Mana Eod3

Mana: …
Mana: A curtain rises.
Mana: And, out onto the stage, dressed in a floppy blue hat, stalks the Poet Pokiehl. He sets, like twice before, a brightly-colored box down onto a stool.
Mana: "Now then! I'm sure we've all got a lot on our minds, so! Let me welcome you to…"
Mana: A drumroll. Poppers go off to both sides from backstage, sending streamers and confetti towards Pokiehl, who mostly ignores them.
Mana: "The end of days ceremony for Pokiehlember 3rd!"
Mana: "Yes, way to go! Still alive, all of you."
Mana: "Though, hm, not hard for Pure Hearts, is it?"
Toth: "Do the suckers down in No Mana Land count as alive?"
Xsaieta: "Hey, I'll take it."
Alexander: "Not sure we do, but whatever."
Rigo: "Beats the alternative."
Vladislav: "Alexander has managed to die twice now. I think he's in the lead."
Mana: "But! Ladies and gentlemen. Let me say, in all sincerity:"
Mana: "The turns of Titania are getting twistier!"
Mana: "The motivations getting more clouded!"
Mana: "The excuses for battles…"
Mana: "Eh…"
Mana: "…They're getting just a little bit more tenuous."
Mana: "But! The sun has set, the day has ended, and another day will dawn. You'll sort things out, I'm certain."
Mana: "That's what Pure Hearts do? Tidy things up?"
Rigo: "Is that what I'm supposed to be doing?"
Alexander: "Except when they make things worse."
Mana: Pokiehl takes a seat on the lip of the stage, takes out an envelope from his long, gold-trimmed blue coat, opens it, and reads it.
Toth: "Actually I think we've just turned over a bunch of rocks and found a lot of ants."
Alexander: "Like placing a giant fortress in the middle of nowhere."
Mana: He places a tiny pair of spectacles on his huge toucan beak.
Toth: "I'm helping the 'excuses for battles,' obviously."
Mana: "Ah, yes. It says here that you do, indeed, make an enormous mess of things."
Mana: "Well."
Rigo: "You and me are going to have Words about that, Toth. Just, y'know, be prepared."
Mana: "That's…"
Mana: "Something to be proud of, isn't it?"
Toth: "Not if I dodge you the entire day by playing on Saturdays."
Rigo: "Coward."
Vladislav: "He's got a point."
Mana: "He certainly does."
Mana: "Now then, we are, after all, here for the awards."
Rigo: "Don't make me call in sick just to kick your ass."
Mana: "So…" He removes a stack of envelopes, looks at them, then discards them.
Mana: "I'd like to announce the prestigious award for Most Unexpected Initiative…"
Mana: "For valor in the act of bending the narrative and spotlight to your will…"
Mana: "…To Vladislav! For skipping ahead to the Pure Land far earlier than anyone would've rightfully expected. Well done. The shame and dishonor of Most Difficult Motherfucker shall graciously stay its hand tonight, my friend!"
Vladislav scowls as he steps on to the stage. "At this point I am thinking you are simply calling me up here every night to make a point."
Mana: "No, no, my friend! This is sincere acclaim."
Mana: Pokiehl bows deeply to Vladislav.
Vladislav narrows his brow but remains silent.
Mana: "However."
Mana: "Mr. Toth, could you come up here?"
Toth hops up onto the stage.
Mana: "Vladislav. My dearest of friends."
Mana: "If you look to your left, there is a bucket full of icy cold water."
Mana: "Would you, if you don't mind, lift it up and -verse- it upon Mr. Toth's head, in a playful comedic jape-"
Mana: "As comic admonishment for the tremendous amounts of trouble has has just finished creating?"
Vladislav glances over at the bucket before picking it up with one hand. "The same jape two nights in a row? Your material is getting old."
Rigo: "Pour it on him instead!"
Mana: Pokiehl clasps feathery fingers together.
Mana: "There is value in ceremony, after all."
Mana: "One doesn't get tired of a blue man getting kicked by a horse, for example."
Rigo: "Senator Barbaro isn't even part of this story!"
Vladislav: "Apologies, Mr. Toth but it would seem our friend here was not content with the water being dumped on his head the night prior. For the sake of variety in the days to come…" He grins as he swings the bucket in an arc spraying water on Toth.
Toth sputters.
Toth: "Well.
Toth crosses his soaked arms.
Toth: "At least the Longedfor is R: Undine."
Mana: Pokiehl laughs into his hat. "Ahem!"
Mana: "Now, for the honor of most romantically successful…"
Mana: Pokiehl looks at his watch.
Toth: "It's no fun if she's not here…"
Rigo: "Pretty sure that's still Xsai."
Toth: "Though I guess 'that' happened off camera, too."
Mana: Pokiehl looks over at the door.
Mana: "…She isn't, is she?"
Mana: "Ah, and here I was hoping I could get a blush. Ah well."
Mana: "Well, anything I'm forgetting?"
Mana: Verris Millions calls out from the back row: "BEST PSUEDONYM!"
Mana: "Shut UP!" The poet calls back.
Mana: "You're next after the goblins, bird boy!"
Mana: "I thought that was the Services."
Toth: "I don't understand the whole mythos about it, but whatever."
Mana: "You're next after the goblins, the services, any other pure hearts who get in my way, the Emperor, any assorted random encounters, and a fucking glass of whiskey, bird-boy!"
Vladislav: "So, can we close off the ceremonies now? I think we all know the -real- reason we're paying attention to this."
Toth: "Xsai called it months ago, though. Y'know, when Mana was actually running."
Mana: Pokiehl glares. "I thought you didn't drink."
Vladislav: "And it has yet to come."
Mana: Pokiehl nods sagely.
Mana: "Yes, that's true."
Xsaieta: "Daaaamn, Toth."
Mana: He walks over to the box, and begins to turn the crank…
Rigo: "Its OK, I probably drink enough for… well all of you, really."
Mana: "And I'm damn jealous. You know, nobody complains about you gettin' typecast!" Verris complains.
Rigo: "Not enough Taoists to spot it."
Rigo: "I'm sure the Goddess knows a Wine Immortal when she sees one."
Mana: Pokiehl turns the crank…
Mana: And a song slowly plays.
Mana: He turns it three times, and just before-
Mana: -Well, something -
Mana: He puts his lid on the box, and stops.
[OOC] Mana: Set to 300 AP. Set to 12,000 EXP.
Mana: "Anyway! Though I'm sure things have been… a little bumpy."
Mana: "You've all been wonderful."
Mana: "Enjoy the fourth day!"
Mana: The Poet, Pokiehl, departs.

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