Coffeespace Millie

Name: Millicent 'Millie' Rose
Class: Thief
Race: D.S. Human
KP: 0
Gil: 144


Level: 9

HP: 112/112

Stat Current Max Attribute Rating
STR 5 18 25%
VIT 8 18 34%
AGI 13 23 49%
SPD 12 25 46%
MAG 5 18 25%
SPR 5 18 25%
Eva: 0 ARM: 27 (1.20x)
MEva: 0 MARM: 25 (1.15x)
Expertise: 68%
BaseACC: 58% SwordACC: 110%



Slot Equipment Effect
Weapon (AS) Silver Rapier 39+d8
Body Shadow Armor 11 ARM 7 MARM, Shadow Ward
Head Holy Veil 7 ARM 9 MARM, Holy Ward
Hands Fireproof Gloves 5 ARM 6 MARM, Fire Ward


Quantity Item Effect
D.S. Tonic Schema 1 Create tonics.
D.S. Leather Suit 1 Create leather suits.
D.S. Blind Knife 1 Create blind knives.
AS Bronze Vest 1 T2 armor, 8/8.
AS Leather Wrist 1 T1 armor, 1/2
Potion 14 50 HP

(stashed the 9 tonics somewhere I guess!)



Skill Rating Cost
Awareness 40 10
Disguise 66 33
Escape 40 20
Pickpocket 66 33
Stealth 20 10
Streetwise 66 33
Invent 64 64
Systems 62 31
Weapon Systems 41 41
Swords 64 64


Skill Rating Cost
Lang: Common 50 0
Lore: Hackin' 56 56
Lore: The Underworld 56 56
Lore: Devil's Market 56 56
Lore: Avoiding Authority 40 40


Skill Set

Ability Level Effect Target Type
Steal 1 Yoink! (see below) Single Fast Action

Steal+ ACC, EVA to succeed. Upon success, roll EXP, EVA to determine item:
Roll Result Item Stolen
Botch None
Failure Common
Beat CoS by 1 - 30 Uncommon
Beat CoS by 31 - 50 Rare
Beat CoS by 51+ Very Rare




Resistance: Seal, Tenacious (6): Her Schema has been hacked to give her greater resistance to the ills of the world. She is able to withstand a good deal of battering, even with her weakened system.
MT: Technical, ST: Mail (2): These are habits she has gained from living like she does. A family of hackers has given her an eye for the technical, and a family below the law has given her a preference for thicker clothing.


Frail 1, Devil Schema (3): Likewise, her Schema has been hacked. Coming from a base Schema whose organs failed at the age of 18, she is still weak compared to her fellows - and because her Schema has been altered, she herself is illegal.
Defenseless, Crippled Arm (5): On her first trip out of the sector, the monorail derailed. The subsequent injuries have given her a useless left arm, as well as one less eye. This sudden lack of depth perception and manual dexterity is displeasing, to say the least.


A-Type Scorpio
(Reserved, punctual, stubborn, intense, motivated, resourceful, temperamental, domineering, distrustful, secretive.)

Contacts, Getaway King: Millicent has established herself in the underground. While she's kept a low profile herself, she knows the big names of the business. She's also picked up the most important skill for any person on the fringe of society: the art of GTFO.
Beauty, Charismatic: While Millicent's hair is tangled and messy, and her face is often scruffed and dirty, it's not an accidental measure. She comes from beautiful Schema stock, and if she takes a chance on cleaning herself up, she can reap the benefits. Of course, it's always a risk…
Secret Place, Obligation: Millicent's home is hidden away on a nameless street, in a dusty corner, in an inconspicuous block. Moving here after her parent's incarceration was a deliberate move - Millicent doesn't want her older sister to be discovered. Speaking of her sister, Centina may as well be houseridden, and she's a glaring weak spot in the thief's otherwise tight defenses. If any harm befalls Centina, Millicent will come running. No exceptions.

Miscellaneous Info

Age: 23
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150lbs
Hair density: Thick
Favourite food: Green apples
Favourite drink: White wine


Colours: Purple/grey.
[[image: width+ "472" height+ "550" align+ "right"]]
Millicent has wild black hair, straight from the 80s, and unnatural purple eyes. She favours skirts and stockings, and usually wears a black choker.


The Rose family were quiet but proficient hackers. While they were no Angels, they strove to understand how those legendary figures worked - largely through reverse engineering.

This wasn't a problem until they decided they wished for children.

Their selected schema was both one of the most attractive, and one of the shortest lived - it died of liver failure around the age of eighteen. This was an appropriate challenge, they decided, and a challenge it was. Through crossreferencing and code-plucking, they got a human out of their atelier - dead from the gates. The second lived for all of five minutes before they put it out of its misery. The third is best not spoken of.

The fourth was the first sign it was possible. Centina was a weak and frail child, but all her vital systems were normal, and they thought from their models that she'd surely last for several more years than projected. Still, it wasn't enough: thus came Millicent, the fifth attempt. She was weaker than more robust schema, but she had all the resilience of a pit-fighter with the recovery to match. Tiring of the emotional strain which came from failure, they decided she was good enough - and it's true that she was quite an improvement.

Young in her life, her mother was arrested by the authorities on charges of dealing with devil schema - her first direct experience with SchemAuth. It was a better lesson than any of the warnings her family could have given her, and Millicent grew reserved, reluctant to share her secrets. Though she was the younger sister, she felt responsible for Centina - she had to strong for both of them. Didn't she?

It was the right attitude to have. Millie's life passed uneventfully after that mark, as she learnt the family trade. Several years later, the same thing happened: this time, her father failed to elude SchemAuth. Millicent, now late in her teens, packed herself and her sister up - they moved more than once before the young woman decided they were safe, but it meant that their location was rather secure indeed. Faced with the prospect of becoming their provider, Millicent dived headfirst into the underground - the Devil's Market and those who dealed in its arts. Quick hands, both at the keyboard and at other's pockets, saw to her survival.

And it just so happened that she caught word of some interesting prospects in the next sector over. With her Mark of Darkness and her skills in disguise, Millicent didn't fear the checkpoint between her and the monorail…


2: +1 SPD. HP roll 7 (+4 -1). Skills: +5 Invent, +2 Swords, +1 Disguise, Pickpocket, Streetwise. Lores: +2 Hackin', The Underworld, Devil Market.
3: +1 AGI. HP roll 6 (+4 -1). Skills: +2 Invent, +5 Systems, +1 Disguise, Pickpocket, Streetwise. Lores: +2 Hackin', The Underworld, Devil Market.
4: +1 SPD. HP roll 5 (+4 -1). Skills: +2 Invent, Swords, Systems, +1 Disguise, Pickpocket, Streetwise, Weapon Systems. Lores: +2 Hackin', The Underworld, Devil Market.
5: +1 AGI. HP roll 8 (+4 -1). Skills: +2 Invent, Swords, Weapon Systems, +1 Disguise, Pickpocket, Streetwise, Systems. Lores: +2 Hackin', The Underworld, Devil Market.
6: +1 SPD. HP roll 8 (+4 -1). Skills: +2 Invent, Swords, Weapon Systems, +1 Disguise, Pickpocket, Streetwise, Systems. Lores: +2 Hackin', The Underworld, Devil Market.

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