Name: Lenna
Race: Maxwellian
Class: Stigma Blade (Celestial)
Level: 6


HP: 105 / 115
MP: 50 / 50
LP: 6 / 10
Weight: 12
Drive: 20 / 20(40)
Initiative: 1d6+12

R: Air
W: Fire


Attribute 1: Steadfast: +20 Max HP / +10 Max MP.
Attribute 2: Agile: Increase the damage die when using melee weapons by one size, and when you miss a target it loses 1+(Weapon's WGT/2) HP.


Type Name Effect Special Weight Cost
Armor Medium Armor Reduce incoming Physical damage by 3. +15 Max HP 4 WGT 30
Weapon 1 Greatsword Deals 1d8+10 damage. M-Launch On a hit, you take -3 damage from the target until your next turn. 6 WGT 30
Implement Wand +2 potency with spells, +5 on Burst. 2 WGT
Accessory Dragon Feather [Q] Quicken 2. 0 WGT 25
Charm Maiden's Charm When you spend LP, recover +3HP per LP. 0 WGT 10


[1] 1x Item - Description
[2] 1x Item - Description
[3] 1x Item - Description

Money: 0


[P] Reserve Power: Activate Overdrives at will instead of automatically. Can stock Drive equal to twice the size of your ordinary gauge. Active Overdrives using the normal drive value rather than increased maximum.

[P] Mark of the Exile: All Stigma Blades are fueled by one of two different power sources: Celestial or Abyssal. When creating a Stigma Blade, choose one of the following as your Mark of the Exile effect:
- Celestial: Stigma momentum and damage is Fire. Whenever you cast a Spell, you gain a Celestial Mark. When you use a Technique with a melee weapon, you can choose to expend any number of Celestial stacks in order to either roll an extra damage die, or True Heal the Stigma Blade for +3HP, per stack.

[P] Maiden's Charm: Whenever you spend LP, recover +3HP per LP.

[P] The Contract is Formed: Anytime the Stigma Blade hits an enemy's elemental weakness, they gain Long K-Power II.

[T] Basic Attack: 80 CoS. Deals 1d10+10 physical damage to a single target. M-Launch

[T] Monte Cristo: 8MP. 80CoS. Deals 1d10+15 physical damage, then Slow 1 the Stigma Blade. If the target has ever dealt damage to the Stigma Blade, deal an additional +5 damage. M-Launch.
C Fire: Inflicts Long Taunt.

[S] Crackling Sword of Az-Atall: 10MP. 100CoS. Deals 1d10+18 air damage and inflicts Short Burning II. M-Air.
C Launch: Deals +4 damage to front row targets if used from the front row.

[S] Chronometabolism: 8MP. 100CoS. Restore 1d8+17 HP and Quicken 3 the Stigma Blade. M-Recovery
Field: Restores 21 HP to the Stigma Blade.
C Water: Cleanse one of the following: K-Falter, E-Falter, or Challenge.

[T] Sever: 8MP. 80CoS. Deals 1d10+10 physical damage. Deals +10 damage against targets with more than half their max HP. M-Pin
C Earth: Short Toxin II the target.

[S] Unfettered Dream: 12MP. 100CoS. Deals 1d8+14 fire damage to three enemies, and inflicts Short Challenge. M-Fire
C Rush: Hits a fourth target.

[Q] Seal Breaker: To use Seal Breaker, you must voice your desire for power - either in words, or by yelling.
Draw massive power from the Stigma, refilling your MP instantly. Then roll 1d10:

1-2: No Special Effect
3-4: Suffer Long Burning II.
5-6: You gain the Wound (30) Mood, reducing your Max HP by 30. Worsen existing wounds by 30.
7: Reduce your LP to 0. If your LP is already 0, reduce your HP to 1.
8: Take Supreme damage equal to your HP. Allies may offer to suffer any amount of this damage instead, reducing the amount you take.
9: The Drive gauge of all enemies instantly fills.
10: A weapon you are holding (if any) shatters and you are equipped with Lunacalibur instead. (13 POW, M-Stigma, all physical damage dealt is Stigma, two-handed.) At the end of the battle, it dissipates, and you are left with 1 HP.

[Q] Dragon Feather: Quicken 2 yourself.

[Q] Nemesis: Select a single enemy - it now deals +3 damage to the Stigma Blade. Anytime the Stigma Blade targets this enemy for the remainder of the battle, gain an additional Mark, even if the ability being used normally would not generate one.

[OD][T] Cerberus: 80CoS. Make two attacks, each dealing 1d10+10 physical damage with 20 Critical. M-Rush

[OD] Overdrive: Missile Barrage: True Strike the entire enemy group for 12 supreme damage. M-Launch.

[D] Not Yet…!: Dazed. 35CoS. Remove Dazed form the Stigma Blade and recover 1d8+20 HP. M-Recovery

[D] My Power Awakens: Dazed. 100CoS. The Stigma Blade recovers +1MP and gains a Mark. M-Stigma.


Trait 1:
Di - Dice-type bonus
Mo - Monster Knowledge-type scan
Qu - Quick-type ability
Sp - Special-type ability or rule
Fa - Fate-type storytelling effect

Trait 2:
Di - Dice-type bonus
Mo - Monster Knowledge-type scan
Qu - Quick-type ability
Sp - Special-type ability or rule
Fa - Fate-type storytelling effect


Points Skill Description
Agility Running, dodging, leaping
Charm Likability and social finesse
Coercion Intimidation and leverage
Determination Stamina, endurance, and willpower
Experimentation Identifying and analyzing something through experimentation
Insight Seeing to the heart of things, piecing things together
Lore Knowledge
Lying False pretenses, disguises, forgery
Mechanisms Opening locks, sabotaging devices
Mysticism Spirits and the protocols of the unreal
Navigation Reading the weather, finding the way, steering a ship or caravant
Operation Use and understanding of complex machines
Sorcery Solving a problem though magic
Stealth Avoiding attention, sneaking into places, detecting alarms, stealing
Streetsmart Fast talking, bribery, underworld politics
Strength Smashing, lifting, throwing, cutting
Survival Foraging, hunting, tracking, you roll it when resting in the wilderness
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