Mana P2y1s15

Mana: And so it was written: Pokiehlember 2nd, Year 1, Gnome's Day. Late at night. Outside the quiet warehouse. The muggy heat of the day still hasn't abated.
Toth walks up to the crossarmed, leaning guard next to the warehouse entrance. "Sorry I'm late."
Mana: A snort. "Yeah, yeah. Well, musket-watch never sleeps."
Mana: He moves aside, tugs his coat around him - isn't he warm? - "Go right on in."
Toth nods and enters. "Aren't you warm?" he asks, before venturing far past the doorway.
Mana: The Rat grunts, barely responds as you step inside - the warehouse is lit by hanging lamps, smoke from lamps and musket-powder hanging thick in the air.
Mana: One way down the hallway, the lights are on in the weapons room.
Toth sniffs, continuing towards the weapons room first.
Mana: A big room at one end of the warehouse, facing out onto a steep drop - the dirty windows look out onto rows upon rows of pipes. It's full of muskets, enough to arm an army, piled high in crates next to heaping sacks of shot and powder.
Mana: At one end of the room, an altar to the goddess, surrounding by, and holding in her arms, flat brass lamps burning scented oil - spicy, musky, foreign.
Mana: The place is full of "The people of the goddess" , many of which are sleeping - staying in bedrolls, all along one end.
Mana: One of them, a young woman, her dusty blonde hair in a ponytail, the red mark bright on her brow, greets you at the door.
Mana: "Here pretty late, huh?"
Toth: "Time stops for no man. But the night lasts as long as one needs."
Toth: "Thank you for waiting." He tries to keep his voice down.
Mana: "Well, you know, I am the night shift. So, uh, welcome to the temple of the goddess, north branch."
Mana: She walks over to one of the crates, taps the side of it. "Pick it up."
Toth eyes the altar first, taking a few seconds to take in the scent, mixed with the smell of the powder. He eyes the sleeping believers, then quietly moves to the crates and begins rifling through the muskets as quiet as he can, until he ultimately finds one that just 'calls' to him.
Toth hefts the rifle and again glances to the sleeping believers, as if estimating something.
Toth: "How's it work?"
Mana: "Pour in powder, add shot. Aim at something you don't like, say a little prayer to the Goddess, pull the trigger, and divine will rips it apart."
Mana: "It's a holy weapon, after all." She smiles.
Toth moves over to the sacks of shot and powder and kneels, rifling through some of the smaller pouches.
Toth: "You don't say."
Toth picks up a single shot, holding it up to the light of the altar.
Toth: "It's very ingenious, at the least, and amazing somewhere further down the line."
Mana: A tiny ball, of some dark, heavy metal. Probably lead.
Toth: "Would you mind if I asked you of something else?" he speaks, still crouched and examining the ball.
Mana: "Well, I'm only an acolyte. But ask away."
Toth: "Hmm… then maybe I'm asking the wrong person." He stands. "There a few Rats hanging about still, aside from the one at the door?"
Mana: "Well, try me."
Toth: "Alright. How're the Rats and the worshippers still getting things into the district? I realize they're the best at it, but I'm looking for specifics, especially on how to get something out."
Mana: "Well, I don't know how the Rats move things. But Sezaya Yesketi brought all the guns in, right from the port, four days ago."
Mana: "When you're acting with the will of the Goddess, you don't need to worry about mere guards, you know?"
Toth: "I suppose not. But you're not getting things in now, are you?"
Mana: "Well, no. But we've got what we need, after all."
Mana: "Even if Sezaya Yesketi can probably repeat a miracle, it'd be strange to need it a second time, I think."
Toth nods. "In any case, I'm due for one. But not without some preparation. Thank you for your help."
Mana: "Bring justice into the world, friend."
[OOC] Mana: Got a Musket - Medium weapon, power 12, ranged, needs loading.] [Got 16x Musket Shot
[OOC] Mana: Load Musket - 30D - C95, C100 out of combat
Toth: "Take care." He turns to leave the warehouse, and heads over to the Luck and Shine.
Mana: Late into the night, the rat-owned casino of downtown Salamander keeps shining.
Toth enters, looking for either a host or a cocktail waitress.
Mana: Not hard to find - one of the hosts smiles at you, her hair tied up with a handkerchief. "Lookin' for the high roller tables?"
Toth: "Looking to speak with King, if he's still up."
Mana: "Yeah, he's a little in his cups, but sure."
Mana: She nods, waves to one of the heavies leaning against the walls, and leads you down a hallway.
Toth follows.
Mana: Closes the camouflaged door behind her, leads you into King's den - he's huge, as muscular as he is fat. Smiles when he sees you.
Mana: He laughs, a deep heheheheheh. "Mr. Toth, right? The march of the dangerous. Wasn't expecting to meet you so soon."
Mana: "You know. Again. So soon."
Toth smiles back. "That's right, King. And I wasn't expecting to return, but while musing over our collective problems, I was thoughtstruck."
Toth: "Though it requires a lot of knowledge, but what good plan doesn't?"
Mana: "Oh, I've been thinking on and on. But what flashed past your mind?"
Toth: "I'm looking to smuggle Commander Ibex out of Salamander, and into Jinn."
Toth: "If there's one group that knows the 'where,' it'd be the Rats."
Mana: "Yeah, you got us."
Mana: "It's our - you know, it's our greatest trick."
Toth: "Indeed."
Toth: "But this may be going down as soon as tomorrow morning, so I thought it best to bring it up now, instead of when I'm lugging him about."
Mana: "Well, nothing up my sleeve, right?" He inspects one half-empty bottle of whiskey, decides against it, and picks up another one to fill his glass from instead.
Toth walks over and takes a seat close to King. "Right."
Mana: "It was people like us - proper damn rats - who built all the pipes and machines in this city."
Mana: "So when it comes to getting things places, well, we built all our tunnels proper, on the blueprints, on Imperial dime!"
Mana: "I mean, they're full of slag six hours out of eight…"
Mana: "But those two hours?"
Mana: "Well, we can get you anywhere you damn want."
Toth: "When are those two hours?"
Toth: "At any given interval, o'course."
Mana: "Noon lunchbreak and Viglum, of course. Pipes gotta stop."
Toth: "I see…"
Toth: "With that, I also want to know if I can procure a strong sedative or paralytic from the Rats."
Mana: "…Naw, naw, not from us, not from the rats, we don't do-"
Mana: "We don't do… poison, is the thing."
Mana: One of the heavies clears his throat.
Mana: "If you don't mind, Mr. King."
Mana: "Yeah, give it."
Mana: "I know a place."
Toth looks out of the corner of his eye to the speaking heavy.
Mana: Sunglasses, awkward mullet.
Mana: "Can you get up to Wisp okay?"
Toth: "Exceptionally well, yes."
Mana: "You want the Belladonna Boutiquerie on Cennagrand St."
Toth: "So noted, and thank you."
Mana: "Mmhm."
Mana: King shrugs. "…I don't wanna know why he knows that."
Mana: "Personal stuff."
Mana: "I hope so."
Toth: "Takes all kinds."
Toth: "Anyway, good to see you again, even if we only just left. I may or may not be calling upon said tunnels… well, we'll see what tomorrow brings."
Toth: "Where should I go, if I've got my parcel handy?"
Mana: "Hmm. Where's it gotta go?"
Toth: "Jinn."
Toth: "The parcel is Ibex, in this case."
Mana: "I'll put a guy at the Goldery in the east forges."
Toth thinks. Does that sound like it's anywhere near the mansion?
Mana: Not too far - mansion's at the far north-east end, so you'd probably just have to break southwest a bit, back into the maze of pipes and industry-streets.
Toth: "…understood. Thank you again for all your assistance and understanding."
Mana: "Well, if we get out of this one without a bang, well…"
Mana: "…well, fuck Mr. Magata, that's what!"
Toth chuckles. "Salamander to Salamander's own."
Toth: "Unless, of course, -that- threatens the entire district. It's something we're keen on keeping around."
Toth: "But I… have faith, so to speak."
Mana: "Ah, well. I have a goddess watching over me, so she tells me."
Mana: "I mean, not the goddess sayin that, but, but… the thing."
Toth: "Are you a believer?"
Mana: "Course, after all."
Toth: "Hm. When this is finished, then, I wouldn't mind having a drink over the theology of it all."
Toth: "Something more relaxed than tonight, mm-hmm?"
Mana: "Well, if this damn mess ever finishes, there'll be drinks to be had."
Mana: He looks at a bottle of whiskey. "…Better drinks."
Toth: "I'll be sure to add to the lot. Take care, now." He stands, nodding to King and the helpful muscle.
Mana: King nods. "Yeah, take care out there."
Mana: And out into the night air - and slipping past the blockade - the guards don't care much who leaves, after all - into Wisp.
Mana: …Wisp District never sleeps. The neon lights are blazing, the youth running, laughing down the market streets in furry autumn coats, some of them wearing animal-eared hats. A pack of them spills out of a bar - the roar of music pouring out into the crisp, dewy night air until the door clicks shut - laughing something about "…And the NOSE he had!"
Mana: A stream of rainbow light rips through a cable visible underneath glass, running along the street, buzzing up to the sign of one of the many businesses - a bird lounging in an oasis - and it lights up in a peal of color.
Mana: A pair of girls, laughing, duck out of an all-night clothing store - a place clearly above their league, but it looks like they had fun trying things on.
Mana: But you're off to one of the back streets, right, Mr. Toth?
Toth sighs softly to himself, thinking on how he must spend a night actually about the World's Wheel among the mess of saving Titania and… the world? He shrugs off the feeling, and as if on autopilot, he navigates toward Cennagrand street.
Mana: A quiet street, with a park at the end. Seems ritzy and upper-class. the "Belladonna Boutiquerie" has its signage in barred windows, its colors all black and deep violet, designed as if embroidered with faux-lace.
Toth tries the door, or beaded curtain entryway, or whatever passes for an entrance.
Mana: A door with glass windows in it. A little bell jingles over it, a single ring ring as you slip inside.
Toth heads inside.
Mana: It's very black - rows of tiny vials fill black shelves, stoppered with sculpted flowers, also black.
Mana: But where the dim blue lamps call attention to is the workbench and counter at the far end of the tiny boutique, covered with the tools of an alchemist, almost as much artistic as useful - because what process could possibly need that much looping glass, for what purpose is the flame kindled beneath a vessel moulded into a dormant toad?
Mana: There's a rabite, on a very, very short leash sitting on the counter, too. Chained to it. The proprietor is stroking it with what might be affection.
Mana: A lady in a black dress, sitting in a very, very tall, thin chair. Her shoes are resting on a cross-bar halfway up - the shiny sort, with the strap, that show white socks beneath.
Mana: Red hairband. Black ribbon. Deep, deep bags underneath her eyes.
Toth approaches the pair. "Good evening."
Mana: She waves when you come in. "What's your poison?"
Mana: "Ooh, I know, it's obvious, but I had to say it."
Toth chuckles and then looks about. "Something in black, if you've got it. But more specifically- deep, but dreamful."
Toth: "For at least several hours."
Toth: "If you've got them in ingested or contact, I'd like to know."
Mana: "At least?"
Mana: "Are we talking Romeo… or Juliet?"
Toth: "Juliet"
Mana: "Tricky, tricky, tricky! For you, or somebody else?"
Toth: "Somebody else."
Mana: She leans closer. "Does she know what's coming?"
Toth: "They have no idea."
Mana: She clasps her hands together, smiling giddily. No noise, just the grin.
Mana: And then - she seems stuck like that, almost, for a moment -
Mana: "I know just the thing. Swivel around. Bottle number three-thirty-three."
Toth pivots on his heel, and looks through the bottles…
Mana: There's a loud noise as something in the alchemy apparati goes blurb. Then, sizzle.
Mana: Bottle three-thirty three:
Mana: Black, with long, wing-like handles, tall and spindly, green and ink-dark.
Toth reaches out for it, gently holding it aloft.
Mana: It sloshes with a clunk. How can it be that heavy?
Toth carefully appropriates it with two hands. "Ingested, I assume?" He turns back around.
Mana: "Yes! You'll have fun. Don't cook it, it denatures."
Toth: "Got it. What's the damage?"
Mana: "Half a day. Some lingering delirium! Be kind. Employ aftercare."
Toth: "That'll be no problem, I'll… have a doctor on hand."
Mana: "Fancy, fancy."
Mana: "Two hundred lucre. Come back if you like it! I'm sure we have something for you, too."
Toth: "I'll be sure to keep you in mind."
Toth hands over two hundred lucre.
Mana: She nods, takes the money, rings the sale up in the register.
Toth: "Take care."
Mana: "Oh, yes! You too!"
Toth carefully pockets the vial, and exits. Once outside, he lets out a deep breath.
Toth: "Better be ready for a big day…"
Toth: "I think I've -earned- this rest in my own bed."
Toth makes a mental note to pick up a large sack from the basement of the World's Wheel in the morning… probably something dodo-sized?
Mana: I wonder what could possibly fit inside?
Mana: And so it was written.

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