Apocrypha Masque Of The Red Death

AURUM: "Ahahahah, that wasn't an eye-blink after all, was it? My apologies; one can never quite guess how these things will turn out." Prince Prospero brushes some dust off the brim of his elaborate hat.
Nameless: "Time is only as relevant as you let it be. Its OK."
Eidolon: "It'll work out in post."
Nine sighs "I suppose you never heard of Murphy's Law"
Nine: "Either way, I suppose we were about to ask you… If you have in fact invited us to the final chamber of your nautilus"
AURUM: "At the very least we could have been free to enjoy each others' company! But no, right at that moment of sublime dramatic tension~!" His hand languishes at the end of his arm after an elaborate, dramatic gesture. "Anyways, do you like the palace?"
AURUM: "Ahahaha, no…"
AURUM: "…actually, let me tell you a secret."
Ezekiel: "Well, it's… palacy?"
Nameless: "It saves me from answering that question, so go ahead."
AURUM: "It doesn't… actually… end? You can just keep smashing through walls forever, moving forward and forward, never letting go of your momentum. Unless you want to, I suppose? The rooms are all quite lovely."
Nine: "Ah, I see how it is"
AURUM: "But the real palace, the real dance - that's the flow of people, pulsing through like blood in an artery, spiralling endlessly inward on something that'll forever be out of reach." He gives a louche shudder.
Eidolon: "Sounds like a lot of effort." He flicks back some hair in his face. "The first room was pretty nice."
Nine: "Either way, wether final room or not, meeting you is, I presume, what we were supposed to do"
ClarafinaRosemont: "Like blood through… a vein, no?"
ClarafinaRosemont: "The artery takes you home. The vein's to where you're going."
Solberg: "Xeno's paradox meets a rubber band."
ClarafinaRosemont smiles wanly. "Don't go forgetting how blood works, now."
AURUM: "There -is- a way out, of course, but nobody's managed to find it yet. Wouldn't it be exciting, if someone did?" He grins at Clarafina, daring her. "Mmm, quite right."
AURUM: "Quite right."
Eidolon turns, points casually at Nameless, then Ezekiel. "Anatomy joke? Anatomy joke? Anyone good for one?"
AURUM: "Constantly being on your toes doesn't give you much time to polish your metaphors, I suppose." A fox-smile.
Ezekiel: "Go for it."
Nameless‘ shrugs. "My anatomy is good for several jokes. Take your pick."
Eidolon: "I don’t really have one, I got lost around 'Xeno,' sadly."
Nine: "Sorry, i'm good with machines"
Ezekiel: "Oh."
Eidolon: "But who would ever want to leave?" He turns to face the prince. "People are so interesting."
AURUM: "Xenobiology gets complicated. All those tentacles?" His eyebrow wriggles. "Ah, aren't they, though? I get to see all sorts, here. Dance with them, hear their stories."
AURUM: "Nobody… quite like you six, though."
Nameless: "Yeah, but people are everywhere. Not just in the palace. So I mean really… It'll be time to move on eventually."
Ezekiel: "Man I really doubt that."
Nine: "I imagine not. From looking at the other guests we appear to be different indeed"
Nine: "Perhaps a little, hrm… More consistent, I suppose?"
ClarafinaRosemont tugs her veil over her eyes.
AURUM: "The term is 'pure heart', isn't it?"
AURUM: "(I've read a lot of books.)"
Eidolon: "There's that term again."
Nameless: "It's… negotiable."
Eidolon: "Do you all frequent the same coffee shops?"
Solberg just gives the fiend a level stare.
AURUM: "Alas, I passed the last coffee-shop room decades ago, and haven't come across one since."
Ezekiel: "Oh is that onea them stupid ultra needlessly fancy coffees?"
AURUM: "I live in hope."
Nine: "Hrm… No, I think that the two of them are of very similar nature. I suppose you do know that jester we've met recently?"
AURUM: "Jester…?" He pauses, then looks like he ate a lemon, or perhaps a rotten lemon. "…ah. Them."
AURUM: "They like to break toys."
Eidolon: "Fiends, you might be acquainted with the lot."
ClarafinaRosemont walks up to the Prince, and wrinkles her nose, and walks past, I think - there's a great paper fiend in here too, isn't there? Things have gotten a little unclear - She pauses, of course, as the topic changes.
Eidolon: "Which, for what it's worth, isn't a character judgement on you."
AURUM gives Clarafina an overdone, wounded look, half-turns towards her. "You really aren't happy unless the conversation's turned to blood, are you, dear?"
Nine: "Aha, I figured you were related in some form. Mayhap you know the reason he built such a story he wished to see us play out?"
ClarafinaRosemont: "No, no, it's the hope I'm caught on."
Nameless: "Doctors. All about bloo and hope."
ClarafinaRosemont: "Hope isn't just moving forward. Hope is… well, you have to make it yourself. Ezekiel, am I wrong?"
[OOC] Nameless: *blood
ClarafinaRosemont smiles brightly at the nameless one: "Yes, quite right!" She looks quite pleased.
Ezekiel: "Uhhh no it's super easy to hope for stuff without doing anything yo."
AURUM: To clarify, though: There's a shimmering rope of fire, and two papier-mache effigies of many-armed sword-gods. There used to be just the one of them, but now there are two! It's amazing what can happen during a hiatus.
ClarafinaRosemont: "Well, I mean." A nod. "That's why I asked you."
AURUM: "Mmm. I imagine they were bound by their nature."
AURUM: "As am I."
ClarafinaRosemont: "What a pathetically boring thing to be bound by."
AURUM: "Yes!"
Solberg thought this prince and the jester were one and the same, even. Must be faulty memory.
Nine: "We all are"
Nine: "It's just a manner of knowing how to with it, than against it"
AURUM: He swirls towards Clarafina, flames rising gloriously around him - for a split second, you get the sense of something more, some past glory that once was, a fire that's gone out, what's left a pale reflection.
Eidolon: "Ha! Speak for yourself."
Ezekiel: "Anyway,"
Ezekiel: "What were we even doing here again?"
Nine: "We were supposedly here to… Figure out why we are here"
Eidolon: "We were moving stories!"
Ezekiel: "Oh."
Nine: "At this point in time, we are all seeking some information, aren't we?"
Nine: "Given there is no imminent danger, why not ask about it?"
Ezekiel: "It's because I'm stoned out of my mind, that was easy. Next???"
Eidolon: "We went from the pub to the monster lounge to here, so…"
Nameless: "Some of us more than others."
ClarafinaRosemont extends her arm and her fingers like in the Creation of Adam towards the Prince.
Nine: "Last time our primary host was not very… Receptive"
ClarafinaRosemont: "It's… a tunnel, I suppose. Something that gets in the way between here and there."
AURUM: The Prince reaches towards Clarafina, beaming, burning uncomfortably hot.
AURUM: "Have you ever heard of the mathematical concept of a 'fractal'?"
Nine raises an eyebrow and looks Prospero and Clarafina
Solberg: "Yes."
AURUM: "Self-similarity, stories within stories, turtles all the way down..?"
Eidolon: "Ah!" He claps. "It rings a bell now."
AURUM: "Spirals that never end." The flames continue to rise, and he gestures, offhandedly, and smashes down the door into the next room. The flames are even brighter, in there, blue and licking.
Ezekiel glances at the floor in the new room, looking for turtles.
AURUM: No turtles. :(
Nine furrows his eyebrows "Are you intent on leading us down such a neverending path?"
Ezekiel: "No turtles!"
Eidolon: "Do you have a less tropical next room?" He winces, slightly.
ClarafinaRosemont pulls her fingers away, then, swishing past, her clothes briefly burning at the edges before they stop as she steps into the next room.
Nine: "I'm not sure that is good for anyone involved"
AURUM: I mean, the flames are perfectly safe! Sometimes your clothes singe, but only when it's picturesque for them to do so!
Ezekiel follows Clara in.
Nine won't leave the party behind, of course, but only just so
AURUM: The Prince laughs, beams, dances into the next room. "Dance with me! Come on. You don't want to stay in the same story forever, do you?"
AURUM: His bodyguard-fiends follow, brandishing their weapons.
Eidolon: "I suppose not!" He glides after.
ClarafinaRosemont: "There's nothing here but burning."
Solberg: "Was wondering when you were going to stop talking and move onto something more productive, yes."
Nine walks after "To be honest, I do"
Nine: "In a very specific story, however"
Nameless‘ rubs his hands together in the heat, following the others. "This really… well I mean, I love a good party but I’m not sure this feels like my scene."
ClarafinaRosemont licks her lips. "No thicker than water."
AURUM: "Only fire lives here now?" He almost stage-whispers it, twirling his way over to the next door, opening it with a flourish and a bow, holding the door open for the party and his bodyguards. The next room is starlit and vast, the floor an infinitely deep pool of water that, for reasons best left unexamined, you can walk on with no trouble?
AURUM: It sizzles and steams, when he follows you through.
AURUM: "How's this? The contrast, it suits, don't you think?"
ClarafinaRosemont skips, gently, across the water, stopping midway through. "So it does."
Nine looks down at the starry reflections on the pool "Hrm… Excessive"
Eidolon: "Ah, better!" He glides about over the water, more secure in this scenery, making patterns with his ripples.
Nine: "But I suppose everything here is"
Ezekiel: "Oh cool we finally hit the point where I can see forever."
Nameless‘ steps onto the water. "Maybe not forever. But definitely a long way."
AURUM: Finally, Prince Prospero draws his sword, Terpsichore, and bows from a respectful distance.
ClarafinaRosemont: "Here?"
Ezekiel: "Naw like all," akwardly stretches an arm out, and makes his eyes go wide. "Dude, I can see forever!!"
Ezekiel: "Like that."
Nine: "Must we really?"
Eidolon: "It’s fiends, of course we must!"
AURUM: "Oh, don't think I'll stop moving. That's not what dances are about at all." He smiles, graciously.
Eidolon: "Something something bound by nature?"
AURUM: Battle order: Clarafina [F]:0 Dasamukha-Masked [F]:0 Prince Prospero [B]:0 Surpanakha-Masked [F]:0 Nine [B]:2 Solberg [B]:2 Peregrine [F]:3 Eidolon [B]:4 Ezekiel [F]:5 Pyrope [B]:5
AURUM: Status for Prince Prospero : [<span style="color: #008000;">====================</span>]
AURUM: Status for Pyrope : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for Dasamukha-Masked : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for Surpanakha-Masked : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
Solberg extends their pool cue, aiming it level with the Prince. "Let's go more broad. Not just blood and fire, but all sorts of matter and principles."
AURUM: Clarafina, you have the initiative!
ClarafinaRosemont extends a hand. [Black Spot in CT15.]
AURUM: "I'll see what I can do!"
ClarafinaRosemont: Like water-snakes, ribbons insinuate themselves across the surface of the water.
Nine: "I suppose. If we are in a world, we must play by it's rules" he takes a step back to let the party's front line move forward
ClarafinaRosemont laughs: "That's not true at all!"
AURUM: Prince Prospero smiles at Clarafina, while the Masked effigies begin burning brightly! [Energy Up]
Solberg: "Laws we know and express are built upon other laws fundamental to other forces, and those laws are made from other laws, and …"
Solberg: "Laws are turtles all the way down."
Nine: "Indeed, Solberg"
Ezekiel: "I'm still not seeing any turtles yo,"
Solberg: "They're metaphorical."
Nine: "It is mostly a matter of examining them, to achieve your goals"
Ezekiel: "Lame."
Eidolon: "It's okay Ezekiel. I believe in turtles."
Solberg: "A violation of one is only a local violation; it still obeys the greater laws."
ClarafinaRosemont: "Speaking of local violations…"
ClarafinaRosemont: "…I suspect I'm about to demonstrate one!"
Nameless: "Probably for the best they remain metaphorical. I dont have any duct tape for their shells."
Nine: "I wouldn't call it a violation at all, Solberg"
AURUM: Prince Prospero springs out of the back row in a single step of bursting, blooming flames; Clarafina's suddenly tangled in his voluminous red silk cape. [Hostage]
Solberg: "I take it you've never worked in government, then."
AURUM rolled 1d100 and got 20 ( Total: 20 ) for 80
Nine: "Merely us saying a law exist when it is merely the interaction of other ones, which we are unaware of"
AURUM rolled d10+144 and got 9 ( Total: 153 )
Nine: "There wasn't really one left by the time I was around"
Eidolon: "Ah!"
AURUM: Dealing [153] physical damage and Clarafina is held hostage until Prospero's next turn - anytime he takes damage, Clarafina will also!
Solberg: "Well then. If we're from the same thread of time, hopefully I'll help avert that."
Nine: "Well, that would be something very good. Although I do plan on fixing it"
Solberg scans their other companions. Yes, technologically speaking, there's a progression … with themself just before Nine just before a whole lot of nothing.
ClarafinaRosemont hangs in mid-air, laughing, a little. Black twists around red twists around black twists around red.
Ezekiel: "The hell am I even looking at."
ClarafinaRosemont: "You read a lot of books, do you…? Goodness."
ClarafinaRosemont looks down at Ezekiel:
ClarafinaRosemont: "Well, there's a sort of flaming rope-beast."
ClarafinaRosemont: "And two many-armed, sword-carrying paper-beasts…"
Solberg: "Apparently a rope-beast that swings both ways."
ClarafinaRosemont: "And the prince of cats himself. Or something like that. No?"
Nine sighs "You are looking at Clarafina and Prospero being too close while wearing too much clothing" a small hint of annoyince
Ezekiel: "Aha."
ClarafinaRosemont: "It's impossible to wear too much clothing."
Eidolon: "Sol you are apparently far far more acquianted with the rope than I am."
Solberg: "Interrogation is a dirty line of work."
Nameless: "No it's definitely possible to be wearing too much clothing."
Nameless: "But… I think not right now."
ClarafinaRosemont: "I'll skin him and make him into a dress…!"
ClarafinaRosemont: "…Well, actually, no." She sways, a little, in her red silk.
Ezekiel: "Uhhhhhhh."
Eidolon: "That'd be hot."
Nine: "Given the fact he is on fore"
Nameless: "Stifling."
Nine: "Anything involving him would be to some degree"
ClarafinaRosemont: "Jus kidding."
Ezekiel: "Ya'll're some weird ass hallucinations."
Eidolon: "I meant it literally, just by being near him."
Nameless: "Probably more true than I am comfortable admitting, Ezekiel. But I'm working on it. Slowly."
Solberg: "Working on which part?"
Solberg: "Weird? Hallucination?"
Solberg looks down and behind the Peregrine. "Ass?"
Nameless: "Hallucination. Not much I care to do about the weird. And there is nothing wrong with my ass, thank you."
Solberg shrugs. "If you say so."
ClarafinaRosemont Cirques about a little, only to get more tangled than before.
Nameless: "Admittedly I haven't been dancing as much as I used to."
Solberg: "This is a long conversation for another blink of an eye."
Ezekiel: "That's the power of drugs!"
Nameless: "I'm not really worried about time. The joys of being a hallucination."
AURUM: The Prince almost certainly added colourful commentary during all of that exchange, because of course he did. He pats Clarafina on the shoulder, a little bit smugly. This won't last, but he'll certainly enjoy himself in the meantime?
AURUM: Nine!
Solberg: "That's the power of being a turtle heart."
AURUM: Also, Solberg!
Solberg accelerates a quick [Solid Pulse] on Clarafina! [CT 15 -> 5 for 2 Luck]
Nine looks at what's ahead of him. He pulls out his book from a pocket, slotting a glowing crystalline card in a slot in the spine, and walks over to Dasamukha-Masked and hits it with the spine of said book [Attack, 40D]
Nine rolled 1d100 and got 27 ( Total: 27 ) for 80 CoS
Nine rolled 1d8+72 and got 2 ( Total: 74 )
[OOC] Nameless: which enemies in what rows?
[OOC] Nine: HP: 500/500, [TMP: 80] MP: 550/550, SoS: 125 - Spell Charge[+20] (U)
[OOC] Nine: Pyrope in the back
ClarafinaRosemont: the Prince and the Rope in the back, Surpanakha and Dasamukha in the front.
Ezekiel slips in behind Nine, slamming his dagger into the Dasamukha-Masked as well before he's noticed. [ASSist Stike]
[OOC] Nine: Oh prince too
Ezekiel rolled 1d100 and got 97 ( Total: 97 )
Nine blinks, looks up "Really?" he sighs and focuses on the fight again
Ezekiel could miss too I guess.
AURUM: Prince is in the front row at the moment, actually, but yes.
AURUM: Ezekiel misses, but Nine hits for [74]!
Solberg: "Too much purple haze at this party?"
AURUM: Battle order: Peregrine [F]:0 Eidolon [B]:1 Ezekiel [F]:2 Pyrope [B]:2 Solberg [B]:4 Clarafina [F]:12 Dasamukha-Masked [F]:17 Surpanakha-Masked [F]:17 Nine [B]:39 Prince Prospero [F]:47
AURUM: Status for Prince Prospero : [<span style="color: #008000;">====================</span>] High Tension I(2) Shroud I(U)
AURUM: Status for Pyrope : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for Dasamukha-Masked : [<span style="color: #008000;">========= </span>] Menacing Aura II(U) Energy Up(U)
AURUM: Status for Surpanakha-Masked : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>] Menacing Aura II(U) Energy Up(U)
AURUM: Peregrine!
Ezekiel: "Guess so."
Nameless‘ draws his sword and leaps at Dasamukha-Masked, pirouetting at the last second into a wide, sweeping slash. [Setting Tinder, 60D]
Nameless` rolled 1d100 and got 39 ( Total: 39 ) for 85/5
Nameless` rolled 1d12+150 and got 11 ( Total: 161.0 )
Eidolon thrusts a palm forward, and a dense ball of magic flies out and hits the staggered Dasamukha-Masked! [Spell Assist, Magic Burst]
AURUM: Hits for [161]!
Nameless` steps out of the pirouette and plants his feet, sword raised over his head. [Earth Stance]
Eidolon rolled 1d12+180 and got 2 ( Total: 182 ) for spending 60 MP for EX version
AURUM: The magic burst hits for [182] but causes [Feedback] (3) - Eidolon’s next magical attack inflicts -30% damage! The condition also fades if Eidolon uses a damage-inflicting Spell!
Eidolon: "Ahahaha, you got me."
AURUM: Eidolon!
Eidolon 's body dims slightly. [Quick: Backfeed] [-100 HP] [+160 TMP] He waves a hand over his forehead, and a third eye appears! [CT 10, Oracle Energy]
AURUM: Ezekiel!
Ezekiel just takes a swing at the Dakamukha! [40D]
Ezekiel rolled 1d100 and got 80 ( Total: 80 )
AURUM: Hits!
Ezekiel rolled d8+91,150% and got 3 ( Total: 141.0 ) for [Power Strike]
A beeping sound from above "Clear the area" a small cylindric object falls into the Dasamukha-Masked [Interrupt Charge - S.A.]
Nine rolled 1d100 and got 33 ( Total: 33 ) for 80 CoS
AURUM: Hits!
ClarafinaRosemont pulls herself up the swathe of red silk, lifting herself up and out of the blast radius.
Nine rolled 1d8+72,75 and got 1 ( Total: 54.75 ) for Oops it's melee
[OOC] Nine: HP: 500/500, [TMP: 80] MP: 550/550, SoS: 125 - Spell Charge[+40] (U)
AURUM: For [141] and then [54]! The Dasamukha-Masked looks [Desperate]!
AURUM: The Pyrope twists and curls and a heat wave builds! [CT 15]
AURUM: Solberg!
Solberg strikes a ball of energy with their pool cue right into Clarafina's chest, [Pulsing Solidly]. [Heal 50 HP as the status ticks down, (6)]
AURUM: Delay?
[OOC] Solberg: 35D!
AURUM: Eidolon, now!
ClarafinaRosemont does an upside-down bow to Solberg.
[OOC] Eidolon: humor me with an enemy hp check
AURUM: Battle order: Eidolon [B]:0 Clarafina [F]:1 Dasamukha-Masked [F]:6 Surpanakha-Masked [F]:6 Pyrope [B]:6 Nine [B]:28 Solberg [B]:28 Ezekiel [F]:31 Prince Prospero [F]:36 Peregrine [F]:49
AURUM: Status for Prince Prospero : [<span style="color: #008000;">====================</span>] High Tension I(2) Shroud I(U)
AURUM: Status for Pyrope : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for Dasamukha-Masked : [<span style="color: #ff8000;">=== </span>] Menacing Aura II(U) Energy Up(U) Desperate(U)
AURUM: Status for Surpanakha-Masked : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>] Menacing Aura II(U) Energy Up(U)
Eidolon fires a beam of energy from his third eye at the Pyrope! [Oracle Energy, 35D]
Eidolon rolled 1d8+120,70 and got 3 ( Total: 86.1 ) for -30% from Feedback
Pyrope is now Marked! (This does nothing but allows Eidolon to hit Pyrope with specific attacks.)
AURUM: Deals [86] damage, and it burbles suspiciously.
Eidolon winks with one of his regular eyes before the third one closes and seals up.
AURUM: Clarafina!
ClarafinaRosemont points a slender finger towards Prince Prospero - [Black Spot] - and ribbons burst from black water, entangling him, lifting him up into the air alongside her.
ClarafinaRosemont rolled 1d10+84 and got 10 ( Total: 94.0 )
ClarafinaRosemont: For 94 magical shade damage. Luck benefits vs. the Prince are doubled (4)!
ClarafinaRosemont: …But you can call it Black Spot (4), of course.
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: 35D
ClarafinaRosemont: …]
AURUM: The Prince gracefully moves into the back row! [Fall Back]
AURUM: He takes [94] damage, as does Clarafina!
AURUM: "A gift for me? How lovely."
ClarafinaRosemont keeps one finger wrapped around a black ribbon, tethering them together even at a distance.
ClarafinaRosemont: "Oh, this isn't the gift…"
ClarafinaRosemont: "This is just the wrapping paper…!"
Nameless: "Majesty… you seem like you're really bad at Mythmas. Just sayin'."
ClarafinaRosemont: "I will admit to being more used to recieving than giving, yes…!"
Nameless: "It kinda shows. A little. We'll work on it."
Ezekiel: "Lewd."
Nameless: "What? No that would be if I offered to stuff her stocking."
Nameless: "I'm just saying she's kinda bad at giving presents."
AURUM: The Pyrope stares at Eidolon and burbles angrily for a minute but then somehow, with no eyes, gives him the universal I'll Deal With You Later glare before darting out from the sky at Clarafina and tying her in fiery knots for a few split seconds! Bits of her clothing set on fire! [Imperil (10) - take +10% incoming damage; on proc, increase DT by 10% but increase the rate at which the timer ticks down by 1!]
AURUM: As a parting gift, [Ancient Curse]!
AURUM rolled d8+108,110% and got 6 ( Total: 125.4 )
Eidolon: "They really have it out for you, Princess."
AURUM: Dealing [125] magical damage!
ClarafinaRosemont sighs softly.
AURUM: The Surpanakha-Masked takes a [Heavyhand] swing at Clarafina!
AURUM rolled 1d100 and got 62 ( Total: 62 ) for 80
ClarafinaRosemont weaves out of the way. [2 Luck!]
Ezekiel reaches up to… ah well she's got it.
Nine: "Hrm… Now I forget, but does any of you have a good way to restore Clarafina's integrity?"
AURUM: +20 CoS on attacks vs. the Surpanakha-Masked until its next turn!
Solberg: "Working on it."
Nine: "Very well…"
[OOC] Solberg: I mean, it may necessitate a Vacuum Pulse just for her pulse alone now…
AURUM: The Surpanakha-Masked points dramatically at Clarafina, brandishing its weapons! [Warning]
ClarafinaRosemont: "My integrity is beyond reproach."
ClarafinaRosemont: "…But some healing might be nice."
[OOC] Nine: I meant "do you need me to use an item" honestly
Nine: "Physical integrity, yes"
Ezekiel: "Uhh only a little."
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: Yes Please, you run therapy right?
[OOC] Solberg: oh prolly, I can do long-term maintenance and fight resets but not so much instant healing
[OOC] Nine: Nope I run Demolish
AURUM: Meanwhile, the Dasamukha-Masked grows a deep and powerful shadowy aura, its flames glowing bright!
AURUM: It delivers a [Menacing Strike] to Clarafina!
AURUM rolled 1d100 and got 61 ( Total: 61 ) for 80
Nameless: "Yeah… but kinda… hang on it's tricky. And I need one of you to hit something first…"
Solberg steps in to intercede! [GA]
ClarafinaRosemont: "Ah! My thanks!"
Nine: "Hrm… Very well, be ready, Peregrine"
Nameless: "Ready might be my middle name…"
AURUM rolled d10+180,160% and got 10 ( Total: 304.0 )
AURUM: Dealing [304] physical damage to Solberg!
[OOC] Solberg: HP: 238/600, MP: 360/600, LP: 6/8, SoS: 150
[OOC] Solberg: HP: 238/600, MP: 360/600, LP: 4/8, SoS: 150
AURUM: Battle order: Nine [B]:0 Solberg [B]:0 Ezekiel [F]:3 Eidolon [B]:7 Clarafina [F]:8 Prince Prospero [B]:8 Pyrope [B]:8 Peregrine [F]:21 Dasamukha-Masked [F]:23 Surpanakha-Masked [F]:33
AURUM: Status for Prince Prospero : [<span style="color: #008000;">=================== </span>] High Tension I(2) Shroud I(U) Black Spot(4)
AURUM: Status for Pyrope : [<span style="color: #008000;">========= </span>]
AURUM: Status for Dasamukha-Masked : [<span style="color: #ff8000;">=== </span>] Energy Up(U) Desperate(U)
AURUM: Status for Surpanakha-Masked : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>] Menacing Aura III(U) Energy Up(U) Heavyhand(1) Warning: Clarafina(1)
AURUM: Nine!
Nine considers for a moment. He pulls out the crystalline object from the spine of the book, returns the book to his vestments, puts the object into a round container. He puts a crimson vial and a golden vial into the container as well, screwing the cap on it tight. He twists the cap twice more. [Blast Charge, CT5] [2 Luck]
A red outline appears under the front enemy row "Clear the blast zone"
AURUM: Oops Solberg also!
Solberg ricochets another energy ball around the room and into themself, [Pulsing] quietly. [50D!]
[OOC] Solberg: HP: 318/600, MP: 280/600, LP: 4/8, SoS: 150 - Pulse 80 (3)
AURUM: Ezekiel!
Ezekiel runs up, slashing at the Surpanakha! [Forward Strike] [40D]
Ezekiel rolled 1d100 and got 41 ( Total: 41 )
AURUM: Hits!
Ezekiel rolled d8+91 and got 7 ( Total: 98 ) for Assist off this hit and you do +20% and regain 80HP so like hey clara
ClarafinaRosemont plays a little bit of Pit and the Pendulum with the Surpanakha. [S.A! Cut the Strings!]
ClarafinaRosemont rolled 1d100 and got 24 ( Total: 24 ) for C80
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: 1 Luck!
AURUM: Eh what's the luck for?
[OOC] Nine: Critfishing, I think?
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: Yes.
ClarafinaRosemont swings, swings, swings, her blade going swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, until -
AURUM: That's probs a crit then???
ClarafinaRosemont: "…Just kidding." She drops and embeds her axe blade firmly into the paper beast's back.
ClarafinaRosemont rolled 1d10*2.2+120*2.2 and got 9 ( Total: 283.8 )
AURUM: I'm just the narrator, I don't know much about game mechanics. ._.; Hits for a smashing [283]!
AURUM: Nine, now!
Solberg follows up with an assist! [Bank Shot]
Solberg wait that's an assist
Solberg can't assist an assist, that is.
Nine nonchalantly tosses the bomb upwards. It arcs in the air as it beeps, it hits the ground once- And the massive impact wave explodes outwards in a maelstrom of flame. Particles of dust linger in the air as the explosion dies down, crackling with energy [Blast Charge, 35D]
Nine rolled 2d100 and got 74, 75 ( Total: 149 ) for 100/20
Nine rolled 1d12+240,140 and got 5 ( Total: 343.0 ) for Front Row, no added effect
AURUM: As much as we'd love to all be helping each other… that'd be a cuddlepuddle, not a boss fight! Blast Charge hits both ravana clones for OUCH.
AURUM: Ouch!
AURUM: One of them's blasted into paper scraps! [KO]
Solberg can assist that, though! (r-right)
ClarafinaRosemont: (No targets remaining~)
Nine walks into the crackling dust, extending a hand and putting it where the scraps are falling down, there's a vial in there. He closes the vial, it's filled with a crimson liquid [Mist Condenser]
[OOC] Nine: It was an AoE hit that killed one of two targets, though, he can support the other?
[OOC] Nameless: plz I need to assist so I can heal the princess
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: Oh! Yes sorry
[OOC] Solberg: then you assist instead!
AURUM: The other's hit for [343] and [Feedback (3)] overwhelms Nine!
AURUM: It's [Desperate]!
Nameless‘ steps in behind Nine’s movement, blade cleaving in a wide arc just over the scientists head into Surpanakha. His clothes billow in a sudden gale that ripples the water around his feet, while he fishes in his pocket. [A Sudden Spark. Stance: Wind]
[OOC] Nine: HP: 500/500, [TMP: 40] MP: 550/550, SoS: 125 - Feedback[-30] (U)
Nameless‘ rolled 1d100 and got 32 ( Total: 32 ) for 85/25
Nameless` rolled 1d12+150 and got 6 ( Total: 156.0 )
AURUM: So dreamy~.
AURUM: I mean, hits!~ For [156]!
AURUM: Two of its blades are hanging by a scrap!
AURUM: Battle order: Eidolon [B]:0 Clarafina [F]:1 Prince Prospero [B]:1 Pyrope [B]:1 Peregrine [F]:14 Surpanakha-Masked [F]:26 Nine [B]:33 Ezekiel [F]:36 Solberg [B]:43
AURUM: Status for Prince Prospero : [<span style="color: #008000;">=================== </span>] High Tension I(2) Shroud I(U) Black Spot(4)
AURUM: Status for Pyrope : [<span style="color: #008000;">========= </span>]
AURUM: Status for Surpanakha-Masked : [] Menacing Aura III(U) Energy Up(U) Heavyhand(1) Warning: Clarafina(1) Desperate(U)
AURUM: Eidolon!
AURUM: Prince Prospero swears softly, under his breath. (It’s more of an 'aw, dang' sort of thing.)
Eidolon: "Sorry Pyrope, but this is about to seem very unfair." He raises both hands and brings his cupped palms together- some twisting, unseen but felt force writhes about inside… [CT 20] [On Pyrope's Tick, go 'Hey, Eidolon.']
Nameless: "I know, right? I was this close."
AURUM: Oh god.
AURUM: Hey, Eidolon.
[OOC] Eidolon: Well, you have Clarafina first.
ClarafinaRosemont: "Oh, sorry!"
ClarafinaRosemont: "Me first."
AURUM: Clarafina, then!
ClarafinaRosemont curtseys to the Pyrope, and then slams her axe into it. Just like it was asking for. [As You Wish! - 50D]
ClarafinaRosemont rolled 1d100 and got 6 ( Total: 6 ) for C80
ClarafinaRosemont rolled 1d10*1.8+120*1.8 and got 5 ( Total: 225.0 )
AURUM: Oh by the way tell me when Imperil wears off!
AURUM: Clarafina hits for [225]!
[OOC] Solberg: also remember your pulse tick!
ClarafinaRosemont: Chop. Chop. Chop. [225] damage! It's badly frayed - Wounded [112] (3).
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: Thx & and yes I'll let you know in NINE TICKS when that happens.
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: er nine actions
[OOC] Nine: Timer on that changes as you take damage!!
[OOC] AURUM: It's ticking down two per action of yours now! Don't give up hope!
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: Yeah I Know
AURUM: Anyways, that's pretty gross, wow.
AURUM: Hey Eidolon..? You wanted me to… to say hey, but I have a feeling I'm going to regret this.
An image of Eidolon suddenly appears in front of Pyrope, moving very erratically and stutteringly, and right as the rope moves to do- well, something, the image merges with Eidolon. "-Chrono Burst!" His palms open, and a shockwave of time magic blasts the rope! [Chrono Burst, 35D]
AURUM: Ah well. Good morning!
[Chrono Burst - If your target starts a turn during the CT, reduce delay to 0 and cast Chrono Burst before their action.]
Eidolon rolled 1d12+240 and got 11 ( Total: 251 ) for Pyrope's Mark disappears.
AURUM: The Pyrope writhes in a manner that suggests that it calls shenanigans on /all of this/.
AURUM: It charges a spell! [CT 15]
AURUM: Prince Prospero, regretfully, lets Clarafina go. [Hostage wears!]
AURUM: Clarafina, what's your HP?
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: 510!
[OOC] AURUM: Like, gimme a full HP call, humor me here
[OOC] Ezekiel: [SHP: 80] HP: 700/700, MP: 550/550, SoS: 175
[OOC] Nine: HP: 500/500, [TMP: 40] MP: 550/550, SoS: 125 - Feedback[-30] (U)
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: HP: 510/700, MP: 340/500, SoS: 175 - Pulse 50 (4),Imperil 10 (9)
[OOC] Eidolon: HP: 304/600, [TMP: 90] MP: 600/600, SoS: 150 - Luck: 8 / 8 (U)
[OOC] Nameless: [600/600 HP, 500/500 MP]
[OOC] Solberg: HP: 318/600, MP: 280/600, LP: 4/8, SoS: 150 - Pulse 80 (3)
AURUM: "Tch.."
Eidolon: "We're a resilient lot, yes."
AURUM: He rushes forward from the back row in a gust of flame, and ambushes Clarafina! [Swoop]
AURUM rolled 1d100 and got 20 ( Total: 20 ) for CoS 100
Nameless: "Dying is a terrible experience. Once was enough."
AURUM rolled d10+230,130% and got 7 ( Total: 308.1 ) for +10 High Tension, +20 Imperil - Imperil increases to +30% DT and ticks down even faster
ClarafinaRosemont raises her axe to block but - she's too slow! She slides back across the water, shooting up a splash across the back ranks!
AURUM: Battle order: Peregrine [F]:0 Pyrope [B]:2 Surpanakha-Masked [F]:12 Nine [B]:19 Eidolon [B]:22 Ezekiel [F]:22 Solberg [B]:29 Clarafina [F]:37 Prince Prospero [F]:37
AURUM: Status for Prince Prospero : [<span style="color: #008000;">=================== </span>] High Tension II(2) Shroud II(U) Black Spot(3)
AURUM: Status for Pyrope : [<span style="color: #008000;">===== </span>] Wounded [112](3)
AURUM: Status for Surpanakha-Masked : [] Menacing Aura III(U) Energy Up(U) Heavyhand(1) Warning: Clarafina(1) Desperate(U)
Ezekiel slips in front of Clara, taking the hit instead! [Defend Assist]
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: NOPE
[OOC] Ezekiel: ???
ClarafinaRosemont raises ribbons in front of Ezekiel, and he can't make it in time.
ClarafinaRosemont: …What's she thinking?
AURUM: Peregrine!
Ezekiel: Well okay whatever
AURUM: Prince Prospero holds his breath.
Nameless‘ glides across the water… "Say ah!" and stuffs a piece of toast in Clarafinas mouth. That is some REALLY GOOD jam.
Nameless` rolled 1d12+180 and got 8 ( Total: 188.0 ) for HP restored
ClarafinaRosemont: "Ah-
AURUM: Delay?
Nameless` then twirls, Russian ballet dancers would be envious, and sails another piece of toast at Eidolon. "It fights scurvy!"
Nameless` rolled 1d100 and got 60 ( Total: 60 )
Nameless` is out of toast.
Eidolon chomps!
ClarafinaRosemont: "Thanfk you fvery mumfc."
Nameless: "You’re both very welcome." (-4 luck for 0 CT, 35D)
AURUM: Prince Prospero applauds! A door opens, and he leads a dance through - the next room is a garden full of flowers in psychedelic shades, with paisley patterns inked onto the petals. The sun overhead is enormous and blue, and beats down relentlessly.
Ezekiel: "Ugh too 70s I'm out of here."
Nine gives chase, looking at the flowers under his feet "What?"
Nameless: "Pretty, though."
AURUM: The Pyrope expands, and then weaves its way through the entire back row, bringing a heat wave along with it. [Fell Wind] [Exhaustion] [Ancient Curse]
AURUM rolled 3d100 and got 50, 77, 11 ( Total: 138 ) for 100
AURUM rolled d8+108 and got 3 ( Total: 111 )
AURUM: Inflicting [Exhaustion (2)] on the entire back row - any time you take a turn, lose 60 MP - and dealing [111] damage to Eidolon!
[OOC] Eidolon: if I'm 77 I push that into 87 with 1 luck
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: Don't It's CoS 100
[OOC] Eidolon: oh ok
[OOC] AURUM: You're the 50 =)
[OOC] Eidolon: I don't
[OOC] AURUM: o.k.
[OOC] Eidolon: HP: 381/600, [TMP: 90] MP: 600/600, SoS: 150 - Luck: 8 / 8 (U),Exhaustion (2)
Nine: "This… Is certainly fairly annoying"
AURUM: The Pyrope takes damage from its wounds!
ClarafinaRosemont: "You're welcome!"
Eidolon: "Sorry, but I've got a deep well to draw from. I'm not stopping."
AURUM: Astonishingly, the Surpanakha-Masked is still alive, swings its swords overhead, and leaps at Clarafina! [Menacing Strike]
AURUM rolled 1d100 and got 75 ( Total: 75 ) for 80 c'mon
Ezekiel takes a step back, shoves Clara to one side, then parries the Surpanakha with his knife. [Guard Assist] -> [1LCK]
ClarafinaRosemont: "Ah! My hero…!"
ClarafinaRosemont giggles to herself.
Ezekiel: "Uh-huh."
ClarafinaRosemont: "…Well, either way, it's appreciated."
AURUM: Prince Prospero grins ear to ear, applauds Ezekiel's bravery. "Worth it!"
Ezekiel: "Or… is it?"
AURUM: Even the Surpanakha-Masked seems impressed, honestly.
Eidolon: "Pretty sure it is, yes."
Ezekiel: "Oh okay."
Nameless: "I liked it, for what its worth."
AURUM: Battle order: Nine [B]:0 Eidolon [B]:3 Ezekiel [F]:3 Solberg [B]:10 Pyrope [B]:13 Peregrine [F]:16 Clarafina [F]:18 Prince Prospero [F]:18 Surpanakha-Masked [F]:43
AURUM: Status for Prince Prospero : [<span style="color: #008000;">=================== </span>] High Tension II(2) Shroud II(U) Black Spot(3)
AURUM: Status for Pyrope : [<span style="color: #ff8000;">==== </span>] Wounded [112](2)
AURUM: Status for Surpanakha-Masked : [] Energy Up(U) Desperate(U)
AURUM: Nine!
Nine walks to the Surpanakha-Masked, loading another crystal on the spine of his book, his movements are somewhat more sluggish than before. He just swipes the book at it, that should do it [Attack, 40D]
Nine rolled 1d100 and got 47 ( Total: 47 ) for 80
Nine rolled 1d8+72 and got 8 ( Total: 80 )
AURUM: Thwack! And… that's literally all it takes; it falls apart, its story is over. [KO]
ClarafinaRosemont: "Looking a bit exposed, darling."
Ezekiel dashes forward, slamming his knife into the Pyrope. [After Me] [47D]
Ezekiel rolled 1d100 and got 18 ( Total: 18 )
Nine then drives his other hand into the falling remnants of the monster, vial in hand. It fills with a golden fluid, and he stores it away [Mist Condenser]
Ezekiel rolled d8+91 and got 1 ( Total: 92 ) for first one to hit this thing before it acts does +30%
AURUM: Hits for [92]!
[OOC] Nine: HP: 500/500, MP: 530/550, SoS: 125 - Feedback[-30] (2),Exhaustion[60MP] (1),Spell Charge[20] (U)
AURUM: Back row's exposed!
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: Dear Solberg Have U S.A'd yet
AURUM: Wait, no it's not, but Prospero's in the front at the moment.
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: Oh Yeah.
AURUM: The Pyrope's in the back row, so that actually does…
Solberg fires a [Bank Shot] alongside Ezekiel!
[OOC] Ezekiel: Also Dominio Effect x2; SA's do +20% now
[OOC] AURUM: 73] I think?
Solberg rolled d12*1.2+80*1.2 and got 8 ( Total: 105.6 )
AURUM: Is that ranged?
[OOC] Solberg: Spell assist so I think so?
[OOC] Solberg: not spending the extra MP since i won't be able to afford much soon
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: Yes
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: it procs After Me tho for a total of 132 damage though
AURUM: Eidolon!
[OOC] Solberg: oh that's -another- thing on top of domino effect?
AURUM: Dealing [132], yes~
Eidolon: "So, it's time to whittle you down." Very quickly, his third eye manifests and fires a beam at the prince! [CT10 -> 0 with 1 luck, Oracle Energy, 35D]
Eidolon rolled 1d8+120 and got 6 ( Total: 126 ) for Prince Prospero is now Marked.
AURUM: Deals [126] damage and he gains a stack of [Phantom Shroud]! And one that I missed earlier.
AURUM: Solberg!
Eidolon: "Eh?!"
Eidolon: "What do you have against spellcasters!"
Ezekiel: "I'd guess the spells."
AURUM: "I admire their bravery! Twisting the laws of reality! It gets me fired up!"
AURUM: Battle order: Solberg [B]:0 Pyrope [B]:3 Peregrine [F]:6 Clarafina [F]:8 Prince Prospero [F]:8 Eidolon [B]:28 Nine [B]:30 Ezekiel [F]:40
AURUM: Status for Prince Prospero : [<span style="color: #008000;">=================== </span>] High Tension II(2) Deadly Shroud II(U) Black Spot(3) Phantom Shroud II(U)
AURUM: Status for Pyrope : [<span style="color: #ff8000;">=== </span>] Wounded [112](2)
AURUM: ALSO he falls back to the back row.
AURUM: Not… that it helps him any, and Pyrope's exposed in the back row now.
AURUM: But he does it anyway. How mysterious!?
AURUM: Solberg!
Solberg lines up a shot at the Pyrope. Particles from themself and Clarafina begin glowing and floating towards a centric point at the tip of their cue stick. [Reverse Vacuum, CT 20 after spending 2 luck]
AURUM: Sounds scary!
[OOC] Solberg: HP: 398/600, MP: 220/600, LP: 2/8, SoS: 150 - Pulse 80 (2),Exhaustion (1)
AURUM: By the way, be sure to tell me when your Exhaustion stacks wear off~!
AURUM: The Pyrope attempts to charge one final spell! [CT 10]
AURUM: Peregrine!
[OOC] Nine: I will!
Nameless‘ almost casually sends his blade through the burning rope. "I’d rather you didnt…" [Setting Tinder]
Nameless‘ rolled 1d100 and got 93 ( Total: 93 ) for 85/5
Nameless` spends a luck god damn it.
Nameless` rolled 1d12+150 and got 12 ( Total: 162.0 )
AURUM: It looks like you’re going to miss, but at the very last second… it's strange, honestly, you could have SWORN you missed- or that you felt a nudge to your blade.
AURUM: How weird..? Anyways, hits for [162]!
AURUM: The Pyrope is in SOS!
Nameless: "Heh… I can't even remember her name."
AURUM: Delay?
AURUM: Meanwhile, Clarafina!
ClarafinaRosemont takes a few steps towards the Prince. Ribbons snake up around him, lifting him up into the air, holding him deathly still. "The air is burning…"
[OOC] Nameless: oh right, 60D
ClarafinaRosemont: "…There's fire in your skin." [As You Wish - 50D - C80/10] She raises her axe and rushes in -
ClarafinaRosemont rolled 1d100 and got 92 ( Total: 92 ) for 80/10
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: Awwww~
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: 1 luck for a hit~
[OOC] Nine: Two
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: Black Spot~
[OOC] Eidolon: 1, black spot doubles effects
[OOC] Nine: Oh right black spot
ClarafinaRosemont rolled 1d10+120 and got 9 ( Total: 129.0 )
AURUM: He tries to wriggle his way out of the bindings… he looks like he's going to succeed… and then! At the last mine! He knew he should have Shrugged that Off! Oh no!
[OOC] AURUM: minute*
ClarafinaRosemont carves off his arm, leaving it streaming fire. 129 physical damage! Bleeding [63] (3)!
ClarafinaRosemont: "So what is wrong with… another sin…?"
Solberg: "In for a penny, in for a pound, yes?"
AURUM: He laughs wildly as his arm falls, burns up in an instant, bleeding flames and ash, twirling around her, glorying in battle. Again, a faint flash of a warrior that was, a self-similar, fractal part of a lost whole.
Eidolon recoils slightly, more at the laughter than anything else.
Nine looks at Prospero "You're drunk, aren't you?"
AURUM: The garden falls away to a storm-tossed sea; you're fighting on a tiny, crystal-cragged island in the middle of the night, his fire the sole source of light. There are no stars, and there is no moon, and yet the tips of the waves shimmer with an uncanny silver light.
Ezekiel: "I mean, stands to reason."
ClarafinaRosemont twirls her axe around her hand and levels it over her shoulder.
ClarafinaRosemont: "I'm a little disappointed in myself, in fact."
AURUM: In the distance - the far, far distance - you can hear chant-song in a harsh tongue.
AURUM: Deals [129] and inflicts Bleeding!
Eidolon: "I'll give it to him, thes are… definitely new, amazing vistas."
[OOC] Eidolon: *These
AURUM: He looks around, familarity dawning in his eyes, and he gestures, and the shadow takes form, a great caliginous beast with a heavy crown upon its head lumbering into the front row. [Substitute]
Eidolon: "Ahaha, now you're getting -fancy-." His eyes sparkle.
Nameless: "Hm."
AURUM: The Pyrope [Occlude (3)]s Solberg! Solberg is incapable of targeting their allies!
AURUM rolled d8+108 and got 6 ( Total: 114 )
AURUM: In addition, they take [114] magical damage!
Solberg holds off on half of that. [Empty Stance] They just shrug with a grin.
AURUM: Battle order: Solberg [B]:0 Eidolon [B]:8 Nine [B]:10 The Shadow King [F]:18 Ezekiel [F]:20 Pyrope [B]:23 Clarafina [F]:38 Peregrine [F]:46 Prince Prospero [B]:48
AURUM: Status for Prince Prospero : [<span style="color: #008000;">================= </span>] High Tension II(1) Deadly Shroud II(U) Black Spot(2) Phantom Shroud III(U) Bleeding [63](2)
AURUM: Status for Pyrope : [] Wounded [112](1)
AURUM: Status for The Shadow King : [<span style="color: #008000;">====================</span>]
AURUM: Solberg!
Nine: "Hrm… I suppose you can leave the small one to me, i've some curse to burn still"
Eidolon: "I'd like for it to die off before it can take our breath away… again, ahah."
AURUM: Prince Prospero seems taller, somehow, here - brighter. Chiaroscuro against the obsidian-black sky. The wind howls, and it fans his flames.
Solberg spreads the rest of the impact to their party members - everyone take [9]! Then, shifting their aim to the Shadow King, they fire, releasing great amounts of stored energy! [Reverse Vacuum - Solberg and Clarafina's pulses end and heal 40 for each remaining tick!]
[OOC] Solberg: 30D
[OOC] Solberg: HP: 412/600, MP: 145/600, LP: 2/8, SoS: 150 - Exhaustion (1)
Solberg rolled d12+144 and got 8 ( Total: 152.0 ) for also, damage for the shadow king
AURUM: The Shadow king takes [152] and roars - and its voice booms, from the sea, from the sky, from everywhere.
AURUM: Battle order: Eidolon [B]:0 Nine [B]:2 The Shadow King [F]:10 Ezekiel [F]:12 Pyrope [B]:15 Solberg [B]:22 Clarafina [F]:30 Peregrine [F]:38 Prince Prospero [B]:40
AURUM: Status for Prince Prospero : [<span style="color: #008000;">================= </span>] High Tension II(1) Deadly Shroud II(U) Black Spot(2) Phantom Shroud III(U) Bleeding [63](2)
AURUM: Status for Pyrope : [] Wounded [112](1)
AURUM: Status for The Shadow King : [<span style="color: #008000;">============ </span>]
AURUM: Eidolon!
[OOC] Solberg: HP: 412/600, MP: 145/600, LP: 2/8, SoS: 150 - Occlude (2),Exhaustion (1)
Eidolon: "Ugh, why do you have to have such a ridiculous recoil." He raises both hands and brings his cupped palms together- some twisting, unseen but felt force writhes about inside… an image of Eidolon appears before Prince Prospero. IT's Eidolon, playing in reverse, slowly moving to merge with the man… [CT20]
AURUM: Nine!
Ezekiel: "What."
[OOC] Eidolon: if for some reason prospero gets a turn in the next 20 ticks…
Nine walks over to Pyrope, smacks it with the book too [Attack, 40D]
Nine rolled 1d100 and got 9 ( Total: 9 ) for 80 CoS
AURUM: Thwack
Nine rolled 1d8+72,50 and got 4 ( Total: 38.0 ) for Back row to back row, whee
[OOC] Nine: HP: 491/500, MP: 470/550, SoS: 125 - Feedback[-30] (1),Exhaustion[60MP] (0),Spell Charge[40] (U)
AURUM: You could say… it's hanging on by a thread.
AURUM: But that would be a lie, and I just wanted to use that line.
[OOC] Nine: What
AURUM: I've been holding on to it all night, okay!?
Ezekiel: idgi
AURUM: It flickers out of existence, dimly. [KO]
Nine stares "Don't make me panic like that!"
Nine takes a deep breath and recovers his composure
[OOC] Nine: Also Exhaustion is over
[OOC] Ezekiel: [SHP: 71] HP: 700/700, MP: 550/550, SoS: 175 - LP [4/6] (U)
AURUM: Battle order: Ezekiel [F]:0 Eidolon [B]:8 Solberg [B]:10 The Shadow King [F]:13 Clarafina [F]:18 Peregrine [F]:26 Prince Prospero [B]:28 Nine [B]:30
AURUM: Status for Prince Prospero : [<span style="color: #008000;">================= </span>] High Tension II(1) Deadly Shroud II(U) Black Spot(2) Phantom Shroud III(U) Bleeding [63](2)
AURUM: Status for The Shadow King : [<span style="color: #008000;">============ </span>]
AURUM: There's an explosion around Nin!
AURUM: Nine, rather.
AURUM: He takes [120] magical damage!
AURUM: …seems the Pyrope's laughing from beyond the grave.
[OOC] Nine: HP: 371/500, MP: 470/550, SoS: 125 - Feedback[-30] (1),Spell Charge[40] (U)
AURUM: Does someone want to pilot the stoner..?
Nine: "Someone, for the first time, bothers with me. Congratulations"
[OOC] Eidolon: heheheh
Nameless: "Its that whole 'beat down and harmless' look you have going on."
Eidolon: "You -are- kind of scruffy."
AURUM: It really -is- like someone's looking out for you, isn't it, Nine?
Nine just kind of smiles, okay, so it was good to hear that. What that is, well, is up to interpretation "I guess…"
AURUM: Ezekiel is finding this shiny rock REALLY interesting.
AURUM: Eidolon!
Eidolon 's image merges with the man, and he spreads his palms - a blast of time magic slams into Prince Prospero! [Chrono Burst, 35D]
Eidolon rolled 1d12+240,140 and got 11 ( Total: 351.4 ) for +40% from spending 2 luck (doubled potency thanks to Black Spot)
[OOC] Eidolon: The mark fades.
AURUM: Dealing [351]!
AURUM: Solberg!
[OOC] Eidolon: Exhaustion also fades.
Solberg scoots up into the front row. [20D]
AURUM: Eidolon explodes for [120] magical damage!
[OOC] Eidolon: HP: 252/600, MP: 480/600, SoS: 150 - Luck: 5 / 8 (U)
[OOC] Solberg: HP: 412/600, MP: 85/600, LP: 2/8, SoS: 150 - Occlude (1)
Solberg also runs out of Exhaustion!
AURUM: Solberg's exhaustion fades, I think?
Eidolon: "That damned rope-!"
AURUM: Pow! [120]
[OOC] Solberg: HP: 292/600, MP: 85/600, LP: 2/8, SoS: 150 - Occlude (1)
AURUM: Ezekiel!
Nine: "It… Certainly left it's mark"
Eidolon: "No, that's my schtick."
AURUM: Prospero laughs!
AURUM: Ezekiel is stoned, dude.
AURUM: Eidolon!
Ezekiel uses [Restore, CT15]
Eidolon opens his third eye! [CT10]
AURUM: Er fuck
AURUM: Clarafina, sorry
ClarafinaRosemont slips this way and that, delivering a sharp, grazing slash against the Prince. [Lash - 50D, 80(-20)/10].
ClarafinaRosemont rolled 1d100 and got 57 ( Total: 57 )
AURUM: Hits!
ClarafinaRosemont rolled 1d10*0.8+96*0.8 and got 1 ( Total: 77.60000000000001 ) for Gently chastising, the Prince has -20 CoS to hit Clara with next action
AURUM: Peregrine!
Nameless‘ lungest at the shadow king, blade raised in a mighty, cleaving stroke. [Moth Dance, 60D]
Nameless` rolled 1d100 and got 4 ( Total: 4 ) for 75/55
[OOC] Nameless: lolz
AURUM: Crits!
Nameless` rolled 1d12+180,200% and got 2 ( Total: 364.0 )
AURUM: Prince Prospero leaps out of nowhere and stands before Clarafina, chanting [Last Rites] in some ancient language.
AURUM rolled 1d100 and got 45 ( Total: 45 ) for 80 - 20
[OOC] AURUM: Current Imperil stacks?
AURUM rolled d10+216,150% and got 8 ( Total: 336.0 ) for I -think- you’re at +30%, now +40%
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: 30, 1~
AURUM: Dealing [336] physical damage! Does that put you in SOS?
ClarafinaRosemont turns around and blocks with her axe. [1 luck: 45+20 = 65, a miss.]
ClarafinaRosemont: "…I'm sorry. Don't you know you're cursed?"
AURUM: He laughs again, and starts glowing red! [Aggression]
AURUM: "Ahahaha! That's EXACTLY what I wanted!"
Eidolon: "Oh boy.:
AURUM: Battle order: Nine [B]:0 Solberg [B]:0 Ezekiel [F]:0 Eidolon [B]:13 The Shadow King [F]:13 Clarafina [F]:38 Prince Prospero [F]:38 Peregrine [F]:56
AURUM: Status for Prince Prospero : [<span style="color: #008000;">============== </span>] High Tension III(2) Deadly Shroud IV(U) Black Spot(1) Phantom Shroud IV(U) Bleeding [63](1) Aggression II(U)
AURUM: Status for The Shadow King : [<span style="color: #ff0000;">===== </span>]
AURUM: Nine!
AURUM: Solberg!
AURUM: Ezekiel, now!
Nine ponders for a moment, he is still cursed, so he goes to The Shadow King and [Attack, 40D]
ClarafinaRosemont: Ezekiel calls down Restore (35D) on Solberg!
Nine rolled 1d100 and got 42 ( Total: 42 ) for 80
Solberg likewise thwacks the king!
ClarafinaRosemont: She regains 90 HP after each action (5). Breaks on damage.
Solberg rolled 1d100 and got 65 ( Total: 65 ) for 80
Nine rolled 1d8+72,60 and got 4 ( Total: 45.6 )
[OOC] Nine: HP: 371/500, MP: 470/550, SoS: 125 - Spell Charge[60] (U)
Solberg rolled d8+72 and got 6 ( Total: 78.0 )
AURUM: Two hits for [45] and [78] and Solberg is restored!
AURUM: Eidolon!
Solberg charges [40 TMP], accompanied with a buzzing sound from the stick.
[OOC] Solberg: HP: 342/600, MP: 85+40/600, LP: 2/8, SoS: 150 - Restore (4)
Nine looks at Prospero "So you use the same tactic as me"
Eidolon fires his third eye beam at Prince Prospero! [Oracle Energy, 35D]
AURUM: He speaks - and there's a burning edge to his voice, a depth that wasn't there before. "Your spark is glutted with ash, but it glows with the fire of the forge in which I was born."
Eidolon rolled 1d8+120 and got 7 ( Total: 127 ) for Prospero is Marked!
Solberg attacks for 50D btw, not 40
AURUM: Battle order: Ezekiel [F]:0 Clarafina [F]:3 Prince Prospero [F]:3 Nine [B]:5 Solberg [B]:5 The Shadow King [F]:8 Eidolon [B]:13 Peregrine [F]:21
AURUM: Status for Prince Prospero : [<span style="color: #008000;">============= </span>] High Tension III(2) Deadly Shroud IV(U) Black Spot(1) Phantom Shroud IV(U) Bleeding [63](1) Aggression II(U)
AURUM: Status for The Shadow King : [<span style="color: #ff0000;">===== </span>]
AURUM: Ezekiel!
[OOC] Eidolon: oh shit
[OOC] Eidolon: um
[OOC] Eidolon: can I reduce my delay by 10 by spending a luck
[OOC] Eidolon: I misread my delay
[OOC] AURUM: Go for it
[OOC] Eidolon: done
ClarafinaRosemont: Ezkiel slashes into the Shadow King! [After Me - 47D]
ClarafinaRosemont rolled 1d100 and got 62 ( Total: 62 )
[OOC] Solberg: also did you have Nine and me hit the wrong target, taru?
ClarafinaRosemont rolled d8+91 and got 2 ( Total: 93.0 )
Nine closes his eyes "I see. So this is… A race, then?"
AURUM: Nope!
AURUM: It's strange.
AURUM: The HP bar seems to be going down VERY slowly all of a sudden…?
AURUM: Do you think something's gone wrong?
AURUM: Clarafina!
ClarafinaRosemont slashes into the substitute!
ClarafinaRosemont rolled 1d100 and got 39 ( Total: 39 ) for 80/10
ClarafinaRosemont: 50D!
AURUM: Hits!
ClarafinaRosemont rolled 1d10*1.3+120*1.3 and got 3 ( Total: 159.9 )
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: Imperil dissipates!
Nine raises an eyebrow, and sighs
AURUM: "Acamar!"
AURUM: "Achernar!"
AURUM: "Graffias!"
AURUM: "Adhara!"
AURUM: Prince Prospero begins naming stars - obscure stars, shining stars - and they twinkle into being in the sky, one by one. [CT 30]
Nine: "You were a sailor once, I take it?"
AURUM: Battle order: Nine [B]:0 Solberg [B]:0 Eidolon [B]:8 Peregrine [F]:16 Prince Prospero [F]:28 Ezekiel [F]:42 Clarafina [F]:48 The Shadow King [F]:78
AURUM: Status for Prince Prospero : [<span style="color: #008000;">============= </span>] High Tension III(2) Deadly Shroud IV(U) Black Spot(1) Phantom Shroud IV(U) Bleeding [63](1) Aggression II(U)
AURUM: Status for The Shadow King : [<span style="color: #ff0000;">== </span>]
AURUM: "Altair! Benetnasch! Baten Kaitos! Azaleh!"
AURUM: Nine!
AURUM: Solberg!
Solberg: Those aren't stars!
Eidolon: "We're not sailing by the souththern cross, here…"
AURUM: Are you sure!? I believe in you! I know you can win this!
AURUM: You're stars to me!
Nine pulls out a small cylindric device, pours the content of a golden vial into it, screws in the cap. A red circle appears under Prince Prospero [Demolisher, CT20]
AURUM: Solberg!
[OOC] Solberg: guh HP call then
[OOC] Nine: HP: 371/500, MP: 470/550, SoS: 125 - Spell Charge[60] (U)
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: HP: 581/700, MP: 280/500, SoS: 175
[OOC] Solberg: also for zeke, peter
[OOC] Nameless: 591/600 I think
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: Zeke's at full
Nine: "I honestly do not like when situations run out of control like this"
Eidolon: "We'll be fine!"
Eidolon: "Or all horribly die."
Nine: "Perhaps, perhaps not. I like certainty" he looks at Prospero "The fires of the forge. So you were created, weren't you, Prospero?"
Solberg shoots Eidolon a [Pulse, 50D. (Heal 80 each tickdown, (4))]
Nine: "Do you remember who made you?"
[OOC] Solberg: HP: 392/600, MP: 45/600, LP: 2/8, SoS: 150 - Restore (3)
AURUM: His voice, booming, even as he continues his chant. "Weren't we all? Aren't we all self-similar reflections of the universe, forged in stars, breathed into life, written onto the page?" His voice is ancient, booming from the waves themselves.
AURUM: Eidolon!
Nine: "Hrm… So that is how you answer"
Nine: "I suppose I couldn't expect any different"
Eidolon: "My fellow,"
Eidolon: "You aren't just waxin' poetic."
AURUM: "Risen from the primordial sea. Risen from the sea of ink. Risen from the sea of Mud. Risen from the sea of stars."
Eidolon brings his hands together, and his image appears… but it looks like it'll be a perfect sync. [CT 20]
AURUM: Peregrine!
Nameless‘ laughs. "Man I don’t know about any of that, I was made the old-fashioned way. A man, a woman, a bottle of wine…"
[OOC] Nameless: HP call
[OOC] Eidolon: HP: 252/600, MP: 450/600, SoS: 150 - Luck: 4 / 8 (U),Pulse [80] (4)
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: We totally just gave one and nothing happened since then~
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: HP: 581/700, MP: 280/500, SoS: 175
[OOC] Nine: HP: 371/500, MP: 470/550, SoS: 125 - Spell Charge[60] (U)
[OOC] Solberg: HP: 392/600, MP: 45/600, LP: 2/8, SoS: 150 - Restore (3)
Nameless‘ checks his pockets. "Crap, out of toast… aha! Heads up, Eidolon." And he tosses him a chocolate bar.
Nameless` rolled 1d100 and got 85 ( Total: 85 )
Nameless` only has the one chocolate bar
Eidolon catches, eats!
Eidolon: "Delicious!"
AURUM: Delay?
Nameless` rolled 1d12+180 and got 5 ( Total: 185.0 ) for 35D
AURUM: Nine!
[OOC] Nameless: -2 luck for no CT
[OOC] Eidolon: HP: 437/600, MP: 450/600, SoS: 150 - Luck: 4 / 8 (U),Pulse [80] (4)
AURUM: "þá er í ráði, at rǫgn of þrjóti!"
Nine tosses the bomb upwards, it arcs in the air until it’s right in front of Prospero- It detonates soundlessly, the blast of force leaving behind a thick cloud of tiny metal particles, electricity coursing thorugh them [Demolisher, 40D]
Nameless: "What?"
Nine rolled 1d10+150,160 and got 3 ( Total: 244.8 ) for Inflicts CoS-40(1)
AURUM: Demolished! That's so good, haha.
AURUM: Eidolon!
[OOC] Nine: HP: 371/500, MP: 405/550, SoS: 125
Eidolon claps in unison with himself, becoming one, and a blast rocks Prince Prospero! [Chrono Burst, 35D]
Solberg: "'The gods are doomed, and the end is death.'"
Eidolon rolled 1d12+240,140 and got 1 ( Total: 337.4 ) for +40% from luck (2 luck spent, doubled by black spot)
Nameless: "Oh."
Nameless‘ mumbles. "Not always."
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: btw Demolisher is t:row so it blasts the king if he’s still up, right?
[OOC] Nine: No, that is- Oh, it is T: Row
AURUM: There's a -sound- like bone breaking - like something vast shattering, like a cataract of water pouring from a broken vessel.
AURUM rolled 6d100 and got 76, 72, 31, 19, 3, 67 ( Total: 268 )
Solberg: "Second Law of Thermodynamics. Unless there's a greater law that will let us violate that."
AURUM: One by one, the named stars fall.
AURUM: Tearing through the heavens, ripping out great chunks of the sky.
[OOC] ClarafinaRosemont: Ezekiel spends two luck, 31+40 = 71, for a miss, mostly so that I don't have to track his HP.
AURUM: Pieces of crystalline night, torn from the heavens, crumpled, bleeding shadows as they fall, affixed to falling stars.
Nine pulls back the left sleeve of his coat, revealing a form of bracer. He presses a button in it, there's a slight distortion [3 luck, for +60]
AURUM: The sky cracks in half and shatters into dust, and it rains down on you - the seas drain, the earth cracking in half, earsplitting.
Nameless‘ spreads his arms and sighs. "I don’t even have a real bed. Ugh."
Nine looks up at the falling sky "Pretty big show…"
ClarafinaRosemont: "…But…"
ClarafinaRosemont: "…You won't destroy what really matters to you, will you…?"
AURUM: Fire falls out of the sky, and its own little ocean of blue velvet cloth,
AURUM: Wine, and revelers, and blood, and ash; gold and clay and bone. The entire palace itself, falling piece by piece into the sea.
AURUM: He did say there was one way out of the palace, and nobody had found it yet, after all.
Nine seems unfazed by the world falling apart at this stage "What are you trying to do?"
Eidolon waits for the man's hand to play.
AURUM: Through it all, there's a shimmering golden dome radiating out from Nine, and the little obsidian island you're standing on holds firm.
Eidolon smiles, his teeth shining, his cheeks thick, and there's a warmth to his voice.
Nine looks at the dome, and just… Smiles to himself. All this? It's true it's a little confusing, but…
Eidolon: "Theeeeeeeeeeeere it is."
AURUM: Through the cracks in the sky, widening as this reality goes to pieces, is pure whiteness.
Nameless‘ looks at the dome. "Not bad, Nine. Not bad at all."
AURUM: The ocean starts falling away in chunks, carrying the ruins of the palace with it.
Nine: "I can’t take all credit"
AURUM: One piece after another falls away into the white void…
AURUM: Until finally… just the island remains in a sea of white noise.
AURUM: The golden dome pulses once - warmly - and vanishes.
AURUM: Prince Prospero is nowhere to be seen.
Nine sighs… "We've moved on… But to where, this time?"
Eidolon: "To a place beyond the end."
AURUM: A few steps away from the island, resting on the surface of the luminous void, is a book. Booklet?
Nine walks over closer to the edge of the little island, he looks at the book
AURUM: It's got a black paper cover and you can't read the title.
ClarafinaRosemont clasps her hands together.
Nine looks at Clarafina "Can you fetch it with one of your ribbons?"
ClarafinaRosemont: "Naturally."
Eidolon: "Just… you know."
Eidolon: "Why be skittish, having one this far?"
ClarafinaRosemont binds the book and drags it towards her, holding it in her palm.
Eidolon traverses the white void.
[OOC] Eidolon: gone
ClarafinaRosemont plucks it out of Eidolon's reach as he draws near. "Too slow!"
Nine chuckles
ClarafinaRosemont puts on her gas mask and opens the book.
AURUM: Eidolon: The void supports your weight. It feels a little familiar, somehow?
Nine: "Shall we read it?"
AURUM: It's a train schedule.
Nine: "It may well end like the very first book"
ClarafinaRosemont: "Results of that were inconclusive."
ClarafinaRosemont: "…We'll have to perform the operation again when conditions are better."
AURUM: That's… that's it. Just a train schedule. There's a page for 'The Liminal Void Between Two Arbitrary Points Within A Narrative', and…
AURUM: There's the sharp, shrill, unmistakable whistle of a phantom train in the distance. Looks like you made it just in time.
Eidolon: "All aboard."
Nine looks at the page, that's where they are isn't it? "Hrm… Really…" he nods to himself "Yeah, we're in time for the train"
Nine: "It was a little too obvious"
Solberg: "Does it have a sleeping car?"
Nameless: "What's a train?"
ClarafinaRosemont: "A sort of…"
ClarafinaRosemont: "…Automatic parade."
Gained 14 XP

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