Lady Elizabeth Mcgunnery

Name: Lady Elizabeth McGunnery
Race: Driftin
Class: Agent
Level: 3 (2)
EXP: 61 / 75

HP: 46 / 80
MP: 42 / 50
LP: 8 / 10
Weight: 14
Drive: 4 / 22
Initiative: 1d6+14

R: Water
W: Fire


Type Name Effect Special Weight Charges & Magical Effects
Armor Backpack +10 Max MP, +1 Item Slot 2 WGT
Weapon 1 Spear 1d6+8 damage [Pin] +3 dmg vs targets with higher Init Markers 4 WGT
Weapon 2 Pistol 1d6+6 damage [Pin] 10 Accuracy, Ranged, 4 Ammo 2 WGT
Weapon 3 Rifle [Rafflesia] 1d6+10 damage [Pin] Ranged, 2 Ammo, Deals +2 dmg vs back row targets. 6 WGT [6/6] Deals +8 damage to enemies that breath when gas is deployed. Recharge requires alchemy, or black Market access. Arcotech.
Accessory Lion Bracelet [Q] Gain +4 Potency with my Action this round. 0 WGT
Charm Slayer's Charm When you spend LP on an ability, gain +1 Potency per LP with it. 0 WGT


[1] Stimulant - A drug understood to suppress watery manna in the body, exceeding limits. +2 dice to Strength, Agility and Determination rolls after consumption, for the duration of a scene. Addictive, and frequent use may cause bad conditions.
[2] Explosives - Powerful demolition charges usable, with an Operations check, to destroy structures and objects.
[3] Rocket Launcher - Rifle. Grade B. [2/2] Attack now targets an entire row and inflicts Fire damage. Has tremendous explosive power.
[4] Fortune Cookie - Restores +1d6 LP to a single target. If used in battle, reroll if the result comes up as '1'. M-Recovery.

Money: 460G
Rations: 10


[1] Experienced: You're 1 level higher than your experience level says you are. Keep track of your EXP normally, but learn abilities early!
[2] Combo Master: Whenever you activate a combo, the ability gains +2 potency. Factored in


Passive Abilities

[P] Speed: At the start of battle after turn order is determined, you can Quicken 2 or Slow 2 yourself. Anytime you spend an LP, you can Quicken 1 or Slow 1 yourself.

[P] Rapid Fire: Whenever the Agent uses an active ability with a [M] marker with a melee weapon, if they roll a 30 or low on the CoS check, that ability can activate its Rapid Fire effect.
In order to activate a Rapid Fire effect, consume 1 Ammo from an equipped firearm of the Agent's. If the Agent does not have a firearm equipped which has Ammo remaining, they cannot activate Rapid Fire.
Rapid Fire effects are freely target-able towards any enemy on the field and True Strike, with a caveat. If the Rapid Fire effect targets the same enemy hit by the initial attack, only the Rapid Fire effect is applied. However, if the Rapid Fire effect is aimed at anther enemy that was not hit by the initial attack, then deals the firearm's damage, as well.

[P] Situation Assessment: Whenever the Agent uses an active ability with a [F] marker with a firearm, make a note and gain a Intuition stack. Whenever the Agent makes an attack with a melee weapon, they can spend any number of Intuition stacks in order to roll an equal number of additional damage dice. Any unused Intuition stacks are lost at the end of the battle.

Action Abilities

[T] Basic Attack: 80CoS. Deals weapon damage. M-Weapon.

Defend: 100CoS. Until your next turn, you take -5 damage from all sources. Quicken 1. Additionally, you may Reload any equipped Firearms to their maximum ammo value.

Item: 100CoS. Use an item from your inventory. Targeting, effects and momentum vary from item to item.

[M][T] Advance: 3MP. 80CoS. Dash, then deal weapon damage and Quicken 1 the Agent. M-Rush
Rapid Fire: Slow 2 the target.
C Earth: +6 damage.
C Launch: +2 damage, and The Agent gains Long Energize.

[M][T] Exact Strike: 4MP. 80CoS. Deals weapon damage, and automatically maximize all damage dice rolls. M-Launch
Rapid Fire: Short Burning II
C Launch: +4 damage, M-Launch+2 instead
C Fire: +2 damage, Inflicts Long Burning

[F][T] Fade: 5MP. 80CoS. Retreat, then deal weapon damage to a target and dispel a single status from them. M-Launch
C Pin: +2 damage, and This damage is Supreme, and you Retreat after shooting rather than before.
C Recovery: +6 damage.
C Air: +2 damage, and Generate 1 additional Intuition stacks.

[F][T] Eliminate: 4MP. 80CoS. Deals weapon damage +2. M-Pin
C Earth: +2 damage, and Inflict Long Curse II
C Fire: +2 damage, and Inflict Long Exhaust II
C Air: +2 damage, and Inflict Long Shock II
C Water: +2 damage, and Inflict Long Chill II

[F][T] Ricochet: 5MP. 80CoS. Deals weapon damage to a single target, then True Strike two additional targets for 6 physical damage. M-Rush
C Air: True Strike all other enemies, rather than two targets.
C Launch: +3 damage to the main target, and +2 damage to the True Strike targets.

Quick Abilities

[Q] Flawless: The Agent can opt to have a single CoS roll they make this round automatically roll a 30, rather than actually rolling.

[Q] Lion Bracelet (Accessory): Gain +4 Potency with my Action this round.


[OD][T] Overdrive: Spinkick: 80CoS. Deals weapon damage and Slow 3s a single target. The Driftin can then Quicken 3. Scratch 6 on a miss. M-Rush

[OD][T] Overdrive: Double Attack: 80CoS. Deal weapon damage with a melee weapon to one target, and weapon damage with a firearm to a second target. If only one enemy is standing, both attacks may target them. M-Rush.

Dazed Abilities

[D][T] Backup Fire: 70CoS. Can only be used with a loaded firearm. Deals weapon damage. M-Pin

[D] Glare: Dazed. Inflicts Short K-Falter & Short E-Falter. M-Fire


Junker Captain
You're a professional, with a reputation. Which is to say: You have a profession, and people know you practice it.
Di - +1 dice when piloting a junk-ship or any of its machinery, to appraising salvage, and to negotiating in the context of it.
Sp - You start with a ship, stocked for your expedition. "The Lucky Molly"
Sp - You start the game with assorted black-market goods, including a rocket launcher - a powerful magical rifle. (You can only recharge it with black market access.)

Fortune Seeker
Money makes the world go round.
Sp - When you enter a dangerous place, you learn the count of how many caches of treasure are inside it. If the answer is 0, sigh: One of your allies enters High Tide.
Sp - When you spend 1000 G on something that's not useful to your adventure, gain an additional attribute. Do this no more than 5 times. (Inflate this cost as necessary so that it's an absurd reach)


Points Skill Description
2 Agility Running, dodging, leaping
Charm Likability and social finesse
1 Coercion Intimidation and leverage
Determination Stamina, endurance, and willpower
1 Experimentation Identifying and analyzing something through experimentation
Insight Seeing to the heart of things, piecing things together
Lore Knowledge
Lying False pretenses, disguises, forgery
1 Mechanisms Opening locks, sabotaging devices
Mysticism Spirits and the protocols of the unreal
2 Navigation Reading the weather, finding the way, steering a ship or caravant
1 Operation Use and understanding of complex machines
Sorcery Solving a problem though magic
Stealth Avoiding attention, sneaking into places, detecting alarms, stealing
Streetsmart Fast talking, bribery, underworld politics
Strength Smashing, lifting, throwing, cutting
Survival Foraging, hunting, tracking, you roll it when resting in the wilderness

Character Background

Founder and Owner of the E.McG Salvage Co. Elizabeth grew up and was raised in Leviathan, where it's basically impossible to avoid water, boats, pirates and the tall tales they tell. Ever since she was a little girl it's been her dream to have her own boat and crew, and then go sailing the world over for buried treasure. The dream came half true. Her grandfather left her his boat when he retired from his merchant days, and most of the crew stayed onboard. As it turns out though, sailing around for buried treasure and adventure isn't all that profitable though. Luckily between the various pirate factions and the Empire's war machine, there were a lot of sunken ships out there, who's cargo were still ripe for the taking. So they shifted operations over to salvage retrievable, and they were good at it! Even got a couple of small boats to accompany the main ship, and do smaller projects. Well, it's still like finding buried treasure so… maybe the dream came all the way true?

If not by then, then for sure it came true a few weeks ago. While leafing through the captain's log from their most receive salvage operation, she found mention of a cache, buried deep within relatively nearby Arcolith - "Filios", and having found a way inside of it. They'd been making good work at the time, so she left someone else in charge of the land office, gathered some of her crew that'd been with her from her treasure hunter days, and went to go investigate a few locations mentioned in the diary. They weren't really expecting much out of it, honestly. It was just a fun trip for old time's sake. But one of the locations was guarded by a Mindflayer, and after a fierce battle which left most of her crew sick and beaten down and in need of months of recovery time… there was a key. An honest to God key into Filios.

Elizabath was excited. Too excited to sit on this for months. She began quickly assembling a makeshift crew to enter the Acrolith, and find the treasure hidden within…

Lady McGunnery is a Driftin (with cat ears and a tail to match!) in her late twenties. She's not really nobility either, she just likes to make people call her Lady in business contracts and the like by insisting it's part of her name. (Most of her crew just calls her Captain though…). She's short and lithe, with bright green eyes, and light purple hair done up in large princess curls that reach down to her shoulder blades. Soft facial features, though prone to scowling and frowning. She generally wears a white frilly shirt with a black leather jacket over it. A short brown skirt, and a long black butt-cape over that. Thick brown boots. She doesn't exactly look like she should be jumping and flipping around with all the large weapons she carries, but she manages it with grace regardless. Tends to wear a short silver chain necklace, with an emerald on it as well.

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