Apoc Solberg

Jo Solberg

Class: Mediator
Current XP: 33
Total XP: 163
Feelin' Good?: Less and less. Blame entropic decay.


MAG 8 STM 10
WIL 10 LUC 6


HP: 593 / 600
MP: 555 / 700 (+80 TMP)
Luck: 4 / 6


All your currently equipped and usable abilities and their effects go here for easier reference, with pre-calculated delays and damage and anything else you might need to know quickly. Cost is for stuff like MP or CTs
Action Name Cost Delay CoS Target Keywords Effect
Attack 50D 80 T: Single Technique Deals (1d10 + 72) damage.
Item 40D 100 T: Single Support Consume one item and gain its effects.
Change Row 20D 100 T: Self Move the character into the row they are not currently in.
Wait 15D 100
Defend 30D 100 Support, Stance Gain a 4/5 defense factor until your next turn.
Rapid Pulse 80 MP 50D 100 T: Single Support, Enhancement, Pulse Restores d6+50 HP immediately and target restores 120 HP at the end of each of their actions (2).
Solid Pulse 80 MP 50D 100 T: Single Support, Enhancement, Pulse Restores d6+50 HP immediately and target restores 50 HP at the end of each of their actions (6).
Geo Dash 15CT, 60 MP 35D 100 T: Single Spell Requires active Pulse. Deals d10+120 magic wind damage, with +30% extra damage for each Pulse enhancement you have active.
Air Pressure 10CT, 60 MP 40D 100 T: Single Spell Requires active Pulse. Deals d12+144 magic wind damage to an enemy, and ends a Pulse effect on an ally, granting it any remaining healing.
Tellur Web 15CT, 60 MP 35D 100 T: Special Spell Requires active Pulse. Deals d10+120 magic wind damage to a number of targets equal to the number of Pulse enhancements you have active.
Recirculate 30CT, 75 MP 20D 100 T: Single Spell Deals d12+144 magic wind damage. Refresh a Quick ability not used since the end of your last action.
Reverse Vacuum 10CT, 75 MP 50D 100 T: Single Spell Deals d12+144 magic wind damage. Dispel one of your Pulse effects — heal the party for 40 HP for each tick that was in the Pulse.


Reaction Name Trigger Cost Target Keywords Effect


Name Effect
Empty Stance When an attack damages you, you can direct half the damage away from you into your reserve damage. At the start of your next turn, you can divide the reserve damage between any number of party members.
Under Control

If the battle ends while you have Pulses active, you can choose to either grant the target HP equal to the remaining ticks, or regain 70 MP for yourself, for each individual Pulse. ||


Bank Shot - Spell Assist - 80 + d12 magical damage when an ally strikes an enemy, or 144 + d12 if you pay 60 MP!
Guard Assist - Leap in and take an attack for an ally!
Spark - Use before acting. Restore 120 + d10 HP to a target of your choice.
Split Pulse - Use before acting. Next Pulse is T: Double, but has its duration halved.
Lifeline - Use after acting. Every active pulse on an ally ticks down and heals whatever remained.


Weapon Power Dice Delay Properties
Cue Stick 12 d10 50D Gain 40 TMP per hit.
Armor Properties
Sharp Suit 80 TMP



Sc: Your keen intellect and fine perception make you a force to be reckoned with. You pick up on small details that offer up a wealth of information to those who know how to look, and you possess an excellent corpus of world knowledge that equips you to make the necessary connections. You're skilled both in investigating specific sites, turning up any clues that might be hidden there, and in doing research and footwork - chasing down leads, asking questions, looking through archives. You likely have some connections to the legal system - if not as a formal detective, you at least have a contact or two that you share information and insight with.
Sp: When you glance over something or someplace, you can spend one luck - if you do so, it offers up a clue to a matter of interest to you. Your first two uses of this ability each expedition are free.
Rf: Once per expedition, when an Ace who has taunted you suffers a comeuppance at your hands, restore one luck to an ally.


Sc: You're skilled in intrigue: In understanding the conspiracies and bonds of power that surge underneath the surface, in easily adopting alternate identities, in listening at doors, in breaking codes, in lifting documentation on false pretenses. This might imply professional training and a support structure, or you might be a free agent.
Sp: When you have an opportunity to poison one or two people (By close, unguarded contact, or by accessing their food or drink) you can spend one luck and poison them with a sleeping drug - they'll sleep until you're done what you need to do, with no after-effects.
Sp: When false documentation might be useful, and you might feasibly have prepared some in advance, you can spend one luck and produce the necessary papers. They'll pass immediate inspection.
Rf: Whenever you successfully blackmail someone, restore one luck to an ally. Use this ability only once per target.

Learned Abilities

Ability Name

Ability Name Ability Type AP Cost MP Cost and/or CT Base Delay Floor Base CoS Target Keywords Effect and Adjustments
Empty Stance
Solid Pulse
Rapid Pulse
Split Pulse
Under Control
Geo Dash
Tellur Web



Solberg has black hair, sharp features, and a discerning expression becoming of an investigator. Solberg's mode of dress consists of a white button-down shirt, a black vest with pinstripe pants, and a red scarf-tie. But it's pretty useless to discuss personal looks. Everyone in the Agency dresses that way or similar. It's not notable.

Jo comes from an era of skyscrapers, gridlike streets, streets that shine with the slick of rain and road lights, factory and cigarette smoke (though Solberg prefers lollipops for an oral fix), brilliantly lit nightscapes, glass citadels floating in the sky, jazz music accompanied by coffee and whiskey, and small traces of warmth found in the glow of the Ferris Wheel fluorescent lights, warmth from lights in a city where light seems to burn cold and empty.


The city gives the power of decision entirely to its citizens, at least in name. It is a city of mob rule, of the 51%, and of constant flux.

Those in the glass enclaves, the Agency, try to conduct the chorus of the masses. They see cycles and patterns, they see how one decision turns into another decision turns into another, and they see order born from the chaos and collisions of opinion, from the entropy of the masses. Soon enough, they'll begin to plant their own seeds and guide that cycle.

Solberg has always been one of the landed elite, if only by birth. Titles aren't passed by birth, of course, but familial connections and wealth provided the necessary proximity for Jo. But the guaranteed sense of safety and deceit always left a strange taste in Jo's mouth. Before long, as a form of subtle resistance to the Agency's methods, Jo began work as a reporter under a pseudonym with a mission to better inform the public — to inspire, to show the public what they could be, not to control.

If it weren't for a wrong turn in the Agency's archives somewhere, Jo's mission might have remained little more than a footnote in history, the quixotic well-intentioned efforts of someone who was just too small to change things.

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