Character Name: Eris

Class: Mediator
Current XP: 0
Total XP: 0
Feelin' Good?: Actually yes, I feel amazing.


ATK 10 VIT 8
WIL 10 LUC 6


HP: 591 / 600
MP: 480 / 600
Luck: 5 / 6


All your currently equipped and usable abilities and their effects go here for easier reference, with pre-calculated delays and damage and anything else you might need to know quickly. Cost is for stuff like MP or CTs
Action Name Cost Delay CoS Target Keywords Effect
Attack 60D 80 T: Single Technique, Deals d12+160 physical damage.
Item 40D 100 T: Single Support Consume one item and gain its effects.
Change Row 20D 100 T: Self Move the character into the row they are not currently in.
Wait 15D 100
Defend 30D 100 Support, Stance Gain a 4/5 defense factor until your next turn.
Bodyguard 40D 100 T: Single Support, Stance Select an ally; until your next turn damage is redirected from them. Eris takes half, and the attacker takes the other half.
Divert 60MP 60D 80 T: Single Technique, Condition Deals d12+160 physical damage and inflicts a condition (4): The target deals -50% damage to all targets it damaged with its last action. Reduce duration by -(1) for each rank above mook.
Trinity Stake 100MP 60D 80 T: Single Technique, Adversity, Special SPECIAL. Can't be used until 3rd third. Make three separate attacks against one target, each dealing d12+160 physical damage.
Mass Crusher 50MP 60D 80 T: Single Technique, Adversity Mark: The enemy with the lowest current initiative. Deal 1d12+192 physical damage. Deals +10% damage for each enemy turn marker in the init list.
Quarter Draw 30MP 60D 80 T: Single Technique, Adversity Mark: An enemy with over 75% HP. Deal 1d12+208 physical damage.
Hot Rebuke 50MP 60D 80 T: Single Technique, Adversity Mark: An enemy which last used a Support ability. Deal 1d12+240 physical damage.
Highest Court 50MP 60D 80 T: Single Technique, Adversity Mark: an enemy which has an active Punishment Effect, or used an attack targeting multiple people with its last action. Deal d12+224 physical damage.
Supercollision 50MP 60D 80 T: Special Technique, Adversity Mark: Every enemy which has acted since the last acting ally did. Deal d12+160 damage to every enemy that meets the mark condition.


Reaction Name Trigger Cost Target Keywords Effect


DISPERSING DAMAGE: When damage is redirected, calculate damage against the original target only, and simply move around the final result. If a Mediator's ability grants a defense factor while redirecting damage, you get to apply that, however!

  • Empty Stance - When an attack damages you, you can direct half the damage away from you into your reserve damage. At the start of your next turn, you can divide the reserve damage between any number of party members.
  • Prime Load - The first Adversity ability you use each battle inflicts +10% damage per enemy on the field, and has no MP cost.


  • Rapid Smash [Strike Assist] - Weapon damage when an ally strikes an enemy!
  • Shimmer&Glitter [Guard Assist, Upgraded] - Heal the entire party for 50 HP before the attack does any damage, then leap in and take an attack for an ally!
  • Fated Match - Before Acting - Select an enemy. We deal +20% to one another until the end of the battle.. When Eris hits the enemy, she gains 40THP. When the enemy hits Eris, she deals -20% damage to other enemies.on her next turn.
  • Spark - Before Acting - Restore d10+120 HP to a single target.
  • High Spark - Before Acting - Restore d12+150 HP to a single target which isn't under the effect of a Pulse.
  • Exhaust Shine - After Acting - Only usable after an Adversity attack. Restore d10+100 HP to an ally, and grant an enhancement (4): they deal +20% damage, and Eris can't use Adversity actions while it's up.
  • We Are A Killing Team - Before Acting - If every single one of your allies have dealt damage since your last turn, you inflict +100% damage with your next attack.


Weapon Power Dice Delay Properties
Worn Mace 16 d12 60D
Armor Properties
Heavy Armor Armor 30


Muscle (Salamander)

Sc: You're strong! You can hammer down doors, hold up gates, climb sheer cliffs, and generally perform at the peak of human physique. If a bunch of small fries come running at you, you can send them all flying! Your look and how you carry yourself likely presents a certain aura of don't-mess-with-me-ness.
Sp: You can spend one luck to match strength against something that really should be out of your league. Unless you do something clever, you likely don't get one up on it, but you can often hold it back or wrestle it to a stale-mate. This can work against opponents that aren't really physical, too: You can push back barriers, or pin a tide of darkness into a jar.

Investigation (Wisp)

Sc: Your keen intellect and fine perception make you a force to be reckoned with. You pick up on small details that offer up a wealth of information to those who know how to look, and you possess an excellent corpus of world knowledge that equips you to make the necessary connections. You're skilled both in investigating specific sites, turning up any clues that might be hidden there, and in doing research and footwork - chasing down leads, asking questions, looking through archives. You likely have some connections to the legal system - if not as a formal detective, you at least have a contact or two that you share information and insight with.
Sp: When you glance over something or someplace, you can spend one luck - if you do so, it offers up a clue to a matter of interest to you. Your first two uses of this ability each expedition are free.
Rf: Once per expedition, when an Ace who has taunted you suffers a comeuppance at your hands, restore one luck to an ally.



Eris looks more or less like your average human woman, from a distance. Average height, average weight, average proportions and attractiveness, nothing to make her stand out at a quick glance. Her dark pink hair is long, and generally kept up in a high ponytail that still manages to find its way down to her waist. Eris' eyes are a lighter, bright and more pastel pink, and all that single, solid color. They constantly glow, too. As do her fingernails - the very same color as well - which tends to make her pale skin appear even more pale than it really is. For clothing she tends to wear a knee length jean skirt and black stomping boots. A white blouse with a spiral pattern sown into it with lighter white thread serves as her top, and a dark tan long sleeved over shirt that fits just right along the arms, but doesn't go past her ribs and is too small to close across her chest. Eris is usually wearing a small silver chain link necklace with a silver five point star pendent, with small rubies on each point. Also, don't mind the enormous mace that's slightly longer than she is tall that she carries with her.

Of note: when Eris speaks, one can almost swear they can faintly hear the sound of bells ringing in sync and tune with her words.


Not enough tortoise shell smashing going on around these parts.


Arrival, collapse. Leave. Arrival, collapse. Leave. Arrival, collapse. Repeat for what feels like forever.

What the hell are they even doing? Well, nothing, clearly.

I've been drifting for a long while now. Got caught up in something strange, back when home still existed. Met a lot of strange people as the world ended. Been traveling from world to world with them since then.

It was pretty exciting, at first. Realizing how much bigger existence was than I had even tried to imagine, before. Seeing all kinds of different, interesting places.

But they never lasted very long.

I've heard some people in this… I guess you'd call it a caravan, whatever, talking about 'Pure Hearts'. From what I gather, the worlds sort of revolve around them. Well not like, revolve, don't be an idiot. But the worlds are uniquely and bizarrely fixated upon them. The come into being from the endless winter when these Pure Hearts start to gather, gives them a place to live, and to grow, and gives them challenges to face.

…But none of them seem to know what the hell they're doing. Lately, anyway. I hear things used to be different, sort of. Who knows. But now? They just sort of lollygagging around, not really doing anything, causing the world to collapse in on itself, ushering in the winter far quicker than it ever should have. Not letting anything happen, not letting anything come to fruition. It's getting annoying.

So you know what? Screw them. Maybe next time we pull up into a patch of something in the winter expanse, I go out and make the story happen. I'm pretty sure I could do a better job of it than these shitty ass 'Pure Hearts'.

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