The only light in the room comes from the television which was left on all night. Only old informercials are on now, nothing interesting. Someone going on about some kind of blender or another.
Ezekiel slowly opens one sleepy eye, and then the other. He glances around with a yawn, taking in the sights of his living room and the empty bag of cheetos discarded on the coffee table. Then looks at the Television. 5:03. Huh, still early.
"Man. That was one stupid as fuck dream." He shrugs a bit, before leaning back into his couch and closes his eyes. Soon, Ezekiel is back to sleep once move… with a sports almanac clutched tightly in one of his hands.


Princess Clarafina Rosemont - Peter
??? - Sam
Ezekiel's on it!!! - Ice
Eidolon - Hachi
Nine - Julian
Solberg - Doman



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