Apocatastasis Ink

AURUM: Okay, so, the aurora shining overhead shapes itself into letters: <秩序大水ヘン : Ink>
AURUM: And while it's doing that, all of you are stepping into the Mud Hell. Most of you, for the first time.
AURUM: (I mean, you might have dipped your toes in, a little, before? But now you're going all in.)
AURUM: Fiend-eels swim around, rainbow-patterned, watching you with blind, blinking eyes made of stamped brass; waves of ink-dark fluid - warm, like blood or the womb - lap over you. It's pulling you down and pulling you in, beckoning. You're sort of… in to your ankles, then to your knees, then to your chest - and Xitrost's the first one to go all the way in, like he got pulled from the ankles.
AURUM: Just, whoop- there's a shelf, basically, and you just… dive in, at that point:
Nameless‘ watches the others with a raised eyebrow, shrugs, and dives into the mud sea. His long coat billows around him in the waves, spread out like the mantle of a ray.
AURUM: Ezekiel gets what’s going on right off the bat, probably - it's like a really good high, the kind where you feel like everything's you and you're everything, your consciousness expanding to fill the liminal space between all and all.
AURUM: Spires of diamond jut up from the ocean floor -
AURUM: Skyscrapers, made of coral -
AURUM: Rays of light, radiating from some golden sun nestled in an alabaster castle in a ravine, filtering through the suddenly perfectly transparent Mud-Hell -
AURUM: Everything is what it might be, what it looks like from the inside - the visage of the will - and this includes yourselves -
AURUM: Xitrost, for one, wearing a harlequin's patchwork, hair made of silver flames, stars for eyes, face a metal mask behind which ticks an infinity of jewelled clockwork.
AURUM: It might take you a moment or two, to get your bearings. That's okay. [_]
Nine‘ falls into the Mud as he’s thrown into it… He closes his eyes as he falls… Here he looks a little different, or maybe deeply different. His hair is a little longer, his coat is a lot cleaner, he's clean-shaven and his feet are bare. There's a ring in one of his fingers, but you can't tell which, or what meaning it has…
Nine‘ hits the ground shortly, kicking up a cloud of dust. No, that’s not quite how he looks like. A pair of wings burst out from within the cloud of dust, RJ-45 cables and green vines, glass fiber and copper-colored vines, all controlled by a scaly set of sinews. They spread, objects go flying out as the shockwave batters away the cloud of dust- Skin covered in metal plates, deep crimson
Nine‘ scales and a bark-like skin in different patches as if sewn together into a doll, except they are all seamlessly fused. His legs are both metallic, with glowing lines of power, his right arm is full of crimson scales and ends in a clawed hand, his left arm covered in flowering vines, it’s bark-like skin looking delicate, same as it's gentle hand. Around him a circle of holographic characters,
Nine‘ words and readings. Behind him, twelve little drones, shaped like funnels but with intricate designs in their surface, visible in their translucent cores is a single seed.
Ezekiel glances around, shrugging at the lack of book as he wades into the mud. His form slowly begins to shimmmer and morph as it changes shape into something different [<span style="color: #0000ff;">citation needed</span>] after he’s completely enveloped anf begins to breath the stuff in.
Clarafina: "How marvelous!" Her dress feathers to ballgown-size, ruffling outwards, jellyfish-thin, flowing behind her, diaphanous. An aurora of color melts upon her skin, rising up from bare toes to the beginning of her mask. Slowly diffusing, indistinct. From her back sprout a plethora of ribbon-cables - SCSI, USB, component video - twisting in her wake as she skips forward, bouncing on the barest
Clarafina: of steps like an astronaut on the moon. Her axe, it seems, has dissipated.
ilru: At the bow, the woman stands. Her eyes turn, and she peers into the Mud that separates you. Slender, petite, shorter than most
Solberg now seems to be composed of a dizzying array of rube goldberg-esque mechanisms. Wheels and conveyor belts that spin up and slow down, some acting as transport for orbs normally seen in their combat maneuvers. In the middle of their chest cavity is a miniature demonic figure, pulling levers and directing hatches to open and close, producing and consuming more of those orbs. Their
Solberg face is still flesh.
AURUM: There are, in fact,
AURUM: Two figures waiting for you. But it's not quite their moment to be introduced, yet!
[OOC] ilru: … ignore that, bumped my enter key while I was messing around.
AURUM: Spirits.
AURUM: Always blame spirits.
Eidolon glances over his shoulder at the party. The universe slowly turns upon the back of his coat. He smiles, warmly.
Eidolon: "It's nice to meet all of you."
AURUM: That's right - Eidolon looks just the same, here.
Ezekiel turns to Eidolon. "Yo what's up with Nine turning into a cyberpunk furry all the sudden? Actually everyone is … Oh, I'm stoned. Okay never mind carry on."
Eidolon: "You look a little different too, Eazekiel."
Nameless‘ hits the floor of the mud sea with a laugh, no longer a man but a strange mixture of human and wolf. The fur is still blue, black with blood around his jaws. My, Peregrine, what big teeth you suddenly have. The sword is unchanged, though the clothing now ripples around him, amorphous and slightly translucent.
Clarafina: "…Just a little!"
Nine` chuckles, he sits down- Two of his drones move to hold him aloft "But you’ve met me before, Eidolon. But that's a philosophical discussion for another time"
Ezekiel: "Eidolon I Need An Adult."
Eidolon: "I am an adult." Still smiling.
Ezekiel: "Okay."
Eidolon offhandedly waves at Nine. "Oh, I'm already six ways into the conversation path. I'm just glad nobody mutated and dissolved, yet."
Ezekiel: "Did what now?"
Nine‘ looks around, looks at the alien environment around them "I take it this substance can be deadly for the wrong persons"
Nine: "Unsurprising we’re resilient"
AURUM: Come on now, your will is too strong for something like that to happen. How fierce, all of you are, here where everything can be clearly seen!
Nameless‘ shrugs, his voice rougher with the new throat and teeth. "A man made peace with his nature a long time ago."
Eidolon: "Deadly, yes… though interestingly enough, some beings don’t change at all upon contact…"
Solberg: "If you're naked, you can't really take any more clothes off."
Eidolon: "I mean, other than fiends."
AURUM: There's always one fucker, y'know?
AURUM: Anyways:
AURUM: There's a fiend.
Clarafina points a finger at it.
AURUM: It looks like a manta ray - flat and rippling and bright, knifing through the Hell with shining jewel-eyes.
AURUM: It's got a lantern in its mouth.
Eidolon casually floats the way of the ray. He reaches out both hands.
AURUM: It sort of swims up to Eidolon, brushes his side in a friendly gesture, dumps the lantern into his hands.
AURUM: It's been polished up a little, but you'd recognise it anywhere.
Nine: "Friend of yours?"
Eidolon: "If they weren't before, they are now."
AURUM: It darts off to the alabaster castle in the distance, turning once to look back.
Clarafina: "To see or to be seen?" She bounces from coral-spire to coral-spire, following it.
Ezekiel: "Wh. Oh, fish tank castle. No yeah okay that Makes Sense."
Xitrost: "Should… we follow it? What is…" He gestures towards the lantern.
Eidolon hangs onto the lantern, slinging it over a shoulder with one hand. A few stars shake from his coat and flutter into its insides, not unlike fireflies.
Eidolon: "It's to be followed, yes."
Eidolon: "Not that I think she was lying… but the Barbariccia may still be intact!"
Eidolon: "Which is… odd, considering I was on her when she crashed." Pause. "But it saves me the trouble of fixing 'er up!"
Eidolon casually floats afterward.
Nine‘ stands up, the drones moving from under him. He crosses his arms, tilts his head to the side thinking- The drones do an odd kind of movement, kind of juking to the side the same manner he tilts his head. He shrugs, and follows
Nameless` lopes along with the others, occasionally springing from coral to coral when the footing would slow him down too much. "Your ship?"
AURUM: Xitrost follows behind Eidolon, a curious and polite observer - little bells on the end of his jester’s hat chiming even under'water'.
Eidolon: "The one and only."
Solberg: "You sure this all isn't a fever dream before you die, Eidolon?"
Eidolon: "How do you know I'm not dead already?"
Nameless: "We don't die."
Eidolon: "As striking as this form is… it's not exactly stock."
Nine: "Not quite correct, Peregrine"
Nameless: "Well, the body may die. But flesh is stupid and malleable. It does what its told."
Xitrost: "You've been here before, haven't you? That's why you didn't change."
Eidolon: "Got it in one."
Eidolon: "And I spent a while travelling about, before I came to Mr. Belenus' library."
Nine: "That made itself clear early"
Eidolon: "So maybe it's permanent…?"
Nameless: "It suits you."
Clarafina: "Everything's permanent until changed… well, that's kind of empty."
Eidolon swivels, bows, and swivels back, all while floating in the same direction.
Nine: "It isn't wrong"
Eidolon: "Still…"
AURUM: As you approach the castle: there's a lantern hanging from the highest tower. Light like the sun's streaming from every window, crepuscular rays filtering through particulate matter - from far enough away it looks like almost a physical sphere of light, nestled at the bottom of the Hell.
Eidolon: "I didn't join this party to get my ship back."
AURUM: Gardens full of fiends living in brass clamshells and giant stone jugs, trees with fractal fernlike tendrils, giant triangular sheets of neon-coloured cellophane -
Nine‘ HAS to double-take at the cellophane, he takes a step back even as his drones fall out of formation. T-that is FAR too out of place here. He coughs once, recomposes, keeps going along with Eidolon
AURUM: Headless giants made of bright paper, carefully lacquered, tiptoeing their way around; living celtic knots of pale blue tentacles.
AURUM: A jellyfish that goes on for a mile.
[OOC] Nameless: but is it superfast?
AURUM: A superfast jellyfish, making long steady circles basking in the light.
Clarafina: "Oh, saran wrap…?"
AURUM: Even saran wrap has to die some day, doesn’t it?
Nine: "It is really disconcerting"
Eidolon: "Not too loud, they'll hear you."
AURUM: Maybe it fell in, and found refuge here - this odd beacon of light, like a whalefall that just never ended.
Eidolon: "Unless that is your aim, I suppose."
Nine‘ keeps careful stock of what is going on around them, either way "This looks friendly enough"
Nine: "I wonder, then, what the twist is"
AURUM: Now, finally:
Eidolon gives greets and salutations to fiends as he passes nearby… like there’s some sort of Acknowledgement Field that is broken every now and then, and must be met with ceremony.
AURUM: Hovering in front of the castle gate like night and day, two figures wait to greet you.
Howell: One rose from the mud, half undone and half divine. A suit of armor was bound to his body by chains; on one side, it was seared so black that light did not glint from it. On the other, it was shining gold. Both boasted pauldrons fashioned after a roaring lion's mouth. The creature's right arm was malformed, bulging with grotesque muscles and chitinous plating. It was possessed of three oversized digits that clenched tightly over a
Howell: hammer forged of bronze and bone. The left side of his body was perfectly formed, strong and fit and clenched. In his left hand he wielded a sword made of flint, with runes that gleamed with enchantment.
Howell: The creature's hair flowed behind him, suspended in the mud, a tail of silver-blonde hair so fine that it was like moonlight. He wore a crown upon his head, its metal half black and half silver. It was forced into his skull by blades that left wounds that yet trickled blood down onto his portrait perfect features.
Athos: "Today is a good day to die."
Nameless: "A better day to live, though."
Nine: "Is it now… Good to meet you"
Eidolon: "As was every day. How have you been, my friend?"
Ellywyn: At the prow of a shimmering ship (no, the tip of a spar of calcite), a woman stands. She peers into the Mud that separates you, smiling placidly. Slender, petite, shorter than most people, she might appear as a sprite in another place, a child of the Fair Folke. The Mud shimmers… She is tall. Haunting, beautiful, shimmering. Her raiment bears all the goods of the world, saffron, chiffon, myrrh in the air about her, opal and pearl at
Ellywyn: opal and pearl at her breast and throat. Flame shines on her breast, lancing out at that shining ship, consuming the spars that never once char. She holds a baton of shimmering olive, leaves still green and fresh, and water swirls around her arm. Then she pauses, and is tiny again, peering. "Gillus…? Gillus Alsor?" .
Eidolon: "It's been a while since I've been called that, Elly."
Eidolon: "It has been 'Eidolon' since… well."
Athos frowned at Eidolon, or maybe it was the blades thrust into his skull. He stabbed the tip of Fantomas into the ground and waded towards Gillus, hair streaming behind him. "That's a stupid name."
Solberg: "How long has it been?"
Solberg: "Or is time even a concern?"
Eidolon: "It really is. Done up to fool the most cursory of glances, but really, mostly done out of bitterness."
Eidolon gives a half-hearted smile at Solberg, as if though that should answer both questions.
Eidolon: "Though to think I'd meet you two on this strange journey?" He claps his hands, turning to the party.
Eidolon: "Friends, comrades, one and all, please don't be shy-"
Athos: "I'm not."
Nine‘ nods "Call me Nine. Good to meet a friendly face"
Ellywyn: She laid a light hand on Athos’ right arm. Her laugh tinkles like flower bells. "Goodness, I don't think I've been called that in ages either…"
Nameless‘ bows at the newcomers. "A man is called Peregrine, now. A pleasure to meet friends of Eidolon."
Clarafina: "Princess Clarafina Rosemont!" An aurora, a diaphanous, flowing ball-gown, a gas mask.
Solberg: "Jo Solberg." Click, whirrr.
Eidolon spins back to face the pair. "How’ve you two been getting on?"
Eidolon: "Hopefully better than a crash and a headache."
Athos: "I am Athos, son of Alexander." He scrunched his nose at Clarafina in particular. "I suppose I was a prince. Little more than what you see now, though."
Clarafina walks up to Athos, takes his hand, inspecting it. Ribbon-cables trail behind her, twisting through the water.
AURUM: Xitrost opens his mouth to say something; no words come out, and he coughs, and tries again: "Suvarna."
Clarafina: "The title, unlike some others, is not discharged upon death, you know."
Ellywyn: The elfin woman smiles, and curtsies with easy, natural grace. "Ellywyn Giltleaf, mercantile heir and mage." She chuckles softly. "Well as can be, considering."
Athos did not relinquish the Weight of Thousands though Clarafina took his hands. He frowned at her, stern and imperious.
Nine‘ stares at Xitrost, they are full of names aren’t they?
Athos sighed, bubbles rippling through the mud. He shot a dark glance at Gillus. "I went down with the ship. Like a captain should."
Clarafina runs a finger along the flat of the Weight.
Solberg glances up at the giant jellyfish, pondering. "Does 'political saboteur' sound like an actual occupation?"
Eidolon: "As is proper."
Eidolon: "I figure if you get paid for it, it counts!"
Solberg: "I mean, a respectable one."
Solberg: "Ah. 'Journalist.'"
Ellywyn smiles at the man at her side. "As he always was. I could not help but follow him."
Athos lifted the heavy hammer, and offered it to Clarafina since she was so interested in it. His three fingers, now free, snapped together like a horrible claw.
Eidolon crosses his arms, one hand still holding onto the lantern.
Eidolon: "Hm."
Clarafina lifts it, tests it.
Clarafina: "How long has it been since it's killed?"
Eidolon: "All fall given the weight of time, but…"
Eidolon: "Is it just a romantic heart that says, 'this cannot be coincidence.'"
Nine‘ looks back at Athos, crossing his arms, resting against his drones "Hrm…"
Clarafina: "…But there’s nothing to say, is there?"
Clarafina: "We're moving on."
Clarafina: "If you could follow us, you'd be gone already."
Clarafina: "That's the privilege of a Pure Heart."
Athos: "A day, perhaps longer. I may be half a fiend, but I am yet half a man. The fiends that dare the Storm-White's confines are returned to the Hell they crawled from."
Nine: "No, it isn't, Clarafina"
Ellywyn: "Ah, our dear old symbol. Those were lovely days. Before our Winter."
Nameless‘ nods at Athos. "It’s good to protect your home."
Athos: "This is not my home."
Ellywyn: She paused. "Pure Heart? It has such a lovely sound… but one I've never heard before, I think."
Nine: "At any rate" he looks at Athos "Then… You'd do well to seek a path to where you wish to be?"
Solberg: "Sure it is. You're like a hermit crab."
Athos sighed again. More bubbles.
Clarafina tilts her head at Ellywyn. "You haven't?"
Clarafina: "Then…"
Eidolon: "That 'Winter' crops into more and more into a daily parlance is both alarming, confusing, and annoying." He uncrosses his arms.
Clarafina: "There's something that's sort of my duty, in these occasions."
Athos: "My captain, why are you..here?"
Eidolon: "I'm here to find the one who tried to kill me."
Clarafina stands back, resting on the sea-floor. A strange sort of glass spreads from her feet, like an ink-splatter. Bars of colored light fizz through it. She beckons to Ellywyn.
Nine‘ sighs "(He seeks something- There we go)" he mutters to himself
Eidolon: "Or succeeded, I don’t particularly care which."
Athos paused, and considered that.
Nine‘ looks at Clarafina
Athos: "It is a shorter list of souls who haven’t tried to kill you."
Eidolon: "It's… a game, though, isn't it?"
Athos: "It is probably easy for you to say that, having hidden behind my flesh."
Eidolon: "The skies were littered with our battles and skirmishes, but it was never with poisoned blood."
Ellywyn: "Sometimes. I recall a lovely game or two with Von Claw."
Eidolon: "Very easy, in fact. It was a great deal of flesh."
Eidolon: "But, you know, at some point, someone went-"
Eidolon: "Fun's done!"
Eidolon: "Fun's over!"
Athos: "Perhaps more than one. Three, at least."
Ellywyn steps cautiously towards Clarafina. 'And then it was Winter, no?:
Nine: "You sound like you agreed with it"
Eidolon: "Well, you know… I went looking for 'the one who tried to kill me' and hoped that if it was more than one, it'd take me to the lot."
Eidolon: "Like the narration would figure that bit out."
AURUM: Things -do- seem to work out like that, it's true.
Clarafina removes Ellywyn's heart and inspects it.
Clarafina: "Those with Pure Hearts…"
Clarafina: "Can go to a whole new world."
Nine‘ sighs at Clarafina
Nine` does so deeply theatrically annoyed
AURUM: The spark shines bright, but there’s something else - something ancient and sacred binding it.
Clarafina twists it to inspect it. "Oh, that's… that's so…?"
Solberg: "Like you're any better when you go off, Nine."
AURUM: I mean, when you have a deity of the Mud Hell, sometimes you can just take out her heart and inspect it and put it back where it belongs, you know?
AURUM: It ain't a thing.
Nine: "Well, it's somewhat different, but no matter"
Clarafina smiles sweetly and puts it back.
Nine: "One way or another… This is still heading down the tracks"
Ellywyn shakes her head, smiling with just a hint of sadness. "I'm afraid even this world is limited to me lately, to say nothing of others entirely."
AURUM: A spark, an Eidolon - the real kind, not the name chosen bitterly - and a Mud-Goddess. The impression left on the boundless expanse, inhabited by the very spark that left the impression.
AURUM: So… yes, and no.
AURUM: Anyways.
Athos clacked his claw together, and wheeled on Eidolon. He trudged through the mud towards his old friend, glowering at him. "You have the lantern."
Eidolon: "I do."
Athos: "Then you'll need the ship."
Eidolon: "I… hah. I still dare not hope, until I lay eyes on her."
Eidolon: "But yes."
Athos: "The gambler I knew would always dare, but then, I suppose you are not as you were. And neither is the Storm-White."
Eidolon: "It won't be the same until I close the chapter of this bit."
Eidolon: "And even then, well… hah!" He grins. "I guess I'm not too worried about afterwards!"
Eidolon: "Though I do have to ask… are you coming with?"
Nine: "(A dangerous path to head down)"
Athos: "What would it matter if I did?"
Ellywyn: Ellywyn's laugh tinkles again. "She is our world now, in a sense. We'd deeply wrong every last Sailor if we let her go to mold." She pauses, and lays a hand on Athos' arm. "Are we?"
Eidolon: "It's not about 'mattering,' it's about doing!"
Eidolon: "Sometimes you get the spark in you, and you blaze the trail- sometimes you let the current carry you, and you say it's all okay."
Athos jerked away from Ellywyn's touch, and shot an incredulous look at her. He snarled when he looked back to Gillus. "There's no spark left, Captain Alsor."
Athos: "No throne to take from my brother. No monster to slay, besides myself. No skies to see, except through this lens of mud."
Athos: "No Stiria. No Gang. No spark."
Clarafina: "That's right."
Eidolon: "Must history always be regaled so darkly?"
Athos: "It is what it is."
Eidolon: "To have all the fires smouldered to nothing but the white, cold ash we call Winter."
Eidolon shakes his head.
Eidolon: "All that I've seen and lived, from the streets to the clergy, the skies to the mud, and the chains inbetween."
Ellywyn: Ellywyn smiles. "And to Winter, what do you say, Captain?"
Eidolon: "The story has changed but each step has layed onto my soul, and to remember all the times and worlds, of those I've missed and those I'll never see again-"
Eidolon: "It doesn't take to remember them so coldly!"
Eidolon: "I don't."
Eidolon: "And so I always will."
Eidolon: "It's over, my friends, but I'm still taking part of it with me."
Eidolon: "And I figure kill one or three over it."
Athos: "Then I suppose you will find what meagre aid we can offer acceptable."
Eidolon smiles broadly.
Ellywyn: Ellywyn smiles sadly. "And if we two are only echoes of two you once knew and laughed with? Would you still want us along?"
Eidolon: "My heart already beats with joy over it."
Eidolon: "This Is What We Were, And This Is What We Are Today."
Eidolon: "That's the nature of a narrative."
Nine: "Resonant frequencies are often used in favor of the frequencies themselves."
Nine: "Yeah, I was sure he wouldn't care"
Ellywyn: She smiles. "Then I suppose that echo or not, I am a Sailor."
Nine‘ puts a hand on Ezekiel’s head "Good to hav eyou back"
Ezekiel: "Or nope"
Eidolon: "Shall we aboard?"
Solberg: "Back from … where?"
Ezekiel: "I duno man, THE UNIVERSE?? What're we doing, there's more weird furries than when I left."
Athos: "I am not now that strength which shattered castles for you, Captain, but if you will seat the Storm-White again, then I will be on deck."
Clarafina: "Rio Sands Lodge…?"
Ezekiel: "Oh fuck it's infecting Hime too!"
Clarafina raises a hand to her lips in shock.
Eidolon claps the both of them on the shoulder as he passes between the two.
Athos sighed again. Bubbles.
AURUM: The gate of the castle rises with the tinkling of chimes.
Eidolon: "Let's go!"
Solberg: "Sure. This is your interlude."
Ezekiel: "Oh hey we're on a boat. Onna boat. Boat. Boooat."
Ezekiel trails after Eidolon.
AURUM: All y'all jumping all over the timestream today. Gosh.
Nine‘ stands up again, continuing after Eidolon
AURUM: Suvarna trails behind, looking a bit subdued. Inside the castle… more like the outside, really. Fiends in respite from the normal fiend-eat-fiend, teardown-and-rebuild cycles of the Mud Hell. Elaborate living fountains of glass and pearl, staring at you with hundreds of little blue eyes around the rims of the fountain-bowls.
AURUM: Chandeliers springing from the floor, candle-flames pointing downwards.
[OOC] Nameless: and at the end, the calcobrina…
AURUM: Augh no never.
[OOC] Eidolon: some things just aren’t done, jeez, have some decorum
Ezekiel: idgi
AURUM: At the end of the grand hallway there's another gate, and it opens with a ~mysterious chime~ like when you open the secret door in the end of the dungeon.
[OOC] Ellywyn: The moldy destroyed remains of it, you mean.
Athos followed behind the others, taking up Fantomas again and dragging it along behind in the mud and against the tiles.
Ellywyn trails along quietly behind, for now.
AURUM: The castle's like a fort, surrounding some central thing - in the middle of the ravine, an airship's final resting place.
AURUM: Or is it?
Nine: "Hrm… Defensive fortifications around a fallen bird"
Ezekiel: "This is a terrible spot for a ship just fyi. Unless it's a sub. Aurum ain't described it yet."
Clarafina: "It's sunk, of course."
AURUM: Vines have grown up the sides of the ravine, and it looks like, at one point, the vines criss-crossed the entire centre of the ravine, like some homegrown drydock.
AURUM: But those were all withered or cut away…
AURUM: The Barbariccia glows with the light of the sun, pure-white wood and shimmering chatoyant shell and kintsugi gold sealing up the cracks between the two -
Clarafina: "Sacred wood, yes…?"
Clarafina: "A temple to change the world from."
Nine: "An interesting repair technique"
Eidolon: "Audacious, isn't it?"
Eidolon: "I love it."
AURUM: Vibrating with potential, sails made of rainbow-silk, something less and more and different from what she once was, but still:
AURUM: Repaired, lovingly, over eons or seconds, shivering with the eldritch thrice-over now.
Nine: "Effective is what I hope"
Nameless: "That is much less exciting than cannon travel. But also much more stylish. A man approves."
AURUM: Indubitably.
Eidolon: "You won't find a greater ship of the line."
Solberg: "Greater how?"
Eidolon: "Some are bigger. Some have more, larger cannons. Some are faster."
Solberg: "It looks majestic, sure."
Eidolon: "But if you want something that'll do everything?"
Eidolon: "It's perfect."
Nine: "Nothing dominates a modern battlefield better than the main battle tank"
Nine: "I suppose that's your whitewood ship"
Athos: "No. It is mine."
Nine: "Oh, sorry about the confusion"
Nine: "Still impressive, either way"
Ezekiel: "Tank…?"
Ezekiel: "Your world must be further behind than mine after all Nine!"
Eidolon: "Don't think I won't fight you for it."
Athos: "How did that work for Rito?"
Eidolon: "It was a fun thirty seconds to watch, but I'm not Rito."
Athos: "I suppose you're not. The ship is mine. We pieced it back together. We slaved over it. But you may sail it."
Eidolon: "(Though I still bet on you.)"
Eidolon: "See? I'm feeling more complete by the minute."
Eidolon: "That'll do for now, in any case."
AURUM: Suvarna tilts his head, peering at the ship.
Nine‘ shakes his head slightly "You… Make me nostalgic, you know…"
Nine` looks over the ship "Never seen one of this design, however. I take it you know where to take us, Eidolon?"
Eidolon: "Mmm… a bit."
Eidolon: "There’s still oooone piece missing, though."
Athos: "The lantern."
Eidolon flips up the lantern that he still hangs from his hand.
Eidolon taps the side of it, and the stars that fluttered in shine brighter and brighter.
Ezekiel: "I didn't see any mention of a half naked mermaid status on the bow, either. Just sayin'."
[OOC] Ezekiel: statue
Nine: "I imagine they have some semblance of good taste, Ezekiel"
Nine: "That's why you didn't"
Eidolon floats over to the bow, and hangs the lantern from the polished hook.
Ezekiel: "No way, he said this was a pirate ship and I see neither naked mermaids NOR gaudy skull and bones blacks, I want my money back, Eidolon is Ruining My Childhood."
Eidolon: "Who said the 'p-word'?"
Solberg: "So you'd rather take the exaggerated hyperbolic version of the imagery instead?"
Ezekiel: "Well like me in the last ten seconds."
Ezekiel: "And yes definitely Zoidberg."
AURUM: Eidolon : This close to the ship, you can -feel- it. It's… well, it always seemed alive, in a way, but more than that… starlight curls off the hook and wraps around your hand tenderly; the Barbariccia looks out onto the Strange Paths. She contains multitudes, humming with the vitality of a Sealed Space.
Ezekiel: "What part of the last few months had lead you to believe otherwise???"
Solberg: "It's … it's Solberg."
Ezekiel crab hands in Solberg's direction.
Nine: "It took a good, long while before that happened"
Solberg: "You're not really helping the case for what I'm trying to accomplish."
Nine: "That was never my intent"
Nine: "Either way"
Ezekiel: "I am definitely not sober enough to know what you want bro."
Solberg: "Wasn't talking to you, Nine."
Nine‘ approaches the ship, looking up at Eidolon as he sets it up
Eidolon: "All aboard!"
Nine` jumps upwards- He steps on a drone as they form a stairway for him as he then walks towards the deck
Clarafina swims onto the ship, of course.
Ezekiel: "OH SHIT. Crab dude!" Points at Athos as he pulls himself up onto the ship. "Can you use that claw to do the like, the thing where the little shrimp clamps down so hard it’s like a gun shot???"
Athos: "Put your head a little closer and find out."
Nine‘ has to laugh
Nameless` clambers aboard, gracefully swinging over the rail and prowling around the deck.
Ezekiel does as instructed.
Wires and vine from Nine’s wings wrap around Ezekiel's arm, dragging him away
Nine: "No"
Ezekiel: "Nine is the worst."
Nine: "Yes"
Ezekiel: "What's up with all ya'll always trying to tie me up anyway, That's Not My Fetish."
Eidolon: "But it's theirs, so…?"
AURUM: A bunch of the fiends swarm out of the castle and environs and take up positions ever-so-helpfully. (Do they want to be crew, or do they just… not want to be left down here if the local deities go on vacation? Maybe both.) Suvarna peeks below-decks and makes the obvious statement regarding its internal dimensions being otherwise-than-expected.
Athos crouched low, and leapt onto the deck of the ship. He inspected his claw hand, and wondered…
Eidolon heads for the wheel. As it was?
AURUM: As it was. There're a few additions for transdimensional travel, but you'll probably get the hang of those eventually.
Ezekiel: "Not cool Eidolon, not cool."
Eidolon toggles some levers, pulls back on the wheel a bit- "Ohh, in -such- great condition-"
Eidolon: "I might take up walking again."
Eidolon: "Because the lazy float just doesn't compare anymore."
AURUM: It's nice to have an airship that handles so well in Mud -and- air, isn't it? Well, you assume it still handles this well in the air, at any rate.
Eidolon brings her up, up, up…
Eidolon: "Now then…"
Eidolon: "Does anyone have the next chapter name?"
Solberg: "The Festival."
AURUM: The Barbariccia breaks the surface of the Mud Hell, and the fiends let out a cheer:
Nine: "This chapter isn't done yet, I don't think"
AURUM: Written in the stars: <秩序大土ヘン : The Festival>
Nine: "But let's head towards the next either way"
Eidolon: "Just keep moving!"
Eidolon: "Go with it!"
Ezekiel: "Okay."
Eidolon adjusts the lever that has the 'The Festival' setting, and punches the throttle.
Solberg: "Just do it, and don't let your dreams be dreams."
Athos glanced up to the sky as the Barbariccia breaks through the layer of mud, checking the weather as he always had. For the first time in seconds, or perhaps aeons, he breathed in fresh air. His shoulders slumped.
AURUM: One star in particular burns bright in the sky. Maybe it's a sign? The aurora ripples around you, gently, welcoming; the moon seems gold tonight, and so close you can feel its breath on the back of your neck.
AURUM: Suvarna stands by the rail, looking up at the sky, silver hair fluttering in the breeze.
Gained 15 XP
Nine: "A strong shift in operation"
Nine: "I think I like it"
Athos: "It is a good day to live again."
Nameless: "I told you so."

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