Apoc Eidolon

Character Name: "Eidolon"

Class: Trickster
Current XP: 20
Total XP: 230
Feelin' Good?: Feeling marvelous.


MAG 10 STM 8


HP: 600 / 600
MP: 600 / 600 [TMP 80]
Luck: 8 / 8


All your currently equipped and usable abilities and their effects go here for easier reference, with pre-calculated delays and damage and anything else you might need to know quickly. Cost is for stuff like MP or CTs
Action Name Cost Delay CoS Target Keywords Effect
Attack 40D 80 Single Technique, Deals 1d8+54 damage.
Item 40D 100 Single Support Consume one item and gain its effects.
Change Row 20D 100 Self Move the character into the row they are not currently in.
Wait 15D 100
Defend 30D 100 Support, Stance Gain a 4/5 defense factor until your next turn.
Magic Circle MP 60 CT10 35D 100 Single Spell, Time, Enhancement
Gain an Enchantment (2).
If you cast a spell as the Enchantment ticks (0), deal +20% damage and you can mark the circled target again.
Mark: Place ||
Oracle Energy MP 30 CT10 35D 100 Single Spell, Time
If your target casts a spell during the CT, the MP cost becomes 0
Mark: Place ||
Void Junk MP 30 CT10 35D 100 Single Spell, Gate
Deals 1d8+150 magical gate damage if the target is in the back row.
Mark: Place ||
Pair Strike MP 60 CT15 35D 100 Double (Different Rows) Spell, Gate
If Pair Strike fails to hit a target in each row, no marks are placed.
Mark: Place ||
Chrono Burst MP 60 CT20 35D 100 Single Spell, Time
If your target starts a turn during the CT, reduce delay to 0 and cast Chrono Burst before their action.
Mark: Expend ||
Twin Ray MP 60 CT20 35D 100 Single Spell, Time
Select an ally.
On their next turn, their action additionally targets the enemy you hit with Twin Ray, in addition to any ordinary targets.
Mark: Expend ||
Reverse Gravity MP 60 CT30 20D 100 Single Spell, Gate
Gains a +10% modifier each time the target is struck while Reverse Gravity is charging.
Mark: Expend ||
Bermuda Liner MP 90 CT20 35D 100 Special Spell, Gate

Mark: Expend ||


Reaction Name Trigger Cost Target Keywords Effect


Swerve Casting - You don't need to declare what Spell you're charging when you begin casting a Spell, so long as the CT is equal to one of the CTs of a Spell you know. You decide what action to perform when the CT resolves, as long as the action has a CT equal to or less than the CT you prepared (including actions with no CT cost at all).


<span style+ "line-height: 1.5;">Big Bang - 1d12+100 magical damage when an ally strikes an enemy, or 180 if you pay 60 MP!
Guard Assist - Leap in and take an attack for an ally!
Backfeed - Gain 160 TMP. You lose 100 HP
Solid Space - You gain a 4/5ths defense factor while charging your next spell.


Weapon Power Dice Delay Properties
Starbound Tome 9 d8 40D Spell Charge (+20% per charge)
Armor Properties
Galaxial Robe 80 TMP



Sc: You're a charmer. You brighten the room and draw attention whenever you walk in, and you're capable of smoothing over most situations with a few words and assurances. Depending on how you take this skill, it can be insincere, based on false presentation and quick-talking, or it can be the genuine appeal of a gregarious character.
Sp: You can spend one luck to make a new friend in some organization or place you have social contact with, typically when off-screen. Your new friend won't move heaven and earth for you, but it gets you a foot in the door for gathering information, navigating society, and so on.


Sc: You're a beast of luxury and fortune: When you're up, you give the impression of leading a charmed life, with an aura of personal magnetism that hints at the full glitz and glamour the world has to offer. You move in big circles, and those circles know you well - you're probably on a first-name basis with others who favor the opulent life, whether they're crooked or straight. Regardless of your budget, you seem to manage to live a little better, and a little fancier, than everyone else.

Sp: When you resupply, you can wager some of your budget in high-stakes gambling. Stake any amount of budget, and make three CoS 80 result checks, with the option to double your stake after each check. If all three checks are passed, then increase the budget for the next expedition by the stake - if any are failed, the stake is lost, instead. Gamble only once per resupply.



A being of stars and space, this humanoid is flashy and agile. Long nebula-wavy hair to his shoulders, covered in a captain's coat lined with galaxies. There's a smile, and kind eyes. His skin is a softly glowing white, and it's too easy to accept as skin. A black domino mask. There's a human behind all that.


<span style+ "line-height: 1.5;">It was a stuffy autumn morning, one where the day feels over before you've even began, where if you don't strap on your boots your feet'll weigh you down. That lazy feeling was my impetus for leaving port so early, that and the incoming imperial squad. Never mind why they were coming— trumped up charges, stolen priceless imperial this-n-that, overwrought scandal chasing, all of it true— it won't matter by the end. The island was far on the horizon before they could hit the docks, and it was onto the next prize, the next game, the next journey.

<span style+ "line-height: 1.5;">But the Barbariccia bucked and buckled. The ship of the line struggled to pull out of a stall, then a dip, then a freefall. I could hear the wood cracking apart as the ship lurched into a death spiral, and then an odd jolt— an explosion? Not that it mattered at that point. The screams of all aboard rose above the whistle of the splitting air, and the Mud rushed ever closer—

The next bit I'm piecing together, so bear with me. From what I recall… the ship itself fared well against the Hell's floor; what was left of the ship that is. I remember inspecting all the damage, finding traces left behind, scraps here and there, something definitely close to blast markings, and something else…

Sabotage. Someone was gunning for me, and hard.

Without a ship, I began to walk and swim through the brilliant underworld, the fiend-choked Hell that belied a great hunger and lust. With no sun or stars to guide my journey, I can't recall just how long I was down there. Not that it was all terrible, I did meet a great many sociable fiends, and entertained the idea of trade and valuables to steal. They're an odd lot, fiends, but not much different from those above, just with esoteric magic— okay more esoteric magic— and the ability to actually bite each other's heads off.

But I wasn't about to forget why I was still moving, why I wasn't hatching any other plan to score a big heist. I had to figure out who managed to sink the greatest, most dashing, most handsome captain around. Moreover, why? Though honestly, I'm fine with not answering the latter so long as I can serve comeuppance, and in a big way.

So, when I rose from the ends of the earth, I had a priority set up: new coat, new ship, and new goal— find this person.

But as it turns out, I ended up somewhere else first…

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