Mana Eod4

Mana: A curtain rises. And out onto the stage, draped in a floppy blue hat and a gold-trimmed blue coat, his tongue waggling this way and that as he jaws his beak, steps the Poet Pokiehl. He sets the cranked box on a three-legged table. He bows to the audience. He bows to the other side of the audience.
Icecylee cups his hands around his mouth. "Did you replace the music box? The old one broke!"
Toth: "(Took you long enough to start this…)"
Mana: Pokiehl flicks his hat a little, looking at the box. "Certainly looks intact, at the very least. Ahem!"
Veracruz: "(More like we didn't end doing stuff at any point in time, Toth)"
Wilhelmine turns her head to give Toth a neutral stare.
Mana: He stalks forward to the forefront of the stage with huge, jerking steps. "Welcome, O hearts of all kinds, to the End of Day."
Icecylee: "I guess we'll find out at the end!"
Toth: "Is he not going to…" He nods to the line above this one.
Icecylee: "Nope."
Rigo: "He's wallowing in it, it'll pass eventually."
Veracruz: "Oh, I see what happened"
Veracruz: "I hope he's not taking it too badly"
Icecylee: "I was gunna hold off a few more days but it's kinda been ruined, really. ANYWAYS AWARD SHOWS WOOO LETS DO IT!"
Veracruz: "But, hey, on with the End of Day, the show can't stop, and all that"
Toth: "Well, it's not so bad when it's happening -now-, at least."
Mana: "The show, certainly, must continue."
Mana: "Through swirling winter, and worst disaster - into the heart of catastrophe-"
Rigo: "My laziness not withstanding."
Mana: "From which, very possibly, a pearl of miracle might be plucked."
Mana: He shuffles a set of envelopes from his coat pocket, then throws them all over his head.
Mana: "Not from these dregs, naturally."
Mana: "Now then, now then…"
Mana: "I'm happy to grant the acclaim of Best Emperor Impression to Xsaieta, in absentia."
Mana: "The Phantom Labyrinth, a strange paradise of toys…"
Wilhelmine: "If it's very possible, would it still be a miracle?"
Toth claps politely.
Icecylee claps! "(It was pretty good, yeah.)"
Veracruz claps "It was great! Almost like the real one!"
Mana: There is, indeed, a clamor of applause from the audience- sproutlings, goblins, scorpion-soldiers, beasts, Lonely Tails, penguins, and all.
Mana: "For excellence in the field of Attaining New Damage Limits, we're -ecstatic- to honor the achievements of Ms. Wilhelmine, having attained a total of something to the tune of one-thousand-three-hundred Wisp damage with a well timed Pursuit Gate."
Mana: "Gloriously done. I expect to see the others do their best to catch up!"
Veracruz: "Wait- Does THAT one even counts?"
Icecylee: "I am *so* okay with not catching up."
Wilhelmine: "Friendly fire counts."
Wilhelmine: "Toth can have the next one."
Toth: "I'll pass."
Wilhelmine: "You'll note I wasn't the recipient of that damage."
Wilhelmine: "(I took the Shade half.)"
Toth: "Oh, then in that case I look forward to big numbers."
Veracruz: "If it's like that, remind me not to be in your party, Toth"
Mana: "And, finally, the Special Lonely Tails Award Which Lonely Tails Gets-"
Mana: "…I'm not going to give that award at all."
Mana: "It's silly. I won't be having truck with it whatsoever."
Icecylee: "Shoulda gave it to Rigo!"
Rigo: "She's prettier."
Mana: "Don't be absurd." Pokiehl paces in a circle.
Wilhelmine chuckles darkly. "Whaaat a way to go. I've said I couldn't die, but since I've been proven wrong, at least it was to something that strong."
Icecylee: "Eh you'll be fine in the morning."
Veracruz: "Well, at least you can pretty much say you've killed yourself"
Wilhelmine: "I know."
Mana: "Ah, the legendary hero…"
Mana: "Invincible to all but a fight gimmick."
Mana: "Surely, a geas for the ages."
Wilhelmine: "You'd probably better give that award to her, by the way. She might just write in her own name on someone else's award."
Mana: Pokiehl sighs.
Mana: "I suppose I might as well."
Icecylee: "She's busy writing somethying else. You're fine!"
Mana: "(special lonely tails award which lonely tails gets goes to the eponymous lonely tails, etc etc, yada yada.)"
Mana: "Still."
Wilhelmine claps once for that and leans back in her chair. "
Mana: "In this maelstrom, the hopes of the Pure at Heart hold together."
Mana: "There's something in that, I feel, more than any ceremony."
Mana: "From this madness…" He walks over to the table.
Mana: "Do seize something of worth."
Icecylee: "Oh what, *now* you're a poet proper?"
Wilhelmine: "You act as if you didn't know it."
Mana: He begins turning the crank.
[OOC] Mana:
Mana: A song gently begins playing…
Mana: And Pokiehl lowers his head.
Mana: Eventually, he stops, setting his fingers upon the lid with a click.
Icecylee: "There you go Josh, it's fixed now!"
Veracruz: "Whensoever was it broken?!"
[OOC] Mana: EXP set to 32475. AP set to 452.
Toth grins. And then frowns.
Wilhelmine: "… Toth, just how more busy were you?"
Wilhelmine: "Wasn't one fiend enough?"
Toth: "For being free of the Goddess, the Pure Land sure does love combat."
Toth: "Also grudge dragon."
Veracruz: "Grudge Dragon, he kinda saved us from an early end of day"
Wilhelmine: "Mm. I was settling business elsewhere."
Rigo: "I'd say it worked out fairly well."
Wilhelmine: "… Ah. Actually, you might have to fight Vladislav for that damage award tomorrow, Toth.
Wilhelmine: "Or maybe the day after."
Wilhelmine: "I'm sure my record won't last for long."
Veracruz: "I think as soon as Vlad does what he plans on"
Veracruz: "He will have a lot of damage on his account, and a lot of pissed off enemies"
Toth: "It's good to have competition."
Wilhelmine: "At least that plan won't make him any new ones."
Icecylee: "Woah woah woah, getting a little ahead of yourself Wilhelmine."
Icecylee: "It definitely can."
Wilhelmine: "Fair enough."
Rigo: It'll be entertaining, regardless. "
Mana: "Certainly, it will." Pokiehl twirls.
Mana: "Come then! Join the phantasmagoric masquerade of the fifth day!"
Mana: The Poet, Pokiehl, departs.

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