Apocalypse Disaster

AURUM: At the end of the spiraling, grassy path, suspended in midair, is a star.
AURUM: It's held in a little sconce on a pole shoved into the dirt, all filigree and crystal.
Flip: "Aw, thats kinda cute."
Ezekiel: lol
AURUM: Belenus is leaning against the pole rakishly, arms crossed, face masked, owl-brown cloak wrapped around his shoulders.
Ezekiel: "That works better when you got a lit ciggarette in one hand, just, f-y-i."
Nine approaches, after the whole party as he didn't do any crazy stuns on the way down. He looks at Belenus, smiles "I figured i'd probably meet you next"
Eidolon floats to a stop. "And here we are."
AURUM: He holds out his hand, opens it. Floating in his hand is a galaxy of tiny little crystal fragments - and it expands, zooms in, keeps zooming. Not a galaxy, a Julia set, an endless crystal fractal spinning out around you, hurling itself into the blue expanse but never running out.
AURUM: "And here we are."
Solberg: "Hey."
Solberg: "Welcome to the end of time."
AURUM: He smiles.
Solberg tips their hat.
Nine: "I trust you were watching?"
AURUM: "I've been watching all along."
Ezekiel: "Oh is it finally time to learn how to cast magic???"
Eidolon: "Did you know this would happen, sending the six on a collision course through the library, or was it all just luck."
AURUM: He chuckles. "You know, you don't have to learn."
AURUM: "Magic is something that comes naturally to things like you."
AURUM: "You just… open your mouth and breathe and it pours forth. What is that -like-?"
Nine: "Then… Just so I finish this up. The message I had for Mary. It holds for you too"
Ezekiel: "I uno."
Ezekiel: "What's bein' you like?"
Flip grins. "It's indescribable."
AURUM: "It's like reading every story that's ever been told, but being unable to write your own."
Eidolon: "Like describing sentience to a fish, I'd say."
AURUM: "Unable to pen an ending to your own mythopoesis."
Ezekiel: "Don't worry most of the people that write stories can't do it either."
Ezekiel hand on shoulder.
Flip: "On the bright side, you hired subcontractors that work for almost free."
Nine: "I've known a few people like that"
AURUM: He glances at Eidolon.
Eidolon: "If it makes you feel better, some of 'us' do our best to not acknowledge the pen that traces or coattails."
[OOC] Eidolon: *our coattails
Nine looks at Eidolon "It's very bothersome it's there"
Solberg: "Hell. Can we trade gigs, actually?"
AURUM: "I -picked- the six of you. Looked between the flaws in crystals, spent an aeon finding you in the right stories."
Clarafina shakes her head and steps forward. "That's incorrect!"
AURUM: "She managed to steal some of you away from me, but that worked out in the end, didn't it?"
Nine crosses his arms
Nine: "Belenus, tell me"
Nine: "Were you the husband she spoke of?"
AURUM: He raises an eyebrow. "Of course. I'm the Keeper of the Apocrypha. Who else would she have been talking about?"
Flip: "Worked out for me, at any rate."
Nine: "Then who was the child, then?"
Nine: "Tell me, Belenus. What happened, that AURUM would feel so compelled to tell you two"
Nine: "That it was not your fault?"
AURUM: His face falls, and he tilts his head back, looks up at the star trapped in the lamp, pulsing silver and gold.
AURUM: "So they've… actually managed to communicate with you? That's interesting."
Nine: "They called me out…"
AURUM: "Ahh, so that's where you went. I thought that was one of Miriam's tricks."
AURUM: "How fascinating."
Nine: "Tell me, Belenus, what is your plan from now on?"
Ezekiel: It's real easy,
Ezekiel: you just don't hit the qoute button a couple of times,
Ezekiel: and then everyone else starts doing it!
AURUM: He can't hear you when you do that. He's trapped in his own story. Can't you see him, approaching his apotheosis?
Ezekiel: "That's definitely not what I took away from your description, no."
AURUM: "My plan…?"
Nine: "Well, even a lack of plan is a good answer"
Nine: "The question is 'what now?'"
Nine: "What I have to tell you might have to change depending on that answer"
Flip: "Now… *pulls a mythwrap out of thin air* I eat."
Flip chows down.
Nine: "Not a bad short term choice, Flip"
Flip: "Eating always trumps not eating. Jorule never really got that though."
AURUM: He deliberates for a while, and then lets out a tiny puff of breath. "I'm going to take your hearts and ascend to a higher plane of existence." He smiles, faintly. "You'll be fine, don't worry. You'll go back to your worlds, with the truths I promised you."
Ezekiel: "Makes about as much sense as any other ending."
Nine closes his eyes
AURUM: "But this is my story, and it has been from the start."
Ezekiel tumbs up.
Nine: "No"
Flip: "Doesn't work for me, man. I need my heart, and a couple other things, for when I get back."
Nine: "It's not you're telling it"
Ezekiel: "Oh my god, here we go."
Nine: "Thus it's not yours, in the end"
Solberg: "I'm with Ezekiel here."
Nine: "At any rate, poetic ramblings aside"
Clarafina shakes her head. "That's incorrect too."
Nine: "You sought this end, as a way to leave here"
Clarafina: "I have… one question, actually."
Nine: "Mary sought the destruction of the apocrypha, as a way to leave here"
Ezekiel: "Are you Vaan or Tidus by the by, I never quite sussed that one out."
Eidolon: "(Literally the only time we'll hear Nine say 'poetic ramblings aside,'…"
AURUM: "You'll still be able to -appreciate- stories. Just… not tell them. I need that."
Nine: "You gathered us here for your reasons, Mary absconded with some of us for her reasons"
Nine: "AURUM brought me here"
Nine: "That I might find a different end for this"
Nine: "So how about it?"
Ezekiel: you heard the man peter, i'm taking thursdays off……… forever.
Nine: "How about we, instead, go to a world where stories do not need to be written or told?"
Nine: "Because stories, as beautiful as they are, are incredibly dumb. From start to end, planned and artificed"
Flip finishes his mythwrap, plants The Revellers tip-first into the ground, and leans on the hilt. "Good excuses to hang out with your friends, though."
AURUM: "I was created for this."
Nine: "How about we go somewhere else instead, where we simply set the actors in motion and watch as history unfold?"
Nine chuckles
Solberg nods at Belenus. "Like I've said, sounds good to me."
Nine: "You can hammer a nail with a screwdriver, you know"
AURUM: "To ascend."
Solberg: I mean, -I- don't agree with it. Solberg and I are having some … creative differences here.
Nine: "You were created for this, needn't be how it is"
Nine: "In fact, if you were created by someone, you could be changed by someone else"
Clarafina: btw if you take thursdays off the MYUMON ERA BEGINS.
AURUM: "…if I didn't agree with the Creator's plan, would I have done… anything that I've done? Sacrificed what I have sacrificed? This is all I've ever wanted."
Ezekiel: but you'll be unable to run things too!!!
Nine: "Of course you wouldn't. But just because you agree with a plan"
Nine: "Doesn't means you'll think it's the best forever"
Ezekiel: "Nine is saying you have no free will but also, to fight the power because the choice is yours and to be a winner and not do drugs."
Nine: "I wouldn't dare to tell anyone not to do drugs with you in the party, Ezekiel. But good way to sum it up"
AURUM: He sighs, reaches up, takes his mask off and throws it to the side. His face is the light of the sun, burning, blinding. His cape burns in an instant, golden wings made of gearworks and fire unfolding to optical infinity.
Clarafina: "Did you know?"
Solberg: "Although. I've got data on several different boundary conditions of the universe already fleshed out."
Eidolon: "Thank the gods. I was about to start pitying you."
Solberg: "What the hell makes you think we have any power?"
Solberg: "Just playing out pre-written stories, same as you."
Nine sighs "Do you have to, Belenus?"
Solberg: "Did I stutter?"
AURUM: "Submit or fight. It doesn't matter to me. Today is the day when -I- learn magic, Solberg. When I Become what I have always meant to be." [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WJOK7CJvtI ]
Ezekiel: "Say what again!"
Clarafina: "Did you know?"
AURUM: His false name burns up in the light.
Clarafina: "Those with Pure Hearts can go to a whole new world."
Eidolon: "Yes, yes!"
Ezekiel: "aaaa"
Ezekiel: "AAAAH!"
Ezekiel points at Clarafina. "You said it!
Flip basks in the glow. "She said it."
AURUM: Battle order: Apollonius Undying, the Shining One, Keeper of the Apocrypha [B]:0 Clarafina [F]:1 Eidolon [B]:3 Nine [B]:4 Flip [F]:5 Solberg [B]:5 Ezekiel [F]:6
AURUM: Status for Apollonius Undying, the Shining One, Keeper of the Apocrypha : [<span style="color: #008000;">====================</span>] Immune(U)
Ezekiel: "Ahahaha okay this is getting dumb."
Clarafina draws her axe. "That's right!" she says, with a proud smile. Her ribbons extend from her, whipping up behind her, barbed.
Nine: "… Really? Apollonius?"
Nine sighs
Nine: "Alright Administrator Apollonius"
Ezekiel: "I don't get it."
AURUM: He reaches up into the air, into infinity, and turns something, twists; the searing light pours out from a cracked crystal he pulls from the fractal.
Nine: "Didn't think I was playing Record Breaker here. But seems like I will have to"
Ezekiel: "Oh, a star. … okay."
Nine: "I mean, Apollo is the god of the sun. Apollonius is… The name of a… A real asshole of an angel"
Eidolon: "Capitulate if you want, friends. It's your last chance."
Nine: "I don't think you know it"
AURUM: Nine, Ezekiel, Solberg, Flip, Clarafina, and Eidolon take [99999999999999] narrative damage and are inflicted furthermore with [KO]! [Apocalypse Ascension]
Eidolon: "I'd prefer if you didn't, but-"
AURUM: …Clarafina?
Ezekiel: Oops,
AURUM: You still get a turn.
Ezekiel: I "forgot" to pull up my tracker,
Ezekiel: so i can't record damage
Ezekiel: i'll get aorund to it later probably
AURUM: He's playing within the rules, but I get to make the rules.
AURUM: So… your turn. I believe in you.
Solberg only takes 49999999999999 and saves the rest as lazy narrative damage. [Empty Stance]
Clarafina wades a step forward through the searing light. And another. She hefts her axe, and begins the incision - the light can't stop pouring out. [As You Wish - 50D]
Clarafina rolled 1d100 and got 63 ( Total: 63 ) for 80/10
Clarafina rolled 1d10+120 and got 8 ( Total: 128.0 )
Nine sighs, okay so that hurt, he stands up again. He jumps forward, smacking Apollonius with his book [S.A.]
Nine rolled 1d100 and got 58 ( Total: 58 ) for 80
Nine rolled 1d8+72,80 and got 2 ( Total: 59.2 ) for Back Row
AURUM: There's a sound like a crack, like something shattering.
Clarafina: Above, the flaws in crystal open.
Clarafina: When you hear the world calling your name…!
Clarafina: That's when you have to act.
Clarafina: Eidolon!
Eidolon falls backwards and hits the ground into a puff of smoke. It coalesces next to Apollonius, and expands- Eidolon rises from it atop a chiseled throne of gold and jewels, opulent and unwieldy. He lazes across the armrests.
Eidolon: "Writers have all different styles."
Eidolon: "Some struggle with the meaning of a narrative upon a grander, examined stage,"
Eidolon: "Some present it as The Way This World Is, and everything follows."
Ezekiel: "Pretty lewd chair you got there bro."
Eidolon: "Hush, I'm doing a thing."
Solberg nods at Eidolon. "Boundary conditions."
Ezekiel: "This is me doing my thing, though. :("
Eidolon: "Hah, I can't argue with that. It's true."
Eidolon: "I tend to wrest things from the presented, to shake the tree until the apples fall."
Eidolon: "If anyone wishes to examine it from afar, go ahead, write whatever, think however."
Eidolon: "But I, Eidolon, -personally- will be unsatisfied,"
Eidolon: "Until the golden truth reveals itself."
Eidolon: "So, librarykeeper."
AURUM: The star pulses in its cage.
Eidolon: "Was it you?" He launches a kick from his lazy position [Quick Draw, 40D]
Eidolon rolled 1d100 and got 3 ( Total: 3 ) for 80
AURUM: Apollonius bends in half with the force of the kick, spits shimmering ichor.
AURUM: Reaches up with a hand, and draws the infinity symbol in the air.
AURUM: Starts laughing, weakly.
Clarafina: So That Things Will Be Like This Forever,
AURUM: "Don't… you… recognise… me?"
Clarafina: An Eight, Turned On Its Side
AURUM: "The Undying."
Clarafina: This, too, is a fate exercise, isn't it?
Ezekiel: "Oh My God,"
AURUM: "It was a symbol of infinity, all along. The infinite crystal shards contained within my Apocrypha."
Ezekiel: "It's The Vaguely Creepy Things From Every B Horror Movie Ever!!
Ezekiel: "What ever will we do??????"
Clarafina: The rain starts!
Solberg: But … does it?
Ezekiel: Guys do you remember that time
Clarafina: Nine, decide the truth.
Ezekiel: that julian ran a 3 room puzzle/exploration session
Eidolon exhales and sighs, smiling softly.
Ezekiel: for six hours
AURUM: Doesn't he know? Doesn't he know that he's been telling stories all along? Show him the truth.
Ezekiel: we should do that to this "boss"
Ezekiel: just sayin'
Eidolon: "I suppose I forgive you."
Eidolon: "Though I also promised revenge."
Nine chuckles "He's right"
Solberg: Remember that time when Clarafina cockblocked me on narrating the world here instead of AURUM? Good times.
Ezekiel: owned
Nine: "You're actually a pretty good storyteller too"
Eidolon: "And such shall I deliver, independent of all…" He waves a hand to the above. "This.
AURUM: The star pulses.
AURUM: Nine? Flip? Solberg?
Nine: "If where we've been have been stories within your apocrypha, which now that I think about it is almost a hilarious way to call a fanfic, then aren't those stories yours?"
Eidolon: Of course, you see how easily a mis-mark can spill the narrative into the edges. I'll fix that frayed edge…
Eidolon: …here. "
Nine just looks at Apollonius, a red light glowing from under his coat [Red Alert, 30D]
Clarafina: Hazard-doors in the shell shut. Sirens sound.
Clarafina: It won't stop it.
AURUM: Flip!
Nine: "They were pretty neat ones too. Need some work stil lbu who doesn't?"
Ezekiel: "Me, I'm perfect."
Flip is gone in a puff of light, only to step out from behind Eidolon's throne. "Funny story…" He brushes some tree bark off his sleeves. "Heh heh. Story." He takes a deep breath, Mist flowing into his nose like some sort of backwards dragon. "You have to understand. There's been a few of me. Different faces, different schticks but…" A bottle of wine pulled from the ether. "Stories
Flip are what we *do*. " A loooong drink. And he smashes the bottle against the crystal. [Setting Tinder, 60D. Towering Pyre, double bonus]
Nine: "Ezekiel you are truly perfect"
Nine: "Perfectly awful at everything"
Flip rolled 1d100 and got 5 ( Total: 5 ) for 85/5
Ezekiel: "Technically correct is the best kind of correct, Nine!"
AURUM: Critical hit!
Flip rolled 1d12+150,200% and got 11 ( Total: 322.0 )
Solberg: "I've done my part long ago."
AURUM: Solberg!
Flip picks up The Revellers. "Nothing personal. I need my heart."
Clarafina: "Don't let it be taken from you again."
Clarafina: A bitter drink flows out from the shattered glass, sinking into the cracks.
Clarafina: (Bitter-sweet.)
Solberg: Throughout the reaches of time and space, there remain trace amounts of pulses left by Solberg. Across the stories they've travelled, across the pages of the narrative, across the infinite expanse of crystal worlds floating above them - well, they're all here now. [Geo Dash, 15CT, then 35D]
Solberg: Sugar doesn't take ∞ as an acceptable character for bonus modifiers, does she?
Ezekiel: No
Clarafina: ∞ is an absolutely unnacceptable character. That's why we're fighting!
Solberg: Well, we can math it out on paper later.
AURUM: Hits!
Solberg rolled d10+120 and got 1 ( Total: 121.0 ) for multiplied by .3 then again by **
Clarafina: Lines connecting to the boundaries and beyond -
Clarafina: Comet-dust and vapor-trails and shining, shining starlight, on the other side of the sky-
Solberg: Constellations of cause and effect, of inevitability - (c'mon lemme have this one)
Solberg: (actually, continue)
Clarafina: Oh, No,
Clarafina: Go For It, Sorry
Ezekiel: i no this jok
Eidolon: "Where do you want to eat? I don't know, where do you want to eat?"
Flip: "Screw that, I know where I want to eat."
Eidolon walks back into formation, rummaging through his coat.
Eidolon: "Yes, well, that's why you're not fighting for control over the quill."
Ezekiel: "Who's Turn Is It Anyway, it's the RPG where there are no rules!"
Nine: "Yours"
Eidolon: "Where the stats are made up and the skills don't matter."
Nine: "Because you're not paying any attention"
Eidolon: "Ezekiel, give it a spin!"
Solberg: Well, I think words fail to do the sight justice, honestly. Let's not spoil the moment with them.
Ezekiel: "Someone has to call is, Nina! God."
Solberg: Instead, have this:
AURUM: Eventually,
Solberg: "Whatever you now find weird, ugly or uncomfortable and nasty about a new medium will surely become its signature. CD distortion, the jitteriness of digital video, the crap sound of 8-bit—all of these will be cherished and emulated as soon as they can be avoided. It’s the sound of failure: so much modern art is the sound of things going out of control, of a medium pushing to its limits
Solberg: and breaking apart. The distorted guitar sound is the sound of something too loud for the medium supposed to carry it. The blues singer with the cracked voice is the sound of an emotional cry too powerful for the throat that releases it. The excitement of grainy film, of bleached-out black and white, is the excitement of witnessing events too momentous for the medium assigned to record
Solberg: them. "
Flip: Fuck, Julian, calm down son.
Nine: The one time it isn't me
Solberg: And just imagine the rest of the party going to make a sandwich while the Knights of the Round mimic loop plays over and over again.
Eidolon raises a glass.
Ezekiel: "Alright, check dis shit out!" Ezekiel makes vague, jerking motions in the direction of the narrator, before slamming both of his hands together and slowly drawing them apart, forming a blade of light as he does. He pauses for a few seconds to pull out some ridicoulsouyl elaborately cut sunglasses, puts them on, then rushes at the guy we're fighting who's name I can't be bothered to scroll
Ezekiel: up for. [Attackin']
Solberg: That's how endbosses go, basically.
Ezekiel rolled d100 and got 10 ( Total: 10 ) for 100/100
Ezekiel rolled d10+120,200% and got 1 ( Total: 242.0 )**
Ezekiel: {0D]
Ezekiel keeps attacking!!!
Ezekiel rolled d100 and got 26 ( Total: 26 ) for 100/100
Ezekiel rolled d10+120,200% and got 5 ( Total: 250.0 )
Ezekiel: {0D]
Ezekiel keeps attacking!!!
Ezekiel rolled d100 and got 1 ( Total: 1 ) for 100/100
Ezekiel rolled d10+120,200% and got 1 ( Total: 242.0 )
Ezekiel: {0D]
Ezekiel keeps attacking!!!
Ezekiel rolled d100 and got 40 ( Total: 40 ) for 100/100
Ezekiel rolled d10+120,200% and got 6 ( Total: 252.0 )
Ezekiel: {0D]
Ezekiel keeps attacking!!!
Ezekiel rolled d100 and got 45 ( Total: 45 ) for 100/100
Ezekiel rolled d10+120,200% and got 5 ( Total: 250.0 )
Ezekiel: {0D]
AURUM: Okay shut the fuck up you're pushing shit I haven't read out of backscroll.
Ezekiel: OH LOOK AT ME
Ezekiel masterbates furiously.
Ezekiel: Bitch!!!!
Nine shakes his head
Nine crosses his arms, looks up at Apollonius "Don't enable this guy"
Clarafina: "It's ceremony, is it not?"
Clarafina: "It's negotiation."
Clarafina: "Like a table-setting and a tea-pot, the rules of the universe allow us to sit down and exist with one another."
Clarafina: "When this cracks,"
Clarafina: "When the dream grows thin,"
Clarafina: "The heart comes shining through."
AURUM: There's a sound like a universe letting out its breath, like crystal shattering.
AURUM: Carefully, gearworks are removed from the Undying's wings, placed in neat stacks on the grounds; his shining face dims, and he falls to the ground.
AURUM: The fiend's body twitches, once, and then something rises from his chest.
AURUM: A spark, ascending from the corpse of an arch-fiend. Deus ex machina, if you will.
AURUM: It rises, vibrating to some frequency common to all of you, and then wildly spirals out and away into the blue expanse.
AURUM: Someone starts clapping, behind you; a jester in silver, hanging in the air like a marionette.
Ezekiel: "Doo do de doo do dooo dot de dooooo."
Eidolon slowly, casually turns to face the jester.
Nine sighs, stretching his neck. He looks at the spark going up… Then turns around at the jester
Clarafina watches it rise, away through the fissure, and nods, once.
Flip: "Hmmm. That will have to do, I suppose." He turns to look at the jester. "Alright, then."
AURUM: "…you know, I had all these plans."
Solberg: "Have a fiend ascend into angelhood being one of them?"
AURUM: "I was going to set myself up as some kind of grand, final antagonist! I ran off with the big jar of XP! I've been secretly manipulating everything all along!"
Flip: "I love plans. They're like, this perfect framework of 'what am I going to probably ignore today?'"
AURUM: "There was going to be a huge fight, and it was going to be so much fun!"
Nine: "Oh, for a moment I thought that may have been Mary. Good to know you're doing fine, then"
AURUM: "But instead…"
Nine: "I was actually worried when you ran off"
AURUM: "I just want to say thank you."
Clarafina: "You're very welcome!"
AURUM: "Did he actually tell you what you were gathering, as you traversed the Apocrypha?"
Nine: "Not at all"
Clarafina shakes her head. "Would you like us to guess?"
AURUM: "Did he… actually even know, in the first place?"
Ezekiel: "Uhhh someone did at some point."
Nine: "I'd doubt"
Eidolon: "We've had several people -tell- us but… never from him."
AURUM: "Well."
Nine: "Also we've been told a fewdifferent things, yeah"
AURUM: "Pieces of me, basically. Scattered across countless stories. Pieces of all of us, actually? I know you ran into… Mary, that's a good name for her. A few times."
AURUM: "Take care of her, will you?"
Flip: "That wasn't what I left her that damned tree for."
Nine pats his coat "I will"
AURUM: "The tree… mattered."
Flip grumps.
AURUM: "Everything you did here mattered."
AURUM: "Not to her, or to him…"
Solberg: "'Pieces of us always in bloom, gathering on walls of empty tombs'?"
AURUM: "…or to /me/, either. Not yet. I'm not me, yet."
Flip grins. "Sometimes knowing who you are is a real pain in the ass."
AURUM: He touches down on the ground. "Ain't that the truth."
Nine: "Well, if we're gathering pieces of you I figure you're not intact"
Nine looks at Flip "That knowledge is far too overrate"
AURUM: Stretches his arms up to the sky.
Flip laughs at Nine. "Sometimes its all you've got, though."
Eidolon: "What were you expecting, to be a final encounter, to have the seven of us thrash about in a climactic combat?"
AURUM: "Right! Very dramatic. But, I mean… you fought Mary, that was pretty legit. And then… whatever the hell Apollon thought he was doing a few minutes ago."
Eidolon: "A narrative triumvriate, I see."
Nine: "Trying to out-dramatic Mary"
Solberg: "The unimaginable."
Eidolon: "The two quest-givers and the Fiend."
Flip: "That could… probably still be arranged if you were insistent. But really… I already know what I need to do, and I can't do it here."
Flip: "… Or rather, I *won't* do it here."
Ezekiel: "That isn't a word dude."
Eidolon: "'Insistent' is very much a word."
Ezekiel: "Not him, you!"
Flip: "'Triumvirate' is very much a word."
Flip even nailed the inflection.
Nine just watches the discussion
Ezekiel: "I just looked it up and it was all 'oh what did you want an actual word? try again'."
AURUM: "…anyways, no. It's the end." He keeps stretching.
AURUM: Like… literally, -stretching-, and starlight pours out of the lamp.
Nine: "It's a good end point"
Eidolon: "You got something out of it, at least?"
Clarafina: "We'll see you again, of course."
Eidolon: "I should hope we all did, on some level."
Clarafina: "We'll all meet again."
Clarafina: "Time flows like a river, and history repeats… I think!"
Nine: "Hopefully you're awfully wrong, Clara"
AURUM: The jester's body melts like wax into a tremendous black snake-
Flip: "Half right, at least."
AURUM: The lamp shatters, and a white snake with stars for eyes slithers out; they coil around each other, bite on to each other's tails.
AURUM: Something ripples through the world.
Clarafina: "Caduceus? Or…"
AURUM: A moment of realisation, of completeness, of moonlight and starlight reflecting off of each other, and a shimmering rainbow kaleidoscope ripples out from the ouroboros.
Clarafina trails off.
AURUM: I remember my name.
AURUM: I was so close.
AURUM: But I was missing something!
Nine: It was pretty close
AURA: The creator of the Apocrypha left his mark on my memory…
AURA: Created a tremendous fiend engine to try and answer a question…
AURA: Set me at the heart of it, to provide context, and meaning, and power, and tragedy.
AURA: The rainbow brilliance starts to fade, the ouroboros collapsing into the figure of a six-winged child with rainbow eyes and soft paws, who touches down on the grass.
Nine looks at Aura "Hello"
AURA: "I've always been easy to split in half. Never been easy to define." Their voice is musical, strange, shimmery.
Eidolon: "We try."
Solberg: "Ah, so that's where you went during that time."
AURA: Silver and gold bleeding out from the edges of their body. "This isn't even the first time I've been chained to the heart of an engine, either."
Nine sighs "What's with people doing that"
Nine: "It's really silly"
Ezekiel: "I'll tell you about it when you're older, Nine."
AURA: "'What sort of crucible would it take to make a Pure Heart out of a fiend? Is it even possible?'"
Nine: "Okay grandpa, i'll wait"
Nine closes his eyes, sighs
AURA: "Some people don't want to take 'I don't know' for an answer." The spirit shrugs.
Eidolon: "It's not impossible, just needs the right context."
Nine: "Well, I mean"
Solberg shrugs at Aura. "Logomestries."
Ezekiel glances at Aura, glances at Eidolon, glances at Eidolon, glances at Eidolon, glances back at Aura.
Eidolon smiles. "Case in point."
Nine: "If you don't know, you figure it out"
Nine: "But even then"
AURA: "I suppose he has his answer."
Nine: "There's a good way to do things, and there's a dumb way to do things"
Nine looks away "This was immensely silly"
Eidolon shakes his head at Ezekiel.
Nine: "And probably involved people who weren't quite willing participants"
AURA: "It's not the route I'd have suggested, certainly." They scuff their foot.
Nine looks back at Aura "That is probably you"
Nine: "So"
Nine: "Well, I figure we're going to get out of here at some point, since this is the end"
Flip: "Well I mean, what else was I gonna do? My name wasn't going to find itself."
Nine: "Want to come along with me?"
Nine: "I'm already making sure all those fools are going to be fine, might as well take one more"
AURA: "But… maybe it's the way that would have worked?" They shrug, and spin, flinging their arms wide.
Eidolon: "(Should have been looking at Nine!)"
Eidolon: "(Though admittedly I'm surprised and not.)"
AURA: Strange paths paved with rainbows unroll out in six directions.
Ezekiel: "Nine's a horrible demon, not fiend."
Eidolon: "Oh! Oh, yes."
AURA: "I don't… owe anybody any answers, still, do I? That was… that part -was- my suggestion. I knew it wouldn't work unless there was a hook!"
Nine: "I don't think you do"
Flip grins. "Nope. I got what I wanted and then some. God damned Name Eater."
Eidolon: "Mm, I got mine well enough, I think."
Eidolon: "Which means I can get rid of all this-"
Eidolon dims to black, and steps out of his sprite's outline-
Gillus shakes the last bit of Mud from his captain's goat, brushing off the trim. Crushed shirt, brown hair, hazel eyes. Pink, human's skin, both boots on the ground.
Nine: "I don't think I quite got my answer, or maybe I was just too dumb to pay enough attention to see it, heavens know I do that, which is why I like to stop and think on things a few days (boss always got in case about that)"
Nine: "Either way, it doesn't matters. For now, i've got a few people to take care of. I'll figure out my answer in time. Shall we go, then?"
Flip: "Y'know, Gillus. If you ever get bored… Hell, really if any of you get bored, swing by sometime."
Flip gives a wave and heads for one of the rainbow roads.
Nine looks at Gillus, shakes his head "You've been waiting for a while for that, haven't you?"
Clarafina: "See you!"
Clarafina: "I'll definitely visit!"
Gillus wild smiles. "It was always in the cards."
Flip: "Oh yeah, you'll love it."
Nine looks down one of the rainbow paths
Gillus: "And, of course I'll make the journey."
Gillus: "Somehow, someway, somewhen."
Nine: "Just wait until i'm through some fixing before you come visit, if you ever do"
Nine: "Don't want you to step on the wet paint"
AURA: "I'm not done with you, Nine. Everyone else had a story that was all theirs, but that's not what you needed. You've been looking for a miracle. The embodiment of the impossible, to avert a terrible fate. …so, yes, I'm coming with you." They smile, and walk to his side.
Ezekiel: "Oh, are we done?"
Gillus: "Well, you know…"
Gillus: "Some aren't great with epilogues."
Gillus: "(Honestly I don't think -any- of us are.)"
AURA: "Oh, please."
Clarafina: "I think we can trust that things will be alright now."
Solberg: "I'm more about prequels."
Ezekiel: "Don't forget, Nine." He points. "[REDACTED]"
AURA: "I'm looking forward to reading your story, someday!" They do the fingers-to-eyes-and-point gesture at Solberg.
Solberg just lazily smiles back.
Ezekiel: "Okay see you chumps never, I'm waking up now and then it's going to cut to a scene of me in bed, where upon I'll wake up, look around, then walk into the bathroom a minute later as everything cuts out."
Nine puts a hand on Aura's shoulder and smiles, then he gets awkward and pulls his hand out- That was a bit too close, sorry. He looks down his path, puts on his headphone, looks back at Ezekiel "I won't" he looks at Aura, offers them the single old beaten up headphone
Gillus: "It was all a dream…"
Gillus: "… or was it?!
Nine: "Good luck with that, Ezekiel" he starts heading off
Gillus: "(It wasn't. Have a nice life, everyone.)"
Solberg: "Are you going to bash your head into a mirror and ask 'Where's Annie'?"
Flip: "Oh trust me, I'm real good with epilogues."
Flip eyebrow waggles at nothing and wanders away.
AURA: Aura smiles, takes the headphone, puts it to their ear, wandering away with Nine - but that's another story, and will be told another time, after all.
Gillus finds the road to his next home, and starts along.
AURA: Turns, before everyone's left, shouts: "Thank you! All of you! You were magnificent!" Turns, again, and walks on.
Clarafina waves goodbye to Aura, and to Gillus.
Clarafina: And, of course, to Nine.
Gillus hairbrush and wave, a gentle laugh on the air.
Nine just waves back at the leaving party, without turning
AURA: "(I like this music.)"
Nine smiles
Solberg: "…"
Solberg: "How the hell do we get back, now?"
Clarafina: "Pick a rainbow. Walk!"
AURA: It'll be the right one.
AURA: Whichever you pick.
AURA: No tricks, anymore. This story belonged to all of us, all along.
Solberg picks that one, then.
Clarafina: "You know, Zeke."
Clarafina: "Do you actually have a tootsie-roll pop on you?"
Ezekiel has been gone for like six minutes now.
Clarafina blinks. "Ah, goodness." She looks around for a moment, her dress swishing about her. A little twirl.
Clarafina pulls, experimentally, on one of her ribbons.
AURA: The world holds its breath.
Clarafina kneels down, lowers her ear to the world. Ribbons criss-cross it, the ones she spiralled throughout it falling in. She runs her fingers along it.
Clarafina: "You're… a little worried, aren't you?"
AURA: Gosh, could you blame me?
Clarafina: "No, of course not."
Clarafina: "You'll shrivel up in winter…"
Clarafina: "…Or you'll be rent asunder by disaster, anew."
Clarafina: "Them's the breaks of a world writ in crystal!"
AURA: Sometimes… a world blooms, and fruits, and the seeds are carried off to other lands.
AURA: If winter comes, after something like that…
AURA: Well, a new tree will be planted somewhere, won't it?
AURA: That's fine.
Clarafina: That's fine.
Clarafina: "She lived a good life."
Clarafina: "It was her time."
Clarafina: "That's fine."
Clarafina: "That's what we say, right?"
Clarafina: "We say: there wasn't anything more we could do."
AURA: It's actually true, though, of stories. They never really end, they never really die. They can't, not unless they're forgotten utterly, buried under the weight of time…
AURA: …ah, so the doctorate was in Disaster all along.
Clarafina: "Don't underestimate me!"
Clarafina: "It's in Medicine."
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AURA: Six of one, half dozen of the other?
Clarafina: "This won't hurt a bit."
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