You have Speed, Courage, and Power. They start at 0 - allocate three points between them at start of the game.
Each turn, you can roll action dice to take actions -
Up to your Speed in d4s,
Up to your Courage in d6s,
Up to your Power in d8s.

However, after acting, the GM will use the -same dice you just used- to take actions for the monsters.
When you take a big turn, you leave a big opening.
Of course, since each action needs one die, if you only take one action, only one monster can react.


Whenever you take a Move action, you can move your Movement in squares.
When you're carrying something, your Movement is reduced by 1 for each hand it takes.

You start with 4 + Speed movement.


When a monster hits you, you lose a heart.
When you have no hearts, you have perished.

You start with 3 + Courage hearts.


Ordinary actions require you to roll a die, but usually the number doesn't matter.
(So, you want to use smaller dice for them, like d4s.)


Any: Move your movement.


Any: Put an item in your hands in your pack or
OR put a stowed item in your hands
OR pick up or drop an item in your square. (Picked up items go in your hands or in your pack.)

Items in your hands represent new actions. Here's some items you might find:

YOUR MOTHER'S SWORD [steel, cutting, 1-handed]

which will not abandon you

3-5: Hit an adjacent target for 1.
6+: Hit an adjacent target for 2.
Back Attack: If you started your turn on the opposite side of the target, deal double damage.

WOODEN SHIELD [wooden, shield, 1-handed]

a plank between you and perdition

While carried, block attacks from enemies you're facing that rolled a 5.
(Facing is on the honor system, unless you're surrounded.)

HUNTING BOW [wooden, piercing, 2-handed]

game is scarce, enemies numerous

4: Fire an arrow. Enemy chooses: Move to the left or right, or you strike for 1.
5-6: Fire an arrow, striking an enemy you can see for 1.
7-8: Fire an arrow, striking an enemy you can see for 4.

HOPE [trait]

as long as you don't give up

While in your heart
Second Of Same Action in a Row: +1 to die roll
Third of Same Action in a Row: +2 to die roll.


Here's the most ordinary minion of the darkness, the


2 Hearts
4 Movement
Strike: 4+: Inflict 1 damage to an adjacent target. (While carrying a sword.)
Shoot: 5+: Inflict 1 damage to an enemy it can see. (While carrying a bow.)

What other foes might you face?


Jumping: As long as you don't end your turn on a pit, you can move across gaps.
Climbing: Vertical climbing (most surfaces are climbable) require movement equal to the height in squares.
You can end your turn clinging to a wall, but if you're damaged, you'll fall.
Objects and Things: Flipping switches, snagging items, shutting doors, etc, can be done with a single action.
If the action requires effort, you'll succeed on a 5 or better. Otherwise, any result will do.

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