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Mana: And so it was written: Pokiehlember 2nd, Year 1, Gnome's Day. A turbulent, wind-streaked overcast has streamed into the sky as the sun gently glides down for a wind-blown afternoon in Wisp District - Rigo having deftly sidestepped the business at the gates.
Mana: The trams clatter along their rails all through the Ring Street. Folding signs are being pulled off of patios. There's the scent of a storm in the air.
Rigo doesn't want to abuse the privalege of popping up in Mr Toth's wine cellar, but it's that or the route from wisp to undine to shade to gnome… He passes through that fine restaurant once more, down the quick route to Gnome again.
Mana: There's a gentle nod from the barkeep as you slip past, down beyond velvet rope, into the back of the wine cellar, and through the ancient storm-drain-way of the Shade - you can see in places the shine of the gry light of the sky far above, through cracks and grates - to Gnome District.
Rigo takes a deep breath as he walks the streets of home, absently dropping a few lucre into a vendor's cup. Debt from… some breakfast sometime, probably. Or a downpayment on a future breakfast. It'll work out either way. He makes… nothing resembling a straight line to his house, greeting friends and strangers and flowing with the foot traffic until he has a chance to let himself
Rigo in his front door. "You still here, Brother?"
Mana: He looks up from a mid-day nap on Rigo's couch beneath some faded book or another: "Ah, so I am."
Rigo: "Good, good! I found Rugemont. Sorta. Technically I found one of the other Knights, but she told me where he is. Close enough to get you there, if you're up for the walk. How's the guts?"
Mana: Brother Lun rises, slowly, to his feet. "Recovering well, thank you! I do appreciate it."
Rigo: "Excellent. With any luck we'll be able to get you to Wisp with a minimum of hassle." A quiet pause. "You willing to be blindfolded for part of this trip? Normally I wouldn't sweat it, but… it involves a good friend of mine and I gotta watch out for his interests, you know?"
Mana: "Blindfolded? Ah, hm. I suppose I don't have much to lose on this one, so be my guest."
Rigo: "Awesome, that makes things so much simpler. For what its worth, I give you my word it'll be over quick."
Mana: Brother Lun nods as he follows Rigo.
Rigo doesn't dawdle nearly as much this time. Brother Lum gets blindfolded for the the trip through the pipe, but once they reach Wisp Rigo is more than willing to clear his eyes for a stroll toward the knights tower.
Mana: Lun cranes his head up at the sky. "Does look like the heavens are about to burst, doesn't it?"
Rigo: "In more ways than one, Brother." He takes a sip from his wine gourd. "Things are gonna get… intense for a while." A small smile. "Maybe I'll get religion. Actually scratch that. At best I'll get philosophy. Less eating people that way."
Mana: It isn't that long of a walk over to the "Solar Fiefdom" , the stately manor on the east side of Wisp, a few blocks off of Ring Street.
Rigo walks up to the manor with the smooth certainty of someone that belongs. And looks for guards or a small gong or some other way to announce himself and a guest.
Mana: There's a knocker on the front door - you may have been expecting a lion's head or something, but it's simply nondescript brass.
Rigo grips the knocker. *Bang bang* "That's way less ostentatious than I was expecting. Shoulda been… a gargoyle. Or a bear. Something."
Mana: Soon enough, the door is answered - by the knight Amaterasu, draped in white clothes, flowers embroidered near the hem of them. "Afternoon to the two of you. May I ask why you're calling?"
Rigo: "I have someone that needs to speak to Rugemont, if he's available."
Mana: "He is. Is that the someone?"
Rigo smiles. "Showing up with the wrong someone would be more than a little awkward, huh? That's the man."
Mana: "It would be. Come in, we have a sitting room." She shows you inside.
Mana: She stops to shout out to the knights' practice yard: "Rugemont! You have a caller!" Before joining you in the quiet room near the front - a table, chairs, a statue of display armor standing off to one side, a gently ticking grandfather clock.
Rigo: "Thank you." He bows slightly and heads in after Amaterasu. "Nice outfit, by the way. You probably hear that a lot with people being facetious, but I think it's classy."
Mana: "I don't think they're being facetious at all." She says, with a light, dry smile.
Rigo: "Oh good."
Mana: Rugemont arrives - a bit younger than Lun, hair closely cut, dressed in armor and a tunic. He smiles - "I see you've brought my brother to me!"
Rigo: "A brother who is a brother. You have an interesting family, sir." He smiles. "I'm glad I could help, really."
Mana: Brother Lun nods. "We do appreciate it. So, the matter is- well, hm, not to mince words…"
Mana: "…But a giant hawk-monster has been terrorizing the monastery which I called home."
Mana: Rugemont furrows his brow. "Well, then it's our duty as knights to slay him, isn't it?"
Mana: Lun shoots a meaningful look upwards and to the left. "Well, one was hoping."
Rigo taps his lip with a finger. "Not to, uh, go trampling on your sacred duty but… A squad of knights from Wisp tramping into Dryad…"
Rigo takes a drink from his gourd. "Well, I'm not political but c'mon. That… is gonna ruffle feathers all over the place. And I'm not just talking about Prince Hawk."
Mana: Amaterasu nods. "So it would. If there's one thing the beasts resent more than one another, it's any hint of… organized intrusion."
Mana: Rugemont turns over to her: "You're not telling me that our hands are tied on this one!"
Mana: "…At the very least, we've gotten your brother to safety." She adds.
Rigo: "You could always use independent contractors."
Rigo: "Which is to say… I know some people."
Mana: She smiles. "There would be great celebration among the nights if the head of Prince Hawk were to hang on some wall or another. Not, necessarily, ours."
Rigo takes a drink from his wine gourd. "Well I dont really want his head… but he did take over the monastery that makes my favorite beer."
Rigo: "So I can't really put a timetable on things, you understand, as we're pretty freelance and do our own thing a lot."
Mana: "Well, you know. As the winds are favorable."
Mana: Brother Lun gives Amaterasu a look.
Mana: She shrugs. "One can't rush these things, you know!"
Rigo: "It's another ball in the air, yeah. I'll talk it over with them and… we'll see what happens. I know I am motivated, at least. Wallfast made amazing beer." He stops, looks at Brother Lum. "I don't suppose you were the brewmaster?"
Mana: "Just helped, really." He explains.
Rigo: "Ah, well. I guess that just assures my motivation."
Mana: Lun smiles. "Independent contractors, huh…?"
Rigo smiles back. "We're worth every penny, I assure you."
Mana: "Ah…ha." He nods, in return.
Mana: Amaterasu gets up from a seat - "We'll have a room for you to stay in the meantime, as well for any other refugees fleeing Dryad. That's the least we can do, I think."
Rigo laughs. "Nah, we're actually pretty competent. Disparate methods, but competent."
Rigo: "Which reminds me. Your girl Aurora? Wow. I've seen her fight a little bit. Definitely a credit to the order."
Mana: Amaterasu presses a finger to her chin. "She struck me as the type, yes."
Mana: "We'll have to see what honor can be dredged up from the classics for her. " A hero of the chaos ", perhaps."
Rigo: "But then she'd need blue armor…"
Mana: "Hmm-mmm. Guess so."
Rigo: "Well, I guess i should go tell my friends I've added another ball to the pattern. It was a pleasure to meet you both." He slowly stands up. "And if anything else rears its head, ask around Gnome for me. Or just tell Aurora. We move in the same circle, metaphysically speaking."
Mana: "Thank you for dropping in then. We'll keep your name in mind."
Rigo: "Good, good. I'd have done it anyway though. Family is important. … I don't suppose I could trouble you for a refill, before I go?"
Mana: She smiles. "I'll see what we have for you."
Mana: She leads him into the kitchen, tops his flask off with a cheap scotch. "Will that do?"
Rigo nods. "I think it will, yeah."
Mana: "Best of luck out there. We've had a few monsters in the streets, even in Wisp." And she shows Rigo to the door.
Rigo: "That's no good." And out he goes. "Oh! Keep an eye on Brother Lum. I did what I could for him, but he had some pretty nasty cuts."
Mana: "I noted. He's holding together well, but we'll make sure it heals well."
Rigo: "Good enough for me, then." He takes a drink of the cheap scotch and heads off to wander Ring street.
Mana: Outside…
Mana: The first drop of rain hits Rigo's brow.
Mana: The sky's about to burst open, and a storm will crash down soon enough.
Mana: And so it was written.

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