Apocrypha Too Much Of A Good Thing Part Iii

AURUM: Previously, on Apocrypha: Our heroes fought a possessed guard-captain, who, upon defeat, filled them in on what exactly happened in this world, and then sent them deeper into the city's heart- to a cavern underneath the massive crystal-and-brass engine piercing the skyline, to a vast pool of Mud, and an enormous machine…
Nine , despite the heavy intentions floating in the air asking them to come or go, simply continues to make his way to the Fiend Engine without stopping
Exekiel: Exciting stuff!
Eidolon prepares for a fight, because that's how situations are resolved.
Clarafina rolls her shoulders. "I'm prepared if you are, of course!"
Ezekiel: "Uh-huh."
Nameless: "Hm."
Nine looks up at the great fiend engine where the fiend-prince is at. He approaches it, looking it carefully. He pulls out his book that, whereas it may be a weapon if needed, still is a book. He writes a few things on the blank pages at the end of it "Just give me some time…"
AURUM: The City Heart is watching you - tiny little vines growing up the cavern walls, an almost oppressive, crowded feeling of presence.
Eidolon: "Oh-!" He snaps his fingers. "Now I remember. Sort of."
Clarafina smiles sweetly at Nine. "You'll go first, of course."
Nameless‘ looks at the fiend engine. "Mmm… no. They did not have this where a man is from. Our devils…" He shakes his head. "Almost. But gone."
Nine: "I haven’t seen this sort of technology before, but if it follows the sense of this world, then… I can work with it" he closes his book, puts a hand over the crystal of the engine "I can make sure that the actual harm done is undone, and prevented." he closes his eyes "All this system needs is a Flux Controller" [Invention] ((You know what i'm doing!))
AURUM: There's some kind of warning light, bright and shimmering - tendrils snaking through the Mud.
AURUM: Jewel-tone warning lights, blinking off and on, in an intricate pattern.
AURUM: Something like a machine's immune system…
Clarafina hops a little bit to the left, letting a tendril get past her.
Nine looks at the light as it blinks, it's time to be bold, and to provoke this thing. If it needs to be subdued first… He pulls out tools, measuring devices "Countermeasures? No virus likes to be erased"
AURUM: …or a trap placed here, or carefully constructed, around the inner workings of the engine. To prevent it from ever wanting anything new.
Nine: "Don't worry, i'll free you from this bad programming. But either you let me, or get this started at once"
Nameless‘ barely seems to notice the tendrils sliding through the mud apart from having to side-step them with a little less grace than usual. His sword is still slung on his back, as he watches over Nine.
Solberg lazily pulls out their baton. "Hm. More enforcement. I kind of miss the desk job tensions of investigation and blackmail."
AURUM: Confused shouts from behind you - possessed people fighting each other, some of them trying to form a perimeter around you, keep the others from stopping the process - a few sneak through, and start running towards you, while the fiend-engine hums to life, a lance of crystalline light shining down like a spotlight.
Nameless: "Nine, I hope you work quickly otherwise a man is going to have to kill some mostly-innocent people."
Eidolon: "Private or public servant, Solberg?"
Ezekiel` scratches at the back of his head.
AURUM: Inside the machine, the Fiend-Lord writhes, his mind not entirely his own, and tendrils rise up from the mud, and grope unwantedly at your ankles:
AURUM: Battle order: Clarafina [F]:0 Eidolon [B]:1 Solberg [B]:2 Gardened Gardener [B]:2 Peregrine [F]:3 Mind of its Own B [F]:3 Syachachadri, the Ink-Hearted Blossom [F]:4 The Lantern of Wishes [B]:4 Nine [B]:6 Ezekiel [F]:7 Mind of its Own A [F]:8
AURUM: Status for Mind of its Own A : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for Mind of its Own B : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for Gardened Gardener : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for The Lantern of Wishes : [<span style="color: #008000;">====================</span>]
AURUM: Status for Syachachadri, the Ink-Hearted Blossom : [<span style="color: #008000;">====================</span>]
AURUM: Clarafina!
Nine: "I will not accept you stalling for time" puts a device to the engine- Either they start this fight now, or he’s going to start his work now "To allow you to control that which controls you. To allow you to keep your bonds as tight or loose as you wish, to allow you to isolate an infected portion that it may not infect all of you, to let you throw all of this away if you so wish"
Ezekiel: "Woooah I've already read this doujin not too keen on being in it."
Nameless: "But you're so cute, Ezekiel."
Solberg: "Public."
Nameless: "Like fighting a lion with a steak."
Ezekiel: "Nyaaa."
Eidolon: "-Really-. Huh. They're not typically that well dressed."
Nine looks at Peregrine "We will need to suppress those… Nearby interruptions. I'd rather not make a mistake because I got stabbed in the gut, I may not have a second chance"
Nameless: "Very well then."
Clarafina begins casting [Black Spot - CT15]! Black ribbons wind up around her, one gently lifting her up into the air!
Nameless‘ turns and steps away from Nine, blade sliding free with an eager, menacing hiss. "A man apologizes," he adresses the onrushing horde.
Nine looks back at "Syachachadri. I will turn your brass to copper, I will make silica out of your crystal. I will grant you silver and iron!" he pulls out his book again, this time in his battle stance, he points it forward "I will make light flow with your mud! Now get a hold of yourself, before I need to get a hold of you"
Eidolon: "Oh- hello, we’re starting!" He floats to the side, getting everything in one conal-eye's view. His body dims slightly [Backfeed], and he cuts open a small hole in time-space, aiming it at Gardened Gardner. [CT10 Void Junk]
Solberg: "We'll talk fashion later."
Nameless: "Talking about fahion is so boring though. It is much better to simply wear it."
AURUM: Solberg!
Solberg strikes a translucent orb into Nine's chest. [Solid Pulse (6), +50 HP per tick, 50D]
Clarafina: "Fashion's of utmost importance."
AURUM: Solberg takes [30] damage from the Gardener's Palefire!
[OOC] Solberg: [THP: 50] HP: 600/600, MP: 305/600, LP: 5/8, SoS: 150
AURUM: The Gardener's hands become blossoms of flesh, and aether charges! [CT 20]
AURUM: Peregrine!
Nameless‘ takes one long step forward and swings, pivoting as his blade scythes through Mind of its Own A. [Setting Tinder, 60D]
Nameless` rolled 1d100 and got 7 ( Total: 7 ) for 85/5
Nameless` bumps that down with one luck. Why not.
AURUM: Nevermind I guess Solberg doesn’t take that damage after all.
Nameless‘ rolled 1d12+150,200% and got 8 ( Total: 316.0 )
[OOC] Solberg: [THP: 80] HP: 600/600, MP: 305/600, LP: 5/8, SoS: 150
Nameless` plants his feet, blade arced back… [Stance: Earth]
AURUM: That’s a crit and Mind A is flung backwards, the ink spraying off of it - protecting the physical body, taking the hit, but utterly spent, and the human lies unconscious. [KO]!
AURUM: Mind B roars! [Payback]
Nameless: "You'll have your turn, a man brought plenty to share."
Ezekiel‘ dahes in after Nameless, striking it down! [SA[
Ezekiel` rolled 1d100 and got 82 ( Total: 82 )
[OOC] AURUM: it’s already dead bro
[OOC] Ezekiel: sorry just sat back down didn't read the entire thing :D
AURUM: It gets that turn… right now, swinging at Nameless! [Attack] [First Punch] [Payback] [Wild Swing]
AURUM rolled 1d100 and got 66 ( Total: 66 ) for 60
AURUM: nooooooooooooooooooo *sobs*
Eidolon uses one luck to-
Eidolon nah haha
[OOC] Nine: Teak I presume the fiend-prince is Syachacadri, but what… Is the Lantern of Wishes? The thing with warning lights?
Nameless‘ just… leans back. He makes it look so easy sometimes.
AURUM: The Lantern of Wishes is the huge Engine built around the Fiend-Prince; the mechanism to grant the people of this world their deepest desire!
Nine closes his eyes
AURUM: Said Lantern burns brightly, and five pillars of light erupt out of the Mud, each of them sustained by a little bubbling flux of Mud at the base! [Plumes of Light] It then launches a missile at Nine- no, not a missile, a brass-and-crystal chain that binds him to the Engine! [Battle Anchor] - Both the Anchor and all the Plumes can be targeted! The Lantern inflicts +50% damage to Nine while the Anchor is alive!
Nine: "This might be harder than I thought" he opens his eyes again "Or not. Can’t get harder than impossible" he grins, mostly to himself "Try to focus on the surrounding system keeping him constrained"
Ezekiel: "Deep, yo."
Nine attempts to move away- But the chain drags him closer- "I thought you were trying to stop me, not help me"
Nine: "This world seems to work based on narrative cues and storywriting instead of physical interaction… I'm just taking the most effective approach"
AURUM: The Fiend-Prince reaches out, and Mud rises around Solberg -
AURUM rolled 1d100 and got 15 ( Total: 15 ) for 80
Solberg: "Focus on the surface elements, and the gestalt fills the cracks?"
AURUM rolled d8+90 and got 8 ( Total: 98 )
AURUM: Solberg takes [98] damage and is inflicted with the [Panic Virus] (3) - when the Virus ticks 0, it mutates! If Solberg's inflicted at least 200 damage to enemies by then, they become Immune and inflict +50% damage (3)! If not, they recieve +100% damage (3)!
AURUM: Battle order: Nine [B]:0 Ezekiel [F]:1 Eidolon [B]:5 Clarafina [F]:9 Gardened Gardener [B]:16 Mind of its Own B [F]:37 Syachachadri, the Ink-Hearted Blossom [F]:38 Solberg [B]:46 The Lantern of Wishes [B]:48 Peregrine [F]:57
AURUM: Status for Battle Anchor : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for Mind of its Own B : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for Gardened Gardener : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for The Lantern of Wishes : [<span style="color: #008000;">====================</span>] Plume Cooldown(5)
AURUM: Status for Syachachadri, the Ink-Hearted Blossom : [<span style="color: #008000;">====================</span>]
AURUM: Status for Plume of Light A : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for Plume of Light B : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for Plume of Light C : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for Plume of Light D : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for Plume of Light E : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Nine!
[OOC] Nine: Uhn… What… Row are the plumes in?
AURUM: They're not in a row!
[OOC] Nine: Well, then, I wonder how T: Row interacts with that!
AURUM: No, hang on, the Plumes are in the rows; Battle Anchor isn't.
AURUM: Plumes A, B, and C are in the front row; Plumes D and E are in the back!
AURUM: Sorry about that.
Nine pulls out, with a little trouble, a vial containing red liquid from his coat, as well as a cylindric device. He pours the contents on the vial, and screws the cap… A light beeping [Demolisher, CT 20]
A red zone appears on the floor beneat the front row
[OOC] Nine: Front, wait, no fix that, back.
Ezekiel‘ moves forward, stabbing at Plume A! [40D] [After Me]
Ezekiel` rolled 1d100 and got 56 ( Total: 56 )
Ezekiel` rolled d8+91 and got 8 ( Total: 99 ) for Anyone that SA’s off this recovers 80 HP and deals +30% damage
[OOC] Solberg: dibs
[OOC] Nameless: get to it then I was mid-type :p
[OOC] Nine: Nooo, I need an S.A. as well- But mine's for bonus damage o my spell, go for it
Solberg follows up with a black orb. [Bank Shot]
[OOC] Nine: I'm going to S.A whatever the next attack is, though
Ezekiel‘ sure is popular all the sudden.
[OOC] Solberg: screw you guys I’m a healer with Panic Virus
Solberg rolled d12*1.3+144*1.3 and got 2 ( Total: 189.8 )
[OOC] Nine: 150% because one charge of Domino Effect
[OOC] Nine: So 219
[OOC] Ezekiel: 20 from after me, 10 from domino, which is 30 total!
[OOC] Nine: Oh, I see
[OOC] Nine: i am so awful at math
Solberg spends a luck to bump that up to 40% and [204] instead!
AURUM: I mean uh
AURUM: Solberg breaks panic virus! Plume A is annihilated!
AURUM: Eidolon!
Eidolon claps the time-space hole closed but not before it spews out universe-gunk on the Gardened Gardner! [Void junk, 35D]
Eidolon rolled 1d8+150 and got 6 ( Total: 156 ) for Marked!
A beeping sound, a single spherical device drops on Gardened Gardener. A mute explosion. [S.A. - Interrupt Charge]
Nine rolled 1d100 and got 64 ( Total: 64 ) for 80
Nine rolled 1d8+72,50 and got 5 ( Total: 38.5 ) for Physical, Melee, Back Row -> Back Row
Eidolon: "Good hustle, Nine."
AURUM: Blarp! [156] It's in SOS, then Nine manages to finish it off! Nine is inflicted with a [Grudge] - he takes +30% damage (5)!
[OOC] Nine: HP: 500/500, MP: 484/550, LP: 8/8, SoS: 125 - Solid Pulse [50 HP] (6),Anchored [+50%] (U),Spell Charge [+20%] (U),Grudge [+30%] (5)
AURUM: Clarafina!
Clarafina sends ribbons shooting into the lantern, entangling around the Fiend-Prince: Binding the Ink-Hearted Blossom where it lurks! [Black Spot - 35D]
Clarafina rolled d10+84 and got 7 ( Total: 91.0 ) for Black Spot (4) - Luck effects vs. target are doubled.
Clarafina: For 91 magical Shade damage! Clarafina sizzles with Palefire. [30].
Ezekiel: A bright, neon billboard pops up above the Fiend Engine: [PSA: Dominon Effect is now at +20%]
AURUM: The fiend-prince takes [91] and is inflicted with Black Spot - also, the Palefire user is dead now, but thank you for tracking, ilu. <3
AURUM: Nine!
Nine takes a deep breath, and throws the device upwards. It arcs in the air and hits the ground just once as it lands in the back row- There's a tremendous explosion of swirling flames [Demolisher, 40D]
Nine rolled 1d10+150,120 and got 1 ( Total: 181.2 ) for Spell, 40 DoT(4) to every target
AURUM: That's… T:Row to the back row?
[OOC] Nine: HP: 500/500, MP: 404/550, LP: 65/8, SoS: 125 - Solid Pulse [50 HP] (5),Anchored [+50%] (U),Grudge [+30%] (4)
[OOC] Nine: Yes
[OOC] Nine: HP: 500/500, MP: 419/550, LP: 8/8, SoS: 125 - Solid Pulse [50 HP] (5),Anchored [+50%] (U),Grudge [+30%] (4)
AURUM: A cruel, mocking voice. "Well, that was effective." Where'd that even come from?
Eidolon: "Well, -I- can't do it. Easily."
[OOC] Ezekiel: did that break plumes or are some still up?
[OOC] Eidolon: they're split across rows 3-2 front-back so
[OOC] Ezekiel: I mean the ones in the rows!!
AURUM: The bomb hadn't gone off, though -
AURUM: It does, with a loud bang, and the things that'd taken the DoT take [181] on top of that!
AURUM: Plumes D and E collapse into the Mud!
AURUM: Battle order: Mind of its Own B [F]:0 Syachachadri, the Ink-Hearted Blossom [F]:1 Eidolon [B]:3 Ezekiel [F]:4 Clarafina [F]:7 Solberg [B]:9 The Lantern of Wishes [B]:11 Peregrine [F]:20 Nine [B]:23
AURUM: Status for Battle Anchor : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for Mind of its Own B : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for The Lantern of Wishes : [<span style="color: #008000;">=================== </span>] Plume Cooldown(5) Demolisher [40](4)
AURUM: Status for Syachachadri, the Ink-Hearted Blossom : [<span style="color: #008000;">=================== </span>] Black Spot(4)
AURUM: Status for Plume of Light B : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for Plume of Light C : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
Nine raises an eyebrow at the voice "So we have an intruder"
AURUM: "More of an observer, really."
AURUM: Mind B rushes at Nine! [Attack] [First Punch]
AURUM rolled 1d100 and got 49 ( Total: 49 ) for 80
Nine: "Really now? And-" he just takes the blow "Argh- And… Who is this prestigious observer?"
AURUM rolled d8+72,130 and got 4 ( Total: 98.8 ) for +30 Grudge, +20 First Punch, -20 Row
AURUM: Dealing [98] physical damage!
AURUM: "Well, that would be telling."
Eidolon: "So- animal, vegetable, or mineral. Keep in mind I think 'fiend' counts as mineral."
Clarafina: "Even a rutabaga-fiend?"
Ezekiel: "Er."
Eidolon: "There's room for interpretation."
AURUM: The Fiend-Prince splashes Solberg with another wave of mud, this time with a soporific effect…
AURUM: …or, well, the Mud sort of pools and eddies.
AURUM: Like that might happen in ten ticks.
AURUM: Eidolon!
Eidolon: "So… battle ideas? Anchor? The machine? The fiend?"
Eidolon: "It's a target-rich environment."
Ezekiel: "Uhh maybe that other little guy…? Action Economic 101."
Nine: "Focus on the machine at the back"
Nameless: "Pillars, then anchor, then machine."
Nine: "Peregrine has the right of it"
Nameless: "Try not to kill the fiend inside the machine."
Eidolon: "I work best with windup time."
Nameless: "You're not on a schedule. yet."
Clarafina leans against a ribbon, turning her axe in the faint light. "Go big or go home. Isn't that you want to hear?"
Clarafina: "Leave the small fries to me."
Eidolon: "You understand me, princess."
Clarafina curtsies.
AURUM: "Hmm. None of the above?"
Eidolon: "Right!" A third eye opens up on Eidolon's forehead and eyes The Lantern of Wishes. [CT 10]
Nameless: "You have to wait your turn. A man and his friends are already on a date and there are no chairs left at this table."
AURUM: "Well, maybe mineral. That doesn't narrow it down, though. -Everything's- fiends all the way down these days, it's what's in."
AURUM: Ezekiel!
Eidolon: "You've got a point, old boy."
Ezekiel‘ dashes forward, slashing at the Mind of it’s Own. [40D] [After Me]
Ezekiel‘ rolled 1d100 and got 75 ( Total: 75 )
AURUM: Hits!
Ezekiel` rolled d8+81 and got 3 ( Total: 84 ) for SA off this for +40% and regain 80 HP
AURUM: "And earn fifteen silver points?"
[OOC] Clarafina: Did You Mean: Forward Strike?
[OOC] Nameless: anybody else need dibs or am I crushing this thing?
[OOC] Eidolon: go for it
[OOC] Nine: Annihilate it
[OOC] Ezekiel: yes, as all the numbers I typed support. Words Are Hard
[OOC] Clarafina: gfi
Nameless` slides behind Ezekiel, feet gliding through teh mud as he whips his blade forward and down, cleaving through the Mind as it if was an obstinate boulder. [Strike Assist: A Sudden Spark]
Nameless` rolled 1d100 and got 4 ( Total: 4 ) for 85/5
AURUM: Ouch.
[OOC] Nameless: Ahahahaha Yes
Nameless` rolled 1d12+150,240% and got 5 ( Total: 372.0 )
Nameless` doesnt leave Earth stance though.
AURUM: Mind B just goes -flying- - a tendril of ink lovingly catches them out of the air and lays them down on the ground to recuperate. [KO]
Ezekiel: The Neon billboard above the Fiend Engine flickers as it updates: [PSA: Dominon Effect is now at +30%]
AURUM: Clarafina!
Nameless` rolls his head on his shoulders. "Next."
Clarafina wades into the mud, slashing at tendril after tendril with her axe. She drives it into one, and there’s a flash of crimson light. [Luck Bane - 50D - Vs. the Blossom]
Clarafina rolled 1d100 and got 20 ( Total: 20 ) for 80/10
[OOC] Clarafina: Lucky!
Nine: "Try not to hurt him, if you can"
Nine: "That is not our objective here"
Clarafina feels into the tendril with two fingers, hunting for something. She grabs onto something inside it, and -
Clarafina: "I am being very precise."
Ezekiel: "Wh- huh - ?"
Eidolon: "It's just a bit of roughing up, nothing he can't handle."
Ezekiel: "Since when are we not beatin' dudes up???"
Nameless‘ wasnt even here and knows the people want the fiend prince still alive. jesus yall.
Clarafina rolled 1d12*2+120*2 and got 11 ( Total: 262.0 ) for & Luck Bane[50] (4).
Nine: "Since when we’re trying to bring them back to their sense, Ezekiel?"
Nine: "We're focusing on the machine that's tied to him"
Clarafina: Slice! 262 damage. Luck Bane[50](4) - Taking 50 damage per spent LP.
Nine: "Once it is disabled I can repurpose it"
Solberg: "Yes, upgrade to the new version of Lotus."
AURUM: Hits for [262] and Luckbane (4) - it's odd but it seems like the fiend-prince is deliberately presenting certain attack surfaces, pointing out the rot that needs to be excised.
Ezekiel‘ scratches at his head.
AURUM: Solberg!
Ezekiel: "Seems like having him [KO]d would make that really easy…er?"
AURUM: The intruder’s voice echoes with laughter.
Clarafina sighs softly, letting her ribbons wrap around her ankles. She hangs upside-down for a moment. "I am a doctor, after all."
Nine: "Maybe… But i'd rather he remain conscious"
Ezekiel: "You sure are making this complicated!"
[OOC] Solberg: Okay a lot happened since my last turn, what is still alive and does anyone need healing
Eidolon: "Isn't that cruel and unusual?"
[OOC] Ezekiel: plume b/c, ink, engine. duno if anyone's hurt tho
[OOC] Eidolon: HP: 500/600, [TMP: 210] MP: 600/600, LP: 6/8, SoS: 150
Nameless: "Well, it IS Clarafina…"
AURUM: Battle order: Solberg [B]:0 Syachachadri, the Ink-Hearted Blossom [F]:2 The Lantern of Wishes [B]:2 Eidolon [B]:4 Peregrine [F]:11 Nine [B]:14 Ezekiel [F]:35 Clarafina [F]:48
AURUM: Status for Battle Anchor : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for The Lantern of Wishes : [<span style="color: #008000;">=================== </span>] Plume Cooldown(5) Demolisher [40](4)
AURUM: Status for Syachachadri, the Ink-Hearted Blossom : [<span style="color: #008000;">================ </span>] Black Spot(4) Luckbane [50](4)
AURUM: Status for Plume of Light B : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for Plume of Light C : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
[OOC] Nine: didn't get to take damage yet but I have huge incoming damage modifiers
Solberg steps up to strike a plume with their baton. [Attack, 50D] (Front row right?)
[OOC] Eidolon: yeah
Solberg rolled 1d100 and got 14 ( Total: 14 ) for 80
Solberg rolled d10*.8+72*.8 and got 2 ( Total: 59.2 ) for and +40 TMP
Ezekiel‘ slips around Solberg, following up the baton strike with one of his own! [SA]
Ezekiel` rolled 1d100 and got 53 ( Total: 53 )
Ezekiel` rolled d8+91,180% and got 6 ( Total: 174.6 )
AURUM: Hits for [59] and then [174], which latter hit is enough to make Plume B quite a gloomy plume as it melts back into the Mud.
AURUM: The Fiend washes Mud over Solberg! [Sleep] - Solberg is Asleep (3) - before acting, make a 30 CoS check! If you fail, snooze for [20D] instead of acting! The condition dissipates if you perform a non-snooze action, or if you suffer damage!
AURUM: The Lantern burns bright, and the remaining plume erupts in a blaze of glory, burning aether cascading down on Nine! [Plume Explosion]
Eidolon shoves Nine out of the way!
[OOC] Eidolon: GA
AURUM rolled d12+180,180% and got 5 ( Total: 333.0 )
Nine gets thrown down, he lands on his shoulder and rolls out of the way
AURUM: In that case -
AURUM rolled d12+180 and got 10 ( Total: 190 )
AURUM: Dealing [190] magical damage to Eidolon!
AURUM: The Lantern then focuses its burning aether! [CT 15]
AURUM: Battle order: Eidolon [B]:0 Peregrine [F]:7 Nine [B]:10 The Lantern of Wishes [B]:13 Syachachadri, the Ink-Hearted Blossom [F]:18 Ezekiel [F]:31 Clarafina [F]:44 Solberg [B]:46
AURUM: Status for Battle Anchor : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for The Lantern of Wishes : [<span style="color: #008000;">=================== </span>] Plume Cooldown(5) Demolisher [40](4)
AURUM: Status for Syachachadri, the Ink-Hearted Blossom : [<span style="color: #008000;">================ </span>] Black Spot(3) Luckbane [50](3)
AURUM: Eidolon!
A beam of light streaks out of the smoke and strikes the Lantern! [Oracle Energy, 35D]
Eidolon rolled 1d8+120 and got 7 ( Total: 127 ) for marked!!
AURUM: Also, applying the [40] from Demolisher now just so I don’t forget.
AURUM: Peregrine!
Nameless‘ raises The Revellers high and then drives it down through the Lantern, cleaving through metal and crystal and into the mud beneath. And the mud… shifts, eddying around the party in a new pattern. [Quick: Stones From Many Streams -> Tortoiseshell Hammer, 60D]
Nameless` rolled 1d100 and got 8 ( Total: 8 ) for 85/5
Nameless` burns a luck to DPS while tanking, get hype.
AURUM: Oh dear.
Nameless` rolled 1d12+150,200% and got 2 ( Total: 304.0 ) for and all allies gain 2/5s damage reduction against the lantern. Peregrine, however, does not.
Eidolon sends an exploding star into the carnage! [S.A. - Big Bang]
Eidolon rolled 1d8+180,130 and got 4 ( Total: 239.20000000000002 ) for +30% domino effect, mp boost
Ezekiel: "Hahahah."
Ezekiel: "Owned."
AURUM: "Hahahahahahaha!"
AURUM: "Fine play!"
AURUM: Dealing [304] and [239]!
AURUM: Green warning lights activate! [Courage - Lantern inflicts +10% damage under 75% HP.]
AURUM: Battle order: Nine [B]:0 The Lantern of Wishes [B]:3 Syachachadri, the Ink-Hearted Blossom [F]:8 Ezekiel [F]:21 Eidolon [B]:25 Clarafina [F]:34 Solberg [B]:36 Peregrine [F]:57
AURUM: Status for Battle Anchor : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for The Lantern of Wishes : [<span style="color: #008000;">=============== </span>] Plume Cooldown(5) Demolisher [40](4) Marked(U) Courage(U)
AURUM: Status for Syachachadri, the Ink-Hearted Blossom : [<span style="color: #008000;">================ </span>] Black Spot(3) Luckbane [50](3)
AURUM: Nine!
Nine raises up his right hand, book in it, and brings it down on the chain around him [Attack, 40D]
Nine rolled 1d100 and got 29 ( Total: 29 ) for 80
Nine rolled 1d8+72 and got 8 ( Total: 80 )
AURUM: Hits for [80]!
[OOC] Nine: HP: 500/500, MP: 419/550, LP: 8/8, SoS: 125 - Solid Pulse [50 HP] (4),Anchored [+50%] (U),Grudge [+30%] (3),Spell Charge [+20%] (U)
AURUM: The Lantern of Wishes pops out a little glowing projectile with a little ’doot!' sound and a puff of steam, and it lands on Nameless!
AURUM: It's…
Nameless‘ looks unimpressed.
AURUM: ….it swerves, actually,
AURUM: IT’S A BOMB!!! …it just sits there, blinking ominously, shackled to Solberg's ankle. Beep. Beep. Beep. [Bomb] (4) - your intuition tells you something bad might happen when it goes off. Maybe. It's hard to, you know… be sure?
Eidolon: "They really hate you too, don't they."
Solberg: "I'm used to it."
Ezekiel: "Tee hee someone set you up the bomb."
Solberg: "Public servant."
AURUM: The fiend-prince writhes, and a [Fell Wind] blows through the cavern. He takes 50 damage from Luckbane!
AURUM: Mud stirs.
AURUM: The spell goes off!
AURUM: Moss grows on the surface of the mud, in pretty little goetic circles around the feet of everyone in the front row. Ezekiel, Clarafina, and Peregrine are inflicted with [Shell Crack (2)] - They take +30% incoming magical damage!
AURUM: Battle order: Ezekiel [F]:0 Eidolon [B]:4 Clarafina [F]:13 Solberg [B]:15 The Lantern of Wishes [B]:17 Nine [B]:19 Syachachadri, the Ink-Hearted Blossom [F]:27 Peregrine [F]:36
AURUM: Status for Battle Anchor : [<span style="color: #008000;">========= </span>]
AURUM: Status for The Lantern of Wishes : [<span style="color: #008000;">=============== </span>] Plume Cooldown(4) Demolisher [40](3) Marked(U) Courage(U)
AURUM: Status for Syachachadri, the Ink-Hearted Blossom : [<span style="color: #008000;">=============== </span>] Black Spot(2) Luckbane [50](2)
AURUM: Ezekiel!
Ezekiel: "Humm."
Ezekiel: "You still got an assist, right Princess?"
Clarafina dips her head to Zeke.
Ezekiel: "Dude in front?
Clarafina: "Yes, please!"
Clarafina: "I like to build anticipation until the very last moment, after all."
Nameless: "Yes, Ezekiel."
Ezekiel‘ flips forward, slamming his dagger into the Fiend Prince. [Foward Strike] [40D]
Ezekiel` rolled 1d100 and got 99 ( Total: 99 )
Nameless: "For defense at least."
[OOC] Clarafina: Note luck benefits are doubled!
Ezekiel` fall behind it. Flails. PANICS. Spins around and cuts into the fiend anyway!!! [-1 LP] [POWER SRIKE]
Ezekiel` rolled d8+91,150% and got 4 ( Total: 142.5 ) for +50% dmg for Clara’s and also +80HP
Clarafina slips in, her boots going splish-splash, and then slashes down into it - [S.A - Cut the Strings!]
Clarafina rolled 1d100 and got 87 ( Total: 87 ) for 80/10
[OOC] Clarafina: Luck!
Clarafina rolled 1d10*1.5+120*1.5 and got 8 ( Total: 192.0 )
AURUM: Deals [142] and then [192]!
AURUM: Eidolon!
Eidolon claps his hands, and an image of himself forms before the lantern. It works in reverse, sliding towards Eidolon. [CT 20, Chrono Burst] [Holla when the Lantern starts its turn]
AURUM: Clarafina!
Clarafina slashes into the Blossom! [50D]
Clarafina rolled 1d100 and got 17 ( Total: 17 ) for 80/10
[OOC] Clarafina: Luck!
AURUM: "You're all certainly quite lucky today."
Clarafina pauses for a moment, before delivering a series of rapid incisions. She seems oddly satisfied, like an artist setting down her brush, as she lowers her axe.
Clarafina rolled 1d10*2+120*2 and got 10 ( Total: 260.0 )
Ezekiel: "Well I mean, this is the end of the book, right? Might as well."
AURUM: Dealing [260]!
AURUM: Solberg, time to wake up..?
Nameless: "A man is simply waiting for the other shoe to drop and enjoying himself in the meantime."
[OOC] Eidolon: HP: 310/600, [TMP: 150] MP: 600/600, LP: 6/8, SoS: 150
Solberg rolled 1d100 and got 18 ( Total: 18 ) for 30
Solberg snoozes. [20D]?
AURUM: "Damnit!"
AURUM: "Did I say that out loud?"
AURUM: Ahaha no below 30 means you wake up!
[OOC] Solberg: OH
AURUM: You're back in the game, Solberg! Give 'em hell!
AURUM: "Oh, shut up."
Nine: "Aha"
Nine: "Figured out an important detail about you"
Ezekiel: Wait, is he arguing with you or someone else Aurum…?
Nine: "I suppose you're the one that's been… Interfering everywhere"
Eidolon: "He loves our misery?"
AURUM: He's a big stupid jerk, don't listen to him. :|
Nine: "That is the entiety that has been hijacking AURUM's stories, the second writer"
Solberg flicks a smaller ball of light into Eidolon's chest. [Spark, +100 HP!] Then takes aim … [Reverse Vacuum, CT30]
AURUM: "Hahahahaha."
Clarafina: "Hijacking…?" She exhales a little puff of breath.
Ezekiel: "Second writer????"
Nine: "Imagine you're writing a book, Clarafina"
Eidolon: "Isn't that also us, though…"
Nine: "And then someone else just pulls it out of your hands and start writing on it"
Eidolon: "And we like us!"
AURUM: The bomb seems -visibly- frustrated by that 30 CT.
Clarafina: "Ehehehe, that's what I was thinking, too."
Nine: "We are, interestingly… Not"
AURUM: "I mean, it's basically a clusterfuck at this point."
Nine: "We were brought here purposefully… This is not the first time we do this"
Nine: "If my theories are right"
AURUM: The Lantern starts charging a spell! [CT 20]
AURUM: Battle order: Nine [B]:0 Eidolon [B]:5 Syachachadri, the Ink-Hearted Blossom [F]:8 Peregrine [F]:17 The Lantern of Wishes [B]:18 Ezekiel [F]:21 Solberg [B]:26 Clarafina [F]:44
AURUM: Status for Battle Anchor : [<span style="color: #008000;">========= </span>]
AURUM: Status for The Lantern of Wishes : [<span style="color: #008000;">=============== </span>] Plume Cooldown(4) Demolisher [40](3) Marked(U) Courage(U)
AURUM: Status for Syachachadri, the Ink-Hearted Blossom : [<span style="color: #ff8000;">======== </span>] Black Spot(2) Luckbane [50](2)
AURUM: Nine!
Nine takes a deep breath, and runs after the Lantern, landing a hit on it with his book [Attack, 40f]
AURUM: "Pure Hearts are such a pain."
Nine rolled 1d100 and got 5 ( Total: 5 ) for 80
AURUM: Whack!
Nine rolled 1d8+72,60 and got 5 ( Total: 46.199999999999996 ) for Physical, Melee
[OOC] Nine: HP: 500/500, MP: 419/550, LP: 8/8, SoS: 125 - Solid Pulse [50 HP] (3),Anchored [+50%] (U),Grudge [+30%] (2),Spell Charge [+40%] (U)
AURUM: Eidolon!
Eidolon: "My timing is so off today." His image sets into his body, and the full force of 20 CT explodes around the Lantern! [Chrono Burst, 35D]
Eidolon rolled 1d12+240 and got 9 ( Total: 249 ) for Mark fades
AURUM: Hits for [249]!
AURUM: The fiend-prince smashes Ezekiel with a [Mortal Blow]!
AURUM rolled 1d100 and got 84 ( Total: 84 ) for 80
AURUM: But the attack goes wide!
Ezekiel: "Haha."
Clarafina pulls him out of the way with a snap of her ribbons.
AURUM: (Maybe… his heart's not in it?)
Ezekiel: "I don't even do good damage bro."
AURUM: Peregrine!
Nameless‘ pulls his sword out of the mud and whirls, cleaving another chunk of metal out of the lanter. [Setting Tinder, 60D]
Nameless` rolled 1d100 and got 65 ( Total: 65 ) for 85/5
Nameless` rolled 1d12+150 and got 10 ( Total: 160.0 )
AURUM: "Holy shit, he didn’t crit. What even is this."
AURUM: Deals [160] damage!
Ezekiel: "Well, like, basic stastics, I think?"
Nameless: "Any good dance has fast and slow steps."
AURUM: The Lantern takes the opportunity to unleash that built-up energy on Nine and Nameless! [Ray]
AURUM rolled d10+144,190 and got 5 ( Total: 283.09999999999997 ) for +30 Grudge, +50 chain, +10% courage vs. Nine
Ezekiel‘ shoves Nine out of the way, taking the hit instead!
Solberg interceDmskdf
AURUM rolled d10+144,140 and got 4 ( Total: 207.2 ) for +10 courage, +30 shell crack vs. Nameless
Solberg continues sandbagging the Bomb.
Nine gets thrown about even more, he quickly rolls to his feet "Time to do something about this…"
AURUM: Someone figure out how much damage Ezekiel takes, probably the same as Nameless since he also has Shell Crack I think?
[OOC] Ezekiel: same as nameless
AURUM: Lantern takes demolisher damage!
AURUM: Battle order: Ezekiel [F]:0 Solberg [B]:5 Eidolon [B]:19 Nine [B]:19 Clarafina [F]:23 Syachachadri, the Ink-Hearted Blossom [F]:27 The Lantern of Wishes [B]:27 Peregrine [F]:56
AURUM: Status for Battle Anchor : [<span style="color: #008000;">========= </span>]
AURUM: Status for The Lantern of Wishes : [<span style="color: #008000;">============ </span>] Plume Cooldown(3) Demolisher [40](2) Courage(U)
AURUM: Status for Syachachadri, the Ink-Hearted Blossom : [<span style="color: #ff8000;">======== </span>] Black Spot(1) Luckbane [50](1)
AURUM: Ezekiel!
Ezekiel` runs forward, slams his dagger into the Ink Blossom, then bounces back and nods towards Eidolon, "Keep keepin’ an eye out, yeah?" [60D] [Bulwark Strike]
Ezekiel‘ rolled 1d100 and got 85 ( Total: 85 )
[OOC] Ezekiel: -1LP
Eidolon thumbs up.
Ezekiel` rolled d8+91 and got 5 ( Total: 96 ) for +80HP to Eidolon and his Guard Assist is refreshed.
AURUM: Hits for [91]!
[OOC] Solberg: HEY NINE How many pulse ticks do you have left
AURUM: Solberg!
[OOC] Nine: 3
Solberg fires the black orb at the Blossom! [Reverse Vacuum finishes, 30D!]
Solberg rolled d12+144 and got 1 ( Total: 145.0 ) for unless there are modifiers I’m forgetting
AURUM: tick! tick! tick! says the bomb, as Solberg hits for [145]!
AURUM: The Fiend is in SOS!
AURUM: Eidolon! Nine!
[OOC] Solberg: Everyone also recovers +120 HP!
[OOC] Solberg: Ends Pulse on Nine.
Eidolon swipes his fingers in a pattern, opening up a hole in space-time! He aims at the Lantern… [CT 10]
AURUM: Nine!
Nine looks at the Lantern "Time to shut you down" he's angry, you haven't seen him angry up to now. He starts running back there, towards that system. He pulls out two vials haphazardly from coat, putting their contents on a spherical device, he draws the crystal from his book and adds it in. He screws in the cap, but this time there's no red marker "You will leave him alone!" he jumps
Nine at the machine, and slams the explosive right on it with his hands, the loud sound of explosion and lightning and charged brilliant blue particles in the air [Blast Charge, 35D] [2 Luck for -CT]
Nine rolled 1d100 and got 3 ( Total: 3 ) for 100/20
Nine 's shout echoes from within the cloud of destruction
Nine rolled 1d12+240,180 and got 8 ( Total: 446.40000000000003 ) for 4 luck for +damage, -40 CoS(1) and +15D to it
AURUM: "Ahahahahah!"
AURUM: "So magnificent!"
AURUM: "So fierce!"
AURUM: "Jumping blindly into danger to save a friend he's not even met yet! Truly a worthy heir to the aether of this world!"
AURUM: There's…
AURUM: …a hellaciously loud explosion…
Nine proceeds to ignore the rest of the battle, the voice outside- The machine is damaged- Hopefully open to him- He looks inside, even with how alien it might- He could probably see something inside of it
AURUM: …as the Lantern of Wishes activates its final defense mechanism. [<span style="color: #ff0000;">BIG BANG</span>]
Eidolon: "Hey, I called that attack nam-"
[OOC] Nine: HP: 500/500, MP: 419/550, LP: 2/8, SoS: 125 - Anchored [+50%] (U),Grudge [+30%] (1)
AURUM: The explosion inflicts [446] magical damage to all combatants!
Ezekiel: "I forget what that means."
Ezekiel: "But it's unpleasent though."
[OOC] Nine: And it is STILL NOT SAM'S TURN
[OOC] Nine: So 2/5ths damage modifier on that
[OOC] AURUM: Haha no
[OOC] Nameless: Nah I had a turn
AURUM: "Haha, no."
[OOC] Nine: Oh you had? I missed it :D
AURUM: "Get dunked bro he totally had a turn."
[OOC] Nameless: God I wish though. lol.
Nine isn't paying attention at all!
AURUM: The Battle Anchor's torn to fragments!
[OOC] Nameless: no regrets making Teak completely fucking brake-check himself for 60D though hahaha
AURUM: Syachachadri curls in on himself as the explosion shatters the crystal fetters binding him to the Engine; he forms a protective shell of Aether around himself!
Nameless‘ is blown off his feet and rolls through the mud. And is oddly clean when he stands up. Bloody. But clean.
Nine reaches into the machine- he coughs- He was careless, that is way more damage than he has health left because 1.8 modifier hitting him for 802 damage
AURUM: …anyways… when the dust settles…
[OOC] Nine: HP:<span style="color: #ff0000;"> 0</span>/500, MP: 394/550, LP: 2/8, SoS: 125
AURUM: Battle order: Clarafina [F]:0 The Lantern of Wishes [B]:4 Eidolon [B]:6 Solberg [B]:12 Nine [B]:31 Peregrine [F]:33 Ezekiel [F]:37
AURUM: Status for The Lantern of Wishes : [<span style="color: #ff8000;">====== </span>] Plume Cooldown(3) Demolisher [40](2) Courage(U)
AURUM: The Lantern of Wishes is coming apart at the joints.
AURUM: Clarafina!
[OOC] Nameless: [F] HP: ! 127/600 ! | MP: 500/500 | SoS: 150 | Normal
Eidolon rockets backward and manages to cushion his launch by crashing into the mob of plantpeople who were skirmishing each other. Ears ringing and triple-vision’d, he picks himself up out of pure adrenaline and drunkenly floats back to the battle.
Clarafina: "Marvelous job. I'll handle the operation from here on out."
Clarafina performs an incision. [Attack - 50D]
Clarafina rolled 1d100 and got 45 ( Total: 45 ) for 80/10
Clarafina rolled 1d10+120 and got 1 ( Total: 121.0 )
Clarafina: For 121 physical damage!
AURUM: The Lantern of Wishes generates a Blast Sphere around itself! It's still trying!
AURUM rolled d8+200 and got 7 ( Total: 207 )
Clarafina: "…Careful with that." She steps away from the barrier.
AURUM: The Lantern gains [207] temporary HP! The aether's unstable, though - who knows what might happen when the barrier breaks!?
AURUM: Eidolon!
Eidolon: "Sorry… but my arm is in mid swing." The hole vomits forth a bunch of energy it collected from the attack! And then closes up, it wants nothin' of what we're doing. [Void Junk, 35D]
Eidolon rolled 1d8+150 and got 6 ( Total: 156 ) for Marked
AURUM: Hlork! [156]
Ezekiel: "Well, it's like…"
Ezekiel: "The only target, anyway…?"
AURUM: Solberg!
Clarafina: "Oh, I don't mean don't explode it."
Ezekiel: Unless your frienemy is joining in I guess???
Clarafina: "Just be cautious. Yes?"
[OOC] Eidolon: HP: 154/600, [TMP: 60] MP: 600/600, LP: 6/8, SoS: 150
Eidolon: "Oh it was happening either way, just…"
[OOC] Solberg: how's everyone else for HP
Eidolon: "It wasn't because I wasn't listening."
[OOC] Nameless: [F] HP: ! 127/600 ! | MP: 500/500 | SoS: 150 | Normal
Solberg eats the rest of the lazy damage themself.
[OOC] Ezekiel: HP: 247/700, MP: 310/550, LP: 4/6, SoS: 175 - Shell Crack [+30 inc mag dmg] (0)
AURUM: Courage is holding steady at +20%!
Solberg hits themself with a [Solid Pulse, 50D->40D -2 LP]
AURUM: Nine's body is -inside- the shielded part of the Lantern - the fiend-lord must have pulled it in, and there's a web of healing light spinning itself over his wounded body. [D40]
AURUM: Peregrine!
Nameless‘ springs forward, time to find out what happens when that barrier breaks. [Moth Dance, 60D]
Nameless` rolled 1d100 and got 82 ( Total: 82 ) for 75/35
Nameless` spends a luck, of course.
Nameless` rolled 1d12+180 and got 12 ( Total: 192.0 )
Nameless` shifts into Earth stance.
AURUM: Hits, and drops the Lantern into SOS! [Courage rises to +50% damage, but after the counterattack goes out:]
AURUM: The barrier explodes!
Clarafina raises her arm against the blast.
AURUM rolled d12+152,120 and got 3 ( Total: 186.0 ) for +20% courage
AURUM: Dealing [186] magical damage to everyone in Nameless’ row!
AURUM: (So, the front row, I think.)
Ezekiel: "Ow."
[OOC] Clarafina: HP:<span style="color: #ff8000;"> 128</span>/700, MP: 390/500, LP: 6/10, SoS: 175
Nameless‘ drops!
[OOC] Ezekiel: HP:<span style="color: #ff0000;"> 61</span>/700, MP: 310/550, LP: 3/6, SoS: 175
[OOC] Solberg: Can I GA for a t: row attack like that?
AURUM: "Ohohoho, look at all these KOs we’re scoring!"
AURUM: I'm not scoring anything!
AURUM: You can G.A. one person, probably, yes!
Solberg leaps in and takes the blast for Nameless! They'll let future-Solberg sort it out, much like they do with hangovers.
AURUM: Solid plan.
AURUM: Battle order: Ezekiel [F]:0 Eidolon [B]:4 The Lantern of Wishes [B]:7 Clarafina [F]:13 Solberg [B]:15 Nine [B]:34 Peregrine [F]:56
AURUM: Status for The Lantern of Wishes : [<span style="color: #ff0000;">===== </span>] Plume Cooldown(2) Demolisher [40](1) Courage(U)
AURUM: Ezekiel!
Nameless‘ nods at Solberg. "A man is grateful."
[OOC] Solberg: HP:<span style="color: #ff8000;"> 111</span>/600, MP: 130/600, LP: 2/8, SoS: 150 - Panic Virus (0),Bomb?! (2),Lazy Damage (93) (1)
AURUM: Ezekiel!
AURUM: Battle order: Ezekiel [F]:0 Eidolon [B]:4 The Lantern of Wishes [B]:7 Clarafina [F]:13 Solberg [B]:15 Nine [B]:34 Peregrine [F]:56
AURUM: Status for The Lantern of Wishes : [<span style="color: #ff0000;">===== </span>] Plume Cooldown(2) Demolisher [40](1) Courage(U)
Ezekiel: "Hey Eidolon if I set you up can you connect the spell before dude goes?"
Ezekiel: "I have a feeling this is one of those burn or die situations."
Eidolon grins. "I’ve got just the tool for that."
AURUM: "Hey, Solberg. How many ticks left of the bomb do you have, anyways? One, right?"
Ezekiel: "Cool."
Ezekiel slips forward, spinning twice before laying into the Lantern. [After Me] [47D]
[OOC] Solberg: Two. Unless it ticks down on -both- a CT starting and finshing..?
Ezekiel rolled 1d100 and got 1 ( Total: 1 )
AURUM: "Ahh. That's way less funny."
Ezekiel rolled d8+91 and got 3 ( Total: 94 ) for +30% to the next one to hit lantern before it acts.
AURUM: Hits for [94]! Eidolon!
Eidolon straightens up and dusts off his coat- little star sparkles fall off here and there. He points at the Lantern, and so does his image, which will meet with him right about… [CT20] [But It Resolves On The Lantern's Turn, Before It Goes]
AURUM: Which is now!
Eidolon 's image zips to himself and there's a burst of chronal energy! [Chrono Burst, 35D]
Eidolon rolled 1d12+240,150 and got 5 ( Total: 367.5 ) for +30 After Me, +20 -2 luck
AURUM: Dealing [367] magic damage!
AURUM: Giant chunks of brass are falling off…
AURUM: The Lantern starts charging a laser! [CT 20]
AURUM: Battle order: Clarafina [F]:0 Solberg [B]:2 The Lantern of Wishes [B]:14 Nine [B]:21 Eidolon [B]:29 Ezekiel [F]:34 Peregrine [F]:43
AURUM: Status for The Lantern of Wishes : [<span style="color: #ff0000;">== </span>] Plume Cooldown(2) Demolisher [40](1) Courage(U)
AURUM: Clarafina!
Clarafina lifts her axe, considers, and - [Attack - 50D]
Clarafina rolled 1d100 and got 10 ( Total: 10 ) for 80/10
[OOC] Clarafina: Luck for damage!
Clarafina: Fixes something, separates what ought be separated -
Clarafina rolled 1d10*2.2+120*2.2 and got 9 ( Total: 283.8 )
Clarafina: For 283 physical damage!
AURUM: Hits for…
AURUM: "Hahaha, holy shit."
AURUM: Hits for precisely the amount of HP the Lantern had left.
Clarafina curtsies.
Clarafina: "I am nothing if not precise."
AURUM: It comes apart, neatly, carefully…
Solberg: "Maybe I underestimated your skills as a doctor."
Solberg: "We somewhat thought of you as a butcher, but…"
Nine stands up, ever so slowly- Wait, did he fall into the machine?
AURUM: The cocoon of light around Nine unfolds. There's something -slightly- different about him, but it's hard to tell what?
Clarafina looks down at her axe. "Well…"
Clarafina: "I suppose I can't blame you!"
AURUM: …anyways, true to her word, Clarafina cut away -precisely- what needed to be cut away.
Nine has to use what time he has "G-guh… Not much time…" he stands up, walks out of it, sits down- He's holding wire, fragments of the machine. He pulls tools out of his pockets, plates of some materials, odd objects
AURUM: Nothing more, nothing less.
Eidolon: "(Does it have to be either-or…?)"
Nine: (Ezekiel knows they're circuitry boards)
AURUM: Everything's in place for youe modifications.
Nine starts working, to create the Flux Controller. It will let the fiend-prince control the Lantern, it will him utterly destroy it if he needs it to, it will let him use it to defend himself and his people from anyone trying to tamper with them again. He builds feverishly, the device is small at first- Until he attached it to the machine "Good is insidious"
AURUM: There's a deep hum.
AURUM: Mud rises up around Solberg's ankle, gently unclasps the bomb-shackle, the bomb sinks deep and fizzles. (Who knew Mud was so useful?)
Nine takes deep breaths, he pulls out something, like a screen, from his coat watching readings, observing the controller's effects. If it fails to work… He has already alterations planned, he planned for that. But it has to
Ezekiel: "Huh is it normal for engines to have electronics in them?"
AURUM: Mana flows through the chamber - pours into it, floods in from the crystal pointing towards the sky.
Nine: "Yes"
Nine: "The thinking mind of even the rawest mechanics, sensors, servos…"
AURUM: The Fiend-Prince takes a deep breath, unfurls the cocoon - pearlescent plumage and luxurious flowing hair, eyes made of shimmering gemstones, skin made of silver.
AURUM: Closes his gleaming eyes for a moment, and sends a massive spike of energy through the Engine, disabling most of its functionality permanently.
Nine looks at the fiend, grinning "I… Told you I could make it work…" he falls on his knees… And changes his focus… Now on himself… He trusts his work, maybe he should trust his companions more, but right now… He has to keep going
Ezekiel: (It would probably be kind rude to remind Nine that he's knocked out right now, huh…?)
Clarafina walks up to Nine and kneels down, patting him on the back of the head.
Clarafina: "You did."
AURUM: A rippling, shuddering indrawn breath spreads throughout the Mud-struck as they become seperate people again - still connected through the Mud on a deep, deep level, but- distinguishing themselves from one another, laughing, talking.
AURUM: Nine's awake and talking!
Nine isn't proper knocked out, or else he wouldn't be talking. He owes a certain… Gnome, this little favor
Ezekiel: "Fair enough."
AURUM: Seems like the Fiend revived him, during the fighting..?
Ezekiel: Ha ha, take that, log readers! No plot holes today!
Ezekiel: "Uh anyway was that it or…? Dudes are lookin' kinda wigged out and I don't really have enough hash on me for everyone."
Eidolon: "Relax a bit."
Eidolon: "We may even get an afterparty."
Eidolon: "And I'm sure if you make some buds with them, they'll share."
Ezekiel: "Humm."
AURUM: The Fiend-Prince shakes himself out of some kind of reverie…
Nine: "I… Would like some rest… Myself…"
AURUM: "…you know, we probably grow plants here you've never even heard of."
Ezekiel: "I'd imagine so!"
Nameless‘ carefully cleans the Mud off of his sword and sheathes it. "A man requires food, wine, music, and sleep. In a wide variety of combinations."
AURUM: "Should check it out before you leave." There’s a short laugh - some of the previously-possesed Gardeners head over to you - there's a feast being planned in celebration.
Eidolon: "You sound well. Or at least, better than us." He addresses the fiend.
AURUM: There'll be plenty of all of those things, almost certainly!
AURUM: "I… I am myself again."
Ezekiel: "Oh."
AURUM: "It's a little strange… but it's better."
Ezekiel glances to the side, then the other side, then at his feet, before sloooowly turning his head towards the sky. "Where that other dude go…?"
AURUM: He managed to escape.
Solberg glances around. … A party's probably the last thing they want after an ordeal like that.
Nine just remains where he is, content for now in keeping his own stability
AURUM: I tried to stop him…
Ezekiel: Well… as long as you did your best?
Ezekiel: "…Hm, gone. Okay. Well. You know what that means."
AURUM: …anyways, for those of you who just want to rest, you can do that too - luxurious huge rooms with delicate stonework, huge floofy soft beds, an array of fruits on platters you've never even imagined.
Ezekiel nods to Nameless. "PARTY TIME!"
AURUM: The Fiend-Prince takes a look backwards at the remnants of the Engine, shudders. "Let's get aboveground. This place gives me the creeps, right now…"
Eidolon: "You group can carry Nine, right?" Offhandedly talking to a group of plantpeople. "Do be careful, he's got a number of gadgets on him, all likely explosive."
Solberg shudders, but rights themself.
AURUM: …a warm, comforting presence settles over your shoulders - companionship, bonds that can never be broken, and the wine and mana ever flow.
Gained 18 XP!
Eidolon heads upwards and out.
Solberg: "So … do you need distance in the first place to appreciate such - how do I put this? 'Severe proximity.'"
Nameless‘ extends one fist out to Eidolon for bumping as he slogs through the mud towards the surface.
Eidolon fistbumps.
Clarafina ends up lounging across a divan feeding herself grapes pretty damn quickly, yes.
AURUM: "It’s easy to say it would have been fine, if nothing interfered… but I think living like this is fine, too. Being able to walk around, like this, not confined to the Mud…"
AURUM: "…that's why they did it, you know? They knew I wanted to be raised from the Mud. Weren't satisfied until they'd found a solution. I told them it was fine, but…"
AURUM: "…anyways, we can talk more about this later."
Clarafina crushes a grape between her teeth.
Solberg chuckles a little. "You'll need to indulge me in some questions later on; one of my interests is in the balance between the desires of the many and the self."
AURUM: … elsewhere, elsewhen: A cold wind with no mercy in it whatsoever howls, blowing the tattered remains of a robe around a frail, Winter-ravaged body, standing on a parapet, overlooking the remains of what was once his empire, his world - the world he tried to save, and failed.
AURUM: … he sighs, turns around, and walks back inside.
AURUM: … it's not any warmer, there.

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