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Mana: And so it was written: Pokiehlember 2nd, Year 1, Gnome's Day. Late at night. at Anya's. A window's broken.
Mana: Just getting back, I think - the door's a little crooked on its hinges.
Xsaieta returned, after meeting back up with the others, and what might have, in other circumstances and with a less-clear-headed Theodore, turned into rather a misadventure; he's walking along at a rather leisurely pace - at least, until he notices the broken window, at which point he vaults forward, hell bent for the front door.
Mana: Anya looks up from a bit of sweeping she's doing - fragments of something porcelain, near the back corner of her shop. She winces an awkward frown - "…So, they took the sword."
Xsaieta careens to a skidding halt in the front door. Almost literally -in- the front door with some fist or elbow or something; he was going pretty fast, and had yowled out an "-Anya!?" immediately before seeing that, yes, she's okay. A moment for the adrenaline to start to wear off, then: "-who?"
Mana: She looks back over her shoulder, leans her broom against the wall, casts her glance about. "I should put a pot of… put a pot of tea on for me, okay? And…"
Mana: "Well, a nest of Vipers. Said the sword was going straight to the top, gift to their boss."
Xsaieta was, by fortuitous happenstance OR PERHAPS OTHERWISE, headed directly in the tea direction already. He frowns, mid-reaching for something, pauses, reaches for it - probably some element of the tea service? - goes through the motions with a mindless grace.
Xsaieta: "…he could have -asked-. I spoke with him… not long ago at all." His mouth having, as mouths do, the capacity to run seperately from the rest of him: "What's he playing at? You've always given them more than a fair deal. Saw eye to eye with 'em. How- when did this happen, exactly?"
Mana: "Round about noon. Could've been before you got to him."
Mana: "…Might've not known it was for you."
Xsaieta: "Haaaa."
Xsaieta lets out a slow, quiet breath, shoulders shifting a little - hands pouring tea staying in exactly the correct orientation, regardless. "Did they hurt you?"
Mana: "…Yeah." Her brow creases. "Yeah they did. Back of the hilt."
Xsaieta lets out a low, soft, bestial growl. "…damn it all." He brings a tray over towards Anya, sets it down and arranges himself artfully across from her. "…to think that I ate at his table. And he- he -brazenly- showed off- it must have been the sword." Wistfully: "-it was beautiful. Damn it. Is there anything you need? Anything I can do to-" -he cuts off, helpless, pours her some tea.
Mana: She, seated, smiles, picks up her tea cup, takes a deep breath. "Well, this. Definitely this."
Mana: "…And, hell if I know. They've been dreaming of something like that for ages. Should've known better than to actually make it."
Xsaieta: "…if it's any consolation, it might go -about- as far to help the situation here in his hands as in mine. At least for the moment?" He sips some tea. "…if they hadn't hurt you I'd ask you to not take it personally, but I can't exactly ask you to do something I'm not willing to do, can I?"
Mana: "No. No you can't."
Xsaieta: "So help me, if I get the chance to make it even that -won't- wind up in Salamander going up like a firework I think I'll take it." A sip of tea, to wash away the venom in his voice.
Mana: She takes a sip, too. "It would, though. We've got too many bastards in one place."
Xsaieta: "Well, far be it from me to say the opportunity won't ever come up. But…" -he smiles, vaguely. "I know when I have to keep my claws in. Doesn't… mean I like it, though."
Mana: "Yeah. Well, either way, be careful." She cracks something that is very, almost, close to a smile.
Mana: "…It's a hell of a sword."
Xsaieta: "Hey, I'm always careful." And then he cracks the biggest, goofiest grin he's cracked so far, because seriously, how can Xsai say that with a straight face?
Xsaieta: "It -is-. Bastard waved it at me like a flag."
Mana: Another sip. "…Bastard."
Xsaieta: "Well, like you said. Got 'em stacked up like cordwood around here." A vaguely insouciant shrug, and some more tea.
Mana: "Well, so."
Mana: "…How was your day?"
Xsaieta just… lets out a slow breath. "Man, where do I even start. Met a weird artist down in the Shade. Missed a friend's funeral, but I'll meet up with him later. Saved the spirit of Salamander from a giant wire demon that was tryin' to eat her."
Xsaieta: "Don't… think I'll be able to tell that story to the customers without gettin' a -lot- of funny looks, though."
Mana: "Well, uh. Take that, giant wire demon."
Xsaieta gives her a playful, 'hey, you asked' look. "Long day. Tomorrow's… probably gonna be longer."
Mana: "That's what it felt like to me, too."
Xsaieta: "Aw, well. We'll hang in there, yeah?" Sip.
Mana: "Yeah," she says. "We will."
Xsaieta: "Good!" He leans back on his heels, smiling. (And he more or less means the smile, this time, too.)
Mana: "Anyway… well, we've both eaten, and I'll fix the door in the morning…"
Xsaieta glances up at Anya. He was gonna offer to fix it, but he can… probably just offer to fix it in the morning, anyways…
Mana: She finishes her cup. "Well, still got your bed for you, after all."
Mana: And so it was written.

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