Apocrypha The Airship Graveyard

AURUM: 'So, there's this debris field in the distance. Chunks of ship-hull, broken glossair rings-'
AURUM: No, that's not how this works.
AURUM: There's a ceremony to this, even here.
Ezekiel: When you remember, anyway!
AURUM: But yes: there's a debris field in the distance; the rainbow road stretches to optical infinity, but the debris field intercedes before then, surrounded by a cloud of weird, shimmering fog.
Ezekiel: "OH."
Ezekiel: "I JUST GOT IT."
AURUM: 'Like, if space is an ocean, this is the nebula version of the weird haze over a ship graveyard, right?'
Ezekiel: "Okay carry on."
Eidolon clears his throat.
Clarafina hops down into the mire of it.
Nine‘ looks at Ezekiel, he has come from a bit further back "Really?" he continues trudging forward
Ezekiel: "It just came to me!"
AURUM: Actually, Ezekiel, if you look closely, the road you’re walking on -is- made of words in an intricate script, letters linked together with curlicues and flourishes in a tight weave.
Solberg: "'I just wanted a picture.'"
Ezekiel: "Haha that's so dumb, I love it."
Eidolon: "A ship's graveyard. Usually there's more shallows involved."
AURUM: You can't really make anything out other than a repeated motif: <混乱大木ヘン : The Airship Graveyard>.
Nine‘ looks up, wait. What is going on with the narrator. Something is different in there. But for now he’ll have faith he's alright, and that if he's not he's going to make a noise. And continues going
Eidolon: "But they're airships, so… monsters? Aether storm?"
Ezekiel: "Meteor debris!"
Nine: "Starships, this is a nebula. Made of debris of meteors who crashed against eachother"
Ezekiel: "Aww yeah someone vaguely remembers highschool science classes."
Eidolon tips an invisible hat to the long lost sailors, and continues along the path, his eye looking out for treasure…
…y'know, -they're- not using it anymore.
AURUM: 'Hey, Nine.'
Nine: Oh, hi
AURUM: '…eh, I was gonna tell you a really dumb knock knock joke, but… it's too much effort.'
Nine: I'm sure you'd fail at making a knock knock joke dumb enough to be worth telling anyway
AURUM: Eidolon: Something seems familiar; a shudder up your spine like someone's calling your name.
Nine: Those are super hard, don't worry
Ezekiel: Man the more people that talk up here, the weirder everything gets.
AURUM: 'You know it.'
Ezekiel: "Whaddya think we're lookin' for up here anyway?"
Clarafina hops from plank to plank.
Eidolon flaps his coat, drawing it closer around himself.
Eidolon: "'Anyone' would be a start."
Nine: "If we've been following things with any form of narrative sense and we seem to…"
Nine: "Either ghosts or deep space horrors"
Nameless‘ keeps his hands casually tucked in his pockets as he walks along.
Ezekiel cups his hands around his mouth. "Yoooooooo~!"
AURUM: ’Why not both?'
AURUM: Echo, echo, echo.
Ezekiel: "Ah? Ah well then inb4 misplaced lovecraft reference then, I guess."
AURUM: …airship graveyards shouldn't echo like you're at the base of a valley, should they?
AURUM: And yet.
Nine‘ lets that one echo, yes "I wonder if there’s a bigger battleship here. It'd make sense to be the point of interest"
AURUM: There does seem to be a central locus around which the airship fragments are all orbiting…
AURUM: The place where the fog is thickest; the place densest with the smell of stories, of a history, long-forgotten.
Solberg: "I take it we're supposed to head there."
Solberg points near that center.
Nameless‘ shrugs. "A man is distracted with thoughts of home. He will follow you."
Nine` nods at Solberg "As with every other time, to the focus of the stories. Let’s go"
Eidolon: "Right." He picks up the pace a bit, now very curious.
AURUM: It'd be hard to head anywhere else, given where the rainbow's leading you.
Ezekiel: "When uh,"
Ezekiel: "When did stories get such a distinctive smell…?"
Ezekiel shrugs, follows.
Nine: "When we got in this place, I imagine"
Eidolon: "One can sense history, legacy. The… gravitas could be holding all of this together."
AURUM: Stories have always had a smell. Laws, histories, tomes. It's a bit like the smell of vanilla, or oak, or dust.
Nine: "This is something that's messing with my senses… I wonder if that's how synesthesia feels"
Solberg: "The sheer weight of import?"
Clarafina: "It sounds like that's how synesthesia feels, I suppose…"
Clarafina: "But it's hard to say, right?"
Solberg: "(It smells like that's how synesthesia sounds, I suppose…)"
Eidolon: "Well, that's why we have five to seven senses."
Clarafina runs her fingers along a rusted hull.
Ezekiel: "S…seven?"
Ezekiel: "They only a movie about the sixth!"
AURUM: Eddies of dust in the air, getting on your clothes.
Eidolon: "Not good enough for a sequel?"
Nine‘ looks at Eidolon "You’re wearing no gold armor"
AURUM: Something like crepuscular rays coming from the heart of the fog, or else you couldn't see it.
Nine: "though I wonder what is your sign"
Ezekiel: "Honestly I always get it and Equilibrium mixed up in my head so I couldn't say for sure."
Nine‘ then continues heading forward, he’s used to dust
Nameless: "Equilibrium was much better."
AURUM: 'Hahahaha you're such a huge nerd. You're worse than Ezekiel.'
Ezekiel: idgi tho
Eidolon slyly smiles at Nine. "It's appreciated, though I'm not interested."
Nine: I'm amazed none of those people got it
Clarafina gets a little bit ahead of the party and stops, turning forward, arms wide.
Clarafina: "Flight!"
AURUM: Suddenly, a warning shot, across the bow. A bright crystalline light.
AURUM: A ghost ship -
Ezekiel: "Oh okay here we go."
Nine‘ looks as the beam cannon fires past "Anyone has a white flag avaiable?"
Nameless: "Sorry, a man is not dressed for surrender."
Eidolon wild smiles. "Just execute a boarding action."
Nine: "I’d rather not get in conflict with an armed vehicle on foot…"
Nine: "Not to say i'd rather not get in conflict either way"
AURUM: Showering you with bright laser-light, missing deliberately. Showing off, maybe? A young man and a Viera stand at the helm, laughing briefly, and then there's - there's a twist in spacetime, as the ship picks up speed careening towards you, and in a flash, the Witchmaker's vanished into a strange path, and gone.
Ezekiel: "Well I mean you could always do the whole 'underware on a stick' thing, Nine!"
Eidolon: "-hey!"
Nine‘ raises an eyebrow
Ezekiel: "Crisis averted, though? Anyway."
Eidolon: "You damned ship, you get back here!" He floats up, and sort of over to where it would have crashed into them, but…
Solberg: "That sounds more like … recognition than indignation."
AURUM: The Strange Path closed behind it.
Nine: "Do you know that ship, Eidolon?"
Eidolon snorts, floats back down.
Eidolon: "Yeah… the Witchmaker. Maneuvered like a potato in syrup but carried enough firesand to rock an island."
Clarafina: "Ah! How lovely!"
Eidolon: "Granted it -was- haunted… sort of."
Nine: "I guess that says something about your crew"
Eidolon: "So uh I guess it’s technically theirs, we just borrowed it."
Clarafina: "You know, where I come from, the sky is forbidden to all but those of noble birth."
Eidolon wobbles a hand. "Wasn't so much -mine-, that was a different one."
Clarafina: "But here around us lay, shattered wrecks of commoners and nobles alike, broken and intermingled."
Clarafina hops onto a sundered bow. "It's almost sparkling, isn't it?"
Ezekiel: "Uh, if you say so."
Eidolon: "Probably better for all those involved, Clarafina. The dumb wouldn't survive, and so you save the peasants. And cull some of the lesser nobility."
AURUM: 'Harsh.'
Nine‘ looks at the rainbow pathway, still leading onwards? "Not at all" he’s curt to Clarafina, then turns to Eidolon "Well, want to see if there's a way to give chase?"
Nine: "Or do they seem out of reach for you now?"
Clarafina taps her chin. "In fact, I suppose this voyage is the closest I've ever been to solid ground."
Clarafina: "…Anyway, we should keep going!"
Ezekiel: "Wacky."
Solberg: "Same for the first bit, not the same for the second, Clarafina."
Eidolon shakes a head. "Best to keep moving for now, but something's got my galaxies all a-twist."
AURUM: A sad piano playing in the distance, in the fog.
AURUM: A familiar melody, but you can't put your finger on it. Elegaic.
AURUM: Mist curls around your ankles; visibility's getting poor.
Clarafina walks up an anchor-chain, arms-wide, heading in towards the center of the fog.
Nine‘ looks down at the mist, looks up at the path ahead "(What, is this dark matter now?)"
Eidolon: "It’s all too uncomfortably familiar."
Nine: "Oh? Been here before, Eidolon?"
AURUM: The road leads up the anchor chain.
AURUM: You're not alone.
Ezekiel: "I guess they're still building up suspense…?"
Eidolon: "No, that's what's uncomfortable about it."
Ezekiel: "Oh no, here we go."
Ezekiel climbs up, too.
Solberg: "(It couldn't be dark matter. It's making contact with matter and not exploding.)"
AURUM: Standing at attention along either edge of the massive chain.
Nine: "(Another bad reference, Solberg. Did they have that movie when you come from?)"
Nine‘ looks at Ezekiel climbs
AURUM: They don’t look natural, they don't look like anything you've ever seen. Insectoid, with chitin like hardened black ink, or the scales of some great beast.
Solberg looks at Nine like he's speaking gibberish. "(References?)"
AURUM: Eidolon knows what they are, of course.
AURUM: The Sinscales stare at him with neon unblinking eyes as he ascends.
Nine‘ sighs, and starts climbing. Some conversations have a very special point to end
Eidolon: "The fiends come to stare, and the Sin hangs heavy in the air."
Eidolon: "All ghosts, though, so…"
Eidolon drops the flying act and is climbing, clambering up the chain now.
AURUM: Splinters of bone-white wood, floating in the fog.
Eidolon climbs with a little more urgency.
Nine` definitely drags himself up faster once Eidolon starts gettign a bit too close for comfort
AURUM: At the heart of the fog, with the weight of history pressing down on you like a pile of stones…
AURUM: The Sin of Flight, many-eyed, as big as an island, wing-fins stirring the Mist. Like a whale, or at least that’s the first impression you get- covered in scales and ink.
AURUM: A row of eyes opens up, staring at you all- staring at the Eidolon.
Ezekiel: "So what's the deal with the demon whale?"
Nine‘ looks up at the great flying lady "Hello"
Nameless: "Froms hells heart it stabs at thee…"
Eidolon: "When I mentioned the ’Sin', I was talking about a person." He crosses his arms and nods at the whale.
Eidolon: "The one who would break the landcrawler's name and pierce the skies, and paid dearly for it."
Eidolon: "…you're quite a ways from home, aren't you?"
AURUM: The Sin sings. Not… words, not even anything one can process as music, or language. It's complex, and beautiful, and sad.
Ezekiel: "Person?" Ezekiel tilts head head.
AURUM: The Mist billows.
AURUM: Tendrils, moving past you - catching on your arms, your bodies. More… curious, than anything else. Mournful as a dirge. Catching a brief glimpse of life.
Ezekiel: "Uhhh…"
Ezekiel: "I think we already did this joke, no do overs!"
Nine‘ looks at the tendrils, crossing his arms, then looks back at the Sin. It’s obvious from his stare what he is asking. What are you doing?
Clarafina quietly puts on her gas-mask.
AURUM: 'No, not like -that-. Sheesh. Have some respect. And that's -me- saying that.'
Eidolon kneels. "Oh… what -has- happened to us, old girl," he asks on a half-breath, idly moving a hand through a mist-tendril.
AURUM: The Mist billows.
Ezekiel: It's a creepy demon whale coppin' a feel with tendrils man, what do you want from me.
AURUM: Words, in the inhuman warble; a song from the billowing Mist. "Are we the playthings of fiends, or merely the dreams / that we're telling ourselves?"
Solberg: "Left for shipwrecked, I take it. How long has it been?"
Nameless‘ holds a palm up to intercept a tentacle. Yeah you just got high-fived.
AURUM: She steps forward then, more beautiful than you’d ever imagined. Pale skin, dressed like a vestal priestess, brushing the Mist out of her hair.
AURUM: Her voice is gentle. "Oh. We're both so far from home, aren't we?"
Eidolon: "Even though I didn't really have one, it feels like that."
Ezekiel kinds talking to himself, or the sky, or something. "Nope, not buying it Aurum, still Creepy As Fuck."
AURUM: 'Hidden so deep in veils of deceit / imprisoned in twisting spells…'
AURUM: The Sin of Flight strokes Eidolon's cheek with the back of her hand.
AURUM: "No, I think… wherever you are is home, isn't it? You're that sort of person. You always have been."
Nine‘ looks at Eidolon, and lets him handle this. Seems like it’s personal
AURUM: "Even at the end of the world, you've got a crew."
Eidolon wryly smiles. "They're the weirdest lot yet. Glad to have met them."
Nameless‘ opens his mouth, pauses. Gives a small acuescing shrug.
AURUM: "I’m sorry we could never meet like this."
AURUM: 'Someone stop me from referencing gods bound by rules.'
Solberg glances at Nameless and shrugs in agreement.
Nine: There's no value in making references the audience is unlikely to get
Eidolon: "There were circumstances. And I did have the ship, which…"
Eidolon: "-well, not anymore."
AURUM: "…I have the means. And the motive. You must know that."
AURUM: "I know what you're looking for, G- 'Eidolon'."
AURUM: "Every story that's ever been written is here. Around us. In the air, beneath our feet-"
AURUM: "-but that story is ours, and I know why you're here…"
AURUM: She lets out a tiny little breath, like this is difficult.
AURUM: "…and I want you to know, it wasn't me."
Eidolon: "-well, not anymore."
Eidolon: "I know. I know it's possible, and I've walked the Mud Hell if only to find out for sure…"
Eidolon lets out a long-held breath.
AURUM: "I'm not sure who…"
Eidolon: "That's why I listened to some musty guy with a hole in his chest in a library."
AURUM: "…she's still… I would know, if she were splintered."
Eidolon: "Either he does, or I'll find out, somehow."
AURUM: "I would feel it in my bones."
Eidolon: "I know this is depressingly vague for you all," he asides over his shoulder. "-but I'll have it covered in a-"
Eidolon: "…wait, what?"
AURUM: "I felt it, each time I crushed one of your ships."
AURUM: "She's drowned."
AURUM: "Drowned at the bottom of the Hell, in jealous ink."
AURUM: "You had the right idea."
Eidolon: "That's very strange, as I thought I saw her in pieces."
Eidolon: "And began from there…" He shakes it off.
AURUM: "I can't do any better than that." She lets out another breath. "I don't stab people in the back. I don't break holy vows."
AURUM: "…when we fight, it will be in the sky, with the sun shining on our faces."
AURUM: "…"
AURUM: "Why are you here, at the end of the world?"
AURUM: "Blazing like comets, all of you."
Clarafina: "Why,"
Eidolon looks around a bit sheepishly. "Musty guy, library. Things escalated from there."
Clarafina: "We strive till the phantoms are broken."
AURUM: "Have you come to end the Apocrypha?"
Clarafina: "And we fight till the battle is done."
AURUM: She smiles.
Nine: "I seek a way to rebuild a world"
Nine: "A world that has long since been destroyed"
Nine: "I just kept looking, and found this place"
Clarafina lifts her mask off her face, for a moment.
AURUM: Lets out a breath that's a little like a sob. Looks at Nine like he reminds her of someone. Meets Clarafina's gaze, her eyes white and shining.
Ezekiel scratches at the back of his head, looks up and gives the sky a dubious look.
Clarafina: "…Don't you just bite in after the first few licks, anyway…?"
Nameless: "A man has questions. He requires answers."
AURUM: "I can take you there."
AURUM: "To the end of the world."
AURUM: "Where you can hold all the answers in the palm of your hand."
Eidolon: "Times like these I think we're just riding the circumference of it allllllllllll the way around."
Nine‘ closes his eyes for a moment, takes a deep breath, then opens them again "We have no other leads at the moment, so"
Nine: "Why not?"
Eidolon: "It’d be great to fly, really fly, again."
Clarafina: "Then, we simply must."
AURUM: "Let's go, then. Let's pull on the thread of fate until there's nothing left."
Nine‘ puts a hand on his chin, thinking… And then nods, what is she going to do?
Clarafina: "Nine…"
Ezekiel: Which one of your ideas’ was this, anyway…? Kinda suspicious, guys!
Clarafina: "Do you think the universe will end in fire, or in ice?"
Nine: "The universe it self?"
Nine: "Ice of course"
Nine: "After all the fire is gone"
Nine: "I'd say not even ice, a coldness that can only be defined by emptyness itself"
AURUM: The Sin of Flight - an enormous fiend, built around the ruins of an ancient temple. She hunkers down, and there are ink-stained steps, amongst the scales, winding up and in.
Nine: "Because even ice is burning bright in face of that stillness"
Clarafina: "You're betting that fires go away."
Ezekiel sighs, puts a hand on Eidolon's shoulder.
Clarafina: She climbs inside. Second.
Nine‘ climbs up "Fires always go away if they are not stoked"
Ezekiel: "Bro, you have the weirdest girlfriend of all the people I have ever known."
Nine: "Fires that consume all if they are fuelled"
Nine: "In the end what happens is entirely up to you"
Eidolon looks at Ezekiel, smiles. "Isn’t it what's inside that's important? And look, a temple-, that's pretty important, right?"
Ezekiel: "Not makin' it less weird!"
Clarafina: What an unusual whale!
AURUM: White stone and white wood, pure and clean. The forbidden island. Sigils scrawled obscenely on the walls and on the floor in red chalky stone. Binding oaths.
AURUM: Goetic circles, pentagrams, lemniscates.
AURUM: The sigils of infinity. The sigils of mastery.
AURUM: The avatar in white hurries you past that part of the temple, to something like an observation deck.
AURUM: One of the Sin's great eyes, front-facing, crystal-lensed.
Nine‘ looks out of "(Whose great idea was to build this…)"
Clarafina: "She’s knitted around it," she explains, to Nine.
Ezekiel: "Ah yes of course, red writing scrawlled over pristine white everything else… what else would it be." Ezekiel shakes his head.
Clarafina: "You can see the scars."
Clarafina: "…The ship, itself, was a wound to her."
Nameless‘ follows the others. "A man would have written his bindings in a less garish color, it is true."
AURUM: The Sin of Flight shakes itself free of the Mist, sending little white splinters everywhere. The Avatar laughs, neither kindly nor unkindly, and takes Eidolon’s hand, because for this brief moment, she can.
Nine: "Whose great idea was it to build this"
Nine: "Of someone who had no idea what they were doing"
Nine: "That is how problems happen"
Eidolon firmly grips her hand.
Clarafina shakes her head.
AURUM: "I was free, and then my freedom was taken from me, by a man who sought to remake and repair the world."
Ezekiel: "It's funny 'cause Nine just said that."
Nine: "Sounds to me like he either had no idea of what he was doing"
Nine: "Or he didn't really want to repair any world"
AURUM: "If you ever decide to remake the world in your image…" And she's looking straight at Nine when she says this, but then she loses her nerve.
Nine‘ just continues to stare out "I… Do not seek to make a world in my image"
Nine: "I just want my world back"
Nine: "I just… Want to fix the mistakes of people…"
Nine: "Of the people who do not think their actions through"
Eidolon looks up, lost in thought, and then glances at Nine, somewhat curiously.
AURUM: "That’s all he wanted, too." She smiles, sadly. "Be careful."
Nine: "Of course"
Nine: "That is the crux of it all…"
Eidolon: "I was going to say you remind me -so- much of some people."
Nine: "I must be careful"
Nine: "There are so many moving gears in a world"
Eidolon: "Well no, the other was a youth who saved his island from such a mechanical fate."
Eidolon: "Grandious how some themes repeat, isn't it."
Nameless: "Its OK, Nine. If you get it wrong someone will be along to set it right eventually."
Nine‘ chuckles "I bet that… By taking you unwillingly. By choosing a prisioner in place of a heroine"
Solberg: "Yet, how many of them lead back to your fate again?"
Nine: "He cursed himself and his own world"
AURUM: "That a world could be expressed in gears… that gears and crystal engines could be the beating heart of the world…"
Nine` looks at Nameless "No. I can only hope that if I get it wrong"
Nine: "I’ll be able to fix my own mistakes"
Nameless‘ smiles slightly. "That story is much less interesting though."
Nine` chuckles "Does anyone here knows enough to attest wether it can or not?"
AURUM: "…would anyone even be able to knowingly make that kind of sacrifice? How can one even comprehend the cost of a world?" She runs her hand over a bone-white rail.
AURUM: The floor shifts, lurches. The Sin’s not used to passengers.
Ezekiel: "Okay so…" Ezekiel finds somewhere to sit down, thinks to himself, then sort of mumbles to himself as he looks between the others. "(Immediately Post Apocolypse, Ultra Steam Punk, Never Ending Story Take Two, Water World Meet Cluthlu In The Sky, 10 Minutes In The Future Cyberb Punk… god this dream has no fucking consistancy.)"
Nameless‘ gets a distant look on his face. "Yes. Yes, it can be done."
Nine` sighs "To sacrifice oneself is incredibly easy"
Nine: "To not do that is immensely hard"
AURUM: She glances at Nameless, curiously.
AURUM: ’Tell me more.'
AURUM: …that wasn't her voice, asking.
Ezekiel: Hahaha, that was kind of slick tho.
AURUM: It kinda was…
Nameless‘ shrugs. "A world of devils and clockwork. A man went there on a date, and came back to find his stupid friends had gone to sleep or left town and Winter came through the door behind them."
Nameless` mimics shoving sunglasses up his nose.
Eidolon: "How rude. Were they born in a barn?"
Nameless: "Haha… One of them believed we werent born at all."
AURUM: ’Sounds like a lazy excuse not to write a background.'
Eidolon sadly shakes his head.
Nameless‘ sighs. "A man needs his name. And then several others. And eventually he will go home. Perhaps to sleep."
Clarafina: "How many of us…"
Clarafina: "Are really going home, at the end?"
Clarafina: "You too, Sin."
Ezekiel: "Oh, oh."
Ezekiel: "Me!!! MEEEEEE! I am."
Ezekiel: "I left all my stuff there."
Eidolon chuckles.
AURUM: The Avatar points. In the distance, the end of the world. "…I’m not worried about what happens when the story ends."
Solberg: "If we were in a place more entrenched in cause and effect, where the world reliably followed laws of physics, then sure, I'd take it on faith and extrapolation that we were born. In this … 'realm' of pages and stories and places with blanks you can write in and where nothing exists beyond what ink's been committed to paper, you aren't born unless you have it in writing."
Eidolon: "I'll find my way, as I usually do. And she's right- wherever I am, there I'll be."
Nameless‘ smiles at Solberg. "A man did have it in writing."
Solberg: "Oh. Well then."
Nine: "It’s called a birth certificate, Solberg"
Solberg reverts back to their usual detached state. "Not what I meant, Nine."
Clarafina: "For some…"
Clarafina: "Nothing is written unless they have written it."
AURUM: "Wherever you are, there I'll be, too. You're not getting away from me that easily."
Eidolon sharply grins. "And damned if I'll let anyone take the sky from me."
AURUM: "Can I try, at least?" The Sin's starting to hit some turbulence.
AURUM: Mercury vapour, billowing out of the end of the world in great big clouds.
Eidolon: "Wouldn't be the same without."
AURUM: Mucking up the scales and the lens.
Nine‘ sniffs, but stays in place
Ezekiel: "Wow that sounds like it’s getting dangerously close to TMI, Eidolon. I'd say keep that kinda tlak to the bedroom but I guess we're like… inside her…? OH GOD I JUST MADE THIS WEIRDER AAAAAA"
Nine‘ then starts laughing, oh god Ezekiel why
Solberg: "Is that your desire? A world without Sin?"
AURUM: Lines of light running through everything, ink melting in the light of some huge, untold secret.
Eidolon laughs from the belly. "Sin above, I missed this."
AURUM: "See you on the flip side."
AURUM: Everything goes white.
AURUM: Black stars twinkling in the inverted-colour sky, spelling out ’<混乱大光ヘン : Obvious Motives>' before you blink and they've rearranged themselves. It's not twinkling, it's pixel aliasing.
Solberg: "Burn the land, boil the sea."
Ezekiel: "Phew, sounds like an easy one this time!"
Nine‘ furrows his eyebrows
Nine: "This one"
AURUM: Enormous crystals hovering at the horizon, inscribed with the histories of countless worlds. (Hash marks scrawled on a few of them.)
AURUM: Clouds, far beneath your feet.
AURUM: Too thick to see the land beneath.
[OOC] Nameless: "That one says #OLAD." "… Lets not go there."
AURUM: Everything seems familiar; a confluence of narrative.
Clarafina: "Whenever you see a bunch of crystals, you kind of expect them to be perfect, don’t you?"
[OOC] Nine: I don't know, i'd send one of the narrators there
Clarafina: "These ones are full of flaws."
Nine: "No, they're not"
Ezekiel: "Ha ha, like there's ever been a perfect anything involving crystals."
Nine: "They really truly perfect"
Ezekiel: "I've played a lot of shitty fantasy games in my day, let me tell you."
Nine: "You just have the wrong tastes"
Eidolon: "What do you call a perfect crystal? An orb, probably…?"
Ezekiel: "Flaws F O R D A Y S, man."
AURUM: Elhaym's standing in the middle of the paradox, resting on an -enormous- obsidian greatsword that's half-plunged into the ground, leaving little cracks in the crystal service.
AURUM: "So… yeah."
Clarafina smiles.
Solberg: "A perfectly balanced dodecahedron."
Clarafina: "I know I kidnapped you for a reason."
Nine` looks at Elhaym "Oh, I was not expecting to find you here. Though you did do that with the trail"
AURUM: "Welcome to the end of the world."

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