Lets Videogame

OK so bullet points:

TRPG but like without levels and directly raising stats, instead, powerful up individual abilities.

flat maps, no height levels. but densely packed and lots of ways to interact with them

powers are all regulated by cool downs, even the most basic ones.

there's both attack/action powers and movement powers! you get to use one of each type per round.

focuses on melee combat instead of ranged/magic. no accuracy rolls!

facing is important! +dmg from a flank, ++dmg from behind. (what little offensive magic there is doesn't care about facing, though).

zones of control are a thing, though more for some characters than others.

No gear. you spend money to learn abilities, though this can be fluffed as training, or acquiring new gear. some dungeon loot might instantly give an ability instead of being traded in for money later. (EXP is used to power up individual abilities the PCs know)

main actions for interacting with the environment are probably Operate, Unlock and Break? (flip switches / power machinery, unlock chests&doors / remove vent grating for shortcuts, destroy environmental obstacles / hazards)

base stats are probably just Health and Evasion, with evasion functioning as a THP/Barrier pool that mitigates damage, and refills to max at the start of each round.

you have an Operator who can Do Stuff, ala persona. (they basically hang back at a base camp outside of the dungeons, know about lost tech, and direct the party)

aesthetically kinda DD/Diggers-ish, but with less magic and guns.

clearing dungeons in different orders causes the ones you haven't done to change somehow

named hero units rather than generics, everyone gets their own skill sets custom tailored to them

easy build arc types; a tank obviously, bruiser that has crap defenses but highest head-on damage dealer, a lighter unit with better mobility/evasion that's good at getting behind enemies, a more general all-arounder (probably with a monkish flavor), an archer type, and then a wizard (most focused on support but a handful of damage options). IF THERE'S EVEN SIX CHARACTERS, how many there are probably depends on how we want to handle in dungeon health management. probably want at least five though, since five's a good number for deployable units.

Damage from the front: -20%
Damage from the flank: 100%
Damage from the back: +20%

we talked about this over IRC, but the exact math to determine what quadrant someone is hitting you from is going to be wider on the flanks and narrower on the front/back. that's by ice's design, though if we need to change it to be more equal, i can do that too.

Magic doesn't care about facing.

When an enemy moves into a space in an ally's Zone of Control, their movement instantly ends. (same is true for PCs moving around enemy ZoC)

also for my own sanity, let's say a player is about to move, and is being given some indication of what squares they can move to. is it good to have separate levels of "you can move here" "you cannot move here" "this is in your movement range and you COULD move here but you can't because of zone of control reasons"? (also, "you can move here" penetrates into Zone of Control by one space, if i'm interpreting correctly?

- The best way I've ever seen it displayed in a game is like this: it'll display your movement range as normal, and then any space inside of that with an active zone of control is a different color. When you move the cursor around is displays a pathing arrow so that you'll know which spaces you pass through before clicking confirm, so it won't ever be a surprise if/when something gets caught. If you do happen to land in one of those ZoC spaces at any point of your movement though, the movement automatically ends and you get stuck on that space for that action. If a pathing arrow's too much of a pain, though, then "technically can reach this space but there's an issue and can't, actually" as a third color would probably be the next best option.

A basic Move action lets you move 3 spaces. It sucks!

PCs and Monsters take turns moving one character from their team at a time, until every unit as moved. if there's more one one side than the other, they all go after the last acting unit on the other side.

which 'team' goes first? I'm assuming PCs or randomized
- PCs first yeah

HP: 200
EVA: 10
ZoC: One square in front, one square on each side.

Smash [3C]: Deals 10~13 damage. If used on obstacles, will Break them.
Shield Bash [3C]: deals 10~13 damage, and pushes the target 1 space.
Defensive Slam [3C]: deals 10~13 damage, and grants the tank 3 Armor until their next turn
Leg Blow [4C]: deals 12~15 damage, and reduces the targets movement by 2. (Slow)
Challenge [4C]: deals 10~13 damage, and until the tank's next turn, any enemy that disengages from them takes 5~10 damage.

Advance [3C]: Move 3 squares and increase the ZoC by +1, and add ZoC spaces to the forward diagonals.
Steadfast [3C]: Reduce any push effects against the tank by 1, and counter all damage made from within melee range with 10~13 damage.
Formation Change [3C]: Move up to 4 spaces, then trade spaces with an adjacent ally.

HP: 100
EVA: 20
ZoC; One square in front.

Slice [2C]: Deals 15~19 damage.
Blindspot [4C]: Deals 15~19 damage and ignores counters/reactions. If used from behind the target, increase the damage bonus from +20 to +50%.
Close And Personal [3C]: Deals 15~19 damage, and reduces the range of the target's non-melee attacks by 2. (Blind)
Finisher [4C]: Deals 22~26 damage. Reduce the cooldown by 1 if this KOs the target.
Open Sesame [3C]: Unlocks an adjacent object. Cleanse negative effects from yourself, as well.

Dash [2C]: Move 5 spaces.
Slip [3C]: Move 3 spaces. You can move through enemy and ZoC spaces during this action.
Lightfoot [3C]: Gain +5 Evasion (even over your max), then move 4 spaces.

HP: 80
EVA: 14
ZoC: None

Shoot [2C]: Deals 10~13 damage to a target between 2 and 3 spaces away.
Far Shot [4C]: Deals 12~15 damage to a target between 3 to 5 spaces away.
Wound [3C]: Deals 10~13 damage to a target between 2 and 3 spaces away, every time the target takes a turn, it suffers 3~6 damage that ignores evasion. (Poison)
Freeze Ray [3C]: Deals 10~13 damage to a target between 3 to 4 spaces away, and reduces the targets movement by 2. (Slow) If used on a space with water, will Freeze it.
Trick Shot: [2C]: Unlocks an object within 1 to 3 spaces. Using this ability will never provoke any counters or reactions.

Retreat [3C]: Move 3 spaces, ignoring any counters or reactions might come from disengaging.
Leap [3C]: Move 4 spaces, ignoring any gaps in the floor as long as you don't end the turn on one.
Firing Stance [4C]: The next attack you make has +1 range and deals +20% damage.

HP: 100
EVA: 5
ZoC: None

Blast [6C]: Deals 15~21 damage to all targets in a plus shape, within a point of origin between 3 to 5 spaces away. Will also Break obstacles. If used on a space with ice, will Melt it.
Haste [3C]: Increase the movement range for all allies with a 3x3 square by +1 on their next turn, within a point of origin between 0 to 3 spaces away. Instantly reduce all cool downs on the targets by -1, as well.
Boost [3C]: Increase the damage dealt by all allies within a 3x3 square by +30% on their next turn, within a point of origin between 0 to 3 spaces away.
Refresh [3C]: Restores 10~13 HP to a target within o to 3 spaces and cleanses their statuses.
Systems Online [2C]: Operate all objects within 3 spaces of the wizard.

Magnetism [4C]: Teleport to a space adjacent to any ally.
Recall [4C]: Teleport an ally adjacent to you.
Channel [1C]: Reduce the cool down of Blast by -1.

I think the operator is probably the healer, sort of? Out of battle healing and the like, and w/e we feel like. For purposes of testing though…
(Operator always goes first at the start of every round, too)

They can do one of the following each round:
[1C] Scan a target. Gives their HP/Evasion scores (which are invisible until a monster of the same type has been scanned, then it's revealed for all), and shows the abilities that the monster has.
[1C] Use, Turn On/Off something that's been Operated on already.
[1C] Open/Close a door/vent that's been Unlocked already.
[3C] Encourage a unit. This gives the unit +3 Evasion for the round, even beyond their max.
[3C] Inspire a unit. This gives the unit a +20% damage bonus for the round.
[3C] Instruct a unit. This cleanses the unit of a negative status.



OK. Two dumb test maps.

  • Big Red Rectangles: Hero starting point.
  • Red squiggles: fire. fire bad, take 20 damage when you enter a fire tile.
  • Blue squiggles: water. starts as water, can Freeze to make ice, then Melt to return to water.

- Water: cost double movement to enter each tile of water. Lose 1 evasion when you enter a water tile, as well.
- Ice: makes you slide. When you enter an ice tile, you keep moving in the same direction until you hit a wall or a non-ice tile.

  • [X] Boxes: indestructible obstacles.
  • [/] Boxes: obstacles you can Break. takes out the entire object in one action if it's more than 1 square big.
  • Single Red Spaces: Objects that you can Operate. Different effects on each map!

- [->] Lines: Conveyor belts. When active, any unit that ends a turn on one is moved two spaces in that direction, until they hit a wall or non-conveyor belt tile. Conveyor belts start 'on'.
- —-> lines coming out of a red space: a Turret. By default they shoot in the direction indicated by the line, four spaces out. Attempting to pass by an active turret causes the unit to take 30 damage. Turrets start 'on'. After a turret has been turned off, a second Operate action can either turn it back on, or make the turret to make a ranged attack between 1 to 7 spaces of it, that deals 15~19 damage to a single target.

  • Little brown rectangle by itself: A door through a wall. Can be Unlocked to open it, which lets you move through that space.
  • Little brown rectangles connected by a grey line: vent shafted. After you Unlock them, you can move though them - doing so only consumes a single point of move.

m o n s t e r s

HP: 120
EVA: 8
ZoC: One on each side.

Tongue Lash [3C]: Deals 10~13 damage within two spaces of the frog, then pulls them into the space in front of the frog.
Croak [3C]: Deals 19~22 damage.
Chew [2C]: Deals 10~13 damage, and then another 10~13 if the target disengages from the frog on its next turn.

Frog Stomp [3C]: Move 4 spaces, and deal +30% damage against adjacent targets this round. Attacks against adjacent obstacles will be Broken, as well.

HP: 40
EVA: 25
ZoC: One on each side, and in front.

Shield Slam [2C]: Deals 12~15 damage. Until the robots next turn, it takes -30% less than normal damage when attacked from the front (-50% total), and -20% from the sides.
Spike Burst [3C]: Deals 10~13 damage to all adjacent enemies. Until the robots next turn, it responds to any melee damage with 10~13 damage.
Head Bash [3C]: Deals 12~15 damage, and reduces the range of the targets non-melee attacks by 2. (Blind)
Reboot [4C]: Cleanse statuses from the robot.

Shove Aside [3C]: Push an adjacent enemy back one space, then move into the square they previously occupied.
Charge! [4C]: Move 5 squares. For each square you move in a straight line, deal +10% damage with your attack this round.

HP: 80
EVA: 16
ZoC: none

Bolt [5C]: Deals 22~27 damage to a target within 2 to 4 spaces.
Spark [3C]: Deals 12~19 damage to a target within 2 to 3 spaces.
Haunt [2C]: Poison a target within 2 to 4 squares. Poison deals 3~6 damage a round. (Poison).
Discharge [3C]: Deals 10~13 damage to all adjacent and diagonal targets. If standing on a Water tile, this attack hits all enemies in the same pool of water.

Fade Away [4C]: Teleport 5 spaces away.
Channel [1C]: Reduce the cool down on Bolt by -1.

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