Apocatastasis The Festival

AURUM: The Storm-White, buoyant with the light of a Sealed Space.
Ezekiel: is that the ship or descriptive weather text
AURUM: It's piloted in the direction of 'The Festival', whatever that means: Words scribed in the sky, read by the ship.
Clarafina: That's the name of the ship, yeah!
Ezekiel: Oh, okay.
Clarafina: Well, part of it.
Ezekiel: "So, party central next?"
Clarafina: Like, the title…
[OOC] Nine: How did you forget already?
Nine: "It should be… Interesting"
Nine: "Hrm… It has been a while since the last one, hasn't it?"
Nameless‘ leans against the ships rail, fingers drumming on the wood. "It will be something."
Nine: "Back in the first story"
AURUM: For a long while, you’re just flying over the wine-dark, rippled surface of the Mud Ocean, with the moon and stars overhead…
AURUM: Is it ever daytime here?
Ezekiel: "Naw we totally got blitz in plant land."
Eidolon: With stars like these, who needs suns?
Eidolon: "The finest wines and weeds."
Nine: "Oh, right, I was passed out at that one" he lays backas if slouching on a couch, his drones holding him
Nameless‘ chuckles. "Weeds."
Solberg: "Can we go back there sometime?"
Ezekiel: "I’m pretty sure we only go forward."
Eidolon raises a sparkling eyebrow, looks at Solberg, looks forward.
Nine: "I was expecting that out of Ezekiel, Solberg" he looks up "But I think he's right. Back may not be a valid direction"
Nameless: "Not yet, perhaps."
AURUM: Towards the horizon! …and then more horizon, and more. Where -is- this dumb festival, anyways?
AURUM: It's getting a little colder.
Solberg: "I had some interesting discussions with people there."
Eidolon: "At some point, the steps we take will be our own, again…"
Eidolon: "Epilogues are great for that."
Nine looks back down at the horizon "Where paralel lines meet…" it's a quote "Hrm…"
Nine: "I'd rather not wait for the epilogue for that"
Nine: "Rather, I think we're here to make sure it happens before then"
Eidolon: "Sadly, I'm too much of a friend of the narrative."
Nine: "That said… Are we heading back into winter?"
Eidolon: "Is there even a way to discern between winter, and Winter?"
Eidolon: "The former really isn't -all- that bad."
Nameless: "A little snow is fine. Winter will tear your heart out."
Nine closes his eyes thinking, his drones put him in an upright position, a vine sakes around his right arm as he brings his right hand to his chin
Nine: "I think, for now"
AURUM: In the distance, something howls.
Nine: "We are almost invariably going to travel into Winter"
Nameless‘ straights up, almost imperceptibly. Ears swivel. The blood-stained jaws open.
Ezekiel: "Hmmmmmmmmmmmm."
Nine: "Exactly"
Nine: "This one…" he opens up his eyes "Is your story, Peregrine"
Clarafina: "I’ll get my coat!"
Solberg: "And yet, did Clarafina not hurl despondent people into the void to fill it with something?"
AURUM: Suvarna shivers, drawing his coat around him.
Clarafina: "I mean, I did it for a few reasons."
Nine: "Hrm… I don't think this… Writer's block that is so called Winter"
AURUM: In the distance, then, you can see it:
Nine: "Is a void at all"
Nameless: "A man thinks you are right, Nine. It is unlikely a man will recover entirely, but even a small piece of these missing fragments… A man can feel the holes in his head, like missing teeth."
AURUM: A tower cutting high into the sky like a knife, gold and brass, with an eternal flame at its tip -
Nine smiles at Peregrine, takes a slow breath "It must be great"
Nameless: "It is /infuriating/."
Eidolon: "You have a weird definition of 'great,' my friend."
Eidolon: "Though I suspect that's the messaging and not the intent."
AURUM: And then the landmass it's connected to slides into view as the Storm-White flies over the surface of the Hell - vast, gnarly forests, prairies full of stampeding hordes of monsters… a city huddled against the base of the tower.
Nine: "Oops, dropped packets in there" he chukles at his own joke "It must be great… To know you'll finally find what is missing again"
Eidolon shrugs a single arm and shoulder. "There you have it."
Nameless: "A man does not know. But… a man hopes."
Nine: "Looks like a dangerous land"
Nameless‘ shakes himself, ripples and sheds, leaving the familiar blue-haired dancer in the place of the blood-soaked predator. "Any land is dangerous if it has a story to tell."
Ezekiel: "Is that how it works?"
AURUM: As the city mode-7s its way into view, there’s… a huge arrow drawn on the ground in carefully placed megaliths, pointing at the tower, visible from the air.
Eidolon: "There's no room for pastoral genres in that statement." He obliges the arrow.
Ezekiel: thnx now I can properly get the reference to vidjagaims
Nine rises up his mechanical arm, pressing a button in it- The image fades with a flicker, it's him as he always was underneath it all.
Nameless‘ smiles at Ezekiel. "It takes a special kind of author to tell a boring story in a tame land and make it work. A man hates those books."
Nine: "That arrow is slightly disconcerting"
Ezekiel: "Aha."
Eidolon: "Don’t worry, I'm not going to -ram- the tower."
Ezekiel: "Yeah, you only ram giant space aliens."
Nameless: "No, you want a giant wooden crab for that."
Eidolon: "Among others."
AURUM: Anyways, there's an airship docking thingy on the tower, which is pretty convenient!
Eidolon remembers. Ah yes, the docking thingy. He never bothered to learn the terms, either, he just looks good while doing it.
Nine looks at the landing pad, looks at Eidolon, he is confident he knows what he's doing and won't actually crash the ship
AURUM: Right! You don't need to know what it's called to skillfully and gracefully dock the airship there, anyways!
Eidolon docks.
AURUM: You pass through the Sealed Space when you go belowdecks, but it's conveniently just a straight hallway between the deck stairs and the exit from the ship, which makes no geometrical sense, but here we are -
AURUM: There's someone - blue-furred and horned, dwarfing most of you, in garments made of monster hide and decorated with scales, claws, feathers - waiting to greet you. (An entourage, really, but there's one of 'em specifically in charge.)
Nameless‘ gracefully vaults the rail, no waiting for a gankplank. He adjusts his fringed vest, knocks some imaginary dust off of his baggy shorts, and runs a hand through his hair. He is now Ready To Party.
Solberg glances back. "So what happened to the chill? I was expecting it to get colder as we go along. Just a brief flurry of bad weather?"
Ezekiel stares at the guy a second, then shakes his head.
AURUM: I mean, it’s still pretty chilly here. It's a good thing the locals have fur!
Nine simply follows the more normal way out, this is a surprisingly gamey way to do this. Either way, unlike Peregrine he is never ready to party, so he's looking as good as he gets, which is not very good. He looks at the incoming party, he nods at them "Hello"
Ezekiel: "I'uno."
Eidolon ceremoniously walks down the gangplank and reverts back to floating once he makes dockfall.
AURUM: "Well met! Are you the Pure Hearts?" There's noise from the city - a parade, with trumpets and paper dragons.
Eidolon: "(I assure you, the interior I originally had was far more luxurious.)"
Nameless: "Mostly."
Eidolon: "Enough to count for cargo declaration."
Nine: "As they said"
Clarafina: "If I wasn't, I'd be blue and furry right now, right…?"
Ezekiel: "Yow."
AURUM: Suvarna's tagging along behind you, but doesn't issue any clarifications; the Ronso chieftain grins. "Terrific! We knew you'd show up one of these decades!"
Nine: "No, you'd look like a TV with a broken video connector"
Nameless: "Blue and furry… heh."
Solberg: "Decades. Just how long have you been waiting?"
Ezekiel: "I mean, decades, I'd assume."
AURUM: He glances over his shoulder, has a quick muttered conversation. "Something like millenia? Anyways, it's no big deal, c'mon down where it's warm and there's food."
Eidolon: "I hope you haven't been waiting up here all this time."
AURUM: He leads you down through the tower, into the city, laughing: "Haha, hell no. We -have- always had someone on the lookout for an airship, for a few centuries now."
Nine: "That's a very long time" he follows over "I'm curious, why the wait?"
Ezekiel: "I love food!"
AURUM: "Easier to show you than to try to explain." Tromp tromp tromp: At the base of the tower, there's an ENORMOUS magic pot shaped brass vessel with a ladder and platform leading up it.
Eidolon: "Oh no… they're going to cook us."
Eidolon: "Or die trying."
Ezekiel pauses. Giggles. Laughs.
Nameless‘ raises an eyebrow. "You could make a lot of soup in that."
Solberg: "Right, but what would … give you any indication we’d be coming? Decades in advance?"
Eidolon is deadpanning this.
AURUM: As you're passing by, a pair of Ronso hunters clamber up the vessel and stand on the platform, holding their hands out -
Clarafina: "Or maybe we're going to eat them?"
Nine: "We do not have that many elixirs" he says to himself
Ezekiel: "Pewwwwww."
AURUM: Purified XP falls out of their hands, dripping into the vessel with a sound like wind chimes and trumpet blasts.
Ezekiel: "It's a jump pad by the way."
Eidolon: "…"
AURUM: They shake the last few drops off of their hands, and descend the ladder cheerfully.
Nine looks at that, the ellipsing is intense that he performs. It is an incredibly intense high density grade of elipsing that simple ellipsing cannot describe
Ezekiel: "Or no, other pot, okay."
AURUM: Well, paws, really.
Nine: "What… Are you… Brewing there?"
Eidolon: "I haven't had blue-catman-trumpet bourbon before."
Nameless: "Oh man. You have no idea how thirsty a man just got."
AURUM: "The founder of this city swore a vow to the gods that we would stay vigilant against the monsters in an eternal Festival, fighting them, eating their meat, keeping ourselves strong, maintaining the gods' blessing."
AURUM: "The gods' vessel purifies us of the essence of the monsters' death, so we can go back and continue the hunt."
Nine: "Uhn…"
Eidolon wordlessly glances at Nameless, then back at the man.
Eidolon: "(Well, that explains a lot.)"
Solberg: "What happens if you're not purified?"
Ezekiel: "Ell oh ell."
AURUM: He shudders. "It's not… it's not something you ever want to do if you can help it. It happened to me once, when I was still practically a pup."
AURUM: "Never made that mistake again."
Nameless‘ smiles. "So… how long have you been purifying yourselves into that urn?"
Ezekiel: "It must have been awful, fighting with an entire new ability and being able to adapt to situations with new strategies."
AURUM: "I mean, the long and the short of it is… we’re monsters, too, you know? We're just monsters blessed by the gods."
AURUM: "So if we absorb the essence of a monster's death…"
AURUM: "It doesn't end very well for us."
Nine: "Hrm… I see"
Nine: "In a manner, this is saddening"
Nameless: "He that fights monsters should take care that he does not become a monster himself."
Ezekiel: "Oh, someone's been playing Undertale. BORING."
Solberg: "Oh. But a Pure Heart can just shrug it all off. Right?"
Nine punches Ezekiel in the arm "Tell me, have you just been… Dutifully clearing this place of actual monsters and… Keeping this place?"
Nine: "In the same manner?"
AURUM: "Something like… a few thousand years? It's easy to lose track of time. The Gods told us that, when the vessel came close to being full, strangers - 'Pure Hearts' - would come along, fight a great battle here, and then empty the vessel."
Ezekiel: "What? XP Being Cosmicly Bad For You is dumb." He rolls a shrugs, then takes out a small peice of paper and some herbs fomr his pocket and begins rolling it.
Ezekiel: "Oh, oh."
AURUM: "They said that you'd need it for something, later."
Solberg: "Sounds like it's just bad for them."
Ezekiel: "I'm totally down with drinking XP stew though."
Nine: "Experience being bad is, in fact, stupid"
Nine: "That is not experience, however"
Nameless: "Sure it is."
Nine: "Which is what I find…"
Nine: "Ugh, no, no, it isn't"
Eidolon walks past the man a bit, looking back up along the pot.
Nine: "If it was it wouldn't be bad for them, either way…"
Nine: "Whatever it is, whatever it is that gives this power… I suppose if it is good for us and venom for you"
Eidolon: "There's kebab and seasoned potatoes to go with it, right?"
Nameless: "Nine… You of all people should not need a lecture about using power responsibly."
Ezekiel: "Hey Nine remember that last time you were right about something…?"
Ezekiel: "…Yeah I don't either. OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH."
Nine: "What, last time I talked to you?"
Ezekiel: "I would have gone with 'of course you don't remember anything', personally."
AURUM: Suvarna speaks up: "Sorry, Nine. Their bodies -couldn't- handle being the recipients of XP. It's not like they never get stronger, but… they don't get stronger the way you do. Anyways… they said something about food?" He grins.
Clarafina: "For a monster to get stronger, it has to get nastier…?"
Nine looks at Peregrine "Oh, I know that i'm just… Hrm… I'm suspicious of this strength-granting… XP ever since the encounter with the death jester" he shrugs
Clarafina: "But a Pure Heart's shape doesn't have to reflect its nature."
Nine: "But this isn't my story, let me not hijack it"
Nine: "(I just feel like we're being manipulated to gather it)"
AURUM: There's… all SORTS of food. Mostly 'roasted monster', really, but there's I guess a lot of different kinds of delicious monster around here.
Eidolon: "It's not like we're going to go supernova with it."
Nameless: "(Suvarna is probably going to try and steal it.)"
Eidolon: "(There's a bullet for him, too.)"
Clarafina acquires cotton candy.
Ezekiel loves roasted monster! It tends to taste like whatever he says it tastes like, Shit Owns. Puts the freshedly rolled joint away and heads for the grub.
AURUM: Huge chunks of succulent meat wrapped with leaves from a leaf-monster, giant cauldrons of monster stew, wrap sandwiches.
Nameless‘ picks up a drink in one hand and a mystery meat skewer in the other. "Mmm. Either way, things will happen in proper narrative time. So for now we eat and dance."
Eidolon gets a little of this, a little of that, a bit of sweets, and some wine.
AURUM: Flans for dessert, eyes and all.
Nine looks at Eidolon, sighs, and sits down to eat. It’s not like he won't enjoy- He does eats rather ravenously, even if he eats little.
Nine stares at the flan "Look this is entirely unesscessary"
Nine: "This right here, this is excessive"
Nameless‘ grins. "Just think of it as being a bird. Start with the eyes."
Ezekiel: "You… eat… bird eyes?"
Eidolon: "IT’d eat you if it had the chance."
Solberg: "How can you eat your flan if you can't finish your meat?"
Nameless: "You mean you don't?"
Nine just keeps staring at it "This is still an excess of flanness"
Clarafina: "They're a delicacy!" She says, proudly.
Clarafina: "Very… delicate."
Ezekiel: "Nope.gif."
Nine will take some time before he… Cuts his flan in half. To try out some of it without having the eyes staring at him
AURUM: It's delicious!
Clarafina: "Niiiiiiine!"
Clarafina: "That lets all the blood spill out."
Nine: "That squicks me out less, i've had blood sausage before"
Ezekiel: "Yow."
Nameless‘ deftly flicks his now-empty skewer over and poaches the eye portion off of Nines plate. "Porblm shlrrvd." [Problem solved] for those of you with subtitles enabled.
Nine: "I never had eyes, though"
Eidolon: "I once mistook blood sausage for regular sausage."
Eidolon shakes his head. "Never again."
Clarafina snatches up one of the flan’s sweetmeats in between bites of cotton candy.
AURUM: Suddenly, an outcry!
Ezekiel: "Alright here we go."
Ezekiel: "Who're we offending and then killing blueman group?"
AURUM: An actual physical -wave- of monsters, crashing over buildings! Ronso all around you get out their spears and orbs and prepare to fight, but five of the monsters land right in front of you and almost knock over the food table! It's almost a disaster!
Ezekiel: "The Horde, works for me."
Nameless‘ hip-checks the food table back into place and one-handed vaults over it to face the monsters.
Nine suddenly tumbles backwards into the floor, what in blazes "Whoa, WHOA this is ALSO too much"
AURUM: There are three Gilded Paper Tigers, with bright shining fangs! Right next to them, two chubby golden Trumpetemanders - salamanders with gleaming trumpets for mouths!
Solberg: "Can you quantify how much this is in excess of?"
slightly off-key trumpet noise!*
Ezekiel: "I duno man, now they don’t have to go looking for seconds."
Nine: "This is in excess of far too much"
AURUM: Battle order: Clarafina [F]:0 Eidolon [B]:1 Solberg [B]:1 Peregrine [F]:2 Gilded Paper Tiger C [F]:3 Gilded Paper Tiger B [F]:4 Nine [B]:5 Ezekiel [F]:7 Trumpetemander A [B]:7 Gilded Paper Tiger A [F]:8 Trumpetemander B [B]:9
AURUM: Status for Gilded Paper Tiger A : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for Gilded Paper Tiger B : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for Gilded Paper Tiger C : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for Trumpetemander A : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>] Follower Spirit(U)
AURUM: Status for Trumpetemander B : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>] Follower Spirit(U)
AURUM: Clarafina!
Clarafina *on-key trumpet noise, in between bites of cotton-candy*
AURUM: Fine play!
AURUM: Follower Spirit - When multiple monsters use basic attacks in a row, each subsequent attack does an additional 30% damage, stacking infinitely!
Clarafina hurls her axe into Tiger C, sending it flying into one of the colorful benches behind it. [Arm Bind - 50D]
Clarafina rolled 1d100 and got 78 ( Total: 78 ) for C80
AURUM: Hits!
Clarafina: Black ribbons, intermingled with streamers, shibari the living fuck out of it. Arm Bind (4) - [Punishes next non-basic Technique.]
Clarafina rolled 1d12+120 and got 12 ( Total: 132.0 )
Clarafina: And 132 physical damage.
AURUM: Punishes in what way? Out of mild narrative curiosity.
AURUM: Eidolon! Solberg!
Eidolon: "Whoa- hey- what?" He has a pastry fall from his mouth, and he bounds into action- he takes a side stance, and… ha! He doesn't need to justify his casting to you or anyone, anymore!! [CT15] [Swerve Casting]
Clarafina: Mechanically, or in terms of the actual events-as-they-are-observed?
Clarafina: Because, I mean, in the former case, 90 damage.
Eidolon crosses his arms and floats a bit.
Nine adjusts himself and stands up, pulling out his book from his coat, looking at the enemies
Eidolon oh yeah and he dims a bit. [Backfeed]
Nine: "Too spread…"
Solberg strikes an orb onto the tables, sending it ricocheting - and sends another to collide with it mid-path. They collide with Ezekiel and Clarafina. [Split Pulse, Solid Pulse - recover 50 HP now, and gain recover 50 HP (6)]
[OOC] Solberg: Er, [3]
[OOC] Solberg: to both of you!
[OOC] Solberg: 50D
AURUM: Nameless!
Nameless‘ spins, his drink mug hitting the table behind him (but not spilling a drop) as The Revellers comes hissing out of its sheathe and carves into paper Tiger C. [Setting Tinder, 60D]
Nameless` rolled 1d100 and got 88 ( Total: 88 ) for 85/5
Nameless` spends a luck god damn it.
AURUM: Isn’t Luck a wonderful thing?
Nameless‘ rolled 1d12+150 and got 7 ( Total: 157.0 )
AURUM: Deals [157]!
AURUM: Battle order: Gilded Paper Tiger C [F]:0 Gilded Paper Tiger B [F]:1 Nine [B]:2 Ezekiel [F]:4 Trumpetemander A [B]:4 Gilded Paper Tiger A [F]:5 Trumpetemander B [B]:6 Eidolon [B]:13 Clarafina [F]:47 Solberg [B]:48 Peregrine [F]:59
AURUM: Status for Gilded Paper Tiger A : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for Gilded Paper Tiger B : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for Gilded Paper Tiger C : [<span style="color: #ff8000;">==== </span>] Arm Bind(4)
AURUM: Status for Trumpetemander A : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>] Follower Spirit(U)
AURUM: Status for Trumpetemander B : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>] Follower Spirit(U)
Eidolon: "Wow that is not a lot of health.
Nine: "They are made of paper"
Clarafina nods.
Eidolon: "Fair enough!"
Clarafina: "Almost like a… Potemkin Village-monster, if you will!"
AURUM: Tiger C leaps at Ezekiel! [Leave Open]
AURUM rolled 1d100 and got 31 ( Total: 31 ) for 80
AURUM rolled d10+144 and got 1 ( Total: 145 )
AURUM: Dealing [145] damage and creating an opening (3): result checks of all actions striking Ezekiel are reduced by 20!
Ezekiel: "Rude."
Clarafina closes her hand and bindings explode on it, slicing into it for [90]!
AURUM: It snarls! [Sweep] - its next action is T:Double! It’s in SoS!
AURUM: Tiger B does the same thing, but to Clarafina!
AURUM rolled 1d100 and got 54 ( Total: 54 ) for 80
AURUM rolled d10+144 and got 9 ( Total: 153 )
AURUM: Dealing [153] and creating an opening (3)! [Sweep]!
AURUM: Nine!
Nine looks down, he pulls out a small cylindrical device from his coat with one hand and a vial with a deep blue substance with the other. He puts the substance into the device, returns the vial to his coat pocket and screws in the top of the device, it starts beeping. A field of crimson light appears under the enemy front row "Clear the blast zone" [Demolisher, CT20]
AURUM: Ezekiel!
AURUM: Battle order: Ezekiel [F]:0 Trumpetemander A [B]:0 Gilded Paper Tiger A [F]:1 Trumpetemander B [B]:2 Eidolon [B]:9 Nine [B]:18 Clarafina [F]:43 Solberg [B]:44 Gilded Paper Tiger C [F]:46 Gilded Paper Tiger B [F]:47 Peregrine [F]:55
AURUM: Status for Gilded Paper Tiger A : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for Gilded Paper Tiger B : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>]
AURUM: Status for Gilded Paper Tiger C : [<span style="color: #ff0000;">== </span>] Arm Bind(3)
AURUM: Status for Trumpetemander A : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>] Follower Spirit(U)
AURUM: Status for Trumpetemander B : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>] Follower Spirit(U)
Ezekiel darts forward, slamming his dagger into Paper Tiger A. [Forward Assault]
Ezekiel rolled d100 and got 22 ( Total: 22 )
AURUM: Hits!
Eidolon lobs an exploding star into Paper Tiger A! [SA - Big Bang]
Ezekiel rolled d8+91 and got 3 ( Total: 94 ) for Clara chain off this for +20% dmg and 80 HP
Eidolon doesn't do that
[OOC] Ezekiel: or eidolon, either or
[OOC] Eidolon: actually I COULD use hte HP
[OOC] Ezekiel: idk you're both missing HP I just forgot you popped backfeed
Eidolon does that!
Eidolon rolled 1d12+180 and got 8 ( Total: 188 ) for power it up!!
[OOC] Eidolon: +20%
[OOC] Eidolon: so 225
AURUM: Delay, Ezekiel?
[OOC] Ezekiel: oh. [40D]
AURUM: Trumpetemander A blows a dramatic trumpet blast! [Call Up] Tiger B is sped up by 25D, and inflicts +30% damage (3)!
AURUM: Tiger A leaps at Ezekiel! [Attack]
AURUM rolled 1d100 and got 22 ( Total: 22 )
Solberg intercepts! [GA]
AURUM rolled d10+120 and got 4 ( Total: 124 )
AURUM: Dealing [124] damage - Follower Spirit at +30%!
AURUM: It growls! [Sweep]
[OOC] Solberg: HP: 538/600, MP: 700/700, LP: 6/6, SoS: 150 - Lazy Damage (62) (1)
AURUM: Trumpetemander B whacks Clarafina with its trumpet sort of ineffectually. [Attack]
AURUM rolled 1d100 and got 81 ( Total: 81 )
Clarafina picks it up then puts it back down, slightly to the left.
[OOC] AURUM: Nope that's a hit
Eidolon steps into the way, and dispells a bit of the magic.
Nine: "Clarafina do not hug people trying to kill you when they are midway through their attack"
Eidolon [GA]
Nine: "Wait until they're recovering from it"
Eidolon: "Hmm… no."
AURUM: It misses, then!
AURUM: Follower spirit ticks up to +60% because by god it's getting nerfed tonight anyways and I'm gonna ride this train to the end of the line.
AURUM: Battle order: Eidolon [B]:0 Nine [B]:9 Gilded Paper Tiger B [F]:13 Trumpetemander A [B]:21 Ezekiel [F]:31 Trumpetemander B [B]:33 Clarafina [F]:34 Solberg [B]:35 Gilded Paper Tiger C [F]:37 Gilded Paper Tiger A [F]:42 Peregrine [F]:46
AURUM: Status for Gilded Paper Tiger A : [<span style="color: #ff8000;">==== </span>] Sweep(1)
AURUM: Status for Gilded Paper Tiger B : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>] Power Up 30%(3) Sweep(1)
AURUM: Status for Gilded Paper Tiger C : [<span style="color: #ff0000;">== </span>] Arm Bind(3) Sweep(1)
AURUM: Status for Trumpetemander A : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>] Follower Spirit(U)
AURUM: Status for Trumpetemander B : [<span style="color: #008000;">==========</span>] Follower Spirit(U)
AURUM: Eidolon!
Eidolon strikes his hands out to his sides, and tiny stars cross each other as they fall around Paper Tiger A and Trumpetemander A! [Pair Strike, 35D]
Eidolon rolled 1d6+100 and got 4 ( Total: 104 ) for they're both Marked!
AURUM: Tiger A's in SOS!
AURUM: Nine!
[OOC] Clarafina: Oh, Binds End After they Trigger, By The Way
Solberg: Not for long. [SA onto Tiger A]
[OOC] Clarafina: Psst, psst, there's group damage coming
[OOC] Clarafina: hold on for a sec
[OOC] Solberg: what oh
[OOC] Solberg: nm
Nine tosses the canister up, it hits the floor with a light clink and a last beep. Suddenly a large explosion- The air freezes- and sucks back in, imploding [Demolisher, 40D]
Nine rolled 1d10+150 and got 1 ( Total: 151 ) for +15D to targets
AURUM: Deals [151] which does in tigers A and C!
Nine walks up to the leftover cloud of ice particles, puts in his right hand, palm open. He closes his eyes, and pulls out his hand, fist closed, as he walks out. He pulls out an empty vial and puts the contents of his fist into it [Mist Condenser]
Nine takes place back in the party's back row, there's a light glow from his left wrist but the coat covers it [Chain Reaction: +20%/+10MP]
Clarafina dashes in and chops down Tiger C! [Strike Assist!]
Ezekiel pauses, shrugs, then lunges forwards and cuts into the last paper tiger. [SA]
Clarafina rolled 1d100 and got 94 ( Total: 94 ) for 80/10 Oh, sorry darling, this one's mine
Clarafina: Lucking in for the hit! [2LP]
Ezekiel: "You dumb ass Hime."
Clarafina: Oh, oh, B, I meant B.
Clarafina: Whoops!
Ezekiel: "I get less use out of stacking sit mods!"
Clarafina: Ah…
AURUM: Oh okay hits then!
[OOC] Nine: HP: 500/500, [TMP: 15] MP: 550/550, LP: 8/8, SoS: 125 - Split Pulse[50] (2),Reaction [+20%/+10MP] (U)
Clarafina rolled 1d12+120 and got 8 ( Total: 128.0 )
Clarafina: For 128 physical damage!
AURUM: Battle order: Gilded Paper Tiger B [F]:0 Ezekiel [F]:3 Clarafina [F]:6 Eidolon [B]:7 Solberg [B]:7 Trumpetemander A [B]:8 Peregrine [F]:18 Trumpetemander B [B]:20 Nine [B]:21
AURUM: Status for Gilded Paper Tiger B : [<span style="color: #ff8000;">==== </span>] Power Up 30%(3) Sweep(1)
AURUM: Status for Trumpetemander A : [<span style="color: #ff8000;">===== </span>] Follower Spirit(U)
AURUM: Status for Trumpetemander B : [<span style="color: #008000;">======= </span>] Follower Spirit(U)
AURUM: Tiger B runs up to Clarafina and Ezekiel and claws them both! [Double: Attack]
Ezekiel: A neon billboard appears over the battle field, currently reading: ATTACK ASSISTS DEAL +20% EXTRA DAMAGE
AURUM rolled 2d100 and got 87, 51 ( Total: 138 ) for 80
AURUM: noooooooo
Clarafina smashes it out of the way! [2LP]
Ezekiel gets hit tho.
AURUM rolled d10+120,190% and got 9 ( Total: 245.1 ) for I AM A MASTER OF STRATEGY
AURUM: Hits - aww, Ezekiel - for [245] physical!
AURUM: Follower Spirit ticks up!
[OOC] Ezekiel: HP: 444/700, MP: 550/550, LP: 6/6, SoS: 175 - Solid Pulse [50] (2),+20 to incoming CoSes (2)
Eidolon got nothin'
AURUM: Battle order: Ezekiel [F]:0 Clarafina [F]:3 Eidolon [B]:4 Solberg [B]:4 Trumpetemander A [B]:5 Peregrine [F]:15 Trumpetemander B [B]:17 Nine [B]:18 Gilded Paper Tiger B [F]:47
AURUM: Status for Gilded Paper Tiger B : [<span style="color: #ff8000;">==== </span>] Power Up 30%(2)
AURUM: Status for Trumpetemander A : [<span style="color: #ff8000;">===== </span>] Follower Spirit(U)
AURUM: Status for Trumpetemander B : [<span style="color: #008000;">======= </span>] Follower Spirit(U)
AURUM: Ezekiel!
Nine pulls out his book again, readying for an opening ((Going to S.A. something))
Eidolon: "I'm about to explode Trumpetemander A- so don't worry about them -too- much."
Ezekiel dashes forward, sinking his dagger into the last tiger. [After Me] [47D]
Ezekiel rolled d100 and got 100 ( Total: 100 )
Ezekiel rolled d8+91,150% and got 5 ( Total: 144.0 ) for 2LP
Ezekiel: That's +50% Julian
AURUM: Hits for [144]!
AURUM: It's in SOS!
A small spherical device hits the ground right after Ezekiel disconnects from the tiger. *beep* *beep* *boom* [Interupt Charge - S.A.)
Nine rolled 1d100 and got 96 ( Total: 96 ) for 80
Nine WILL hit [2 LP]
Nine rolled 1d8+72,80 and got 7 ( Total: 63.2 ) for Physical, Melee, Row Mod
AURUM: Kills it!
Ezekiel: Nine you're killing me :(
Nine: No i'm killing a paper tiger
Ezekiel: I even told you the total bonus!
Ezekiel: The billboard now reads: ATTACK ASSISTS DEAL +30% DAMAGE
Nine: I dealt 102 damage!
AURUM: Clarafina!
Clarafina slashes into Trumpetmander A! [Attack - 50D]
Eidolon: "B, please, thank you."
Clarafina: ..Oh!
Clarafina: Okay.
Clarafina: B!
AURUM: Back row's exposed!
Clarafina skids to a stop and slashes into Trumpetmander B instead.
Clarafina rolled 1d100 and got 44 ( Total: 44 ) for 80/10
AURUM: Hits!
Clarafina rolled 1d12+120 and got 7 ( Total: 127.0 )
AURUM: Hits for [127]!
AURUM: Eidolon! Solberg!
[OOC] Solberg: status check clara, eidolon
Eidolon taps his temples and an image of him appears in front of Trumpetemander A. [CT20] [Chrono Burst] [In literally 1 tick this will go off before Trumpetemander A gets a turn.]
[OOC] Eidolon: HP: 580/600, [TMP: 120] MP: 600/600, LP: /, SoS: 150
[OOC] Solberg: wait no disregard
[OOC] Eidolon: HP: 580/600, [TMP: 120] MP: 600/600, LP: 6/6, SoS: 150
AURUM: How rude!
Solberg covers their face with a hand and looks at the sun, then strikes an array of orbs into the sky. [Tellur Web, CT15]
[OOC] Clarafina: HP: 575/700, MP: 390/500, LP: 5/10, SoS: 175 - Pulse[50] (2),Wide Open (2)
AURUM: Eidolon!
Eidolon 's image explodes in a wave of chronal energy! Triggered by the enemy's turn! Chrono triggered!!!!!!!! [Chrono Burst, 35D]
Eidolon rolled 1d12+240 and got 11 ( Total: 251 ) for mark fades
AURUM: Yowch!
AURUM: Trumpetemander A blows a trumpet blast but it goes out of tune like a battery dying in a tape player and then it falls over like a deflated squeaktoy.
AURUM: Nameless!
Ezekiel: The billboard now reads: ATTACK ASSISTS DEAL +40% DAMAGE
[OOC] Nameless: been a little busy, monster HP call
AURUM: Battle order: Peregrine [F]:0 Trumpetemander B [B]:2 Nine [B]:3 Solberg [B]:4 Eidolon [B]:25 Ezekiel [F]:32 Clarafina [F]:38
AURUM: Status for Trumpetemander B : [<span style="color: #ff8000;">==== </span>] Follower Spirit(U)
Nameless‘ whips his blade forward, a powerful cleaving strike. [Moth Dance, 60D]
Nameless` rolled 1d100 and got 75 ( Total: 75 ) for 75/35
Nameless` rolled 1d12+180 and got 6 ( Total: 186.0 )
AURUM: Hits for [186]! It’s in SOS!
Solberg: One orb lands right on it. [SA]
Solberg rolled d12*14+144*1.4 and got 8 ( Total: 313.6 ) for -60 MP and … +40% I think?
AURUM: …very splat.
AURUM: Gained 5 XP! It doesn't cling to your hands, either, or accumulate on your body like cancer-static. It's nice to not be a monster!
Eidolon: "So, come on… there's got to be a few monsters sturdier than that, right?"
AURUM: It's been getting colder the entire battle, although you were all fired up, so it's hard to tell!
Eidolon: "I lost half an eclair to their attack."
Nameless: "You can probably get another…"
[OOC] Solberg: peter probably has one tick of pulse left? dunno about Ice
Nine sighs, still in his battle stance, looking at the incoming monster-tide "Careful still"
AURUM: There's another howl, and it's not in the distance this time. A tiny little snowdrift curls around Suvarna on an eddy of wind, and he suddenly looks scared.
[OOC] Nine: I have two ticks of pulse left
[OOC] Ezekiel: HP: 494/700, MP: 550/550, LP: 4/6, SoS: 175 - Solid Pulse [50] (1),+20 to incoming CoSes (1)
[OOC] Nine: Also full health so refund that MP
AURUM: Be careful what you wish for…
[OOC] Solberg: when did you even get pulse
[OOC] Solberg: I only used one on Ezekiel and Clara
[OOC] Ezekiel: he probably saw clara and read nine because he's julian
[OOC] Nine: Shit i'm not ezekiel
[OOC] Nine: I saw Ezekiel and read Nine, somehow
Nine jumps towards Suvarna, yes of course they're attacking the NPC, he drags him out of the way of the obvious incoming assault
AURUM: Ice roots Suvarna's feet.
Ezekiel: "Bit chilly in here."
AURUM: A shadow overhead.
Nameless‘ looks up, blade flicking into a ready position.
AURUM: Bone-chilling Winter attends the massive monster that hits the ground in front of Suvarna -
[OOC] Solberg: okay, Ice gets +50 HP and I’ll [Under Control] Clara's pulse for the refund
AURUM: A titanic wolf with teeth like knives of ice and dead frosted-over eyes burning with a terrible light.
Nine looks at the incoming wolf
AURUM: The wolf catches a scent.
AURUM: It turns from Suvarna, towards the nameless wanderer, baring its fangs, pawing at the air with human hands.
Solberg: "Friend of yours?"
Ezekiel: "Silly wolf, that's hands, not claws."
AURUM: The horrible wolf-creature howls, and another tiger and salamander rush in behind it, eager to join in the hunt. Eddies of cold, snowy air curl around Nameless' body - he's marked as prey!
Nameless‘ laughs. Loud and clear and a little bit mad. "A man remembers you, beast." He tosses his sword and catches it. "Here to finish the job? Come, then." His stance widens, the tip of blade zeroing in between the creatures eyes. "This time it’s finished."
AURUM: The Name Eater stares down its longtime prey, who escaped with his life, but not his name.
AURUM: One way or the other… tonight, the hunt ends!

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