Mana P3y1s05

Mana: And so it was written: Pokiehlember 3rd, Year 1, Luna's Day. Gnome District - eternally lit by that dusky, crystal blue from overhead, its walkways swaying gently with the weight of passers-by. The black market - Titania with the serial marks scuffed off.
Toth broke off from the group headed for the hotsprings for a bit of meandering in Gnome, still looking vaguely like death warmed over.
Mana: A full variety of kebabs - grilled peppers and lizard-tails intermingled - are offered as Toth passes through the thin alleyways of the markets.
Mana: On the side of a little dice-house (from which someone is currently being thrown out of for some manner of cheating) there's a ladder up to the upper walkways, towards the Cage of Dreams.
Mana: Immediately next to it, there is a hastily cobbled Deluxe Ladder (as the sign announces.)
Mana: There are three differences between it and the main ladder, as far as you can tell:
Mana: 1. It is made of somewhat shoddy looking wood, as opposed to the steel one hammered into the side of the building,
Mana: 2. It is painted gold, though that paint is flaking off in points,
Mana: 3. It costs five lucre to climb, which presumably goes to the tiny, snouted thing in a cloak standing to one side of it.
Toth wrinkles his eyebrows, and then ascends the regular main ladder.
Mana: …Probably for the best.
Mana: It's not that long of a walk from here to the [Cage of the Dreams] - the octagonal tower encircled by bronze statues of serpents, their nostrils gently exhaling plumes of incense.
Toth heads between the serpents and into the shop.
Mana: The owner, Misha, is in the middle of feeding one of the caged monsters inside a stick of something - lit from lamps beneath the blue-glass floor, the room has an unearthly quality.
Mana: "Morning to you."
Toth: "Ahh, morning. I hope you've stopped for breakfast yourself."
Mana: She smiles. "I hope so, too. How can I help you?"
Toth: "Still have the Historyless armor for sale? Given how things are going, it'll be far cheaper than having to get my suit retailored so often."
Mana: "I do, in fact. You're lucky - someone came asking after it." She tugs the center chain, letting black cases descend from the ceiling.
Toth chuckles. "Oh my."
Mana: She taps one of them with a knowing smile, the polished-shell plate gleaming behind glass.
Mana: "Five-hundred and sixty lucre, as before."
Toth nods, setting aside a pouch with exactly that much lucre, before lifting the case up off its pedastal.
Toth: "Anything exciting happened in Gnome recently? As even as recent as the dawn?"
Mana: She loosens the pouch a little, flicks her fingers across it enough to count, and tightens it with a smile. "There was a dash of a monster breakthrough, but someone handled it."
Mana: "…And, of course, if you're in the market for even rarer things, there's a Last Auction being held, today."
Toth chuckles. "Not like I have the coin to be winning anything -now-."
Mana: "If I'm correct, they're moving towards the backside of the city for it, at the Manse Dacabre."
Mana: "The consequence of buying only the best, you know."
Toth: "Oh yes, yes."
Toth thinks. Manse Dacabre?
Mana: Not someplace you've heard of.
Toth: "What's the Manse Dacabre?"
Mana: Misha smiles, pausing to lock the money away. Her fingers hover over her pen and a reciept pad for a moment before deciding not to ask, and then she replies: "An unusual spot to hold a meeting of the moneyed?"
Mana: "It's the most exquisite boneyard in Titania, long-sunken, abutting Gnome only by accident."
Toth: "That -is- unusual, even for Gnome."
Mana: "Yes. Yes it is." She smiles.
Toth: "When's it being held?"
Mana: "Apparently, bidding begins this evening. But the goods should be there now, still."
Toth grins. "That's all the time I need."
Toth: "Thanks for the goods. There was a scuffle with goblins up… below Wisp. They're getting more restless, just as a heads up."
Mana: "I'm certain they are. Take good care now, mm?"
Toth: "You too, Misha." He slings the armor over his shoulder and heads out.
Mana: Gnome awaits you. Where to next?
Toth will take this opportunity to head towards the Manse Dacabre, to check out the goods.
[OOC] Mana: The Backcity] - On the far side of the Gnome cavern, the alleys become crowded with collapsed buildings and detritus, and the walkways, and the rags that drift on them in an unearthly wind, are the only way to progress forward.
Mana: There's a mist roiling below you - this is the Shade, or at least, a piece of it.
Rigo silently falls in *right behind* Toth, matching him step for step. You're in his ghetto now.
Toth rubs at his face and smiles, enjoying the scene. He takes deliberate steps onto the walkway, making sure the clack, clack, clack of his boots is heard. For effect.
Rigo sadly can't quite match the authoritive sound of those fine boots in his humble sandals. On the other hand, his winegourd is definitely making a half-empty slosh with each movement.
Mana: There's a foreigner - one of the sunjammers - seated on the far end of the walkway, sipping from his canteen. A minaret tower descends towards a lower walkway.
Mana: His hair is braided with feathers, his wrists bearing bracelets of glass beads.
Toth stops before the sunjammer, and the wind gives a low howl.
Toth: "So…" He laughs. "When did you pop up behind me, hm?"
Rigo: "If I told you, it would ruin the mystery. How's your morning been?"
Toth: "Rough and tumble. Hence the armor."
Toth nods to the sunjammer. "Everything quiet on this end?"
Toth: "Before we showed up, o'course."
Rigo: "We do have that effect, it seems."
Mana: He smiles up at Toth - a little scratched up, but proud - "Wish it were, yeah? The boneyard's crawling."
Toth: "Huh. I should probably come back later…" He turns to Rigo. "How're you feeling?"
[OOC] Toth: HP: 196/400, MP: 95/418, SoS: 100
Rigo: "Unlike some of my less reputable friends (but I won't name names), I have spent the morning entertaining delightful female company. I'm right as the mail."
Toth: "Ah, good. Play a bit of bodyguard, can you?"
Rigo: "I have a better plan. Follow me." And he turns to head back into Gnome.
Toth: "Hah!" He turns and follows Rigo. "Take care," he offers to the sunjammer.
Mana: "I have to say," the Sunjammer calls. "That is a pretty good plan!"
Rigo: "Don't worry, the second part of it involves us coming back here. I'm not exactly Zhuge Liang."
Toth: "At least, not before a few drinks."
Rigo gives Toth a long-suffering look. "It's not *easy* being drunk all the time. If it was, everybody would do it."
Toth laughs again. "A true professional."
Rigo sniffs. "And don't you forget it."
Rigo is meandering his way back to Curio Cafe. "I hope you're not broke after getting your new armor."
Toth: "Still got some left in me."
Rigo: "Munificent."
Toth: "This morning has been amazingly quick. Not only did we entertain Ibex, but Al-aldin's friend Frenzy, too."
Rigo: "Frenzy? Did it end for her as bad as it our previous conversation seemed to indicate it would for Ibex?"
Toth: "Well, yeah, you know my entertainment involves a lot of killing." He pauses. "Though the Ibex plan went far more smoothly than I expected, and, well, we probably haven't seen the last of Frenzy, despite the death."
[OOC] Mana: The Curio Cafe]. Thick clouds of white smoke billow out as you open the door, scented like maple and peat-moss. The host smiles beneath the mask.
Toth: "We even got to meet the Emperor."
Rigo: "Oh good, I'd hate to have to deal with Al-Aldain after we ki- you what?" The unflappable has been flapped.
Toth: "Oh I was just as surprised, if not more."
Toth: "The Ibex plan went like this-"
Mana: A life-size, metal figurine of someone - or possibly someone in a very form-fitting sarcophagus? - is receiving acupuncture.
Toth: "I set up a multi-tiered escape route through Salamanter to Jinn, procured a sleeping poison, we assaulted a patrol of guards, blew a hole in the wall of the manor-"
Toth: "And then we told Ibex that he was out of line. And he agreed and calmly went with us to Jinn. Wherein we went to the top of the tower, and the Emperor executed him with a wave of his hand and a fierce, tearing wind."
Toth: "So, I mean, so much for the plan."
Rigo holds up a finger. "Hold that thought." He turns to the hostess. "I have interesting friends."
Toth wryly smiles.
Mana: She smiles, heading down along the bar towards you - "Yes you do. And badly injured ones, at that."
Rigo: "I'm hoping you can do something about that last part, yeah." A small smile. "You worked wonders for my injured monk associate, I'm afraid I'm terribly spoiled."
Mana: "That's why most brewers bitter their medicine, isn't it? Keeps the children from gorging themselves on it."
Mana: She adjusts her white mask, taps the counter. "Show me his wrist."
Toth de-jackets, undoes his cuffs (keeping them in his hand), and rolls back his sleeve.
Rigo chuckles. "It's not been for me yet. Besides, you know your medicines only tangentally related to why I keep showing you off."
Mana: She runs a finger along the wrist, inspecting for… something.
Mana: "Three-twenty lucre for what you need."
Toth wrinkles his eyebrows and looks at Rigo. "I'm about 150 and change short on that." He gives a little nod like, 'help a brotha out some more.'
Rigo: "Hm." He rubs his chin. "I can pitch in one forty… But you'll owe me a damn good bottle of wine so I can tek her out on a proper date this evening."
Rigo: "(I bet you thought I had forgotten.)"
Mana: She smiles. "I suppose we can settle this one for 280, then."
Toth: "I'd say that's a done deal."
Toth hauls out the last of his cash. [168]
Rigo hands over the remaining [112] with a smile. "Now we definitely need to go back to the Manse. I can't even afford a proper beer."
Mana: She nods, setting aside the money, opening a case - pulling loose a strip of gauze, dipping it in something thick and green and boiling hot that smells of camphor.
Mana: God, it chews through the sinuses. She wraps the cloth around Toth's wrist, steaming hot - almost painful.
[OOC] Mana: Toth's HP is filled.
Toth rubs at his nose and does his best to endure, stoically!
Rigo smiles at the hostess. "Miracles at wholesale. You really must want me to keep darkening your door."
Mana: It hardens dry. She pulls Toth's hand closer, shearing the caked-on cloth with a pair of scissors.
Mana: She smiles beatifically. "I had it on the boil already, after all."
Rigo: "Lucky for us. I'll be back… well if not before closing, at least at closing."
Toth: "Mm… that really has helped, thank you."
Mana: "Quite welcome. Do come back whenever you… might need to partake, after all."
Toth nods. "I'll keep it in mind, I'm Mr. Toth, Miss…?"
Rigo gives her another small smile. "An oasis of comfort in an otherwise highly uncomfortable lifestyle."
Mana: "Aptly put, but a bit too long to serve as useful. Run along, now."
Rigo: "Yes, dear."
Rigo gives her a small bow and heads out the door.
Toth nods and follows Rigo.
Rigo grins at Toth as they head back to the Manse. "One of these days I am actually going to wind up needing her help for myself. That's going to be an odd experience."
Toth: "You keep cool enough to probably not notice the burn, it'd work out."
Toth: "Don't act like you wouldn't enjoy it."
Rigo chuckles. "I never said all *that* now."
Toth grins.
Toth: "So yes, the emperor wants to meet you."
Rigo makes a very noncommital noise.
Toth: "While also promising to not smite you where you stand."
Mana: The walkway towards the Manse. The Sunjammer isn't there, anymore.
Toth: "The actions of the pure hearts are going to become allowed and authorized by Jinn."
Toth: "So, you know, that'll last a day or three."
Rigo: "That's definitely… He does realize that he is one of the problems we are working on, right?"
Toth: "Is he really, though?"
Rigo: "I'm a top-down kind of guy."
Toth chuckles. "In the specific, the emperor isn't actually an apocolypse, unless he's an angel or fiend or service in disguise."
Rigo: "Mm, on the other hand he does, in theory, hold the gates closed."
Rigo: "So 'service in disguise' is a suprisingly entertaining option."
Toth nods. "There -is- a danger to opening them all at once, given that I believe that mana flow is also tied to monster frequence, and then there's also the odd problem with Vush and his army, which…" He shakes his head. "I'm still not entirely sure what to make of."
Toth: "However, I believe we can get Titania in such a shape that opening all the gates will not cause undue monster-related deaths and/or pop us like grapes because of an increase of mana flow… which I'm not sure if that even is a Thing, but."
Rigo: "Well, 'all at once' does seem like a terrible plan. We need to regulate the flow, not dynamite the dam."
Toth nods along.
Rigo: "The best solution, from a top-down perspective, is to have the Emperor order the Salamander gate open. If Erinee stops it, she gets 'a fierce tearing wind'. If Vish stops it, ditto. If it gets opened… Boring, but ideal."
Toth: "In my estimation, what would probably happen is the gates would open, Erinee would kill Vush, and then… I have no idea. Theodore would get sad for an afternoon."
Toth: "It seems like the easiest and cleanest way, which is rare."
Toth: "O'course, I leap at this problem still."
Rigo: "Ah, well, we can't be making Theodore sad. … Unless its for a good cause."
Toth: "Then there's also the problem of Vush's army, which- I'm not sure whether they would storm the city after his death either in revenge, another would step up to lead, or disperse like mercenaries with a missed payment."
Toth: "I wonder how long it's been since he's been captured, anyway."
Mana: There's a voice, down in the minaret tower. Dry, dusty, singing.
Rigo: "An excellent question. I'll try to remember to ask the emperor when we meet up."
Toth: "And in case he doesn't feel like waving a hand, I'd also get your weapon ready."
Toth listens to the singing.
Mana: A voice, from the minaret. "…And in came the news, that just the last day did arrive, and a thousand men slaughtered, just a handful survive…"
Mana: Getting closer.
Mana: "Call em out to that bloody land, where the last lot fell / we need more brave heroes, to enter into hell…"
Rigo: "Wine, women, and song. My day is complete before lunch."
Mana: "O, we'll go under the oceans and over the sea, strap on your arms and armor and come follow me-"
Mana: Monsters, a pair of them, come out onto the walkway - Walking dead, lurching, clothes rotting, skin greened, bug-eyed. They're singing to one another.
Mana: "And wherever you find the enemy, o, eat hungrily, they'll be your last meal if you come and follow me!"
Rigo: "Hey Toth, you know what key the undead sing in?"
Toth slowly, deliberately, looks at Rigo.
Toth: "What key, Rigo?"
Rigo: "Zom-B Flat."
Toth slowly, deliberately, looks at the advancing monsters and draws his bow.
Toth: "You'll suffer for that one. Hah!"
Mana: Battle order: Rigo [F]:0 Toth [B]:1 Patient 899 [F]:3 Patient 900 [F]:5
Mana: Status for Patient 900 [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Patient 899 [F] : [==========]
Mana: Rigo!
Rigo: "Then I'll just have to go see my ladyfriend again." He plucks his fan from his belt and smacks Patient 899 with it. [Normal Attack, 32D]
Rigo rolled 1d10 and got 7 ( Total: 7 ) for 80/0
Mana: It's a hit!
Rigo rolled 1d100 and got 23 ( Total: 23 ) for 80/0
[OOC] Rigo: it's important to add all the 0s!
Rigo rolled 1d6+60 and got 3 ( Total: 63.0 )
Mana: It is, yes! #899 sputters, taking the hit, eyes narrowing. [63]!
Mana: Mr. Toth!
[OOC] Toth: humor me with an init/HP post
Mana: "And one day a boy said to me, well, it wasn't as he was told -" The other brandishes his long nails, jagged like claws. Were their clothes once uniformed? Their mouths are utterly toothless.
[OOC] Mana: Sure!
Mana: Battle order: Toth [B]:0 Patient 899 [F]:2 Patient 900 [F]:4 Rigo [F]:31
Mana: Status for Patient 900 [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Patient 899 [F] : [========= ]
Mana: Mr. Toth!
Mana: "Wasn't dashing over countries, crusading and bold-"
Mana: "Well the thing about your blood boy, is that it's bought and it's sold, so feast where you can boy, if you want to grow old!"
Toth: "Right, well. I'm gonna go ahead and punch through them quickly. This song -is- growing on me, though." He draws his bowstring, and two arrows of Wisp energy materialize! [CT 20]
Mana: Patient 899 howls. [Black Mist in CT20.] Patient 900 rushes into Rigo, slamming him - [Clobberjaw]
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 55 ( Total: 55 ) for C80
Mana rolled 1d12+80 and got 7 ( Total: 87.0 )
Also rolled 1d100 and got 40 [Total: 40 (Low), Avg: 40.00]
Total: 127.0, Avg: 23.50
Mana: Hammering him for 87 physical damage!
Rigo: "Ow!"
Mana: Battle order: Toth [B]:0 Patient 899 [F]:2 Rigo [F]:11 Patient 900 [F]:40
Mana: Status for Patient 900 [F] : [==========]
Mana: Status for Patient 899 [F] : [========= ]
Mana: Mr. Toth!
Toth fires the arrows, and they make multiple 90 degree turns, corkscrewing in the air, before piercing both Patients! [Lucent Beam, 28D]
Mana: They burst through nearby windows in a shower of tarnished glass, sending shards everywhere as they pierce each in turn - hits the weakness on both!
Toth rolled 1d10+100,150 and got 5 ( Total: 157.5 ) for magical wisp damage
[OOC] Mana: 157]! [157]!
Mana: Patient 899 exhales a terrible cloud of black mist, engulfing Rigo. The edges of it are tinged with red.
Mana rolled 1d12*0.5+80*0.5 and got 4 ( Total: 42.0 )
Mana: Inflicts 42 magical Shade damage - he's resistant!
Mana: Battle order: Rigo [F]:0 Toth [B]:17 Patient 899 [F]:27 Patient 900 [F]:29
Mana: Status for Patient 900 [F] : [======= ]
Mana: Status for Patient 899 [F] : [====== ]
Mana: Rigo!
Rigo fans away a large chunk of the mist before it can settle on him, then snaps the fan closed, tucks it into his sash agian, and readies his spear. [Change Weapons, 24D]
Mana: "And I've met brave crusaders, and I've met fearless knights, and I've seen them all go running when the Patient set alight-"
Mana: Mr. Toth!
Toth fires an arrow at Patient 899! [Attack, 53D]
Toth rolled 1d100 and got 30 ( Total: 30 ) for 80
Toth rolled 1d12+100 and got 11 ( Total: 111 )
Mana: Lances through his eye for [111]!
Mana: Rigo!
Mana: Battle order: Rigo [F]:0 Patient 899 [F]:3 Patient 900 [F]:5 Toth [B]:46
Mana: Status for Patient 900 [F] : [======= ]
Mana: Status for Patient 899 [F] : [==== ]
Rigo jabs his spear at Patient 899 as well! [Normal Attack, 52D]
Rigo rolled 1d100 and got 100 ( Total: 100 ) for 80/0 Graze 60
[OOC] Rigo: I'm onto your tricks!
Mana: Grazes for [60]! "And O I love the emperor, though I couldn't say his name - how could we stroll through villages, without someone for them to blame?" The voice catches, for a moment, cracking like dry parchment.
Mana: the Patient attack Mr. Toth!
Mana rolled 2d100 and got 93, 61 ( Total: 154 )
Mana rolled 1d12*0.75+80*0.75 and got 12 ( Total: 69.0 )
Also rolled 1d100 and got 20 [Total: 20 (Low), Avg: 20.00]
Total: 89.0, Avg: 16.00
Mana: Hitting for 69 physical damage and Poison (4)!
[OOC] Toth: HP: 351/400, MP: 14/418, SoS: 100 - Poison (4)
Mana: "And all the kisses from the girls whose husbands are lame, o, goddess thank the Emperor, though I can't recall the name-"
Toth: "I really should carry more Remedy Grass."
Rigo whips his hand through the air and a green rune flares for a minute, the poison leaving Toth's wounds. [Bullet Catch]
Toth: "…!"
Mana: It's stopped!
Mana: Battle order: Toth [B]:0 Rigo [F]:6 Patient 899 [F]:13 Patient 900 [F]:15
Mana: Status for Patient 900 [F] : [======= ]
Mana: Status for Patient 899 [F] : [==== ]
Toth: "Oh my."
Mana: Mr. Toth!
Toth: "When did you pick up that one! Hah!"
Toth fires an arrow at Patient 899! [Attack, 53D]
Toth rolled 1d100 and got 16 ( Total: 16 ) for 80
Toth rolled 1d12+100 and got 7 ( Total: 107 )
[OOC] Mana: 107]! Rigo!
Mana: Battle order: Rigo [F]:0 Patient 899 [F]:7 Patient 900 [F]:9 Toth [B]:47
Mana: Status for Patient 900 [F] : [======= ]
Mana: Status for Patient 899 [F] : [== ]
Rigo takes another stab at Patient 899. "I know a thing or two about a thing or two. But there's always more to learn."
Mana: The Patient stops for a moment, pausing to catch its breath, leaning back against the ridge of the rooftop -
Rigo rolled 1d100 and got 9 ( Total: 9 ) for 52D, 80/0 Graze 60
Rigo rolled 1d12+100 and got 6 ( Total: 106.0 )
Mana: Black bile spills from the wound - [106]!
[OOC] Mana: 52D, right?
[OOC] Rigo: Yup!
Mana: He stands up, swaying this way and that, managing to pick up a fallen beam and swing it into Rigo! The other circles around, grabbing at Rigo, trying to push him to the floor with a slash of his claws.
Mana rolled 2d100 and got 7, 77 ( Total: 84 )
Mana: Second was for Toth, sorry.
Mana rolled 1d12+80 and got 11 ( Total: 91.0 ) for 2d100
Also rolled 1d12*0.75+80*0.75 and got 4 [Total: 63.0 (Low), Avg: 4.00]
Total: 154.0, Avg: 7.50
Mana: Dealing 91 physical damage to Rigo and 63 physical to Mr. Toth!
Mana rolled 2d100 and got 39, 6 ( Total: 45 )
Mana: Toth is Poisoned (4)!
Rigo: "Sorry, it needs a little set-up before its ready again."
Toth nods.
Mana: "And as for all those kisses, well, they've got others to blame, take what you can, boy, we've got other lands to maim-"
Mana: Battle order: Toth [B]:0 Rigo [F]:5 Patient 899 [F]:16 Patient 900 [F]:18
Mana: Status for Patient 900 [F] : [======= ]
Mana: Status for Patient 899 [F] : []
Mana: Mr. Toth!
Toth fires an arrow at Patient 899! [Attack, 53D]
Toth rolled 1d100 and got 89 ( Total: 89 ) for 80
Mana: It embeds in its gut, but… doesn't seem to have slowed it in the slightest. Rigo!
Rigo grabs the post it just battered him with and tries to push patient 899 off the ledge with it! [Normal Attack, 52D?]
[OOC] Mana: Yup!
Rigo rolled 1d12+100 and got 10 ( Total: 110.0 )
Rigo rolled 1d100 and got 13 ( Total: 13 ) for 80/0 Graze 60
[OOC] Rigo: there we go uparrowed to the wrong spot!
Mana: It stumbles back, gripping onto the edge of the ledge with bony, clawed fingers.
Mana: And then, snap - it falls away from them, leaving clenched bones behind.
Mana: <Kill>
Mana: An eerie light rises around Rigo! [Grudge 1]
Mana: The remaining Patient clobbers Rigo!
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 75 ( Total: 75 )
Mana rolled 1d12*1.25+80*1.25 and got 12 ( Total: 115.0 ) for Paying Back a Grudge!
Mana: Hitting for 115 physical damage!
Toth: "How're you holding up?"
Mana: Battle order: Toth [B]:0 Rigo [F]:4 Patient 900 [F]:21
Mana: Status for Patient 900 [F] : [======= ]
Rigo: "Oh I've been better… but I'll live for a minute longer."
[OOC] Rigo: [F] HP: 120/375 | MP: 375/375 | SoS: 93 | Normal
Toth fires an arrow at Patient 900! [Attack, 53D]
Toth rolled 1d100 and got 35 ( Total: 35 )
Toth rolled 1d12+100 and got 1 ( Total: 101 )
[OOC] Mana: 101]! Rigo!
Rigo pops a Candy! [32D, +80HP]
Mana: Patient 900 begins casting [Black Mist]!
Mana: Battle order: Rigo [F]:0 Patient 900 [F]:5 Toth [B]:17
Mana: Status for Patient 900 [F] : [===== ]
Mana: Rigo!
Rigo gives the patient a swift stab with the spear! [52D]
Rigo rolled 1d100 and got 58 ( Total: 58 ) for 80/0 Graze 60
Rigo rolled 1d12+100 and got 2 ( Total: 102.0 )
Mana: He coughs up a plume of red-tinged smoke over Rigo!
Mana rolled 1d12*0.75+80*0.75 and got 12 ( Total: 69.0 ) for resistance, grudge
Mana: For 69 magical Shade damage!
Mana: Battle order: Toth [B]:0 Patient 900 [F]:24 Rigo [F]:35
Mana: Status for Patient 900 [F] : [==== ]
Mana: Mr. Toth!
Toth keeps up the arrowed assault! [Attack, 53D]
Toth rolled 1d100 and got 66 ( Total: 66 ) for 80
Toth rolled 1d12+100 and got 6 ( Total: 106 )
Mana: "And it's-" thwack! [106!] "-over the oceans, and under the sea…"
Mana: Patient 900 takes a swing at Rigo!
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 94 ( Total: 94 )
Mana: But he parries, and the zombie loses an arm in the process.
Mana: Battle order: Rigo [F]:0 Toth [B]:18 Patient 900 [F]:45
Mana: Status for Patient 900 [F] : [== ]
Mana: Rigo!
Rigo tries to push this fellow off to join his friend! [Normal ATtack, 52D]
Rigo rolled 1d100 and got 54 ( Total: 54 ) for 80/0 Graze 60
Rigo rolled 1d12+100 and got 2 ( Total: 102.0 )
[OOC] Mana: 102]! It's slain!
[OOC] Mana: Got 1200 EXP. Got 120 Lucre. Got 6 AP.
Toth: "Nice work."
Toth slings his bow over his shoulder. "And I'll have to look into that song."
Rigo pops his second Candy. "It was pretty catchy."
Toth: "It's gonna drive me nuts not knowing how it started and how it ended. Aside from the 'thunk' from the corpse landing."
Rigo: "But it was a good thump. Lots of resonance."
Toth makes a note of it.
Mana: Songs like that don't really end, I think. They just run out of remembered verses.
Toth: "Let's be on, and hope anyone else is just around for the auction and not blood."
Mana: …Down the tower, across walkways, past the speared, ancient skeleton of a gigantic serpent - there's something like that in Gnome!? - the towers of the Manse Dacabre lies in front of you.
Mana: A cheery sandwich board in front of the black stone path leading up to its gates announces "LAST AUCTION" .
Rigo looks at the speared serpent. At his own weapon. Back at the serpent. "Man, sometimes a man just feels inadequate."
Toth: "It's not about the size…" He glances up at the spear, then shakes his head. "Okay, well, sometimes."
Mana: It is an impressive spear.
Rigo ponders… but leaves it there. For now. He's got an auction to look into.
Toth ambles on over to and through the gates.
Mana: A strange mix between mausoleum and manor, it's decorated in sculpted ivory.
Mana: The walls in the foyer depict far too many innocent cherubs to not be a little disturbing.
Mana: Someone in a suit, a bowtie, and a a cyclopean black mask - adorned with a single golden eye design - walks up to you. "Gentlemen! Evening." He's wearing gloves, the suit has tails.
Mana: "Here for the… Last Auction? Are you?"
Mana: "Say you are."
Toth: "We are."
Rigo: "As much as the decor is fascinating, we're definitely here for the auction."
Mana: "Come with me!" He nods and heads into the next room.
Toth follows, giving the sculptures a sideways glance as he moves.
Mana: "It's an excellent spot. Admittedly monster ridden, but that serves to filter towards the finer class of clientele."
Toth polishes a bit of his armor at that.
Mana: "And! And. Debts and overpayments quickly settled in the basement."
Rigo smiles faintly. "It's good to know your customers will literally kill to get their hands on what you have, yes."
Mana: "Or - should I be using the local term? Others would have flights of stairs, but here, in the Manse, we have Dances. We're on the first Dance, of course, and it has a name, I think - not kill us, I hope! -"
Mana: "-But I don't remember it."
Toth: "It'd be rather rude to assault the hosts. We're brash and loud, but never rude."
Rigo: "Oh I didn't mean us personally!"
Mana: "Even then." The sound of a smile, beneath the mask.
Rigo: "I mean granted, killing you lot would… probably bring the price down on the merchandise. But its hard to live down that kind of reputation if you ever want to do business again."
Mana: The next room - underneath a high chandelier, the First Hall of Cages.
Mana: A goddess statue, a dreamcatcher - a pair of earrings on display - A tiny locked coffer…
Mana: A slender sword. A strange monster. These things and more are for sale.
Toth looks about. "Silent auction, or active later?"
Mana: "Active later. Though, we do accept proxy bids. Feel free to ask if you have any questions!"
Mana: "We have special items further ahead, though these are the brunt of our offerings."
Toth nods and looks up at the goddess statue first.
Rigo gives a look at the coffer and the earrings.
Mana: The earrings: If you look very carefully, that's a calaverite piece, hidden amongst moonstones and emeralds.
Mana: "That!" The attendant explains. "The Longedfor. Inlaid with magic, from the Luna, far from here. I heard it was an engagement present, in fact…?"
Mana: "Having fallen into our hands under unusual circumstances, we look forward to seeing what hands it finds liberation into."
Toth moves over to see the earrings too, at that mention.
Mana: The goddess statue: Her arms open, features difficult to read. Weathered stone like you'd see anywhere, tinted a faint yellow.
Rigo: "Mm, interesting." He moves his hands forward slightly. "May I?"
Mana: "Inspect as you wish."
Mana: The attendant unlocks the cage.
Rigo reaches out to carefully pick up the earrings, curious what magic rides along in the calaverite stone.
[OOC] Mana: The Longedfor. W: Luna/Shade/Wisp/Dryad, R: Salamander / Undine. Fire Bolt, Aqua Surge, Magic Burst, Staccato, Song of the Spirits.
Mana: The way it catches the light…
Mana: …Certainly grabs the attention.
Rigo: "Very pretty."
Rigo puts the earrings back into the case. "Thank you."
Mana: "Indeed. I'm surprised more haven't been eyeing it."
Rigo shrugs slightly. "I may not know art, but I know what I like. Perhaps it's just not to the taste of the majority."
Mana: The coffer: A tiny iron box, flat and rectangular.
Toth 's eyes are still locked onto those earrings.
Rigo stealthily kicks Toth's ankle and gives a small shake of his head.
Toth follows Rigo.
Rigo: "Any idea what is in the box?"
Mana: "That's a little embarassing. We're just trying to get rid of it."
Mana: "…It might even be empty!"
Toth chuckles.
Rigo: "Mm. Take off your hands for ten lucre? I'm not keen on buying an empty box, but your courtesy thus far has been impeccable."
Mana: "It is an auction, after all. I'll put your name on, and we'll mail it to you if you come up on top, yes?"
Rigo: "I'm hard to reach by post. When is the auction itself? I may just swing by to collect it myself."
Mana: "This evening, just as the sun sets."
Rigo smiles. "I may just bring a date."
Mana: "Splendid!" The attendant turns, heading for the far arch - "There's more through here."
Toth follows the attendant. "More exciting than dinner and a play, by far."
Rigo: "Oh excellent." He follows the attendant.
Mana: The eye immediately snaps to one of the cages - that's an Apathia.
Mana: They're auctioning an Apathia.
Toth scratches at his cheek, his gameface reapplied.
Rigo raises an eyebrow. That's… unexpected.
Toth: "So… what's in the cage," he asks.
Mana: "Ah…"
Mana: "…Well…"
Mana: He scratches his head, behind the mask.
Mana: "I don't know, exactly. I can't see anything, but I was told, in no uncertain terms, not to open that cage."
Mana: "There's already been a bid for one thousand. Do you want me to flip through and see how it's described en-catalogue?"
Toth: "Please."
Mana: He rifles through his coat, producing a catalogue. Then he flips through it.
Mana: "It is… an APATHIA, the first Service, being held… hostage."
Mana: "Well, well then."
Mana: "I guess we've taken invisible prisoner?"
Toth: "Ah, well, that explains everything."
Toth has to know. Is it smiling.
Mana: Yes, but its heart isn't in it.
Toth tears his eyes away to look at what else is about.
Rigo does not taunt the Apathia. Just kinda… looks at it for a minute and looks away.
Mana: There's a violin, a copy of Joch's prophecy…
Mana: Another attendant - in black tailcoat and black mask, with a single yellow eye on the middle, all facial features hidden - arrives, Wilhelmine in tow.
Mana: "…This is my first day, so I can't really answer any of your questions about the first hall of cages. The rest is in here, however."
Mana: A white staff, a sheet of unsilvered glass held in a mirror-frame - you simply see through to the other side -
Mana: A giant, spiked tiger (Its cage is far bigger than the rest)-
Wilhelmine clicks her tongue as she inspects the goods, oblivious to all else. Quicksilver or other items of interest, that's her plan - speaking of items of interest, there are two (2) Pure Hearts and a copy of Joch's prophecy.
Wilhelmine points at Toth and Rigo. "Are they for auction as well?"
Toth: "You couldn't afford it." He smiles and turns around.
Rigo preens. "You couldn't afford me."
Toth holds up a fist for Rigo.
Mana: "A…apparently so?"
Mana: Oh, and also, the Final Impressive Thing.
Mana: That cage is under a little sheet, though, and up on a stage.
Wilhelmine: "Wasn't intending to. Just seeing if someone else appraised their value."
Rigo bumps his fist against Toth's.
Wilhelmine: "A matter of pure academic curiosity."
Toth: "That line worked back in school." He turns back to the cage. "So. Under the sheet?"
Rigo opens his mouth, stops, and closes it as Toth has matters well in hand.
Wilhelmine: "If I didn't know better, I'd think you were antagonizing me."
Wilhelmine grins amicably.
Rigo chuckles. "Are you kidding? I've seen you fight, I know better."
Wilhelmine nods, then jerks her head to the cage with the sheet. "Anyway. Shall we?"
Toth: "Let's."
Rigo takes a long pull from his gourd and hangs it back on his belt.
Mana: The attendant and the other attendant walk up to it.
Mana: They set their hands on the sheet, then they tug it aside.
Mana: It just seems like a rusted hatchet, buried in a trunk of wood.
Mana: But more than that…
Mana: …That's an Artifact.
Wilhelmine: "Are either of you responsible for this?" The Pure Hearts, not the attendants, of course. But she doesn't specify.
Toth: "Now… who would put -that- up for sale?"
Rigo swallows his wine. Carefully. And them moves forward to gives it a much less casual inspection. His hand moves forward again, slightly. "Again, may I?"
Mana: "Well, responsible in an organizational sense, of course…"
Wilhelmine: "This, with the Apathia, suggests …" She folds her arms and pensively taps her finger in the crook of her arm.
Toth: "Who is hosting the auction, by the way?"
Mana: "Well, a private inter-" "A wealthy for-" "An enclave of…" "A holding company of…" "…Retired investors of…" "Future… futures…?"
Mana: The attendants shrug at one another.
Wilhelmine: "A Pure Heart."
Toth: "Not neccessarily, but only one would know the value of the Apathia and this."
Rigo taps his chin.
Wilhelmine: "How would they otherwise be able to see it?"
Mana: As if on cue, a red carpet rolls out through the archway, slightly askew, bumping into one of the cages.
Rigo: "That doesn't mean they are a host. Merely involved."
Mana: Then it starts getting pulled back, slowly, slowly, slowly.
Wilhelmine: "Ah. Yes."
Toth turns around slightly off-cue to see the carpet being rolled up.
Mana: The red carpet is rolled out again, straighter this time, though it manages to roll up and hit Rigo in the ankle.
Wilhelmine places her face in one hand and waves with the other. "Okay. Close enough, just - just come on out."
Rigo obligingly lifts his foot and then puts it down again, holding it in place.
Wilhelmine: "Try once more and we'll all be embarassed for you."
Mana: The carpet is tugged but, obviously, it won't budge.
Rigo: "You know what would be interesting?"
Wilhelmine bends down to pick up the rug and give it a yank to finally summon whoever's trying this.
Rigo points at the carpet. "Tongue."
Mana: Two more attendants rush through the archway, inspecting the cause of the hold-up - "Someone's standing on it!" "That's as good as it's getting!"
Toth: "It's… it's okay, yes."
Mana: And then, out through the archway, dressed in a red officer's coat - the tails are a bit excessive - a lady, with a military look to her, a general's baton resting over her shoulder. Her hair's black. Muscular - big in just about every way.
Mana: "…As I said, it doesn't matter. Sheesh, you're all useless."
Rigo: "Thats 'Mister Useless' to you, lady."
Wilhelmine drops the part of the rug she was holding up.
Mana: "Competent company excepted, Mr. Useless." She steps off the rug, kicking it to the side with a heeled boot as she strolls down the hall.
Rigo: "Thank you."
Rigo looks genuinely mollified.
Mana: "I mean, the masked guys. If I could tell em apart, I'd fire em."
Mana: "But… they're all wearing identical masks. You know what that's called?"
Toth: "Job security?"
Wilhelmine: "Expendable?"
Rigo: "A corporation?"
Wilhelmine raises an eyebrow and stares at Toth.
Mana: She jerks a thumb at Mr. Toth. "Bingo."
Toth looks to Wilhelmine and bows.
Wilhelmine shrugs. "Not the way I see it."
Mana: "They ain't expendable. There's nothing worth a spendin' them on."
Rigo: "I dunno, that tiger's gotta get hungry…"
Rigo is helping. Somebody. Somewhere.
Mana: "Basically the point of a tiger."
Rigo: "That tiger has plenty of points."
Wilhelmine: "In any case." Businesslike as ever, she extends a hand. "Wilhelmine. Is this your estate? And collection?"
Mana: "Hey, somebody's on a roll." She pats her pockets for something, and - instead, reaches out to take Wilhelmine's hand, interrupted.
Rigo: "More of a bender than a roll, but only an experienced eye can tell the difference."
Mana: "Verris Millions, nice to meet you. Not my estate, yes my collection."
Wilhelmine: "Who procured the items?"
Rigo: "It's very impressive."
Toth: "You've been busy."
Mana: "Spoils of war, baby! Nothing better to get than busy."
Mana: She smiles sharply. There's something sharklike in her teeth.
Wilhelmine: "I'd agree." Wil's smiled that smile.
Mana: "Mostly me, but I'm handling a few things on account of others."
Rigo: "The Apathia?"
Mana: "All me. Let me tell you, I'm looking forward to one hell of a ransom from that."
Toth grins.
Toth: "Well, can't say I ever had that idea of 'em. Where'd you nab it?"
Rigo chuckles. "Here's hoping you get what you want."
Wilhelmine: "The prophecies of Sage Joch?"
Mana: She leans over and pokes Rigo in the chin. "Well, open your pockets and flip yourself upside down then, Mr. Useless."
Mana: She turns to Wilhelmine. "Load of bull, I think. Seized it off a stowaway. Know they're banned, thought I'd try and flip it."
Mana: "I don't fight with books - lot of bloody flapping about for not a hell of a lot of gain, I'd say - but, hey, maybe that's a good one for it? Whatever."
Mana: "They're all just books to me."
Rigo smiles. "Not particularly interested in the Apathia myself. ANd I wouldn't insult you by offering whats in my pockets now for the things I am interested in."
Mana: She shrugs. "Nobody ever said you had to get somethin' in return."
Rigo laughs. "I'm not a charity, all appearances to the contrary."
Mana: Millions rolls her shoulders. "As for where I caught the Apathia?"
Mana: "We sailed in by way of the Luna, so, you know, down there, coming up through the Deep Shade."
Mana: "…What a state the world is in, when it's easier to go off the map one way and come in the other than actually navigate proper-like, you know?"
Wilhelmine: "Just came from there. Which reminds me, remind me to remind you two that I have something to discuss."
Mana: "Well, better killin' fairies than negotiating your damn Empror's port security."
Toth: "Reminder reminded."
Toth: "Not to mention the glacier. But all aside…"
Wilhelmine: "An impossible road, to be sure. Which also reminds me: do you happen to have any Quicksilver, by the way? It's the reason I came."
Mana: She leans against the tiger's cage to think. (The thing's terrified of her.)
Mana: "…Yeah, we've got something catalogued." She waves to an attendant. "Bring out the Poison Pill."
Mana: Eventually, the attendant brings out, on velvet beneath glass, the [Poison Pill - Quicksilver - Blindside / Regroup / Rebate Tactic / Combat Preparation. R:Jinn, Salamander. W: Dryad. Poison ticking (0) is fatal.]
Mana: A carefully sculpted ivory and glass phial containing red mercury, clumsily inlaid into a wire bracer.
Rigo: "Now that is a thing of beauty."
Mana: "Used to be a tongue stud." Millions explains. "Didn't feel like trying my chances there."
Wilhelmine: "Pity."
Mana: "Hey, rip it apart and pierce yourself for a suicide switch if you want, girlie."
Wilhelmine: "Well, I've proven very difficult to kill."
Rigo: "Though you do have better things to do with your day than be a corpse."
Wilhelmine: "Certainly a tempting piece. How much, would you think?"
Mana: "Most jewelry pieces… I expect them to go for about three thousand, maybe four thousand."
Mana: "You've got all day to go killing monsters, right?"
Wilhelmine: "Correct."
Mana: She flicks the metal bar of the tiger cage behind her.
Rigo: "Though that is not without costs of its own."
Mana: "Hell, I could think of this as delegated heroism. Practically doin' public service here."
Toth digs around in his pocket, jingling his meager lucre.
Mana: "Money. Ugly stuff, but useful as hell."
Toth: "Still, not an impossible goal."
Mana: Verris flicks the cage again. Ting! The tiger cowers.
Rigo takes another pull from his wine gourd. "Mm, but if course if you were to delegate heroism that would put the onus of reward on you and not us."
Rigo: "Which I'm comfortable with."
Rigo: "Provided there's a contract." A small smile.
Mana: She pats her coat, absentmindedly, watching Rigo. Doesn't find whatever she's expecting to find.
Wilhelmine: "I've more lucrative tasks to spend my time on."
Rigo shrugs. "I'm merely pointing out alternatives."
Mana: "I don't need a contract. Slice monsters open, take their loot, bring it back here."
Mana: "Now, if you needed me to recommend something worth killing? Well, that I can do."
Toth: "What's the house cut if I put something here to sell?"
Wilhelmine: "Trade-ins or hard cash?"
Mana: "Both is fine. What are you trying to move, boy?"
Toth: "Don't know yet. But I can plumb a few areas."
Wilhelmine: "Which … reminds me."
Rigo: "A reminder of the reminder that we were supposed to remind you to remind us of something?"
Rigo: "That… may have been a little excessive."
Wilhelmine: "Yes."
Rigo takes another drink.
Wilhelmine: "Monsters in the Deep Shade. I have a map. If you're in, I'll explain more along the way."
Rigo: "I'm always good for a hike."
Toth: "We'll have to talk on the way."
Wilhelmine nods. "Well, Verris."
Toth: "Thank you for your time, Ms. Millions."
Rigo takes another… blast it. Time for a refill. "Its been a treat, ma'am."
Mana: "Yeah, have fun out there."
Mana: "Don't end up dead in any-" She laughs. "Well, you can if you want."
Mana: She waves vaguely in the trio's direction, and a gaggle of attendants, all in masks, awkwardly escort them out.
Wilhelmine: "Unkillable, if you'll remember."
Mana: "Yeah. I will."
Rigo: "Not… entirely. But it *is* hard to make it stick."
Wilhelmine: "Didn't mean you. Meant me."
Rigo: "Pretty sure I was talking about the both of us."
Wilhelmine: "You're getting confused with - Either way."
Toth: "This is an amazing debate which can be solved by someone flinging themselves off a cliff." Step, step, step. "Not it."
Wilhelmine starts walking out. She's done here. She gestures to the others to follow.
Mana: …And so it was written.

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