Mana Eod2

Mana: Okay, so Andrew, you're backstage at this kinda run-down theatre, and you're not really sure how you got conned into this, and then suddenly a bird-dude (big yellow bill, floppy hat, floppy blue coat) - this dude being the Poet Pokiehl - throws a big pile of something into your arms, runs out onto stage, and harshly whispers - "We're on! Get ready!"
Mana: You think the object that just got thrown at you is a curtain.
Avyernan looks at the bundley thingamajigger. Frowns. Looks around for a hook or rod or something curtain-relevant for investigatory purposes.
Mana: "Forget it! Get over here!"
Avyernan jumps! And then shrugs and follows along.
Mana: On stage, the Poet Pokiehl picks a box up off a three-legged table - blue, emblazoned with gold stars, some toybox, jack-in-the-box looking thing - pauses, and looks at the lowered curtain. And then, it starts to rise…
Avyernan turns to see who exactly is looking at this stage? Before watching the curtain rise, anyways.
Mana: …Revealing the audience. Sproutlings, Mushroom people, An entire section of goblins (Al-Aldin, Faith Total Machine, and Frenzy all representing) -
Mana: And possibly, you know, one or two Pure Hearts. If they've bothered to show up.
Mana: Pokiehl clears his throat. "Now then, ladies and gentlemen! We bring you a very, incredible, special guest here to present our awards on this fine evening!"
Mana: "I'd like a riotous round of applause for Mr. McLellan. So handsome! So dateable! Good at driving you places!"
Avyernan is by now totally just trying to figure out what the christ this bundle is.
Mana: There's a hole in the blue cloth at one end, but there aren't any others, so it's very unlikely that it's an article of clothing.
Mana: There's a faint smattering of polite applause from the audience. I mean, most of their arms are sort of short, so they're not incredibly good at it, but they make a spirited show of effort.
Wilhelmine just keeps hers folded. Vladislav's presence has dampened her ability to show even the smallest modicum of polite excitement.
Mana: "Now then! Ladies and gentlemen, we now close upon the second day of the drama!"
Avyernan looks up at the audience, going a tad wide eyed. Slooooooowly puts a hand into the hole experimentally.
Vladislav is presenting a sly grin, staring off at nothing in particular.
Mana: Entangled within the folds of a collapsed sack that is far, far too big for it, there is, in fact, some envelopes.
Mana: "Our Salamander district - the most Salamander of our districts - is still, fascinatingly, intact, giving us new wonder at the mysteries of the universe, I feel!"
Mana: "O, what glory! That you can fill a town with guns, gangsters, evil cults-"
Mana: The Poet steps all the way up to the front of the stage, leans waaaay forward -
Mana: "(You know they're evil, right?)"
Mana: "(I didn't ruin it?)"
Mana: "(Good!" )
Avyernan pulls one out at random, flips it this way and that to look it over while people are distracted with the poet dude.
Mana: The outside has "AWARD for PREMIERE ADVENTURER" printed on it, and you can see the hint of a name inside.
Mana: You know, through the light.
Toth scratches at his beard and gives a sidelong glance at the Poet.
Mana: "…And it can somehow, in fact, not explode!"
Mana: "In fact, if I was going to sum up the second day in a few words…"
Mana: "Charming anticlimax! Yes! The beauty of events built up to, failing to come to a point!"
Mana: "Oh, what glories, that we can see our fates spinning out before us and then… avert them!"
Mana: "…For a bit."
Aurora crosses her arms, looking a bit confused at what's going on.
Mana: The Poet swivels to look at Avy and strides up to him, plucking the envelope out of his hands with feathery fingers. He inspects the envelope.
Mana: "…As always, rubbish!"
Toth: "It'll work out, in the end…"
Mana: "Really, I told them, if you're not going to award awards with some pizazz, squawk, what's the point?"
Mana: "Ladies and gentlemen! Instead, I'd like to celebrate, in absentia, for Most Deliveries-"
Mana: "Do we have delivery fans in the audience?"
Avyernan looks, if anything, like he's triple confused. Especially with the snatching! And squawking. On the other hand, there's totally more envelopes in there, so he totally pulls a few out and fans them out to peer at those too.
Wilhelmine jerks a thumb at the guest, suggesting he imght be an enthusiast.
Vladislav offers a glance at Toth narrowing his brow.
Mana: There's a chorus of excitement from the delivery-fans in the back row, many of them young girls in flowered hats.
Toth: "I'm counting on just such a thing tomorrow, I better be excited about it."
Mana: Bonnets, even.
Mana: "Well then! Then I'm proud to announce that the Day 2 award for Most Deliveries - always a classic - goes to… Rigo!"
Mana: "Yes, that's an upset! For delivering… one monk!"
Mana: "Is this the dawn of a new era in deliveries?"
Mana: "Does our deliveryman have a deliverival?"
Toth 's face does like this- :O - and then he gives polite applause!
Mana: Applause! "Well, let's all live another day and find out!"
Wilhelmine tosses her skullcap down. She had money riding on a winning streak for Veracruz.
Mana: "And, as the victor in the field of Clutchest Play, let me be proud to announce and honor the amazing slam-dunk-defeat-victory of Mr. Xsaieta!"
Mana: "He's everything anyone could possibly want -"
Mana: "- Well, if what you want is MP, ladies!"
Mana: He looks down at Mr. Toth. "Or should I say, gentlemen? Hrm-hrm."
Mana: The Poet Pokiehl briefly walks off stage and returns holding a gigantic bucket of water. It's plastic, and sloshing.
Mana: He plucks the bundle from Avy with one hand and - "Hold this." - gives it to him with the other.
Toth leans back, gives the Poet a cocky grin, and shrugs.
Avyernan blinks, and starts swinging the bucket back and forth a little. "Right. Sure. Why not."
Mana: "Vladislav! Could you come up on stage?"
Vladislav straightens his coat before walking on up.
Vladislav: "I do hope you have a function for that bucket that does not involve dumping it on my head."
Wilhelmine bends down to pick her cap up. Dour stares don't have the same effect with it off as they do with it on.
Mana: "I have many functions for that bucket, good sir!"
Mana: "Could you just stand right there, next to our esteemed guest?"
Vladislav steps to the side with a sceptical look.
Avyernan gathers the bucket up under an arm. Looks to Vladislav. "For the love of god tell me you have some idea why I'm here."
Mana: "Now then!"
Wilhelmine: "Is this the 'tall glass of water' award?"
Vladislav scratches at his chin. "If I had to take I guess I would say that you experimented one too many time with portals."
Mana: "No, no, no. This is the Currently Wrongest Motherfucker award, for the most actively - and hilariously - misled!"
Mana: Pokiehl smugly draws himself up. "Yes! Difficulty, admittedly, on the downrise, full marks for that-"
Mana: "-But alas! We are compelled to honor and celebrate your dedication to-"
Mana: "-Andrew, please place the bucket on his head."
Vladislav: "Ah, yes. I suppose my actions would seem like that to the viewers. It is what was written down, after all."
Mana: "Quite possibly, given, they will have some deep and resonant import in retrospect."
Mana: "Ah, the drama of large parts, too great to be spied by mortal eye!"
Mana: "(psst, andrew, bucket.)"
Avyernan chuckles, lifting the bucket up and setting the base of it lightly on Vlad's head… and then lets go to let it fall more towards Poetbutt.
Mana: The water tips and tumbles towards Pokiehl, dousing him in a great torrent of water - "Ackpth! Ka-squack-kth!"
Mana: "Hoisted by my own petard."
Wilhelmine: "If I had to guess from that happy accident, poet, you're even more wrong than he is. A tricky award to stick."
Vladislav watches the bucket get tossed on the Poet and offers a bow in return. "Unfortunately for you this is also my story."
Mana: He waddles off to the cranked box.
Mana: "Unfortunately."
Mana: He hums a tune, at first, but then the gears inside the music box begin turning, and the band, in the wings, picks the song up too…
Mana: Repetitive, yet a little charming…
Mana: (A tune that's a little like this: )
Mana: But, midway through the verse, he stops, presses his finger down on the lid of the box with a little click, and the song ceases in its tracks.
[OOC] Mana: Bumped up to 5415 EXP and 179 AP.
Mana: "Thank you, everyone." He's dripping wet. "
Mana: "You've been, more or less, a wonderful audience."
Wilhelmine wavers a hand.
Mana: The Poet, Pokiehl, departs, leading a flustered MacLellan along with him.

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