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Mana: And so it was written: Pokiehlember 2nd, Year 1, Gnome's Day. The lights flicker gently on the warehouse on temple street, opposite the quiet, well-tended streetside shrine.
Mana: This is, apparently, the place.
Alexander walks up and knocks on the door.
Mana: You're answered, first, by one of the burly workers that are everpresent in this end of town - but then, in the dark, barely lit hallway, there's a call of: "They're expected! Show them in!"
Mana: The Rat grunts, steps aside, points down one end of the hallway. Crooked wooden planks creak along the floor, lamps hang on slightly swaying wires form above.
Alexander heads down the hallway as indicated.
Theodore glances around down the alleyways a bite before following after Alexander. "Man, it's easy to get lost around here, isn't it?"
Vladislav rounds a corner and slides in last joining into formation with the others. He doesn't say a word but he has a smug grin about him.
Aurora nods slowly, heading in with the others. "Less so than Gnome, I think."
Alexander: "Not the most orderly of districts, no."
[OOC] Mana: The Weapons Room] - A big room at one end of the warehouse, facing out onto a steep drop, dirty windows showing the rows upon rows of pipes that stretch on behind the street. Crates upon crates, piled high with strange weapons. An altar to the Goddess, lamps burning with scented oil - spicy, musky, foreign -
Mana: Bedrolls, a low table. This is a living space, too.
Mana: Makeshift targets - ordinary combat dummies, wrapped several times over in layers upon layer of burlap, thick bags lashed to both sides.
Theodore: "Huuuh."
Mana: You're met by a young woman, her hair tied in a ponytail - white robes, the red mark upon her brow. "Ah! Our associates. Uh, welcome to our temple."
Mana: "…You know, sort of."
Theodore raises a hand into the air, wobbles it form side to side slightly before nodding.
Mana: In the corner, there's a disciple training one of those weapons - with its long stock, its flared muzzle - at the back of the head of a Viper, who's kneeling over, arms behind his back.
Theodore: "Hey."
Mana: "We can get you set up with- Yeah?"
Theodore: "Oh, just, you know. Sayin' hey. It's kind of like saying hello, only more informal."
Vladislav offers a curt nod to the young woman. He seems to be more interested in what is in the building than the conversation at hand.
Mana: "Right. So, just head over to the bin and grab one, we'll get you set up."
Theodore: "Right on." Theodore nods again, before moving to grab one of the guns, while sort fo keeping an eye on the wiper the entire time.
Alexander: "Before we get started, might I ask what you're doing with that Viper?"
Vladislav makes his way over to the guns. "I doubt that I will use one in practice, but understanding how they work is vital to team synergy."
Mana: "Well, keeping him in one place, basically. We caught him snooping around, can't really let him run off."
Theodore: "You *totally* can, I'm gunna give one of the guns to his boss anyways."
Alexander: "Why don't you just grab some rope and tie him up, then? It's much more practical than having him wait for the guard's attention to drift and attack."
Aurora frowns over at the prisoner while she goes to the bin, carefully lifting one of the muskets out as if it might explode at any minute in her hands.
[OOC] Alexander: to be fair, it might
Mana: She frowns at Alexander. "Binding someone is verboten, you know."
Mana: "Threats, though, are just contracts."
Mana: "And…" She turns to Theodore.
Alexander: "I would not. But it's very impractical. I'm just saying." He heads over to the muskets himself.
Theodore spins the rifles aournd in his hands, inspecting in curiously.
Mana: Theodore: Wood, and brass. The trigger's connected to some sort of flint-lock - a lever that strikes a tiny spark within the barrel.
Mana: "…I think we all like this situation a lot more with only one side having these weapons."
Mana: "Unless you bring Yesketi in here to say otherwise."
Theodore: "Yeah, you probablt do. But I mean - the cool thing about not being from here, is that I don't really have any personal investment in the pissing contest and can be more concerned about how to best keep ya'll fomr killing each other."
[OOC] Theodore: probably don't^
Theodore: "She totally knew I was gunna give 'em one anyway though."
Mana: "So, uh, what are you planning?"
Theodore: "Well, when I give him the gun it's mostly going to be a peace offering as we talk him into easing up on the shop keeps for the time being. He's kinda worried about the damage these sorts of things can do, and I think him having one in his hands and being able to learn how they work will set his mind at ease, y'know? And if he's not as on edge, he's not gunn wanna start a fight as much."
Theodore: "Which - what's the deal with this tiny hammer and the fuse? Pretty wild."
Mana: "Well, he already has the magic sword that renders him undefeatable in combat."
Mana: "The thing about a musket is… you can give one to anyone."
Theodore: "He's not worried about himself, is the thing."
Theodore: "He's worried about everyone else that might happen to be nearby whomever might get shot."
Mana: "And the deal is, well, you load the barrel with shot - pour in this powder, load a lead ball after."
Mana: "Spark lights the powder, flame forces out the ball, ball rips through the target."
Theodore: "Oh! That makes sense."
Vladislav chews at his lip before shaking his head. "The focal point of interest is its range and power. Would you be able to do a demonstration?"
Mana: "Right." She picks up a musket, pulls out a packet of powder and a ball from a bag on her rope-belt, and walks over to the other side of the room.
Mana: She waves one hand upwards - the other faithful turn to her and clear, scattering from down the range - loads the musket, levels it at a target, pulls the trigger, and -
Mana: BANG.
Mana: The target shatters, the steel haft holding the dummy up breaking.
Theodore lets out a whistle.
Alexander: "That is somewhat…terrifying."
Vladislav stares at the aftermath for a moment before starting up a slow clap. "Color me surprised. That seems rather inconvenient to load during the heat of battle however. One would hope you have a sturdy front line. Your weapons mean little if the enemy can break through and get in your faces."
Mana: "Unlike a bow, you don't need any space to fire. As long as you have time to pull the trigger, it doesn't matter how close they are."
Vladislav: "And if two men run at you? After you've shot, what then?"
Alexander: "Hit the other one with the butt."
Vladislav: "Kind of contrary to the weapon anyone can use. That sounds like it would require a fair bit of physical strength to subdue an attacker."
Theodore gives Vlad a strange look.
Alexander: "You asked."
Alexander: "Presumeably the idea is to have multiple people equipped with these and decimate the opposition before they close with you."
Aurora furrows her brow, thinking about it. "…Something similar to pikeman formations, maybe?"
Vladislav: "So long as everyone fires there will be strength in numbers and no weakness, yes."
Mana: "Yup. Fight in a firing line."
Vladislav: "Although I am curious how well that formation would hold up if it were flanked."
Mana: "Can't flank a musket-bearing liberation force in a city. What are you going to do, come down an alley?"
Mana: "That's the fish leaping into the kettle to greet you."
Vladislav chuckles in response. "I suppose for the circumstances it fits together nicely, doesn't it? If things work out properly there will be no need to use them at all, however."
Mana: She shrugs. "They're holy weapons. We have them for a reason."
Theodore: "Oh man."
Theodore: "It just occured to me that these things would be GREAT for people to have in case of Service or Fiend or even Goblin attacks. Maybe *that's* why you have 'em here."
Vladislav glances over his shoulder at the others. "If any of you intended to use one of these you'd best take a practice shot or two. I would rather you do your job competently when the time comes."
Theodore: "Yeah, just need some of that powder stuff, and the metal balls."
Mana: She takes a bag off of her belt and tosses them to Theodore. [16 x Musket Shot]
Theodore catches it, juggles it in the air slightly with one hand for a few seconds, then places the bag on the ground as he kneels over and loads up the musket. "Powder, then the balls right?"
Mana: "Right."
Theodore loads the gun in thta order, before standing back up and more or less points it in the direction of the target, while making sure there's still no one in the way.
Alexander takes up a musket as well, loading it while Theodore takes his shot.
Mana: Loading it is just a little trickier than the priestess makes it look. Are they really expecting just anyone to do this? [Load Musket - 30D - C95, C100 out of combat]
Theodore: "Mhmhmhm. Okay I think that's right." Theodore squints a little, before pulling the trigger.
Mana: BANG!
Theodore: "Eesh, that's *loud*!"
[OOC] Mana: Musket - Medium weapon, pwr 12. Ranged, needs loading.
Mana: The target shatters to the tune of something like [120] damage, I believe.
Theodore does have *that* much ATK, but he notds to himself and takes a step back after that, going to grab a second musket form where they were stored in fact. "Hits kinda like a spell, but without the wind up."
Aurora: "Well, unless you count loading it as a windup…"
Theodore: "Mm, yeah fair enough."
Alexander lines up his own shot on a target once Theodore's done, before pulling the trigger.
Mana: BANG! The target, very likely, does not survive.
Mana: "Goblins, fiends… these things could rip anything to shreds."
Alexander: "They certainly pack a punch
Aurora takes her time to very carefully load her own, but aims it with steady hands before pulling the trigger on yet another poor target dummy. "…Some kick to it, too."
Theodore: "Well, here's hopein' they only go to use in the right ways."
Mana: "Well, they are holy weapons. They shoot true in the hands of those that carry out the Goddess' will."
Aurora: "Like saving the world, perhaps?"
Theodore rests the rifle on top of his head, nodding slightly. "Those two aren't always mutually exclusive, yeah."
[OOC] Theodore: er, inclusive
Mana: "Exactly. That's the mission of the Red Dust people, after all."
Theodore: "Oh?"
Mana: "We've come to save the world. All this disaster is the wrath of the Goddess at the tyranny of the Emperor."
Mana: "Remove the Emperor, and, you know, things will be okay."
Theodore: "Hmm…"
Theodore: "Well, he's definitely at the root of a lot of issues, but…"
Mana: "Everything the Empire is built on is a grievous sin upon the land."
Mana: "Is it any wonder why things are so messed up?"
Theodore: "Ah yeah?"
Mana: "Restricting the passage of the people! Shutting it off from the world! Enslaving nations!"
Theodore: "Oh yeah, that first one is definitely weird at least."
Alexander: "As for the last, to the victor go the spoils."
Mana: "That's all well and good, until the reckoning comes."
Alexander: "Believe what you will."
Theodore: "Y'ever wonder if maybe *he's* the one trying to save the world?"
Mana: "Don't be ridiculous."
Theodore smiles slightly. "I'll take that as a no."
Theodore: "But… I'm startin' to wonder if maybe he knew about Pure Hearts and Services."
Mana: "Yesketi told us you knew some funny stuff."
Theodore: "I even know how to make my voice sound blue now!"
Alexander: "He's definitely something."
Mana: "The voice of portent? That's… that is something."
Theodore: "Yeah, that one!"
Mana: "I guess the goddess is watching over you."
Theodore: "Well if that true, I gotta make sure not to bore her." Theodore grins.
Aurora: "I don't think she could watching us."
Theodore blinks slightly, tilts his head towards Aurora questioningly.
Theodore: "Oh wait no I - yeah haha."
Aurora: "Considering how many scrapes and adventures we get into, yes."
Theodore: "Well, I think maybe if we couldn't keep Salamander from imploding because no one listened to us it could get boring, but…"
Vladislav: "You have a strange definition of boring."
Theodore: "I'm *pretty sure* she'd get bored if nothing we did amounted to anything!"
Aurora: "Well, she certainly would if we fell into depression after realizing that."
Vladislav can't help but laugh in response. "I would hardly call Salamanders factions destroying one another something that amounts to nothing. Whether we draw peaceful resolution or they convert through deterrence it all boils down to the same result."
Theodore shakes his head at Vladislav. "Man, there's *totally* a difference between hundrands and thousands fo people killing either other, and that happening."
[OOC] Theodore: each other^
Aurora: "…Yes, yes there is."
Vladislav: "That is correct. My point is that it may not be perceived as such."
Theodore: "There's *also* a difference in us doing what we said we'd do, and us failing to do that."
Vladislav: "What we determine as something is not how the Mana Goddess likely perceives the situation."
Theodore: "I'd be pretty comfortably declaring that she has a basic understanding of how narratives work and viewing people she watches over through that filter." Theodore raises the eyebrow that isn't there over his star eye, making eye contact with Vladislav with it.
Vladislav: "Understanding and caring are two different things. Take a spirit for example. Say a Dryad spirit wishes to preserve nature. They care not whom is causing the problem or why they are doing it. They are on a different level than us. The Mana Goddess likely does not care how the result is accomplished so long as the devout are victorious and her vision is accomplished."
Aurora: "…So why are we arguing philosophy and theology instead of doing… whatever we're going to do next?"
Theodore: "First of all, that's me! Second of all, we were hypothosizing over me! Third of all, I definitely don't want them all killing each other."
Vladislav: "I have little else to do until your friend shows up."
Vladislav: "I don't intend to converse with Ibex until the morn and he has continued to elude me."
Theodore: "Oh, probably because it's late and Vladislav was making sure no one stole his award."
Theodore: "And I'm not gettin' into that Mansion without Cruz so… well I think all thta's left right now is wondering why Vladislav is so bad with people, and going to talk with Mr. Magata again. But it's probably too late for that now, too."
Alexander: "We've procured some firearms. Let's go find Cruz again and Mr. Toth and be about our business, then."
Aurora nods. "As good a plan as any."
Theodore: "Right on."
Vladislav shakes his head before crossing his arms. "I am afraid you are the strange one here, Theodore. Potos must be a peculiar place."
Theodore: "I didn't live in Potos, I just happened to be passing by when it happened! And dude -" Theodore pauses, glancing between Aurora and Alexander, "- okay I'm not sure who they'd pick if put to a vote."
Alexander just gives a slight shrug.
Aurora rolls her eyes.
Theodore: "See, that's pretty inconclusive, right?"
Vladislav: "Take your musket if you want one. We're done here."
Theodore holds up the two he has, nodding, then sort of head bob/waves in the ponytailed woman's direction. "Thanks for showing us how they work!"
Alexander takes his musket, as well as some of the shot and powder. "Thank you, ma'am," he adds to the lady, dipping a short bow.
Mana: "Go with the goddess, after all!"
[OOC] Mana: Each of you end up with a musket and a bag of 16 shot.
Mana: On the way out, she turns to the guard keeping the Viper in check -
Mana: "…Can't keep him here all night. Let him run back to his master now, I think."
Mana: "You sure?"
Mana: "Yeah, I'm sure."
Theodore smiles.
Aurora might as well keep her own.
Vladislav offers a glance over his shoulder. "Until next time, Alex." Without another word he rounds a street corner and it isn't towards the Viper head either.
Alexander nods to Vlad as he heads off.
Mana: And so it was written.

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