Legacy of Verminfate

Legacy of Verminfate

The dreams of legend, and the realities of nightmares.

The Story

In seasons immemorial, the legendary Sword of Martin was created in the fires of Salamandastron in the strangest and most dire of circumstances - in the face of an oncoming invasion, a star-stone fell from the heavens - material for a distant Badger Lord to craft a weapon of unspeakable beauty and horror, the arms of a fate-turner. And so the story goes on, with the sword passing from hand to hand, 'friend' to 'vermin', 'hero' to 'tyrant', again and again repeating the cycle of inspiration and war. Though, such things always come at a price, and the fates play a longer game than any one creature could dare to comprehend. As the years wore on and on, the sword's alien influences - the strange unspoken language of the stars, the fearsome Bloodwrath of the badgers, and the overwhelming emotion and tragedy of the warrior's art - bore its weight on its wielder more and more. Unable to bear the weight of calamitous destiny anymore, a party of both friends and vermin, in an unusual agreement, stole the sword from Redwall Abbey, to seek a place for the weapon's destruction. It was a long and treacherous road, and little is known of its true tale - rumors say the lone survivor threw themselves into the deepest of pits within the Ruin of Malkariss, in a final attempt to destroy the fabled weapon. All thought they could rest easier, knowing the past was put behind them.

It's never that easy.

Again, time marches on. Even the blade's tale was slowly forgotten, save to written records tucked away here-and-there. A strange malaise creeps throughout the land, changing everything it touches, from the roots of the earth on upward. The very land we all rely on was tinged with fear, and something indescribable. The beasts of the realm became far more vicious than anyone could have imagined, charging settlements in great packs and laying waste to anything within. The force of Magic, phenomena once thought the domain of charlatans and the superstitious, became something far more more real. With a flick of a claw, one could easily set flora or fauna ablaze, or chill them to the bone with a downpour out of the blue. Even the domains of earth and sky were bent to the will of those eager for further power. Though perhaps most terrifying of all, a voice in the back of everyone's mind, pricking their hairs (or lack thereof), telling them they are not safe, there's always something on the horizon, and the only possible course of action is seeking its destruction. Perhaps, the Bloodwrath? No… something far more terrifying, a hard lesson to learn to those who call upon the favor of the fates.

This cannot go on. We cannot allow the world to be warped and rotted any longer. We shall look beyond the divisions of 'friend' and 'vermin' once more, in the name of simple survival. We must seek out this sword, and find a method for its utter destruction. The lives of everyone, and the lands we live on, depend on it. We beseech you, venture forth into this new unknown, and quiet these writing lands…


In other words, this is a fantastic-adventure Redwall story (currently vaporware!) with strange magics and stranger tales.


Play anything you like, both in a Overdrive context, and a world of Redwall context! (within reason) Though, some of the racial flavors will be tweaked slightly to match the setting.
If-ys: You are someone who died while holding a particularly strong wish, usually of good will though occasionally those with iller natures arise. Like the fox and their mask, they flit from one form to another as their strange fascinations desire, using whatever is at hand to help carry themselves through their new un-life. They mostly aimlessly roll through the world, trying to recall the wish that itches at the back of their minds, either fading gently into the next life when the memory finally slips, or igniting into a furious blaze of glory should their wish become fulfilled.
Maxwellian: You are someone who has come into contact with particularly potent star-stone, warping your body into a creature of both flesh and metal. Though your countenance may become quite terrifying to some, the power and endurance you gain might be enough to make to make up for it… especially if you've happened upon the star-stone on the verge of your own death.
Familiar: You are something truly unusual and perhaps horrifying - an implantation of star-stone and willpower, into a created body. This can range anywhere from small dolls and playthings, to living barricades made of the finest wood and stone.. to the bodies of the recently deceased, brought to a second life once again by an unscrupulous sorcerer!


Overdrive is the terrifyingly cold fury of Bloodwrath, spread throughout the land to the creatures within by the cruelty of the fates. It is a burst of strength that needs to be released with near-immediacy, lest the feeling of one's blood boiling start carrying over into true physical injury. Though, it is said that star-stone is somehow able to calm, or at least delay, the detrimental effects of Bloodwrath - if you are willing to deal with the new risks that the stones bring with them.

Equipment - Firearms

Some ingenious tactician, fusing their recent study into the strange power of magic with the ancient art of weaponcraft, were able to devise missiles of various sort that leave 'shadows' of themselves once the initial object is launched - allowing for multiple potential strikes before a traditional reload is required.

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