… just the four of us could handle a boss."
[OOC] Theodore: -just +think
Vladislav glances at Theodore. "If you would not object it would seem I would require your assistance one more time."
[OOC] Theodore: … ^think just, actually whatever!! vlad you made this log dumb :(
Vladislav: "On the morrow, that is."
Theodore: "Well hey!"
Theodore claps Vlad on the shoulder.
Theodore: "That's what friends are for, y'know?"
Mana: "So they are."
Mana: "I'm sure something suitably fearsome will present itself."
Mana: "Well. If you're here, you can buy the local crafts."
Vladislav: "Ah, yes. You have vendors here do you not?"
Mana: "Mmhm. We've got monsters and all, after all."
Vladislav: "Care to show me around?"
Mana: The weapon shop - with the wooden sword sign hanging outside -
Mana: Has a variety of things on display.
Mana: Very simple, very standard. Just the bare-bones of everything, nothing inspired in the design.
[OOC] Mana: You can buy T2 weapons and armor here for 985 Lucre apiece.
Theodore: "…Should we go get Aurora?"
Theodore reaches into Vlad's pocket, pulling out a credit card. "Accept this, by the by?"
Mana: Zeifert looks at Theodore. "I don't think so."
Mana: The shopkeep looks the ccard over.
Mana: "Well, I can try it."
Mana: He gets out the card reader.
Mana: "Try swiping it?"
Vladislav aside whispers to Theodore. "(Let's hope they actually accept our currency. No Lucre and we only have the card.)"
Theodore spins the card in his fingers, then runs it through the machine.
Mana: The machine beeps: [ENTER PIN].
Vladislav pushes Theodore to the side. "I've got this."
Theodore: "Alex, what's your - well, okay."
[OOC] Vladislav: Aww
Vladislav enters a random combination anyways. :D
Mana: "…Er, no, it doesn't seem to work."
Vladislav: "Strange. I seem to have forgot."
Mana: "That's okay. We take gil and lucre and whatever comes out of monsters for you when you beat on them."
Theodore motions for the card reader. "I wanna see fi I cna figure this out before we leave, I'm curious now."
Vladislav: "Hrm. I'll take a robe and a book then, if you wouldn't mind. Knock yourself out I want the card back though."
Mana: "Of course."
Mana: The robe is white. The book is blank.
Mana: They're definitely tier 2, though. [Accounts are settled.]
Theodore: "I totally gave most of my money to Toth though so…"
Alexander will get a pair of Gloves and a new Suit. Even if the tailoring on them isn't top quality.
Vladislav: "Any chance you can take this old Robe and book for a candy or something?"
Alexander: "If you can't get that card to work, I can probably spot you for new gear. For now."
[OOC] Mana: You buy it in any color you want, so long as it's white.
Mana: "Sure thing." The shopkeep takes the old robe and book and hands over two candies.
Theodore: "…Yeah I *should* go get Aurora though, I imagine she probably wants better armor."
[OOC] Vladislav: Removed Book/Robe, Unequipped Names of Angels, Equipped White Book + White Robe
Theodore glances around the village, trying to remember the direction the wandered off in, then goes looking for her.
Alexander: "I'll trade my old ones in for Candies as well, if you please."
Mana: "Sure thing." [Done.]
Mana: Zeifert nods as Theodore slips away. "Item shop is just over here."
Mana: In a little tree hollow, items are sold.
Mana: Something catches your eye: Their candies are… 25 lucre. Their cups-of-wishes only cost 100 lucre.
Aurora meets up with Theodore after he wanders for a few minutes, looking none the worse for wear aside from her hair and skirt being even more messy and rumpled than their adventuring had already made it. "Something up?"
Mana: …But they don't sell anything for MP.
Theodore: "Umm… we found an armor shop that's got way better stuff than anywhere in Titania … you alright?"
Aurora nods, smiling with a tinge of red to her cheeks. "Uh huh, I'm fine…. Really? Better stuff?"
Theodore: "Ah, I guess that was an 'no' to the earlier unanswered question." Theodore grins a little. "Yeah it's *way* better."
Mana: Mirikilesia Nine catches up to Aurora and Theodore - "You just bolted off all of a sudd- oh, hello!"
Aurora: "Ah, sorry. For some reason I figured he was looking for me, and I thought it would be better if he didn't wander into places he shouldn't be."
Theodore: "Hey. Anyway I'll uh… let you get back to it? Just wanted to let you know." He rolls a shrug, then waves as he heads back towards the shop.
Mana: Miri smiles sheepishly.
Vladislav makes his way over to the item shop and buys 3 Cups of Wishes.
Mana: "…Am I returning you yet?" She asks Aurora.
Mana: You know, while shopping happens.
Theodore shakes his head with a light sigh as he plops himself down in front of the card read. After a moment he cracks his knuckels, then gets to work, starting with 4444, then branch out into other number combinations. 6091. 7385. 3320. 1375. "Hey Alex what's your birthday?"
Aurora shakes her head, then glances at Miri. "No, it's fine… Maybe Miri would like to help me pick out some new stuff first?"
Mana: "Ah, well! Of course."
Mana: "…Not that you have a lot of options."
Vladislav comes back to Theodore. "You know, the bank is going to block the card if you keep messing that up. Just give it back."
Mana: No, none of those are the PIN, Theodore.
Mana: Beep, beep, beep beep.
Alexander: "Olbohn 15th, why?"
Vladislav extends his hand for the card back with an expression similar to what a parent would give a child.
Theodore: "How would they do that if we have it? Also gemme like three more tries."
Aurora takes a look at what kind of armour they have here. Aside from the recurring theme of White, White, and White.
Vladislav: "I'm counting."
Mana: Aurora: Well, they have pale ringmail. And robes. And a sort of bleached leather suit. And that's…
Mana: …Well, that's the extent of it, really.
Theodore punches in 0115. "Noted."
Aurora: "…Not much in the way of creativity here."
Theodore: "Also Vlad if you were a megalomaniac hellbent on change the world to suit your whims what would your favorite four digit number be."
Alexander: "Maybe they'll colour up when they get exposed to Mana. Don't get your hopes up, though. It might be an awful shade of puce."
Mana: Beep beep.
Mana: Mirikilesia shrugs awkwardly in sympathy at the lack of options. "Well, they'd probably all look good on you…?"
Theodore: "They definitely all look good on her, she's great."
Mana: "Yes! I agree."
Aurora nods, getting a set of the white chainmail and one of the swords. "Thanks, both of you."
Theodore makes a hurry up motion at Vlad.
Vladislav: "Save the flattery and enter another number. She's all beaten up from those rabites and isn't an idiot."
Theodore: "I asked for a question and I flatter her all the time! Although she *is* busy."
[OOC] Theodore: -for +you
Mana: Aurora: They're pretty good chainmail and a pretty good sword.
Vladislav: "My number would be 5317. It has a hidden meaning, not that I expect you to understand."
Theodore punches it in!
Mana: Well…. no.
Theodore: "Aurora, if you weren't incredibly distracted what would the first four numbers that came to mind be?"
Alexander: "You still have almost 10,000 combinations to try, please quit now and stop embarrassing us."
Theodore: "This is the last one!"
Theodore: "Not like I have anything better to do at this *precise* moment anyway."
Aurora changes into the chainmail in a changing room, buckling on the new sword, then frowning at her old set of gear, before stowing it away in her pack. Somehow. "Umm, 1826?"
Theodore punches it in!
Mana: No, sorry.
Mana: Credit cards are so complicated!
Theodore signs, handing the card back to Vlad dejectedly.
Alexander ends up paying for Theo's stuff.
Vladislav slips it into his bag before nodding to Alexander.
Vladislav: "I hope we don't plan to be discreet anytime soon. We will stick out like sore thumbs in Titania."
Theodore: "Just tell 'em you're the opposite of the black guard."
Mana: The shopkeep shrugs apologetically at Theodore before unplugging the card reader and packing it away.
Theodore: "So the real question."
Theodore: "Is armor, or robe."
Mana: Zeifert runs a finger down his chin. "Robe."
Theodore: "That *does* let me walk around showing off my abs."
Theodore: "Robe and staff it is!"
Vladislav: "Nobody will be able to see them. The sun will reflect off the white and blind them."
Mana: "He isn't that pale, is he?"
Theodore: "Totally not."
Vladislav: "We'll be back in the near future. I'd say tomorrow, but time flows differently here."
Mana: "So it does."
Mana: Zeifert tilts his head, scratches his ear.
Mana: "…Going back home?"
Theodore: "Well, home away from home."
Vladislav: "It is rather late in our world. If you wouldn't mind other affairs can be addressed when we return. I do not wish to see what happens if the day rolls over when we aren't there. More so since it won't roll over unless we go to sleep."
Mana: "Well, if you're going back the way I think you are, meet me at the north gate."
Mana: Zeifert smiles and heads off that way, tail swishing.
Aurora nods, glancing at Miri. "Unfortunately, yes."
Vladislav follows after him, ushering for the other three. "Come along, now."
Theodore: "I'm pretty sure we still got another chunk of time, but you might be sleepy."
Mana: Mirikilesia smiles, curtseys. "Well, I do hope to see you again!"
Mana: "It was nice having you around."
Aurora smiles brightly and dips Miri a deep curtsey. "It was my pleasure… and I'll be sure to visit again, hopefully sometime soon."
Mana: "Ah! Thank you."
Alexander: "I should probably take a look at my lab again, if possible…"
Mana: She curls her hand, pressing it to her lips.
Mana: Zeifert stops by his shack on the way to the gate, picking up a long, curved sword.
Mana: "Form a line, o Pure of Heart."
Vladislav: "I figured this was how it would be done."
Mana: "It's one way."
Theodore: "Wait hold up."
Vladislav: "I almost want to try my luck with the Rabites and get some money on my way out."
Theodore: "Are you serious."
Alexander: "Is there any chance there's a laboratory or apothecary arond here?"
Aurora mimics the motion back to Mirikilesia, blushing a little… then blanches when they get to Zeifert's shack. "Umm… I think I like Vlad's idea better."
Theodore: "Yeah I'm down for silktail shenanagins."
Mana: "Yeah." Zeifert says. "Mostly herbs, really, but it's enough."
Mana: "And…"
Vladislav glances over at Aurora. "And please tell me you were doing something more productive than playing dress up."
Mana: "Yeah, you can do what you want. Time runs differently, after all."
Aurora glances at Vlad. "That… is a secret."
Vladislav: "No matter. I will find out eventually one way or another."
Alexander: "I don't really think it involved dressing up…"
Theodore: "Certainly more fun than dress up."
Alexander: "Hmmmm. Who wants a cure-all herbal remedy, just in case?"
Aurora: "I will neither confirm nor deny your guesses."
Theodore: "I mean, I wouldn't be jealous over dress up. Uh, yeah I'm good for a cure-all, Alex."
Alexander: "And that makes you all the more guilty, my dear."
Theodore: "(Actually that's a lie I'd be a little jealous over dress up too.)"
Alexander: "(Of which one?)"
Vladislav: "Hmm. I…" Vlad muses to himself for a moment before going back to the weapon/armor shop on his way out. "I'll take an armor too, please."
Theodore: "(Aurora, of course.)"
Alexander: "I'm going to need to borrow you for a bit, then, while I prepare this."
Mana: Vladislav: You get a suit of ringmail for your lucre, of course.
Theodore: "Well, I have no other pressing plans…"
Vladislav: "Tell me when you're ready, Alexander." He moves around the corner to put on some armor.
Theodore just changes into his new robes right there, he ain't shy.
Alexander is just going to take Theodore over to the herbal remedy shop then and ask Theodore some probing questions about what kind of things he ate over in Potos-etc. compared to here, examining him a bit (the robe makes it fairly easy), and talk to him a bit about his urges to commit genocide for a stranded race, before asking for several herbs from the apothecarian and mixing them
Alexander together into a potion.
[OOC] Alexander: okay fine
Alexander has Theo sit down on a stool or chair or something. "So, Theo, how are things for you in Titania compared to…Potos or whatever?"
Theodore: "I swear none of you *actually* listen when I talk aside from Xsia, and, like, maybe Toth. But it's been… alright. Weird, different. But it's exciting, and I got to met some pretty cool people."
Alexander: "What kind of different?"
Theodore: "Well for one you guys always seem to default to 'kill someone' as the preferred method of solving problems! But also, how you guys are kind of warry and suspicious to the Goddess. The whole district thing is pretty bizzare too."
Theodore: "And we can't forget the magic ban!"
Alexander: "Well, in reverse order, cities need some kind of organisation, and it's probably to do with mana flow. The Goddess isn't a big thing right now thanks to the Emperor's Paraidse. And, I don't know about the others, but I kill people for a living. It's hard to shake off."
Theodore: "Admittedly, you have the best reason for it yeah."
Alexander: "But, I meant more….general things. Like food and stuff. Are you eating well? I'd ask about exercise, but you've certainly been doing enough running around."
Theodore: "How you get into that anyway?"
Theodore: "Hmm… yeah I think I'm eating well enough. Had some pretty good ribs for dinner!"
Alexander: "True, dinner was excellent. We have been eating out nicely lately." He takes a look at Theo's arm, folding back the sleeve and feeling the pulse for a bit on the wrist. "I felt I needed to do something for to help keep the peace. I didn't like just getting money for being related to the Emperor. Why did you suddenly feel the need to commit genocide today?"
Theodore: "…How does killing people stop unrest though? I mena it seems like that would cause it. Also I totally didn't feel the need to commit genocide at any point today. You saw me try and talk Fenzy down!"
Alexander: "Killing the big shots in Salamander would have caused mass confusion, but with all of the in-fighting for leadership it probably wouldn't have lead to all-out war between the gangs. You wanted to kill all of those Services just a bit ago, however."
Theodore: "No I didn't!"
Theodore: "You guys really *don't* listen."
Alexander: "You wanted to drain away the Mana letting them exist as they currently are."
Theodore: "Just some of it!"
Alexander: "They're already losing it. Turning them into monsters in the 'local narrative' that much quicker is effectively killing them."
Theodore: "They're not losing it, they're using it. And anyway when they said they wouldn't use it for their mission, I said that was fine didn't I?"
Alexander: "Didn't you see some seep out when they were working the airlock? They lose it a little bit at a time. It's a finite resource for them."
Theodore lets out a breath.
Theodore: "I still care way more about them not being able to just… change everyone… than I care about them being comfortable. Their mission objective is uncompromising."
Alexander: "And they are unable to complete it here. Thankfully, you realized this before things became problematic."
Theodore: "I let things be when it's not hurting anyone, yeah. A promise is good enough for me."
Alexander: "I believe your Salamander energies may be a bit unbalanced. I think you should stay away from any spicy foods for a while, and eat more foods with natural flavourings."
Theodore gives Alexander a look.
Alexander: "It's part of the process. Work with me here."
Theodore: "That's not actually a thing."
Theodore: "But okay."
Alexander: "Are you one of those people that say herbal medicine doesn't work?"
Theodore: "No, I'm one of those people that know only monsters and spirits are elementally aligned." Theodore smiles.
Alexander rolls his eyes. "Whatever. I have enough information to make the potion now. I'll just need…hmmm…"
Theodore: "Man I'm just sayin'!"
Alexander asks the apothecarian for some chamomile and thyme, and a pinch of a few other things, before getting to work on his Distillation.
Mana: She hands you a few dried sprigs of it - they should work fine.
Mana: The solution shines, clouds, then turns…
Mana: …perfectly clear. What did you expect with the materials around here? [A powerful medicine.]
Alexander pockets the solution after placing it in a vial.
Mana: And so it was written.

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