Mana Eod5

Mana: …So…
Mana: …Who's up for the end of days?
Wilhelmine: "So Vlad scored us a hell of a lot of AP, I take it."
Toth: "With nothing to use it on."
Alexander: "I heard it was 150."
Wilhelmine: "… And the Emperor, even more."
Alexander: "Sadly, he doesn't sync with us."
Toth: "Does it matter?"
Wilhelmine: "Well, bring on the ἀποκάλυψις."
Mana: Well, I mean…
Mana: There's the stage.
Mana: And there's that music box, and a three-legged stool.
Fuepepe: Vlad is not around for the end fo days
Toth: "Hurry up with it, come on."
Mana: But the door's open.
Mana: And snow is blowing in.
Icecylee: Man
Wilhelmine: "Gaeust."
Icecylee: I'll do it.
Toth: "God, no, don't."
Icecylee climbs up on stage, taps the music box.
Icecylee: I don't think the bird is coming.
Icecylee: So I mean.
Toth: "You're the second worst person to be doing this, worst would be Fue."
Icecylee: Well hey, it's not the worst case!
Xsaieta drops in beside Mr. Toth, and claps him on the shoulder. "Hey! It's not over yet."
Toth broods.
Xsaieta: Uhhh.
Xsaieta: I found Aura!
Toth: "Do I at least get a kP for the icepick assassin story?"
Mana: I think you do, Toth! And Wil and Alex.
Toth: "I'll… have to figure out what to do with all seven of that, now."
Xsaieta coughs, catfaces.
Wilhelmine: "The City Heart?"
Xsaieta: I did!
Icecylee: GOOD
Icecylee: So, anyway.
Alexander: "Ah, yes. kP."
Aurora: "Where was Aura, then?"
Icecylee: How about that day five, kids!
Icecylee: Pretty wild, right?
Xsaieta: Like, the entire city heart is contingent on a Labyrinth and Legend of Mana fangirl trapped in the middle of the Boring-Hell.
Icecylee: Show of hands: who saw that coming.
Xsaieta: (Spoilers, that's why Al Aldin looks like, you know.)
Toth: "Wild, yes, amazing, why did we bother with days one through four!"
Mana: Millions stalks in from the foyer. She's… she's not doing so hot.
Icecylee: Build up, my friend!
Icecylee: Ah hey, you made it! Welcome to the end of days.
Xsaieta: If we didn't have the exposition to the story, then the turn into winter wouldn't mean anything to us!
Icecylee: It's a bit more literal today, as you noticed.
Mana: "Yeah, uh… I noticed."
Mana: "…Haha, fuck, I'm going soft on all of ya, ain't I…?"
Wilhelmine tosses Milliions back the World First.
Icecylee: You get the misses through it alright?
Mana: She catches it, and throws Wilhelmine back her Disaster Crescent.
Mana: "Yup. Looks like we're gonna have to repopulate Titania, right?"
Icecylee: Seems so.
Mana: She laughs at her own joke. It's a little strained.
Icecylee: Well, you made it through the worst of it at least!
Toth: "Don't want to get all soft? Want to fight?"
Wilhelmine: "Never actually got to use it."
Xsaieta: I mean, that's… pretty much what Pure Hearts are for.
Xsaieta: This is me, tryin' not to go bad places with things for once.
Icecylee pulls a stacks of cards out fomr underneath the music box, throwing a blank on in Toth's direction.
Mana: "Yeah."
Icecylee: No fighting in the inbetween!
Wilhelmine: "Yeah, yeah, it's a Cherry Mythmas Miracle."
Mana: She produces a flask, looks at it for a moment - Then puts it back away.
Mana: "…I appreciate it."
Icecylee: So there's usually some awards and junk for the day right?
Toth steps on the card. "Nuts to that!"
Xsaieta: "Hm, I should probably use quotes when I'm talking, it's pretty rude not to."
Icecylee leaves through the cards, wondering if the poet had time to write anything down before… you know.
Mana: She gets up, walks a little bit closer to the stage, takes a seat in like, the third row.
Mana: The awards printed on the cards are uniquely uninspiring and horrendously boring.
Mana: Honestly, I won't bother to even give an example.
Icecylee: Looks like he didn't have any time!
Mana: They're just dreadful, and the poet was right to ignore them every single time.
Icecylee tosses the cards behind his back.
Xsaieta: "…anyways, I'm glad she's okay, at least."
Xsaieta: "I mean it."
Mana: Millions nods as she pulls the World First on, her personal Lodestone.
Icecylee: Man why are you talking about that now, most of you don't even remember this stuff in the morning.
Mana: "Yeah, we'll have a repeat of this later."
Xsaieta: "It was buggin' me!"
Mana: Yesketi waltzes in. She pauses at the entryway, in from the snow, and smiles:
Wilhelmine: "The anxieties of the world often find their way into dreams."
Mana: "God -damn- this day."
Mana: "Evening, everybody!"
Icecylee: Oh, you got through too? Really putting that VIT score to work this time around, aren't you?
Xsaieta: "Sorry for fightin' off the dragons, lady."
Toth: "Come on, that Eclipse wouldn't have even killed Yemel."
Toth: "There's still plenty of bosses roaming the world."
Xsaieta: "Boss stats are a bitch, am I right?"
Icecylee: She had like 4, 5 VIT last time and only around 300 HP tops by the end!
Mana: Yesketi twirls on her way in, dressed in splendid furs.
Toth: "Oh boy let's talk about way-outdated mechanics."
Mana: "Boss stats~"
Toth: "Get with the times you campaign-crasher."
Mana: "So, anyway, dear world:"
NinjaWeazel: Lets not talk about outdated campaign mechanics. Not sure I have enough watermelon to go with all the salt.
Icecylee: daaaaayum
Xsaieta: "Toth, am I gonna have to drag you into the back row of seats and let you take out some of that aggression, or~?"
Mana: "Since it just, you know, -started snowin' and all-, I think I won't be seeing much of you guys tomorrow." Yesketi says, as she takes her seat.
Mana: "Get while the going is good, right?"
Icecylee: Probably not the worst idea.
Wilhelmine: "Coward."
Icecylee: I'm sure he's got even dumber things planned for tomorrow.
Mana: Yesketi flashes a nasty grin at Wilhelmine.
Mana: "You can call me a coward, and I'll sure as hell call you brave…"
Toth: "Not interesting aaaaaaaugh. I wanted to crash meteors into dragons."
Xsaieta: "That is kinda the sucker way out, but I mean, I can't blame you. Me, I'm sticking around. Maybe it's our time to tell some stories. Not feelin' so great about the Emperor's plans to ragequit reality."
Mana: "But come the next go-around, as long as we both make it, we'll both be at square one."
Wilhelmine: "You're the one that cares most about keeping the pages turning."
Wilhelmine: "It wouldn't kill you to help."
Icecylee: Alright, so. Award show! This is an award show right? So lets go with, I don't know. Most hilarious expendure of xP award for today! I don't think we've done that one before?
Mana: "Expenditure of -xP-?"
Wilhelmine: "He … he does this."
NinjaWeazel: A lot.
Icecylee: it's like kP but you screwed up the lines a little.
Xsaieta: "Anyways, I'm probably gonna break the City Heart."
Wilhelmine: "A typographical error in some textbooks."
Xsaieta: "Who's in?"
Mana: "Yeah, I'll think about it." Yesketi says, after some time, to Wil.
Toth: "Right here, I gotta break something."
Wilhelmine: "Didn't Vlad beat you to it with that with his Eclipse?"
Aurora: "I think Vlad's game plan was to break it after killing the fiends in the remaining temples."
Toth: "Then, probably the Emperor's face."
Toth prods Wil. "Go refresh a few times."
Xsaieta: "Y'got the Lodestone itch, brother? I'll let you touch my iron if you want."
Toth: "Scroll to the end."
Alexander: "Clear the temples, break the heart, fight the Emperor. Sounds like a plan."
Aurora: "He only cracked it, not broke it completely."
Mana: Yesketi looks over her shoulder at Millions. "You should get out of here, too. I mean, she's cute and all, but…"
Mana: Millions shoots a withering glare at Yesketi. "No way. Down with the ship. No more winters."
Xsaieta: "'No more winters', I like that."
Wilhelmine: "Well … in a sense, if the Emperor gets his way, no more anything."
Mana: "You get -bitchy- sober." Yesketi says, cracking a smile. Millions flips her two birds.
Alexander laughs.
Icecylee: Man, is it like this for the poet every time?
Icecylee: Running the end of days award show is hard work!
Toth: "Anyway, I don't think it'll do me much good to sit in Lodestone at this point, may as well stick with Calaverite."
Mana: Roleplaying games are actually really complicated and I mostly don't understand how and why they work.
Toth: "Also doubting whether or not we'll see Geode."
Wilhelmine: "May I borrow something, Yesketi, if you're going to cut and run?"
Aurora: We know you don't.
Mana: Yesketi points a finger at Wil. "No, no, maybe. What is it?"
Xsaieta: "Hey, I've got an idea. Let's turn Paradise inside out and make it real."
Icecylee: There's only like, one missing thing from Geode! It may have evne gotten filled in!
Xsaieta: "Like, come on, we know this isn't the end of the game, there's an entire greyed-out gem on our menu."
Toth murbles.
Wilhelmine snarls in a wolf-like manner a little. [Name … well, you know.]
Xsaieta: "This is the fake-out ending. Don't give up, Mr. Toth!" He does the little punchy pummel rally emote.
Alexander: "…"
Toth: "…well, I just can't resist showing up to hit things for sitmod amounts of damage."
Toth: "I'll… figure out something."
Wilhelmine: "Your name."
Icecylee: Anyway, and the award for more hilarious kP expendure of the day goes to… Mister Toth, for turning his arm into a fiend!
Icecylee: most, even.
Toth: "Are you sure it wasn't for Theo giving kP to a fiend?"
Xsaieta grins and purrs exultantly at Mr. Toth. "God, is it wrong of me that I'm looking forward to what happens if you just focus fire on smashin' everything you can? You've been my morality leash this entire story."
Icecylee: That was a transfer, not an expendure! The cards say to be innanely specific about these things.
Toth: "THIS JUDGING IS BIASED." His spirits are higher now.
Toth: "Also what leash, it's not my fault you keep showing up and doing this trilling noise whenever you see 200% or more."
Icecylee: And with that out of the way
Mana: Millions nods approvingly in Mr. Toth's direction.
Icecylee: Who's ready for some AP!
Xsaieta: "ME ME ME"
Toth: "Now we're talkin'."
Icecylee slams a fist into the top of the music box, somehow opening it and activating it in this one motion.
Icecylee: Vlad's antics rolled in a whole ton of the stuff, and he and Theodore made sure the XP totals stayed high!
[OOC] Mana:
Icecylee: Wait up
Xsaieta: "Oh shit."
Icecylee: That's the wrong song!
Icecylee: It's way less shitty though so I'm going to allow it.
Icecylee waves dismissively.
NinjaWeazel: coulda been instead… But that's why y'all dont let me run things around here.
Toth: "NO"
Toth: "Okay let's have it xp-ap come on."
Icecylee: Don't look at me, that's Mana's department.
Icecylee: Well, actually I sitll ahve the totals, I think.
Icecylee: So might as well, give me a second.
Toth: "Between you and Mana, there's one person who I trust to actually keep records of anything."
Icecylee: Yeha I gave them to him a few days ago
Mana: !?
[OOC] Icecylee: EXP Levels are now 54744 (L15!)] [AP is now 743
Toth: "…that is a lot of AP holy shit."
Icecylee: 150 from the eclipse! And Vlad and Theo were killing fiends *all day*
Icecylee: It's almost like they planned on this or something.
Alexander: "I need more locks unlocked."
Toth: "That's what we call post-facto BS."
Aurora: "And we're glad for it."
Icecylee: Sounds like you need to do more things then, Alex!
Icecylee: And talk more!
Icecylee: Anyway that's it, you got you lewt and the doors open so scoot.
Alexander: I don't get locks opened even when I do solo stuff!
Aurora: "Right, I need to convince the Dryad spirit to sponsor Malachite."
Mana: Well, I mean
Icecylee: Talk over people! It does wonders for everyone else.
Mana: if you think you should have a lock popped
Mana: and I don't notice
Mana: Feel free to ask!
Alexander: I never think I do >_>
Xsaieta: which axes are open for you right now
Icecylee: Log is ending as soon as I refill my water so get your last second shout outs in!
Mana: Millions gets up.
Alexander: On Quicksilver? Jinn/Gnome, Salamander/Undine
Toth: "I want new weapons and armor so Peter get ready because I'm going to raid the shit out of Jinn tower before anyone else."
Alexander: "That sounds like a great idea. I want to check the jewellry."
Mana: Don't you have new weapons and armor!?
Toth: "Also gems, I'm looking for lodestones or juicy calaverites. Do I want Weirding?"
Wilhelmine: "W: ALL."
Toth: "Also I think I want heavy weapons now"
Toth: "Because I'm angry and want to smash things?"
Toth: "Oh who am I kidding I love magic."
Xsaieta: "YEAH!!!"
Mana: Millions nods sagely. "Once I managed to equip a chainsaw, nothing else really satisfied."
Alexander: "You have Lodestone, pick up Vandal Weapon."
Mana: "Anyway."
Icecylee: Purity doesn't necessarily mean benevolence, peter. Or restraint.
Icecylee: And with that…
Icecylee: CUT!

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