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Mana: And so it was written: Pokiehlember 2nd, Year 1, Gnome's Day. in Wisp District, the little ring-street sushi shop, "See the Sea" , is as good of a place to have a late breakfast as any. It's decorated in red and blue, bunting hanging from the canopy over the bar. Only one waitress working early this morning - and the chef - and the state-of-the-art Sushi Making Machine, with its six
Mana: gloved hands, and the restaurant cat purring contentedly on the opposite side of the bar from it.
Mana: (A tremendous, lard-tub of a cat, with a luxurious brown-and-white coat, and long whiskers. Uncollared.)
Mana: A few penguins are seated at the corner table. They just go for the sashimi, really.
Wilhelmine steps in through the door and takes off her coat. She signals the usual crowd - the penguins - and takes a seat in the middle. "Tea and tuna sashimi. Extra wasabi."
Mana: "Yeah, on its way." The chef takes out a fresh tuna off the ice and begins chopping it up.
Mana: The waitress brings her some green tea first, of course!
Mana: And it's at about this moment that the Deathjester sways in, the bell ringing to announce him. "The usual! Always, always, the usual!" He lifts his mask a little to shoot a smile the chef's way, before twisting as he notices Wilhelmine - quickly lowering it back into place, taking a seat on the stool behind her.
Mana: "And the best of all possible mornings to you, I think!"
Wilhelmine calmly takes a sip of tea without looking back at the Deathjester. "You're uncertain?"
Mana: He gestures with one arm towards the window. "What if we have need of that grade of morning come later? It'd be a pity to have squandered it on pleasantries and hellos!"
Wilhelmine: "There'll be another tomorrow. I wouldn't fret about it." Sip.
Mana: "That's been a matter of some debate, in the Court."
Wilhelmine: "Tomorrow, specifically? Or the general tomorrow?"
Mana: "Specifically, to specify. The state of the general tomorrow is very well known - he hasn't got one!"
Wilhelmine: "He?"
Mana: "The general, tomorrow. Equipped and assigned and posted to pacify - in theory any problem that arises, in practice just him."
Wilhelmine blinks sleepily at the Deathjester, then at her tea, then at the Deathjester again. She considers a change in morning beverage sometime - maybe to orange juice if these conversations keep up. "So why does the Court think that?"
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Mana: "One day, very young in the reign, the Emperor asked of Sage Joch-"
Mana: "…What is it that causes tomorrow?"
Mana: "Infamously, the sage sent only a stone tablet up to his quarters, and on the stone these words appeared:"
Mana: "IT DEPENDS" , sole and weird. "
Wilhelmine takes another sip, listening to see if there's more to the story. Idly, she wonders if the stone was exactly 1 unit of 'YUP, THAT'S A DISTANCE' long.
Mana: A boxed lunch is provided for the deathjester. He clicks his chopsticks together. "The Sage and the Emperor have had a long history, I'd say is the lesson there. That things got to this point might not be a surprise."
Wilhelmine: "And now it's simply history, isn't it? Manuscript's finished and sent off to the publisher already."
Mana: "You know, the guard's been sacking every publishing shop they could find, and the Sage's manuscript hasn't turned up."
Mana: "How unusual!"
Wilhelmine: "And so it was written, but never read? Hm."
Mana: "Copies have, certainly. But one wonders from whence they came."
Mana: "Some say that the Sage tamed a Peyjaruckian Bookbinding Beast,
Mana: to whom books are byproducts of a ink-and-paper feast- "
Mana: "But I'm rather certain that I just made that up, so I haven't the foggiest from whence they got it."
Wilhelmine takes another sip. "The answer is, by the way, that I'm one of a select few in charge of tomorrow."
Wilhelmine: "It happens when I say so, you see."
Mana: "Are you, now? Erinee did sound quite alarmed, when I caught her. There seem to be quite a few interesting people running around, all of a sudden…"
Mana: "…And is that a class ring, I spy?"
Wilhelmine: "It is. Alarmed of what, by the way?"
Mana: "Spying on you for the court now, am I? The traitor, Deathjester!"
Mana: "Ah, who wouldn't have seen that one coming…"
Mana: He drinks from his tea.
Mana: "…She is the closest to the Emperor, after all, even after all these years. People are running around, cavorting with magic, slipping along every road, smashing disaster, reshapign fate…"
Mana: "…Good things, all good things. But one must keep an eye on things."
Wilhelmine: "An eye on the Emperor, you mean?"
Mana: "An Emperor's eye on you, she would say!"
Wilhelmine: "I thought you meant she was keeping an eye on - " She holds up a hand and shakes her head. " - Nevermind. I am too hungry to deal with your twisted conversation at the moment."
Wilhelmine: "(Which is a shame, because I usually like those."
Mana: The sashimi is served. (Hey, did the deathjester get his food before you? Maybe it's easier to make.)
Wilhelmine puts a generous dab of wasabi on her food and brings it to her mouth. The amount is almost wince-worthy to see - definitely to taste.
Mana: "Enough to discourage a predator, that was. At least as much as it was for the horseradish."
Wilhelmine bends her head down on the table - almost curls up, practically - while her taste buds and sinuses recover enough for another bite. "It is very difficult to discourage me, though. I am a very indomitable sort."
Mana: The restaurant cat falls over on the end of the bar with a thwump. The sushi-making machine clunks to life, sputtering, arms swinging this way, that way.
Mana: "A characteristic which I find may have, all of a sudden, become much more common."
Wilhelmine: "Would you say it is more akin to a Salamander or Undine nature?"
Mana: "To tell others you can't be discouraged is in the fashion of Salamander."
Mana: "To let others believe you can be discouraged, while quietly knowing you cannot, is the class of Undine."
Wilhelmine: "Good. You did not pigeonhole that interpretation."
Mana: "The spirits are for spirits, and magicians, and emperors. People may yet blur the distinctions."
Wilhelmine: "Out of idle curiosity, did you happen to wake up to a Sproutling recently?"
Mana: "I did not. But now I know you did, which is interesting."
Wilhelmine: "Shame. Out of the others I've met that have also done so, I prefer your company more than theirs."
Wilhelmine takes another bite of tuna. She winces again.
Mana: "Of the others? How many have you met?"
Wilhelmine: "I believe … seven. Give or take."
Mana: "Fairly without precedent. How interesting!"
Wilhelmine: "I trust you'll use this information for no good?"
Mana: "No, I have no use of no information for no good!"
Wilhelmine feigns disappointment. "Then forget I brought it up."
Mana: "One always forgets! Eventually."
Wilhelmine: "Did people forget about the afterlife that resides in the doors beyond Shade?"
Mana: "So they did. Have you visited?"
Wilhelmine: "In a sense. But you're aware of it?"
Mana: "Certainly. I was around when it was still in use, you know!"
Wilhelmine: "What halted its use?"
Mana: "Its replacement."
Mana: "Isn't that what you've suspected?"
Wilhelmine: "Possibly. To you, it might just be one replacement, but in my eyes, it may be two."
Mana: "One wonders what death could be so horrid that being slung into icy wells would be an improvement."
Mana: "One wonders if such a death could have a jester at all!"
Wilhelmine: "Not only dying, but never having existed when such a death is said and done. No body under a tombstone, no life leading up to that moment, no birth - simply gone."
Wilhelmine: "As I said, in your eyes, one, in mine, two."
Mana: "Oh, what a terrible apocalypse you must live in! All the people who could be jammed in this room, filling it to capacity, barely offering us space to breathe -"
Mana: "But yet, mournfully, have never been, and never will be!"
Wilhelmine: "They'd have space of their own."
Wilhelmine: "This affliction affects regions, not individuals, I suspect."
Mana: "The death of space, is it?"
Wilhelmine: "But our own Titania is next on the list."
Wilhelmine: "Not of space - of simply being."
Mana: "You dream of winter."
Mana: "But when snow wraps the rooftops in snow, does the shape of the lives-that-were, that-will-be vanish?"
Mana: "…And on this matter, speaks the stone:
Wilhelmine: "To us, perhaps. I had no idea of the other afterlife until I helped to unthaw it from its wintry grasp."
Mana: "IT DEPENDS, and that is known."
Wilhelmine: "I suspect that tablet is only the first in a series. Perhaps there are more scattered across Titania."
Wilhelmine: "The second one has my name on it, obviously."
Mana: "Clearly. Let me know if you find one!"
Wilhelmine: "And let me know if you find none."
Mana: "So I will."
Wilhelmine drains the last of her tea. "What are you doing after this?"
Mana: "I have a funeral to attend, in fact."
Mana: And so it was written.

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