Mana P2y1s05

Mana: And so it was written: Pokiehlember 2nd, Year 1, Gnome's Day. The gardens of Jinn. A turbulent, cloudy sky is overhead. The holy amblers are in procession. Each sudden gust carries a flight of flower-petals.
Mana: Jiang Manor is strung with white mourning-cloth. A strange tradition, really.
Alexander has changed into a white suit, well-cut but not flashy. A wide-brimmed hat joins the ensemble, to partially shield his appearance.
Toth surfaces under a statue in the Engraved Gardens… he hoists himself up and brushes off the Shade, as well as dirt and the smell of fish.
Vladislav is dressed the same as always, not so much blending in with the crowd. In fact he kind of sticks out like a sore thumb.
Theodore: "Huh. This place is… different."
Veracruz drags himself out alongside Toth, takes a moment to pat himself clean and exchange his jacket for a clean one (it's in his backpack) "It looks weirdly cheery"
Mana: Circular roads stretch around the gardens: The burial grounds somewhere on the far side, behind the tower. Sand gardens, rock gardens, the odd manor, placed at precise distance from the Imperial tower.
Alexander departs for the funeral with Vladislav, after killing some time showing him around the manor and introducing him to Fuller.
Mana: A deer with white ribbons tied around its antlers grazes from a bush in the gardens.
Rigo emerges from the back room of a fine restaurant and makes his toward the cemetary. (He'll just have to owe the owner for the refill. Refills. Look don't judge him.)
Theodore tilts his head in the direction of the holy amblers. "I duno about cheery… Defintiely oddly serene as compared to the rest of the city, though."
Toth: "Most of the general public can't get in this far. They didn't count on us, obviously."
Mana: (Fuller's comment on Vladislav refusing to change: "It seems the deceased will just have to wear twice as much suit to make up for it, Master Alexander." )
Theodore: "You think? I get the feeling, in the back of his mind, the Empreror might be expecting us, but…"
Aurora nods her head, looking just as out of place in her armour. "It'll probably prove to be interesting, though…"
Wilhelmine comes in from behind Rigo. Much like Vladislav, she hasn't changed out of her usual attire, either. (You'd think some who makes clothes for a living would get a -little- fancy, but…)
Toth: "Maybe. But we showed up anyway, right?" He grins and heads out of the Engraved Gardens, towards the far side behind the tower.
Theodore: "Well yeah." Theodore rests his hands behidn his head as he follows Toth.
Mana: The burial grounds: Mausoleums of white marble, statues of spirits standing vigilant. Flowerbeds of lilac, thin stone walkways lined by tall bushes on both sides.
Rigo has donned a white robe for the occasion. Underneath the regular robe and sash. He makes his way through the gardens to the burial grounds.
Mana: Plumes of incense smoke rise from one of its courtyards - that must be where the event is being held.
Veracruz goes after Theodore and Toth "Well, it's white and stuff…" he's kind of busy looking at things, so he gives a weirdly delayed response to Theodore
Alexander is already headed that way.
Rigo falls in behind the holy amblers that are headed that way, then breaks off when they are no longer. It may take him a little bit longer, but such is the way of things.
Aurora notes the incense and smoke, pointing it out to the others with her and heading that way.
Mana: Rigo: So it is. They don't look to notice you… but they don't look to notice one another, either. So maybe they don't mind, after all.
Toth adjusts his boutonniere as they approach.
Mana: In the Familial Pavilion of the Jinn Burial Grounds. A stone pavilion, facing towards one of the fancier crypts.
Mana: Flowers - just the local flowers - have been laid to either side of the simple coffin that's the centerpiece of the ceremony. Facing it is an official of the tower, reading from a book - flanked by four masked pallbearers. These are… you know, the bare minimum.
Veracruz looks at the pavilion "This is a nice place for a final rest" he looks around further for signs of, well, both the deceased and where the ceremony is being held
Vladislav glances at Alexander, murmering under his breath. "Rather strange way to have a funeral. Is this a Jinn custom?"
Mana: There is also, of course, the Deathjester, wearing a white suit, looking as somber as one can in the grotesque mask.
Mana: Standing by him is a woman in a white kimono-of-mourning, a broad white hat covering her face. She fidgets, a little uncomfortable.
Alexander: "I find it rather normal, actually. I suppose you do it differently?"
Wilhelmine glances over at the Deathjester, curious to his reaction. Since he wears a mask, what body language does he give in lieu of a face?
Theodore glances around a bit as they approach. before nodding to himself. "Well, that'll make finding him pretty easy."
Veracruz stares at the attendees, so few
Mana: The Deathjester stands, contemplative, facing straight forward. There is only the barest flicker over his posture as he sees new arrivals - a mote of joy, almost? -
Aurora glances about the few attending outside of the Pure Hearts, frowning a little before trying to school her face to look more solemn. She's only kind of successful.
Mana: -…And when he sees Alexander, he double-takes, before putting on his best performance of the way he was standing before. A little more ridiculous. A little too ramrod straight.
Mana: The officiate, as more people arrive, clears his throat, coughs, and what was before a drone is - well, he's putting effort into it, let's say. He starts from the beginning of the verse:
Veracruz looks at the other Pure Hearts gathering, smiles slightly to acknowledge their presence but otherwise just continues to watch the ceremony
[OOC] Wilhelmine: Is the Deathjester just among the crowd, or is he up Somewhere Important Looking?
Vladislav offers Alexander a simple nod. His relaxes slightly as he listens to the verses.
[OOC] Mana: He's sort of standing off to one side, not standing with those officially here, and… well, standing with the only other person who's here. I guess that was the crowd until you got there.
[OOC] Vladislav: *He
Rigo finds something to lean against. Toth will do. He'll add it to his tab.
[OOC] Alexander: Yeah, I was going to say 'we are the crowd'.
[OOC] Toth: it's basically just him and her and official and pallbearers and us, eh?
[OOC] Mana: Yup!
Mana: "…gathered to celebrate the voyage of a cherished member of the Imperial family unto the realm of Paradise."
Wilhelmine makes her way to stand by him and give him a nod in acknowledgment.
Alexander is disappointed by this turnout. He thought he was better liked than this. Oh, such sorrow…
Toth nods to Rigo and smiles ever so slightly before putting on his game face.
Mana: the Deathjester nods to Wilhelmine. He murmurs under his breath - ( "Do my eyes fail me, or did this venue get double-booked?" )
Wilhelmine: ( "If these proceedings meant something, I would wear something that actually shows my respect for the event." )
Mana: Fuller arrives, a little late, standing behind Alexander. He's patting a handkerchief against his dry eyes.
Toth listens to the official's sermon with double attention now that he's mentioned Paradise.
Mana: "Alexander Jiang was a man of exceptional service to the courts and to his people. Who, without questioning, acted as a hand of the Emperor and of Heaven, to maintain order in the world."
Veracruz … Is not quite in the know how the ceremony goes so he is simply watching as it unfolds and trying to act respectful!
Wilhelmine: ( "He is tempting fate by attending." )
Rigo takes a draw off his wine gourd. This oughtta be good.
Mana: "One may view the passage into Paradise as many things - both the price of mortality, but also the reward, for the virtue contained within all."
Mana: "But this great man now no longer needs our mortal comprehension. Where he has traveled, he needs not our hopes, our or wishes. He dwells, now, within the kingdom of Heaven."
Alexander continues listening, for the moment.
Theodore tilts his head up to the sky, before giving Alexander a sidelong glance. His eye then return to the reader for a moment, before giving Deathjester and the woman a curious look.
Wilhelmine blankly stares at the officiate while he speaks, idly wondering if paradise often dispenses refunds.
Alexander is trying to place the woman beside the Deathjester, however.
Mana: Theodore: Her hair's been done up, and she's wearing a veil, but you're reasonably sure that's the Lady Via you met in the tower of Jinn.
Mana: Alexander: …Which would be your assassin.
Alexander frowns slightly. This could get…messy.
Mana: "If we may offer him anything - more than the loneliness within the Imperial heart, more than the flowers we cast upon his final mark in this world, it is our wish that his final moments in our Titania were not sorrowful ones, not painful ones."
Vladislav catches on to Alexanders disturbed look and grins slightly. "Not having second thoughts, I hope?"
Mana: "That he passed with the certainty of any who has gazed upon the Heavens."
Alexander: "No. Just…be prepared. She has some tricks up her sleeve."
Theodore scratches at the side of his face in thought for a moment, ebfore returning his attention to the read. He then places his hands together in front of his chets and bows his head slightly.
Rigo: "Just her sleeve?" He sounds almost disapointed.
Wilhelmine turns her eyes, but not her face, distracted by all the whispering going on. The man at the front must think this is the rudest group of attendees he's spoken for.
Veracruz is very sure the man at the front thinks this is the only group of attendees he's ever spoken for
Mana: The official's fumbling with turning the page now. It takes him several tries, awkwardly flapping about, until eventually he mumbles a muffled curse as he takes a papercut.
Rigo walks over to the poor man. "Here, here. I'll hold, you read." And he takes the book from him.
Rigo: "Don't want to get blood on the pages."
Toth wrinkles his eyebrows, taking a second to set them back to rights. He'll take the moment of Rigo's generocity to glance about at those assembled.
Mana: The official turns to Rigo - "Er, fair en- right then-"
Mana: And then Lady Via, in white, pushes past a pallbearer, shoves the official out of the way - "Actually, you know what? Allow me. Early holiday. I've got the rank for it."
Mana: "Run along."
Rigo shrugs. "Far be it for me to argue with a lady." He goes back to stand by Toth.
Mana: "No." She says, stopping him as he moves away.
Mana: "I meant -this- sadsack." She waves a dismissive hand in the direction of the official, now scuttling off.
Wilhelmine glances at her masked companion, raising an eyebrow in interest.
Theodore: "Man."
Mana: Deathjester shrugs.
Rigo: "Ah, well then." And he holds the book for her.
Mana: "Alright, so, Alexander Jinn."
Theodore: "Not… Jiang?"
Mana: "Yeah. Yeah, that's it. Thanks. But the thing is-"
Mana: "He's the most damn official of a guy you ever met. Basically stand-up. Damn proper gentleman. Ramrod straight. Never spoke a word of ill to anybody."
Mana: "And… he's dead… and I killed him, and now he's in Paradise. I guess!"
Rigo: "Sounds like a great guy. Apart from the dead bit. Why'd you go and do that for anyway?"
Vladislav can't help but smile at the speech.
Theodore: "You haven't done this a lot before, huh?"
Alexander sighs.
Wilhelmine: ( "I suppose now he's not the only person that wears death as a disguise." )
Toth: "Can't you guys wait until after the euology…"
Mana: "Well, 'cause I-" She looks up, she cracks a smile.
Alexander: "You couldn't even give the poor man a proper send off?"
Alexander: "What kind of funeral is that?"
Theodore: "Well, she couldn't." Theodore gives his most eight-year-old-style shrug.
Veracruz: "(Apparently one that didn't go off as well)"
Mana: "Cause it was a stupid, meaningless, pointless death."
Alexander: "Many are."
Alexander: "And I can't help but wonder why."
Mana: "I mean, here's the thing. Somebody dies in an accident? Solemn funeral. Have to kill some awful, murdering, stealing customer for some reason? Sure, okay, proper funeral."
Mana: "But when the most Imperial citizen in the city gets a death order on his head…"
Mana: "Well, we all better be fucking ashamed of ourselves, that's what."
Veracruz: "Well, there's kind of something weird going on"
Alexander: "Well, that's awfully nice of you to say."
Mana: One of the pallbearers gasps, and turns towards her. the Lady Via gives her a "Don't mess with me." look.
Wilhelmine: "You sound as if you admired the man."
Aurora slowly nods her head to that.
Rigo: "Uh. I'm not… ashamed of myself?" He takes a drink from his gourd. "Then again I wasn't the one with the knife and the order."
Mana: She shrugs at Rigo. "Didn't admire him. Didn't expect the turn-out, either."
Mana: "…Never seemed the kinda guy to have friends outside the gardens."
Rigo: "Ah, well. Friends turn up in weird places."
Toth: "Had a free spot open in our schedules…"
Wilhelmine: "I made time."
Theodore: "S'important to have friends."
Veracruz: "Yeah, friends are pretty important"
Mana: "So it's, I mean…" Via pushes her palm against her brow, lost. "…Don't know where I was going with."
Mana: "…Though, if I was plannin' my funeral, my killer makin' a fool of herself would be alright by me."
Veracruz: "Well- This is pretty awkward. You've said yourself you're not very okay with what happened, it's okay to not know where you're going"
Veracruz: "You're just frustrated, is all"
Wilhelmine nudges the Deathjester. ( "Want to go on and make this a comedy act? Your name seems highly fitting for it." )
Rigo pats her shoulder. "Its OK. You feel bad about killing a good man. There's hope for you yet."
Mana: She turns, steps away. "So, there you go. Hoped you like it better than the classic sham from the books."
Veracruz: "A great deal better, if this was my furneral i'd appreciate the honesty"
Rigo closes the book. "A lot more genuine, yeah." He offers her the wine gourd.
Mana: Deathjester nods, turns to Wilhelmine. ( "I'd better, I think." )
Alexander: "I appreciate the sentiments."
Mana: Via turns to Rigo, grabs it, takes a swig. "Where were you an hour ago? Couldn't find a drink -anywhere-."
Mana: The Deathjester walks up to the front.
Rigo: "Some fancy place I can't remember the name of. Lots of red and gold though. And great selection."
Mana: "We are gathered here to mourn the morbidity of one of the most marvelous of municipal magistrates, Alexander Jiang -"
Toth glances at Rigo.
Mana: "One of the many fingers of Death of our great Empire."
Mana: "Some may say, given the events of today - and the events of yesterday - and the events, even, of the day before that - that this funeral is a farce."
Rigo: "Well… he was killed, so not entirely?"
Wilhelmine: "Just wait for the punchline."
Theodore: "It's technically correct and also technically incorrect, yeah."
Rigo: "Ah, one of those." Another drink from the gourd.
Mana: "But underneath the wonder of the world around us, farces are often all we may muster."
Wilhelmine briefly recalls her time trying to decipher those very wonders. Given the aftermath of that, that - sounds about right, yes.
Mana: "Humans are all fools, and murder, as our errors go-"
Mana: "-Is the gravest."
Wilhelmine: "And there it is."
Rigo: "Hah!"
Mana: "Among the rankings of the great, sorrowful deaths of our Empire's history…"
Mana: "Well, I would not be so bold, nor arrogant, to declare that Alexander's death qualifies as such."
Theodore glances towards Alexander with an apologetic shrug.
Aurora lets a smile grace her lips, nodding once more.
Rigo: "Its OK. I would."
Mana: "But truly, we are wracked with sorrow here yet, to be standing here at this funeral, so clearly before its time."
Rigo: "Well, maybe not sorrowful."
Mana: "And all we might do with this sorrow is apologize for our folly, to wipe the shame from our faces."
Mana: "For the only one here without folly is the one without this sorrow, the departed, who might yet stand above such error."
Wilhelmine: "Must explain everyone's mirthful expression."
Toth: "The afterparty's down the street."
Alexander: "You guys can't just let the man speak, can you?"
Veracruz is letting him speak!!!
Rigo: "Thank god, I was worried Gnome was the only place that knew how to hold a funeral."
Mana: Deathjester turns to Alexander and bows.
Alexander gives an appreciative nod.
Toth: "I gave up trying. Paradise only knows even death wouldn't stop some of us."
Mana: The Lady Via turns to Deathjester. Then she looks at Alexander. And then back at Deathjester.
Toth even has a seat, being mindful of his staff.
Mana: The Deathjester walks up to the coffin, leans down onto the lid, jerks his thumb at Alexander.
Mana: "…So he's not dead, is what I've gathered."
Vladislav: "So out of curiousity, did you get paid for that job?"
Alexander shrugs. "Fate has said it's not my time to go."
Wilhelmine puts her finger against her lips and shrugs at the Lady Via.
Wilhelmine: "Shhh."
Veracruz: "Well, he died, but isn't dead"
Mana: Deathjester shrugs. "Wish all the Imperial funerals were like this. They do get lonely sometimes, you know."
Wilhelmine: "Well, if hell is other people, then what does that make paradise?"
Rigo: "I'd come to more of them, but I don't know anybody else."
Aurora: "I think that's part of the problem."
Alexander: "I'd imagine. I'll try to attend more in the future."
Mana: "We can make it a tradition, I suppose." Deathjester says.
Alexander poses to the Deathjester, "on a more serious note…what happens now?"
Mana: "…Though, not too much of one."
Toth: "I suppose you get put in the ground, or a mausoleum, all the same, eh?"
Mana: "Well, this-" He kicks the coffin he's sitting on - "Is going to be buried."
Alexander: "Well, I mean… I don't really want to lose my house, and such."
Alexander: "It is…empty, right?"
Theodore pauses, blinks, then move to open the lid and take a peak.
Mana: Deathjester is sitting on it! So you can't move the lid.
Wilhelmine looks at Via, curious as to her reaction.
[OOC] Toth: pick him up and put him on alex's head
Theodore is making gentle shoving motions, he doesn't know enough to not hassel the Deathjester. He's wearing clown garb anyways.
Mana: Wilhelmine: Via is… flabbergasted, honestly. Though definitely relieved.
Mana: (There may be sputtering going on.)
Theodore: "C'mon, I *gotta* know what's in here."
Veracruz: "There's probably nothing, Theo. Or someone else"
Aurora: "I think the latter is what we're afraid of."
Theodore: "Even nothing is something sometimes, and this is one of those times!"
Mana: The Deathjester kicks himself up to his feet and hops off of the coffin.
Toth: "I admit to curiosity as well, though I could understand if, you know, Alexander wouldn't want to know."
Theodore cracks it open slightly.
Veracruz: "Well I wasn't going to pry"
Veracruz: "I mean personal business and stuff"
Alexander: "No, I'm curious."
Mana: Theodore: Inside, is…
Veracruz: "(Is probably going to be underwhelming)"
Mana: …Another slightly smaller coffin.
Theodore: "?!"
Toth: "Well?"
Toth is sitting so he doesn't see anything.
Theodore throws the lid open fully, then opens the smaller coffin.
Rigo: "… I've seen dolls like that."
Aurora blinks as she sees the second coffin. "…I know, my parents sold some when they were popular for several months a few years back."
Rigo: "Your parents make dolls? Well, apart from the obvious."
Mana: Inside the smaller coffin… is yet another, much smaller coffin, about twice the size of a shoebox.
Aurora: "No, they sell a variety of goods imported through Undine… oh."
Rigo: "Ah."
Theodore: "Man, I wonder if there's a tiny chocolate Alexander at the bottom of this."
Theodore throws open the next lid!
Alexander: "I was slightly worried there that other people had done this 'coffin-in-a-coffin' thing before, Aurora."
Toth: "Okay, now I -have- to see this." He stands up and ambles on over.
Mana: When the final lid is thrown open…
Mana: A rabite pops out!
Wilhelmine blinks in Theodore's direction and shakes her head.
Mana: Battle order: Wilhelmine [F]:0 Underwhelming Rabite [F]:0 Alexander [F]:1 Rigo [F]:1 Vladislav [F]:3 Veracruz [F]:4 Theodore [F]:5 Toth [F]:6 Aurora [F]:8
Mana: Status for Underwhelming Rabite [F] : [====================] That's It!?(6)
Mana: Wilhelmine!
Alexander: "…"
Toth: "…"
Veracruz: "Whaaat"
Aurora: "…No this is the first time I've… they were burying a Rabite?"
Toth sighs. "(And I stood up for that…)"
Veracruz: "That's not underwhelming at all"
Toth deadpans. "Maybe the chocolate's inside, Theodore."
Wilhelmine just stares, arms behind her. [Wait, 15D]
Vladislav can't help but laugh at the outcome. "Well played. It seems funerals in Jinn aren't as boring as I thought they'd be."
Mana: the Deathjester looks at Aurora. "Sort of morbid, really."
Theodore: "…Maybe!"
Aurora: "Just a little. It might become more morbid shortly, however."
Mana: The Underwhelming Rabite bites Alexander!
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 100 ( Total: 100 ) for C80
Alexander can't help staring at the Underwhelming Rabite. [Analyze, 20D]
Mana: But, disappointingly, fails to land a hit.
Vladislav: "Isn't it cute? Maybe you should have your butler take it home."
Mana: Fuller clear his throat. "That will not be necessary."
Mana: Clears his, etc.
Mana: Underwhelming Rabite, Level 1 Easy Beast. HP812/812. MP 212/212. Aligned with Wisp and Dryad. Fears Shade and Luna. It's just an ordinary rabite, except it has far more health than it really has any right to.
Mana: Battle order: Rigo [F]:0 Vladislav [F]:2 Veracruz [F]:3 Theodore [F]:4 Toth [F]:5 Aurora [F]:7 Wilhelmine [F]:14 Alexander [F]:20 Underwhelming Rabite [F]:29
Mana: Status for Underwhelming Rabite [F] : [====================] That's It!?(5)
Mana: Rigo!
Alexander: "That thing…has a lot of vitality."
Rigo just… reaches for his fan. "We'll fix that." [Poison, CT10]
Mana: Vladislav!
Veracruz: "W-well"
Vladislav sighs before batting it away with his book. [Attack - 31D]
Vladislav rolled 1d100 and got 19 ( Total: 19 )
Mana: Pow! It's a hit.
Vladislav rolled d8+54 and got 4 ( Total: 58.0 )
Veracruz: "I'm still kind of startled at it! But alright"
[OOC] Mana: 58]! Theodore!
Theodore hops forward, swinging his staff low and batting the rabite into the air! [42D]
Theodore rolled 1d100 and got 95 ( Total: 95 ) for 80
Mana: Wait, no, Veracruz. Oops!
Theodore: "Wh - hey why are you jumping?!"
Veracruz rushes ahead and draws his knives, jumps to the side of the rabite and delivers a flanking strike [Blindside, 39D]
Veracruz rolled 1d100 and got 69 ( Total: 69 ) for 80 CoS
Wilhelmine: "Was it put there deliberately, or was it … generated while out of site? What connection do monster appearances have to our world, in any case?"
Veracruz then hops over it and attacks again from the other side [Power Strike]
Wilhelmine: "I mean … supposedly influx has something to do with it."
Mana: Yes! It's a powerful hit!
Veracruz rolled 1d8+48,150 and got 1 ( Total: 73.5 )
[OOC] Mana: 73]!
Mana: Battle order: Toth [F]:0 Aurora [F]:2 Rigo [F]:5 Wilhelmine [F]:9 Alexander [F]:15 Underwhelming Rabite [F]:24 Vladislav [F]:28 Veracruz [F]:37 Theodore [F]:41
Mana: Status for Underwhelming Rabite [F] : [================= ] That's It!?(5)
Mana: Mr. Toth!
Toth swings his staff like a bat to pick up the blindside! [Attack, 43D]
Toth rolled 1d100 and got 32 ( Total: 32 ) for 80
Mana: It's a hit!
Mana: The rabite tumbles a little that way from the force of the blow.
Toth rolled 1d10+80,125 and got 6 ( Total: 107.5 )
[OOC] Mana: 107]!
Mana: Aurora!
Mana: Battle order: Aurora [F]:0 Rigo [F]:3 Wilhelmine [F]:7 Alexander [F]:13 Underwhelming Rabite [F]:22 Vladislav [F]:26 Veracruz [F]:35 Theodore [F]:39 Toth [F]:41
Mana: Status for Underwhelming Rabite [F] : [============== ] That's It!?(5)
Aurora puts a hand on her hip, waving a finger menacingly at the cute little rabite. "Now, you really shouldn't be trying to make this funeral no longer a farce, you hear?" [Beckon, 36D]
Aurora rolled 1d100 and got 51 ( Total: 51 ) for 70
Mana: the Rabite snarls at Aurora! Provoke (4)!
Mana: Rigo, now!
Rigo flutters his fan at the Rabite, covering it in green mist.
Rigo rolled 1d100 and got 51 ( Total: 51 ) for CoS 70
Mana: It's Poisoned! (6), right?
Mana: Wilhelmine!
[OOC] Rigo: 5 according to my sheet
Mana: Thanks. What's the delay on that?
Wilhelmine swings low to catch the Rabite while it's sputtering from the mist, preferably in its single tooth. She quickly stands back up to full height, looking nonchalant as ever. [Sneak Attack, 30D]
Wilhelmine rolled 1d100 and got 88 ( Total: 88 ) for 80
Mana: Pow, right in the single - oh, no wait, it flattens itself against the stone of the pavilion, no luck.
Wilhelmine adjusts her gloves, paying the miss no mind.
[OOC] Rigo: oh right also 22D
Alexander swings his own sweep kick at the rabite! [40D]
Alexander rolled 1d100 and got 7 ( Total: 7 )
Mana: It's a hit!
Alexander rolled d10+80 and got 6 ( Total: 86 )
[OOC] Mana: 86]!
Mana: The rabite does a magnificent copter spin in Aurora's direction!
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 35 ( Total: 35 ) for C85
Mana rolled d8+75 and got 5 ( Total: 80.0 )
Mana: Thwacking into her for 80 physical Wisp damage!
Mana: Battle order: Rigo [F]:0 Vladislav [F]:1 Veracruz [F]:10 Aurora [F]:11 Wilhelmine [F]:12 Theodore [F]:14 Toth [F]:16 Underwhelming Rabite [F]:27 Alexander [F]:28
Mana: Status for Underwhelming Rabite [F] : [========== ] That's It!?(4) Provoke(3) Poison(4)
Mana: Rigo!
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 285/386, MP: 249/338, SoS: 96
Rigo thwaps the rabite on the nose with his fan! [Normal Attack, 32D]
Aurora takes the hit easily, she's strong against that!
Rigo rolled 1d100 and got 71 ( Total: 71 ) for CoS 80
Mana: The fan soundly smacks it, Rigo!
Rigo rolled 1d6+60 and got 1 ( Total: 61.0 )
[OOC] Mana: 61]!
Mana: Vladislav!
Vladislav chews on his lip for a moment. He seems to be contemplating leaving entirely but decides to whack it another time. [Attack - 31D]
Vladislav rolled 1d100 and got 87 ( Total: 87 )
Mana: But it's a miss!
Mana: Veracruz!
Veracruz takes the chance it's dodging Vladislave to [Blindside, 39D] it again
Veracruz rolled 1d100 and got 38 ( Total: 38 )
Mana: Hit!
Veracruz rolled 1d8+48 and got 6 ( Total: 54 )
[OOC] Mana: 54]!
Mana: Aurora!
Aurora shakes her head and stabs it while it's off-balance. [Attack, 44D]
Aurora rolled 1d100 and got 28 ( Total: 28 ) for 90
Aurora rolled 1d10+80,125 and got 3 ( Total: 103.75 )
Mana: Wilhelmine!
Mana: The Rabite growls annoyedly.
[OOC] Mana: 103], of course.
Wilhelmine headbutts it after Aurora's solid hit. [Sneak Attack, 40D]
Wilhelmine rolled 1d100 and got 78 ( Total: 78 ) for 80
Mana: Pow!
Mana: it's a Sneak Attack!
Wilhelmine rolled d8*1.25+80*1.25 and got 8 ( Total: 110.0 )
Mana: Now THAT'S what I call using a headbutt, for [110] damage!
Mana: Theodore!
Mana: Battle order: Theodore [F]:0 Toth [F]:2 Underwhelming Rabite [F]:13 Alexander [F]:14 Vladislav [F]:18 Rigo [F]:18 Veracruz [F]:35 Wilhelmine [F]:38 Aurora [F]:41
Mana: Status for Underwhelming Rabite [F] : [=== ] That's It!?(4) Provoke(3) Poison(4)
Theodore sticks his toung out of the side of his mouth every so slightly, concentrating as he winds up, then attempts to bat the Rabite back up into the air…! [42D]
Theodore rolled 1d100 and got 91 ( Total: 91 ) for 80
Mana: The rabite scooches over to one side a little.
Mana: Mr. Toth!
Theodore narrow shis eyes.
Mana: Battle order: Toth [F]:0 Underwhelming Rabite [F]:11 Alexander [F]:12 Vladislav [F]:16 Rigo [F]:16 Veracruz [F]:33 Wilhelmine [F]:36 Aurora [F]:39 Theodore [F]:40
Mana: Status for Underwhelming Rabite [F] : [=== ] That's It!?(4) Provoke(3) Poison(4)
Toth attempts to golf the rabite! [Attack, 43D]
Toth rolled 1d100 and got 59 ( Total: 59 ) for 80
Toth rolled 1d10+80 and got 5 ( Total: 85 )
[OOC] Mana: 85]!
Mana: The Underwhelming Rabite tries to bite Aurora!
Mana rolled 1d100 and got 17 ( Total: 17 )
Mana rolled d8+60 and got 2 ( Total: 62.0 )
Mana: Hitting her for a passable, I guess, 62 physical damage.
Mana: Alexander!
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 243/386, MP: 249/338, SoS: 96
Alexander hands Aurora a quick pick-me-up. [Salve, 40D]
Alexander rolled d6+48 and got 6 ( Total: 54.0 ) for +25% on next Recovery effect received
Mana: Battle order: Alexander [F]:0 Vladislav [F]:4 Rigo [F]:4 Veracruz [F]:21 Wilhelmine [F]:24 Aurora [F]:27 Theodore [F]:28 Underwhelming Rabite [F]:29 Toth [F]:31
Mana: Status for Underwhelming Rabite [F] : [== ] That's It!?(3) Provoke(2) Poison(3)
Mana: Vladislav!
[OOC] Aurora: HP: 297/386, MP: 249/338, SoS: 96
Aurora nods her thanks after drinking it, grimacing a little at the taste.
Vladislav decides to actually start walking off now. The joke has seemingly grown stale. [CT 10]
[OOC] Alexander: it's not medicine if it tastes good
Mana: Rigo!
Theodore: "Wh - are you really walking off when there's a monster here?! No wonder you won that stupid award!"
Toth: "What are you going on about -now-?"
Aurora: "…Award?"
Rigo smacks it again! [Normal Attack, 32D]
Rigo rolled 1d100 and got 59 ( Total: 59 ) for CoS 80
Mana: It's a hit!
Rigo rolled 1d6+60 and got 2 ( Total: 62.0 )
Theodore: "Most difficult motherfucker!"
[OOC] Mana: 62]!
Mana: The rabite falls over onto its side.
Mana: Yay, you beat it!
[OOC] Mana: Got 18 EXP
Rigo looks at it dubiously.
Wilhelmine punts it towards Vladislav's head.
Aurora: "…Wait, wasn't that just a dream?"
[OOC] Mana: Got 3 Lucre
Veracruz: "That WAS very impolite, oh part of the rabite for just not going away. And him for leaving mid-fight"
Mana: The rabite bounces off of Vladislav's head with a soft -paff-.
Mana: It dropped a treasure chest!
Toth: "Shouldn't we put the rabite back in the coffin, now?" He picks up the chest, shakes it a few times, and SLAMS it on the ground!
Mana: the Deathjester looks down at it.
Wilhelmine: "Vladislav. Did that hurt at all?"
Mana: Toth opens the chest, and inside…
Mana: …It was empty!
Alexander: "That was underwhelming."
Vladislav raises a hand and rubs his forehead. He seems to have stopped before leaving at least. "Only my dignity and time. Not quite the result I was hoping for."
[OOC] Mana: Got 2 AP.
Veracruz: "No that was exactly what I was expecting"
Aurora blinks and frowns at the chest, checking for any false bottoms or secret compartments.
Theodore double takes in Aurora's direciton, then gives half a shrug while scratching behind his head.
Rigo shrugs, puts the bunny back in the box.
Mana: The rabite sits in the coffin for a moment, before hopping out, escaping into the underbrush.
Toth: "…oh, it wasn't dead."
Rigo: "Well duh. No bones."
Wilhelmine: "It didn't explode into a clatter of bones no."
Toth: "That's a bit dramatic for a rabite so underwhelming, isn't it."
Mana: the Deathjester looks at all those assembled.
Veracruz chuckles at Toth
Mana: "This got rather silly, didn't it."
Veracruz: "Certainly did!"
Aurora: "Yes, yes it did."
Wilhelmine: "Just like Via's view of Alexander's death, should he have stayed dead."
Alexander: "We weren't the ones that put the rabite in the box." He starts closing the coffins up. "
Rigo: "Lets face it, it was a funeral without a body. It was already silly."
Aurora pouts, giving the empty box a kick with her armoured greaves in disappointment.
Vladislav glances over the situation for another moment before shaking his head. "Deathjester. Is Erinee in the district at this time?"
Theodore: "Oh! Yeah I just remembered the question I had ment to ask her."
Mana: "She's in her quarters within the Tower."
Vladislav: "Excellent. Now if only the entire entourage was here my morning would be made slightly easier. Sadly they are one short."
Theodore: "Yeah he gets lost when we move between districts sometimes."
Theodore: "But he always turns back up after a bit."
Veracruz: "It's okay, i'll tell him later when I meet him"
Vladislav: "If you happen to run into him before I do, feel free to tell him I have a business proposal."
Wilhelmine: "Morning or mourning? Because I think we're all incapable of the latter today."
Wilhelmine: "… wait, you … That joke doesn't work out loud." She clears her throat. "
Alexander motions for the pallbearers to resume their duty with regards to the coffins once he's finished closing up-provided they're still around.
Toth gives Wilhelmine an eyebrow wrinkle, but brushes it off quickly.
Vladislav: "How you can have such a sense of humour this early still eludes me."
Alexander: "It's not early."
Veracruz: "Definitely not early"
Theodore: "Bein' people's pretty easy, dude."
Rigo: "Coffee. And wine."
Toth: "Anyway, assuming that's all, I can at least arrange for that."
Mana: The pallbearers awkwardly carry the coffin off into the crypt.
Veracruz: "For what's worth- What is the business proposal?"
Vladislav: "Considering the night ends when one passes out any time before nightfall it can be considered early. How long you wish it to be is your decision and yours alone."
Veracruz also whispers to Theodore "(Hey what was the thing we caught up with the wishing fish? I forget and I think he should know that stuff)"
Theodore: "Uh, you mean all the coming apocolypses?"
Vladislav: "At this juncture he is the safest bet for reaching Luna."
Veracruz: "Yeah"
Vladislav: "I would rather not engage with Prince Lion at such an early juncture."
Toth: "Business with the beast?"
Rigo: "What's Prince Lion got to do with Luna?"
Theodore: "Well, the Goblins. The Plague/Services. The moon invasion. Angels. Fiends…."
Alexander walks back over to Deathjester. "Are there going to be any…consequences for this…?" he says, motioning at the scene around them.
Vladislav: "One of many secret roads that litter the districts. Rather than wasting time explaining all of the little details I can simply say that Alexander will die again in a few days unless we find something. We believe that the lost Prince has fled to the Luna District."
Mana: the Deathjester looks around. "It's difficult to say. There are, after all, five witnesses of some rank, as well as…"
Toth: "Prince Lion is lost?"
Theodore: "Winter. Then the revolt in Salamander."
Mana: the Lady Via looks up to Alexander. "I'll have a chat with them. I owe you something. I think. Whatever."
Vladislav: "No, Prince Cat. Prince Lion being dethroned is just another item on the agenda."
Toth: "Little details."
Alexander: "Thank you. I'd rather not lose my house if need be, and the…Pass…is rather convenient, since I'm trying to save Titania from itself, now."
Rigo: "Ahhh. OK."
Vladislav: "Given your murmering I would surmise you did not bring our goblin issue to a conclusion last night."
Theodore: "Only like, three of those are saving it fomr itself!"
Mana: "Ain't that the truth." Via says. "At the very least, it doesn't have our names on it. So they can't rescind the pass."
Veracruz: "Not quite, no. Goblins are kind of hard to deal with, there's a lot of them!"
Toth: "They're still parading about. Even with banners proclaiming their Goblininity."
Alexander: "Thank the spirits for that."
Theodore rolls his stared eye in Vladislav's direction. "No, we were doing recon. How many apocolypses did *you* stop last night?"
Vladislav: "Providing one does not open Pandora's box I can say that the demons have already been stopped. Given my luck however preemptive action regarding this issue may be difficult without knowing where to look."
Veracruz: "We did figure out there's like, two competing afterlifes"
Toth: "Cruz."
Veracruz: "Erm"
Theodore: "Man."
Toth: "Not in the gardens."
Theodore: "That box always gets opened."
Veracruz: "S-sorry"
Theodore: "Don't *ever* count on that box not getting opened."
Theodore: "That's like, what it *does*."
Mana: Deathjester shrugs. "I did try to stop you, you know."
Vladislav: "If you come across a demon making machine of sorts feel free to thrash it for me, then."
Toth looks to Rigo. "Had to run twice now. The Justification's getting on my nerves, now."
Vladislav: "Two of its likely locations however are outside both of our reach at this time."
Rigo: "Oh you met it?"
Toth: "Again, yeah. Fought it, too, straight on."
Theodore places his hands behind his head.
Vladislav: "I trust you are familiar with the spirits of the land?"
Rigo: "Tough?"
Veracruz: "She was kinda nice, but pretty heavy on the makeup"
Veracruz: "Hammer hurt a lot too"
Theodore: "Sort of."
Aurora: "Cute clothes, though."
Aurora: "…and yes, it hurt."
Toth: "Pretty strong. Gets stronger."
Toth: "Bathes in Salamander."
Rigo: "Sounds exciting. Next time see if she'll take a walk with you and come find me."
Theodore: "She offered! Toth said no."
Toth: "She probably will, if only to continue mocking me."
Vladislav: "Goblins are born from the fury of the spirits. Should you wish to solve this apocalypse you may first wish to quell the respective spirits anger. To do that of course you will need a way to communicate with them. They usually do not speak to just anyone."
Theodore: "Well, we could probably just ask Al-Aldin."
Toth listens to this, and taps his staff against his shoulder in thought.
Mana: the Deathjester looks at the assembled group - "Sage Joch is surely toasting himself in Paradise, to see this."
Vladislav: "I expected to see you at his execution. Listening to the general was rather droll."
Wilhelmine blinks at Vladislav. "Did you pick that information up after I left this morning?"
Theodore: "Also Toth you left out the part where Nara said they had Pure Hearts too."
Vladislav: "Not at all. I simply listened intently to that which was in front of me while you made japes regarding our troubles with the hornets of Dryad district."
Toth shrugs. "It'll be harder to rub them out, yes."
Toth: "But I can only worry about that when I can."
Vladislav: "Given the price I had to pay, it is only natural I would come with such focus."
Veracruz: "Well"
Toth: "And- yes, apparently Al-Aldin is a goblin. Well, Goblin-themed human. And that's if Nara can be believed, which- all things considered… probably."
Veracruz: "Hopefully solving the goblin problem helps solve the other problems since, you know, maybe the spirits can help"
Veracruz: "So if they're not all raging-like they can help out with the mana problem"
Wilhelmine: "If you couldn't tell, I'm not really the reverent sort anymore."
Rigo: "if I had to guess he's more than just a goblin. Still a really great guy though."
Vladislav: "Your comments amused me none the less, so it matters not." A slight grin in return.
Toth: "We'll burn -that- bridge when we come across it."
Vladislav: "Ah, right. Should you encounter another rift it is in my best interests if you try to enter it before placing something there."
Toth: "It is not in your own physical interest though, let me tell you now."
Vladislav: "You have tried such a thing, I take it?"
Theodore: "Yeah I bet it's in your interests if someone *else* does it."
Rigo: "Yeah that's basically an awful idea."
Toth: "While the affliction can be slept away, gradually, I hope- even the lesser Services can inflict wounds that heighten the lingering, drained state of your body."
Toth: "I can't imagine anything good coming about of being too exposed to the winter."
Wilhelmine hides her mouth behind a hand while she chuckles. "Ah, it seems my decision wasn't so foolhardy after all."
Vladislav: "Titania is falling apart at the seams and they can poke new holes into it when they please. If you wish to close them up one by one, what is your long term solution? We lack a fundamental understanding of where they come from. I doubt the problem will solve itself unless we can hit them where it hurts most."
Toth: "It definitely wasn't. Thank you two again for the lessons."
Toth: "Lacking a fundamental understanding isn't exclusive with doing nothing about it."
Theodore: "They come from a world that's collapsing in on itself as winter approaches. They're turning here into there. S'not that complicated."
Toth: "We should still seal them up when we find them, if only to stymie their staging points."
Toth: "When enough has been learned about how their presence will interact with increased mana flow, likely then is the time we are able to do something about it."
Toth: "Those drained and wrapped by the Services are press-ganged into becoming Services themselves. I will allow them no easy retrieval."
Rigo: "If you want to know what its like to walk into winter, you definitely voluteered yourself. I'm not writing you a manuscript on it."
Vladislav frowns slightly. "I have no such qualms but I doubt you will not fill the rift. I trust you understand the potential benefits of leaving one open for a day for the court to study."
Toth grins slightly. "It's a good thing there are so many of us."
Theodore: "You uh do realize the court is a direct cause of like… four of the big problems, right?"
Veracruz: "Uhm"
Veracruz: "Not to sound disrespectful but it actually sounds like they are also the indirect cause of all the others too"
Wilhelmine turns away from the group, if only to hide her mirth. Her shoulders visibly shake.
Rigo: "Tell you what. if I find one, I'll tell you. And you have until I go back to it to study it."
Toth: "It's about as good a deal as it'll be for me as well. Not that I don't see merit in it, but- in moderation. Or, well-"
Vladislav: "That would be workable."
Veracruz: "It'd be easier if you hung around with Rigo and Toth for a day"
Veracruz: "It'd probably be faster for you"
Toth: "To be fair, I'm also investigating ways to cleanse the affliction itself- while an even smaller band-aid on the problem, it'll probably be great for those working directly with the Services. So, you know, all of us."
Vladislav: "It would do me little good if you tested the limits and failed. I would neither hear of the tale nor know the location of the rift."
Toth: "If I can figure that out, then we can be more reckless."
Vladislav offers a sad smile to Veracruz. "Sadly I have my hands full with affairs and you your own. This morning it would seem I am on errands for Prince Snake."
Toth: "So, so many of us. I'm Toth, as you may have surmised."
Alexander: "Yes, I would rather find Prince Cat sooner than later."
Vladislav: "Ah, yes. I don't think you were with the others when you spoke to Erinee and I."
[OOC] Vladislav: *they
Toth: "Indeed I wasn't. How's her investigation going?"
Vladislav: "We lack concrete results, sadly. We had the dark guards open the Shade Gate this morning. It is too early to observe any concrete data on mana influx as a result."
Toth perks up. "Oh!"
Vladislav: "If you are curious, feel free to investigate yourself."
Wilhelmine perks up as well. "Really, now?"
Toth: "Where -is- the Shade Gate, by the way. Just so there's no ambiguity about that."
Vladislav: "I am not too familiar with the district myself. Seeing as she implied even Vush would not be stupid enough to march his army through that path I would assume it isn't pleasant."
Wilhelmine: "I think he is simply asking 'was it the giant and complicated lock in the middle of the district, or something less painfully obvious?'"
Vladislav: "I would assume as much. Districts outside my own are not something I can speak of with confidence."
Wilhelmine: "I'll see what it is, then."
Toth: "We'll cast a wide net."
Toth: "With that said, if there's nothing else to discuss, Mr…?"
Vladislav: "Vladislav. If for some reason you wish to contact me you can ask anyone in Dryad to pass the message along. It shouldn't take long to reach me."
Toth nods. "My place of business is the World's Wheel, in Wisp. Likewise, with the messages."
Rigo: "That's the place!"
Rigo: "Put it on my tab."
Toth: "I -knew- it, just from the color, you-"
Toth chuckles. "Right, right."
Veracruz: "Hrm"
Veracruz: "I'll keep those places in mind"
Vladislav: "Were any of you fortunate enough to speak with Sage Joch before his execution? I admit I am curious just how many hands he had."
Wilhelmine: "Oh? That's your place, then. I'm not too far away."
Theodore: "Not unless he turned into a Sproutling first."
Toth: "Unfortunately no, I never saw him." He turns to Wilhelmine, curious.
Vladislav expected as much, but had to make sure. "Another time, then. I have to pay Erinee a visit. Perhaps ask around to see if anyone has seen your friend bumbling about."
Alexander: "I might run into him, I'll let him know if I do. It's not like I can go into the tower, even 'dead'."
Alexander: "Not without a summons, at least."
Toth: "(He's hard to miss, even given some of the more colorful people I've met.)"
Veracruz: "Well it isn't hard if you know your way"
Veracruz: "But I wouldn't reccomend, yeah"
Vladislav: "Seems like an opportunity to spend some quality time with your butler. You have a potential lifetime of missed opportunites returned to you today." Another grin.
Toth: "In any case, I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of each other before it's all said and done."
Wilhelmine: "Tea and clothes shop on the outskirts of the district. Place of Soul."
Toth: "Place of Soul. Got it."
Rigo just shrugs. "Ask around Gnome, they can usually point you towards Rigo."
Vladislav: "So long as you don't draw too much attention to yourself, certainly." He nods to Toth, sort of vagulely gesturing to Deathjester. He would mention to be wary of increased inspections and the like but he's kind of right there.
Alexander: "I live over at Jiang Manor across the gardens. If I'm not there, you can leave a message with Fuller," he says, motioning towards his butler.
Toth turns to Theodore, Aurora, Veracruz… well, he sort of waves at them to show that he wants to say something. "I've a few places to visit in Gnome, given our encounters. I'm sure we'll meet up again." A guilty look crosses his pursed face. "…it, might be prudent to visit the hot springs."
Veracruz: "I'm more than fine, but i'd definitely accopany you there if you feel like it"
Aurora nods. "If you need to leave me a message, you can do so over at Solar Fiefdom with the other knights."
Mana: Fuller nods. "You can."
Theodore: "I'm down with goin' there again. That's probably the best place to run into Al-ALdin anyway. Although I kinda wanna check out thta magic lock again at some point."
Rigo: "Knights… hey that reminds me. D'you know anybody named Rugemont?"
Toth: "Magic Lock?"
Theodore: "We uh. Found this orb. I'm pretty sure it's a lock that activates on magic. Salamander magic, to be specific. Which I think you have access to?"
Aurora: "Hmm? He's one of the Solar Knights, why? Didn't exactly take to the naming scheme, but…"
Toth gives Theodore a flat look and sighs. "Where is it?"
Theodore: "Near one of the exits in Shade. I was gunna mention it again earlier, but then we woulda been late for the funeral."
Rigo: "Oh I've got someone that needs to meed him. I'll bring him by later."
Toth: "Fair enough."
Aurora: "Ah, all right."
Toth: "I'll probably head that way after the errands, then, provided we don't get caught up with Al-Aldin."
Wilhelmine: "That's the 'painfully obvious' choice for the gate I mentioned."
Wilhelmine: "Like I said, I'll see the status of Shade next time I stop by."
Theodore: "Honestly I'd bet Temple slash Palace before I bet on that leading to a Gate."
Vladislav quirks a brow at Toth on his way out. It would seem he lingered about for a few. "When you consider yourself content with your current knowledge you may have much to learn of Undine and Gnome."
Toth hefts his staff. "…so noted."
Toth: "Be seeing you all around. Let's do our best. Titania and the universe are counting on it."
Rigo: "It'll be good times, yeah."
Rigo finishes his gourd and staggers off with a smug grin in Toth's direction.
Vladislav opens his book and begins to jot down some notes as he heads off to visit Erinee.
Wilhelmine puts her hands in her jacket pockets and heads out, presumably to shade. "Do take care."
Mana: And so it was written.

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